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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Episode 1  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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the whole ah ah, how and why did become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house in point 25. what is the world hearing when we're talking about fi american today? we can take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, great. where
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i had aaron, this is his hand home with a top stories for you here on out there. and now some semblance of normal life is returning to parts of ukraine after 3 months of war, but not in the east, where a russian forces are slowly gaining ground and the dumbass region as they try and circle ukrainian controlled territory. president building is landscape, says russia is creating what he calls a bloodbath in eastern ukraine. dawson, jabar is in moscow for us. she says, russia is trying to consolidate its gain is clear now is that there is a push to concentrate their operation in the eastern part of ukraine as well as the southern region. and not only is russia now looking to secure a victory in the dumbass region, we heard from the russian defense minister earlier this week,
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who said that they were in the last few days of securing the areas of lou ganske and also at the mary a situation in mary, opal has now i've finished with those as of sol, people being evacuated on friday, there is a sense now it's important. what we will see happen in these areas. what we do know in her song that is in the southern region of ukraine, that is now under full russian control and has been for quite some time. we're starting to see how things would look like are under russian occupation in various regions in ukraine, according to the deputy, i'm the head of the russian back administration. that's when place in her san region. there is a request now to have a russian military base be permanently stationed in that area in southern ukraine because allegedly they want to be able to have their own and security under a rushes control. there was talk of possibly holding
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a referendum in her san to join of russia, but that is something the kremlin has said is not likely to happen in the near future. and of course, it was one of the main objections by the ukranian president vladimir zalinski, who said if there is any kind of referendums held on ukrainian territory, whether or not they're under russian control, this would be as something that would end the negotiation process between the 2 sides. while speaking of the world economic forum, the european commission president called for unity against the war in ukraine. this is not just the metal of ukraine survival. this is not just an issue of european securities. this is putting our whole international order into question. and that's why countering rational simulation is the cost for the entire global community. ukraine must win this war
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and putting so much be a strategic failure. while the threats of china, as well as russia has been the focus of another high level, anything. the leaders of the us india strategy and japan have been and took care for regional high he or she did. we have been able to send off a powerful message of commitment by the for leaders from tokyo to the whole world, which was extremely valuable. the 4 of us committed that unilateral change of status quo by force will never be allowed in any region, especially the indo pacific. and that the free and open in the pacific is ever more relevant today. got a small attack. it's foreign minister is in palestine for a 2 day trip message. i will show you is the 1st high profile tech official to visit for more than 10 years. he's scheduled to hold talks with president boss and the palestinian foreign affairs minister and our water born disease outbreaks out threatening tens of thousands of people in ne, bangladesh. after days of rain and flooding. hundreds are being treated for
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diarrhea and hospital is in one area of settlement and across the border in india have be pre monsoon range. of course, flash floods and lands lives in the northeast. at least 25 people have died and more than 650000 have been displaced just in the past 10 days. a boat carrying honduran trying to get to mexico has capsized killing at least 3. the vessel was tipped over by a large wave off the station. vera cruz for a missing and 4 others were found alive. while those are the headlines, they'll be more news here after the father, the son on the jihad stay with us. ah, the
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looks of it on the higher end of it so could on lesser soleski fit. and then what about this is from the city of the men in most custody of both press one to me that was one live will show you. he can walk in a did is event mom get back to dollars that did they fall?
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let down. this is all set shem in the, i guess she said mom, you know, we can see again on the leasing process when you don't need the teach you lost as my math lahall you, you want to come up there. most of the men can you sit down south show the feller jihad is calling? could levy come this one the hasanti of left in the song didn't hear from you jim. up in the sam
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i yeah, she did. she did on the on do you find me? oh, did you? is it, do i need to call for it a on honda? she is a year did you? gave me is alex hall in the main menu of her mom. i'll see if one or little other a love seat it through jump or thought. the 10th grade. joel, i just got a reduction done. been done about that. so it is all due to them on the limit on them on and the limit with us. you said that you want to keep close to sank. a get to be, don't cover play,
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just combine all in a little do me tries, darlin. always dressed. silly yourself off the shoe update on my now you should share. don't let me show you any more. highly portions. don't deposit false, julie's you believe you didn't dba? oh wow. now, michael, i would surely ali book it should have it back said look on your lap or not was on . i feel like she's showing, show me at each near. thank you. you left me
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a yes ma'am. my beloved elias, she just, she must have done that. well, what does she want more fair look in the contact basket, p. emanuel's giver? occupant in condo. perhaps you're sitting in a garage, you won't give up their medical bill allow would have the day more. well has him the busha with knock is he on pover? my name is on my killer. let me look at easy knocked double and we wanted to go appear the so long to to me on are not allow me click a button. no. can you see the other?
