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had little tolerance with 2 young women in morocco staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it's definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco. al jazeera world photos that journeys of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences. an american, in my home on al jazeera we understand the differences in the cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when use and kind to pause that matter to you. mm . aaron's revolutionary, god says one of its members has been killed by unidentified gunman in the capital
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teshran. ah, no, i'm. i am noisy in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, pushed from their homes, caught off from their incomes. millions of lives in gulf by flood waters in india and bangladesh. forced to face a new normal in afghanistan, the taliban decrease. female present is miss now where face coverings on air. and i'm charlie and at the cannes film festival, where the red carpet has been rolled out for ukraine fledgling film industry. ah, welcome to the program. we've been following developments out of iran for the past couple of hours. the revolution regard is reported that one of its members has been
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assassinated in the capital t. ron gunman on 2 motorcycles, shot dead. hassan sailed a die in his car outside his home in a separate development to run state tv earlier announced that members of an israeli intelligence network had been found and arrested. azure as ali hush him has been following the story from door ha. as for the i r g c statement, hudson assad, the hood i. e, is a member of the goods force that sir mainly operating outside iran. and as we understood he a was working in he was of rating in syria along with the iranian advisors and the troops and groups allied with iran over there. so at that puts this assassination in the, in a different context than other assassinations that took place in the past. a previously, most of the assassinations that happened in, into run over the past decade were related to the nuclear file. this is
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a probably the 1st time that an assassination is related to iran's regional policies. if that's the that the right what to say inside iran because we know just 2 and half years ago, a passenger, a money was, was targeted in baghdad nearby that national international airport. but that's outside the, the borders of iran. so this time it's, it's a different situation and the profile of a has and say i could, i, who before the, these incident, this incident wasn't known now with the, with his statement and later on with the a, several of the statements by the, a foreign ministry the national security council is affiliated media out that new news that said that the enemies are crossing the red lines and they will pay the price for this. it seems that this a, this operational,
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this assassination will have, at least from the iranian a side would habits its implications. now, a, you said that there is another, there's also a ring or a cell that was arrested in thought on. and the iranians linked it to israel. however, it seems very clear that the iranians were keeping, keeping a distance in all these statements that were issued and to have on from pointing the finger to direct fire side or parties. so they didn't say israel, they just said, whoever did this assassination or the enemies of the revolution. so they kept a distance from naming who is behind this assassination. at them all, the assassination attempt heavy rain has trigger devastating flooding and parts of
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india or bangladesh. at least 2000000 people have been forced from their homes in bangladesh, where they're experiencing their worst flooding in decades. and then in india is northwestern. are some say, a 100000 people. there have been affected by these floods. tens of thousands have been displaced and at least 24 people killed. have any metal reports now from that gown, district in our sam. oh newsmen have found something slithering in this flooded area. sneaks are common industry jan of ne india. but this citing has created quite a stir. and given people here an unwelcome distraction. anybody i say de bonnie local man, i mean, lana, the water level has been increasing and that's making us very anxious. second, the water in the hand pump is dirty. there is no electricity, and only god knows how we are going to survive the sunny by how look at our 100 days. how do you think you will, you will? heavy floods in south asia have killed dozens of people and stranded millions of others. evacuations are underway in many parts of a, some in, in dells, ne,
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as thousands flea there submerged homes across the border, northeast bangladesh is seen one of its was floods. in 20 years. 2000000 people have been stranded and block roads are making it difficult to distribute aid many fields on to water raising concerns about food shortages, the death of u, rockville area code, and we're putting one bed on top of another. that's how we are living. laughter, half of our home is under water. i don't know what we will do if the water level rises, that my poultry is dead. i don't have a boat to go and get food. ah, the region is prone to heavy rains and flooding and is particularly vulnerable to climate change. so high heat will always be accompanied by high precipitation, extreme rendered even again clear signature of climate change. so last few weeks, we were talking about body 9 digit of richer in bucharest, on a northern and busted bottles in the us. now we are brought in your boat extremely
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installed in northeast and bottle one revision and do exports wants severe weather events like these could become more common as the planet whoops, farther early and heavier than usual rainfall cause this flooding as people anxiously wait to start, you building their lives that concerns about what could happen when monson season arrives in the region. poverty metal al jazeera now gown, district in northeast india. as well as floods the region is experiencing of record heat wave. india's cap with new dahlias in temperatures hit 49 degrees. a country experience as hottest march in more than a 100 years of the country experienced the hottest temperatures on record in april, while globally last month, tied with april 2020. it was the plan. it's 5th will miss april on record. scientists say more than a 1000000000 people in india and pakistan are risk in some way from the extreme heat, working class and poor people are most at risk from these blistering conditions.
