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handled that's wrong, the united states scoutmaster part to on as just either leave us trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation and with the koran of ours pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset, national park annual ceremony has been launched the hall pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah. fighting on the front lines of ukraine, russia says it's targeting eastern and southern regions.
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is all to sarah la. you from dough are also coming up a brazen attack, a senior member, the roms, revolutionary god, is found dead outside his home in the capital, terra homes, abandon fleeing for their lives. millions across south asia are affected by flood waters sweeping across parts of india and bangladesh. i'm charlie enger, the cannes film festival, where the red carpet has been rolled out for ukraine fledgling film industry. ah, russian forces have been stepping up their bombardments of ukrainian cities along the eastern front line rushes, trying to secure and expand its gains and the eastern dumbass region. and on ukraine, southern coast. among the cities hit our car key in the northeast,
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mich alive and zappa risha in the south. our reporter acid bag is in salida, where a battle has been raging. for days, the town of solid door has been hit by russian artillery. the ukrainians still hold it were one of the few to gain access to this in battle town. we entered on foot without a military escort. the streets are empty. a crater left behind in the middle of the town. another in front of a residential building. others destroyed, ran to look away. here we just came out. we were in a flat, but at night we were sleeping in the basement. i am here because my daughter is ill . can i leave? where am i to go? they take us to their basement and where we find others sheltering from the shelling you dab away at night at 1 o'clock there may be
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shelling or for the whole evening or all morning they do well there was such a big bomb. there was mud everywhere. to yo drums fashionable. she despite the war, the destruction and the constant bombardment. some here still support russia. we've blurred this man's face for his own protection. joke got. you looked younger. why are you wearing a helmet? with judge biscoe, a guy. augusta right. see a russell, a waterloo, b garcia. we do a rush. i will be here soon. a victory. the artillery battle begins again. the one is love going into the basement. it's usually a good indication of the fact that something may be coming back in. usually what happens is the ukraine's required the rest of the plan that you can return 5. this
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honey crane is a fight. it will think you're going in the basement. that's that side possibly get out of it. so the door is in a strategic location. if russian forces managed to take it, it enabled them to strike anything within sight. the ukrainian forces are desperately trying to stop them. i said, bake. i'll jazeera saw the dog, but rushes defense ministry gave a briefing about its latest offensive in the moscow back separatist controlled areas looked there was like a high precision air based missiles have hit 3 command, post 13 areas where ukrainian troops and military equipment amassed as well as for ammunition, depots near solar, dark sol, and donuts people's republic and new cova in lou ganske people's republic, was russian forces retreated from towns and villages near ki. they left a trail of death and destruction behind families are still struggling to identify and bury their loved ones. and the bodies found st. was robbie reports from boucher
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the bloodletting in butcher has made it one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war. bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street, and people are trying to go back to the way things were but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. so it's like these are common in places that have been taken back from the russians . this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled. well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over. here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence there are still land mines, an unexploded ordinance that have yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian
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occupation in a village outside, boucher. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time, in the defense of their city for but shut the machine when a year should have said the people in the woman, the hope that it wasn't them until the dna examination should also many scenes indicated it was too plain despair emptiness lisa wounds wounded. that will never heal. did you not get on? if you want to take him to the woods, they were shot. their bodies burned in what is left of the car where they died. it smells like death. she says, look, you go. yes, we did. so did they? yes. these men were killed more than
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a month ago. but they were found identified and buried. just days ago, she was still listed, but everyone's trumpeting about boucher. everyone's trumpeting about half about it appeared maria paul, the same thing is happening there in carson. it's a horror. it's an order book. it wouldn't be as long as there is, there will be war, she says, and everyone wants peace to the war. and ukraine has broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots as confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to more and more people to miss in basra v o 0 in kasinsky village and you're
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butram iran delete military unit. the revolutionary god says one of the seat of embers has been assassinated in the capital tear on gunman. on 2 motorcycles shot dead, colonel hassan's side die in his car. outside his home. the attackers are still at large in a separate development. iran state tv earlier announced that members of his railey intelligence network have been found and arrested. well, professor bass, milan, easy director of iranian studies at stanford university explained who could be behind your fascination the most likely person or a government behind it. i think there is a game of cat and mouse right now, propaganda circles in iran and in israel. but i think all evidence indicates that this level of action and the person that they have pick. and the kind of the leaks that you get from israel would indicate that they're the ones who are behind
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it. and i think the purpose is clear, nice tube goals. one is to take the fight to the iranians trading. something doing this for a couple of years. and secondarily, it, i think they want to disrupt any possibility of the i r g c, p, listed from the terrorist. just every indication i have in the media is that he was a major player in syria. his rank is given the question of concern whether he was a general, some israeli officials are claimed whether it was that colonel zeron is claim, no doubt he was they key in the regimes, actions in syria and mobilizing forces support of us and in fighting go. isis as well as the traders. israel has bobby entry of the head of a european union delegation. it was going to review the situation in ocoee bodies,
