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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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if not the international criminal court than another venue must be found to investigate these crimes. it is that important. and as i've dreamed to kara said, quoting the secretary general of the united nations journalism, i must be it. you can't have freedom without free journalists. it's essential to the functioning of a free and democratic state. so we're hearing from you and officials and journalists alike, that this is an issue that has not been dealt with by the security council, even though it is in their mandate to do that, even though they've weighed in on the importance of free journalists and protection of journalists in the past, they need to do more to hold those who killed journalists to account. kristen salumi, thank you very much indeed. springs and breaking news now out of the you are state of texas where at least 14 children and one teacher had been killed in a school shooting. officials ordered a lockdown after
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a gunman opened fire at the rob elementary school. in the town of you vowed, texas governor greg abbott says that the suspected gunman is dead. nearly $600.00 children are enrolled at the school, which is about a 135 kilometers west of san antonio and wellness center scott rob reynolds in los angeles. and robert brings up to speed with it. with the latest from the use the capsulated. basically what, what we know at this moment the governor of texas greg abbott is confirmed that 14 students and one teacher were killed in the shooting at the you've all day, rob elementary school elementary school in the united states usually is where children ages 5 or 6 to roughly 12 attend the school so that would be the age range of the children were murdered. today in texas,
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the lead shooter was shot dead. he has been described only as an 18 year old male who may have been armed with a rifle and a gun. the incident is over at this time with the death of the shooter. but the crime scene is, is being processed like by local police. then edition there at least one child and one adults who are being treated in the hospital year by the woman who the adult is a woman 66 years old and is listed in critical condition. those are related to the shootings in the school. this entire incident took place, took place in your vall day, which as you mentioned, is sort of in the center of the state of texas near the city of san antonio. it is, the incident took place in the afternoon and was 1st reported at about 1 o'clock
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local time and then an hour later was declared that the incident was over. so just another dreadful horrifying day in the united states of america, which is experienced so much gun violence just in the past couple of weeks in here in southern california and in buffalo, new york. and now this massacre innocence in texas and robbers. you mentioned mass shootings, incredibly common and, and so it seems that we, we, these patricians repeat themselves so regularly and president biden had talked about when you went to buffalo is that you mentioned just trying to do something about it. is there any steps that are, that are materializing to try and reduce this kind of gun crime just to give you a little, a little background on this. the shooting took place this latest shooting after the f, b i. e. students of newest statistics on monday, which showed that active shooter incidence in last year in 2021,
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searched by more than 50 percent from the previous year. and that is nearly 97 percent over the year 2017. so it is not only a persistent problem, but a growing problem. time and time again. most notably, 10 years ago after the massacre at san diego elementary school in connecticut, president brock obama at that time, attempted to pass some sweeping gun control legislation was defeated by the republican party in which, which was in the, in the senate in a commanding position to defeated legislation. so while the president biden may be able to perhaps issue some executive orders or other types of things that he could do on his own initiative without the
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participation of congress is. ready very likely that any additional gun control laws are going to be passed in this country because the gun lobby and the republican party march is very closely together. and the gun rights issues are very important to a certain percentage or a certain constituency within the republican party. i would note also that texas is a very pro gun state where legislate tours have allowed open terry of guns. people can walk around with pistols on their hips. they even pass the law a couple of years ago, allowing students in state colleges and universities carry guns into classrooms. so this, this is a situation which frankly, has defied all efforts to remedy the gun culture in the united states is
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very, very deeply entrenched. reynolds reporting that for us on that that to school shooting in texas, the texas governor saying that 14 students and one teacher being killed at val day and elementary school. thank you very much indeed, robert update for now thousands of leaked photos and documented serve reveal the brutality of china's crackdown on ethnic minorities in the western changing region . this is the u. s. top human rights official visits the country to investigate allegations of systemic abuse against muslim minorities leak is being called asian giant police files and has shocked western countries include photos like this one from what the government calls a reeducation camp. in 2018. china says such faces are nothing more than training centers. at least documents detailing police protocols say armed officers were given, shoot to kill orders for anybody trying to escape. and records show some health for years to arbitrary reason, such as having a long bid or not using their devices enough seen as
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a sign that they were trying to evade digital surveillance. the youngest pictured, he was detained when she was just 14. at one such camp in tech is over, all china has locked up around a 1000000 members of weaker cars and other misery, minorities, government insisted fighting terrorism and helping communities to integrate adrian's ends as a senior fellow and director in china studies at the victims of communism memorial foundation, he was a sent the troop of data by an anonymous source and joins me now from twin cities. minnesota. thank you very much indeed for for your time. so one of the findings that was that we prisoners and changing what to be shot on sight if they tried to escape from re re education camps. how did you stablish that while we have different types of documents, we have speeches by sion, jones, former party secretary tension and gal who said that if anyone seeks to escape in
