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oh, the 1st of a teapot, epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son, and that he had part one on al jazeera. now the answer was an arabic. my name is talent. i was abducted by the c i 8 in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia the came up with handcuffs and led me into interpretation. the new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on, al jazeera ah flooding in bangladesh and india millions displaced dozens of dead after monsoon
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rains. come early. ah, hello, ms. clark, this is al 0 life and her heart also coming up. you as president joe biden arrives in japan. the next stop on an asian trip overshadowed by the threat of more north korean weapons test. businesses force to close and market empty inflation and drought combined to drag down kenya's economy. typhoid slips out of the u. s. p. j championship off the shooting his worst ever score. the major. ah. so heavy rain has brought devastating flooding to parts of india and bangladesh before b and your monsoon season. and india's northwestern asam states, 800000 people, have been displaced in at least 14 killed. we'll have more on that shortly. but we
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start and neighboring bangladesh where flood waters have forced more than 2000000 people from their homes. their harding houses this highway was one of the only things that didn't flood here in northeastern bangladesh. heavy rains combined with overflowing rivers. inundated this town, i want all my furniture is ruined. the entire house is under throat level. water goes off, up on a major embankment on the butter river, has also breached affecting at least a 100 villages. i've seen a huge flood in 2004, but this time it's even bigger, more serious, to be an estimated to 1000000 people are displaced with their homes damaged or destroyed in this farming community. men and women are trying to save the harvests . they have left drying their crops along highways. boston had got a new re, angie,
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buggy here. and there, very neat. i only managed to harvest one 3rd of my patty from underneath the water . the rest was washed away. it's been 2 weeks since there was any sun. excessive rain has devastated whatever i manage to collect. i can't drive this up. it's rotting on the polled than me. i don't know. i mean, i think many parts of bangladesh are prone to flooding with about a 5th of the country submerged every year. but climate scientists say are warming world is making it more unpredictable. the monsoon season hasn't even started yet. leah harding al jazeera i look live now to report a ton of a child who's in still head in bangladesh in terms of flood waters all around. i can see it and to 1000000 displaced. absolutely, i mean, even when we are coming to the plane, i could see the whole entire region. the phillip division was flooded. nearly 2000000 people have been displaced, thousands of farm land,
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and fisher has been destroyed. the government has shut up about $300.00 plus shelters for giving people shelters. at least 95 shelters and accommodating people right now. what we know. now this is a village this about 20 kilometers from the phillip city and in the villages were telling us there was a knee high water till yesterday, but because there was no rain. luckily it has the receipt at the flood for customer saying that next few days, the danger lowell of the 2 main reba should mind. coursera is gonna go down so there might be some relief. but the devastation is quite large. thousands of schools are inundated. people don't have shelters, many people are taking shelters in bridges and some schools that are on dry places . now in last 2 decades, this has been one of the wars florida, according to the flat forecasting center. this is known as silicon valley and shannon bunch valley typically in monsoon. you'll get the onrush of water from
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india's northeast of a salmon, meg ally, and some areas will get flooded. but nothing in that scale. we still don't mother estimate of the damage. it will be assess, the war situation is once the flood water recede, it takes long time for this farmers and fishermen to rehabilitate because all the crops and the fisheries are damaged. that's a major challenge. people haven't seen this kind of flawed for last 2 decades, as i said, and it has to do with the change in climate patton, in this region in the monsoon season. the torrential rain is heavy. we are also close to a place called cheat up on jane mega light, which has the world highest rain. felicia and silk is known to be among the most painful area in bangladesh said the rainfall don't stops within next one week. things good, good get worse. but right now it seems to me little come r, no rain and the forecasted that things might improve little bit. or thanks for that
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. so serious situation in bangladesh or what's happening in indian flood zone, poverty mythology in it now go in a sam state and pop me described to us the situation where you are, if you would so her district garden, the gown, this is the worst affected district in the entire state of a sam about 300000 people here have been affected. now this includes people who have left this a house on my left, which is empty. and that's because water levels there are a little more than a little deeper than knee high. um, on my right and our homes at people are still are staying back. families here have told us that they didn't want to leave some other families told us that they just didn't find space in shelters. now we've also seen boats that have been evacuating people rescuing people. some of them need urging medical care. they're also carrying aid to people who are choosing to stay back. but people have told us that the, it that they received,