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jerusalem, the west bank and gaza. the entire delegation from the european parliament has not been forced to cancel its trip money. benito had the delegation for relations with palestine. he said no explanation was given to his banning, but he suspects that speaking out against the murder of onto 0, a journalist showing a black by israeli forces may have played a role time. what we do is monitor the status of the situation of the palestinian people under an occupation that has lasted decades . it is the 1st visit since the last great aggression of the israeli regime against the gaza strip. now it's been a year since this aggression, another important element was the recent merger of al jazeera journalist sharina. last week i made a specific request in the last plenary session of parliament. with regards to the killing of hearing by israel. we got the majority support from the parliament for
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the debate. i do not turn out that i got punished for that. we were able to denounced the murder, which is the last one of the 50 journalist murdered since 2000. what israel wants to do is cover up the systematic crimes that carries out against the palestinian population. last year alone, more than $300.00 palostio civilians were killed by. it's simply for being on the land. they have not given any explanations as to why they sanction me in my capacity as president of the delegation. i think it is a punishment, a tactics action against a complaint, but obviously are not going to stop doing. if israel thinks that by sanctioning us, we are going to stop denouncing their crimes, they are absolutely wrong. i can specifically say that they do not know me is they think i am going to change my position to avoid sanctions. why don't a male? in my opinion, they're obviously not going to investigate emergency or did themselves. she rings,
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murder is not random. it's not an accident. it's not a stray bullet. when she was outside the shutters, tremendous precision, right or her helmet. and obviously whoever gave the order to kill shooting is not going to investigate. the murder allowed to 0 media network continues to demand a rapid independence and transparent investigation into the killing of his journalist in the occupied westbank. sharina was shot in the head by his ready forces while she was an assignment. and janine, early this month, on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the possession and started beating mourners, causing poor barrows to nearly drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and are calling for an investigation. a black lay was without a 0 of a 25 years covering these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. and israeli court has overturned
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a police order barring 3 jewish teenagers from the alex, a mosque compound. they were temporarily banned from the holy site after they violated an arrangement since 967, not to pray that palestinian president mach, what are bass issued? a statement calling some days ruling a flagrant challenge to international law. israel says the court ruling does not change the existing status quo. 6 palestinian men who managed to break out of a prison in northern israel last year had extra 5 years added to their jail time. the group escaped through a tunnel which they dug, using spoons plates and part of an o kettle. their escape from gilbert prison triggered a massive manhunt, but he was really army, leading to their capture. 2 weeks later, they were already serving life terms for so called anti israeli attacks. got a far as is the head of the palestinian prisoners club and says the trial was a formality and coral jana, letty lydia. there are 2 rack emilio, this unjust verdict, is an attempt by israel to create a false impression that it's decisions are made through an organized process such
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as the judicial system. in fact, the judicial system is a toll for their political and military institutions. these unjust verdicts will not weaken the will of all the heroes of the freedom tunnel or the will of any prisoner lots more. so to come here now does air including business is forced to close markets, empty as inflation and drought combined to drag down kenya's economy plus final campaign rallies and columbia had of next week's presidential election. warner status ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to cattle. hoop your travel package to day follow the seasonal range really pretty lively across southern parts of china at the moment and there will be further heavy downpours as
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we go through the next day or so. you can see this massive cloud, this weather from that is the a may you front getting a little stretched out as a push it out into the open water. it's now with the process of eating away from japan. japan last heat royal or the will be some showers just rattling their way across. cicada. northern parts of han ship quite as guys come back in by the end of monday. 25 celsius in tokyo. not too bad. hot and dry for sol over the next couple days. 29 may be 30 degrees here. similar temperature to into beijing. plenty of water for more than parts of china. plenty of dry weather as well, but the wet weather will continue across southern areas. joining up with a heavy showers that we have across, nor the policy particular of indo china joining up with the monsoon range, which have really packed up just around me. and my northern parts of thailand said live shouting to the philippines into militia, wanted to shout still in place there. across indonesia, plenty. a shower is called southern parts of india, a lot of wet weather continuing into the eastern side of the piping goal. the
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monsoon right pumping some really wet weather into a good part of being mar noticed some wet weather. it's a less hot weather for northwestern. india and pakistan. cats are airway official airline of the journey. in november 2020 austrian security services carried out operation luck. so i opened my eyes and saw a machine gun pointed at my head. now just there, well goose to vietnam and grunts to examine events and allegations of his lamp phobia. this is a terrible mistake because he a fick. some said 2 young families, austria operation looks all on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back. a group to model top stories here at this hour arrives elite military unit. the revolutionary god says, one of its senior members has been assassinated in the capital terror on a separate development. iran state t. the amounts of members of an israeli intelligence network had been found and for rescue israel as bob, the entry of the head of a european union delegation was going to review the situation and occupied east jerusalem. the west bank and gaza on the battles continuing to rage for the strategically important town of solid on eastern ukraine. it's part of russia's attempt to consolidate his gains in the east, on so long ukraine's southern coast. when the cranes war is a significant factor in the high inflation around the world in kenya, there are warnings of civil unrest if the government can't control rising prices. r m a toss a report from campbell. oh my god, i am. well,
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selina younger says she struggling to feed her family, she sells fish. and with the cost of living rising in kenya, she's noticed a drop in customers are in the command of computer every day. prizes are going up things at half up. you're not seeing any improvement, and things have got worse when the price of fuel went out to your credit. as in so many other countries around the world, the curve at 19 pandemic, and the economic problems that followed have hit kenya hod taxes and prices are both on the rise in albany as it's a one time thing because it can be true demonstrations in prior to a sustained period, we got a good government coming cushion treating people like audits on responding to we'd come could be petted us, miriam ellen's recently closed on her cellphone. she says she couldn't afford the rent electricity bills and other expenses. she blamed the government for failing to stop the rise in the prices to hustle by deep and many have been closed down.
