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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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all sanctions, on rosh, another jewish sports for social informed opinions france is not abandoning to fight against yet is still reserved media debt. going to be acting from nisha and from shod critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of today's global headlines inside story on al jazeera when the news branch? here, surely, now, i've been coming shows, lighting very close to the building to when people need to be heard. and the story told it's kind of inspiring moment for me, for all of them to see their guy from their community, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. but the what is still remains al jazeera, has the teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live knees ah
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another my shooting in the u. s. a teenage gunman opens fire as a school in texas, canada 19 children, and 2 adults. you know, as president joe biden ordered flags, planet hoffman as the country mourns, it's deadly, a school shooting and a decade as a nation with dash win garaged me, we're going to stand up to the gun lobby. ah ha m nora kyle. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up north gray, a 53 ballistic missiles. a day off to you as president wraps up his trip to asia and calls for an independent investigation into the death of showing i will act at the un security council in new
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ah, it's time to turn this pain into action. that's the message from you as president joe biden, after 19 young children and 2 adults were killed in a school shooting. and texas is salt by a lone teenage gunman is the deadliest as an american school and a decade. and as once again prompted cause a great, great at gun control across the country. rob reynolds has more a shocking act of violence as ripped, yet another american town into pieces. an 18 year old gunman stormed in elementary school in vol. they texas tuesday afternoon and opened fire. as the news spread frantic parents waited to find out if their children were safe on a. nobody's telling me anything. always telling him, tell him anything. and one of the parents are saying that there's kids possibly
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held at the funeral home, and that's will rami over here to find out what's going on. and young thinkable details began to emerge. salvador romeus, an 18 year old male who resided in you've audi. it's believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school in new valley with, with a hand gun. and he may have also had a rifle. as of now, no motive is known for the mass shooting. the 600 children who attended the primary school were aged from 5 or 6 to about 12 years old. at this point, the investigation leading to tell us that the, the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime. the killings come less than 10 days after a gunman who posted racist rance online killed 10 people at a grocery store in buffalo. new york gun laws in texas are among the least restrictive in the country. there is no minimum age limit for
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children to possess. fire arms in texas, the us average is about 10 mass shootings per week. nearly $200.00 mass shootings have happened so far this year. that includes 27th school shootings. these kids weren't unlucky. this only happens in this country. and nowhere else, nowhere else to little kids go to school, thinking that they might be shot that day. the murders of the school children in new vol day brought this response from president joe biden. when in god's name, we're going to stand up to the gun lobby. when in god's name, we do, we all know our gut needs to be done. despite polls that show a majority of americans favor tougher gun laws. the efforts to pass national gun
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legislation have been blocked time and time again by republicans and a few democrats in congress. this confused and worried and i'm trying to find out when my babies in with an estimated 390000000 guns owned by civilians in the us and few effective limits on gun ownership. the horror in move all day will likely be repeated again. and again, rob reynolds al jazeera asked bryan lewis to angeles. now he's a jan less win status k news. he joins as live south of val day in texas state. thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us a you've been talking to residence there, how they've been responding to this tragedy. absolutely, and thanks for having me on. oh, in general, the residents are very on the upset with, with what's going on. i 1st went to the civic center earlier today where i spoke with several folks and just witnessed folks at the civic center. this is where
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parents were, were meeting and being reunited with with their children. at a certain point though, you know, there were only so many parents left outside of the civic center, and folk started to realize that their children may be the one who unfortunately lost their lives very being a general there it is. indeed, what do we know about the gunman? i mean, he was a member of this community, wasn't he? he was a member of the community. i did not interact with anybody who knew him directly. there was somebody who said that they knew the family and that the family was, you know, otherwise a very you know, nothing out of the ordinary. but unfortunately, at this point we don't have any updates on the gunman. in that case, unfortunate show just a little bit about this school, what you found out about that because some schools in texas have gone to and they
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but this one i understand they didn't, but border guards came in and arrived at the scene later for sure. so my understanding at this point is that there were not any armed guards. this is the small world town. something like this happening is unthinkable. i did speak to one woman who was actually a student at the school several years ago at this point you than a dog now. so it's been somewhere in the realm of 1520 years. so i have a little bit of insight. you said a small school, the classrooms are small. there are the main cafeteria area in the center of the school. but at this point, you know, no one's able to get within a couple blocks. so it's hard to get a good look at, you know, exactly what was going on there. i do know that that happens somewhere around lunch time. so, but it definitely heartbreaking story coming. both in all angle. you know, i spoke with another woman who she grew up in all day and she currently live in san
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antonio and she heard of the news. she drove over here immediately and i spoke with her at the candle light visual that was happening. visual that was happening, the getty street church of christ. several folks were gathered there. at one point today, she had a good friend of her to have a student at the school. luckily that student was actually out today and you know, was able to avoid this terrible motivation. absolutely. i haven't got much of a sense the as to how a community like this comes together at times like this and moves forward. absolutely, i mean everybody spoke to the one thing, the one recurring theme must. all of them was that this is a very tight and that folks will be there for each other. everybody knows somebody who has a child at that school who as a parent who works at that school. so folks are definitely leaning heavy on each other and the community is definitely coming out in oregon. and while i was there
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today to folks from across the us and around the world, we're sending, you know, hiring local restaurants and things like that to bring food over to the civic center. as well as to the visual to provide you know, drinks and snacks. and things for family to where we're waiting for, for new bonding, where their loved ones were to angela and appreciate you taking the time to talk with her and algebra. thanks very much. no problem have a great night. well, lonnie and sandy phillips, all the founders of survivors empower. that's morgan is ation. they started after their daughter, jessica galway was murdered in the aurora, colorado fair to me, africa 10 years ago. they say the solution is clear, is simple, easy access to guns in america is causing the problem. we have the same number of really trouble people or people who have mental problems as any other matter.
