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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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oh, and you are from al jazeera, means that you can get it from the al jazeera london, broken into 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is of most consequential decade events is shipped off for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front, in part 2 of human rights activists. q, me, 90 and environmentally. when own entity, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on out his era. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i money inside. this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes flooding in bangladesh and india millions. the displaced and dozens of dead off monsoon rains. come early. u. s. president joe biden arrives in japan. the next stop on an asia trip overshadowed by the threats of more north korean weapons tests . down to business, the new australian prime minister antony albanese, set to fly to tokyo to meet j bought in. during the so called court summit and afraid of what comes next, we hear from people in easton, ukrainian towns trying to shelter from roches advance on several fronts. and in school, tiger woods has cooled out of the u. s. p. j championship with has been struggling with injury and made the decision off the shooting his was ever school in the tournament. ah
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and i welcome to the program. heavy rain has brought devastating flooding to parts of india and bangladesh in india's north western a som, state, 800000. people have been displaced and at least 14 killed with more on that shortly . but we start our coverage and neighboring bangladesh where flood voices have forced more than 2000000 people from their homes. lay haunting had the latest. this highway was one of the only things that didn't flood here in northeastern bangladesh. heavy rains combined with overflowing rivers. inundated this town, i saw one another. all my furniture is ruined. the entire house is under throat level water locking up on it. a major embankment on the butter river has also breached affecting at least a 100 villages. a tentative water, i've seen
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a huge flood in 2004, but this time it's even bigger, more serious an estimated to 1000000 people are displaced with their homes damaged or destroyed, like we've been in this farming community. men and women are trying to save the harvest. they have left drying their crops along highways. but they said we gave them a new re, angie, are bugging that movie out on the very night. i only managed to harvest one 3rd of my party from underneath the water. the rest was washed away and it's been 2 weeks since there was any song. excessive brain has devastated whatever i managed to collect. i can't dry this off. it's rotting, i'm a polled on that than me. i little, i believe many parts of bangladesh are prone to flooding with about a 5th of the countries submerged every year. but climate scientists say our warming world is making it more unpredictable. the monsoon season hasn't even started yet. leah harding al jazeera as go straight to poverty. metal has lie for us from an a
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gown and some and just looking at where you are poverty. clearly the situation is very bad where you are it is in fact nagondo district is the was affected district in the state or for sam about 300000 people have been affected here. this includes those who have shifted to relief camps, but also residents in this village. as you can see, who are choosing to stay back. for some people, it was a matter of just being nervous about leaving their belongings and then moving to relief camp. not knowing when they'll be back when they'll have when they'll be able to start rebuilding the lives. a lot of people here have told us that they didn't actually get space and shelters that they haven't received it and they've had no choice but to but to live like this, you know, waters here have gone up considerably. we been reporting for the region and the
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situation here in terms of flood water levels has gotten was on this street alone. the water is up to my knees, so that's about little less than half a meter. in some homes, the water is as high even higher, and people are just sitting there waiting through these waters. they've said they've told us that they don't have enough food. they haven't received aid and they're just scraping by many of them are farmers and their fears have also been submerged. this water that you can see is basically coming from a nearby river that has over flow, and it's heavy showers that have caused these floods. they brought with it everything that you seen a robust, you've seen insects earthworms, it also fish that many villagers are now catching to eat. the debtor has now gone up to 18 in the state of a some in the region. the death toll is higher because this region, us arm is actually an important link to many other parts of in just northeast that is more rural, under developed and cartoon. so,
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landslides have blocked important ray links and roads that connect up the rest of india to some of the states. and many states have now started rationing things like fuel because they don't know when those those links will be up and running in other parts of a song where there are landslides, some villages and districts have been cut off. ah, the air force has been called into air drop supplies. people are also being an air lifted re spoken to feel government officials. and they said that their strategy is to try and get relief to as many people and reach far remote areas. they do acknowledge that everybody hasn't gotten enough, but they're hoping to get people enough aid enough food so that they can survive and rescue operations are on. we've seen people been rescued in boats in rafts. in fact, we've seen the use raft still just come out of their home and, and get supplies up to
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a relief distribution is also being done in these boards. now, experts have blamed all of this and climate change. you know, this region is not a, you know, new to flooding or heavy showers, but rains have come early and they're most severe. and there's fear that when the monsoon season actually begins, pings could get completely out of control. okay, putney, thank you for that. stay dry as much as you can of neat metal there for us. let's get more and the unusually heavy flooding we're seeing in parts of northeastern indian bangladesh. we can speak to our meteorologist everton folks. yeah, thanks my much mailing. well, as we've been hearing there, the rains have been unusually heavy, but you can see from the pictures there that it is dry the moment we got more showers in the forecast over the coming days. but they won't be quite as intense significantly less. where should we say, if you take a look at the satellite that you can see with clusters storms just around the ganges they're pushing up into bangladesh. but if you think by her couple of weeks ago when we had that big dome of high pressure that acts as