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and if it goes like we, if it goes on like these moral businesses, i'm going to shut down across king a household budgets aren't buying as much as they used to a general election is due to be how'd here in august the economy and price increases a bound to play a big role in how people vote some say they may not even vote at all outside the city. the situation is worse in northern kenya, a drought has left millions of people facing severe hunger. the world bank projects king as economy will grow by around 5 percent this year in some parts of the capital nairobi, new buildings at infrastructure are being constructed. but people who struggling said they not feeling the growth for many of them. life is just getting harder. matessa campbell hughes president joe biden has arrived in japan on the 2nd leg of his age. a trip after leaving south korea biden will attend the summit for
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the quad. that's an informal alliance of the us. japan, indian australia focus will be how to counter china is influence in the region. north korea's weapons tests are also high on the agenda, where robert bride isn't toko, with more, what president biden's trip aims to achieve. one in japan, president joe biden comes to japan with a view to strengthen ties with this very important ally in northeast asia at a time when the united states and japan face a number of challenges on a number of different fronts. this is meant to send a message and to north korea at a time of increased missile testing and speculation about a possible and nuclear test. it also is meant to send a very clear signal to bay ging about. it's increasing assertiveness in the asia pacific region and its territorial demands. that is something which is felt very keenly here in japan, which is in dispute with china, her over various territorial claims in the east china c,
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a with events in ukraine. i think it also sends a very strong message to russia as the united states is leading the international community and its condemnation are also in boycotts and sanctions. it is something which is supported by japan. and in fact, the u. s. has praised japan full rallying other countries in asia pacific to also condemn russia for its actions. all of these things will be discussed in the next a couple of days. this central part of tokyo, the streets at the moment, are quiet this sunday. but there is a very, very strong police presence, and in the next couple of days there will be all sorts of motor cade's back and forth to these meetings where all of these issues will be discussed, culminating in a meeting on tuesday of the so called quad security alliance of a japan united states, australia, and india. again, this loose alliance, which is meant to try to constrain china's diplomatic and military ambitions in
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asia pacific. now heavy rain and flooding of devastated parts of india and bangladesh. before the annual monsoon season in india's northeast and a sam's state, tens of thousands of people have been displaced at least 24 killed. with more on that shortly, but we start a neighboring bangladesh of flood waters of forced more than 2000000 people from their homes. tanveer chandry is in slit and sent us this report. the lead division of not as bangladesh is prone to flood every monsoon season, but nothing in this scale within last 2 decade, according to the flood forecasting center. the villages we've talked to in this area said they haven't seen flood like this for over 2 decades. at least now you can see some of the houses, banana dated with water, at least 500 school run under water. well, let's say 1000 villages have been effected thousands of actors fishing land, farming land has been devastated. now the government has set up facilities to sheltering people, at least $300.00 plus them. people are wanted,
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if the flash flood get worse, things could get really challenging for them. what we know from the flood forecasting department is that the rain as received at the water level is going down to 2 of the major labor. but if the dillard from the india not 50 states, a mega lana, some keeps coming. and the monsoon rain continues. things could actually get worse and within the next few weeks. well down to india's flood zone, poverty metalli's in macau, in some states. oh, these men have found something slithering in this flooded area. sneaks are common in this region of north east india, but this citing has created quite a star and given people hear an unwelcome distraction. anybody i say de bonnie book or miami, lana, the water level has been increasing and that's making us very anxious. second, the water in the hand pump is dirty. there is no electricity come, only god knows how we are going to survive this money. by how look at our honda
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diesel. you think you valuable? heavy floods in south asia have killed dozens of people and stranded millions of others. evacuations are underway in many parts of a some in india, northeast. as thousands fleet there submerged homes across the border, northeast bangladesh is seen one of its was floods in 20 years. 2000000 people have been stranded and block roads are making it difficult to distribute aid many fields on to water raising concerns about food shortages, the death of you rivalry i couldn't wear putting one bed on top of another. that's how we are living, laughing, half of our home is under water. i don't know what we will do if the water level rises, that my poultry is dead. i don't have a boat to go and get food made. ah, the region is prone to heavy rains and flooding and is particularly vulnerable to climate change. so high heat will always be accompanied by high precipitation