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the context he spoke of when they're being arrested, shoot to kill, you're authorized to do so and the local police fire to say it at the police authorities in the camps. if trainees seek to escape, then a police can fire wanting shot can. they're not required to proudly. and if they did, any continues to escape. they are to shoot to kill. that's the chinese what and what other, what with him, what would you say would be the most significant findings in amongst the travel document? very significant findings are how to fire asleep. she jumping himself to the atrocity even much more so than before. she didn't ping was closely informed, not only about the mass and tenants which proceeded according to a 5 year plan agreed between beijing and the local region. but also he knew that the camps were overcrowded,
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and then he ordered officials to make resources available for more prison guards for more police guards for expanding camps and building new camps. obviously also incredible are the images, especially of the police drills. and you mentioned the awareness there at the top level in china that, that this was going on. how much of a difference do you think these documents will make an effort to get change or trying to change its policy to well, this is quite late. now the 5 year plan was executed, its finished at the end of 2021 and children's party secretary chenango was replaced with a technocrat from a gun, jo, indicating that the high pressure campaign of mass and tournament is moving on to a more long term scenario so in many ways the actions of the world are coming very late, or all of this is coming very late. begging is claiming that it's been successful and it's now focusing on economic development. so now i think the international
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community has to respond strongly, speak out and consider enacting appropriate countermeasures such as sanctions. now that we've got to the visit to venetia, especially the united nations that represented for human rights to the region. she's due to visit testing jan. this week, how likely is it that she will be given unfettered access to the, to the areas where human rights reaches might be going on. she herself has already said that this is not an investigative visit. so she's already admitted that there's no unfettered access. and in fact, that's exactly what the chinese made as the condition of her visit. so it's already torn down to the chinese requirements, which tells us a lot. so she is not going to see anything that beijing does not want to see, but it was clear from the beginning and to in briefly what, how do you see the set of documents making a difference? while the set of documents really puts, i think,
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a great deal of pressure on this kind of diplomatic game that michelle especially is playing with paging. and paging is playing with her. you know, just kind of, let's try to keep the peace and not rock the boat is going to really put the pressure on all the parties, but also on the un human rights office to release a report that contains significant findings. and i think she might end up having to defend herself for her visit. and she may have to answer some questions as to what her visit really accomplished. if a really just boston, beijing's propaganda based on some nice photo opportunities. or if it actually made a difference for the victims. adrian's and thank you very much indeed. debit onto thank you. thank you. coming up on the he's are from london. russia's president comes on the fire from both his enemies and his allies, his actions and ukraine. training cuz government hikes fuel prices,
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by more than 20 percent, probably more pressure on people already struggling to make ends meet and his ball . the trilogy is own 2 of the best boxes in the world confirm they will fight for 3rd time. ah, now in russia invaded ukraine on the 24th of february most unless thought the war would be over and a few weeks if not days. but 3 months later, there's no end inside the conflict spiraled into a grinding war of attrition with battles, for village by village, and few successes on the front line. russian forces currently control the areas in red, including crimea, which was annexed in 2014. and now pushing to take over ukraine's eastern industrial heartland known as the dumbass, which includes the provinces of hans and don't. it's russian by rebels have been fighting ukraine's military there for 8 years. or cranes. ministry says at least 14
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civilians were killed in mass attacks in your hands can do next. on tuesday, russian forces now focused on capturing the twin cities of several nets, and lucy shuns there among the last into hans still under ukrainian control. the russian troops advancing from 3 sides in an all out assault twin, circle and rattle is seen as pivotal to the success or failure of moscow's campaign in the east, softer berries in moscow with more on the russian offensive. what is clear now is that there is a push to concentrate their operation in the eastern part of ukraine as well as the southern region. and not only is russia now looking to secure a victory in the dumbass region, we heard from the russian defense minister earlier this week, who said that they were in the last few days of securing the areas of lugens and also at the mary a situation in mary, opal has now finished with those as of sol,
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people being evacuated on friday, there is a sense now it's important. what we will see happen in these areas. what we do know in her san that is in the southern region of ukraine, that is now under full russian control and has been for quite some time. we're starting to see how things would look like under russian occupation in various regions in ukraine. according to the deputy and the head of the russian back administration. thus, when place in her san region, there is a request now to have a russian military base be permanently stationed in that area in southern ukraine because allegedly they want to be able to have their own and security under a rushes control. there was talk of possibly holding a referendum in her san to join of russia, but that is something the kremlin has said is not likely to happen in the near future. and of course, it was one of the main objections by the ukranian president vladimir zalinski,