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a lid on the atmosphere a bit like when you're trying to push down a hot air balloon, you've got the, the suppressed air over northern parts of india giving us that he tinted north west of india into pakistan. but then a balloon that's getting pushed up just over north east and india, just around the bangladesh. that's where the air was particularly unstable and it brought those big shower clouds. the air called condenses as it rises, as it forbes, as big funder downpours. and that has led to the flooding. this is a situation now you see areas of low pressure over northern parts of india. so that's helped a temper the heat that we've had across the north west, up into pakistan. still very unsettled over towards the north east of the country, pushing across into our bangladesh. may the satellite on there. you see there are still some showers in the flow talking about the earth of the monsoon trough fair. the monsoon rays at currently extends from southern still anchor up towards central parts of myanmar. it's around 5 or 6 days early,
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so that is not particularly good news. that where to weather will continue to drive its way up towards the northeastern sections of the bare bengal. you can see we do still have some showers pushing up towards that northeast corner. we will still see further showers as we go on through the next couple of days mailing, but as i said, no where near as heavy. thank you for that. everton, fox, they're all part of spain are also experiencing record breaking temperatures. some of the hardest had areas of reach more than 40 degrees celsius, which is unprecedented for this time of year catch lopez hoodie on, has more warnings has been issued in at least 10 regions in spain, most exceeding 40 degrees celsius and the capital madrid to utter gone in the northeast and in the city of high in, in the south. it's 15 degrees, harder than usual. for those who work outside there is no escaping the intense heat. naya is a dancer in seville, she was looking forward to more crowds after covered 90 loft house. now the new
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challenge is the temperature. when i ordered a bummer, we don't have another option. we live in seville, so we have to get used to it from now until september. otherwise we can't work. so despite the heat, we just have to push through anyway, was sandra works in tourism and is used to being outdoors for hours, but not under the scorching heat. omitted to give it back in. oh, so that i wouldn't recommend that we have our sales staff here on the street and the weather does affect them. but our company makes sure to bring us water all day . so it's not bad. i try to drink a lot of water and stand near air conditioning for a bit when i can. there. we are may no longer dibiase, but air conditioning isn't an option for everyone. maria sympathy the month of may has always been cool. but this year it seems, it went directly to summer, but we have to be outside spain's record breaking spring. weather is
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a result of hot air coming from north africa. scientists say climate change is making heat waves more frequent and more intense. and they worn things make it worse. katya lucas of the young al jazeera, a speak now to tundra boucher. he is the chief executive officer for the international form fin varman sustainability and technology. he joins us from dhaka . thank you for joining the program. chandra. clearly the extreme weather events we're seeing on not just in south asia. let's start with spain. 40 degrees celsius, which is unprecedented for this time of year. what's going on quite early. actually what one should have expected of such heat in spain, greece and portugal somewhere in june. but yeah, i mean to soccer degrees now is back up, along with the fact that these ideas also have group and city before us fire. we have seen the last few years, huge flotas fire in greece,
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portugal and spain. so not good for spain. and as every scientist, as now say that you can see the deer, sick nature of climate change, and this is climate change. this is the beginning off the worst spot of climate change that the word is experiencing, have a saga to experience. and let's look at a bangladesh in india at these parts of the world are prone to annual flooding monsoon. but what we're seeing there now that's not the normal weather that we see in, in this part of the world at this point in time. is it? well, you know, the science is good. if you a higher temperature, you're going to have higher evaporation. so if you look at the bod, does not done and not waste india and pakistan on their extreme heat. and extreme had also left to, you know, a huge increase in moisture which has fallen on north eastern part of india, n by levies. and these are not monsoon, these are these at one, so does
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a still to come. so high heat will always be accompanied by high precipitation extreme read that even again to clear signature of climate change. so last few weeks, we were talking about 49 degrees temperature in pakistan and northern invest in part of india. now we are talking about extreme rainfall in not houston father, bun, rubbish, and india. so just to be clear, the monsoons are still on track to hit these countries said there will be no respite for them. absolutely, i think boston is deep. i think it's only by few days that to me, if i'm, if i'm heard it correctly. so it is early by you read, you will have some more re, monsoons shod that india and bungler days, and then months will be there. so be there are going to face stuff really sees on the same. you talked about the forest fires in, in europe last year. we saw similar weather that we're seeing in south asia last
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year as well. what does this tell us that these weather patterns here to stay now? well, it is here to stay and unfortunately they're likely to become more severe. we are at 1.2 degrees temperature in please, globally, from the industrial era. recent reports are now telling us that we're going to hit 1.5 by say 2030. so these are getting books, and i don't think that that country that meeting in terms of reducing emission is sufficient. so we will hit $1.00 and therefore the severity of extreme by that event is going to be much more in coming years. and we need to do one way to reduce that mission, but i, i think now we need to start talking about adapt, patient rescue and release because people are going to get displaced. people are going to get good. this is what the, the face of climate change looks like. that's a very interesting point. the governments should be climate proofing,