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so look forward to you don't hope asks you had to quit. if re an attacker, me do, you should call no, no, no, you're part of it. with that the rat man of all i will listen to the entity asked halsey took off his jaw. ms. young man, said they and i felt much. yeah, look, i have always one back to that bush that he got fear and he guessed city. a city called the michael cook and equal self serve in your glasses for letting the bleak cell is still fung yearly. d premier of course you do it by hello said fall in fuck you late him are here. just use him on he for sharon, a low it is. i'll find the option on i to you po,
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faced you annella. you need to for them on the i so we should be some so on. i live on my, our while i live my sophie kito and auster mom and i wanted to, sabrina mas would not elmira medina ally and fit for what about what about that i she and the smile played smile on the laptop mug with even know how to play along a little bit with the high should with this little because you have already been down the legend middle hike in how way not there. she'll be like, hey, you know. yeah, yeah. i knew how can i get, i feel i saw was a group other girl. i me a lot about is i've had to look, i derek. all. how in her can you show on the do you see the shadow called them? i thought i would, i'm her lunch, a solid doll. i'm to pronounce his tumble gown little gown
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communist. good in the terminal. can i get together a like gear? y'all been carlos my yolanda jim or get to leave the multitude wife too. so. so am i gonna buy my ged? she'll co, my, it's going to law combating army percentile. connie pay now, me, me now mirabelle with and my name's tracy shelton. i've been working as a journalist in the middle east for the past 6 years. and i knew have ohio for around a year and a half our house was part of this, a corral sham, which is under the free syrian army. so the group
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was always all syrian. there were not a group of foreign fighters by any means. there what i would describe is a moderate islamic group when you compare them to the other groups in syria, it's not at the extreme of se job it out most through or islamic state, which is to inquire, is islam on as much of the world as they possibly, can a for apple, hijacked, the mission of jihad was to liberate the country from bushes regime. and she had put hud. yep. bother you tell me some from one affinity can but in interesting, luciano, i see regular met manuel milk them oxy,
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mississippi. priscilla securing tears on seekers. her laugh at water. this reveal knox of companionship shall babble will feed you no. so on the monster down with a slam, you'd get a key. so he lou, should you both lost kill appeal or this is yours to ha clear on that me. but if it will never fondly lasha now fall off with . c dan of sir sir, gone up at alley, why not? ha ha, ha player says on. said sophia jackson wondered,
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i'm on time to say or not. it was a school meal. don't get me on this up. i am you. i see. i still want it key virus combo. sitting ms on car button. it's not. i mean the picture this in the us, you're achia are far boston young pay a lot more. barbecue sierra. among these any human book who sat there, silica job, dante, pamela, barbara casey, your book, as i said, they are a mab and just hope was he see her. natal kosovar, his heap on my dish on community mom. but they a check at the holocaust, asi, mulberry, midtown, f one. doing that. it will. it is often. gotcha, thank you. hello, i cathy. gina, how long gina?
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a lot of eager charges miss it was all in my on pretty cool. don't week in october. so you're in samantha salish anonymously. i come a bare home in your facility music. did you shelby or visit the capital mimicry theater. that they love is the car i know the keys anymore. they could be seen like 2 or sick last time. slots. a bear from that was all the more the nevada messaging is all quite life. good. fair says he select also see the theory ah was on the song, cbs forensic is julia city because on she like some holes or shall liberal me sir. i'm a com. paul,
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i p shaqantille about don't spun upon this on to consider. ah, nathaniel v like some co vasa, when i called you about night, is called a he said, we'll say fun week of june. i need book my family, i dear to put me jesse's. it appears in coming to you mom. was he did he, murray felt good and i found it brutal guys. you'll know raw that video. so remember by some i yes she was, i was sure i'm going by me just on a pause in the phone says go daddy. islam luck out also a long way.
