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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2022 4:00pm-4:32pm AST

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having said that, the wet weather still little that easily wind will continue across a costa rican to corrupt you are el salvador sang some very heavy right? honduras, sang some sharp showers ride up towards the top peninsula. much of mexico is dry, sunny, and hot and a similar picture there as we go one through sunday. and we had plenty a heat into the southeast of the us recently. warm, suddenly winds meeting up with all the rare out of canada across the plains. violet stalls, we had a tornado in which he could, that wet weather continues to be further east. i saw officially a line of the journey in this is al jazeera. oh, hello and welcome to this news our money insight into coming up in the next 60
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minutes australian vices and almost a decade of conservative government bringing anthony alban. easy to how throwing out scott morrison. i've spoken to the leader of the opposition to lead coming prime minister in to the albany, and often grad july. did me on these elected victory to say, oh, funeral was held for a teenager killed during the latest israeli raid in the occupied westbank. while speaking of confronting north korean threads, the u. s. and south korean presidents all for the country help with its cove at 19 outbreak. it's difficult to find a street pin that hasn't been hit by gunfire or tensions, or mortar when we reported a pin. one of many ukrainian cities in town struggling to rebuild often russian occupation and it's for the wimbledon tennis championships have been penalized, binding plays from russia. belarus does, won't get ranking points,
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effectively tuning the schools oldest grand slam into an exhibition event. ah, hello and welcome to the program. we begin in australia which will have a new prime minister of the voters ended almost a decade of conservative government, outgoing lead us got morrison jobs, conceded defeat hayes, challenger antony albanese and the labor party have won. however, an overall parliamentary majority is in yet that and it's got morrison in the center. right, coalition had face mounting pressure for their handling of the cost of living pressures. the pandemic correspond changed. i've always believed in australian and their judgment. and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts. and tonight i have delivered their burdick and i congratulate anthony avenue in the
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live party and i wish him and his government all the very best. now there are many boats the old account that is true. and there are many pre pauls and pies those that will still come in. but i believe it's very important that this country has certainty. sarah clark is live for us in sydney, so it does look like the labor party is now on tracked and almost the decade of conservative government took us through the early results coming for and this study in verses have voted the coalition government in particular, scott morrison are out of power and a scott morrison entered this election campaign. he was unpopular. he was facing allegations of bullying from members with these within his own party. the labor party always had the lee but that lead narrowed coming to the election. so the results, the early results were saying now a quite extraordinary, we've seen some of the safest, liberal seats being removed, being thrown out. we've got the, the movement of the independence,
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a group known as the tails. and they are a group of how very high profile 22 high profile female candidates, and it be running and targeting some of these key saif blue ribbon seats. and they've asked it those safe liberal of sitting members at the moment. we've already had josh roddenberry, who's the treasure, he's come at an almost can say that he could potentially lose his seat as well. so we've got this massive swing towards the independence. we've seen the labor party gain sates from the labor party. we've seen the grains again, states from the labor party, so it's been a massive shift to not at this election. and as i mentioned at the prime minister, he was unpopular and we've seen that plowed in the vote at to night. and those key issues that people wanted movement on that's being played out as well. climate change, what was an offer from both the major parties, people what truly disillusioned and frustrated by lack of policy at all in those key issues like climate change and cost of living. and the election campaign that
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was run out in, in australia. it was very much a personality based 10 pine and that's where people i think, felt that they're being taken for granted by the 2 key parties that being lab and the coalition. so i've certainly seen a big change. it's not a change in the political landscape in australia for the 2022 election and we have a new prime minister, anthony albanese. but what we don't know is whether or not who can win or rule. i should say that with a majority. voting is still under way and by midnight, that's when voting will stop. when we get to find us on some key seats, we've got 16 seats are still up in the air, but we do have a winner and that is the prime minister and anthony albanese. he wants to be sworn in as soon as he can because he wants to attend the court meeting in tokyo on tuesday. so vote and looking over the account and will continue again tomorrow. but we do certainly have a new prime minister in australia. sarah, if he doesnt secure a parliamentary majority, what options does he have all the options he has,
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he will have to try and form an agreement and negotiate south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after form a precedent, donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific pond, the ship trade packed. however, china seized that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region. instead of creating divisions, florence lee al jazeera sol wimbledon organizers say they won't back down despite the prestigious tournament being stripped of ranking points, essentially turn the tournament into an exhibition event. tennis governing bodies made the decision of wimbledon ban competitors from russia and batteries over the ukraine war. in a statement, wimbledon says we remain unwilling to accept success or participation at wimbledon, being used to benefit the propaganda machine of the russian regime. we that wish to
