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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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is yet to be told you now jerry or the ocoee are still considered traitors act and mohammed mo, fuck admits his family. were wary of him taking the ralph at the song, compare that are why my dear my father asked so many questions. why was it being human morocco? why is it being directed by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play your harkey? is it but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go a up her. while emmanuel, my calls government has acknowledged mistakes, made an algerian west africa. details of these events are not widely known in france, both direct to say it's vital these stories a told and we can is a launching pad hope their films will generate discussion about these painful periods of history. tale angela out there can. ah, don't forget check the headlines here on out to 0. u. s. president joe biden, us approved an additional $40000000000.00 package for ukraine. the bill was flown
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to south korea for biden's signature where he's on a tour of asia. latest financial package was on top of the already $13600000000.00 worth of funding. the u. s. government has pledged to ukraine. well, it's president vladimir zalinski. thank biden for the latest support package. you gave me, but i am grateful to president biden for immediately signing of $40000000000.00 support package for ukraine approved by congress. this is a historic contributions the protection of freedom. in europe, you will be conservative coalition in australia has been voted out of government for the 1st time at almost a decade. australian voters of back the labor party instead. if not forced to anthony albany, see to form a new government, but he's yet to secure a parliamentary majority. yes, president joe biden says he'd be willing to meet kim jong, who if the north korean leader wants to talk about security in the region. the us president is in soul on his 1st trip to asia since he took office. so those are the
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headlines and he's continues here on our jazz era after the listening post stage and thanks for watching bye for now. me. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is i don't need to be with them. you can just put them to me. i just need to make sure you open the home and ya today. and we're going to be what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of fun at the focus when i know,
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i mean, i mean me shooting off the edge of the can film festival is back in full swing with big names and block buses. served up reminders that cinemark experience is back on the menu organizes have rolled out the red carpet for ukraine. i'm with russian official vine from attending. solidarity with ukraine is top of the agenda. live coverage on algae ah, the plague, how is real avoids paying the price when it kills palestinians journalists included
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is ellen musk getting cold feet over his twitter takeover. and will twitter hold them to the fire, competing narratives killer st. key of the kremlin and the battle of the photo. ah hello, i'm richard, just burden you're at the listening post where we don't cover the news we covered the way the news is covered. the killing of al jazeera is sharina abu, our clay has illustrated the impact of her journalism on palestinians, and cemented her status as an icon there. the image is then broadcast around the world to the ugly attacks on those carrying her coughing showed how little dignity there is for palestinians under military occupation, even in death. as shocking, as though scenes were, israel's subsequent denial and disinformation came as no surprise to palestinians familiar with the israeli playbook. but one it uses to deflect,
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delay and avoid accountability. step one is almost always to lie to build doubt, to blame palestinians for their own deaths. we saw some of that in the israeli medias, coverage of the abu accolade story. it has the effect of muddying the waters, confusing audiences on the outside, looking in and obscuring what to those on the ground is crystal clear that israel systematically deliberately targets palestinian journalists for doing their jobs. our starting point this week is the aftermath of the killing of serene a black lane. yes, it is really true to have shot and killed one of their veterans job fair at them either shooting block left the passage of time can have an immunizing effect on new zone. when confronted with images like center, serene lock, lay with shot and killed wall covering it is rarely radiated as shocking as they are. like everything else. they get old silly. i have covered a lot of funerals here in the middle east. i have never seen anything like 10 days
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after the killing of serene abbey and the violence of her funeral. the pictures are no less. the same goes for the scenes captured 3 days later, at the funeral of another lesser known housed in killed by israeli forces. 21 year old will lead out, surely they are images that exposed the length. israel will go to to suppress and silence power steering. and they are nowhere near as exceptional as they. why would you attack pall bearers right at a funeral? why wouldn't you allow paulson in this moment of a sacred ritual? we know that those is really, officers were given orders to be brutal signaling that will do this, and no one will hold us to account that you have no one to protect you. but the, and go of israeli policy, these are the, the palestinians is to destroy them as
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a political entity. and that's why public events end up being suppressed as violently as they are. because that a test to the existence of a palestinian nation in america. generally, when such imagery makes its way around the world, israel pulls out its damage control, playbook tactics. it uses after the killing of a journalist like sharina black or in the case of on that era of palestinian gunned down at a checkpoint in 2020 on the day of his sister's wedding. or yes or more, tasha shot and killed in gaza in 2018 on a day a half dozen. other journalists were wounded or injured by israeli forces. the pattern of the israel response in such cases is unmistakable, undeniable. step number one is lie and build out what israel
