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helping the resistor, it took it as it was, for example, in 1930 angus and munich or some historical twists and turns were now visible. some not bit, we always had to respond to them. now we've been trying to prepare for all her. yes . story. coll, upheavals, so long, so as to mitigate their possible consequences. we're trying to heal the wounds out of catastrophes that over followed one or another historical animal twist. and now we have a large collection of such response as those un charter with all these agencies. the always see the i a, the w, t, o and many other institution us. but other in now often though you to respond to what we have phase such a day that has a bird, has prob, is it possible now to try to attempt those institutions fold malta and challenge is definitely not,
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would need to change the approach not to respond but to any revenge, to flee, but even in english, and what that not only to adapt to you, reality is what we have livingstone, but to create of you, it's the tools you didn't lose. vision will look at what ukraine has already done. we have them, it's meal established at historical precedent for high ridge. we don't hesitate another oh boy didn't listen to those who saddled on our defense would not hold longer than just a couple of days. we have, he stopped the russian army, but which was called the 2nd largest in the world at the coast of having fighting guide, a coast of south ends of lives. we'd gradually washing the occupiers out of our territories. then would we not to do that? the floor is if we were a hurried, lost chair and a full range of sanctions would be applied against russia, weight, preventive fight. that could not down the vehicle any aggressive feather.
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i'm sure me the answer is no, no the wishing of the pre lang ting that oral and we had be guaranteed should this sanctions of the world would be preventive and noxious? i mean, she puts imposed as the response. i mean, rain has another precedent in the 3 month is not a precedent for the unseen unity in the democratic world around the emotions range of change and admiration for your brains cartridge and around the understand things that you would need to fight for the freedom and now, hundreds of millions of citizens in democratic entrees are put in posher would have on government loss and companies measure to make sure they would limit or restrain their relations with the aggressors take with russia not old and a. and it's that to how the people utilizing it was under attack. but this is happening on the now levy love for even though russia started its war against
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ukraine, back in 2014. yet we are grateful for this support. but yet with that evil that will happen was that us say, you know, that it's the immediately, that's unit to that it pressure and governments and companies for the state. everything is quite a, for the freedom would russia started this full scale? warri would bring all these losses, apple and ukraine, and upholding world. i'm sure that the answer to this question, that is also no money. now he, we see that the world listen of it. and i was, it believes ukraine, but there is also a certain expectations of the world as to how the situation will be resolved. once jewels will work more than one test. so you was gonna, can we create to prevent such aggressions and future and how do we stop them rude quarters? shawn was that has challenged everything and knew you that we all will cherish it. valued. that's what the turning point means. ladies and gentlemen shook,
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i fiddle with dawn, expect guy for his hat short spake bar it. don't expect for russia using their special weapons. either he can be called a lie, a logical yonder, and i would even more so nuclear do not give you the grass. certainly the impression that the world would not cease to now protect full board the firm with him and regular. she wasn't, but he had peaceful older in the world with the maximum effort possible that this what the sanction should be. there should be maximum ins as well. so that russia and every on there potentially resar who wants you to wage a brutal war against its neighbor would clearly know what is the immediate consequences for their actions. yamaha bush and i believe only they're still note such sanctions against russia and they should be should be rushing oily burgers. lou old, the russian bank should be born to no exception that he's got to settle. there should be an abandonment of the russian id sector that should not be amanda drake
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with russia. it says that this should being on the, across it in 4 sections, prussia, but if that will work to one, vincent li, big for the decatur to come and what supported story, the bits of their piece of wiggle. it is necessary to send a precedent or incomplete withdrawal to foil flooring businesses from russia market, so that your breasted a branch would not be associated with work right alive. so then your offices bills and goods were not used by the glory criminals and that their bloody and trends disposing of value. this much must matter which eliza bone on particular. now when a full scale war begins in the global markets of becoming depths destabilized. because someone, someone there she is simply neglecting the values with. in that case everyone will suffer losses up on the mac. we offer any, every company that leaves the russian markets to continue operating in ukraine can,
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will have access not only to our market, unfortunately, 1000000 consumers, but also to the common market of europe. and your brand is your possessions. they would only in my trees, if you would truly support the production of freedom, our representatives here and douglas can. and for all of you on the details of the prospects that you great opens for your business. ladies and gentlemen, thought we all for the world is normally to start a precedent for rebuilding the country after the war, which will show he every one issue, who dreams of destroying the life of a neighbor, but that the war is not working. and why to take part in this rebuilding the site, the amount of work is enormous. we have an adult more than half a trillion dollars had losses, hands of thousands of facilities were destroyed. when did you rebuild entire seat is in industry only most and we offer a special novato storage glitch, significant model of rebuilding one with each of to partner countries or partners.
