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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al jazeera, select women, use a shilling. now, in coming shells lighting very close to the building when people need to be heard. and the story told, it's kind of inspiring moment for me. they would let them see their guy from their community with exclusive interviews and in depth reports what the, what is still really al jazeera has the teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live knees ah
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fi saying rage is on the in east in ukraine, 3 months off, the russian forces, 1st invaders and prism florida. mad zalinski has appealed to a financial help from powerful individuals meeting at the world economic forum in davos. ah, hello them, nora kyle that says al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. heavy floods and bangladesh and north east india displays 2000000 people in killed. dozens will get reports from both countries and disappointment for tens of thousands of asylum seekers in the us who may phase deep would ation, under a trump arab ball to policy some
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form of normal life is returning to parts of ukraine after 3 months of war. but not in the east, where russian forces are slowly gaining ground in the dumbass region as they try to encircle ukrainian control territory. mcclain's president vladimir polanski says there have been 4 and a half 1000 missile and as strikes in the past 3 months. the vast majority aimed at civilian targets. lewis, lola, done. b. they created a blood bath and trying to destroy everything. everything, everything a life literally was no ones destroyed, dumbasses the way that the russian troops are doing. now. i am grateful to every want you, all our warriors who hold positions and have the bravery to counter attack. the goal, what they believe should be as new in the bullet. the coming weeks of the war will be heart a week. and we need to understand this one, but we know him, other alternative and to fight him to fight and to win, or to liberate our land. and our people, marty, while people in ukraine's capsule are confident as confident as that president
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about winning the war and even reclaiming their last land. thousands have been killed. millions are homeless in cities and towns are in ruins. but our correspondence zane bathrobe, he found a lot of optimism and keith the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. cave was meant to fall to russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missile shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morale and anger at russia are now so high ukrainians. see the only acceptable victory will be taking everything that occupied territories in the east. even crimea duck. yes, you should. sam was live up. yes, i believe the return of our territories is possible and i think we should not stop . i believe there should not be any negotiations about returning to the same
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borders we had before. the start of this war on, you know, we should get our seat is and crimea back. this is our saw in country and we should defended green. there should not be any negotiations with the animal over in. you'd save his story. what they're these numbers i am. hampton was of course, i believe, full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you pregnant weapons and in our, our an army. oh we'll, we'll do everything and we will when i'm not, i'm sure we will get her victory and am yes. who will win? just weeks ago, independent square was under locked down and covered in snow. now people line up to buy stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war. when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope or that it is
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a good sign that her we can we in this the more and we can survive. so for me it's a sign with her to rehab. we're a chance for a good future. and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the bed. divorce, i'm sorry, i can say innocent or so. you can see things look very different than the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions or reopening people are returning and ukrainian seemed far more optimistic, albeit cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war. come take you straight over to devils and switzerland's now where we can listen to the ease commission president us lavonne de lion addressing the world economic forum and you worked on it together with us that in recent years, we have looked at smart and sustainable ways to fight climate change and how to
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shape globalization so that, oh, and benefit how to make digitalization of course, for good and mitigate is risks for democracy. so that this is all about crafting a better future together. that is what you shouldn't be talking here about today. but instead, we must address the cost and consequences of a fourteen's war of choice. the playbook of russia, aggression against ukraine, comes straight out of another century. treating millions of people, not as human beings, i say says population is to be moved or controlled offset, as a buffer between military forces trying to
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trample the expiration of an entire nation with tanks. this is not just a matter of ukraine survival. this is not just an issue of european security. this is putting our whole international order into pressure. and that's why countering rushes, aggression is a task for the entire global community. you frame must winning this war and foot into aggression must be a strategic failure. so we will do everything we can to help you crane it's prevail and we take the future into their hands. for the 1st time in history, the european union is providing military 8 to country under attack. where
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mobilizing our full economic power, our sanctions and the south sanctions of companies themselves, are draining rushes economy and thus draining the kremlin war machine. our members say sac, caring for 6000000 ukrainian refugees. and actually there are 8000000 internally displaced people in ukraine itself. and in parallel, ukraine leads directly bunch of support. now to keep the economy running, it's about pensions. it's about salaries, it's about the basic services that have to be provided, and they are form. we have proposed 8010000000000 euros macro financial assistance . it is the largest package of micro financial assistance ever conceived by the european union for 3rd country. other countries,
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starting with our friends in the united states, are doing the utmost too. it is an e commerce make relief operation with no precedent in recent history. but that is the short term and much more needs to be done. so with the same law, we will hand in hand help ukraine rise from the ashes. that's the idea behind the reconstruction platform that i proposed to president zalinski. you remember that yesterday? in his speech here and our boss, he recognized the unprecedented unity of the democratic world. the understanding that freedom must be fought for. so the rebuilding of ukraine also holds for an unprecedented unity.