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extreme read that even again clear signature of climate change. so last few weeks, we were talking about 49 dividend bridger in back to san and northern invest in part of india. now we are talking about extremely in paul in not instant bartuben rendition. india exports wants severe weather events like these could become more common as the planet warms farther early and heavier than usual rainfall caused this flooding. as people anxiously wait to start building their lives, their concerns about what could happen when monson season arrives in the region. poverty metal al jazeera nagondo district in north east india. anthony albanese has been sworn in as australia's new prime minister is victory and saturdays election ended almost a decade of rule by the conservative coalition. led by formerly de scott morrison. uneasy promised to tackle climate change on the rising cost of living. the 1st u. s. military aircraft carrying 32 tons of baby formula from germany has landed in
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the us state of indiana, and more is on the way marika seen a critical shortage due to a product recall on the country's leading manufacturer coupled with supply chain issues. the bible administration has mobilized the military and invoke the defense production act. to quickly resolve the crisis. this shipment provides enough formula to take care of 9000 babies and 18000 toddlers for a week. now it's about a half a 1000008 ounce doses, a formula on that plane about 70000 pounds. now with a week to go before columbia's presidential election, candidates have been holding their final rallies him home for just left is gustavo petros, the front runner. he's promising to phase out fossil fuels, my country where oil sal accounts for 3rd foreign revenue. and sandra petty was at his rally in the capital bought off. question is if you will be able to win and the
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1st round of the elections next sunday, that's what a lot of people here hope because they fear that if indeed the elections go to a 2nd round, then things could become more difficult. for gustavo paper, who has been clear front runner throughout this campaign, now he probably doesn't have the votes to, to do that, to win in the 1st round. pretty much all the polls have him around 40 to 45 percent of the vote. we spoke with the strategy is campaign who tell is that their internal pulling have him closer to the threshold of the 50 percent. you would need to win outright. what's clear is that this campaign as a mobiles mobilize that a lot of people in columbia that are very excited. abby idea of having a left the president for the 1st time, a lot of people are looking for a change,
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especially after a deep economic crisis brought by a and the and the fact that a lot of people are tired of the fact that this remains one of the most unequal countries in south america, and also one of the most violent one. now the kind of film festival is showing it's solidarity with ukraine. there are special screenings, gallows on conferences on how to rebuild the countries film industry. a range of ukrainian films and documentaries are an offer at the festival. but filmmakers insist they don't want to be defined by the war. charlie angela reports from cath ah, the conflict in ukraine is ever present in can connect to this highlighting accusation to ah, to president norton is lens. he's opening night a feel for so make his not to stay silent. yeah, we should hear was like from 940 coming from all screens suite. as many ukrainian
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filmmakers put down that cameras to pick up weapons, the global film community is asking how it can help the industry when the war is over. an industry that was just starting to thrive, it was developing quite quickly. i must say. we had a successful years at almost all class, a film festivals. there were ukrainian some, some various programs. there was a film in the main competition in venice by but engine, but the knowledge called reflection. there was a film about the klondike and the same film by marina got about one sundance awards . in can, ukraine has a range of projects and pam fear story about fighting for redemption documentary about the destruction of the german video population in the maxim nicole. net. she's film is competing in the new direct his category. he's been given special permission to be in town,
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but next week will return to join the ukrainian army. butterfly vision followed lillia, a former prisoner of war. he struggled to resume her life as a soldier and wife went to after that was the story of the victim. he refuses to be identified as one that the right is based on interviews with victims of war crimes. their stories were full of some awful for if the details were the most impressive thing for us and actually there was was our film is about like what are they doing in order to survive? to overcome this trauma, the ukrainian direct to say the characters and their film reflect the strength and courage of the ukrainian people. but the bubble that is kind of so far removed from their reality. right now. they say they'd like to talk about cinema. the 1st they need to survive to get through this war and then rebuild. charlie angela al jazeera can.


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