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i will all of latin america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why talk to al jazeera we oh, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are? can be all for russian gas, we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter. on out you see the latest news as it breaks. sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell policy and story with detailed coverage. a newly released report as bad gotten related death in the united states reach an all time high during the pandemic from around the world. the heavy pushback has long been a whole lot of the outgoing administration. rodrigo detect date had little tolerance with descent
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ah. 3 months in the war in ukraine president brought him as the landscape says russia is causing a blood bath in the east. ah, i'm nora. kyle, this is out there alive from dough hall, also coming up a message of unity and commitment from japan's prime minister. as in the pacific allies discuss regional security and china. heavy floods and bangladesh and north east india displaced 2000000 people in kill dawson's. we'll get live updates from both countries and disappointment for tens of thousands of asylum seekers in the us who may phase deportation. under a trump arab border policy. ah,
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people in ukraine are talking of winning the war with russia and reclaiming their last land. it's 3 months since russian forces invaded thousands have been killed. millions are homeless and cities and towns are in ruins. but even as russia intensifies as operation in the east and the south, our correspondence saying bess ravi found optimism in cave that their forces will be overcome. the war in ukraine has not gone or is expected. cave was meant to fall to russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missile shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morale and anger at russia are now so high ukrainians. see, the only acceptable victory will be taking everything that occupied territories in
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the east even crimea, that yes, you should. some was live. yes, i believe the return of our territories is possible and i think we should not stop . i believe there should not be any negotiations about to return in to the same borders we had before the start of this war. or, you know, we should get our cds and crimea back. this is our saw in country, and we should defended green, there should not be any negotiations with the animal. but when you say the story of what the reason of us, i am hampton was of course, i believe, full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. he asked you pregnant weapons and in our, our army or we'll, we'll do everything. and we will, when i am not, i'm sure we will get her victory and am yes, hillary and just weeks ago,
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independent square was under locked down and covered in snow. now people line up to buy stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was the weekend when in this war and we can survive. so for me, it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future, and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the board. i'm sorry, i can say, and things look very different in the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions. the reopening people are returning and ukrainian seemed far more optimistic, all the cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war. that the war is not over. russian forces are escalating offensive in ukraine's east re mobilizing
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forces to battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their country, nowhere in ukraine is completely safe. there is a future that remains uncertain. the in basra, v o g 0 keith. meanwhile, ukraine's president says russia is creating a blood bath in east and ukraine lauderdale, and the landscape says has been full and a half 1000 missile and as strikes in the past 3 months, the vast majority and civilian targets lewis to well, it mean they created a bloodbath and trying to destroy everything, everything, everything alive and literally loved them. no ones destroyed. don bass on the way that the russian troops are doing. now. i'm grateful to everyone, all our warriors who hold positions and have the bravery to counter attack. what they believe she didn't even the wooded, the coming weeks of the war will be hard
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a week and we need to understand this one. but we know them other alternative and to fight him to fight and to win, or to liberate our land. and our people marketing a strong message is being sent to russia and china on using force to create change as come from the leaders of the us, the india, australia, and japan who are in turkey for regional talks. the war in ukraine climate change and china's influence in the indo pacific. and some of the issues being discussed by the group known as the court. i healed he did it. we have been able to send off a powerful message of commitment by the, for leaders from tokyo to the whole world, which was extremely valuable. the 4 of us committed that unilateral change of status quo by force will never be allowed in any region, especially the indo pacific. and that the free and open endo pacific is ever more relevant to day. our correspondent rob mcbride, joins us now live from tokyo. so rob, what else we been hearing from the japanese prime minister at this gathering?