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as president zalinski said, the work that has to be done is colossal. but together, we can and we will master the challenge. and that is why i have proposed this reconstruction platform to be led by ukraine and the european committee. because we will combine reform with investment. the platform invite global contributions from any country that care about the future of ukraine from international financial institutions. from the private sector, we need every one on board. and i was very glad to hear about the logan initiative yesterday. bulk of render called it a martial plan for ukraine. and ladies and gentlemen,
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we should leave no stone unturned. that is including if possible, the russian assets that we have frozen. but this is not only about a new doing the damage of 14 is destructor fuel re it is also about building the future that ukrainians have chosen themselves for years now the people of ukraine have worked for change and that is why they elected from adam is a lensky in the 1st place, the reconstruction of the country should combine massive investment with his ambitious reforms. for example, to modernize ukrainian administrative capacity. to firmly establish the
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rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. to fight corruption, get rid of the oligarchy. to build a fair, sustainable, and strong competitive economy. and thus, to firmly support ukraine in pursuing it. european path. ukraine being lost in to the european family. ukrainian had a still tall in the face of brutal violence. they have stood for their own freedom, but also for our values and force humanity. so we stand with them. and i think this is the defining moment for all democracies on the whole below. ladies and gentlemen, this conflict is also sending shockwave throughout the world. further disrupting
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supply chains. already stretched by the pandemic. it is putting new burdens, some businesses and households. and it has created a thick fog of uncertainty for investors across the globe. and more and more companies and countries already battered by 2 years of age 19. and all the resulting supply chain issues must now cope with rising price energy prices for energy as a direct result of proteins. unpardonable of war. and russia has tried to put pressure on us. for example, by cutting the energy supplies, the gas supplies of bulgarian poland, and now late leaf in land. but this is warmer,
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and this is behavior we see as have only strengthened europe's resolved to get rid of russian fossil fuel dependency rapidly. the climate cannot wait. but now, the geo political reasons are evident to we have to diversify away from fossil fuels. we have to set our course already towards the climate neutrality. for now, we must accelerate our clean energy transition. and fortunately, we are already having any place the means to do so. the european real deal is already ambitious. but now we're taking our innovation yet to another level. last sweet, the european commission tables and proposed re power is you better is
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our 300000000000 euro plan to phase out of fossil, of a rush of fossil fuels and fast forward to do in transition. and today, if we look at the share of renewables we have in europe, almost a quarter of the energy we consume in europe, stems from renewable sources already. this is the famous european green deal, but now to empower it is you. we will practically double this share to 45 percentage in 2030. this is only possible by also bringing cross florida corporation to a new level take for example, the north sea of europe. and what is happening there last week we had for you or please member states joining forces to harness the energy of offshore wind.