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most heat stress related deaths in india in the past 20 years of been among whacking clos blue collar. men between the ages of 30 and 45 who have to walk outside and rural families in bangladesh are spending much of their income protecting themselves from. i'm their homes from climate change, all the effects of it. and this includes creating structures that will help raise their home, planting trees and making shelters for their life, stock or elsewhere. parts of spain are experiencing record breaking temperatures as well. some of the hardest hit areas of reached more than 40 degrees. that's unprecedented for this time. of year, people have been advised to keep out of the intense heat, but for many us just not possible. catching up. hi, so diane has more warnings has been issued in at least 10 regions in spain, most exceeding 40 degrees celsius, from the capital, madrid, to utter, gone in the northeast, and in the city of high in,
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in the south. it's 15 degrees hotter than usual. for those who work outside, there's no escaping the intense heat. naya is a dancer and seville, she was looking forward to more crowds after cove 19 long downs. now the new challenge is the temperature. you know, i ordered a rama, we don't have another option. we live in seville, so we have to get used to it from now until september. otherwise we can't work. so despite the heat, we just have to push through sandra works in tourism and is used to being outdoors for hours, but not under the scorching heat. omitted to give it back in us so that i wouldn't recommend that we have our sales staff here on the street and the weather does affect them. but our company makes dirt to bring us water all day. so it's not bad . i try to drink a lot of water and stand near air conditioning for a bit when i can fe we, i mean a lot of assay but air conditioning isn't an option for everyone.
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maria's sympathy the month of may has always been cool. but this year it seems, it went directly to summer, but we have to be outside spain's record breaking spring. weather is a result of hot air coming from north africa. scientists say climate change is making heat waves more frequent and more intense. and they worn things make it worse. katya low missile, the young al jazeera. when in south africa there's been heavy, rain and flooding there, and it's forced hundreds of people to leave their homes along the country's east coast. as been some severe damage to buildings in dublin, the capital of quote, luna, tell province with officials calling for people to remain in their homes. now these floods come just a month after the regions worse trotting ann landslides in living memory, care more than $400.00 people. heavy rain is expected to continue now until monday . ah.
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nearly 3 months after invading ukraine rusher is focused on securing and expanding its gains in the east and dumbass region and on ukraine southern coast present, ramirez lensky says, between 50 and a 100 people could have been killed in the countries east. a battle has been raging for days now for the town of solid dar from where al jazeera is. as i beg reports. for days, the town of solid door has been kicked by russia artillery. the ukrainians still hold it. were one of the few to gain access to this in battle town. we entered on foot without a military escort. the streets are empty. a crater left behind in the middle of the town. another in front of a residential building. others destroyed. i just came out
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we were in a flat, but at night we were sleeping in the basement. i am here because my daughter is ill . can i lay? yeah for where am i to go? they take us to their basement and where we find others sheltering from the shelf. you pass that away at night at 1 o'clock there may be shelling oh, for the whole evening. all morning did go well, there was such a big bomb. there was mud everywhere. so you don't stretch number she, despite the wall, the destruction and the constant bombardment. some here still support russia. we've blared this man's face for his own protection. just got to let you go. why are you wearing a helmet? with a guy i got the right you, russell a waterloo, b garcia. read you a rush. i will be here soon. i via the victory. the
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artillery battle begins again. the one is now going into their basement. it's usually a good indication of the fact that the company may be coming back in. usually what happens is the ukraine's the fire, the roughly before i move, you can return 500 according to the fi. it will be going into the basement. that's that side. possibly get out of it. so the door is in a strategic location. if russian forces managed to take it, it enables them to strike anything within sight. the ukrainian forces i desperately tried to stop them. i said bake a da 0. saw the dog or some of the crania is displaced by roches invasion or study returning to the homes near keith. but millions are still outside of the country and those who have returned are struggling to identify the body. sound after
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rushing forces retreated. same bas robbie has more on this story now from boucher through the blood letting in butcher has made it one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street. and people are trying to go back to the way things were but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. so it's like these are common in places that have been taken back from the russian . this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled. well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over. here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence,
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there are still land mines, an unexploded ordinance that has yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian occupation in a village outside butram. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time in the defense of their city, but showed the wishes when a year should be said, the people in the hope that it wasn't them onto the dna examination should also, many scenes indicated that it was too plain despair emptiness as isa wounds wounded. this will never show. did you not get on the one who was he came to the woods, they were shot. their bodies burned in what is left of the car where they died. medical it smells like death. she says to do is to do the 3rd. yes.
