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nice across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w h on making a healthier world for you. for everyone, a deadly hum that was eliminated from most of australia decades ago is killing young women in the most indigenous community. one 0, one east investigate. on the al jazeera ah, ah, ah,
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bolstering old alliances. joe biden is on his 1st trip to japan since taking office us seeks the counter arise in china. ah, times sammy's a band. this is al, just they are alive from dell hall. so coming up, we report from the front line in east and ukraine, where russian forces are steadily advancing to control the dumbass region. a brazen attack cassini, a member of iran revolutionary god, is found dead outside his home into rom, plus. i'm charlie ange at the cannes film festival. red carpet has been rolled out . the ukraine fledgling film industry. ah, us president joe biden is in japan for the 1st time since taking office.
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ah. he's expected to outline the list of asian economies. he'll be taking part in a regional trade agreement. he'll also attend the quad summit that's an informal alliance. if the u. s. japan, india, and australia, us japanese alliance shows a long run, the cornerstone of peace and prosperity noon. a pacific and united states remains fully committed to japanese to japan's defence. and we will face the challenge of today and the future together. later today will launch a new endo pacific economic framework. the purpose of which is increase our cooperation with other nations in the region and deliver concrete benefits for the people in a pacific region or mcbride report from co care. now, prime minister casita in his opening remarks just before they began the 1st
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bilateral meeting, which is now taking place in this palace behind me here in central tokyo, he made specific reference to russia attacking what he called russian aggression saying that the invasion of ukraine undermined global older, i think the american would have welcomed hearing that it says this trip is very much being focused on the north korea, china, but also with a view to russia. and reminding moscow as the united states has some very powerful friends in this part of the world, that the u. s. which has been leading this international community and isolating, condemning sanctioning russia for its actions can count on the support of south career and also japan, enjoining those sanctions. so it is a reminder to russia, but a lot of the focus will be on china is growing assertiveness in the asia pacific region, which does concern people here in japan. japan is locked in various territorial disputes with china when it comes to the east china sea. and it is also a concern the military build up of the chinese policies and fuel the debate here
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about how much japan should be spending on its defense. but the main thing that will come from today's agenda will be this launching of his indo pacific economic framework. this initiative by the united states to work with like minded countries part does here in asia pacific, again, there's a way of countering the extended and expanding economic influence of china in the pacific. i'll to the albany has been sworn in this strangely as new prime minister is victory and saturdays election ended almost a decade of rule by the conservative coalition. led by formerly the scott morrison, now be heading to toko whole talks with by then another called leaders where china is growing, influence in the region is likely to be discussed. what i have said and we maintain is set the relationship with china will remain
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a difficult one. i said that before the election that has not changed. it is china that has changed, not a strategy. an australia should always stand up for our values and we will in a government that i laid fresh and forces have been stepping up there. bombardment of ukrainian cities along the front line. russia is trying to secure and expand its gains in the east and dumbass region and on ukraine's southern coast. among the cities hit, her keys in the northeast. we can live ends up. felicia in the south africa vegas in solid. when a battle has been raging, take control of the town on the hill, and it will be critical for russia's military strategy. for days, the town of solid off has been hit by russian artillery. the ukrainians still hold it. where one of the few to gain access to the embattled town. we entered on foot
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without a military escort. the streets are empty. a crater left behind in the middle of the town. another in front of a residential building. others destroyed. hello lisa, look of this live when we just came out. we were in a flood, but at night were sleeping in the basement. i'm here because my daughter is ill. i leave i am. where am i to go? they take us to their basement and where we find others sheltering from the shelling. i dabble way at night at 1 o'clock in the morning there may be shelling or the whole evening or like a few days before to write the morning. or there was such a big bomb, there was mud everywhere and lots of fire. despite the war, the destruction and the constant bombardment. some here still support russia. we've blurred this man's face for his own protection. just to let you go. why are you
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wearing a helmet with a guy or got the right to your relative for waterloo? read garcia, read your russia will be here to victory. dumbass was always russian. the artillery battle begins again. where one is love going into their basement is usually a good indication of the fact that companies may be coming back in. usually what happens is the ukraine's the fire, the roughly with one of you can return 5. this honey crane is a 5, a will think you're going in the basement. that's that side. possibly get out of it . so the dog is in the strategic location. if russian forces managed to take it, it enables them to strike anything within sight. the ukrainian forces i desperately