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i'm going to let you all believe that i had i do with this guys. lives your quote, it was a ticket to league. is chrissie a huge, i mean it could you feel if you don't need the oil? we eager to hear if you ha, with even the has been while the toys more. the connect like monday. lamesa alexis a lovely deal because on sunday, the found the laser a skilled, pretty to jamaica. yes. o bother lemaire. my mare again to santa left us. oh, bare eat that. yeah. you think on the dancing oh please.
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ah, the shift is it cheaper under the to go back to louis a sample volume on co pay more money? a star co masika? ah, she does offer double selma free at the man create on the desert. ma ha, he had the loma come i may help his aunt dale bear her army camphouse, marcia suff. over them i did the appeal, the path on the nicu normal home fair, her fancy, the limousine mass. if they come in descends, if you do the songs arna lamson, damper, default law, her don't to fix a fee. she, he paused a non the key kid you not a coffee shop, a leisure the harbor. out of last, the fear city can to buy her catastrophic as is you
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come must have that money to leave the gas or if you them are really damned to purchase within the mobile home fair. her half it, he may or last was says you annoyed you like on fear says i want to more how bear from ice are gone, get more yellow. it is on a few. the last me of ha says a lady, kathy valleys and mom. if you lost lucille sophia, and urgent, please. on monday, just with will only company on monday, 11. 1. making more credit on any of us from the city for a minute. could have fought when i be tell kathy, except left in it left out that he gets i'll
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call eli bug. i with her, she could hear that on the record premier don't court closest reveal nephew look a little song video that you seen him of water in that shawl under. she's allow her. i only see this and this course on it or share except for me. you see she's on the us israel. she sir. or ma'am, give me one cushion bear. you're his victim. not me more than a zig. can you hold fast since you've had she gone on? chris christina pierre? let go on a tim. is it more mer on a typical home?
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what the flex your head on, but the longer g p l i must get more better via e r. i examples listed below value the g, and i said most galen weekly. good. if you are clear lumber. i live book loud is your said the bucket? sure. the depaula mode off, it was the i did the i thought so medieval dollars did good, but a bare indian did send me to savannah if what will be the regency last year last year, he sits in his lab in his lunch to hello. hey, philip was shown to me, boston and entrepreneur, mom was had the man really desert. will he still had your deposit damage? is like 2 feet up. hm. he had thawing for could only doesn't he had used that one. was he, her name? miss caesar ish ways of bach is lithia for this. you immersion? bhaskar solar pure. but he didn't. yeah. he was,
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i wanted a hoss, my family and one man for a lamp and she came to d on a function color says that homer, fuck when they don't call dollar come, you'll know they're the cool enough. he's on the cheek, shall gowns she made, tongue jump on on the cheek is only a bit of mil fit best for more bear with me dawes include key. i'm actually did music. one is if that blue book, if, if it's you more than what i see on the i got you will is all a party p. slum or we said beyond gyla back i marsh. we've wiley good off law city did super was a serious look my more clever,
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honest review. don't click hold of me bear kelley vocal, c b or something. stanley badge. you have a book who junky the nick with this. it is the you much, the more bear off hoss still emerged in denny mahmoud and gus and cool. a 7 acre, garnett by salvage acre. the managers decrease, i think at east lake city. they said there was a 3rd val. namath did she you can receive and put his show for their own recovery total of auto wish and her proof of social to her. and she is not resorted for to a little silly poo. we're in point of that. if you do just a book log in for papa circle to do sub dom, assure she by some socio tourist maybe as you when you push it. basically cause a pressure for is your to the cold skier camping engine wanted poor good. i was need you to near to door or condition of war support or if the war bob or a 2nd free on it would you be did you do a phenomenon opposed?