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that's right. the end of this summer to a press conference just wrapped up or with prime minister casita, to be honest, nothing earth shattering. it's really a repeating of the same kind of themes that we have been hearing over the past couple of days. these are the main session on the bilateral sessions has been going on this tuesday afternoon, have wrapped up. the 1st of the motorcade says left the presidential compound here were expecting the other mo, decades to follow very shortly. but took a sheet. it was basically summing a summing up what he was saying about her having a free and open asia pacific endo pacific region. i believe that sir, president biden is now on his way or from the prime minister's office here after his next engagement in this tuesday evening. back on an aircraft or back to the united states. but also talking about the is the shared threats of the 4 quad members that they face and endo pacific. there was a repeat about north korea's in north korea's missile testing about cherokee china
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as territorial moves in the east and south china seas. also reference made to climate change and also the fact that the indo pacific is prone to natural disasters. it is this of the pacific ring of fire, and that how the 4 members assured help themselves when it comes to infrastructure, disaster preparedness for their mutual benefit. as you mentioned there, there were so reference made to russia and about so how a country should not be able to determine the status quo will of a neighbor by force basically sending in the tags that will seem to be obliquely a message also said to the direction of china with regards to its attitudes toward sir taiwan. but i think what was interesting, just finally was if it was interesting in what they did agree on and could agree on pointing to what they can't agree on. i think that said, the summit members, especially 3 out of 4 of them, would have liked to at least seen a very strong condemnation of russia for its actions in ukraine. but of course,
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india was here and because of its tradition of non alignment, it would be unable to sign up to any act, a strong condemnation. so we got a very wishy washy message at the end saying that the, all the members aggrieved in their sovereignty and the, the right of self determination, which did seem to be something of a cop out. and not too much mention of china directly in that press conference room, but it still very much the focus isn't it? especially after the remarks by the u. s. president. yesterday that throw this a remark by president vida, and that would you a get get involved mid a little militarily. if her china threatened taiwan the sit said the simple word. yes. and for the whole of to day tuesday, he's been having to say know, being peppered by questions saying, does this mean a change in the u. s. long standing one china policy or its attitude towards taiwan? no, he's had to repeat
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a constantly throughout the day of various photo opportunities and sprays as they call them and being thrown this question from reporters. but it does seem to have been something that he has been tried to answer and trying to correct for most of this most important of the 2 days the summit day itself. and it does a lead to china believing that all of this really was at sat out from the very beginning as being a bit of china bashing that this was china's adversaries in this part of the world ganging up and trying to stop it, develop in what it regards as its own backyard up thanks very much meant by wrapping up all the lines there from that quad meeting into again. now clauses amier has called for journalists lives to be respected, no matter where they come from. shakes her name, been hammered. al fanny was speaking at the world economic forum. instead of off out 0 journalist, serene abil, aclu was fatally shot by israeli forces was on assignment. on at the 11th of may, sheila christine palestinian american journalist was still 2 weeks ago in
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palestine and then robbed of a dignified burial. should he was covering the suffering of the palestinian people for decades. and our hearts are broken. her death was just as horrific as the southern journalist continue claim since march of this year and 18 other journalist til and palestine since 2000. well that come and came as the palestinian foreign minister announced it has formerly asked the international criminal court to investigate the killing of serene abil acura. israel's military prosecutor is called on the army to conduct an in depth investigation. a group of graduating students in the u. s. has stayed to protest in honor of sri, nebo, actually they carried photos of the out. is there a journalist as they were awarded their decrees from georgetown university in
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washington, dc on saturday and demanding an independent investigation. one palestinian american student refused to shake hands with the guest speaker, secretary of state anthony lincoln. well, that student nor, and al hamden has told al jazeera what prompted her action. we were protesting not only the incompetent u. s. roll in the region, and the frankly tooth rest, toothless remarks that the united states has in regards to someone who is an american citizen being murdered by a foreign army that we are supposedly allies with and bankrolled by the millions and billions of dollars. it was not just a statement about should in the martyr. it was also a larger statement about justice for palestinians, an end to the occupation and posting on liberation more generally, and given the response and given the fact that blink and actually confronted us at the end of commencement, it looks like the message was heard myself and my peers are calling for an
