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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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interrogation a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world grew in the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera, ah, for 23 years musson has collected objects he finds along the coast. ah enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness while we're cold. armed with the story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artist, and a voice for the plight of countless migrant. ah, might juniors you such are on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm carrie johnston. this is denise our live from dough. welcome to the program. are coming up the next 60 minutes. ah, australia's labor party ends almost a decade of considered to go. it is yet to gain upon and mentioned majority president joe biden, the signs of $40000000000.00 ukraine funding bill, which was urgently flung to him during his asia trip. as president lensky says, he still open to talks with russia. new footage shows al jazeera is sharina. i've actually taking shelter a few seconds before she was shocked by israeli forces in jenny, aurora iraqis rebuild us, and she's old mosque, destroyed my eye. so it's been described as a ray of hope from the ruins and in sport. a good day for ferrari's sharla, claire in barcelona. well, championship leader has still position for formula one spanish,
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pre ah, voters in australia has ended a decade of rule by the conservative coalition. the labor party will now form the next government and its leader and to the alba. noisy will be prime minister, but is yet to get a parliamentary majority. sarah clark reports not from sydney election day in australia. voters turned up to cast their vote. i think we need a little bit of disruption here in australia. in fact, i think we need a lot of disruption. we need people who can stand up and, and have opinions and thoughts not based on tardy. there's been a few things, obviously in the last 3 years, especially during the pandemic. that is the government, as has got wrong. after 6 weeks on the campaign trail, the prime minister scott morrison returned to his sydney electorate flanked by his wife and 2 daughters. the coalition leader made a last minute pitch to vote,
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who's on the 1st prime minister in a very long time. that's been able to go through a term and fight the people on a 2nd time. and i'm seeking that support because i know these countries facing some strong and difficult and challenging taunt ah, the labor party was ahead in pre election polls that sentiment played out at the ballot box with anthony albanese asking the coalition government ending 9 years of conservative rule to night, the astrology and paypal had voted for chinese ah, i am humbled by this victory. i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of right back to the liberal national party last safe blue ribbon seats to a group of high profile female independence, who campaigned on climate change, gender equality and integrity. scott morrison took responsibility for the party's
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loss. thank to strengthens and declared. he'll step down as leader of the liberal party. it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate anthony abernathy in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best my labor has won the most seats in the selection counting continues. and what we don't know is whether or not anthony albanese has a claim. majority of australia faces the prospect of hung parliament and the labor party needs to do a deal with the minor parties and the independence to govern. sarah clock out 0. sidney malcolm davis is a senior analyst at the australian strategic policy institute. he says, major change his light, you know, stood his policy on the climate issue as me albany. he said tonight in his
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acceptance speech, after winning the election, that he wants to make a strayer, a renewable energy superpower. now, just exactly what you mean by that, i think they recur private clearly is going to invest a lot more in terms of developing renewable energy technology. and at the same time, trying to fast track the goal of reducing our mission targets down to 0 to essentially as soon as we can without sacrificing it. i think that what you could see is that that gives a labor party, a greater opportunity to engage with civic allan states who after all their main security challenges, not necessarily the prospect of war between china and the united states ever try. one is being over run by rising sea levels caused by global warming. so i do think that there's an opportunity here for the incoming australia government to actually achieve more in terms of boosting relations with
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a pacific allan states by doing more climate change. and at the same time, that actually serves the purpose in terms of camp, constraining china's ability to increases in person presence. in the pacific island states, us present terabyte and says he's willing to meet north korea qindzhong for talks on security if he says button isn't so for meetings with his south korean counterpart units of your as biden's 1st trip to asia, since he took office last year for the st. louis reports from san on the ground in south korea, a mixed response to u. s. president jo biden's visit. these demonstrators welcomed him, seeing this as an opportunity to present a united front against north korea. that follows reports leader kim jong and maybe about to conduct a 7th nuclear weapons test. but here, activists concerned about an arms race, a calling for peace. when the 2 precedents met at a summit on saturday,
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security was high on the agenda, j. i, a curry, curry, pro career, i thought he knew they discussed enhancing sanctions and expanding the scope of combined to military exercises. biden also said he's not opposed to meeting him, john, good. if he sincere you both president june and president biden also said they were ready to help north korea deal with an outbreak of cove at 19 o. leaving an era where the economy, security, and security is there gonna me disruption in the supply chain caused by changes in the international security order is directory related to the lives of our people.