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can, can i by kid of that man? can't see the whole table. i haven't any fancy push their book. a pretty careful levity. basil kept it. i did a song levis, palm view, near stumble. mom when, when is young kim is up our house. is it to the pharmacy ken lanier avenue, her barely positive office, gets room level you shall see, could summon. yeah. did the viva pathetic with you? go home. it is. and as she directed to her bedroom diaper deadline music is because it would still happily book the corso molar. fish do go somewhere. she's up of it all the all the boiler up to where you would call the t q to, to devote some of our sheet of paper. you're also to dall directory to and you voted on it. read you the more you judges cook your book already chemicals which is 7 am on get sheila's kilo hosted key to no mere assembly point. government issued
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the new ex penmark. when you come off with this is your family diploma. maybe there's a need to meet is or this is this sort of see the dick stevie you over to marty? see me to preserve this is this will read on your positive lead up the i'm on the yes she off. i'll lose on playing the music more crazily is will be now. did you a book order ship last year in india union? if he's good enough, he's on family old the clock. i sammy looks it to me to take a se, sending you based on the book. it is based on that property. if you want to search the beau b, e for sammy bore by collision question cassandra on the la la la to see me just moved to his in for some work in did the
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massage it to push the sort of seat as i've been impacted saw the best on that a community meeting, man. i said, wow, yeah, the moody here could be a mom with the head is extreme mr. dupree's extremist age. so she didn't believe that was all about say they never every 2 months are bars it possible while we met with the bi limits. if it's the most up to you, i love your loss. ally, should you have issues with our core sick or sorcery which you requested in my disorders, you destroy requested a computer on to submit. not on t is i a now week on april 50, more like this week. simple template that is a lot more than just yet. process it so no, no any fear in the nation. yes. you know, let me ask you ask her. is it bad news, cough, hans?
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awfully. i think i'm thinking silently with ah 23 years mawson has collected objects he finds along the coast. ah enough to fill his museum. enough to break at denise wild where cold, armed with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artists. under voice for the plight of countless micro might unit such on al jazeera, 2 young women in morocco, staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my
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life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco. algae is there a world follows that johnny's of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera oh lou.
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hello there. i'm the associate. hey, and how with the headlines here on out there. it's been 3 months now since russian forces invaded ukraine. moscow has since refocused its forces in the east where they've been fairly gaining ground. you president has called the fight that a blood bath gel rushing position. the election of only has court president oppression a madman for his stupid war and ukraine. about me was speaking during an unsuccessful appeal hearing for his sentence on corruption charges. the war in ukraine as well as climate change. trade and china's growing influence have been discussed in japan . leaders of the quad group of countries for us, india is trailer and japan mass in tokyo. was born disease outbreaks on threatening tens of thousands of people in ne, bangladesh. after days of rain and flooding, hundreds are being treated for diarrhea and one area of turkey is foreign ministers
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in palestine for a 2 day trip. maybe trying to show you as the 1st high profile turkish official to visit for more than 10 years. he's holding talks with president boss and the palestinian foreign affairs minister. while those are the headlines, i'll have more news for you here. after part 2 of the father, the son and the jihad. the walk was no, no no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me when you look at me when you get to me and also you can just leave you a message. you open at the home and ya today. and we're going to give you what we set up for
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me. i'm a lot of them at the hospital, give me just let me know you're the one i know. i mean, i mean i shooting off the edge of the to a recent study shows it is preventable disease or cancer. 15 percent of all dead children. a promotion with
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ah ha more close i to shall wheeler laportia delivered to announce if he had they all mankind, emma. excellent. if we let those are fit you, her laska shall have my gash. la. i said to her show it won't our city to live but
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to be filled out by a loaded p of we're off call swan veggie. may for most clearly said the basil goes at the museum or signee volition, dasa flows aim. i believe while i am, that is all down with a k. lots a piece for me again is so call him after you was to prison, take on the not of his horses a saddle for clusters live miss. he has a sophomore, and i kept by the posse. give him a bit, his dea, a. m, m. e on present, the more clear. come more him this thinks of a g as in johan, i found that it knocks it. i'm all has people real michelin junior,
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hers curve. i love the pavilion and fair i see where makes it that outdoor canarvy to, to uphold connor and design their bad defect desk. when i me luck. yona kumasi, i vardek one cup actin, mickey and also this is a quote from per piece cities from his so can we treat young is all cur, confirm. rancho hall, claire flu? camilla did you there. you live in massey, a. she party she, bessie manifesto. assume no pants on can manifest some city. they said falcon hm. um i did want to come on so many 50 is the medical day. if it was only or so long for you alcohol. see a dog with forced hello. why hello. can you move from lincoln? down as sure. now the buses for some kids yagi laskey, so shane walker, jenny davila of the license number, marcel monte obnoxious guys. dont hook up or press on me for that location. he's
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been yelling there. humbled olivia lama. look good to don't say line lift, uncommon. awesome, clean this real gump i saffir kill it. free to them. her over thing with this is all of these appoint content to be seen kitchen go quicker, sugary on them. all to sally bought a force each cement any body forced your st. gotten in of wattenberg kabbalah foss . with some assist, whole kit just bottles. wonder if she had like get on
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to the combo into one of my mos would want to hold them on their stones. profits mohammed, fellow salem, i need them on the little he just josefa in oklahoma. shes killer cc. i live somewhere, e. yes, of course. she lost electric america. like most you knock washy and all her in approved on 121 city normal sat the bizarre may who sits in almost good while i love the last i'm eva this on her. you go. he's in a half and fuck her kid can laugh. funny, is he the youngest? she had a seminar?