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these men were killed more than a month ago, but they were found identified and buried. just days ago, she was still messed up. everyone's trumpeting about butcher, every once trumpeting about half the mother about it. and maria paul, the same thing is happening there in carson. it's a horror, it's an order book. it wouldn't be as long as there is this, there will be war, she says, and everyone wants peace. it's the war in ukraine has broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots has confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to more and more people to miss in this rather old 0 in kasinsky village,
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your booty al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist any occupied westbank. sharina butler was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment and jeanine. on the day of her funeral is ready forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing a pull barrister nearly drop a casket that didn't stop. thousands of palaces were marching through occupied east jerusalem though to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to also call for an investigation of what i had been with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known in the region as the voice of palestine or european union delegation has been forced to cancel its trip to the occupied palestinian territories where they were going to review the situation after the killing of sri now blackly 10 days ago. the decision follows
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the denial of entry to the head of the each group. my new pineda in a letter from these railey government, benita heads, the delegation for relations with palestine. so far there's been no further response from israel miss a. yes. the israeli foreign ministry sent a letter to the european union mission into solemn, indicating that they wouldn't let me in. they let the rest of the delegation end, but not me. and they didn't give any further explanation. it is, in fact, a tacit sanction, not only against me, but against the european parliament. i'm not going as a person who wants to visit palestine. i'm going as president of the european parliament delegation for relations with palestine. if they don't allow me to enter who they are really sanctioning, isn't me. it's the european parliament in watching al jazeera life from london still ad on the program in emergency shipment of european baby formula touches down in the united states. but how long will it last?
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ah hello, i'm pleased to say we should say some slight dry weather coming into eastern parts of austria over the next few days. i wish i could say as can be bone dry, but i can't quite say that. still some on the shore showers coming to eastern parts of queensland. eastern parts of new south wales. the wet weather was pulling out into the open waters. joining up with our old tropical side from which will run towards the far north of new zealand. not quite getting there. we have got some wet weather getting into western parts of a western australia though, pulling right across w way running across to pull bra wet weather, pushing down into per windy as well as we go on through monday, driving further eastwards across another ball into south australia eventually, pushing towards that southeast and corner suffice to dry in melbourne. 16 celsius
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here on tuesday, 5 to 4 hope up of the weather weather will staggers. where little fell. reese was pushing all the way to port fairy by the state into the outback of new south wales, out back queensland as well. still some showers there just around the east coast, one or 2 showers coming in to new zealand. but lassie, dry that'll be cloudy. bright and breezy, shall we say, brighten breezy too for a time across sir northern parts of japan. but it's a drying up pitcher here it will be largely fine and settled as we go through the next couple of days. different story for southern china is they sweat aah! from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is of most consequential decade events is for too many companies that are doing bad things on the front. in part 2 of human rights activists. q mean i do and environmental if windows and the to the
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systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on out his era. ah ah ah, welcome back. main stories now. aaron's revolutionary gods. as gunman have shot dead, one of his members has on say, on a die in his car, outside his home, into iran, in a separate development. iran state tv announced that members of an israeli intelligence network had been found and arrested heavy rain as trigger devastating floods in india and bangladesh, at least 2000000 people in full from the homes in bangladesh. and then in india is
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northwest an awesome stay, a 100000 people have been affected by this weather with at least 24 people killed. well now to afghanistan, where taliban officials of or did female tv presented to cover their faces while on air. as part of a growing crackdown and women showing their faces in public, leah harding has mall them. if you turn on the evening news in afghanistan, this is the face that will greet you. sonia uneasy was presented on tv many times before, but she says never like this when that, but my mom, how about a presenter must feel totally calm and relaxed during the news to convey the true to the people. but today for the 1st time i experienced a moment where i had to present my program wearing a mask and i wasn't feeling good at all that that last week tal about officials ordered all women to cover their full bodies when outside the home. then days later,
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they said that applies to women on tv as well. if i had one house on but up this decree is unpredictable for all female presenters, because a slum has not commanded us to cover our faces. every islamic scholar and political figure has opposed this decree. forcing women to cover their faces is a return to a signature policy of the taller bonds passed hard line rule. the taliban said female presenters. it could wear a medical mask instead. regardless, sonya says she feels trapped, i must have brought him on a horse or this. if such decrees are issued and imposed on women than women across afghanistan will be eliminated. as we see now that women are being gradually eliminated. if women don't comply, they or their mel guardians could get fired from their jobs or imprisoned. taliban leaders had promised to respect women's an girls rights when they retook control of afghanistan last august. but rights groups have voiced concerns about the growing