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8 lines or even partner companies will have the opportunity to tackle patronage over in particular region by it could be city or community or have been an industry . britain base can say, denmark that the european union and other leading international entities have already chosen as specific in his area for the patronage in rebuilding. and thanks to these small to live relation, newly, a more just thought that the post war rebuilding could be fast yet could be efficient. it could be quite quality. this would not only allow to attract the bass and specially soc, contacts, engineers, builder roles valid. those manage res, fanny and out there is betty, and she will also vis chevy the largest. when you read, want to lead since the world, if gore to, that it will become the largest opportunity for and i cannot make, allow wake poor version. and i hope that at the beginning of the international
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conference in look, i know that was mentioned like the president cases such as well as the and howled in july this year dedicated to the post war reconstruction of ukraine, all of our huffman countries. and most of the leading companies to the world will come up with their own packages of proposals and which i don't know what they are taking this opportunity, i would like to extend them where it's of gratitude to him, to switzerland for organizing this conference and supporting l ratford, so i would like to go on the know the efforts over was still a foreigner line, particularly her proposal to establish a platform rebuilding and reconstruction that would be managed jointly by the rebellion commission and ukraine and will allow to direct the european union resources to restore it in normal life, in our country with the list of the you precedence that we need to would not be complete without a few more decisions. so there has to be a precedent for punishing dave dresser and for the investments of the biz full,
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like the russian assaye, that he's in the years, which are my scattered and differing jurisdictions, must be found to them what order it has to be gone, is seized in that war frozen, and then they should be allocated to a special on that even that would be used when they come to help all those affected by the war. of course, this is not easy as ellis is them want to let after that, that would be definitely no multiplying, should see it. but i re a grasso to do what russia has done and what it continues to do. okay. if the aggressor that loses everything like that, he definitely deprives him of any motivation to start the warranty. that's more long enough. any response to the mass famine, eng. neil him or isn't she too late? or by definition does the font the famine should be stopped? only preventively when it is not yet started. like my now the man, the world you must simply has now to like that. and we propose to establish the
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organization for responsible and democratic statements. exporters of food products who could brags with respect for human rights and global trade rows. the motivation that yet for us it is very similar to whatever the turning points they are in history. what the humanity should have followed bullet to, to protect themselves against a hunger and ukraine is ready to provide a platform for the activities. you have this new organization, which is definitely an important one. and the project. one more aspect, this political and war of russia against ukraine convince as ever one it support into the country under attack is the more valuable the sooner it is. provide not weapon policies that if funding political support, he issue and sanctions against russia. you, if a fully we would have received them by 100 percent, vari needs or brazil at once, like in february, but the result is, but it would be tens of thousands of lives sale with just this is why ukraine
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needlessly all the weapons that we ask. not just if one of the ones that is human were being provided. that is why ukraine, any funding that's at least $5000000000.00 us dollars per month. the horses and all day he fun lesson would be that we need for rebuilding our country. this is why we have established a font thing for rebuilding ukraine. hold united 24, and we called a horn. every one means that a joint dazzle platteville road. the one that i'm land, they import each and every doner will have a specific proposal of how to help and where to allocate those funds. where are those priorities? the targeted nature of our work is the absolute, your 80. but, and am un down under these bran with united $24.00 we proposed to you establish a global structure that can, would be with a 24 hours
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w and provide sufficient supports to any country vienna that has the, he knows, suffer, it will fail to military attack a natural disaster for them or hip and derek, so we all thank you for that. for security guarantees, based on what we have face or what, what we have, i went through shows the best buy and there must be something that that's a precedent for double timely assist to easy to everyone who needs. but if thing to say of what it is, a lie. but if it's with to to decide, i know that social stability nivia old didn't ask is very elements for normal economy. his little furs updated something like a 911 sir, a ballistic, a guy there has to be lots, it's similar sort of like that is called united $24.00, but which would guarantee the security and the on a global scale. and in a lady's agenda here, a man whose name is still well remembered, george marshall said the following shale edition, back in 1947,
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not from what he said abroad re policy is not against a country or doc trading when against hunger, this poverty despair and k, l and boy ed's go, the broadening it says to revive you a function in economy in the world to allow oil for in the emergence of political and social conditions here in wichita training institutions can exist, otherwise words are relevant. and even today, my proposals, wallader, our business, vh, say all the same, there are designed to counter the hunger poverty disparate case. and of course, the war which is unlaced by the rush and which brings nothing else but congo equality, despair close to many in the world. not only turn on glasses to your grace,
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because guarantee i am a deity shalise and stability and security requires all the vows acting quickly and preventively, which should not be afraid to say when you precedence winnable not shoot the and this is what the world should learn will at various gentle turning points to which in paid high prize give gabrielle this was the prize. well, for the fact that, well gee of, well, only respond but not to ad preventative lead. so now we can do it differently. probably find the language in the correct way. mama, thank you for your attention. glory to you, craig. ah, thank you for calling.