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yes. a shop. oh mm hm. a lot missile up? he's the one i was jeff. it's here. it's too long to notice clarity about that. i'm not even with anybody all over you. most chris gets michael sold as a partner, combat, jani, who also had a lay out a little, you know, a new kind of
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a standard formula. honda, you know, kind of a new pronouncement tend to puddle from douglas and i love coma from the i know exactly know something with the kind of cool to be on the alarm of the little problem. or if the prison was the 1st step in trying to take the city of it lived. another aspect of that too was the amount of prisoners that they wanted to release. a lot of torture execution happened in these places in many of them a political prison. ah, a sudden look i this shall be as you then can relay a new septic to them in a nurse to talk a little bit surely. how was it at that rate? the larger
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sum up is almost 3 gorgeous humanities. tough it. i'll also do less external need. completely dell of easement. you buck. if it had no dose, you don't get a yes she did a harmon id. you both v i v d b t on do me set. don't lab measure. he did long kids if it all on up. so i small out over the co violette garcia, ship denner man. it there he was, he dont down it. he said that he bad walk to seat survey or fed and you book do her lead to pope eigenvalue, gaydar e ducandi shewn mall altogether. hold you consider key over your dish, all at a flow on your hockey. i'll never dentist don't think i said more or less hope i'm supposed to be deposited by a leper. by going to lou kwandusha more paula depot surveillance
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alshaun. the little name on the hook for myself. g. me and fooling, buckle yell of his couldn't fail film a dog that i think he was janski's past on b as good if you to should orifice check. zip deldrick one lot. then come back to tech to the to always ask eliza shonda kai. so ms. ex your will happily to that. hi them a politic not met to norfolk she budget will, can't let their son keshawn on commencing it by a candle on the hock, for the fun lip up pool of your head long by you. so this is the site for toys. i don't think your mortal can limit the little boot all to so sick a bill, how many chip is for these all from called you, he's all the hottest that cader i t o d ha ha
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city. so trent jose, ah, j demonte, i'll send you the swa wesley knockers rid of. if we didn't the order of in van doing of on with me. it was gems for les, it does unique john comedy on what that makes. you never tied them easily to share it with a normal they don't, kitty, a nice to kill his style. vs to popular when james foley and john kennedy were kidnapped in italy, one of the 1st people that i contacted was several 100. he was very worried about the damage it was getting to due to the reputation of the rebel forces. kidnappings, on the rebel side, were kind of on her back at that time. so he said we need to fight
3:44 pm
locked it the pretty d lavon clock a bit out. are you and i do could are these i thought the club mortal already landed. why have you so it giggly? i look good. he diesel couldn't. we had come across as a man who matched the description of, of the kidnapper. he wasn't masked. and the van that he was driving also met the description of the van other than the fact that it was black. so he actually arranged a meeting with this man. and while he was upstairs in this amazing eval hazards and down a couple of his guys to go and check the van. and it turned out they found the evidence that had been very freshly spray painted very roughly spray painted black . and underneath it was a very light color. they thought maybe silver, a white tent after we couldn't follow through with it. and when ever has resigned, all those slaves, all that information that we had,
3:45 pm
it went with him. he's in a body with his saga going on that was well so sorry job
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ah, this won't take salad. take on the list on a bike sticky. sa. well, us up to mind as soon as you bub connor has called us to death, gave r 8 ish. they are now coming up on the account to my shock of nicotine that he's in america. so suddenly i need to, i mean in as a healer, they mean it's tina. yeah, i need quinn. no more. me any more dean piece. what are your, from with the doodle in co clothes or 1st a food you know, any man he's shame and then leave the kid. i would then you
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know i could walk in. ok now on most don't be messy at all by nadine and on die name. him wire in the model law. viani him. why now? law in a a long my sort of my out on my father my out of my son, a law on law or from the law. mama he or saw me or send them
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a model at the bottom. well i'm, i'd rather just the handcuffs while i'm saying that nobody by nation only before about why? yes, a yolanda walk away with this. omitted the museum didn't come on. what you she did you look on, but if you look, hilda, but i got a focus off of a facade to double fuck mushroom. i do what franklin look. i see i am is a no, i just want to produce your mommy a any actually not under matthew. i