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who said if there's any kind of referendums held on ukrainian territory, whether or not they're under russian control, this would be something that would end the negotiation process between the 2 sides i shall break the news out of the state of texas where at least 14 children and one teacher being killed in a school shooting. is what texas governor greg ever said. the shooter was salvador romeus, an 18 year old male who resided in you. valley is believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school and you validate with a hand gun and he may have also had a rifle. but that is not yet confirmed. according to my most recent report, he shot and killed horrifically in comprehensively 148 students and killed a teacher. mr. ramos, the shooter, he is a he himself is deceased and is
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believed that responding officers killed him. more on this, that breaking news story from the school shooting in texas robber and live in los angeles for us and the terrible situation once again of a school shooting. rob, yes, and this comes just, just a little over a week after 10 people were killed in a supermarket in buffalo, new york, and there was a tack on, on a church here in southern california, just around that same time. so now we have 15 people killed 14 children, one adult, a teacher in a school by apparently, according to governor greg abbott, an 18 year old person who carried a hand gun and possibly a rifle. he was killed on the scene. he's believed who had been shot by the police
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who responded to the incident that may have saved many lives. perhaps we will find out more certainly about this individual who carried out this, this ghastly act up later. you know, in these situations, sometimes there is no explanation. sometimes there is no nodes. there's no manifesto. sometimes there is sometimes there's a twisted logic that the shooter leaves behind in the form of some sort of testament. but we don't know anything about that. we don't know anything about motive. we don't know very much about this teenage individual who according to going to greg, but has carried out this, this shooting. what i can tell you is that in, in the united states of america and elementary school is from kindergarten through about 6th grade, depending on the state in the district. so that would mean that children from the ages of roughly 5 or 6 up until 12 years of age would have been involved in are the
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victims of this shooting. what else can i tell you? texas is a state that has seen a number of these school shootings over the past several years. i've, i've been to texas for the aftermath of shootings in, in high school that have taken a number of lives. it is a state that is very firmly pro gun has loose gun laws. the state legislature has authorized open carry, which means that an individual can walk around with a gun strapped to their, to their hip or carry a rifle without any legal restrictions. several years ago the we went to her into a news conference from the chief of police, heinous crime. families are being notified and we are providing services to them as the district should. as far as the rest of the disc is concerned,
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safety measures were taken to make sure that we had a safe release for the rest of the district for the, for throughout our city valley. and we had numerous law enforcement officers and agencies that assisted with the safety release for those students. we do want to keep all their families in their prayers. i hope you do as well. and we also want to respect the privacy of the family. the crime scene is still being worked on and again will notify the parents and families as soon as we have some use for them. thank you so much. we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience with us. please know at this time we are only making a statement we will be releasing more information as investigation continues. we appreciate your courtesy brief. but update jeff from the chief of police at the news conference there in texas after that shooting at an elementary school in nevada, which has left 15 people dead including 14 of those children that spring robin was
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back in as it will be just telling us about texas and then the kind of the nature of gun laws in that state. yes, the nature of texas is gun laws is, is i guess you could describe that is it's very loose and permissive. it's easy to buy a gun. the carrying of guns openly as is permitted, there's no penalty for walking around with a gun openly displayed a couple of years ago. we did a story on how the legislature had authorized students in state run colleges and universities to take their guns to class something that disturbed the professors and other students a great deal. nationwide. we know that these incidents of active shooters and mass shootings are not only persistent but they are increasing just yesterday on monday. here in the united states, the f. b,
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i issued some new statistics saying that active shooter incidents had increased more than 50 percent last year in 2020. and that nearly the the figures from 2017 we have seen an increase of nearly 97 percent over that year. so this is not only a persistent problem, everyone in the, in this country and really around the world knows that, that these mass shootings are, are almost commonplaces, horrible as that may seem to say. but they are increasing the hours of very widespread availability of guns in the united states. there has been a very persistent lack of success in india, passing new gun legislation that would restrict things like semi automatic weapons or large capacity magazines and things of that nature. some of that has been done
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in individual states, but you see even in new york state, a state which has relatively strict gun laws, a massacre of 10 people buy allegedly a white supremacist at a, at a shopping center at a grocery store or rather in buffalo new york on the 15th of this month. so whether the, a states in the south and in texas, ah, gunman and women continue to get hold of guns and carry out these, these massacres. there was a forwarded attempt to kill a lot of people at a church here in southern california. a week ago, a thwarted only when the congregation of of elderly parishioners rose up and, and began beating the the, the gunman with with chairs and tying him up. so increasingly, it seems like people have to take got their own measures to protect themselves.