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but analysts say that may not be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. kim's, our resume appears to be determined to develop, ah, the military, our capability to make sure that no square will be armed, to have a sufficient capability to hold you. as for suzanne civilian populations in south korea and in japan as hostages, although countering china's dominance in the region was not explicitly mentioned, the biden administration has made no secret of the fact. it views china as a strategic challenge in tokyo on monday, president biden will unveil the endo pacific economic framework. its members will include south korea and japan. analysts say the u. s. is reasserting itself in the region. years after former president donald trump pulled out of the tron specific partnership trade pack. however, china sees that agreement as an attempt to marginalize it. a chinese foreign
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ministry spokesman criticized the u. s. on friday, saying it should do more to contribute to peace in the region. instead of creating divisions, florence lee al jazeera song, o heiner king is a former united states deputy assistant secretary of defense for east asia. he joins us from alexandria in virginia. thanks for being on the program with us today . so what do you think is the real focus for president biden's visit in terms of u. s. allies in the region? well, thank you so much for this opportunity. i think that the present biden's historic 1st trip to the region as the president of the united states is rightly focused on our key allies in northeast asia, namely south korea and japan. both of those countries and our alliances with those countries serve as a lynch pen for security, stability, and prosperity for all of our countries in the region as
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a whole. so i think the president, traveling there are now in the 2nd year of this term is obviously a positive sign that the united states remains committed to the region. and to what extent then does the election of president union, south korea provide an opportunity for some kind of reset their so frankly speaking, during president moon's term president hughes predecessor, there were some tensions in the bilateral u. s. republic of korea relationship, particularly in terms of how each country was addressing the north korean threat and how it. ready was approaching north korea president moon in my opinion. i repeatedly offered an olive branch to the q merging and young. that was rebuffed, sometimes in a very humiliating fashion,
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quite frankly. and it just the cert underscore again, that with respect to the d, p r k, an approach of an art and suitor is not going to be effective. i think now as we see again, the kim regime rattling it savers of the unprecedented number of missile test. 16, i believe just since january 1st of this year, compared to a last year. and i think for the year before demonstrates that the gym regime is only interested in concessions from the west without anything in return. so where does biden's visit then fit in with north korea is continued to south test and how does that go forward? so i anticipate that kim regime will continue to use the one and only
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the action that happened there playbook, which is provocation. i think they will continue to test muscles. and i fear that a nuclear test may also be in the future. if we consider the fact that the, the p r k has admitted that it is now suffering from a wave of co bid affecting hundreds of thousands of its people. and it has rejected both south korean and american offers of assistance, specifically offers of vaccine and other systems while simultaneously using its military to provoke tension. it's, it's alarming and disconcerting. ok, hi, clint, former united states deputy assistant secretary of defense for a stranger. thank you for your insights. thank you. when you, as president, has approved an additional $40000000000.00 a package for ukraine,
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the bill was flown to south korea abiding signature. they tested packages on top of the $13600000000.00 that washington has already given to ukraine. by white house correspondent, kimberly how can joins us from washington d. c. so kimberly another substantial package for ukraine and another strong signal being sent there is no question that that is something that the white house, as well as the us congress desired to do with this package. not only sending a message to ukraine of support, but also sending a message to russian leader vladimir putin, that the support of the west will not subside in terms of the backing of ukraine against russia and its invasion. you have to remember that when the money that the united states supplied to ukraine began to run out, and it is nearly exhausted in terms of military support. the u. s. president asked
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for $33000000000.00. well, the u. s. congress which controls the purse strings, in turn approved to $40000000000.00, and that is what the president signed into law. in other words, the congress wanted to send the signal, look at, we are not only going to prove this money, we're going to send more than what you ask for, which is something that rarely happens. and that is the reason why it was to send vladimir putin a message that there is overwhelming support in the united states for ukraine and pushed back against russia. and in terms of what this money is for, it's not only to kind of back fill the money in the equipment that has already been sent. but in addition, there is also going to be new military equipment in the form of stingers and javelins, but also training ad logistics support. and also there's going to be 5000000000 that's also going to be allocated for really addressing one of the growing needs.