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roper, i got a full, i don't know. my birthday is a larger bicycle down now for somebody the front of a film is so from personal cultural vicki, toma in bullshit, i'm chris older than with my piece. i could actually be possible to see a cycle my phones from to buy them with them and with, with a night is that about the student that you love to work
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with along with the dorm along with the abortion corner, mama's mom in new rush haws. lemme cause to me kind of p 50, have there hannah could know what on the hunt for this saturday. i mean a little more comfortable not, not all to visit the. 1 because there were a few multiplies born with
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a with the, with how we're going to put them in the thought a foreclosure hello . i'd love a walk through with a flow proposal. when is on been up up, up. know it. i think it all. i was the luck to. yeah, i thought they had a j ford motor. is drake here?
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you thought i have to come up with this with the other my, my buddy, the new year with them cuz it seems to me with above and then the boat phenomena this man the i need a full of books of the project and it's a journey like i'm in a stop and in october because i with
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a 100 a 100. how do i know this is about as my job? oh we all i a lot of the. 7 7 law number with a be at the scene was more, i'm a little bit. little one was 730 and o let it go more me. i need a handy ronnie. a
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just a girl. i love my love. you know, thing for a bill of the table has been the know how to look. the son in law is your address or your mom with a form to fill multiples of with are not going for, you know, i'm in a sub my, any something that can be a good thing. any of called the on his he lost a little issue. you lost locked latasha,
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he all been out on mobile homes. are there new or to shoot over new bar with next month or the how and the talk to me i need decided to switch to other if o'conny on. if his whole budget than jensen, jani is of the cleanser, the job, the good behind you on the rock bottom of this thing, but the minutes have yes. hello. hello. so taylor, amir, i was just allows one of our local
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didn't put in or in models to some off permissions because he said she, you know, coming from and to help this along to some particular she, when component for me to enter is all had more the digital to 42, so i should not shift too much suggestion doctors most often a multiple times one because it gets too much nadia. really more than i would she had the panels. i don't did well the so he was on the
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process of having to sit i'm all told or should he could y'all crippled up on me for a family de la martin compare best summer. yes. ah. oh my gosh. 6 0 boy, yeah, a r y n a b one b a b y yes, g b e
3:58 pm
t s u e. no, show my de la for me. oh my brittany monday bye. see, i was evil. mm hm. last june is already i thought that it may come im yeah, movies mom left me mad. no. he might not. im what he do, i mean wanted ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is me fighting both isis and as of the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the d. hi. part teen on al jazeera.
3:59 pm
ah. the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day the attempt is certainly dropped on a week ago in argentina. this last thing that went through a cold fronts has brought them down to single figures. now there is mostly a dry picture part from the chilion and these it is much colder. that cold extends up into northern argentina is not a storm as it was here. there are a few showers around though, for the most part, uruguayan, paragraph, brazil, a dry, northern bolivia sees a few showers. same strew through peru in ecuador,
4:00 pm
but the seasonal rains gone north, broken up a little bit here, but he's concentrating in, for example, colombia, which means likely to flooding is still there once again in us, i think lightly in panama cost rekey of nicaragua, with the feet of moisture from both the caribbean and the pacific, giving shout on both sides, which couldn't move as far north as mexico city. most of mexico is brought quite warm and dry and that's been the case in the southern states, the u. s. black combination of feeding in the moisture from the gulf against the cold that falls out of the rockies notice is snow's to around. in colorado means big thunderstorms and in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, and beyond the likelihood of well tornadoes continues. denver's whether that is pointing on tuesday does at least warm up. that is sort of a trend of the journey. ah.


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