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now having said that, i do not know, and we have no information at this point whether the rob elementary school in new vall, the texas, was protected with security guards. we don't know whether, you know, magnetometers or, or, or a detection advices or frisky were required for people entering the school. but according to the governor, again, this individual appears to have left his car near the school and then rushed into the school with at least one and possibly several of firearms. so, while police apparently responded fairly quickly, and in doing so, may have prevented more carnage from taking place. nevertheless, in those moments, and after he entered the school, he was able to affect the lives of 15 families that will never be the same. again, rob reynold said, with an update on the school shooting and you called in texas, thank you very much indeed. and that she just said within the last minute i've seen
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that we may have a briefing from my out with the peasant might not, has been briefed on the latest. yes. so shooting is a parent to speak on that, and i will bring you more on that as soon as we get must go back now to ukraine, where despite 3 months of war, people in the capital are still confident that when and even reclaim the lost lands, thousands have been killed. millions have been made homeless with cities and towns left in ruins. correspondence in bas robbie still found a lot of optimism in keith. the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. keith was meant to falter russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missiles shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital. ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morales and anger at russia are now so high. ukrainian say the only acceptable victory will be taking everything back occupied territories in the east even crimea. duck. yeah,
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you should sandwich leave. yes, i believe the return of our territories is possible, and i think we should not stop. i believe there should not be any negotiations about returning to the theme borders we had before the start of this war on, you know, we should get our citizen crimea back. this is our so in country and we should defended green. there should not be an integral she should with the enemy. i am. of course, i believe full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you probably need to weapons and then our, our army real will do everything and we will when i am not to, i'm sure we will get to victory and yes, who will read that?
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there was less optimism when all at war came to ukraine on february 24th. russian president vladimir putin so called special military operation was the biggest assault on a european state since world war 2 the, you an estimate at least 14000000 people have been displaced. so far, at least $6000000.00 to neighboring countries. when missile had a ukrainian army base and younger of near the border with nato member, poland, it was the furthest russian attack in the west of the country. the siege of mario paul so violent it wiped the city off the map. leaving little doubt as to how far russia was willing to go to achieve its aims. unable to penetrate ukrainian defences around the capital. russia's withdrawal from boucher revealed civilian killings that ukraine described as war crimes, a dramatic victory for ukrainians. the thinking of russia's lead worship in the black sea. russia blamed and on board ammunition explosion. ukrainians claimed it was a missile strike. the invasion did change the map but not perhaps was put in that
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hope. finland and sweden applying to join nato stands to more than double the alliances border with russia. just weeks ago, independent square was under locked down and covered in snow. now people line up to, by stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war, when you crane in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was some weekend when in this war and we can survive. so for me, it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future, and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on it. but of course, i'm sorry, i can say things look very different in the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions, the reopening people are returning and ukrainian seem far more optimistic. all the
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cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war. that the war is not over. russian forces are escalating offensive, and ukraine's east re mobilizing forces to battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their country, nowhere in ukraine is completely safe. there's is a future that remains uncertain. then basra v o g 0, keith peters only have his executive director of the regime democracy initiative. you join us via skype from keith. thanks very much. indeed for being with us. i remember talking to you right at the start of the, of the war and at that point you were trying to figure out what to do with your family. and so what's the situation like, you know, while we're still living, you know, separate and we don't, my family is remains in the west of the country. i have now fully back into the
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capital. the live here is getting normal. if you consider a few sirens, only few sirens a day as normal, you know, they have not been rockets falling in for a few weeks now and that counts as significant normalization businesses returning to the capital m. as we've all heard from the folks on the, on the street from your report, people in are going about their daily lives and the only been a longer bother to hide doing the firing board. i mean, millions of ukrainians fled the country. is there a start of refugees coming back yet to was it was you don't you really and little chunks of the country that it's safe enough for them to do that while that that remains good. i'm a sticking point. yeah. originally, i mean the peak of the exodus i think was that stood at 6500000 ukrainians left.
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i think of this quite a bit of them have return, maybe over a 1000000. the bulk of that remains in western europe and western european countries. central european countries, poland is one of them and that is the great worry that we have is that a lot of them will stay where they are. you know, that is a serious demographic problem. we great and i think that was the intention of live with britain all along to increase the pressure on europe by sort of opening the floodgates of causing them to do to flee ukraine, but also causing misery for ukraine and future economic viability. and how do you see the, this conflict going forward now that there's been a shift by russia towards the emphasis on the don't bus. where do you see this going while it know, sooner or later we're talking about possibly month, definitely not passed this year. this war of attrition will eventually
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cause the 2 sides to kind of reach some sort of if not peace, then the fire simply because both sides are getting worn out. russia is getting worn out. its military is said to be demoralized while ukraine was getting all this new sophisticated weaponry from a europe. so the, the 2 sides are evening out of the russia will want to conquer as much of the box as it can secured this land, which will be quite via and then entry into new rounds of negotiations with decree inside from this position of the new status which ukrainians do not find acceptable? 82 percent of ukrainians now said they are not willing to see any territorial concessions made to russia, which makes it very difficult proposition. and in the meantime, during what you described as not as a war of attrition, that the, the damage to the country has been huge. isn't it?