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does. they claim that they were not responsible. they spread ally, that makes people felt what happens you should see a little shy tonight and you forgot to clock me, uriah felicity in my humble shim than when on denial eye witness evidence or comes up or other challenges to the official narrative number. georgie, jim, as you want to you d as d, a 5 in a cabinet, then we see the equivocation that well, perhaps israeli army was re, well for this killing. even if it was, it would still effectively have been justified in doing what it did. not only are they putting out this information, but they're also failing to allow access that would allow the world to reach its own determination. selective information is disclosed, small excerpts, often edited in ways that fit their particular narrative, as a way to further their own disinformation. now, if the also fails,
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and if they're still international, outraged, then step number 3 is claimed to splunk. an investigation may not like yellow ticket. i'm it. come with 7 me plug. chiva a little door, the singleton beam lawn. israel doesn't really conduct open. unfair investigations . actually bed said him to lead thing is really human rights organization said that is really, investigations are white washing their crimes. and then the fun stuff which is that there is never justice, there is never accountability and instead is ro reverts to gust lighting. anyone who questions that playbook is completely contingent and predicated on deeply entrenched and to pass through and read because i'm at. kimberly cassie beaver daisha from the machine thought a broad audience is receptive to this is information and rejecting and skeptical of information that is coming
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from palestinians. and it begins by immediately blaming palestinians for their own death. mm. and in the case of serene abu clay vs railey military has announced, it's not even bothering with a criminal investigation. in recent years, the government's damage control tactics have been repeatedly undone by n g o's. an independent investigators armed with technology. when israeli officials tried to blame palestinians, abu accolades, killing that selim and israeli human rights organization, quickly used geo location to disprove that forensic architecture. a research group based in london led by a british, israeli, did similar work 2 years ago. partnering with the palestinian human rights group, i'll hock to expose the lies israeli officials were telling about the killing of
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ahmed erica. at that checkpoint, a model allows us to analyze the perspectives that cast doubt on the military's claims. in the case of my own cousin who was not only shot 6 times above the waist in 2 seconds at a checkpoint where he was denied medical assistance, he was then wrapped up and is still placed in a freezer and punishment for his own murder. and israel has declared him a terrorist and has refused to do any investigation. but we saw the israeli government due, there is to take a short excerpt, odd that was cut in a way that it suggested that i'm at auto caught intentionally rammed his car into a check point. subsequent investigations showed that israeli forces fired on him not during the moments in which the car had the check point. but actually when he emerged from the car, unarmed, with his hands raised up,
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he did not pose an imminent threat to life, which is the standard of for using lethal force under international law. the rise of citizen journalism and israel palestine has changed everything in terms of how the situation is covered, that cell em forensic architecture, 97 to all of these groups have provided crucial on the ground documentation of israeli human rights abuses that were denied by the authorities do i think that that will lead to some kind of major political change? unfortunately, i find that hard, but that doesn't mean that this really, this work isn't having a very, very important impact. ah, it is no consolation, not even close, but the killing of germany's sharina barclay has become the lens through which at least temporarily the larger contextual story is getting the attention it deserves the daily violence that palestinians face under occupation and the impunity. israel
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prides itself somehow on having the world's most moral army, a force that boasts it knows where every bullet lands and most of the israeli main stream media remain loyal to the costs. these really media coverage ranges i was really to be. there's been an emphasis on what does it mean that a journalist was the symbol of the palestinian cause with tom. so bonanza says that not in some sense discredit her. it will give you my lack host will show me. i come, she, she little to do my allah. in rightly media, you can see straightforward denial of any israeli responsibility in an attribution of sheen's death to palestinian militants. these railey government, even on the day in which shri ucla was gone down,
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was putting out statements essentially suggesting that by having a camera, palestinian journalists were terrorists unloading and the name of a sample of tinney. my little claim jacobi mom was fema pull up, the new policy may been remind you essentially that any palestinian reporting on documenting their own lives. reality of apartheid of persecution are somehow engaging in terrorism or anti semitism which is ludicrous to violence against policy. and journalists is incredibly systematic, and the message is that they are risking their lives every time they go into the field. as put by member who t a young palestinian journalist, she stopped wearing the press best because she realized that it didn't protector. it actually just made her more of a target and it's not just palestinian journalist, but it's also international journalist which sent a message at israel can do this with impunity. a deep seated entrenched impunity that will allow them to name and slay an arm without accountability.
