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fighting both isis and as for the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the jihad. cartoon on al jazeera use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissects analyze and you have to find and i guess i feel that from algae, there isn't mobile app available in your favorite app. still get that great and tapped are made and you app him out of even need at you. think of it ah, ah,
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bolstering all the line says joe biden is on his 1st trip to japan since taking office is the u. s. seeks the counter arising, china. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, we report from the front line in east, in ukraine, where russian forces are steadily advancing to control the dumbass region. brazen attack has see the a member of iran's revolutionary god is found dead outside his home in the capital to hold on and rising concerns over an unusual spread of the monkey vaults virus outside africa will be speaking to a health experts. ah, you as president joe biden is in japan for the 1st time since taking office.
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ah, he's expected to outline the list of asian economies will be part of a regional trade agreement. you also attend the quad summit that's an inform alliance of the us, japan, india, and afraid via the us japanese alliance has long been the cornerstone of peace and prosperity union. pacific and united states remains fully committed to japanese japan's defense. and we will face the challenges today and the future together. later today will launch a new endo pacific economic framework. the purpose of which is increase our cooperation with other nations in the region and deliver concrete benefits for the people in the pacific region. govern out rob mcbride, he joins us from tow care. so quite a list of topics for biden,
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and because she that to get through right, wrong that's right. but a lot of them, very much focused on security and with an eye particularly to china. but it's interesting prime minister casita in his opening remarks just before they began the 1st bilateral meeting, which is now taking place in this palace behind me. here in central tokyo, he made specific reference to russia attacking what he called russian aggression. saying that the invasion of ukraine undermined global order. i think the americans would have a welcomes at hearing that it says, this trip is very much been focused on the north korea, china, but also with a view to russia and reminding moscow that united states has some very powerful friends in this part of the world. that the u. s, which has been leading this international community and isolating, condemning sanctioning russia for its actions can count on the support of south greer and also a japan enjoining those sanctions. so it is a reminder to russia,
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but a lot of the focus will be on china is growing assertiveness in the asia pacific region, which does concern people here in japan. japan is locked in various territorial disputes with china when it comes to the east china sea. and it is also a concern the military build up of the chinese forces and fuel the debate here about how much japan should be spending on its defense. but the main thing that will come from today's agenda will be this launching of his indo pacific economic framework. this initiative by the united states to work with like minded countries part does here in asia pacific again as a way of countering the extended and expanding economic influence of china in the endo pacific grants today and tomorrow we've got the quad meeting into care. thank us through that. yeah, that's, that is probably strategically, militarily, that's probably the highlights of this whole trip. it will be this summit meeting
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of the full leaders of these quad nations of japan, united states, india and australia, and also of course and, and to be albany is the new prime minister of australia joining for that session. this is this informal alliance of the f 4 similar weston style democracies in asia pacific region, who are very concerned sharing a common concern about the military expansions by china looking for ways of trying to work together to constrain the chinese growing influence, middle of the military and indo pacific, much to the, to the shack grant of china itself, it does not like being constrained to body regards its own backyard. it regards this as interference, but nevertheless that meeting we'll go ahead and so we expected to see what further collaborations between those 4 nations in years to come. i thanks so much for mcbride. and to the are the knees has been sworn in as
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a strain. he is new prime minister, now beheading to tokyo, hold talks with by them and other quad lee. this is victory and saturdays election ended almost a decade of rule by the conservative coalition. that by formerly de scott morrison promised to tackle climate change and the rising cost of living. the russian forces have been stepping up their bombardment of ukrainian cities along the eastern front line. russia is trying to secure and expand its gains in the eastern dumbass region and on new cranes, southern coast. among the cities hit hard to keep in the ne, nikolai of the virginia in the south are both acid bags in solid out for battle has been raging for days. the town of solid doff has been hit by russian
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artillery. the ukrainians still hold it were one of the few to gain access to this in battle town. we entered on foot without a military escort. the streets are empty. a crater left behind in the middle of the town. another in front of a residential building. others destroyed ran to look away. no coverage live when we just came out. we were in a flood, but at night we're sleeping in the basement. i'm here because my daughter is ill. i leave i am. where am i to go? they take us to their basement and where we find others sheltering from the shelling. ha ha ha ha dab away at night at 1 o'clock in the morning there may be shelling or the whole evening or like a few days before throughout the morning. or there was such a big bomb, there was mud everywhere and lots of fire. despite the war,