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what, what do you think is this other, any estimates on a scale of rebuilding that will be required if and when it does finish? or the figures well, you know, raise wildly. the conservative estimate is a few 100, say up to $500000000000.00 up to a trillion dollars. and you know, obviously counting the boys not over a foot and is very much aware. you know, that, you know, the longer this goes on, the higher the cost of ukraine reconstruction. well, the paradoxes that ukraine is counting on. the fact that wouldn't, has already paid for this war in advance for the destruction. because ukraine expects to claw back the funds for individual reconstruction from all the hundreds of billions of dollars of russian money that had been frozen in western banks right now as we speak. the world economic forum in dublin is actually discussing just that of post war reconstruction from ukraine, which is being kind of build as
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a new marshal plan. and i think there's a convincing, i think there's been a commitment message of support that that has been sent to the queen that will not be left alone. it will be helped all along in order to rebuild itself and be once again a viable country. it is only a thank you very much indeed for don't just thank you or subway system in ukraine, a 2nd largest city has reopened. after serving as a bomb shelter for thousands of civilians, relentless russian asteroids force, many hockey residents to seek safety underground. someone been sleeping on train carriages or station platforms since march, thought rushing troops were recently pushed back by ukrainian forces, while others were redeployed. elsewhere in the east caves mer is encouraging wisdom to return home that some have chosen to remain in the station. jail russian opposition leader accent of only has described president vladimir putin as a madman for what he called
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a stupid war in ukraine. and he was speaking during an appeal against his 9 year prison sentence on corruption charges. the criminal critique told, hearing rushes leaders will burn in hell for creating a blood bath in ukraine. the bhaskar court rejected his appeal is now expected to be sent to a strict regime prison, outgoing president of the philippines as his out. let me put in for the deaths of civilians and ukraine is the 1st time rodrigo detective has criticized the russian leader in me, cause a friend and an idol is accused russian soldiers of going on a rampage in ukraine. denying moscow's assertion that they're carrying out a special military operation to test his 60 was been defined by his war drugs and that which is left of $6000.00 people dead. he says, unlike his regime putin is targeting in the victim. but he had many, many say that put in and i a both kill emma, but i killed criminals and killed children. and the elderly were in 2 different
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worlds. potent. he is, my friend, robin. you're in control of everything. you really started the recklessly. so control your soldiers strictly. they are on a rampage. hungry is prime minister victor oberon is declared a state of emergency citing the war in neighboring ukraine. it allows him to rule by decree, which he says is necessary to respond to any challenges posed by the complet or bond is used emergency powers twice before. once, due to the pandemic, and another time to deal with migration of the law, it goes to saggy vasa, this of the world is on the brinko in economic crisis. hungry must stay at this war, and it must protect families, financial security. this requires room to maneuver and to take immediate action, the government, exercising its right under the basic law or declare a war emergency. from midnight we introduced a similar emergency situation to fight the pandemic. this allows the government to
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wrecked immediately. they know situations protect hungry and on gary and families along health careers find a ballistic missile that's according to the south korean joint chiefs of staff. the missile was launched towards the east coast. japan's coast guard says it's already fallen into the c. u. s. president joe biden has just wrapped up a trip to south korea and japan. japan has accused china and russia of provocation after their miniature planes flew over the sea of japan, asians as the drills a part of an annual exercise with japan and south korea scrambled fighter jets when the war plains got near their space. 13 our joint patrol came as japan was hosting the leaders of the so called quad, which includes australia, the u. s. and india growing influence of china and the threat posed by russia was the focus of those talks in tokyo. as rob mcbride reports from the japanese capital,
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a show of unity from the u. s. and 3 allies whose spheres of influence span the ando pacific. a region under pressure on many fronts, from an increasingly assertive china, i, he or she, it. the 4 of us committed that unilateral change of status quo by force will never be allowed in any region, especially the indo pacifica. and that the free and open endo pacific is ever more relevant to day in coming to asia pacific president joe biden has pursued a focus, begun by his predecessors. despite the unfolding crisis in europe. at the same time were navigating a dark hour in our shared history. the russian, brutal and unprovoked war against ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe. this is very important for joe biden to demonstrate to the world that a commitment to the region is unwavering. this commitment has been going on for several years, going back to the obama administration. but there has been, there have been doubts over the last few months, given the ukraine invasion,