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and that is global food insecurity, so there is not only a need that is being met an immediate need, given the fact that money is running out. but there is also a very strong signal that is being sent to vladimir putin. the united states is in this, for the long haul. can be how could lie 1st in washington d. c. for now. thank you. a precedent for him as lansky has thanked by and for the aid package, he's warning the fighting will only bring more cottage the longer it drags on. and he says he still open to talks, but believe russia isn't interested. but i'm a humbling daughter squad. the victory will be difficult, it will be bloody, but it's and will be in diplomacy. i'm very convinced of this. there are things that we can't bring to an end sitting at the negotiation table. that's how it is. because we would like to get everything back and russia doesn't want to give back anything. russia says it's destroy the large batch of a weapons,
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a miniature equipment delivered to ukraine, bytes western allies. it says it carried out to miss all strike. no railway station is mere west of the capital key of russia also, so that stroke of fuel storage facilities now desa in the south really, you are 50 of the armed forces of the russian federation, continued the special military operation in ukraine. high precision, long range, sea bass missiles near the moline railway station, and just to me, region have destroyed a large batch of weapons and military equipment delivered from the us and european countries for a grouping of ukrainian troops. and don bass. russian air base missiles near odessa at the da support plant have destroyed fuel storage is intended for ukrainian nationalists armored vehicles. or some of the worst st battles of ukraine's war were around its capital. attacking opin, north of king was part of russia's failed attempt to circle the city. now it's back in ukrainian control. people are trying to move on,
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saying was one of the reports. that it is it going hope is when i cannot express it. she says, feelings of anger, feelings of hatred, feelings of deep contempt for the russian soldiers who brought death to her hometown. when you put mitchell couldn't get to the form a kindergarten teacher. nina, your mac cova lost her lifelong home and the invasion, sheltering and children's summer school and her pin. she now listens for any news of the war. but as to billy supper, hardly russians with their boots trampled on all our happiness, people's lives, people's hope, everything. they troubled everything in one minute. a passport and some medicine. precious few necessities. all she was able to take her house now a crime scene, or that she had in this world bomb to rebel. in
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the winter, her room was the warmest. that's why she chose it, a lifetime of memories, a lifetime of belongings. she doesn't want any of it back, send it to the russians. she says. so it may weigh on their conscience. we do not elude. but can you believe that our people are dead crushed with tanks? how can we ever forgive them for us? never know one, not for a 100 years of economy. what was left standing in the city is being fixed. one man said all he wants is to make repairs, so life can return to normal amount of money. but what was broken in a matter of months? in some cases, mere hours will take years to rebuild. it's difficult to find a street nor pain that hasn't been hit by gunfire or tank shells or mortar rounds.
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and so many absolutely devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. not even houses of worship were spared . and even the most civilian of spaces became targets in this war, which he will to voice said sadly, vice chloe is my heart is drenched in blood and tears. that is all i have in my soul. and when you bought it, it was artillery may be windows were hates, and roads were hit, the roof of the kindergarten was burned. my son's class was in not building the kindergarten doesn't exist. now. why should i be happy? why did this happen? it's sad, a lot of people who i know what killed even now was the war moves away from towns around keith as life begins to return to a new kind of normal ukrainians, piecing their lives back together, say they never thought russia would actually invade. they still can't believe it
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happened and they still don't understand why. then basra b o to 0 or pit. i'll st. morehead on the nissan, including we look at why thousands of migrants will have to wait longer to formally claim as silently u. s. plus i've been to strike the right cord, is issues from across mexico revival cultural festival after to a gap and in sport with a single crab piece. this possibly says that it else. ah . funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian shot dead by israeli forces in jeanine and occupied westbank is increased attention as this is where al jazeera is showing a barclay was killed only last week. iran conger poles. ah more is
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berry i'm just cleared. and promised to take revenge for his killing islamic to had claimed 17 year old is one of its members. wow. he was killed by israeli forces, and jeanine refugee camp in the early hours of saturday. out, is there a serino? blacklight was also killed near the camp. oh, she was on assignment and wearing a helmet and best clearly marking her as a journalist. but israel is refusing to launch a criminal investigation. 57 american politicians of sorry to letter demanding the f b. i to investigate. republican congressman andre carson tweeted the killing of our does a reporter and fellow american sri now work lee was not only a tragedy. it was a front to press freedom and to all americans. adding, we need answers and accountability from these really government agnes callum. out of amnesty international tweeted, it's an additional violation of sharon's right to life and