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tried to stop them. i said bake 0 southern as russian forces retreated from towns and villages near key. if they left the trail of death and destruction behind families, the struggling to identify and bury their loved ones from the bodies found them by the throb reports from boucher. the bloodletting in boucher has made it one of the most notorious examples of russia's brutality in this war bodies of murdered ukrainians may no longer lay in the street. and people are trying to go back to the way things were. but you don't have to go far to see what the conflict has left behind. so it's like these are common in places that have been taken back from the russians. this tank behind me seems to be pointing a gun. i would, might have been the last thing it was able to shoot at before it was disabled,
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well, completely destroyed over here is the entrance to ukrainian army base in the forest . now, the russians are no longer there, but the russian threat remains over. here is a sign that says mines which indicates that beyond this fence there are still land mines, an unexploded ordinance that have yet to be cleared. marcia lived under russian occupation in a village outside, boucher. she lost her uncle, brother, and best friend. all 3 men killed in the same place at the same time in the defense of their city, but shot the wishes of an idea. she said the people in the hope that it wasn't them until the d and the examination should also many scenes indicated that it was too pain, despair emptiness, as lisa wounds wounded. this will never show, did you not get on it? when he was in the woods, they were shot. their bodies burned in
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what is left of the car where they died. medical, it smells like death. she says. yes, we did. so did they these men were killed more than a month ago, but they were found identified and buried. just days ago, she was still listed, but everyone's trumpeting about butcher every once trumpeting about half about it. and maria paul, the same thing is happening there in carson. it's a horror, it's an order with me now. as long as there is this, there will be war, she says. and everyone wants peace, who had to leave the war and ukraine has broken so many communities in the towns and villages around ukraine's capital weeks after the slaughter investigations
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carry on. and as bodies are identified, the list of boots as confirmed, the dead gets longer. there are still more people to bury more people to more and more people to miss. then bas raphael jazeera in kasinsky village and your butcher iran, the lead military unit, the revolutionary god says one of its senior members has been fascinated into hon. gunman on 2 motorcycles shot dead, colonel hassan said how they in his car outside his home, the attack because a fillet large in the separate development around state television earlier announce members of an israeli intelligence network had been found the arrested professor bust me and he is the director of iranian studies at stanford university, he explains who could be behind the assassination the most likely person or a government behind it, i think is where there is
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a game of cat and mouse right now. propaganda circles in iran and in israel. but i think o evidence indicates that this level of action and the person that they have picked and the kind of leaks that you get from israel would indicate that they're the ones who are behind it. and i think the purpose is clear. nice tube goals. one is to take the fight to the iranians trading. something doing this for a couple of years. and secondarily, it, i think they want to disrupt any possibility of the i r g c, p, listed from the terrorist. just every indication i have in the media is that he was a major player in syria. his rank is given a question of concern whether he was a general, some intriguing officials that claimed whether it was for colonel zeron in claim.
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no doubt, he was a key in the regimes actions in syria, in mobilizing forces support of us and in fighting isis as well as the traders israel. as bob, the entry of the head of the european union delegation was going to review the situation and occupied east jerusalem, the west bank and gaza. the entire delegation from the europe in parliament since now being forced. the counselor's trip might have been a the heads the delegation for relations with palestine. he said no explanation was given to his banding for they suspects that speaking out against the murderer of al jazeera journalist box lay by israeli forces may play the role. i'll just say media network continues to demand the rapid independent and transparent investigation and the killing of its journalists in the occupied westbank. shaheen was shot in the head by israeli forces while on the assignment in geneva. earlier this month,
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on the day of the funeral is ready for the storm. the procession started beating wallace calls in full virus and then he drop a casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied these jews than to take part in the funeral and burial. members of the international community of condemn take killing their calling for an investigation of oxley was with al jazeera for 25 years covering these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. a still had an al jazeera, the world's largest palm, all producer restarts exports. once again, in the hope it'll ease, the freshman rising rises and calls from algerian border. crossing to reopen by the economic boost. we're struggling agency libyan town. ah,
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the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine group. your travel package to day. hello, we should seem rather quiet to weather coming in across sea arriving, pinched her over the next few days. the shamal wind, the northerly winds, the brisk wind which lifts a lot of dust and sand, is in the process of just easing off a touch. touching 40 celsius here in dough half a monday, q a 47 degrees. blistering heat here, $44.00 there for baghdad, we got some showers cool weather up towards the black sea, the caspian sea. of course, some of the shares of the high ground could still be wintry in nature and assemble a picture as we go on in to where tuesday, perhaps the winds a little brisk, a here in doha, on tuesday, but we're still touching 40 degrees celsius lifted doesn't sand in 2 parts or saudi arabia paved off the sand into work. well, the sahara, as one would expect it is largely dry across northern parts of africa, although a chance of one or 2 showers into southern parts of algeria pushing up towards the