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but the failure of india to condemn russia and its continuing close relationship with moscow. shows some of the strains within this diverse group rush. china's growing economic muscle also makes it harder for neighbors to stand up to it. asian allies like japan supporting the quad is complicated by the fact that china is its biggest trading partner. and it seems going too far in antagonizing beijing can have real consequences in terms of business as australia has found to its cost. australia has felt the impact of punitive trade restrictions for its open criticism of beijing and recent times. but australia's newly elected prime minister antony albany, is promised to continue robust support for this group, which is still relatively new. i think they're feeling their way or the court is i think, quite experimental. and to this point, i don't think that the 4 partners have really worked out. i'm how they're going to
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collaborate. after his shock remark that yes, the us would intervene militarily against china if it attacked taiwan. biden had to answer repeatedly that no, this wasn't a change in the u. s. is long standing position on china or taiwan policies. murphy, he leaves tokyo, hoping this gathering will be remembered more for diplomatic harmony than the controversy stirred by seemingly undiplomatic language. robin bride al jazeera tokyo shall anchors government has increased fuel prices to a record high, hoping it will help the country overcome its worst economic crisis since independence. pilots, even more pressure on millions of people already struggling to buy basic goods and make ends meet petrol, is, is now at least 24 percent more expensive and diesel is up more than 30 percent. sure. anchors grappling with a shortage of foreign exchange reserves,
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which are stalled imports of essential items including actual and cooking oil. i explained the price of diesel, which is commonly used for public transport has gone up over night from a t u. s. sense to $1.11, a liter of petrol is going up from $0.94 to $1.70. it's even worse if you compare it to last year. actual prices have searched by 259 percent since october and diesel by 231 percent official say boss and taxi fairs of sold by up to 50 percent . and almost all goods and services. a more expensive annual inflation rose from $21.00 and a half percent in march to record 33.8 percent in april, under major shortages of basic goods like food and medicine. forcing people to queue for hours for the av aiding from here to from 66 morning from the thick feel . so spill down on the promised hope all is bombing or not, even though i gave the prize. they are not advised to people. what do we have to do?
12:41 am
they are not bored in the solution. so we ask, inform the government, what they do, the solution for us call up by them either or my mother and father did not eat any food because i was waiting in the queue as there was no kerosene to cook out food at home. yeah, i can even go home because i have no kerosene to cook food. i am pool, i have to stay in the queue. i have nothing to eat. now the, so go back to our breaking user, killing at least 14 children and one teacher in a school shooting in the year state of texas. so let's have a listen in to greg abbott was the governor of tax of suffolk safety. they obviously now know who the shooter was and the shooter is no longer alive. let me give you some details and then i'll give you a submission about that. the shooter was a salvador ramos, an 18 year old male who resided in humanity is believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school in new valley with with
12:42 am
a hand gun. and he may have also had a rifle. but that has not yet confirm, according to my most recent report, he shot in killed, horrifically incomprehensibly, for 14 students, and killed a teacher of mr. ramos, the shooter. ah, he is he, he himself is deceased and is believed that responding officers killed him. it appears that 2 responding officers were struck by rounds, but have no serious injuries. the valley consolidated independent school district, police department is the investigating agency and we will provide them and the city of you valley substantial investigative and patrol assistance goodbye to rob reynold settings in los angeles, monitoring this story for a so that the death told penny substantial and they said latest school shooting an
12:43 am
investigation on getting that's right, and we are told that there are approximately a dozen children still being treated at local hospitals. 2 adults, apparently one who was seriously injured and another who is more lightly injured, are also being treated in the hospital. we don't know the condition of any of those children. one of the adults is said to be an ins, in serious condition. there were $600.00 kids attending this school, more or less. it's an elementary school in the u. s. that means it's kindergarten to 6th grade. so you're looking at children from ages a roughly 5 to 6 years old, up to around 12 years old, and no motive has been given for what the shooter, salvador ramos, of his, who's alleged to have carried is out may,
12:44 am