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a clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she goes on to say, this is what repression and domination looked like. some lives simply don't matter . hashtag apartheid oh, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop a casket. that in stop, thousands of palestinians were marching through of the bodies through slim to take part in her funeral. and beryl israel has tremendous support within the u. s. and that's the reason why they've been able to so far, resist pressure on opening an investigation into sorry, and blacklist death. but more evidence is emerging about her killing this video. so sharin was taken cover after her colleague ali also moody was shot showing she was deliberately targeted by the person who shot her. and with everything you said your evidence, the called for a transparent investigation into deaf will only grow louder. what's the name on
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con, our desert? occupied east russell. one artistic depiction of machines killing buys when he forces his getting a lot of attention. this a cartoon by south african artists hero was published in the daily maverick newspaper just days after her death. it shows she being being carried away and an israeli sniper with a smoking gun. the artist says he was motivated by the parallels he saw between the palestinian cause and south africa's anti apartheid struggle. earlier i spoke to the artis up here, he described what drove him to create the cutty. the parallels have been striking me for a very long time as a jewish south african and a white. so the african well i didn't join this, this struggle in south africa as a jewish, so they were going to join as a white african. obviously somebody not oppressed by the system,
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but somebody who was against it. there was a small proportion of white people who fought against a part time in various ways. and, and then, you know, during that period i became aware of how many similarities they were in various struggles around the world. ready in particular then as a jewish south african, i have to look at myself and say, i cannot support what is happening in israel when sharina worker was, was killed. it seemed like another targeted attack on an activist or in her case, a journalist. they have been many and they were many during apartheid. i felt that those, these parallels that i see with the kind of bantustans in, in that, that are the way that, that israel is, has treated the palestinian territories. ready various times and putting walls up and preventing people from moving it feels like the older party understands the
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detentions that torture, the deportations the on for the exiles feel very similar. and this. ready was outraged and i felt i should draw a parallel. ready with an image, a very famous image of 976 of one of the 1st, or probably the 1st young student shot by the police heck to peterson being carried and by a young man who is in tears in agony and a young woman running next to, to him, and this was the famous to beat us an image taken by photographer and zimmer. so i'm trying to keep my cartoon. ready as as close to that in almost as black and white just with the listing and flag and from. ready so hard to janine written in the background, it just a little bit of touch of red and green, but essentially that kind of look. and then the wall symbolizing, you know,
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these really the sort of provisions, regulations and, and so in, it's drawn a lot of support and of course is criticism of me. people saying it's not exactly the same, but it creates debates and joins debates. and that's what i'm trying to do. i'm trying to get people to think and how do south african jewish people regard your worth and what's their reaction? i'm afraid that the majority over the years the majority of african jews have regarded me and people like i'm some of us will know. ready famous, so the african jews who've been involved in the struggle at a very high level, jo slow and it was a, it is a communist party running castro's people like that. i mean famous people like they didn't go to writers or jews who, who stood up against
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a party. i have often been vilified and told that we done to we were not think we were trying to simplify things with trying to make parallels that are too obvious when they, when they actually are differences. that sort of thing i think is a bit of a shift. i mean, over years and years and years, i think more and more jews around the world who have often supported israel and apologetically are starting to be uncomfortable with the way that it israel conducts itself. in this case, it's funny, a lot of i found that there were some african jews who sort of more outraged by the storming of the the funeral in and nobody died. danica was a complete outrage. absolute outraged, but there were less, some of them have been less outraged by her death because they're still trying to
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hang on to that notion that it could have been a palestinian who, you know, she was shot apps by accident by palestinian. that's the idea that people are peddling because these riley government and res, ready? defense for city, edel bet, notion so, but there is a, is a bit of a movement i think, amongst diaspora, jews in many countries, i'm afraid is probably among the countries with the highest sort of an unapologetic support for israel amongst jews. but i think even here it is shifting a bit. so the heads on al jazeera ah, twisted and torn apart the destructive music tornadoes in germany. 2 films showing at the cannes film festival confront france with its painful colonial passed over georgia, which in the dark there is a new kid in town. that story coming ah
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hallo, we've got more of that dusty wind blowing across sir, the middle east star. but so large, you dry, clear sky, so we are going to see that wind continuing right along the gulf. others shemelle wind, of course, 42 celsius here in though her lots of dust and sand pushing down across that eastern side of saudi arabia. hot enough, further north, 43 celsius, therefore baghdad, while the more comfortable mid high twenty's across the levant, maybe one or 2 showers just coming across central eastern part of her turkey. as we go 13, monday chassis a little bit of wet weather, western disturbance making its way towards pakistan was northwest in the help in the heat to just eat off here. but he will. he's a touch here in doha 39 celsius. the winds also wheezing. so shall we say less
