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tv   AJ Selects Drugs  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2022 9:30am-10:00am AST

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ensure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how is fine lydia yemen. ha ha, ha, region and so many other we go to them, you make the effort. we care. we spread that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survived is hard to believe for people who didn't see the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian glass and so refuge in africa never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland. oh, now to sierra ah hello, i'm adrian sort of getting to know how the headlines on al jazeera jo piping. the
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has met. a said that he would be willing to use force to defend taiwan. he met japan's prime minister for we were shita during his 1st visit to the country is u. s. president. the 2 talked about russia's warn ukraine, the need to monitor and cub chinese influence and the indo pacific region. and they agreed to expand security defense corporation by it was also supported japan's bid to become a public member of the un security council. strong japan and a strong u. s. japan alliance is a force for good in the region. i support the piece instability that's going to continue across the taiwan strait. promote freedom of navigation in the east and south china seas and to deter the democratic people's republic of korea. so thank you again mr. prime minister for your partnership and your friendship. a ryan's elite military unit, the revolution regard says that one of its senior members has been assassinated in the capital tiff wrong in
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a separate development. iran state tv announced the arrest of members of what it says. this is really intelligent staff work. there's the headline for these continues. he announced syrup after ha selects ah no, not a from with nick when you look in the neighborhood im una. hey, maria, to me as an allstate imagery with most of the new, for those in the home and a view to where we set up, what the hell didn't the pull up with me? all the de la multiplicity, yet obama possible. good for the same. yeah. okay,
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now you're the one i know the bill did with we'll see bobby house. i don't want the mean shooting abuto to look ah, my bag was my drug. if i had my drug i do everything. if i don't have my drug, i cannot blame. i
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mean, using drugs since 34 years ago, you again, this were selling drugs or the down to are the biggest spending with around 1516 as i using may jonah after i came on the alcohol and because one of my friends using brown introduce me to bell, i mean, smack, i couldn't see them. i've been really lucky. i was in
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a good job and educated us like, you know, want to report in areas buying. smack. now i want to look at miss where all educated people will put in magazines all day, but people go and it's really c handle with the money and get your drug. somebody to go with. if you go to that game is and you know, you know, they give you or the concert, how can you say the game? it doesn't know that you're using it when you're buying it morning, afternoon, evening and you're buying it for years and years together. every day it's a struggle. every odd says brother, especially when you were in front of. okay, mr. newton, this morning. you can give me the drug is a very big struggle. you go to fight with 11,
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b 11 r 11. 11 you went to lead you over but stepped out. you're like, well me, i'm gonna go like relative medicine that connected. yeah. mm hm. i think if i were alone out of that, do you have a heart problem? i knew i would appear to roderick, but there drank it once again. it's so obsessive. compulsive in station duty in staying in with ah,
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it it is. it is a double double blind and i have a bland about not sport. another, the bad guy though, i know i've been on the really got think i missed it, payments that are gonna happen. yeah. or there i yeah, i just got it. that's good. i got a good this. i knew i got them on a
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bill. my degree and i was in the middle, but that's a, that's one good thing about the disability. i haven't got the other people to go under 30 to make a go. my thing is, i'm nick, i'm even a bang. i mean maybe to get it. i give them up the article a little bit in a already a. * ah,
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a de leon, his medicine lineage ought to be other problems. give me medicine. me was the oh yeah. oh, yeah, that's all i do. like the other guy who know that a valid ball. maybe that about that i'm looking at a hospital maybe a year before you move it or did you say you to put it with this? you bad me when i see that will not be home is with a all her life and he got it
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need only of her id. how does it it started. okay. liz: angleton anthony more and then i'm not talking about dental hygiene in facility me, but the last name a a a in oh ok o n
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a last class of people you will find always on the road. so everyone sees them, the hired last, people go to the ip area. so most of the people don't normally stamps, and editor lost his trust. so they didn't have faith in him. they don't trust him. so you at least i'm with people of my own going. their doctors away or call center executives. right, because all of us stay together and all of us help each other and make each other aware that look, this happened to me, it should not be happening to you. ah
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madison is supposed to help people, but you know, the medicine is not helping people, it's killing them and it's restored. begging it over. the counter, in fact encourages people to get the drug easily and use it easy. so a lot more is needed from the government side, not to stop the drug, but do regulated just to earn some money. you can play with anyone's life. and the game is sending him with ah click on both. so you, on a monday one, i go on,
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the go more, i think all you to use on with down. yes we but it's a 4 minute glenda molecular unit with the white. busy busy ah, it's a good a fine, i mean, some of us and then course you know, i'm sort of building them in the early pollution then it goes, unions, us eobs, proceed owners with us. yeah. and we went idea. many of those are using for their owners. ah hello and o 3. so for my uncle to just to do an out of the many is when the nino, the police yes. and the guy that was a bio you barrel done so. so just give us
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yes, i can do osi a part of this one though. one of the this how many's in lucille? you do a all those us on, on the 19th as you are still getting busy looping on. ah, no, we don't have any will. i will let you know, but you don't know what a internet on the phone we were in the center. you would owe gartner. but gustavo and deliverance. he goes, it is a one they love me to take on this all ira no sooner when i say notice so both. so for me to know, you know, sort of
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a dummy and, you know, know, venus a already simpler should. i say it was a b use that kind of service. some for my load us, the learning gwen. this is a yeah. with the 2nd i want to put up. well, i believe it was delicious. booker in minnesota. i see my mom, but it, it can be done in walking innocent in that button to complete. but whenever to sort of go something what in daniels is. so what i say we thought we had to neil ain't there. can we're bizarre brooks, who are going to you are, but it's a boy in his elaine the i news is we again mr. saggy, which we're going to get
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a time with the way a so mind it. oh no. yeah. a been out of the brazil, a sort of point she almost blind gary saw. that's what am i going to like a seamless when i'm out? i guess what am i going to be in 3? i'm on a most ideal. it is. what am i go to the products on that vehicle? valet daniel, i see us in percentage. i'll talk more for
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a little minor name. so he said a ccrc, i'm ya. it's a one a m o b, a, b a mm. mm hm. anyone in the needle and the sink window, jonas, notice i love you, but i will not move booking. nobody or attending, you know, something else. oh my most of what i what, what, what get him. but i can't get this in time, you jonas?