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independent investigation, not because we believed that there is any fox left to find. we know the israeli military murdered sheeting, but per her families request. they are requesting an independent investigation because this kind of thing going on the global record is important. it's a start to holding israel accountable. now when that accountability will happen, certainly not in today's current world, and certainly not with the current biden administration, but it's still important. and so my exact response in that moment to the secretary of state was we know the truth should he was murdered by these really military that we bank role. we need to stop funding these really military with american tax dollars. said a has her on out a zara, a cloud of dust that's causing a lot of casualties. yet another sandstorm strikes a rock and double detention. we'll hear about guns and opposition. figure arrested
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twice in one week for protesting against the rising cost of living. ah, holla, we have a salary breakdown, so our heat wave across western parts of europe that illusion the heat across spain, portugal into good parts of france. while the cloud showing up here is a thunder area of low pressure, which will continue to make its way further. east was ahead of that, still some heat in place down to will to se 30 celsius therefore bell great. there we go. with those heavy in thunder showers rolling across the low countries. by the time we come to choose day where to weather also coming in the cross, sir, norway, sweden, coming down across sir poland, austria through switzerland and back down to war. spain and portugal than those showers swore drift a little further east, which as we go on through were wednesday where to weather coming back in behind
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then, so we will see some cloud and bright all the way up towards the baltic states. tad kohler there for vienna, get him to 34 celsius in belgrade on sticky, humid weather here, 31 celsius fine, and dry. therefore, athens, as long as you find it right to across northern parts of africa, or a chance of want to shout was just cropping up around the atlas mountains over the next day or so. plenty of showers, meanwhile, across west africa. as they should be susan heavy down paws coming in across molly, kind of far so heavy showers all the way from liberia, sierra leone, and into much of nigeria. ah, frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports was informed opinions is not abandoning, defined to gaze jedi, still resumed media. we're going to be marketing from missouri and from chad.
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critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, login you're watching out, is there a his reminder of our top story? is this our a blood bath in the east ukraine's president for them is zalinski says that's what russia has created 3 months into its war in ukraine. while the ukraine war climate change trade and china's growing influence were on the agenda in tokyo by the u. s. india, australia and japan have wrapped up their court. summit was
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a born disease. outbreaks are threatening tens of thousands of people in north east bangladesh after days of rain and flooding. hundreds of being treated for diarrhea and hospitals. in one area of sil had the majority of the districts and neighboring soon m guards have been submerged. around half a 1000000 people remain trapped in low line rural areas despite waters receding. let's get more on the situation in india and bangladesh. we have have natal in, go a hattie in a some, but 1st a time for child re in southern guns in the worst hit region in bangladesh. and turnbull after days of terrible flooding there. what's the situation now? while the situation as a slightly improved, i mean it's been a 3 days of sunshine and no rain. so this has been a blessing for people who are being affected by this flood. but as you can see right behind me,
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those and places like this miles after might still submerge. people are still stranded. in some cases, my ruin wip, travel, literally a 70 kilometers from philip town to the should. i'm going to just stick on the ways we stopped to various hamlets and villages. people's main complaint is they're not getting fresh water. they need food, even financial assistance. our government has started relief effort, but we haven't seen any in this 70 kilometer range. we found some shelters with merrill, we're crowded. people said the restroom, that we're getting with not adequate. now. once the water stop stagnating, they'll be clear danger of waterborne diseases, as there is no fresh water. all the, to willes, shallow in deep water was the main source of fresh water. those are under water. so people clearly need relief and assistance. we haven't seen such as the clear forecast is the water will be re sitting for that in the climate stays dry for next one week things will improve slightly. however, some of the major to reverse pot dying. jonah has been overflowing and not central