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unpleasant with that lifted dust and sand. some of that letter doesn't sound, of course, across this har, a doubt to was as a how near northern parts of nigeria, meeting up with the showers that we have around the gulf of guinea and some of the showers even getting up into marley. now some making good progress on those seasonal rains. the rain stretch across so central parts of africa still a little disappointing to the east of the rift valley there, there bit slow setting in but no shortage of rain across at east side or south africa. wet weather, also pushing into mozambique, ah, trust and authority is at an all time low. you want to sat for a hench patriot distrust. this is a battle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory, and that dangerous territory runs di. what happens now that we literally diverge,
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that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion? are just cedar with ah ah ah,
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watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories out, voters in australia have ended and nearly a decade of conservative government. they believe that the album easy defeated, incumbent conservative prime minister scott morrison, but an overall majority in parliament isn't certain us present. joe biden says he's willing to meet off careers, him to win for security talks if he's serious. i was in. so for meetings with south crew county out limits of joe biden has approved an additional 40 fillion dollar aid package from the latest on top of the $13600000000.00 that washington has already how's era has been able to gain access to the russian control the city of san in ukraine for the 1st time since the beginning of the war. similar yusef was part of a media delegation accompanied by the russian military. couple by my con, we are now inside person to be specific. we are at the cove power plant. the plant
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generates electrical power from many cities, some under russian control and others under ukrainian control plant and the surrounding area are important to both sides. what order electricity go from here to the crimea peninsula. when we entered the city of car saw we feel limited damage . the city from the inside looks like this. it looks normal. but other times, especially in the evening, some shelling can be heard. the local officials here say that anti missile systems are being offered from curse on against missiles fired by the ukrainian military. he 1000000 as to why there is new. i mean, you see people returning to cosign because they are getting to know that the city is protected by a defense systems and russian forces damaged. i don't want to speak and i don't want to speak, i'm sorry, just bothering a smile. many people left the city. you can say there's a feeling of fear, and some people leave the city because there's no work my hub, but the alba thought how the he al hustler, be,
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but we are at the curse on bus station. officials say some employees not receive their salaries until now because it comes from the ukrainian side, or some buses are working, but others are not allowing. the city looks relatively calm. wiley, russian forces took control of the city more than 2 months ago. local officials say some people remain in the city and some are now returning law was summer use of al jazeera, now care san hud. wimbledon organizers say they went back down despite the prestigious tennis tournaments being stripped of ranking points and reduced to an exhibition event or tennis government bodies made a decision after women banned competitors from russian roost you to the war ukraine . i think mother, of course, it's a standoff between the world's most prestigious tennis tournament and the sports global governing bodies. both the atp and w t. a tours have stripped wimbledon of ranking points, meaning players won't be able to earn any here this year. because the tournament band plays from russia and belarus, we would and says it had no option,
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but to exclude them on the u. k. government guidance following russia's invasion of ukraine in a statement put out by the club on friday. a code, the decision not to award points disproportionate in the context of the exceptional and extreme circumstances. going on to say that it was damaging to all players who compete on the tour. the atp and w t. i have allowed players from russia and belarus to compete as neutrals, including the paris open starting on sunday. the atp is put out a statement explaining why it was effectively turning wimbleton into an exhibition tournament. it says the ability for players, if any nationality to end to tournaments based on merit and without discrimination, is fundamental to our tour. wimbledon has been ruled out top players including men's world number 2, daniel midvale f from russia. and last year's women's semi finalist arena sab, olenka from belarus, cbs novak jokers,
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which is one of several plays to have criticized the been now he said to lose his world number one status as he can't get the 2000 points here and by winning, hey, last year, but experts don't predict a boycott. it's really an interesting sort of play of power and we'll see sort of who house the strength and leverage here. but i think wimbledon feels as though they are the most prestigious event. you'll notice that no players are boycotting, it's not as all the players who they might be angry, but i'm not angry enough to say all the all england long tennis club says it's considering its options and is in discussions with its grand slam colleagues. but the reverberations from its decision a likely to be felt for some time to come. nadine baba al jazeera london, us judge has blocked plans to lift and immigration policy that prevents migrants from seeking a sign in the us. the policy known as a title 42 was issued to prevent the spread of corona virus on medical experts states no longer needed caterpillar as her young has moved. many of these migraines