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state our deep disappointment at the decisions taken by the a t p, the w t a and the i t f in removing ranking points for the championships. let's go to nadeem baba in london, nadeem. so talk us through all the reaction at the all england lawn tennis club. well as you are just saying via club the are all in good long tennis car, better known as wimbledon, a, standing firm. they've expressed deep disappointment in the move by the atp and w t. a tours not to give ranking points for this tournament, or in a statement they repeated, but the ban in their opinion was the only option available to them under u. k. government guidance to do with the war in ukraine, and they say that they're in discussions with other grandson tournaments,
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but seeing what can be done or perhaps on an international level. the statement that the court put out on friday are called the move disproportionate in the context of the exceptional and extreme circumstances, saying that it was damaging to all players who compete on the top. well, the atp for it's part has pushed back and said that, that's basically nonsense saying that their move is protecting the system and the players, they say it's with great reluctance that they've moved removed ranking points from wimbleton saying that unilateral decisions of the nature such as a women's ban, if on a dressed set, a damaging precedent for the rest of the tour. anything. how is this going to affect the place? well, i think there are various opinions amongst the professional players. we know that to him vest, sir, the ban rules out some really high profile play,
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such as russia's de neil medford, if the world number 2 in the men's rankings. and also last is semi finalist here a bellow russian or arena sub olenka. so he's a big names, but not just that we've already heard a rough, i'll no doubt say that he was against the been the outright ban on beller ocean. and russian players know that joke of ich, or of course to well, number one, he is against the by and he said before the latest move, he wouldn't be speaking until the announcements about the ranking points. so we're waiting to hear from him possibly in the next day or so. the move means victim jock of it himself will lose his world number one status because he won't be able to get the 2000 points that he earned last year for winning wimbledon. or he's currently 680 points ahead of medford f. medford of himself has said that there were a lot of mistakes made or behind wimbledon move to ban him. and he's
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a compatriots as well as players from belarus, a reminder that they are allowed to play other tournaments such as rollin garris in paris just not under the national flag. so it's a very, very complicated situation, but all sides sticking to their guns for now. they're in sting, medina, night out. this story has more. it's a can nadine barber there in london for us or finance as russia has halted supplies at natural gas it as glazed deceit with european nations who refused to pay for russian gas in rubles holland and bulgaria. were cut off last month separately, russia's warned consequences for finland and sweden. he had recently applied to join nato. lebanon's outgoing government has approved a financial recovery plan. and it's final meeting before losing decision making power is coming to is operating in a can take a role of the parliamentary elections last week. the plan includes several measures
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to unlocked funds from a deal with the i m f. they include changes to laws on secrecy, baylor is needed to deal with the 3 year economic meltdown at the delivery to as one of the challenges facing our country require strong management and cooperation from all parties and not to delay in transmitting files because time is no longer available for any delay, this delay has cost lebanon and the lebanese people a lot have done this solution 2 years ago. and the cost would have been much lower . and with every passing day, the cost of a more and more if we don't get into the recovery plan and implemented fully. a u. s. judge has blocked plans to left and immigration policy that prevents migrants from seeking asylum in the u. s. the policy known as title 42 was issued to prevent the spread of corona virus. medical experts say it's no longer needed. culture lopez heard a young high school. many of these migrants have been waiting and the want to
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mexico for years hoping to seek asylum in the us. but along with thousands of others still have to wait longer. a federal judge has extended an immigration policy known as title 42, which blocks most of them from claiming asylum. democrats and we've been waiting for so long for years with title 42 in place. we're not allowed to request asylum. god willing, we can find a solution because returning to our country's isn't really an option. the policy introduced under donald trump's administration allows the government to expel migrants from the u. s. to prevent the spread of hope at 19 president joe biden was you to lift the measure on monday. but the coalition of 24 states sued and one animals and then the look if you think we understand title 42 exists due to sanitary measures. that's why we're here today with proof of vaccination and our covert tests. we don't have the virus. so i don't think it's fair to apply this
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order against us. more than 230000 migrants cross the border between mexico and the u. s. and april allowed without title 42 us official say the numbers could search to 18000 migrants a day already. so let's see. i thought the city is at full capacity right now. the shelters are overcrowded, and there are many people who've been waiting for a long time. there's a significant haitian population, families, and many pregnant women with families. there's a lot of uncertainty and a lot of frustration. it's a problem for buying and whose approval ratings are low. republicans are also focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both sides. the justice department says a will appeal to decision. in the meantime, thousands of migrants will be forced to wait yet again. katia lopez, so the young al jazeera,