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north. northern parts of morocco, place showers, right across the gulf of guinea, pushing right up into marley now. so the seasonal res, making good progress up towards the sa hell. no shower. so they extend across the heart of africa through cameroon. all the way across northern parts of the democratic republic of congo. not too many showers disappointingly dry. that eastern parts offer kenya. plenty of showers for east and south africa, but tony dryer, i saw airway official air line of the journey. how do you states control information in china? there's no can go if you tried to search the war tenement, when you find it, is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion? the headline died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is citrus in gen little re framing the story. i am here to document the war crimes committed by what did and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera
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. ah ah. oh, come back, you're watching. i'll just hear a time to recap our headlines, u. s. president joe biden is on his 1st trip to japan off to coming to office. he's expected to outline details of a new regional trade agreement and the quad summit, which includes japan, india, and australia. a battles continuing to rage for the strategically important town of . so the door and east in ukraine is part of russians attempt to consolidate its gains and the stand also along ukraine's south coast around elliott's military unit . the revolutionary god says one of its senior members has been assassinated in the
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capital to hong in a separate development to ron's state television announced members of an israeli intelligence that were found and arrested heavy rain and flooding of devastated parts of india or bangladesh. before the annual monsoon season, tanveer chowdhury is in silhouette and sent us this report. the lead division of not as bangladesh is prone to flood every monsoon season, but nothing in this scale within last 2 decade, according to the flood forecasting center. the villages we've talked to in this area said they haven't seen flood like this for over 2 decades. at least now you can see some of the houses been inundated with water, at least 500 school run under water. well, let's say 1000 villages have been effected thousands of actors fishing land, farming land has been devastated. now the government has set up facilities to sheltering people, at least $300.00 plus them. people are worried if the flash flood get worse,
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things could get really challenging for them. what we know from the flood forecasting department is that the rain as received at the water level, is going down to 2 of the major labor. but if the deluxe from the india not 50 states, a mega land, some keeps coming. and the monsoon, rain continues, things could actually get worse. and within next few weeks. un human rights chief, michelle boucher last is heading to china is the 1st such visit the country since 2005. tonight we'll be visiting the scene. jang region where human rights groups accuse beijing of abuses against weaker muslims. has go live now to katrina. you, she joins us via skype from beijing. so 1st of all, what's called michelle bachelor schedule. well, this is a 1st visit of you and human rights hi commissioner to china for almost 20 years. and she's going to be here for about 6 day starting today on monday. and she's
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going to visit 3 cities gone, joe and china south as well as to susan. she's john cash scar and woochie. and she'll end her trip on saturday. would some sort of mission statement or press conference. now michelle bachelor's office says that the purpose of this trip is to engage in dialogue with the chinese government about their treatment of the weakest in shin jam. and this has been a long time coming. her team has been trying to negotiate what they've described unfettered access to sion young since 2018, but it's really unclear what kind of access exactly they're going to get. beijing has said that this trip has only been allowed on the grounds that this is not an investigation. and that there is no presumption of guilt. and according to the chinese government, they say that any allegations of human rights abuses in she's young had been what they've called a lie of the century. and precisely, that has called so much controversy and even criticism of this visit before it's
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even begun, right? that's right, the u. s. government and several human rights groups around the world have expressed a lot of concern, a lot of skepticism. they're worried that this trip will be used to whitewash any alleged atrocities taking place in shinji. and certainly, beijing has a history of tightly controlling and curating any trips by foreign dignitaries to sensitive areas, especially since young and now we've got this covered 19 outbreak across the country, there'll be extra restrictions on her team traveling here. so it will be very unlikely that michelle bash lay will be able to freely talk to people on the streets of sion. john, for example, will get access to areas that aren't on their very strict itinerary, and the fear is that she won't get anywhere close to having a genuine view or what is taking place. there may have been some very serious allegations including
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a one. the allegations of 1000000000 people being kept illegally in, in term and caps for sterilization forced labor, what many rights groups and some government se amounts to genocide. but of course the chinese government has staunch laid. and might all of these accusations same that their policies and programs and she's young are based purely on improving the economic opportunities for the people there as well as fighting terrorism. all right, thanks so much. katrina, you know, and in asia started exporting palm oil again after a 3 week van as part of an effort to temper soaring prices for cooking. oil prices haven't dropped as much as hopes for the government says domestic stalks of recovered from a shortage bound coals. fears of nation worldwide shortages, indonesia produces more than 60 percent of the global supply of palm oil. jessica washington reports from jakarta. in late april, indonesia introduced