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have been waiting in the quantum mexico for years, hoping to seek asylum in the us, but along with thousands of others still have to wait longer. a federal judge has extended an immigration policy known as title 42, which blocks most of them from claiming asylum. democrats and we've been waiting for so long for years with title 42 in place. we're not allowed to request asylum. god willing, we can find a solution because returning to our country's isn't really an option. the policy introduced under donald trump's administration allows the government to expel migrants from the us to prevent the spread of hope at 19 president joe biden was you to lift the measure on monday, but a correlation of 24 states sued and one animals. and then the look if you can, we understand title 42 exists due to sanitary measures. that's why we're here today with proof of vaccination and our covert tests. we don't have the virus. so i don't
9:38 pm
think it's fair to apply this order against us. more than 230000 migrants cross the border between mexico and the u. s. and april allowed. without title 42 us officials say the numbers could search to 18000 migrants a day or 2. so let's see. i thought the city is at full capacity right now. the shelters are overcrowded, and there are many people who've been waiting for a long time. there's a significant haitian population, families, and many pregnant women with families. there's a lot of uncertainty and a lot of frustration. it's a problem for bite and whose approval ratings are low. republicans are also focusing on the issue ahead of the mid term elections in november. human rights group say the crisis is being politicized by both font the justice department says a will appeal to decision. in the meantime, thousands of migrants will be forced to wait yet again. katya low priscilla young al jazeera wells health organization is held to an emergency meeting on the spread
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of monkey pox. at least 80 cases have been confirmed in 11 countries. disease was 1st identified in monkeys in central and west africa and humans. it typically spreads through close contact, causing body sause and fever. the virus is treatable and no deaths have been reported him. duncan says at north career is starting to bring its covered 19 outbreak under control. as despite another 220000 people being reported to have what are being called fever symptoms or for korean leader told a meeting of the ruling party that progress is being made to slow infections. and he hinted some restrictions may be lifted to relieve concerns about the economy and dozens of new coven. 19 infections are being reported each day in china's capital. beijing is resisting a lockdown instead it's heavily policing parts of the city, enforcing some lock downs and spring disinfectant. china's biggest city,
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shanghai is emerging from a shut down that's last week's or heavy rain floods and landslides are further devastating areas in north eastern india. in a sam estate, at least 14 people have died in the latest samples. more than 700000 people are affected. having metal reports from my going district in northeast and you had a blue rashid weird through water several times a day to get essentially his home has been flooded for days. he says he's tried getting help, but shelters are full, and his family is still waiting for government aid. they will put it in a hurry while the prisoner, we're facing many difficulties. you can see for yourself the so much water. we have no way to get out. there's barely enough food. we had some rice at home, but now that also over hundreds of thousands of other people have been displaced by floods caused by heavy rains. in a psalm state in india,
9:41 pm
as ne nego district is the hardest hit, more than 300000 people have been affected. the water here comes from a nearby river that overflowed and its rockfish that some villagers are catching to eat. despite the rising water levels, many people are choosing to stay back, waiting for the tide to turn, so they can stop rebuilding. many people are being evacuated rafts like these have been crossing flooded roads and feels to rescue people stranded for days. what's a problem here? you're facing many problem. some people in my family are not keeping well. i asked them to come with me, but they didn't want to leave. they wanted to stay at home in the military is using aircraft and boats to help distribute aid last bloodworth dog. and for the c v one . actually, after that, the people just talk about that blood as it a highest one on the severity of the flood is, has are, was that blood also?
9:42 pm
now though danger level of evil here is 59.10 meters. but it is her cross gardenia level it, which is now 60.39 meters. although water levels are slowly receding, people already the monsoon season will begin in a few weeks and the rains are usually heavy and cause flooding. pardon him at the al jazeera nego district in ne india are flooding in central columbia has left to hundreds of people without homes, via the cynthia streets turned into rivers. after more than 10 hours of heavy rain is forced to airport their to suspend flights and operations on a storm that sweat through germany has generated 3 tornadoes, destroying homes and knocking out power on person has been killed and dozens injured. the harding has more this isn't the mid west of the united states. this is northern germany. debris swirling caught on camera and posted on
9:43 pm
line. the violet weather generated 3 major tornadoes. this one, touching down and lip set. the storm so also brought rain hail and strong gusts of wind. the basements of hundreds of homes were flooded and left over debris stopped . many people from leaving this church lost its steeple. it's remnants now blocking the junction of a road. the severe weather disrupt a traffic and uprooted trees that topple under rail tracks and roads. rescue services to point all available resources. germany usually experiences several tornadoes a year as colder air from the north clashes with warmer air from the south. but not all leave this kind of destruction in its weak. leah harding al jazeera, one of the world's most active volcanoes. mount etna put on
9:44 pm
a spectacular display in italy on friday, sending massive plumes of smoke and hot lava into the sky. your options, like these happen several times a year, but rarely cause any damage to surrounding towns on the, on and off at sicily. nearly 5 years after i still was defeated in mosul, hodge, parts of the city still line ruins. they include a mosque that dates back centuries, and some of them shouted reports, rockies, and now rebuilding one of the cities. well, no, none marks rocha. the alluring mosque in most iraq 2nd largest city is isis declared. its so called caliph it in 2014 famous for its leaning minarette or al had by his local people called it. its been regarded as an icon for nearly 900 years leveled in the fight. soldiers and local people reject allegations by isolate at the tower and must be destroyed by bombs dropped by the us led coalition. now, piece by piece, brick by brick. iraqis are putting it back together. european charities and unesco
