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tv   Fault Lines The Scoutmaster P1  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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for the broader population, the likelihood of spread is very ill. however, the likelihood, the further spread of the wireless through close contact for example, during sexual activities among persons with multiple sexual partners, is considered to be high in a world still racked by the coven. 19 pandemic societies have an advanced understanding of viral spread and protection. testing contact tracing, self isolation and basic hygiene our household concepts so containing a disease like monkey pox should be relatively easy. jonah haul al jazeera. now researchers and argentina have discovered a new species of terra saw. that's a flying reptile at co existed with dinosaurs around 86000000 years ago. it's been named as an artist drachen. that means death dragon. it's notable for the size of its bones which make it one of the largest terrace was ever found. ah,
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richard of the headlines they are now to 0. a russian soldier has been jail for life by a ukrainian court for war crimes. 21 year old vadim sheesh marine admitted killing an unarmed civilian. it's the 1st such trials since russia invaded ukraine, 3 months of palestinian officials, or formerly asked the international criminal court to investigate the killing of sharing a barclay. the al jazeera journalist was shot in the head by his range forces while she was on assignment in janine earlier this month. floods caused by pre monsoon rains are causing havoc in india and bangladesh. dozens of people have been killed and tens of thousands have been left stranded. many a still waiting for health more than a 1000 people in iraq have been hospitalized because of a severe sunstorm airport. some schools have been closed in several cities and also a neighboring quatre. it's the 9th sandstorm to hit iraq soon to mid april. well,
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those were the headlines. the news continues your analogy 0 after footlights. thanks so much a fucking up. ah no, not a from with him on your team yet and honest with you, the story me. most of us, the new book with us, and we said at the home and a view to what we said or to well, be held that the put up with a multiplicity. yet obama, those are people doing for the, you know, you're the one, i don't to call a shooting
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abuto to live on counting the cost of reset meltdown in crypto currency, worries investors can it make it come back? why did app or lose the most valuable company? ground to saudi oil for romco. and how will trade protectionism affects global for security and fight? counting the cost on al jazeera. ah look it up a little further. i can just remember my mind. i
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go check the play and hide instigated reality. what was going on in a new case all the time? i do not want to die. ah. in 1997 low. nope. a small town in arkansas was shaken by her rhythmic news. 20 year old heat stocks. a former boy scout was arrested for the murder was parents and sister. that wasn't the full story. something was left out a secret that he thought on to for years with what happened here?
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i'm a journalist, a father, and a former scout. all of these things have brought me here to lona to look for answers. this is christmas 9. i want to well, let's start with christmas anyway. that's what i with, you know, come back to addresses and we're going to pride this work since it's an old vcr. you see here my mom was nearly 50 now that's what you call a christmas face. the room b. that's barbara. her mom i to daddy sent you a shout. 5 years after this christmas dinner on the night of january 17th, 1997. jos talks. his wife barbara,
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and they're 18 year old daughter. heather. we're all shot dead. what? i think joe love's barbara beyond belief. i'm not so sure that he always knew how to express it. cow boar. oh, that may i say that joe and barbara had hazard 8th a's in head. there were basically my kids because i don't have any. and you know, from surprises that, hey, this is one stuff looks like on christmas morning. i from the outside. they were very loving. give the kids anything that you think will help them be a better person. make sure you take them to church. try to live that life live
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a, a question. life is christmas buddy. everybody loved everybody else that day. ah, this is what i thought. probably the rest of my life would be. and i can look at it was it was a smile on my face to say had i had a little bit of it. it was, it was wonderful. they were good people. when god gave me a give 20, maybe what happened to this family? where does it start to fall apart? okay. this is what get the whole world in it, right. well, the baby picture feet that their teeth. that's her. yeah. move her he is and he's fine. right? she was definitely his protector. why did he need a protector?