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the world health organizations held an emergency meeting on the spread of monkey pokes list 80 cases have been confound now 11 countries. the disease was 1st identified in monkeys in central and west africa and humans. it typically spreads through close contact, causing body source and fever. the virus is treatable and so far, no deaths have been reported. in mexico, tens of thousands women go missing every year and most on never seen again. the government has been unable to investigate many of the cases and that is pushed families to go to great lengths to find their own loved ones. annual report reports from mexico city. it's late afternoon in mexico city. and rosa cba is out searching for her daughter victoria lizbeth, who went missing last year. in anonymous phone call has led rossa to a part of the city that's popular among sex workers. she believes whomever took her
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daughter may have forced her into prostitution better for their income threat. i'm inca victoria. all of this is in hopes of finding my daughter victoria. it would be the greatest thing that could happen for us to find her during one of these searches that we carry out with the help of a lena elena is a founder of an end geo that seeks to help people like rossa in their search for missing loved ones. i've had them on off. he said on my grandmother and some time ago we receive a phone call. it was a woman's voice. she said she had seen rose as daughter among the girls out here. back noah. we. elena's organization has started a campaign called quite up those muscles or empty rooms in spanish. their main objective is to raise visibility over the crisis of missing persons in mexico, by symbolically renting out the rooms of missing women. the money they raise is used to help families fund the search for their loved ones. am roper,
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this room once belonging to ross as daughter victoria is just one of tens of thousands of empty rooms across mexico. lo apollonia re cathy though be doria has been missing for more than a year. we gross a, has kept everything just the way it was. the day her daughter disappeared. i committed the can me of evil. something tells me my daughter is alive, but where is she? i wish i could just turn the corner and see her and hold her kitten. i dream of her constantly in my dreams. i see my daughter smiling. i see her coming home. i have faith that i will find my daughter. i'll ask for god to give me the strength to continue the struggle apart from the pain of not knowing where victoria is or if she's even alive. rosa has all been spent, her life savings trying to find her bedding.
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and in mexico, it's a story that plays out every day in households all across the country. more than $22100.00 women are currently listed as missing in mexico, and more than half of them are under the age of 18. the crisis of missing persons in mexico is so massive that every day an average of 6 women go missing. most of them will never be seen or heard from again as weeks and months of past, with no updates on victoria's whereabouts, many have lost faith of ever finding her alive. grocer, however, refuses to give up hope, vowing to never give up the search for her daughter. mon wizard up hello al jazeera mexico city. ah. okay, lets take now to cindy australia, where incoming australian prime minister in albany about to address the labor party faithful after the election. when establishes
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her thank you. a i begin by neurology. the traditional line is that a land on which we mate? i pine my respect to the eldest, past, present, and emerging, and on behalf of the astrology and live the party i commit to the earl rose stipend
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for ah, i say to my bell, i was trial eons. thank you for this extraordinary honor. oh, no. the astrology and paypal, habit boucher for change i am humbled by this victory and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister. i my library team will work every die to bring astrology and together. and i will later government,
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worthy of the people of australia. i government as courageous and hardworking and caring as he astrology and people are themselves earlier to not. scott marson called me to congratulate myself and the like. i like said scott very graciously. wish me well. i thanked him for that and i wish him well, i thank him for the service that he has given to our country as prime minister. i also want to acknowledge and thank jenny morrison and they 2 daughters for their contribution and sacrifice as well. my fellow astrology and it says
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a lot about our great country that the son of a single mom who was a disability pensioner her grew up in public housing down the righty. sam pin same before you tonight as, as strongly as prime minister her every bit you make if you why. i know it's been a long not wow. they put a doll it down a little bit. every parent. once more for the next generation than i had my mother draped of a better lock for me. and i hope that my journey in life in spies, astrology,
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is to reach for the stars. ah, i want a strand to continue to be a country that no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love, or what your last name is. that price is nigh restrictions on your journey in law. ah, my fellow insurance, i think they've got the 9 by now. oh, i think they got that. i know at the beginning that came fine. they said people didn't i me but i reckon they've got oh i then no, no, no. we have order place kids who i have available on a i tend to run an orderly government and it starts here. so
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i during this campaign i had put forward, i positive, clear plan for a better future for our country. and i have shared the 2 principals that will drive a government that are laid no one left behind because we should always look up to the disadvantaged in the boner bowl. but also no one held back with course we should always support, aspiration and opportunity. that is what my government will do. that is the what. but the how is also just as important because i want to bring australians together . i want to seek al common purpose and promote unity. an optimism, not fear and division. ah,
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it is what i have thought to do throughout my political life, and what i will bring to the ladyship of our country. it is a show of strength to collaborate and work with people, not whiteness. i wonder, find that common ground where together we can plant our dreams or you know it around our shared love of this country and shared bite in australia's future as shared values a been as an opportunity and hard work and kindness to those in ne, ah, i know, i can promise all extravagance this. no matter how you voted to die, the government i laid will respect every one of you every die.