9:45 pm
aimed to fully restore the monuments by next year than in difficulties that we found at the beginning of the project. while we remove that would move about $5600.00 tons of bubbles. and also about the living. all of them was put inside of the whole or difficulties was restored to undertake about as much as possible from that sort of guilt pieces and to clean it documented and attributed and saved it in a safety way. 6 meters below the surface of prayer, hall and oblivion. rooms after debris and explosives were cleared, archeologists have discovered what they believed to be the original mosque built alongside the minarette. one official described it as a rary of hope from the ruins. but this is only one part of morsels destroyed old city. it will take an estimated $100000000000.00 to reconstruct in every province in public spaces and heritage sites. but people here are still waiting for some of
9:46 pm
that money to arrive, so they can restart their lives. and while they wait for promises made by donors in the government to materialize, young people are reclaiming most of the public spaces. this is what the central library of mosul university looked like after and i still fighters were targeted there, but students and staff risked their lives to rescue books, even pages. and now the building is back with reminders of its recent past that are not are displayed sections for discussions and computers for researches. dr sir still wants help from academics and international libraries for most of the 1000000 items, including books, manuscripts and research papers were destroyed. hickory john looked over his and then as of the idea was not just to restore it, but also to make it contemporary with not just a book repository but minerals of knowledge. we aim to target all sections of society while concentrating on youth. so everyone can benefit from the resources
9:47 pm
or hopes, the big mosque and his city will soon be rebuilt. and these children who remembered the horrors of war for people who lived together in peace in the future. some, a majority of era, mostly now france has been confronted about its colonial past that they can the film festival to films delve into the treatment of africans conscripted into the french army. subjects often avoided in france, as charlie answered reports from count frances colonial past. one of the big themes on the screen a can this year generating discussion and introspection. i saw the soldiers set in well, the one is the story of a young senegalese man, 4th to serve in the french army his father than enlist to watch over him shout on a handheld camera. it shows the horror of war for the thousands of cynic lease torn from their countries to fight for france. it does now see of the netflix theories
9:48 pm
lupa. he says we have the same story but not the same memories. cultural commentators say depictions of this aspect of frantic colonial history, a very rare phone. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen a film of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including all massey who's a make a saw here in france. and abroad so it is a very big deal to see feel like this and see the screen it can either all of you to another story is aki followed a few of the 200000 jerry and recruited into the french army to fight against that countryman and it depicts how most are he abandoned, how many killed, when algeria gained independence, direct to phillips, the call says generations later, children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma that new truck. it's a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through the war, but also the generations that followed. there are more stories yet to be told. in
9:49 pm
algeria the aki has still considered traitors, act and mohammed mo, fuck admits his family. wary of him taking the road. papa, that are where my dear my father asked so many questions. why was it being human morocco? why is it being direction? by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play your hockey? but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go a up her while a manual in that cause government has acknowledged mistakes made and algeria in west africa. details of these events, not widely known in france, both direct to say it's vital these stories a told and we can is a launching pad. hope that films will generate discussion about these painful periods of history. charlie angela out there can still ahead on al jazeera in sports, the f one world championship leader with pick up and quantifying managed to get over it in a few months. ah,
9:50 pm
from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this dick, it is a most consequential decade in immense, is she off for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front? in part 2 of human rights activists, q me 90 and environmental if we known and the teeth, the systems that are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on out his era. examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity, water, and all this all alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path. international filmmakers in world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet,
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and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera lou . ah, now musicians in mexico have revived a festival caused for 2 years by the pandemic. it draws artists from all corners of the country represents more than 30 genres of folk music on a regular, false, ah, a weekend of traditional music in the mexican capital. the event is soon, but a meal, a cultural festival that highlights the great diversity of mexican folk music. and
9:52 pm
perhaps more importantly, a perfect excuse to bust a move like the one we feel a tremendous pride because this music style is from our region in mexico. we enjoyed dancing to it because we like to represent our state wherever we go. soon, but amelia began as a way for artists to honor beloved mexican choreographer at amelia rojas. and i gone, who passed away in 2002 to day the festival has grown into one of the city's most important annual cultural events. one that encourages visitors of all ages to hit the dance floor. this year, the sofa mila cultural festival. the celebrating its 20th anniversary vacation has drawn in some 80 different musical groups and performances representing nearly every corner of mexico. one of the most attractive aspects of the festival is watching visitors proudly dawning traditional attire. ah, after being shut down for 2 years, due to coven 19 restrictions,