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i well apparently he felt very threatened by his day because he wasn't going to be the perfect child heath did kid things and made good mistakes that were unacceptable to said, joe, this is him here. i think so. here he had some marring dispelled. he was 88 j, so he's getting trouble at school. maybe i'm not getting work, not okay. because of this, this talk span. we looked for help elsewhere. so they say he may be as a responsible and yet, and jack is so in his steps as, as he can help him be more so. yeah. if you can help him to learn to me more responsible they ask friends. oh yeah they yeah. he does a really good job with a boy scouts. by the time he was 8 years old. he was already in the
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scouts with the families. good friend check walls, had long been a volunteer the super no 3 the so yeah, the check was lou. that's a true tv jack was how magic you know what i'm saying? i mean, he could sit here and talk to you and you would just even just think the world. i mean, he would just think of worlds. i think he has a good parson. good man, good. a scout later. you know jack's room a prominent family. everybody drove to the when their kids got in trouble or needed, they needed advice on how to manage him. they came to jack. he was the savior for he's. he was the intervention that would help hayes become what john barber wanted him to be that there's a push learned that this car for yeah everybody everybody,
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nobody was like jack. any time that people had fallen always, jack always hear that he could go to my left gallons and i'll hold them to banding young me. i would be brought up from the very beginning. he go home or get me wrong . father couldn't see jack was a beloved figure, not particularly for his volunteer work with the boy scouts of america where he was a scout leader from the early seventies to the early nineties. very nice came from an old family, a family of money, family of wealth. i owned a lot of property, lot of land just good people, just really good people. ah,
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this is father was a appointed judge. he had other relatives who were both state supreme court judges and a federal judge. he was, i voted in as the man of the year he had a lot of pull on a pest man of the year award. went to charles, jack was a 3rd who cited walls for his boy scout work with i had a lot of pictures of wade and i had is a boy scout and eagle scout chart with everything. but this was the banner he was wearing the day he became a scab on eagle scout. and i,
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we were very proud of him and he was very proud of his up what he dont here's his accomplishment. so was a good day. it was a very good day. karen knox and her family live next door to jack walls. who was related to them by marriage. her son joined his uncle. jack's boy scout troop. the same true proceed. oh, was whately doing the scouts? her probably $67.00. why did wade become a scout of jack of jack was his uncle. he encouraged it. i mean our cares when he had 3 daughters and we had 3 children. they were all about the same age. we went to the beach with them in the summer. we had family gatherings, you know, we just, it was just normal as it can bang to a shack always a sure. well yes. yes. when why was 5 being in education,
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i noticed there was things about why that just was it on up and he was attention deficit. first fall he was on medication and then he was diagnosed with dyslexia. so we know it's gonna be hard and then about the 3rd grade. things fell apart at school. why can no longer play sports and get along with anybody? he did not respect any authority. i mean, it was just constant turmoil with ham. why would get so upset that sometimes he would run away? you and ron and jack with smooth everything over. everything would be just fine. we lay abroad across the street from jack. it was probably the fate. maybe. there was always, always scouts over there. always scouts always boys because
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he was interesting. he was bon mm alone. ok. liking towns and cities across the us. children joined the boy scouts torn out door leadership skills a good day. so you had to do was was was happening on the walls farm. that's where it had been in the early ninety's jack walls. what else? camp outs on the family farm with a scouting trip. what was your early impression of jack walls? he was really involved in scouts and,
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and love the program. my brothers were both in boy scouts and i started as a cub scout and worked my way up. what would you like about it? what you learned from give me a skill set to make me a more well rounded boy, to be more prepared to go out and be independent. to be the best you can be. whether you're in a group setting or individually tend to be trustworthy and loyal, and honest and helpful. friendly, courteous and kind. i mean, all the principals of the school, but when jack cross that threshold, it changed everything for me. in 1992, 4 years before the stocks murders doug was invited to join
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a camp out led by jack walls didn't tell me about that day, how that window. so we had this camp out to get to know every one. and we went out there that and i now i'm going to 16 and i'm going as one of the leaders scouts i'm, i'm going to be in charge of a group of boys will be helping jack with that. and that's why i was there for us to get to know the kids that i would be going with get know their personalities. supposedly there was that there was no organization like a normal boy scouting of it. he offered alcohol to me at 1 point one. he did the several times that night and he started tell him boys to go to bed that night. and that struck me as odd. you're saying he had a plan here and another boy picked up on it. he excused himself and
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said he was going to bed, which left me at the camp fire with jack. and jack started the conversation off with who i was dating, how far we'd gone, what we'd done. but then it started taking a different tone of, well do you want to do this? i can help you with this, or who are you thinking about tonight? and he said light down, take, take load off, you know? and i he, i, he came and lay down with his feet in my head and kept the conversation going but camping in a sexual town. and it bothered me. but when he put his hands on me, he reached from a belt, started trying to unbuckle my pants and just holding. no, i'm not into that's not my thing. and he, he tried to play it off for
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a few seconds and i don't remember exactly what he said, but he was brazen enough to say what about you do me? and i said no. and i got up and i left. i went to the trail, can i told my friend that was with me and they didn't seem shocked at all. i got home and my dad noticed my attitude mom, my demeanor and asked me to sit down and talk to him. so i sat down and he said, what's going on? and i said, i can't tell you. and he said why? and i said, i will tell you if you'll make me a promise. and he said, what's that? i said, you have to promise me that you won't do anything to go to jail. he said, just tell. i said i can't do it without your word. i need you to promise me. you