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should they physical, their ecosystem, the infrastructure is that actually happening though? well, not enough. i mean, to say our ability to predict extreme grain fall extreme heat has certainly improved our ability to warn people has improved. but our ability to save people has not a lot more needs to be done in terms of, you know, saving people, trying to proofing our economy, our cities dos. i also don't think what countries have resources to do it while it is difficult even for rich countries. if you see the extreme by that even in europe is devastating cities. you can think, what, what is the condition in puerto countries, they don't have resources even so that i can make the, we need a global competition to deal with it. otherwise, countries like india or bangladesh and other countries are going to get really affected chandra,
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a very depressing situation. but thank you for describing it beautifully for us tundra bush on chief executive officer, the international forum, f environment, sustainability and technology. thank you. plenty more head on the news or including businesses forced to close and mark its empty as inflation and drought combined to drag down kenya's economy and weaving magic a fabric fit for royalty that's being revived in bangladesh. langston, the discovery of a rap lance and sport. the striker whose anger at the spanish league, by deciding to stay in france, fanny's here with that story. ah, you as president joe biden has landed in japan on the 2nd leg of his asia trip
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after leaving south korea. as he works there, we enforce partnerships and asia biden will attend a summit for the quad and alliance of the us, japan, india, and australia. their focus will be how to counter china's influence in the region. north korea's weapon test, the also high on the agenda. rob mcbride is in tokyo. he tells us more about what will be discussed. president joe biden comes to japan with a view to strength and ties with is very important ally in northeast asia at a time when the united states and japan face a number of challenges on a number of different fronts. this is meant to send a message to north career at a time of increased missile testing and speculation about a possible a nuclear test. it also is meant to send a very clear signal to bay ging about. it's increasing assertiveness in the asia pacific region and its territorial demands. that is something which is felt very keenly here in japan, which is in dispute with china over various territorial claims in the east china
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sea, with events in ukraine. i think it also sends a very strong message to russia. the united states is leading the international community and its condemnation are also in boycott since sanctions is something which is supported by japan. and in fact, the u. s. has praised japan full rallying other countries in asia pacific to also condemn russia for its actions. all of these things will be discussed in the next couple of days. this central part of tokyo, the streets at the moment, are quiet this sunday. but there is a very, very strong police presence, and in the next couple of days there will be all sorts of motor cade's back and forth to these meetings where all of these issues will be discussed, culminating in a meeting on tuesday of the so called quad security alliance of japan, united states, australia, and india. again, this loose alliance, which is meant to try to constrain china's diplomatic and military ambitions in
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asia pacific. well before leaving south korea, president biden visited a bunker in a military base where u. s. troops stationed 3 american forces stand sentinel still to the integration of coordination between our forces is essential as it was yesterday and 10 years ago and 20 years ago and 40 years ago. a cheddar factors that are deterring threats and underwriters to believe as, as vitals to day are not only the financial but for the world as, til tay florence lowering his life for us in soul and to be land in things significant from president biden. while he was in south clare, while security was front and center of his trip to south korea and we saw it in the events that he attended. first was a summit that he held with south korean president unit to get on his 2nd day of the
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visit. and these 2 leaders agreed that they would enhance sanctions against north korea. that they would step up military exercises that they would look at possibly the u. s deploying more nuclear capable weapons to the region. and then on his last day of his visit in south korea, he visited an air force operation center together with president you'd, i think the joint appearance and the location really intended to conveyed the strength and unity of the security alliance between these 2 countries. and of course, the talking about the talking about putting up a deterrent deterrent to north korea in the face of its aggression. north korea. intelligence report suggest that north korea may be about to launch is to conduct a 7th nuclear test or perhaps launch another intercontinental ballistic missile. but these 2 leaders will also came to stress that the door to negotiations remain open to north korea if it shows that it is serious about g nuclear, rising the korean peninsula. but economy was also an important theme in his visit
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and we saw how he had tailored his itinerary to that message that he intended to put across. first with his visit to a samson computer chip plant. then a meeting with hyundai motor group chairman. and these are companies that have invested billions of dollars to build facilities in the u. s. so i think the message here is that this administration is bringing jobs to america. it is serious about unsure ensuring supply chain resilience. it wants to help american companies maintain an edge emerging technologies. this was the message tailored to a domestic audience. and of course, not forgetting the overarching theme of his visit is really intended for friends and allies in the region. and also to china. although he was, he didn't say it explicitly, but analysts say the u. s. once countries he had to see the us as a counterweight to china's rising influence. thank you for that, florence larry, that 1st live in. so australia's prime minister elect is