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san kill presidents zalinski here shown us to mac, get you to answer complexity of the issue. and what is actually at stake, mister president? if i may have still 2 questions. so 1st one is for for lawyer. what is your dream? how do you see or crane in the future? what is your wish and full claim? it's a future. oh,
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the time. no, no, thank you for the school. jimmy's gluttony, he put a stay at plat. yep. you same varner philosophical on a specific mom. yeah. but example, you get a job just to befriend carry me with the president of the states. we already a niche. so what is the grant of today? that because every morning was appealing for me with getting the number of people who were killed with me as i fornia, and unfortunately lumpkin according to the statistics and he said, seems yep, we have guards that he 87 said god alice. now he just has the victims, my boy today in west attorney, his joseph d. so the teacher of ukraine. well, being back with that goal, idea more. i wouldn't ask
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a going to emotions available at this point, but they can tell that's our country. he's losing a lot today's every day when i'm but he doesn't daughter makes us stronger than so. so a little freedom, old movie, missouri miss l is the wage. this is up. people sort of for find the settlement for the nation, the audience future. but a more and definitely the big city. i'm with the he's away from the us a had a i'm sure we will be. yeah, victoria stage with unit fries leave. alicia unified by the speak to. no, i'm really glad that to be able to to be that strong. he school he, he and i mean that the civilians military, we will be asking for that they should have nation or what specifically moments security auditors mobile devices understand that. but the neighborhood like this
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will be anything can happen anytime and the war may repeated. so when is it with doc? but when is that we have to make it people more sure, in a way we have to create such conditions. show that we are people on businesses, so not not live praying. nissan exist in this country in the town, ls live in this country. just to take an example of is that, am i speaking just to tell you that this is pam smolik at the same melisha? it's not to particle just i'm connecting you to one vicar shot it loses glass. ukraine is bills bigger than that in europe, and the task of defending over to life is more complex. and the task is actually the most up to date nadia friend. besides them to create the most no more than a multi modal defense insecurity to screen making the answer into
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a building or my punishment. corporate defense agreements with other companies, we, the disparity is willing and we have trust in each and hopefully these documents will be approved by the parliament. would you give our parkland nations for the whole grain when y'all's shit though to see that isn't enough, then a chance for their grandson to live. right. and so our company in the future will be shortly looked if it's not like i'm the future of discount them, supports people and businesses of out development village a conversation teaching. we are a little money going through to well in, so you can update or on the arctic institution that nothing and that will remain in your grade or sector without us. martin like this already more credit, more than that. and i think that is a modern place. this is right. yeah. but if you're safer, national get key moment there is, did this,
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this nation which is appealing to them to listen to the rest of the road. this is my dream of your current fainter. ah, it's the president, you'll country is playing a substantial role in feeding the world if i may say so your exports at the moment of food products are interrupted. how can we help to re stall o crane as a major to fulfill its function to be a major contribution in all to a white a food crisis which would be so. ready dangerous for all of our sensor balls and so painfully what can we do and what can you do?