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the destruction and the constant bombardment. some here still support russia. we've blurred this man's face for his own protection. joke. you look younger, why are you wearing a helmet? with guy augusta last year for waterloo, grassy, redo russia. we'll be here to victory. dumbass was always russian. the artillery battle begins again where one is now going into their basement. it's usually a good indication of the fact that something may be coming back in. usually what happens is the ukraine's required the rest of the plan that you can return for this funding equation to fight. it will go into the basement at that side. possibly get out of it. so the door is in
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a strategic location. if russian forces managed to take it, it enabled them to strike anything within sight. the ukrainian forces i desperately tried to stop them. i said bake al jazeera, saw the dog rushes defense. this tree gave a breathing about his latest defensive in the moscow back separatist controlled areas. let's hope there was a good high precision air based missiles have hit 3 command post 13 areas where ukranian troops and military equipment amassed, as well as for ammunition depots, near solar, dark, sol, internet's people's republic. and new cova in lou ganske people's republic, a little bit. russian soldiers have begun do mining the sides of the our style still works in mario full. it follows the surrender of the la fabian soldiers and rushes, announcing that it now controls were destroyed forts, if he was russian forces retreated from towns and villages near here. they left a trail of death and destruction. behind families are still struggling to identify
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and bury their loved ones. the bodies found they must harvey reports from boucher the bloodletting in future has made it. one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street. and people are trying to go back to the way things were but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. sites like these are common in places that have been taken back from the russians. this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled. well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence,
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there are still land mines, an unexploded ordinance that have yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian occupation in a village outside, boucher. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time in the defense of their city. but shut the machine when a year should set the cable in the hope that it wasn't them until the dna examination should also many scenes indicated that it was too pain, despair emptiness as isa wounds wounded. that will never heal. did you not get on it? when he was in the woods, they were shot. their bodies burned in what is left of the car where they died. it smells like death. she says, look, you know,
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we did. so did that. these men were killed more than a month ago, but they were found identified and buried just days ago about some of the. ready evans trumpeting about butcher every once trumpeting about hull about egypt and maria paul. the same thing is happening there in kirsten. it's a horror. it's an order book. it wouldn't be as long as there is this. there will be war, she says, and everyone wants peace. who had to leave the war and ukraine has broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots has confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to
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more and more people to miss in basra oj 0 in kasinsky village near butcher iran deletes meant for unit the revolutionary god says one of its senior members has been assassinated in the capital to her on gunman on 2 motorcycles shot dead, colonel hudson, so young her the year in his car outside his home. the attack is still at large in a separate development on state tv earlier, and our members of an israeli intelligence network could be found and arrested through the policy is the executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft. he explains who could be behind the assassination the countries that have the capacity that motivation and the willingness to accept the risk of engaging and an attack life is really rare, reduces down to only israel and the united states. but if it is, is well that is behind it, and it certainly is
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a significant escalation. and it doesn't seem to be tied to what's happening in the region. but rather, most likely, it is tied to what is happening between the united states and the one in terms of the sticking point in the negotiations and the nuclear issue, which is the status of the r. she's not only does it quite likely doesn't seem to be quite likely that it would hard on the wrong position. but it also seems to be potentially the motivation behind it. when you take a look at the history of israeli assassinations in the wrong, they've not been tied to the moment where it even has run the cost of a major nuclear breakthrough. but rather they tend to take place. when do you s in the long run, the cost of a new care and diplomatic rate. and right now they're in a state made on the issue of the r g c. but just in the last 48 hours, there's been rumors about a potential willingness and leave on your side to agree to come from mars. well, that potentiality seems to have been reduced to 0. now as a result of this said,
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i had an al jazeera homes, abandoned slaying for their lives, millions across south asia. busy affected by flood waters sweeping across parts of india and bangladesh. plus, i'm charlie enter the cannes film festival red carpet has been rolled out. the ukraine fledgling film industry. ah hello, we've got some violet storms now pulling away from the eastern seaboard of the u. s . you see that mass of cloud, angry, stormy weather, just coming through it all associated with this cold front which extends all way from east and canada for the northeast of the u. s. right down into the deep south and that's the boundary between cooler air and very warm air coming in from the gulf of mexico. so we're looking at to 13 celsius in chicago. 33 celsius in