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ah, to silicon valley now and e, long mosque, one of the richest people on the planet, his attempted by out of twitter. this deal has taken a few twists and turns since he 1st we did about it a month ago. nick moorehead is here with more. the saga of eland mask and twitter has been going on for months now. in april i do like he was all set to buy the company for a value of $44000000000.00. however, last week, math tweeted that the deal was temporarily on hold while he examined the number of fake spam accounts on twitter. the company estimates that box for miss than 5 percent of uses, but that figure is in dispute. twitter insists that in order to clinch the deal mask had in fact waved his rights to due diligence, and the company says it remains committed to the sale. on tuesday, the board said that it would enforce the major agreement suggesting it was su musk
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. if he walks away from the deal and they're not the only ones trying to keep him at the table project, veritas is a far right activist group. in the us known for working undercover, releasing secretly recorded conversations to discredit opponents. the group has become releasing secretly, film videos of twitter employees, making disparaging remarks about must be specially admitting that they are leery of a must take over dated and saying that twitter has init when buys and targets. why quinn content he must as brandon himself, a free speech absolutist and project veritas, seems to be enticing him back to the deal in the hope that it would be advantageous for writing voices on the side. as for the employees who don't want a billionaire to take over twitter, one who has just tweeted that he now votes, republican, best to watch what you say. and to him. thanks,
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nick. it's been more than 12 weeks now since russian tanks 1st rolled into you credit beyond the stories from the battlefield. the information war has knocked on the kremlin way. ukrainian president of a lot of meters. lensky with his theatrical credentials is digital savvy, has captivated audiences and won friends abroad in a way that vladimir putin never could. but his potent even worried about all the collect lights and support that zalinski is getting online. remember, the russian president has the national media in his corner, and he has the military wherewithal, whether he's losing the global p r battle or not. the listening posts johanna who's now on what to make of the photo ops and the p are strategies coming out of key of the moscow. i, looking from his bunker, swimming into parliaments and combat fatigues, welcoming road leaders on the streets of war torn ukraine's president flawed him as
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a lemke as a flare of public relations, winning the world cards and mines. one photo little time. he was a comedian, he had never held political office before 2019. he didn't know anything about public policy, but he is indisputably the right man for the job because he knows how to communicate. and he knows how to communicate brilliantly and russian, which drives vladimir putin crazy, right? he could do it ukrainian, he could do it haltingly and english. you are here to see these throes. if you look at the language that his speech writers use, they always think about the audience who's got i think battle cardboard. when he spoke to the u. s. congress, you mentioned pearl harbor. when he spoke to the germans, he mentioned the holocaust. when he went to japan, he mentioned that the prospect of, of nuclear destruction mom, he's got to go back around. this is very key to everything he's done over the
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closest one and saw he's well placed to, to use those acting skills to, to use that kind of emotional connection that actors can forge of an audience to be able to get what he needs from the west. that these, the most important role of his life, it's sort of in a way and most important role in the life of ukrainians. the nosy had such a direct appeal by demanding an offer for his country. we've never really had a leader who has spoken to us off the western in us as needed would in and in that sense he coming into this role as a will petition of the faith of ukraine has been successful, even if yes, a lot of it is of course scripted, a lot of it is car craft, but a lot of it is absolutely effective when the news feeds around the world have featured those carefully cross that photo. western
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leader is drawn for keys to show their support. and in many cases, provides a financial aid ukraine. we were names like johnson pelosi trudeau have all turned up not without some personal risk and not without benefits for their own political battle. they are fighting at home, the images that we see of leaders and, and otherwise dawning military gear and some military fatigues. it says owners walk alterations, try and show up the images vide acting as what time leaders, or at least giving the impression that they will time leaders, my adult thing, that image. so of course, they want to help you crying, but also there is a political element to a term where they want to be able to use what they can to, you know, maybe cover up some of their own domestic difficulties. the british prime minister barak johnson went recently looked a little incongruous in his suit. i have to stay alongside president zalinski and
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he will war torn attire, but just the typical magazine here in the private time made quite a bit of this. they put a picture of the 2 leaders on the front cover with a speech bubble coming out, saying thank you for coming to my rescue. the implication of core being that mister johnson was trying to revive his own rather difficult political fortunes at that particular time by making this big international trip. so yes, of course, the strong elements of public relations here. but let's not forget, this is a war that is very much paying for towels in the media as well as on the battlefield. every world leader, once their picture in key of right now. but i don't think that their self serving exercises, i think they're really important right now. political lensky is by himself and he needs support. sure. it could help a lay domestic critics. but i think right now the media narrative is changing and these visits help keep you creating the headlines, which is essentially your exercise or not the photo old or hitting
