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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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why across much of west africa, right through liberia to sierra lee, i'm showers now pushing back into that eastern side of south africa with a possibility of flooding. but possibly natal ah, a deadly hope that was eliminated from most of australia decades ago is killing young women in the indigenous community. 11 east investigate on al jazeera ah the u. s. and south korean presidents discuss how to contain north korea's nuclear threaten at a time when there's little hope of diplomacy. ah,
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hello, i'm adrian setting up. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. a teenage boys shot dead during the latest is where he waited jeanine in the occupied westbank. australia's leaders awaits the verdict out for an election that a pity, imposed suggestible and a decade of conservative government street and her pin that hasn't been hit by gunfire or tank shells or mortar. right. and we report from here, pin one of many ukrainian cities and towns struggling to rebuild off to wash multi patient. ah, president biden says, the u. s. will further deepen security ties with south korea saying it's necessary for regional peace. he's in, sol, for talks with south korea's president. you and so cool. a big focus is north korea, which has been testing more ballistic missiles and the u. s. has warned that may
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soon be another nuclear weapons test. it's brightness 1st trip to asia. since becoming president, while they're expected to speak to the media shortly, we'll dip into that live as what it happens. but in the meantime, let's speak to al jazeera florence louis who's in. so tell us more about what the true leaders are expected to have discussed today. while this visit really is an opportunity for you as president biden, to build closer ties with existing allies in the region, but also to rebuild ties in the region. now in his south korean counterpart, newly elected president units of yours, he has someone who's already stated that he wants to align south korean foreign policy, much more closely with that of the u. s. so strengthening this alliance isn't going to be very difficult, and they are both on the same page when it comes to deterring north korean aggression. so this is a much more conservative government compact to his predecessors. so they are both
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on the same page, although they're both also indicated that they are willing to restart talks with north korea. but exactly how they're going to do that. those details have not been made available to us. now the other unspoken thing about the u. s. trip here is that while it's is not explicit, but one key theme is really countering china's dominance in the indo pacific region . and we've seen how china has really risen not just in terms of treyvan, also militarily. and it has a very strong presence in the region. so one key thing will be countering that. and we expect the to, to also discuss issues of trade and technology to counter china's dominance in these areas. so which is more important for the 2 leaders here? china's dominance in the region or north korea well the both very important, but north korea is also an urgent issue, especially after kim jong, who lifted a self imposed moratorium and he tested a oh,
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he launched an intercontinental ballistic missile back in march. now there are also reports that he could be getting ready to conduct a 7th nuclear test. so that adds a certain sense of urgency to the north korean issue. not only that, there is also another issue that north korean on faces, which is a severe outbreak of coven 19. and this is made was by the fact that it's population is unvaccinated. it doesn't have a, an adequate health care system. it lacks basic supplies medicine equipment. it doesn't even have enough test kits. so this and they've refused aid from the u. s. from south korea and also from the u. n. so what this potentially could mean is possibly a diplomatic opening to restart talks to restart. diplomacy with north korea, but it also presents challenges because it could mean a humanitarian crisis on the doorstep of south korea. and it could also be potentially a possibly perhaps an emergence of
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a more deadly outbreak of the deadly variant of the current virus. so that is also a very pressing issue that these 2 leaders will have to talk about or at florence for the moment, but he thinks did for us louis. and so, as i said, we're waiting for the 2 leaders to give a press briefing, which is to, to get underway shortly as what it does. we will dip into it here on al jazeera. i'm to give you a flavor of what's going on. right. let's rubel a 17 year old palestinian boy has been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank. another teenager was seriously injured during the raid on a refugee camp and jeanine understood. he infections of cold for a general strike to mourn. i'm just out fire. what it is where al jazeera journalist should be in a black label shot and killed channel continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation. sharon was shot at the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment. on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of
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palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. a barclay was without a 0 for 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. while amnesty international secretary general has condemned israel's decision not to investigate the modem in a tweet act escalade said it's an additional violation of should beans, right? to life at a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she goes on to say, this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter . the u. s. government is meanwhile repeating its demand for a full investigation. al jazeera, heidi joe castro, reports down from washington. this was an audio breathing given by the state department spokesman ned price in which he was asked to react to the israeli
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military's decision not to open a criminal investigation into sharina killing. he didn't really react where he did instead was reiterate the u. s. position at that the calls for an independent, thorough and transparent investigation that he said must include accountability. now, who is the investigating party all these details? again, those were a questions that remained unanswered. but indeed, since the killing of sri now going on 9 days, there has been wide spread international condemnation and calls for a thorough and independent investigation all than 50 u. s. politicians want the f. b. i to investigate the shooting of shooting among the republican congressman andre carson, who treated the killing of al jazeera reporter and fellow american sharina. barclay was not only a tragedy. it was on a front to press freedom until all americans. he had it,