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d. c. big cabbage contrast. hence, as massive storms which will clear away a place to say as we go on into monday. se brighter dryer fresher, more comfortable. 21 celsius. still a few showers down towards the caroline is pushing into georgia, gloria showers across the great plains, and they are driving the way further east, which as we go through tuesday, could see some localized flooding could catch a tornado or to some large house and damaging winds always a possibility. further west, no sign of any rain around the desert. southwest. somebody re really radicals that western side of the west into western canada. a large dry 2 is put her way down into mexico. we have got some showers around the yucatan peninsula. plenty of showers across the caribbean, though. sort of south of guatemala right down into panama, costa rica. just wanted to shout to the greater antilles. ah
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ah, for 23 years mawson has collected objects he finds along the coast. ah enough to fill his museum. enough to break at dennis wild redcoat, armed with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artists. on the voice for the plight of countless micro might genius you such are on al jazeera lu the me back watching out just there. a time to recap. our headline so us president joe
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biden is on a 1st trip to japan up to coming to office. he's expected to outline details of a new regional trade agreement and the 10 bog summit, which includes japan, india, and australia. a battle of continuing to rage for the strategically important town of funds are nice and ukraine. it's part of russia attempt to consolidate the game. the east and also along the crazy w co. iran deletes military unit the revolutionary god says one of the senior members of fascinating the capital to hong in a separate development around state tv and out members of this really intelligence network has been found. and the rest of israel has bob, the entry of the head of a european union delegation. it was going to review the situation and occupied east jerusalem, the west bank and gaza. the entire delegation from the european parliament has now been forced to cancel this trip. mano benee the heads,
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the delegation for relations with palestine. he said no explanation was given to his banding body suspects it. but speaking out against the murder of al jazeera journalist shooting of enclave buys, ready forces may have played ro. and what we do is monitor the status of the situation of the palestinian people under an occupation that has lasted decades. it is the 1st visit since the last great aggression of the israeli regime against the gaza strip. now it's been a year since this aggression, another important element was the recent merger of al jazeera journalist sharina. last week i made a specific request in the last plenary session of parliament. with regards to the killing of hearing by israel. we got the majority support from the parliament for the debate. i do not to allow touch. i got punished for that. we were able to
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denounce the murder, which is the last one of the 50 journalist murdered since 2000. what israel wants to do is cover up the systematic crimes that carries out against the palestinian population. last year alone, more than $300.00 plus tenure civilians were killed by israel simply for being on the land. they have not given any explanations as to why they sanction me in my capacity as president of the delegation. i think it is a punishment, a tactics action against a complaint. but obviously we're not going to stop doing. if israel thinks that by sanctioning us, we are going to stop and now sink the crimes. they are absolutely wrong. i can specifically say that they do not know me is they think i am going to change my position to avoid sanctions. why don't make me, i'll be in my opinion, they're obviously not going to investigate emergency or did themselves. she rings, murder is not random. it's not an accident. it's not a stray bullet. when she was outside the shutters, tremendous precision,
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right or her helmet. and obviously whoever gives the order to kill shooting is not going to investigate the murder al jazeera media network continues to demand the rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied. westbank surely was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignments in janine nearly a month on the day of the funeral is ready for the storm, the procession and started beating mourners cause in pull barriers to nearly drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community of condemned hey killing. calling for an investigation. 2 of our claim was without 0 for 25 years. covering these ray the occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. now the 1st case
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of monkey pox has been discovered in austria, 13 nations outside west and central africa where the disease is endemic. have now reported cases over the past few days. the infection spread through close contact causing all the souls fever, but is rarely faithful. professor catherine bennett is the chair of epidemiology at deacon university, joins us now live from melbourne. good to have you. so 1st of all, how deadly and dangerous is monkey park. how worried should people be? what's unusual to say is outside those in it countries in africa, the variance that they're saying that's associated with those cases that have been denied weekly, tight, so far around the world with these new cases being found outside the region. they tend, they've been linked them back to the west and african strain. and this is, this is actually a good thing. that's, that the more mild version, again,
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central africa has been associated with death right around 10 percent. more like 3 percent with this other variant. but we also don't know how the virus will appear in different population settings where we don't have, it's not to auto immune disease or in older people. they have protection from formats, faxing, and so on, says the number of things that will influence the likelihood of someone dying from this. the most important thing, of course, is early i did if occasion, so that people can be given optimal care. so that will, will hopefully say these infection so result rather than saying a case vitality, right? no damage reported so far. ok. but how infectious is it? and how does it spread? is that known? yes, we know quite a bit about this. it's related to the family of, of parks viruses that spread through direct contact. so you can have repair it treat droplets spread like you can with a, with a common cold,