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and they decided to quadruple their offshore wind capacity by 2030. that will mean wind farms in the north sea will cover the annual energy consumption of more than $50000000.00 homes. this is roughly one quarter of all european households. this is the right way to go. renewable energy is basically our spring board towards nana 0. c o 2 emissions. and it is good for the climate. but it is also good for our independence and for security of energy supply. the same is true for the diversification of our gas supply. this is another pillar of power. as you, as we speak,
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europe is concluding new arrangements with reliable, trustworthy suppliers all over the world. in march, i agreed to as president biden, to significantly step up a lunch deliveries from the united states to the european union. the amount will replace around about one 3rd of the russian gas. we have to day more allergies. high line gas will also come from the middle east and north africa. new energy terminals in greece and cyprus and, and poland will soon become operational as will new inter connectors. and important is that the connecting pipeline infrastructure will then over time form the 4 of our, of hydrogen corridors. hydrogen, ladies and gentlemen, is the new frontier of europe's energy network. but we must also
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sing further at the economies of the future will no longer rely on oil and cold. or alicia for batteries on silicon metal for ships on rare earth permanent magnets for electric vehicles and wind turbines. and it's sure the green a digital transition will massively increase our need for these materials. however, if you look at where we are today, access to these materials is not at all the given for many of them really rely on a handful of producers all over the world. so we must avoid falling into the same trap. as with oil and gas,
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we should not replace all dependencies with new ones. we are, they are for working to ensure the resilience of our supply chaise. and again, strong international partnerships are at the heart of the solution. so the commission has already secured strategic raw material partnerships with countries, for example, like canada and additional reliable partnerships will follow. once again. together we can create more balanced interdependencies and build supply chains that we can really trust. ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing how russia is recognizing its energy supplies and indeed this is having global repercussions. unfortunately,
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we're seeing the same pattern emerging in food security. ukraine is one of the world's most fertile countries. and even it's flag symbolizes the most common ukrainian landscape. a yellow field of grain under blue, blue sky. now, those fields of brain have been scorched in ration occupied ukraine. the kremlin, his army is confiscating rein, spots and machinery. for some, this brought back memories from a dark past. the times of the soviets cropped seizures and the diva stating famine of the 9th. 2 thirds. today,
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rush of our to laureen is bombarding grain. more of was, was in ukraine, deliberately and rushes warships in the black, i see a blockading ukrainian ships full of read and sunflower seeds. the consequences of these shameful acts are there for every one to see. global weed prices are skyrocketing and it is the franchise, humphreys, and vulnerable populations that suffer. the most bred prices in lebanon have increased by 70 percentage, and foot shipments from odessa could not reach somalia. and on top of this, russia is now hoarding its own food exports. as a form of black male holding back supplies to increased global prices or trading wheat in exchange for political support. this is
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using hunger and grain to wheel to power. and again, our answer is and must be to mobilize greater calibration of support at the european and global level. first, your is working hard to get grain to below the markets out of ukraine. you must know that they are currently 20000000 tons of wheat stuck in ukraine. the usual export in ukraine was $5000000.00 tons per month. now it is down 22000021 1000000 tons by getting it out, we can provide ukrainians with the need at revenues and the world food program with supplies. it's so badly needs. so to do this, we're opening solidarity lines. we are linking ukraine's borders to our ports. we
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are financing different modes of transportation so that ukraine green can reached the most vulnerable countries in the world. second, we're setting up our own production to ease pressure on global foot markets. and we are working with the world food program so that available stocks and additional countries are able to reach the problem their products to have the products at affordable prices. global corporation is the anti don't against russia. black men. 3rd, we're supporting africa and becoming less dependent on food imports. only 50 years ago, africa produced all the food it needed. for centuries,
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countries like egypt where the granary is of the world. then climate change made water scarce. and the desert swallowed hundreds of kilometers of fertile land g m. after year to day africa is heavily dependent on food imports and this makes it vulnerable. therefore, an initiative to boost africa's own production capacity will be critical to strengthen the comes in and it's resilience. the challenge is to adapt farming to a warmer and dryer h. so innovative technologies will be crucial to leap from companies around the world are already testing high tech solutions for climate smart agriculture. for example, precision irrigation,
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operating on power from renewable or vertical farming, or nano technologies, which can cut the use of fossil fuels to produce fertilizers. ladies and gentlemen, the signs of a growing food crisis are obvious. we have to act urgently, but there are also solutions to day and on the horizon. and this is why, again, cooperation. i am working with the president, our c, c. to address the repercussions of the war with an event on food security. the solution is coming from europe as the reaches. it is time to end the unhealthy dependencies. it is time to create new connections.