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the food that they've received hasn't been enough. and the barely scraping by now water levels her have risen considerably. the water that you're seeing has come from a river close by. it's brought everything with it. it's bought fresh, we've seen um snakes, we've seen docs, we've seen are to arm so our people are just living through this. they're using boats to go in and out and get daily supplies and or some of them are just camping at home. a lot of these are farmers, and they've had their, they've seen their feels been completely submerged and they're nervous because on one level they don't know when they can start rebuilding after the situation, hopefully improve soon. the other thing to note is that the monsoon season hasn't really begun and monsoons in a sam means heavy showers, and often that means heavy flooding. so up there is concerned that the situation this season could get seriously out of control. yes, all this, before the monsoon has even started at poverty, french that pardon me,
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told her in awesome state. all the wild parts of spain are experiencing record breaking temperatures. some of the hardest areas of reach more than 40 degrees celsius, which is unprecedented for this time of year cutting is hollywood. small warnings have been issued and at least 10 regions in spain, most exceeding 40 degrees celsius, from the capital, madrid, to utter, gone in the northeast and in the city of high in the south. it's 15 degrees hotter than usual. for those who work outside, there is no escaping the intense heat. naya is a dancer in seville. she was looking forward to more crowds after coven 19 long towns. now the new challenge is the temperature. lie other mamma. we don't have another option. we live in seville, so we have to get used to it from now until september. otherwise we can't work. so despite the heat, we just have to push through sandra,
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works and tourism and is used to being our doors for hours. but not under the scorching heat ominously. give it back in. oh so that i went along with that. we have our sales staff here on the street and the weather does affect them, but our company makes sure to bring us water all day. so it's not bad, i try to drink a lot of water and stand your air conditioning for a bit. when i can say we, i mean a lot of asi, but air conditioning isn't an option for every one. may as him does he, the month of may has always been cool, but this year it seems it went directly to summer but we have to be outside spain's record breaking spring. weather is a result of hot air coming from north africa. scientists say climate change is making heat waves more frequent and more intense, and they worn things may get worse. katya locus of the young al jazeera
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willis here now from chandra boucher and whose chief executive of the international forum for environment sustainability technology. and he says, heavy rain and heat waves, just proof of climate change. one should have expected such heat in spain, greece and butcher gal somewhere in june. but yeah, i mean, to say 40 degrees now is backed up along with the fact that the videos also have bravo city to forest fires. we have seen the last few years. huge flaws, fire in greece, portugal in spain. so not good for spain. and as every scientist in saying that you can see the piercing nature of climate change and this is climate change, this is the beginning of the was part of climate change that the world is expediency and have a started to experience. you know, the science is clear if you a higher temperature you're going to have higher. 3 explanation, so if you look at the part of northern and not waste india and pakistan on that
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extreme heat and extreme hit. also let's do you know, a huge increase in moisture, which has fallen on northeastern part of indian butler these and these are not mom . so, and these are, these are most of the still to come. so high heat will always be a company by high precipitation, extreme weather, even again, the clear signature of climate change. so last few weeks we were talking about $49.00 to be temperature in, but the sun and northern invest in part of india. now we are talking about extreme rainfall in august and part of the edition. and yes, president joe biden has landed in japan on the 2nd leg of his asian trip after leaving the software, as he words to reinforce partnerships. a major item will attend a summit for the quad wishes and alliance of the united states, japan, india, and australia. their focus will be how to counter china's influence in the region. north korea's weapons tests are also high on the agenda, rob of riders, in turkey. it tells us more about what will be discussed. president joe biden comes
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to japan with a view a to strengthen ties with this very important ally in northeast asia at a time when the united states and japan face a number of challenges on a number of different fronts. this is meant to send a message and to north korea at a time of increased missile testing and speculation about a possible and nuclear test. it also is meant to send a very clear signal to bay ging about. it's increasing assertiveness in the asia pacific region and its territorial demands. that is something which is felt very keenly here in japan, which is in dispute with china, her over various territorial claims in the east china c, a with events in ukraine. i think it also sends a very strong message to russia as the united states is leading the international community and its condemnation are also in boycotts and sanctions. it is something which is supported by japan. and in fact,
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the u. s. has praised japan full rallying other countries in asia pacific to also condemn russia for its actions. all of these things will be discussed in the next a couple of days. this central part of tokyo, the streets at the moment, are quiet this sunday. but there is a very, very strong police presence, and in the next couple of days there will be all sorts of motor cade's back and forth to these meetings where all of these issues will be discussed, culminating in a meeting on tuesday of the so called quad security alliance of a japan united states aust, radio and india against this loose alliance which is meant to try to constrain china's diplomatic and military ambitions in asia pacific. i mean, you said a spring in his step, but it's straight down to business. frustrated is new prime minister elect and afraid of what comes next. we hear from people sheltering in easton, ukrainian towns ah