may have, may have had, if any and it's not known whether we will ever know that. but this is, of course, only the latest in a, in a very dreadful string of shootings in public places including schools. if you don't mind, i'll just list a few of those for our audience. sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. 201210 years ago, 28 people killed 2017 parkland florida marjorie snowman douglas high school. a 20 people killed their 201726 people killed in a church in settlement springs, texas. that that same year that a high school in santa fe, springs, texas, there were 10 people killed in 2019, a racially motivated person, with a hatred for a hispanic people attacked a wal mart store in el paso, texas,
12:45 am
and killed 23 people. and just love on may 15th, as we all know now, a racially motivated gunman attacked a grocery store in buffalo, new york, killing 10, a patrons there. um, so from coast to coast from south to north. ah, the mass shootings in the united states continue efforts to rain, rain them in to curb them. i have concentrated on mostly on schools, security, in many places. it's not know what kind of school security there might have been at the rob elementary school in vol day. ah, but um the efforts to restrict guns, restrict types of guns that are really designed for warfare at to restrict large capacity magazines for both hand guns and rifles or semi automatic rifles all
12:46 am
have largely failed on the national level. the republican party in general, has staunchly opposed these efforts of former president. trump was also a staunch opponent of any efforts to restrict gun ownership and an estate like texas. ah, it's very easy to buy a gun. it's not even illegal to carry a gun around in public. ah, which, you know, many of our viewers in many countries might, might find astonishing. but you can walk into us coffee shop or a store and find people are carrying pistols in their in holsters on the, on their hips like an old western movie. so the gun culture in the united states is deeply entrenched. ah, the mental health system in the united states certainly lacks a lot as does the health care system. combining those to you may have disturbed
12:47 am
individuals or individuals with particular grievances, or political agendas and combined with powerful weapons. then you get a lot of people who get killed. ah, no, we again a caution. we don't know what this individual ah, may have been motivated by if anything a, what his state of mind was what his mental health status was. but we do know that he was able to get a hold of guns and he was able to walk into a school he's able to kill a lot of children. robbins, thank you very much. belize so shot dead at least 21 people during a raid on of her valet in rio de janeiro officer say they were targeting drug traffickers from one of brazil's most powerful criminal gangs. victims include a female bystander who was caught in the crossfire, but he seized assault rifles, pistols and a grenade, as well as cars and motor bikes. brazilian police are among the world's deadliest.
12:48 am
they were responsible for more than $6100.00 fatalities last year. as an average of 17 people, a day of beer, warm bush to please see is also trish some questions need to be answered by our public authorities and by the whole of rio de janeiro society which lives in a city that for decades has been living in this typical civil war scenario as well as he heard earlier, the un security council is holding an informal meeting to discuss threats to media, freedom for the killing routers, era journalist sharing abruptly. let's go back to kristen salumi at the united nation. so what were the main conclusion of, of main conclusions been so far from this meeting what we've heard from a number of un acts spurts and media representatives, including al jazeera, his own bureau, chief for the americas abdur rahim fu kara. and as also member state speaking at this meeting, talking about the importance of protecting journal is particularly in conflict. and
12:49 am
this is something that is required under nat, international law and the killing of a journalist. in such a situation. journalist being considered civilians in a conflict could be considered a war crime. so that is something that we've heard, reaffirmed over and over again throughout this meeting. and the security council has weighed in on this, in the past resolution to, to, to makes it clear that protection of journalists in a conflict. the area in particular is crucial to democracy and freedom of expression. we've heard this also from many speakers of the security council needs to do more to uphold this who's saying this while the you ends on representative irene con. as she is an expert on freedom of expression, she call them security council to do more to hold perpetrators of violence against journalists to account, pointing out that 9 times out of 10. no one is held accountable when someone is
12:50 am
killed. but of course, in the case of sharina walkway, the al jazeera journalists, al jazeera, has said explicitly, and the bureau chief said, in this forum that al jazeera has evidence that it was in his really bullet that killed her eye and that they are pursuing all avenues of accountability on their end at this has been supported now by at least 2 news outlets in the united states who reached the same conclusion that an israeli bullet was responsible. as for the security council, it universally condemned her death. and it has also called for an immediate and transparent investigation. but what's not being said is how is this going to happen and what remains lacking? and we haven't heard it from this meeting is who is going to conduct that investigation? and how is it going to be, how it will it be that the perpetrators are held to account at this stage?