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what can we do for you? i love that dog. you know, give he button. yeah, lots of steps will. okay. it's my, it's entailed maybe live last last, if these are in and around the country, which has happened in the moments of the larger extent. when you get priority to me, at least to that locate our see ports, you know, of our seaports being blockaded the whole of the us off see milestone the black sea . this has been done by the russian federation model. and you probably know that sir. they are stealing all where good ai on the daily basis. russian military are doing this with great smuggling them losers with glazed ships to other
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countries and beneath to maria to proudly under our minister of external affairs, he is actually working with her for years. and so this is another campus, and actually it's a big question. it's so of how you as a company that can why the grades that you know, for sure, have been smuggled more by russians more from ukraine. lee work in this direction. people might need a long diplomatic channels from we and so that kantler's assistant us from my, from the day because we won't be able to do quite for these for there are some quotations actions you all along the loop. and at that point is hard to take looking at our port, see pause the europe. beehan union is engaged. they've talked to borders. johnson to j do with our from portland to reside here. okay, sure. i'll tools sweat to learn. yes. those are much less digital to the united
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nations might need it or will it cost king for substantial a natural to establishing a corridor which would allow allow what we've us for some flour with harvard and grains because of that i wanted to double your deficit and you know, it will have been able to burn in asia, africa everywhere in the eighty's know crazy and this will be like, okay, home we'll see on is that a continuation of their logic? can i assist them? launched in one of your previous year would only test them and with locating out reports they're doing just the same way in the foods really. so we me, so i agree even on the corridor new list and that i share will not be able to stand against the leading countries of the world. magically human emphasize that we are
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able to explain. it's about center that can humiliate the hands from the supports, which will mean there will be no hungering countries leave that or the other are option sort of doing it by a railway, but it won't eat rehab manually. that is on for what may. but in cancer is our friendly trumpeters. we are talking with walter states for presented to so we are talking how to use their full service there, seaports on the baltic, monetary to, to do it. so it is no name a single employee or one size fits total solution for that, or if she's good for that. again with that can be no simple solution. that was the name, but like russia should, that a shown in the corner muslim world that also military solutions. how to duplicate them. our current jo, what lance? i was a mother and we are going to do it parallel chocolate. her friends again life,
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we need assistance from around the world for us. let us them for that war is going on. you may not perceive it has been quite diff. this is a very some, a 1000 kilometers from you, but this is still an imminent lee. that's a good, a shorter, yes, sure. and it's can speed along if you're creating failure on the fails, are the blockades. obviously forwards is one of the steps. and the little intel easy, well that it finally english 3. and now we have problem as being products are few oil, so petro decent. so what so many challenges we have to face, and i ask everyone to assist, you know, financially a lot of choices in terms of financing. i will explain. we're ready to day that we need to deal with multiple issues and challenges like food deficits, and i'll be waiting 0. i may have to deal now that i should,
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but better luck with our national economy. has stood in my product and financial systems and a be a good age for me. oh, graham, international particular financial institutions for the assistance like that i may have read like as a particular person or thank goodness for the majority of them. i don't understand why i would like you to find the united states of america for just support some of the reasons packages and he's been recently signed by you as of inviting them. so we welcome it. but we want everything to come as fast as possible because much it depends on the speed. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, the addressing delegates at the world economic forum and getting a standing ovation. after his speech, she said that the international community must be ready to use sanctions in order to prevent conflicts and not just in response to them. he said that the war in
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ukraine would not have happened if preventative sanctions had been previously applied to russia. sanctions. he said, should be at a maximum level, this should be no trade with russia. the world needs to set a precedent. he said, and we need a complete withdrawal of businesses from russia will get more analysis of presidents along that as lensky. so speech in our news, our beginning in a couple of minutes here on out 0. let's check in with some other ideas before we go though, australia as new prime minister is on his way to the leaders meeting in tokyo hours after being sworn in the court summit as it's called, involves the u. s. japan, india, and australia. anthony albanese is inheriting a tense relationship with china, which wasn't under the prime minister that he's replaced. he says it's unlikely that that will change. after at least 7 people had died after
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a fairy court fire in the philippines. on the 7th of the $134.00 people on board, a still unaccounted for. it happened off the north west coast in kay's own province . the cause of the fire isn't yet. the case of monkey box has been discovered in austria, 15 nations outside west and central africa, where the virus is endemic of reported cases over the past few days. the infection spreads through close contact, causing body source and fever. but his ready fain, that's it from this policy will be back in just a moment with a news out. ah, cats are always official and line of the journey with
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with mm. pool away officially and i know the judge elite dance. it was an arabic, my name is helen. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with handcuffs. them led me into interrogation. ah,
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a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera with school. ah, ah ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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