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ah, anthony albanese, by giving his victory st. you'll to his very jubilant supporters in sidney. he will be the countries what you prime minister observations ended almost a decade of conservative government and to get some sport. his andy, thank you so much mine while the wimbledon tennis championships have been penalized for banning players from russia and belarus. competitors won't get ranking points affect returning the sports oldest grand slam into an exhibition events. in a statement. wimbledon organize is express their deep disappointment of the decision taken by the schools governing bodies. the men's thought sang, the ability for players, the nationalities answer tournaments based on merit and without discrimination, is fundamental to its values. after the invasion of ukraine, tennis is a governing bodies, did van russia and belarus from team events like the davis cup and billie jean king
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cup it was decided that players from nice countries would be allowed to compete as individuals on the men's and women's so that means they can take part of the upcoming french open, but last month wimbledon organizes. so the unilateral decisions have been russian and baller ocean players from taking part in their tournaments or rushes well. number 2, gentleman, the dev will be one of the favorites to win the french open, which starts on sunday. on the eve of that events, he was asked if it considered taking legal action to fight his exclusion from wimbledon. by yes, assures cholera probably we have a ah, there is some, some room to make and this, but yet personally, i think her, as i said, you know, not me taking those decisions. ah, if i can play, i'm not. no, i'm not gonna go to court to, for this one. maybe it's government pushing them. maybe it's a decision or a lot of stakes all behind all of this. so try if i can play,
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i'm going to be happy to play. i love wimbledon as a tournament. top, i honestly tend to think i like playing on grass though i didn't have amazing results so far, but my a managed to win one tournament. but if i can play, i'm going to try to to, to play next years and try to, to play good. there, i'll tennis channel analyst john, we're tommy's at the french open, he told us what sort of response we should expect from wimbledon. and what the penalty actually means for the players who do type halls. stripping a tournament of ragging voices, basically take a tennis event and turns it into an exhibition. it's breaking points that give tennis, give a bad meaning. and in the form of a circuit, it's how players improve the ranking. it's how you determine who makes the cut off the play and who doesn't. when you strip away ranking points, you basically have isn't necessarily competitive tennis tournament. it just may be sort of and anyone can enter a tennis term called an exhibition, which is
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a very strange characterization for the most prominent and this event on the calendar. and they can play nice or they can take hard lines and women that has a lot of power here. and then all the players want to play. if wimbledon says we are going to cut price money because we don't like the way you have the valued our event by stripping it a boy, that's something that's on the table. i for chatter that may be rebel them and the other re majors that form the grand slam baby, they come up with an alternative braking system. it's really an interesting sort of way of power. and we'll see sort of who has the strength of a leverage here. but i think wilmont feels as though they are the most prestigious event. you'll notice that no players are boycotting. it's not all the players who they might be a breed, but they're not angry enough. to stay home, i think wimbledon is going to come fairly, fairly strong in their, in their response. now the 3rd round of golf, u. s. p. j championship just getting underway. the halfway mark wills outsource, had a one struck advantage of what is the 2nd major of the season. americans?
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it non to power southern hills in oklahoma. he's never warned an event on the main . so now full time major champion during my career began the day that's over the leader board. he's still in convention, but he's now 5 shots adrift obs, our source. i wouldn't say it was nerves. it was maybe just yeah, you're not going to go out and show 65 every day. maybe it was a case i wasn't maybe quite as committed or aggressive as i was yesterday. some basketball soup stock. steph curry, shoddy isn't perfect on court all the time during the golden state warriors playoff game against the das maverick c accidentally. past the ball to a dallas bench player, he did happen to be wearing a white shirt. similar to the war is josie. harry still managed to school, 32 points as the theme warm again and went to up in a western conference finals. ok,
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thanks, board is looking for i. let's get back to molly. thing sandy, and that's it for me, molly, inside this is our, i'll be back in amendment with more days. ah, for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part one on i was just 0 trust in authority is up and all time low, you want to sat for a hench hateful distrust. this is a battle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit holds back
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the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the tools of the powerful. we're in a dangerous therapy and that dangerous territory runs did. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion all out. just either way, each and every one of us has got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better we in we could do this experiment and biodiversity could increase just a little bit. and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, always incredibly rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in jenny, these people pick up the collect the signatures the same, the re saying this extremely important service that they provide to the city
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why do we, we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind ah israeli.


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