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a nerve in most liberally. or perhaps because they send a clear message that you crane is still a politically viable nation, which is out shining rochelle and the global p. r. stage. in large part because of their telegenic leader. the russian regime has really tried to betray lensky one as a puppet of the west. but they have also tried to criticize down his political successes pointing out that basically just checked the placement that it's just that of slipped on prisoners with them. they do to this issue pretty well. so they have he, his previous career to basically address that. he's not a real politician. he doesn't mean anything. and he's just a good player to, i think these visits will, of course, the degree of irritation in russia because each one that takes place as a reminder that those objective set at the beginning of this will the capture kid
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within a matter of days, the ending of president lynch case administration. it is a reminder that many weeks on those who are not achieved and still have not been achieved and not so many different western later they're going to say, look, despite the war, this is a function and come to the functioning country with a photo genic president to buy comparison is making vladimir putin piano game for plant. lacking the digital savvy notes are panache put in a stop to is all playbook media personalities. parenting is talking points alongside his own, turgid personal performances that would give even the best communications team. little to work with that contrast below the mere 2.0 versus the blotting mere one point was displayed in last week's victory day. and that will absolute and then you pretty much the growth. but if your city of the national ranking putin use the
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annual parade to rehash old rhetoric, drawing parallels between today's quote, necessity for war and the soviet union to fight against nazi germany. so what each, my gosh, you call there's no induction. lensky use the same analogy. to defend the fact that social releasing is slightly produced video in which he compared rushes invasion of the crane to the levels of novices to speech. it contrasting in both down substance, but both designed with a very particular audience might present protein and it looked very stayed. he looked very much exit of elderly political figure of the last century and somebody who wasn't thinking in terms of the medium in quite the same way in the landscape. dressed black and white video shot in the ruined city. duchess gordon was,
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it was moody label. couldn't get to network in it should be she knew very carefully scripted, very carefully structured to catch the international audience and make it clear that for him this is yes, obviously a war that has countries involved in, but it's also a much wider issue for the world put it in the landscape, have very different aims and different goals in the public discourse. so whereas president sky, one of his aim to bring the accreditation together and the other one is to appeal to the purchase ends of a different producer of his own domestic audience. is actually to keep them disinterested. he doesn't need great support or even a rallying wrong flag. he just needs the russian public not to be fervently anticipated and not to go out onto the street. and i think in that sense, victory beach was successful banking. the question really comes out ahead
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of the information war lensky with his digital diplomacy and pan shot for p. r, or tutoring with the messengers in the russian media doing the bidding. the positive reviews, the actually, the length to getting around the world are of no consolation though to ukrainian whose homes and lies have been shattered by russian bonds falling from the sky. and ultimately the skies, not the air waves, not the news feeds or where this war will be won or lost. and finally, the most dangerous country for journalism in africa just elected a new president. it wasn't a general election, somalia security situation is so delicate that the only people who voted were members of parliament and they brought back hoss on shake. mahmud, who was president from 2012 to 2017, mahmud faces all kinds of challenges. a drought that has millions on the brink of
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famine, the al qaeda linked militant group, our show bob, which has claimed responsibility for at least 18 attacks this year alone. and there's an ongoing breakdown of societal institutions, including the news media. over the past to 12 years, more than 50 journalist and media workers have been killed. they're all of which makes tracking news in somalia, challenging, but there are resources you can turn to. jo, honda dot com is based in the capital log edition. it's chief editor of dfcs courtyard. a is a well connected journalist with a reputation for breaking big stories. got away online is a bilingual news organization based in north eastern somalia. it's active on facebook and twitter, particularly on twitter spaces, where host discussions on politics and security. the heritage institute in mogadishu, it publishes reports on a wide variety of issues and also has a youtube channel to solve the problem of wonderful living. she lives in somebody
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and not in medical, among the somali journalists in the diaspora, you can track on twitter are 500 molly who spent 18 years with bdc. so molly and how to my roof, who's with the voice of america? so molly service model has also written a book on shop for more on extremism in the country. mary harper from bdc africa also provides expertise one the aspirin, news site. we check in on for some all the news is he on which operates out of ottawa, canada. its website can get a little crowded, but there are nuggets of writing and analysis there. those are our recommendations, all quality new sources on somalia and there are just a few clicks away on your phone. was the next time you're listening to i was raised in france. these are my
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grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and a, the 1st of a to pot. epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g. hi. part one on al jazeera. this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political upheaval. we've tried to balance these stories, the good, the bad, the abby. and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity into my niecy, asked me to tell this story from talk to alger see room. we also, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store
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restock matter on out, you see this one's feared war lord, during lay barriers, decade long, civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with treat children. it has attracted their help with an ass protected effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by veteran and reconciliation, permission for this former warlord liberia has become the front line of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah you as president signs off on uh, $40000000000.00.


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