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it is time to replace the old chaise with new bath. so let's overcome this huge challenges in cooperation, and that is in dan horse spirit. thank you for your attention. we've been listening to the ear commission present. ursula vaughan de leon giving a strong and rallying speech. same says, defining moment for all democracies and the globe that the whole international order has been called into question. the containing russian aggression in ukraine is a task for the entire global community. let's bring in our depth mask as to a james base. he's standing by for us at the world economic forum there in sweats and also listing in on the lines speech. and i thought at the beginning, james, that she was very much reiterating the ukrainian president brought him as a lensky speech yesterday in the pool for funding for ukraine,
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saying that we must as well do everything we can to help ukraine prevail. yes, absolutely. i thought that was an important line where she said that ukraine must win this war. ready because actually when you look at the positions of some of the allies, the western allies on this, what actually winning the war means, there's some disagreement on that. there are some that would like to have us as far as soon as possible, certainly is what the german chancellor short says every time that he speaks about this. and when he speaks to president putin or others that say, well, actually been on since very loudly. but if you had a cease far right now than it's very unlikely, the ukraine would be able to recover any more of the land that has been taken by russia. and you'd lock in a frozen comp conflict with lots of gains for president bruton. so interesting to hear that strong line from the european commission president,
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she talked about putin's war. but she also told about putin's war on energy and 2 teens warped on food security. and she seemed to have the same old stuff for both, which is that they need to look more widely and the need to do this as well. the supply chains and try to break some of the traditional supply chains would impact some of the modern supply chains and move to some of the more traditional supply chains to make the point that africa for centuries supplied itself with food. but now it is dependent, very, very dependent on supplies, particularly from ukraine, as she talks about the effort to try and get that drain that is trapped inside you trying to get out of the country. $2020000000.00 tons stuck and the you doing what it calls solidarity lanes using the rail system to try and get the grain out. but you can only transport a small about a grain by rail compared with how it normally goes. normally it goes in big cargo ships through the black sea, and of course it can't do that because russia controls the black sea and it's
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stopping the grain from lead up leaving the main port of ukraine. a dash. what i thought was notable by his absence was the talk of sanctions in the speech by the european commission president because he has had unprecedented unity on sanctions. 5 very, very big packages that they put in place. the 6 package is stuck right now. the 6 package that would include a ban on oil imports with some called outs for a, for a couple of countries. one of those countries, despite being given to call out hungry, is not agreeing this package. so all the talk of unity right now behind the scenes is quite a difficult situation for the opinion where for the 1st time the unity seems to stopped and there is a crack in the european alliance right now. i think this is pretty important as we stand here this week because at the beginning of next week, monday and tuesday, the european leaders will be in brussels. and i think that's going to be the main
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issue around the counsel table trying to hunger to change its mind and pass that 6 package of sanctions. one other issue that i did feature in her speech, james, and indeed that, that's her conference. and devils is that the client is climate change and then to verification away from fossil fuels is that is good for the climate, but also for the independence of the energy supplies all sort of tied in together. isn't that yeah, will absolutely. it's the same issue of supply chains. she says, yes, we of got to move away from fossil fuels. although interestingly, when european nations are moving away from black to him, hooton's gas, and oil, they are having to temporarily at least rely on fossil fuels a bit more than they planned in some cases. but she says in the long term, dream energy is definitely the way for which she says hydrogen is the new frontier . but she made the point. we've got things like like to cause and batteries and the like. you need.


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