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we need answers and accountability from the israeli. government voting is ending in the next few hours at australia, where opinion polls suggest that the opposition labor party will end almost a decade of conservative government prominence. the scott morrison was hoping to defy expectations as he did at the last election 3 years ago, sent a left labor leader and the albany is urged. australia is to give his party a chance to address climate change in action. and the soaring cost of living, sarah clark is in sydney, explains the main issues for voters in the election. the opposition with the labor party didn't relate so low the big policies into life in the campaign on both sides . a really might have a personality driven campaign, the government's being the coalition. it's argued that and easy the labor leader. he that they framed him as being weak and having no credentials, certainly on the economic side of things. and of course, labor has been running on the bullying allegations and the running on the
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popularity or lack of popularity for scott morrison. the key issues that we've seen climate change that was a national survey. the largest national vote survey indicated that one 3rd of people here in australia believe the climate change was the most important election issue or other issues. we've got his national security. we've gotten the solomon islands and certainly put national security and regional security. essential to the agenda and we've got to the cost of living and, and i'd care, i should say, but it's difficult to get a full term for prime minister that's looking at the political history. we saw john how it attempt that and he filed but we could see even if we get a few independence and i was securing some of these states. it could change the landscape of the politics in australia. and we also could see a hung parliament if we in saturday, after all the ballots and boats have been cast. if not, assad has a clear majority. they will have to turn to the minor parties and those independence to try and form an agreement to full government.
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russia says it's in full control of ukraine. this puzzled port city of maria poll. it would be president vladimir putin is biggest victory since the war began almost 3 months ago. the last remaining soldiers defending the as of style still works are said to have surrendered on friday. ukraine's president says they were ordered to lay down the weapons, lee of history. you. today, the defenders received a clear signal from the military command that they can get out and save their lives to restore such a barrier as worn out from moscow. and what will happen to the faces. these are the last remaining ukrainian fighters in the as off stall, steel plant. now they are prisoners of war. they survived russia's onslaught for more than 2 months in the steel plant. their future is now unknown. their surrender brings a much needed victory for russian forces in the strategically important port, city of mary opal,
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the ministry of defense as reported to precedents of russia on the end of the operation on the complete liberation of loss of sto, industrial complexes under the city of maria polo for from ukrainian fights was the kremlin, says those who surrendered will be treated in line with international norms. some russian lawmakers have demanded they be tried for war crimes. and one said they should faced the death penalty. sir gay, chicago announced his forces alongside rushing back separatist will soon claim full control over the le ganske region, eastern ukraine, berlin, victory. that's long overdue for his forces. forces the defense minister wants to expand. he revealed plans for 12 more military units to be added to the military districts in western russia in response to finland and sweden applying to join nato . that expansion needs more man power, and the russian lawmakers may have the solution, this se, tomorrow on friday said it's considering
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a bill that would allow russians over the age of 40 and foreigners, over the age of 30, to sign up for the military. the website of the russian parliament lower house, the state duma said the move would enable the military to utilize the skills of older professionals. familiar with the use of high precision weapons and military equipment as what russia calls its special military operation near the 3 month mark . there is no indication from either side of an end to the conflict door such a bari, al jazeera, moscow family, members of soldiers who are fighting in as of style or in turkey. they're appealing for help to get their loved ones out of rushing prisons to safety city conseula has met some of them and assemble among the wise of us also fighters and mario poll. i sat down with natalie. it's got her husband is among those 959 ukranian fighters who were evacuated from the steel plant by russians. natalia and 3 of her friends
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have been in the turkish capital on car for the last couple of days, seeking support for the safe evacuation of their husbands and sons. let's listen to what natalia told us about the latest on. also fighter 2 together, 3 a yes and a half bought we had wed in on as are still planned at the distance. we married during the war. have you contacted them so far? we are in the ukrainian embassy in turkey in ankara. and my husband started to typed me and i was shocked because as there was no connection during 15 days, he said that they are moving from wal how a to and as a how in each centimeter of this way, we have many, many risks. he had
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a no chances to save his life. the only guarantee that our man was to be killed that the attention of the whole world is concentrated around the barriers of others to blonde. is it possible for an exchange of prisoners? it will be the most appropriate scenario. how to solve the problem or in russia. yeah, they are all so are we man mars aris who are waiting for their psalms the why? so as a fighters have mixed feelings, now they're happy that their husbands are alive, but they are so concerned for how long they will manage to stay alive and safe in