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heading straight to work in tokyo shortly after he is sworn in antony albanese promises to reset relations with the world and sweep aside what he calls an ineffective australian response to climate change. sarah clark reports from sydney day one in the nation's top job, and anthony albanese is promised unity and optimism into a strat. invoices he'll hit the ground running, boarding a flight to tokyo on monday for his 1st official meeting as a nation's leader. obviously the quad latest meeting is an absolute priority for strayer, and it is, it enables us to send a message to the world that way. there is a change of government. there will be some changes in policy, particularly with regard to climate change in our engagement with the world on those issues or to selection race was run on personality over policy. powerful
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swings let the conservative coalition party without the numbers to hold on to government. voters drove the liberals out of key margin receipts. the are going prime minister returned to his church, conceding his party, misjudged the electorate. given us with right foundation which we can walk, what has been a very difficult walk? i gotta tell you, have the last almost 4 years. but at the last election. ready we really understood that it was for such a time as this and and now we both know it was for such a time as then new to parliament or at least 9 high profile female independence. the group campaigned for more action on climate change and legislating a federal integrity commission to investigate political corruption. that appealed to voters who abandoned candidates from scott morrison's party in blue ribbon seats
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love to fit the independence. i think real change and a step forward and for the environment, a fairlight, maybe nozzle, time for us to, to do something different. and if we can get action on climate change, they're not going to be quite excited. this election has seen a seismic shift in australia's political landscape. not only is there an group of independence, demanding greater action on climate change, the grains potty is also having it as the best result ever with dramatic, dines in both the lower and the upper house. the postal boat is still being counted and some seats remain undecided that the labor party has bowed to get down to business. with the more united approach to federal politics, syrup law out 0 city. thousands of people have purchased it in a stumble, against the conviction of the prominent opposition, politician to non cough thunder, who is accused of spreading terrorist propaganda and insulting president richard type at one. she's been sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison and banned from
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politics as a boy to say the charges are politically motivated than confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians in the shake drawn neighbourhood of oak potties jerusalem was already offices was seen pushing and beating some people t gas and stone grenades were used to discuss the crowd shaped draw is a flash point because palestinian families faced forced eviction from their homes. while al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into killing of its janice in the occupied west bank, sharina barclay was shot in the head by as already forces. while she was that on assignment in jeanine, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession on started beating munez, causing poll barris' technique, drop her casket. it didn't stop thousands of palestinians for marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral. and burial members of the
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international community of condemned killing anna calling for investigation. she was without reserve for 25 years covering the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. still ahead on al jazeera, empty shelves forced drastic action. the u. s. military flies in tons of baby formula to fill a critical shortage. and i'm charlie on said the cannes film festival, where frances treatment of its former colonies is being laid back on the big screen in sport, the race to win the english to premier league title is going down to final game all the season. ah ah
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hello, we should see an end to the extreme heat across says that western parts of europe over the next couple days we got crowd started to push in from the at lantakes. that's going to just not the edge of those temperatures, an area of low pressure instability. here we are going to see some showers bring up and they will be foundry. it is gonna be a fun re break down than the high temperature that we have seen recently into our southern parts of spain will just ease off in getting into the low fourties. of course, over the past few days into the mid 30 for southern parts of france and again these temperatures will gradually ease of the past 40 days we have seen temperatures across france. above the norm for the time of year, the high temperatures, the warmer weather will not a little further east, which as we go through the next day or 2, we are going to see it are telling somewhat cooler as a make a waiver towards western part said someone knew where they should be at this time of the year. showers then rolling in across the north, west, pushing across public of ireland, northern ireland, scotland, wales, western parts of england, and some live. he showers a,
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rumbling away across central parts of france. 33 celsius in bordeaux on sunday, it falls back to around 20 degrees. and as we go on into monday, the shall become pretty wide spread across france, pushing into the low countries and a good part of germany. ah, there was eliminated for most of australia decades, killing young women in indigenous communities. one of one on the how do oh, sure, films of oh and inspiration. a series of short puzzled stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, ah,
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al jazeera selects ah al jazeera when ever you o noon. ah, ah, welcome back you watching out as a reminder how top stories this our millions of stranded in bangladesh and india with floods have submerged villages. well, links have been cut off in the north, east indian state of a som,