9:53 pm
the festival has made a big comeback, giving visitors and introspective look at cultural heritage through more than 30 of mexican folk music. mamma went up to another. one of communities all around the world turned to look at their own traditions. the cultural wealth of latin american countries is immense, but were often forced to listen to just one type of music like regulation, which is horrible. event organizers say they hope the festival will continue to grow and attract more international visitors who are curious about the great many customs and traditions that make up the mexican culture. multiple of al jazeera mexico city, waste time for all the sports needs. now hes far, kerry, thank you so much. we start with formula one ad ferrari. charles. claire will start in pull position at sundays. spanish chrome, pre world championship liter, recovered from his spin to feel 1st spot on the grid. overall he's look good in
9:54 pm
barcelona, having also been faster since all the practices. raining world champion max for stop, and we'll start in 2nd, having injured some issues with his car. right. bill confirming the dutch driver had a problem with his overtaking device. i feel good. it was a very, very difficult session. i mean, especially in $23.00 because i did a mistake in the 1st run off to 3 and and then obviously i only had one. not but the buddy 20 extremely well. how to be tough moments on my lot. but i made it, they can very, very happy with paul provisioning. i mean it's always difficult to tell, but i couldn't do my, my final run either the direction opener, i just lost power. so it's a bit of a bit of a shame. and i think overall, you know, to be on the front row for us here looking at the whole weekend so far. i think it was, was a good achievement, but of course i would have like to go for the final run for forward killing them. bobby has decided to stay with current club paris fisherman. that's according to multiple new sources. the 23 year old who's contract expires at the end of the
9:55 pm
season, had been linked with the move to rail. a dread bobby is likely to stay at the french champion for another 3 years. p a. she play their last game of the season on saturday. a spanish teenage tennis, a sensation carlos alcortez has fancying he could be the one to beat this years of french open. the 19 year old was mobbed after practice on saturday a day before the 2nd. the grand slam of the year kicked off in paris. chris is the inform player on the men's. we're right now after winning for titles this year, including the madrid open, where he beat novak chalk, rich and rough, and dow, on his way to victory is now number 6 in the world. 18 a. i'm playing a good danny's right now, a lot of contents and, and trying to, to think over there the pressure on i'm trying to think of the there are some that i want to win tournaments for time. grand slam champion. naomi. all saca is
9:56 pm
back at rolling daryl it's after withdrawing early on last year's tournament, she quit the event following the 1st round signing mental health issues, including anxiety caused by talking to media. earlier this year a socket was reduced to tears after being heckled by the crowd. at an event in the united states, i think for me where i am right now, like i i would not want to see that. it's like, it hasn't left my mind of course, and still thinking about it. and i'm like kind of also prepping, just in case like i go on the court and some like a fan says something like an indian was there for the most part. i think i'm, i'm ok british sprint. her dina asher smith pulled off a thrilling when and what was her 1st 100 meter race of the season? the 200 meter, well champion got the better of sharika jackson to win at the birmingham dining
9:57 pm
diamond league was asher smith's 2nd big race. and what's an important year for track and field with the world championships coming out in eugene, oregon in july. sorry very well. there was an exciting battle between 2 jamaicans in the bands. 110 meters hurtles. tokyo olympic gold medalist tonsil parchment recorded a world leading time of 13 point. 09 seconds. just get the better of omar mccloud if it's all over the world or should i wonder if i'm basketball superstar steph curry showed? he isn't perfect on court all the time. during the golden state warriors playoff game against dallas mavericks, he accidentally passed the ball to a dallas bench player did happen to be wearing a white shirt somewhere to the warriors. josie, curly curry, still managed to score 32 points to help his team go to up in the western conference finals, and also have a little fun along the way. but usually they heard you when you said 9,
9:58 pm
when i last 3, you are right in front of dallas bench. i was looking at the ball and out of the room, so i was talking to myself. so, oh, well, no heard it, but it's go way to finish the game then. now we gotta take data dancer. okay, and that is all your sport for now. carry back to you. thank you very much. indeed for that, that sits for me. carrie johnson for this new. so my colleague in london, mario mossey the moment and more of the day. stay with us. ah, ah. and
9:59 pm
how do you states control information the china local go? if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they had live die and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is this is in journalism. re framing the story i am here to duck you man, the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. from the, from blind al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war grade we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there is almost complete destruction fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrived, leak alive, there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al
10:00 pm
jazeera, for the latest developments. talk to alger 0. we also what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story stock matter on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with no news. i a strain his labor party.


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