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russian prisons or whether update next in the news ahead. oh, it's been described as an array of hope from the ruins, the century zone mosque being rebuilt in iraq. ah, how i recall some colo wessa larvae, whether maybe coastal parts, if you further south this heating up across the southeast and it really is heating up across spain and portugal, let me go with that unsettle where the piling in from the atlantic. and sundry downpours moving across ireland through the u. k. some wet or whether to just pushing its way towards the baltic. stace airflow pressure. here we have seen some fun re, down, pause, eating across the low countries, making his way across. jeremy, that will be the case as we go on. 3 sat day,
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some heavy downpours coming through here in town, but he's getting paid back 10 celsius there in oslo with some re the really wet weather will, easiest way i was to, was at western side of russia through about our re, some showers, longest balance of rain to coming in to where you crime for a tie before the south is fine. it drives some lovely weather while a warm sunshine. although one or 2 showers there for portugal, and also from northern parts of spain. further south, it's generally dry across northern parts of africa as per usual cairo at $32.00 degrees and the temperature easing off here. as we go on through the next day or so, we have got the showers now building nicely across west africa, around the gulf of guinea, pushing further north to see some wet weather coming into pin a fossil as we go one into the 2nd half of the we can, that re stretches all away to syrian ah, with frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting, russian oil, a gas for western leaders,
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pull sanctions on russian energy exports. miss harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jetty, still resumed media debt going to be acting from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah hello again, this is l 0, that's roger of the my news this our president biden says, the u. s. will deepen security ties with south korea to ensure regional peace. he's in sol for talks with his counterpart units of g o. expenses to focus on both korea
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at its nuclear weapons program. billions of australians voting in a closely fort general election prime minister scott morrison's main challenger, is the opposition labor parties, anthony albanese. russia says that it controls the cranium. port city of mario paul, of the last of the soldiers hold up in the ass up style. still wor, work, surrendered. ukraine's president followed him here. so lensky says they were ordered to lay down the office. some of the most violent st. battles had been around ukraine's capital, attacking a pin both of key, if was part of russia's failed attempt to encircle the city. now it's back of ukrainian control residence to trying to move on as al jazeera, as saying, bas raphi reports. for that, it is little vocal. all i cannot express it, she says, feelings of anger, feelings of hatred, feelings of deep contempt for the russian soldiers who brought death to her
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hometown. when you please initial cleans, get to like a former kindergarten teacher, nina yar makeover lost her lifelong home and the invasion, sheltering in a children's summer school and her pin. she now listens for any news of the war. but if the bailey supper hardly russians, with their boots trampled on all our happiness, peoples lives, peoples, hope everything, they trampled everything in one minute. a passport and some medicine precious few necessities. all she was able to take her house now a crime scene. all that she had in this world bomb to rubble in the winter, her room was the warmest. that's why she chose it. a lifetime of memories, a lifetime of belongings. she doesn't want any of it back, send it to the russians. she says. so it may weigh on their conscience,
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nothing against me, and i did not see you again. oh, we're gonna come back to that report from san basra, the little laser, but now we're going to sole with the u. s. and south korean president speaking now ukes unit. so y'all is hosting joe biden is on his 1st asia trips and sir, becoming at u. s. president listener and also to strategic alliance. we also, we, i'll discuss that. he tells of them our will, john, why she lives? and we all said a candid conversation. well neutron, i entrust, met him, go ye. i wouldn't go guinasso each young man and was i am by the president and i knew she also we allowed to, we had a lot in common young man for the past 9 years. he hash the south korean you as soon had a very evolving conversation around peace. angela and i me, and we do have
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a missions about the eucharist. north korea's missiles be read and it is important that we have a lie, mentor on climate change. you know, however, we do have a great deal of challenges ahead of us. waldron. joke actually, will johan got a yonder tongue as hawk or i was on the when the 2 countries share that piece, full grown man and woman agreement, young and so literary teachers that will be meaningful for the nation wide. and it is important to also set towel on their juvenile disorder. hm came under all i would cleanse around the urine buying that one young was joy mullen, that desire that in both country had i'm girls will be reflected in the joint statement on longs from young, from young by john is all
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a young will change in the language asian of the lower from the submit, the breed package. we have managed to owner agree on the partnership. once again, in many aspect, london able juncture, go here to patch him demeanor, john and by don't hang wire, can media will dresser. and vander prouder for you to accumulate job. it is our mission clue in hans and sick your no, get another all the please also do her jaw between south korea and us really, it was on german for connor lang john and paul. truly, this only will go to jail. argon had the common goals, which we what hide them to fight during this conversation. don't use you got here and you can terrible. ok, jude are you. we do need to enhance our sanctions tours, north korea, both ident detrimental, newman, it also mr. jo ann pang ye. we shall to the trojan. jung. j,