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of bangladesh. and southern part of bangladesh started flying, a lot of the farmlands went under water. this is a very volatile monsoon season. clearly the climate pattern is playing a role. so we can for sheer, say, the countries out of danger from flood and terrain show, monsoon drain, thinks will improve as time goes by, may be in this part, but other parts could be flooded. plus, there is a danger of what happened in india's ne, whatever the rain fall there, it has to watch to the valley in bangladesh, or it is always under depth threat. but for now things a bit stable and little bit improvement have been seen. ok, thanks very much time there for bringing asked me situation that from bangladesh, that's now gay to india's north east, the state of assa, where we can join pop ne natal, i'm hearing that. the flood waters are receding. all people who say getting the help that they need. so the situation is
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marginally better, like you said, of water levels are receding, the agencies have made more headway in terms of rescuing people. people are getting aid, but the tragedy is, is that all this has taken on people who've had to live through this boat in terms of loss of life, as well as loss of livelihood. we spoke to a family that's experiencing both the living in an open ground with whatever little they could get their hands on before the water as the water came into their home. and just the other day, the only earning member of their family drowned and the family told us that they don't know how they're going to survive this because they can go home the water still, they're still very high and they don't know how they going to make a living, the feel is of that, you know, right now, these rains, these floods were caused by pre monsoon showers. in the state of a psalm, the shower was with 3 times higher than what is normal in the neighboring state. it
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was about 6 times higher, and the anxieties over what could happen when the actual monsoon season, which every year brings heavy rainfall and some flooding, or you know what could happen then. now we are at the brum up put through river. this river behind me is one of the longest rivers in the world. it supports the rich biodiversity and economy off the northeast region in india. and every year it does tend to flood a bit sometimes that has led to major catastrophe and the anxiety over a possible repeat of that is, is what we're seeing and what we're picking up from people over here. because if that happens, it could make the situation much worse for people who are already suffering a lot in date, having metal thanks very much, having the situation the in a north, easton india. well, more bad weather, a sandstorm has blanks and parts of the middle east, more than
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a 1000 people. these decatur hospital in iraq, airports and schools are closed in several cities. this is the 9th sandstorm to hit a rock since mid april q 8, syria, iran, and here in casa, i've also been affected. mackwood, abdullah, he'd reports from baghdad. life is getting back to normal in baghdad to streets following the sandstorms that hit the country. on monday, forcing a closure over spaces in airports and also a forcing a closure of state institutions, schools, universities, and many other state facilities. now, many people were sent to hospital to receive medical treatments because they suffered from suffocation because of the dust tones over. in fact, dozens of thrones of dust were carried over by the de sandstorm over many provinces, across iraq. this is the lines sandstorm,
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to hit the country since the beginning of april. it has been worsening in iraq for many reasons that is related to the climate change dissertation. also lack of rain, lack of or sorted of water levels because of the damage appropriate programs by both dorothy and iran that have the springs of the main sources of water in iraq, the tigris and euphrates rivers. a funeral has been held for a ron's revolutionary guard officer who was killed in toronto on sunday. i sons sy at hud. he was shot dead in his car by gunman on motorcycles. attackers are still at large aaron's president has vowed to avenge the colonel's killing. yet man's his, the rebels say 3 people were killed when a drone crashed into a neighbourhood in santa they had shot down the surveillance aircraft saying it belong to the saudi coalition. 3 others were injured. a nationwide sci fi in place
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is set to expire next month. turkey is planning to launch a military operation along its southern border to create what is described as a 30 kilometer safe zone. it will likely target the north of syria where anchor has lot, several military offensive against kurdish fighters as 2016 president rich app type odo and says the areas are being used for attacks on turkey. he says the operation will be launched as soon as preparations are complete. formally low supporting teary groups and predicting terrorists who are threats to turkey must give up their arrogance unlawful and insincere attitude against us. we're going to do whatever necessary and opposition, politician in uganda has been arrested for protesting against high food and fuel prices. the 2nd time in a week, the president is refusing to introduce subsidies or reduce taxes on fuel malcolm lab reports. oh, the uganda. an opposition?