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won't do anything to go to j. a said, okay, you have my word and i told him what happened. my dad said, i'm glad you made me like that. promise is otherwise i would have reacted and then was your dad. he called jack up. he told jack in a very colorful way that he would step down from wisc outs. he would resign and not have anything to do with with scouts over again. and if he did this, he wouldn't press charges. jack walls wrote a letter to tucks father cletus chronology. he did something wrong that night and it, he says there's a great amount of trust placed in a man who worked with young people as i did. and i violated it. he apologized and assured doug's father that he would step down from the boy scouts best not what happened. 2 my dad did report him to the local council office and they
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made him ineligible with that because of the accusation. your dad reports him to the boys, girls these foot on the list, but then that's not enough. if he decides to press charges. so my dad went to the chief of police we wanted a public admission of guilt. it was never about the money. after that, jack was was charged with delinquency of a minor and assault. he was put on trial in 1994. ringback ringback but it meant the hogans would be going up against far more than just one man. to let alone, oak is so caught up in all of the the worst tales. you can read that, you know, from southern literature of inner links between families and who's rich and who's got the money and who's got the power. and this person is connected to this person
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is connected to that we're at, you know, oh everybody stand everybody. and you had to be careful what you said. oh, what did you think of doug hogan at the time of the trial? i thought it was a farce. now this is coming from jack, though he is out to get money. he was asked to get money from the walls is that's what i am. we were titled no waiting. now doug hogan, it's all i know is what i was told and that's why i believe we as a family, went to court to test ha with jack. and i was on the witness day and i said this just came bay. it cannot bay. there were politicians there he's dad had brought all the state politicians, ian you. now of course that little boy a was proven that jack was now. jack came
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out looking like a site that day and wages the good will lay that that child would say something like that. we just couldn't believe it. several of jack scouts also supported him during the trial. i tell you what jack. the head, i've never seen dad doing any of my attorney warned me that oftentimes in these type of cases that the victim is put on trial. that their character and integrity and things from their past are brought in to explain that they're not honest, that they're, they're the bad person. and the victim is blind for what happens instead of the perpetrator who actually did something wrong. i had people leave notes in my locker at school that knew nothing about boy scouts and what had gone on that called me
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fag homo, queer bay, i mean, these are boys that had nothing to do with scouts, but the, the stigma of, of what had happened that it was at the time abusive, but it was gay bashing. i was queer bay and they picked on me about it, but they never directly did it to my face. it was always behind my back or in subtle ways, leaving notes or things. what picture did they pain of him on, on, on the stand he was a good, honest man from one oak that went to church and was a good leader. and they, they couldn't see him ever participating in something that i was accusing him of. and i was the one that was perverted dirty and creating this situation so that my family can sir his family. and in that case, who prevails in the criminal case,
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jacked in it was acquitted of all charges. did it actually go into court 2 different times or the only go for the no civil? no, it was settled out of court and so with scouts couldn't have got the trial. and for legal reasons, i'm limited as to what i can say about the civil case. why are you limited? because assigned a non disclosure agreement at 16 your household, but the boy scouts of americans at walls in jack walls lost his registration with the boy scouts of america. shortly after doug's father reported him to the local school council. there filed the walls, makes it clear why it lists the details of dogs allegations
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the boy scouts became responsible the minute they knew what and who jack was waiting to hear anything about the scouts, not approving of jack any more. we didn't know anything about that. they on his side way hard was jack how did he continued to lead scouting events after he lost that registration? he shouldn't have been involved in scouting at all and they were okay with hanging jack out to draw, but they had to protect him at the same time because to completely expose him or let him be exposed. would mean they would have to admit that he was doing this within their organization and they just couldn't allow that. it was all about image marketing. we're safe, we're good. we're wholesome. nothing to say here. they wanted to keep their brian
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not, it wasn't about safety. the safety of children, it was about keeping a clean reputation, an image for their organization so that more boys would come no, i think that case just left me disappointed that there was no justice in that regardless of how much truth at home and how much i tried to expose jack for who he really was. people are manipulated and it's a manipulative system. and i didn't realize the system that i was fighting. i was fighting a prominent family. i'm fighting an entire national organization there. they're gonna, they're going to make sure they've got a really solid story before they walk into that court room. weren't all i had to
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give was. the truth is a 16 year old kid man was one incident, one, it's him. and i shut it down and 30 years later, we're talking about one not that could have ended so much pain and suffering when i did report it. but it did a lot. y'all a go down y'all been doing so good. you're getting yourself. ah, ah,
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a echo b r whole or go to la grange. b of our sexual b r a m a, one of the fastest growing nations in the country needed to open and
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develop international shipping to become a middle east and trade and one of the skillful enough 3 key is about filling a promise of connecting the connecting the future one, the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family tales of those who survived. it's hard to believe for people who didn't fit the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian glass and sought refuge in africa, never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is on homeland. on al jazeera, from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitations. this dick, it is
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a most consequential decade in immense, is she doth for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front. in part 2 of human rights activists, q me, ny do, and environmental. if we known and the teeth, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on al jazeera. ah, al jazeera, great with oh, the 1st war crimes trial of the ukraine conflict, a russian soldier sentenced a life in prison.


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