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the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day follow the weather slouchy set fair for the korean potential . adequate part of japan, different story of the southern areas of china. see this mass of cloud is area of low pressure as seasonal front the may. you front where it says getting stretched out a little bit down towards taiwan, but some wet or whether they're cross southern areas of china. and that way, whether we'll continue to slide through with the potential for some localized rim flash flooding. as we go on through the next couple of days, they go, we're clear skies up towards the cramp anesha 30 celsius in so temperatures really ramping up here. similar temperatures there for beijing, you could see some sherry rain up towards the northeast of china by tuesday. it is fine and dry across japan. a pleasant 25 celsius in light breeze. therefore,
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tokyo little more cloud temperatures on the slide. please to say up to was a north west of india into pakistan. so now we're looking at the high thirty's gone . are those cabbage getting into the, the mid to high 40 someplace to say a little more cloud. the ross and showers here, still some showers into those flood hit parts of ne, in india and also were bangladesh. but not quite as heavy or as widespread as they have been recently, but they are still there. nevertheless, the really wet weather the monsoon trough pushing some heavy shouts into southern parts as franka and a good part member. i saw official airline of the journey in november 2020 austrian security services carried out operation luck. so i opened my eyes and saw a machine gun pointed at my head. al jazeera well goes to vienna and grunts to examine events and allegations of his lamb. a phobia is a terrible mistake because in a fick some said she young families,
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austria operation luck. so on al jazeera lou ah, again, you're watching all the 0 or mind about top stories. is our millions of stranded in bangladesh and india, where floods of submerged villages, rail links have been cut off from the north, east indian state of a sun. wetmore rain is full cause spain is sweltering in one of its most intense heat weighs for his weather racks, but say some areas including andalusia and madrid are experiencing the hottest may ever attempt is exceeding 40 degrees celsius. u. s. president joe biden is landed in japan after leaving south korea. he sought to pulse the security and economic
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ties and his 1st asian trip. on tuesday, he is due to meet the leaders of india, australia, and japan. now russian forces are stepping up that bombardments of east frontline ukrainian cities almost 3 months after launching the invasion. russia is focused on securing and expanding their gains and the don beth's region and on ukraine's southern coast, which i'm not biased at bank. who's net? it's solid doth, as it tell us more about what's happening, where you are so we're in action in solid. we've managed to make it and there's been fighting, taking place over the last few days. i couldn't get in. it was just basically too dangerous. now we've managed to get in, it's very, very quiet in terms of there's no, not many people act on the screen just to show you this. this is a main center street. it's very quiet. we've seen a handful of people around today. but if i could just show you some of the damage that's been done,
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i have to be careful not to triple the mud brick. and this we end up with a mr. laura strike. and this is the main center street with nest this craig. and this is paul, and the reason why so many people have left this time, the strategically located time. if the russians managed to get up on a hill and give them a strategic location where they can gain more territory. and that's why it's been told for the last 2 days, we were told that you play a military content. we had to talk about fight make away and by foot and take it about 100. because at the time not bought, who had this residential building. i've been taping, i live in bunker because they know the flights and stuff again, no way it's moved. it's constant. got full aircraft to miss on any sorts of current
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incoming. and that's because this is what we talk about because it's an entity saying that the use of the compound of the russians are made to help this child is the most, those that remain calm though. anyway, they don't have any way to go to. they don't have the money to have the house to go to have a place to go to have and there's only one shop that's open selling the basics such as bread and you spoke to the woman about it said june because we know bread and she's the only chase opened selling bread for these people. i said, fighting going on in the last hour or so. we've heard the strike on this time. also, rockets being fired. but this is the battle started on the russians and you take the strategic location. they would have a massive advantage over the ukraine, and
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a military had been tons of other locations will be well within the thing. so that is putting from the eastern front line that solid off in east new crane. thanks. well, something crane is displaced by russia's invasion, are slowly returning to their homes near keith. but millions are still outside the country and those you have returned, struggling to identify the bodies found of the russian forces retreated sambo. robbie has worn out from gucho. the bloodletting in boucher has made it one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street. and people are trying to go back to the way things were. but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. so it's like these are
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common in places that have been taken back from the russians. this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled, well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now, the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over. here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence there are still land mines, an unexploded ordinance that have yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian occupation in a village outside, boucher. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time in the defense of their city, but showed the wishes of an idea. she said the people in the hope that it wasn't them until the d and the examination should also many scenes indicated. it was too plain despair, emptiness as isa wounds wounded. this will never show. did you not get on it?