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when more rain is full cost. us president joe biden has landed in japan after leaving south gray sought to bolster security in economic ties on his 1st asia trip on tuesdays due to meet the lead of india, australia, and japan and australia's prime minister elect antony albanese, is also heading to tigers. shortly off to being sworn, it is promising to do more to cut emissions south of winning saturdays election declaring the president below them as landscape says his troops a holding out against rushes, intensified attacks and they don't bass region define some challenges the much just like another channel ask the situation and don't. bass is extremely difficult and that's been previous statements. the russian army is trying to attack slow, young and civil don't. you're not the armed forces of the green, r restraining the offensive every day in our defenders are repelling these
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offensive plans of russia. why disrupting them? for more on russia's advance in eastern, he craned his ascent bag from our heger the calm before the storm. and e, we quiet in buckboard as russian forces concentrate their fire power of the town of solid dark. yeah. wouldn't. is the bus lead new book? i don't. silly. how are we living bad? no. in a piece. what else is there to say? i will stay here to the last moment. i don't want to leave. i'm not young anymore. i have a cat. can you imagine that much leaving with a cat, his food, cat tray, a lot of stuff and the cat is heavy. others hair already escaped. russian held territory. now they have to move again. we are for what you know, we waiting for money and then we'll go with the road is not close 1st. we will go to the ne pro and then further west. here it's constant shooting. i'm afraid for my
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children, you don't want to talk about the russian occupation. i lost my father and uncle. there was worse thing to remember. he was only 60, only one of my sons saw him. the com is deceiving, the russians are closing in on 2 different front. down the street. the florists are still open to new young, but the nick ve there. people need flowers from just a few minutes before a man bought flowers. now i'm chatting with a girl who wants to buy some flowers. it's scary during strikes, but generally i'm not scared children left, but i'm here. i have my own home and don't want to leave it with you. enabling's love the answer. some are evacuating others, 248. the administration here say they're concerned about people returning to the town or not a huge server from a room. thanks to our army. the cities still standing. you can hear permanent artillery, fire, and very close to us is heavy fighting. periodically, russian rockets here, the town jets are shooting to as we speak with him, he gets
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a call to sound the air raid siren. we make our way downstairs where the, where we are in the tans administration building a prime target for the russians euros. a summary sir. me personally, i'm exhausted. i sleep on the floor because of the rule of to was in my family to they are not in a city. they are living in a school, but the main think they are and will be living. it's easier for me to worry only about myself than to worry about my family. and still, the war rages, smoke rises up from the artillery battle, taking place behind me. a critical battle for solid dies taking place. and if the russians managed to take that camp along with the hills surrounding it, coupled with the advances they're making fun of the fronts, it's thought that all this area will fall into russian hands, including the town. i said bake,
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i'll da 0. but he will be been cave are fighting a new battle, trying to rebuild their lives after ukrainian forces, offbeat russian advance. let's go to zane has radi who is now lie for us in e cranes. capital. what is the situation where he was an well keith, once the besieged capital is not a besieged capital anymore, this is once again, a major diplomatic hub. in the last few weeks we've seen a flurry of visits from european leaders. and today, a surprise visit from easily ukraine's most close and strongest ally in this conflict. the head of state of poland, president andre, it's due the here in key on a surprise visit. he's been here before as well as other leaders along with various entourages. but this time, he is expected to become the 1st head of state to speak in ukraine's parliament since the russian invasion. now, as european leaders across the continent have tried to strike
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a balance. and their diplomacy between russia and ukraine of this conflict is raged on like france and germany. poland has come down squarely on this side of ukraine because polish leaders know that if you crane false to the russian invasion, then that suddenly will move the frontline of this fighting with russia directly to the border with poland. now poland is also taken in millions of displaced ukrainians of refugees that have fled the fighting here. 10 plus 1000000 displays throughout this conflict. at least 3000000 of them are in poland. some have been slowly making their return to ukraine, but many more, millions more remain away from their home. so what that means for towns and villages and cities that are slowly being re taken from russian forces that are in a motive recovery. what that means for people investigating what happened here. it means that family members are simply not around to help identify the scores of dead that have been found in the wake of russian attacks that we went to. one of the most notorious locations, boucher,
1:36 pm
and example of russia's retaliate. we were just there, we spoke to people, here's our report. the bloodletting in future has made it one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war, bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street. and people are trying to go back to the way things were. but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. so it's like these are common in places that have been taken back from the russians. this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled, well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now, the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over. here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence there are still land
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mines, an unexploded ordinance that have yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian occupation in a village outside, boucher. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time in the defense of their city for but she wishes when a year should set the cable in the hope that it wasn't them until the dni examination should. also many scenes indicated that it was too pain, despair emptiness, her wounds wounded. it will never show. did you not get on the one who was going to the woods? they were shot. their bodies burned in what is left of the car where they died. medical it smells like death. she says, yes, we did. so did they?