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no, that is a not one but a but i thought was a j louis. symbols into it. there are you there once a year, one are going with it. i'm i know that i going on actually what i'm shopping with my internet explorer is in waterways. so when i was young the
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dollar router and eyes and all the stars im based on the list in on monday, you know. yeah. so this my 1st time to uruguay and i've come to the source of the revolution one flag that recently in the cannabis movement and he's done so much open a path that's really reverberating around the world. you know. busy new needles, i mean a guy is, is under, we assume he had to center a dozen. ask in the moon though. i see i said, i mean there's no way. oh goodness others me sorry. so most i thought it was a turn it on one penny a good, the num. okay, so really one machine. i'm gonna send a sima the samsung assario and then i also have one,
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but i also don't releases oregon on monday when you are done. elisa sh jones and i'm done. yeah, going on. i mean, almost busha, put them on tanya, russian. diana rosalyn in i can say, ah, i mean, you know, this is doing it with
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fund 82 stephanie to see some cases of heroine news, but you didn't. the 19 ninety's and early 2000. yes. the number of people who wayne checked the heron inquisitively, my company saw in 2004. we did another research to find out the day. ha v magnet church among these people who wait checked and trucks. old for the top percent, they were a chevy. positive this was it in michael, very high as compared to the general population. 5 went h and is the worst part of it is that women who are injecting drugs, the etcher, valenzuela, 62 percent. that them, when you say we needed to do something for february 20 live industrial,
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we opened up these clinic one image. okay. and i knew we took our company when brianna had tisha. what do i do? yeah. close with family members. that during the middle initial, when yeah me to morning i was in the center console show you over and over to them if they're doing with somebody league and i'm a lunch order . but the challenge is, is the little made that the number of people who are using drugs, he destined very huge. and the biggest challenge that to we not that is that people
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that, that it to inject heading so that they can access with as time passes, than the number of drop off to get also increased. so last the disappear, we still cannot. let's stop recruiting new glance that to looking for those who disappear and see what is happening. what's telling just do they have, where did they leave method and then go back to using or harry did with my my what does that the idea a little few are one of those. yeah. a dave or new ones? yeah. well, my know a lesson done and by doing what, if i did a fight again, i say when i'm,
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when i'm, when i mean when you reside, i didn't adopt my younger and i already knew that day and i would not do women anyway. gum i play, anyone i knew in that is in london. well, when you do it here, you deem do you go easy with or is this being done with no school in a room with
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what we're done. so i'm, i'm to learn to know that, you know, one with the one i was told to let me go down to 9 and i can is as good to kind them with them as i do now. quarter a know sure, sure. what other side of this yeah. listen to that because i'm way they do and was yeah, my visa number to let the van grant that the guy when did he yeah. do i need it under? yeah. now when i went in there and i'm gonna get in, i was to go into my shit. danny, only need easy study
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with a beautiful now not a lot do you want? oh yeah, we need, i need to do it. i want it now that won't get a fuel environment. i would only say 9 to when you were to land or is it about william ramos? yeah. good day. oh. and is in got to double ones. you like it?
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yeah. and i said, yeah, but you go when you're funny, the angles you like to renew the the i'm gonna lawyer number and i want to say i'm when a scale loony this year. what? yeah. and yeah, and i look when i get out of it is it doesn't go when you're bengal window. no stand or you scale choice on a scale score with a no you didn't you nearly login to the well and i we are. is that own only glen jang union?
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yes. yeah. it again. yeah. again my younger in missouri whiskey. yeah. whiskey. yes. and yeah. does they they are glad ah hell i we should see rather quite a weather coming in across c. arrive in peninsula over the next few days, the shamar when the normally when's the brisk wind which lifts a lot of dust and sad is in the process of just eating off the touch. touching 40 celsius here in dough half a monday. key. wait 47 degrees, blistering heat here, 44 there for baghdad. we got some showers cold weather up towards the black sea. the caspian sea. of course, some of the shares of the high ground could still be wintry in nature and isabella
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picture as we go. one into where tuesday, perhaps the winds, a little brisk, a hearing doha on tuesday, but we're still touching 40 degrees celsius, lifted dust and sand into parts, or saudi arabia, paved off the sand into work. well the sahara has one would expect. it is largely dry across northern parts of africa, although a chance of one or 2 showers into southern parts of algeria pushing up toward the north of the parts of morocco, player showers, right across the gulf of guinea, pushing mar, up into marley now. so the seasonal race making good progress up towards the sea. hell, oh shower. so i stand across the heart of africa through cameroon, all the way across northern parts of the democratic republic of congo. not too many showers disappointingly dry. that eastern parts offer kenya, plenty a show us the east and south africa, but tony dryer ah, the talk to al jazeera, we are, what is the time table in your mind?
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when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with the refugee, i look at them and they're happy, they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store respect. imagine on al jazeera, now the answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. you came up with me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera ah.


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