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politician keith bessie j is used to being arrested for more than 20 years. he's demonstrated against the government of president, uri mas 70 challenged him in for elections. his protest on monday was against the rising cost of living that the fuel pumps. prices have gone up. 70 percent in the last year. food prices are climbing to motorbike taxi writers or among millions whose livelihoods are affected. and they got the what used to be $5.00 while ago is now $14.00. they should reduce the price of fuel. president mis 70 his rule, uganda, ever since he met a rebellion and took power by 4986. he's rejected some of the ideas to bring down prices, moving taxes, or subsidizing many of the inputs is you said though and a blunder power. then we fund our budget for the roads, electricity,
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schools, medicine, security to see better, jay, who also protested last week and says it's corruption rather than public spending. that draining government coffers at rest and those well taken our money in the fields. there are no return to the property so that it was the people in crisis. if we're able to rule certain things, then we can immediately pick tapes that we can really be the is attempted. demonstration also promptly ended in his arrest for more than 10 years. you can, the government has tried to stop street protests before crowds can even gather. meanwhile, the cost of living keeps rising, as it is in many countries. but about 40 percent, if you can then live on less than $2.00 a day and can't afford to pay more. malcolm web al jazeera,
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you and special representative to somalia has warned of a wes thing security and humanitarian situation. james swan told the un security council drought is pushing millions to the brink of famine. somalia security situation remains highly volatile, emboldened by domestic political tensions. also, bob in recent months maintained its modus operandi and focused attacks and will issue southwest state and hersch about the country faces a heightened risk of localized famine in 6 communities. at least 3 people have died when their boat capsized off the mexican gulf state of vera cruz, the honduran migrants and refugees were trapping to mexico when their vessel was over. by wave and bodies were found ashore for migrants were found alive, was another for missing. by demonstration and says it will appeal
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a recent court decision that allowed us border authorities to carry out nearly $2000000.00 deportations. human rights advocates war. the trump error policy is harming tens of thousands of asylum seekers. minneapolis reports in the mexican border city of tempe, wanna oh, the look of disappointment on the faces of migrants near mexico's border with the united states. many of them like ronnie freight, a haitian migrant who has been stuck in mexico for more than a year. we're hoping monday would mark an end to title $42.00, append demik era policy that has prevented thousands of migrants from seeking asylum in the us. thought of the us, your story. i can that the and on the 5th. yeah, i watch every day to see how things might improve for us. the truth is i was hoping title 42 would anyway, because i'm afraid of returning to 80 or of being deported. little canada, across the border in the united states. conservative politicians have defended the
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decision by a us district court to block the bided administration from ending title 42, calling it a vital element for managing the crisis on the border level or local um, we're doing everything we possibly can to prevent people from coming across the border and instead of texas. oh, in tijuana, migrants rights advocates have held demonstrations in recent days. pleading for u. s. officials to end title 42, calling you to xena phobic policy that is suspended the processing of asylum applications. before title 42 was put in place 2 years ago, migrants could come right up to this gate. this is the border between mexico and the united states. and they could request a silent, but under the guise of the kobe 19 health emergency border authorities are able to turn away asylum seekers. human rights observers say this violates both us and international law. though it's unknown how long title 42 will remain in place.
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it doesn't mean all asylum cases will remain suspended. after 10 months of waiting on the border, just bet a migrant fling cartel violence in southern mexico has been granted humanitarian parole and will soon be cross into the us legally. in that on a new government. this of in i heard title 42 was going to continue and wondered when will it be removed? all i said was god, you know what i've been through, i trust in you, and i know some day i'll make it across. and that day has finally arrived humanly, emma, with the white house, along with the u. s. department of justice have announced plans to appeal the court's decision to extend the title 42. ah, until then tens of thousands of migrants along the length of the us. mexico border will have to wait indefinitely to have their asylum cases heard. man.


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