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kim jaeger. all so we'll share the campaigns around the jacqueline strategic plans . tours north korean, an exemption. that'll shoe it all in order for us to take actions. it is in legal joke inevitable. i to have partnership with the international society, all jazz hi, our home care teacher. he had question, we will fulfill this with the international societies that conversation money. he's out there, buick i and as and i'm if north korea is ready to not be eucharistic on young, jimmy sells a tremendous hire major leave old be able to help the economy and the lives of those korean civilians. changing her coin and for another year that the risk of the corona virus that we are experiencing at moments ingles, you are infinitely charnessa require will jew and i a, you got it. mm hm. humanitarian suppose korea from john gold or walmart,
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or if north korea positively large we're considering is actually us and therefore ready to dina. clarissa unbelievable. young jewish thursday. it will be at the 1st step for her. it did not seem hauntingly economy security among girani. miss him, i'm glad she turned into fears all he them and me the supply chain june, july not will have negative impact on the people in those korean normal young will call me as soon as seen instead of worse. good im of she when me and i will and my, and also with a constant contemplative home, either that will lead to language are positive change. what are the people in the culture, same organ. we also discussed around the semiconductor. she'll do job possibilities . and while it also practical action plans, judicial of your know,
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are on how we going to enhance our businesses and alliance between the country. so peddling and i got your hash and south korea will take her a pro active from young leads in that andrea and board her. what oceans ryle, we will also established and on the corner, megan anja and security center. he, i switch it all where all come? no, karen, i get or has similar, proactive and constance conversations will be taking place gentlemen, that you're not gonna change on what commune and young. it's all same fortune either via the sustainable the markets or can marriage javion are argued or allison she young. what? who li, the economy we on the border one generally carry while. and we also discuss about these or not. 0 one jones arnold. um hm. care little can i get all has the radio ah,
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the bit the businesses be there but got it all was on julian and unbeknown f t raj, renan, and we also discussed earlier were radio midra casual, hasn't the businesses and we will surely open up the conversations around that, and we will, will, you know, ton of jazz. how really it all middle numbers in san jalie, rosena and we are the remarkable have from the united state she gave, she require angelic campbell and when her, her little single couple issues. and he will help us or culturally an economy her would you get you down and your para should order would also mail chin was yours. i wish we will have to fulfill our responsibility and commitment. and who is there yet? you know, m g m, those areas are very important too. so yeah, you been an entire joke too,
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so hm. care. we took care not and we will all says to release the illegal oberman, a pacific inter area in walk. and it's economy where you are young at your are a, your cutter factor. you all roles and responsibilities will be in hands towards that. and me, young woman and mil usa now. okay. and i, one is a little old committee whom joy will also closely work together. no, shall you will cry not to go at all in an beauty towards the security in ukraine. i was young, associated with the war when russia little, i will cry. now when you come on, you shamrock, actually throw in in order for the crane civilian to return to the normally t and our country to will closely called laurel section partnership altogether and also global vaccine panageries hold on our own little gear, cha, cooked, and jamal bush will open our pool, oh, active partnerships between the country sold as well. you, pamela,
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so we will also opener our fists in. so it will one and boy your, i guess, which you will have a significant contributions towards the global john i, there are climate change on some jim young once you cross country move your we, you talk south korea also to me i'll try 2013 to reduce the edge a mission, a single if i look at on your lot as you will, you are sheer letter to trust and friendship. she very hard that we have yes as to believe and based on the conversation we had with her mr. joe, to day, you know, we are going to, i'm you, she communicates walton and all so i welcome all alliance going forward. have to get going. okay, so i can shift from you that. thank you very much, mr. prison. thanks for all the time that you gave me today. kick, there are private conversations, an incredible hospitality and welcome we've received. i'm honor to be able to be to
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meet you so early in your tenure as a pleasure to get, you know, you know, personally, i am delighted to be back in your beautiful country. and at a time when the alliance between republic of korea and united states has never been stronger, more vibrant, or i might add more vital. and i believe that this trip is coming out a particularly interesting moment, because we're seeing so many expectations in asia. and in the broader and of pacific region being updated, i'm looking forward to even occurring more my administration to pursuing an economic strategy designed to grow our economy from the bottom up in the middle out . and it's paying dividends, even in the face of historic economic challenges our economy is providing and proving to be resilient. in fact, just yesterday, and independent analysis projected that the american economy is poised to grow at
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a faster rate than china. and the chinese economy for the 1st time in 45 years. and since 1976 and our relationship with our allies, including, i'm proud to say the republic of korea are closer than they've ever been, nor people are growing even closer as we speak. our business, our blasi new trails together and, and it all goes to my core belief, something i've said for a long time. it's never a good bet to bet against united states of america. we're a nation that is all about one thing. possibilities, endless possibilities. and that optimism is a commitment and commitment to innovation or breaking barriers is something that koreans and americans share. yesterday the president visited a factory where a korean american innovation are working in tandem.


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