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a sudden ban on palm oil exports and not decision. cent shockwave across the world . already grappling with high food prices, high edible vegetable oil prices due to disruptions in production of sunflower oil in ukraine, but also soybean oil, which was disruption due to drought indonesia as the world's largest producer of palm oil. at this decision to now allow exports should have positive ramifications for global food security and the availability and prices of vegetable oils in indonesia, palm oil, farmers have welcome the decision to resume palm oil exports. they say that they were disproportionately affected by the palm oil export ban. the president joker were dodo also stressed that as part of the decision making process behind, allowing exports to resume, he was thinking about the welfare of millions of palm oil farmers across the
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country for consumers. they say that the prices are still higher than what they used to. the government had said a target of trying to get prices down to around $0.96 per liter. those prices have not yet been achieved. and many consumers say that they are still struggling with higher food prices, not just for cooking oil, but for other ingredients as well. now, the libyan town of adamus is steeped in history for years. people have been struggling to make a living and soft algeria closed its border because of political instability. conflicts in libya, osmotic trainer explains. the pearl of the desert would soon see a change for the better. deep in the living desert lies the city of adamus. the ancient town at its heart is the unesco world heritage site. the 15000 people here have long traded goods with al julia and welcomed its
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tours. but algiers closed the border after war broke out in libya in 2014. life has become harder. trade largely relies on libya's capital tripoli, more than 600 kilometers away. i'm a sir. medina, people of could amas, have many challenges. prices a high here with far from big cities i, tripoli, watson, all our goods come from there. now. good am is, is in the desert and poor little jury and tenicia. but the border without cheering has been closed for years. i'm. it is a local journalist. he explains how life has changed. well for danny, i will go about when algeria was open, there was a lot of business. we would visit our brothers in algeria. they would visit us when the border closed. there was an immediate economic recession and we all suffered in april libby as prime minister abdul hamid de baber visited algeria high on his
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agenda. opening the border between the 2 countries. people here say that would also open opportunities and helpful local economy. the aluminum essay, as we have made numerous efforts to open the border with algeria by putting pressure on our government opening. it wouldn't just benefit adamus, all of libya would benefit you. we have both governments open the border soon. about 7 kilometers from the center of the damage. deep in the desert. this mountain that we're standing upon is called the rough elwoods, which translated means head of the ghost. visible by the naked eye. you can see both the borders of tunisia, and algeria. both countries have said they want to re open the border, but for now, people here can only wait and hope their lives will soon get better.
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malik trina al jazeera cut down as for the 1st case of monkey pox, has been discovered in austria, 15 nations outside west and central africa where the diseases and demick now have reported cases over the past few days. the infection spreads through close contacts, causing bodies, souls and fever buddies rarely fatal. the 1st u. s. military aircraft carrying 32 tons of baby formula from germany is landed in the u. s. state of indiana, though more with told, is on the way america has seen a critical shortage due to a product recalled by the countries leading manufacturer coupled with supply chain issues. the biden administration has mobilized the military and invoke the defense production act. to quickly resolve the crisis, the shipment provides enough formula to take care of 9000 babies and 18000 and
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toddlers for a week. now, it's about a half a 1000000. 8 ounce dose is a formula on that plane. 78000 pounds. the cannes film festival is showing its solidarity with ukraine or a special screenings gallows and conferences on how to rebuild the country. the film industry, charlie angela reports from can. the conflicting ukraine is ever present in can connect to this highlighting accusations of crime to president len. he's opening night appeals to so make his not to stay silent. young we should hear was like from 940 coming from all screens suite. as many ukrainian filmmakers put down that cameras to pick up weapon, the global film community is asking how it can help the industry when the war is over. an industry that was just starting to thrive. it was developing quite quickly
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. i must say. we had a successful years at almost all class, a film festivals. there were ukrainian fans in various programs. there was a film in the main competition in venice by an engine, but the knowledge called reflection. there was a film as well in the klondike and the same film by marina got about one sundance awards. in can ukraine has a range of projects and pam sir story about fighting for redemption, documentary about the destruction of the german population in the next im, nicholas. she's film is competing in the new direct his category. he's been given special permission to be in can, but next week will return to join the ukrainian army. butterfly vision followed lillia, a former prisoner of war. he struggled to resume her life as a soldier and wife when he was doing this is the story
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of a victim. he refuses to be identified as one that the writers based on interviews with victims of war crime. their stories were full of some awful for if the details were the most impressive thing for us, and actually that was what our film is about like, what are they doing in order to survive? to overcome this trauma, the ukrainian direct to say the characters and their film reflect the strength and courage of the ukrainian people. but the bubble that is kind of so far removed from their reality. right now. they say they'd like to talk about cinema. that 1st they need to survive to get through this war and then rebuild. charlie angela al jazeera can ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here now just now joe biden is in.


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