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but not like code that you don't have best. more heiress allies to spread a very fine booklets that can spread further and, and make casual contact. wrist here, it really does take direct contact. so usually it's how so contacts it might be sexual partners. if anyone who has either that very close exposure, potentially to drop that spread, but mainly it's spread from the actual lesions associated with this infection itself. and, and anything, materials and cough, for example, that is that someone might have being, you know, if you have handled the badly of someone who has the infection, you might be at risk. so it's really that direct contact with a bodily fluids with we struck loop sprayed or with contaminated materials association with the case o. but it's, as he said, it's not as infectious that cover is the same. going to be the next global pandemic that is going to take the world or not likely not likely. and the reason for that
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is people don't tend to be infectious until they have symptoms. it. one of the biggest challenges with cove, it was both the ease of spread, how it could spread to more casual context, but also that people are out there infectious before they develop symptoms. so they don't know. and some people never develop symptoms with mock with a monkey pulse. the infectiousness comes with quite distinctive symptoms. so it helps identify people who have the infection. they can be isolated, so they not withdraw the paypal and we can find a context as well before they have a chance to become infectious. from a public health point of view, it's easier to contain. and from an individual point of view, you don't have to worry as much about passing the virus on to others. if you have it, you will know it's important. people get treatment early and that will help public health authorities manage the virus in the community as well. tell us more about the treatment you mentioned. it's important to get treatment early. what kind of
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treatment kind of vaccines exist? well, the smallpox vaccine actually does work against this older people who've had a smoke faxing earlier in life. all his painting exposure areas whole days on the far says, now who are a small talk thing will have protection. some people might have natural immunity if they have been in areas endemic. but clarice got side africa though, because people are less likely to have those things and the younger adults won't have the protection of hope out. fact, since we stopped administering those many decades ago, in terms of treatment, there are some specific treatment they're not widespread. but the main thing is, is been being monitored. so if anyone has any complications with the infection that they can be well managed for perfect st. held around the world, they've been kicked him in case we did say a smallpox resurgence, but at the same time it's,
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it means we do have some supply to get out there for those who might be receive those who are in health care physicians where they might be exposed to, to patients coming in. so it's important way we have that protection. so those people likely to be context if we do say case numbers in reasonable numbers across the world. so the vaccine is still the most important thing is we can help reduce infection rights. all right, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. katherine bennett. anthony heavy rain and flooding of devastated parts of india or bangladesh before the annual monsoon season. country child raise in flight and sent off this report. the lead division of not this bangladesh is prone to flood every monsoon season, but nothing in this jail within last 2 decade, according to the flood forecasting center. the villages we've talked to in this area said they haven't seen flood like this for over 2 decades. at least now you
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can see some of the houses been inundated with water, at least 500 school run under water. well, let's say 1000 villages have been effected thousands of actors fishing land, farming land has been devastated. now the government has set up facilities to sheltering people. at least $300.00 plus them. people are wanted, if the flesh lead get worse. thanks. good, get really challenging for them. what we know from the flood forecasting department is that the rain as received at the water level, is going down to 2 of the major labor. but if the de la from the india not 50 states, a mega land, some keeps coming. and the monsoon, rain continues, things could actually get worse. and within next few weeks, the cannes film festival is showing its solidarity with ukraine or a special screenings gallows and conferences on how to rebuild the country's film industry. charlie angela reports from can the conflict and ukraine is ever
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present and can connect to this highlighting accusations. the crime to president is not in the line. he's opening night appeals to so me because not to say silent young we should hear was like from 940 coming from all screens suite. as many ukrainian filmmakers put down that cameras to pick up weapon, the global film community is asking how it can help the industry when the war is over. an industry that was just starting to thrive. it was developing quite quickly . i must say. we had a successful years at almost all class, a film festivals. there were ukrainian phones from various programs. there was a film in the main competition in venice by but engine. but the knowledge called reflection. there was a film about the klondike and the same film by marina garbage. one sundance awards
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in can ukraine has a range of projects and pam sir story about fighting for the demo. documentary about the destruction of the german population in the next im, not connect, she's film is competing in the new direct his category. he's been given special permission to be in can, but next week will return to join the ukrainian army. butterfly vision followed lillia, a former prisoner of war. he struggled to resume her life as a soldier and wife. what was it to uh, what is the story of a victim? he refuses to be identified as one that the right is based on interviews with victims of war crimes. their stories were full of some awful. for if the details were the most impressive thing for us and actually there was was our film is about like what are they doing in order to survive to overcome this trauma.


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