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yes. these men were killed more than a month ago, but they were found identified and buried. just days ago. she was still messed. ready evans trumpeting about butcher every once trumpeting about hot about it. and maria paul, the same thing is happening there in carson. it's a horror, it's an order book. it wouldn't be as long as there is this. there will be war, she says, and everyone wants peace. who is the war and ukraine has broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots as confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to more and more people to miss same basra of the old 0 in kasinsky village near
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butcher or ukraine war is a significant factor in high inflation around the world in kenya, there warnings the civil unrest of the government can't control rising prices, higher matessa reports from key on the oh my god, i am. well selina youngest, is she struggling to feed her family? she sells fish. and with the cost of living rising in kenya, she's noticed a drop in customer's been a commander chiquita every day. prizes are going up and things aren't happy. you're not seeing any improvement. and things have got worse when the price of fuel went up to your credit, as in so many other countries around the world. the cove at 19 pandemic and the economic problems that followed have hit kenya hod taxes and prices a both on the rise in albany as it's a one time thing because it can be true. demonstrations didn't violate a sustained period. we got a good government coming cushion treating people like carlos on responding to wheat
1:40 pm
con could be petted us. miriam. alan's recently closed on her cellphone. she says she couldn't afford the rent, electricity bills, and other expenses. she blamed the government for failing to stop the rise in the prices to hustle by deep and many have been closed down. and if it goes like we, if it goes on like these, moral beasley is, is i'm going to shut down across king a household budgets aren't buying as much as they used to a general election is due to be how'd here in august the economy and price increases a bound to play a big role in how people vote some say they may not even vote at all outside the city. the situation is worse in northern kenya, a drought has left millions of people facing severe hunger. the world bank projects king as economy will grow by around 5 percent this year in some parts of the capital nairobi,
1:41 pm
new buildings at infrastructure are being constructed. but people who are struggling said they not feeling the growth for many of them. life is just getting harder, harder matessa out there. campbell king more than 32 tons of baby formula is being brought into the us from military air base and germany. a critical shortage is due to a pro free call by leading manufacturer, as well as supply chain issues. audio, castro's mon, the story from washington. these us soldiers are loading precious cargo onto a military plane in germany. 32 tons of baby formula, enough to fill one and a half 1000000 bottles for hungry children back in the us. we're getting to help american citizens who are in need of help and you can always depend on us when you need a president. joe biden announced the campaign dubbed operation fly formula this week . several flights will take formula manufactured in europe to america. after the us
1:42 pm
food and drug administration lifted some import restriction bite and also invoked the defense production act, allowing the government to more quickly restore formula to store shelf and directly my team to do everything possible to ensure there's an up safe baby formula. and then as quickly reaching families needed the most, this is one of my top priorities. biden has come under increasing pressure to resolve the countries baby formula shortage down about 40 percent from normal supply levels. the problem began with pandemic supply chain issues and grew worse in february when a major formula factory closed due to contamination issues. the f. d. a says abbot nutrition plant in michigan is now safe and will resume production soon. but it could be months before its product returns to shelf. it's been impossible to find him. a natural is on the last can of formula she has saved for her 5 month old
1:43 pm
daughter. like other parents. she's had to turn to in perfect solutions to keep her baby fed. she's giving her daughter more solid foods that was earlier than what the pediatrician had recommended. print very difficult for us to navigate now that were literally on our last can. the baby formula flights are just a stop gap and it remains to be seen how quickly the which hungry little mouth. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington faces in the ty, capital a choosing a new governor, and nearly a decade. a vote in bangkok is seen as an indicator for an upcoming general election. a record $31.00 candidates have entered the rice trot, spinoza, scientists and bangladesh have been working together to revive a special fabric a docket. muslin was made for royalty, but the technique for producing it was lost for more than a century. and now it's back thanks to have rec, cotton plant. salvage harry has a story. this rare cotton plant is native to bangladesh and for more than
1:44 pm