12:51 am
we know the united states has shown that it is happy to let israel do the investigation and see where that goes. it has expressed confidence in their ability to do an impartial investigation. we got some clues from a council members, though, that they're concerned about that investigation, samar calling for an international investigation. the palestinian authority, of course, is called on the international criminal court to get involved. we haven't heard any one from the counsel explicitly state that. so the question remains, despite all of these condemnations, and particularly for the attack on her funeral, is how to reach that point where there is accountability, even though everyone seems to want it versus whom. thank you. very much indeed. now to the sport has jemma. thank you lauren. the proposed take over at chelsea
12:52 am
football club has moved a step closer after being approved by the premier league. the bid is led by a tall to bodie, clear lake consortium relay the premier league has given the green lights, the u. k. government still needs to be satisfied that current shall, sienna raymond brockovich, will not benefit from the deal he's been sanctioned. over his alleged links to russian president vladimir putin following the invasion of ukraine action, tennis player daniel medford, of his band from playing at wimbledon because of the ukraine war. but he's into the 2nd round at the french open. he says he doesn't like playing on clay that showed no signs of that in his opening match. the load number see any dropped the 6 games against argentina, africa, bacchus, medical. when his 1st playful match of the year after missing most of the european springs season. because of a honey operation. afterwards he spoke about he and all the other russian players being shut out by wimbledon. as ali though, is likely to see him regain well, number one spot for made that joke of edge. as the championship has been stripped
12:53 am
of ranking points. i'd be really happy to play when the la la wimbledon. i love playing on grass while i will play on rush after rollin garris. ah, but if i cannot, i mean just going to prepare for next tournaments, sam, you know, just saw follow what's happening there and there in the all points. i become number one, well, grateful me for several points and i can become number one because of it. of course i'm going to be gutted, but it is what it is. i cannot change. sure. some decisions. 14th said dennis, a chef of olive was knocked out by danish teenager, holger roon. the canadian made a 53 unforced errors and lost in straight sets ruin winning his 1st grand slam, single j wilford's hunger for back c as while receiving a standing ovation from the crowd before serving the final point of his 18. yet professional career. the 37 year old took the 1st sets against noise and caspar rude went on to lose the 1st round match. the frenchman retired having 11880 p to
12:54 am
titles. he also finished a runner up the 2008 australia. now to a massive fights in boxing canal alvarez has confirmed ill take a trilogy. bouts against cannady gal of can on september 17th canal, a was beaten for any the 2nd time. earlier this month by dmitri bibble office stepping up to light heavyweight. but instead of taking the re max, she's dropping back to sleep and mid away, why he's the undisputed champion in glock and drew their 1st fight in 2017 before cannot i, when the re match a year later in the ambia playoffs. another bill out score in the eastern conference finals between boston and miami game for was pretty much over in the 1st quarter when the se opened up a $22.00 point lead. early in the contest, the heat struggled to find their range. missing 15 of their 1st 16 shots, the south for led by jason jason who top scored with 31 austin swearing series it
12:55 am
to to game 5 is on wednesday in my m. o. t, the jared italia and jack cyclist yan hertz is one his 1st episode, age on the grounds. all he crossed the line 1st after a grueling of 16 stage in the mountains 202 kilometer, including one of the sports toughest climbs up most early passed in the italian alps, ecuador richard, kara pass keeps the lead as pink josie, but his advantage has been cut to just 3 seconds, but 5 stages are made. some of the world's best players of football video game fee for a competing in qatar at the moment. it comes at a time when competitive game as being more widely accepted as athletes. so how malik reports the idea that sitting in front of a screen playing video games makes someone an athlete is laughable to many. but for these guys, it's no joke. co competitive video gaming is increasingly being accepted as
12:56 am
a spot. kalen is a 3 time south african champion of football game fever. he's one of many top players taking part in the champions cup in doha, one of the biggest p for events to happen in the region. i always go to the fact that if it was so easy, everyone would be doing it and mentally faxing it for the kids. i think i think a lot of people don't see that are you always have to be on top of your game. you always have to be performing the same as an athlete, pretty much be for is one of many popular e sports titles, and it's set to be a medal event at the next asian games where gaming will make its full day view. oh, middle makers, iep is set to represent guitar and hopes e sports would be at the olympics one day. oh boy, b i o. c has taken a keen interest, denise sports in recent years, and has already stayed virtual competition, haven't yet. so in a little bit,
12:57 am
middle, in his book, fully recovery will be such as a bonus for me. and i a lily, i'm lily waiting for the moment. hopefully kicks off with age again. hello john. there is, however, skepticism within the sports community about the iow sees intention. the industry is already estimated to be worth more than a $1000000000.00. it has established teams, broadcast deals, and major tournaments that often feel large arenas and attract millions of viewers online. we're pulling the crowds, the olympics are starting to lose its shine. a little bit siding feel, nbc sports more than he was. he's the elevator. the debate will go on as to where the game of the really athlete or whether they really belong a global sporting of what is social, is that the global popularity of reform shows no signs of slowing down to hell mallet al jazeera go home, and we'll finish with
12:58 am
a wild record sat fine olympic freestyle scare sweden's yes. by jaida, one bronze at the beijing games and now he set a new log for sliding along a metal rail. estate on for an incredible, a 154.49 meters. after falling on 3 previous attempts list took place actually back in may, the 9th on may, the 9th i should say, but it's in just been officially ratified. breaking the previous record in 2016. that is audio sport is back to lauren in london. and that's just for this news our i'll be back in amendment with more and breaking news school, shooting in texas to stay with us. ah ah
12:59 am
ah, with we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report, we brave bullets and bomb and we always include the views from our sites. cats are always official and line of the journey with
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