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crackdown, including liberty girls education. and now the female face is the latest target wiped from afghan tv screens. leah harding al jazeera. now u. s. president joe biden is in japan for the 2nd leg of his asia trip off to leaving south korea. biden will also attend to a summit for the quad and alliance of the u. s. japan, india, and australia. a focus would be on how to count to china's influence in the region of grazed weapons tests, also high on the agenda earlier on biden, in south korea present unit. so you'll agree to step out cooperation to deter any nuclear war myself right from the north. florence louis reports from sol a it doesn't get more succinct than a mere hello. that was you as president jo biden's response. when asked if he had
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a message for north korean leader kim jong would, but he offered a lengthy answer. when asked how the u. s. in south korea would deal with nuclear or missile threats. we are prepared for anything north korea does. we've had. he fought through, how will you find to whatever they do? and so i'm not concerned, i guess, just before he left for tokyo to continue his tour of asia, fightin and south korean precedent units to pure, visited an air force command center. julie was on it. he air and space operation center. here is a key place for the republic of korea and united states to jointly respond to the increasingly sophisticated north korean nucular and missile threats. and it is a symbol of the republic of korea and u. s. alliance challenge legal. the joint appearance, the choice of location, to showcase the country's strong security alliance. a day earlier, the 2 leaders had agreed to step up military exercises and possibly deploy more
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strategic weapons to the region to counter north korean threats. there was also an offer to return to negotiations. although some analysts say north korea is unlikely to respond just yet. i think they're waiting to gauge what is going on with the new president of south korea, our president units like y'all. and they already know a lot about buying from his house dealings in the u. s. senate and his vice president. so i think they're just going choose one of by their time and see what cooperative efforts may be in the future. north korea is dealing with a severe outbreak of cove at 19 and has not responded to international office of assistance, including from the u. s. sudden, but biden's visit was as much about security as it was about the economy. and he used it highlights multi $1000000000.00 investments. south korean companies were making in the u. s. biden will be in japan till tuesday, where he's expected to continue with the overarching theme of his trip to asia. that the u. s. is committed to the region and although he's not set this explicitly,
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analysts say the u. s. once countries in the region to see it as a counterweight to china's rising influence, florence louis al jazeera soul. first emergency shipment of baby formula from germany has landed in the united states, a giant u. s. military transport plan. kang, 32 tons of formula landed in the state of indiana. critical shortage was caused by a product recall by the country's leading manufacturer on top of supply chain issues. supply levels are about 40 percent less than usual. a 2nd fly is expected in the coming days. why did yo castro is in washington dc where the us food and drug administration last week were lacked the rules on formula and ports. she says that the shipment is just a temporary solution. this will last maybe a week for some 27000 babies and toddlers. so it's a stop gap measure. that honestly won't go that man move away,
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because specifically the formula for this flight is the special formula that's for children who are allergic to proteins and cow's milk. and so this formula is actually being given to hospitals and to clinics, to those medically needy children. this happened because president joe biden earlier last week invoke the defense production act, and the f. d. a rolled back some import restrictions given this critical shortage of infant formula. baby formula in the u. s. sum 40 percent less in stock than in normal times. this shipment was just the 1st of several about a 3rd of it so far having arrived. and the by ministration says, future flights may be military or maybe chartered commercial flights. candidates vying for columbia's top joel balding that final rallies ahead of next week's presidential election. former mayor, the capital bo guitar is widely seen as
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a front runner. gustavo petro left his candidate, promising to phase out fossil fuels in a country that oil still accounts for 3rd of foreign revenue on a sondra. betty is in bogota with more on gustavo petros prospects. question here is this year, well, be able to win and the 1st round of the elections next sunday. that's what a lot of people here hope because they fear that if indeed that the elections go to a 2nd round, then things could become more difficult. for gustavo paper, who has been the clear front runner throughout this campaign. now he probably doesn't have the vote to, to do that to win in the 1st round. but pretty much all the pose holes have him around 40 to 45 percent of the vote. we spoke with the strategy is campaign who tell is that their internal polling have him closer to the threshold of the 50 percent. you would need to win outright. what's clear is that this campaign as
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a mobiles mobilize them, a lot of people in columbia that are very excited, the abs idea of having a level these presidents are the 1st time a lot of people are looking for a change, especially after the very deep it could all make dresses brought by the damage and the fact that a lot of people are tired of the fact that this remains one of the most unequal countries in south america. and also one of the most violent one more on that election in columbia and everything else we're covering right here al jazeera dot com. ah, just a quick look at our main stories. now, iran's revolutionary god is saying that one of its members has been.


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