a century was believed to be extinct. but now it has been growing on farms to revive trade in the fine cotton. it a shave, who d got a bus? this is footy coppers from which muslim fabric is made, and we know from history that the footy corpus callosum plant was cultivated on the banks of the ship locker magna. and brom puts her rivets in this region of gauzy pool and cut posture. as scientists who lead the search for the plant says it has features not found in other spaces. a, c, c. it took us around 5 years to find the genetic match for this cotton plant. we collected 39 valence of cotton plant samples from different parts of bangladesh. eventually we found at dna much of the footy corpus cotton from the co pays the region near dhaka university. now near generations of weavers are re learning this one's forgotten craft, but it's not been easy so far from i'm going to let them listen. initially i was
1:45 pm
skeptical of my ability, but eventually after many months of study training and encouragement, we managed to learn and create the 1st muscle of sorry, after 5 months of hard work and presented it to the prime minister. it was a proud moment for us. the fabric is so light and fine that plights have described it as was in the air to be there. you can see how refined this fabric is. a 5 meter long and 95 centimeter width is full length. sorry, weighing 146 grams can easily slide through the small ring. you can even slide to muslim, sorry through this rang spinners using traditional odin whales on hand drawn looms . have to work for longer to produce muslims than other hand made fabrics wanting to close could take 8 hours by 2 people to make the acquiring at least 6 to 7 months to make a full and sorry,
1:46 pm
the work is highly demanding. requests extreme concentration and attention to detail, many and bung with this blame its former british colonial rulers for killing of the muslim living industry by the late 1900 century, to make way for their own textile trade. but they're excited, it's returning. and they look like we are very proud to be part of this great endeavor as the world will now get to know about our centuries old fame and heritage. since we're reviving this craft again in this day and age and issues, many hope the revival of muslin will be welcomed by the world high freshman industry. that one's house turned again, just delta into one of the most prosperous parts of the globe. turned with children, jazeera, 9 guns, so heads on al jazeera and sport. as a surprise leda, heading into the final day, b, u. s. p j championship summit is here with that story. ah,
1:47 pm
count, defeat boots cheap and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing of been found all over the world. i mean, even the most expensive premium products. it's the secretive and deadly multi $1000000000.00 business. we found one problem was about one 3rd or stay in a in us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fe call they boil, made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect pieces together. it office breach does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. lou
1:48 pm
ah, films on colonial history, a drawing attention not the ongoing can film festival. to films delve into the treatment of africans constructed, conscripted into the french army, subject often avoided in france as charlie angelo reports from can frances colonial past one of the big themes on the screen a can this year generating discussion and introspection. i saw the soldiers set in well, the one is the story of a young senegalese man,
1:49 pm
forced to serve in the french army his father than enlist to watch over him. shot on a handheld camera. it shows a horror of war for the thousands of senegalese, torn from that countries to fight for france. it does now see of the netflix theory lupa. he says we have the same story but not the same memories. cultural commentators say depictions of this aspect of france, colonial history, a very rare phone. in fact, it's the 1st time that we've ever seen a film of this scale on this subject with a well known cast, including all massey who's a make a saw here in france. and abroad, so it is a very big deal to see. feel like this and see the screen. it can be another story . is aki follows a few of the $200000.00 durians, recruited into the french army to fight against that countryman. and it depicts how most are he abandoned, how many killed, when algeria gained independence. directive phillips will call says generation
1:50 pm
later. children of these fighters still carry shame and stigma that new truck. it's a story that has had wide repercussion. human damage not only promotes live through the war, but also the generations that followed. and there are more stories it to be told. jerry, the key is still considered traitors. act in mohammed, my fuck had met his family, wary of him taking the road. why my dear my father. so many questions. why was it being feeling morocco? why is it being directed by a frenchman? you said, why do you have to play a hockey? but then i read him the script and he gave me permission to go. what a menu on that call government has acknowledge mistakes made and jerry and west africa. details of these events are not widely known and from both direct to say it's vital. these stories are told and we've can is a launching pad. hope that films will generate discussion about these painful
1:51 pm
periods of history. charlie on to the out there can time for sport has on a thank you very much. my name was target was, has pulled out of the u. s. p. d a championship which has been struggling with injury and made the decision office shooting his work at a school in the tournament. and they richardson report moments like this have been all to us. it's longer woods. the u. s. p g a championship. yeah. the struggle saturday before his 3rd round even began in oklahoma woods, his injury issues were clearly evidence why this was only his 2nd tournaments since suffering multiple leg french's in a car crash last year. 3rd part 5, he went on to record 5 consecutive bogey's for the 1st time in a major sitting in joint last place after a 9 over paul round of 79. the 15 time, major champion, the decision to withdraw from the tournament, the,