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when he was in the woods, they were shot. their bodies burned in what is left of the car where they died. medical, it smells like death. she says, yes, we did. so did they? yes. these men were killed more than a month ago, but they were found identified and buried just days ago. promot, you know, everyone's trumpeting about butcher. everyone's trumpeting about half the mother about it. and maria paul, the same thing is happening there in kirsten. it's a horror. it's an order book. it wouldn't be as long as there is, there will be war, she says. and everyone wants peace. who are the war and ukraine has
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broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots as confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to more and more people to miss in basra v o 0 in kasinsky village near butram, he turns war is a significant fighter and high inflation right around the world. in kenya, there are warnings of civil unrest if the government can't control rising prices. harry matches reports now from campbell. oh my god, i am with selena or youngest, is she struggling to feed her family? she sells fish. and with the cost of living rising in kenya, she's noticed a drop in customers are in the command of computer every day. prizes are going up and things aren't happy. you're not seeing any improvement. and things have got
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worse when the price of fuel went out to your credit, as in so many other countries around the world, the curve at $19.00 pandemic. and the economic problems that followed have hit kenya hod taxes, and prices are both on the rise in albany as it's a one time thing because it can be true demonstrations in prior to a sustained period. we got a good government coming cushion treating people like audits on responding to we'd come could be petted us, miriam ellen's recently closed on her cellphone. she says she couldn't afford the rent electricity bills and other expenses. she blamed the government for failing to stop the rise in the prices to her so badly, and many have been closed down. and if it goes like we, if it goes on like these moral businesses, i'm going to shut down across king a household budgets aren't buying as much as they used to a general election is due to be how'd here in august the economy and price
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increases a bound to play a big role in how people vote some say they may not even vote at all outside the city. the situation is worse in northern kenya, a drought has left millions of people facing severe hunger. the world bank projects king as economy will grow by around 5 percent this year in some parts of the capital nairobi, new buildings at infrastructure are being constructed. but people who struggling said they not feeling the growth for many of them. life is just getting harder. how matessa artisan campbell c r t 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists and the occupied west bank serene. our claire was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment. and janine, early of this month, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm, the procession started beating mourners, causing pallbearers to nearly drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her
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funeral and burial. members of the international community are condemned to killing and calling from investigation. i will. our club was without reserve for 25 years, covering the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine, australian prime minister, lights, antony of uneasy will had to take care not long after he sworn in on monday, he's promising to reset relations with the world and sweep aside. what he says has been an ineffective frustrating response to climate change. what is his labor party? one saturday election and the nearly 10 years of conservative? obviously the quad blade is meeting is an absolute priority for strategy. and it is, and i both asked to send a message to the world that way there is, are trying to government, there will be some changes in policy, particularly with regard to climate change and guidance with the world on those issues. and i look forward to the meetings that have been organized. i listened out
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from sarah clark, the reports from sydney on the mood for political change. it's been a seismic shift in australian politics. the people have spoken and the key issues at this election were climate change, gender equity, and the cost of living. the coalition out and labor will form a majority. government i think is amazing and amazing, prostrate. and i think as the welcome change, it's been time for too long since at least the last election, previously safe liberal state have been lost to a group of high profile. female candidates. i campaigned on climate change, now they want to push the government to reduce their emissions for the short term target fund 2030. yeah, i love to say that the independence, i think the real change and a step forward and for the environment. been the same south now for the last have a long. and i feel like maybe now it's time for us to to do something different. and if we can get actual climate change,
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then that's going to be quite exciting. this newly elected government will hit the ground running on monday, anthony albany. easy will be warning as a. so he 1st prime minister for board to floss the head to tokyo for the 1st international meeting, as prime minister versus in the type, the bank hawker electing a new governor. contest is likely to be seen as a barometer of the public mood ahead of an approaching general election. a record high, 31 candidates are in the running with a former transport minister and the next governor are the 2 front runners. hobbling tiger woods is pulled out of a gulf major for the 1st time in his career. 46 year old is withdrawing from the us . pga championship after shooting as worst have a score at the tournament. is any richardson ah moments like this? have been all too rare for tiger woods at the u. s. p. g a championship. ah. the struggle saturday before his 3rd round even began in oklahoma woods,
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his injury issues were clearly evidence. this was only his 2nd tournaments since suffering multiple leg fractures in a car crash last year. 3rd, before 5, he went on to record 5 consecutive bogey's for the 1st time in a major sitting in joint last place. after a 9 over par, round of $79.00, the 15 time major champion, the decision to withdraw from the tournaments. the top of the leaderboard has an unfamiliar look playing in just his 2nd major. mito pereira has a 3 shot advantage over the rest of the field that she lay and had no hesitation in naming psych, a woods as his biggest golfing inspiration, who are your role models. when you were young, we looked at them and said, that's how to do it. i'm in tiger for sure. any more local or how me not. i was the biggest one. he did what he had to whenever he had to do it. heading into sundays,
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final round, none of the top 6 of one a major england's mat. fitzpatrick is in a time the 2nd after a 3 and a par round of $67.00. ah. to really look, i've not had not many chances to win. but when i have played while i've not lost it so ah, yeah, i'm more just looking forward to more than anything. you know, he sees a chance to win and i just wanna, you know, i'm a for alpha lagossi off. now if we can 1st round lead a roy macro did go close to a hole in one on saturday. but his title harps of faded macros is now 9 shots of the lead. and he richardson al jazeera. ah.


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