1:52 pm
the top of the leaderboard has an unfamiliar look playing and just his 2nd major. mito pereira has a 3 shot advantage over the rest of the field. that you lay and had no hesitation in naming cycle woods as his biggest sink, inspiration, ah, who are your role models? when you were young? when you looked at them and said, that's how to do it. i mean, target for sure. any more local or how me now entire was the biggest one. he did what he had to whenever he had to do it. heading in to sundays funnel round, none of the top 6 of one of major england's mat. fitzpatrick is in a tank. the 2nd after a 3 and a par round of $67.00. ah, it could really look of not many chances to win, but when i have played well have not lost it so ah, yeah,
1:53 pm
i'm more just looking forward to it more than anything. you know, it's a, it's a chance to win, and i just wanna, you know, i'm a for alpha legality of. now if we can 1st round leader roy macro. he did go close to a hole in one on saturday. but his title hopes have faded, macro is now 9 shots of the lead, and he, richardson al jazeera, are the winners of the english premier league will be decided that later this sunday matches the city have a one point advantage over livable heading into the final round of games, if city beat aston villa than the title is bears. on recent weeks at city manager pet guardiola has suggested that most of the countries back in liverpool, he was surprised to find out that many manchester united fans would actually prefer his team to win the championship. so united legs more t than liverpool. oh my god. then knowledge, you know, is it true?
1:54 pm
so i was wrong. one is saying that every one once liverpool, when in this country, ah, livable at home to war, then love to hope a city slip up. the team are still in with the chance of winning the quadruple of trophies. they've already secured the f, a cup and lea cup and next week it take on real madrid in the champions league. final. 2 games to go is only one hour nor but 2 games was unbelievable as it feeds like 5 minutes ago. it was 7 games. that's how it is was, is it just like this? bam. and here we go to files while really to file to play file since ages, but now really to finals. and it's massive. it's absolutely massive. and yes, it is. the most exciting type of micro cambia has celebrated his decision to step out of fans, alma in style. he noted 3 times for the french happiness and the final league game
1:55 pm
of the season as they beat the mets at 5 nil. and bobby had been linked with the move to rail madrid, but instead decided to extend that his deal with p. s g. a spanish league described a deal, a scandalous claim in the agreement of threats as the economic sustainability of european football and miss penalty decided the winners of the german, the cup half to the final finish level. at $11.00, i'll be like sick and beat. they will in the suit out. it's like 6 a 1st ever made it trophy the all women's team have won a record extending 8th european, a champions league, title spectacular effort to from on didn't all he got them going. i said the parcel owner in front of more than $30000.00 spectators and touring yon did it all, there's going in the 1st half of the final to win the game 3. 1 is,
1:56 pm
was this 6 chant is the victory in 7 years. of here are is that sharla clerk it will stars and pull position that sunday spanish a gone pin. the formula one well championship leader recovered from spin to seal fest spots on the grid. raining world champion mac for staff and that was science. second, after hitting technical issues, the red ball driver lost power in his final lap on drive a car that was said quickest. i feel good. it was a very difficult session. i mean, especially in june 3, because i did a mistake in the 1st run off to 3 and, and that'll be selling you had one lot buddy 20 stream to well, how to be tough moments on my lot. but i've been a made it stay can know very, very happy we called positioning. and the my, me, he'd have regained the leader in their payoff. it says with the boston celtics,
1:57 pm
i would just over 2 minutes to go boss and got within a single point of the heat in game 3 of the eastern conference finals. but miami, held on to secure the win and take 2 on lead in the best of 7 series. and that's what we spoke when we will have more for you later on. but for now, it's back to melinda. thank you for that, the sun, and that's it. for me, money inside for this new that nick will be back in a moment. the walk was no, no no, no, no, no. i don't need to be here with you to look at me. when you get to me, i just need to get you at the home and ya today and
1:58 pm
i was going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me a lot of money out of them at the hospital gave me the one i don't want me shooting off the edge of the ah
1:59 pm
a frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic? russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. harrison was informed opinions, france is not abandoning to fight against jetty, still resumed media debt, going to be acting from leisure and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london bro. casenita. on angie's e. ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean fighting both isis and a,
2:00 pm
the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable feminine. the father, the son and the g. hi thought one on al jazeera. now the answer was an arabic. my name is hello. i was abducted by the c i a in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. it came up with handcuffs. them led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera ah flooding in bangladesh and india millions displaced.


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