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the differences. they can't get guns like they can hear. you know, want you cut the supply. got so it becomes harder to get all the shooters lately. the masters have been able to walk in and legally by and they are 15. it is wrong for an 18 year old. be able to go in and buy an a r 15. well, i refuse to accept that. it's always going to be this way. this. we are turning around and going back to san antonio. this will be our 20th response to a public nash shooting. since our daughter was killed 10 years ago in 10 years, nothing has been done at the national level. and until we are doing something at the national level, it won't matter what the states are doing because what happens is the, the states with strong gun laws like here in new york. they are surrounded by some
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very weak gun law, states like pennsylvania, ohio. so those guns are trafficked across lines, state lines. so we have a problem with trafficking guns, trafficking, accessories. we have a problem with ghost guns, and we need to close all of that down. and we need to go back to banning assault weapons. quite frankly, that needs to happen again, and i think the president actually called for that tonight, or they suggested that tonight, but i mean, i won't give up hope let's move on. some of the news now and north korea is suspected of carrying out a long range intercontinental ballistic missile test. for the 2nd time this year, japan and south korea detected 3 ballistic missiles being fired from soon on towards the sea of japan. 2 of them were thought to be short range, sol, describe the test as a great provocation. it comes
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a day off to you as president joe biden wrapped up his trip to south korea and japan junglin who connect on don to about to do. the government is prepared to respond strongly and effectively to any north korean provocation. and you will take practical steps to protect the security and the safety of people in south korea based on the solid south korea u. s. alliance. sally is seeing that our chloe, north korea continues to put its effort into nuclear and missile development. while ignoring the people suffering amid the spread of the corona virus in the country, it violates the relevant un security council resolution. and we strongly condemn it . we have protested north korea through diplomatic routes with robert riot has more on this now from take care. these, the 3 miss elsewhere detected just after daybreak, fired from the su 9 area. this is northwest of the capital young gang. it's the location of young young's airport flying east towards the sea that separates the
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korean peninsula from japan. the national security council of south korea, they convened a meeting straight afterwards as they often do. there's also been a response from the japanese. the japanese defense minister is saying that these are provocations which are completely unacceptable. this is the 17th round of missile launches so far this year. sometimes they have been multiple launches, as with this one today, wednesday. in the past though, we've also seen single missed our launches. i think what concerns the intelligence community here in japan and south korea and in the u. s. is the sophistication of some of these missiles. we've had a submarine launch, ballistic missile type being tested for the 1st time, fired from the water, or the north koreans mastering the technique of launching this also in submarine. also at the end of march, there was an intercontinental ballistic missile. the kind of a heavy missile capable of reaching the continental united states and the kind of missile that hasn't been fired since 2017, with
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a warning from defense officials in japan, in south korea. and also in the us that we can probably expect more testing of icbm in the future at the south koreans and the u. s. military have promised greater cooperation in response to all list is now a conservative administration in south korea, including of course, what may be more military exercises, joint exercises. but those are the kinds of things that often anger north korea, prompting them to launch more missiles fil a had hair on out chaverra. 3 months after russia invaded ukraine, fighting rage is on in the east boss morale is high and the capital. aah! if you were county, i think this is the night sandstone to blow up in iraq and then blow sites through
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everybody else in the gulf and kill back into saudi. that's what he's doing. still on wednesday is still a hot one. of course, the temperatures in the forty's, the good part in the middle of iraq as cooler back on the coastal mediterranean. and it's hotter in easton iraq up in towards afghanistan as well. whatevers. he's moving from west to east, so tends to die down with time. still looks quite breezy during 30 down to the gulf . de, ma'am, has, is warming up again. doha hangs around at 40. yeah, i was feel quite dusty about would it be a little less dusty? a time we get to thursday. the heat further east is starting to rebuild, not as extreme as it was, there are no showers to relieve that heated northern pakistan is an onshore breeze to keep it little bit lower in karachi. but in the middle. and let's pick, for example, no washer dusty skies and he's getting warmer, warmer war, 49. by the time you get to saturday, that's the forecast. at least some good news for kenya. few more showers. there should be a lot more on the, but for western canyon is yogi. there are
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a few showers, but not many. and in southern africa, particularly south africa cause a little. and the popo, it is now dry after a lot of heavy rain. ah. that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survive had too many people with astonishing story. as the polish women and children who enjoyed the siberian glass of refuge in africa, never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland on al jazeera. oh
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the me. again, what's your knowledge? is there a reminder of our top stories that our 19 young children, 2 adults have been killed in a school shooting in the us state of texas. it's a dead, it's attack of the american school in almost a decade. the suspect, 18 year old salvador ramos was shot dead by police president joe biden has ordered flags be flown at half mast after the shooting. and texas by them pleaded for action to address gun violence, claiming manufacturers under the ports as a blocking legislation in washington. while i spoke to david burnett, he's a firearms advocate and former president of students for concealed carrying. he believes gun control is not the answer. i think it's important to remember that for every problem there is
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a solution that exists. it is safe and easy and wrong. i disagree with the idea that if we restrict firearms, particularly for law by citizens, that's going to be the solution to this particular problem. i think we look at the big picture where kind of strange, they had a mass shooting back in 1996. i believe it is. port arthur the 4th off the massacre . they then find both sides of government came together to ban rapid fire guns. it's not had another mass shooting event since you don't look at last. i think that is the way, ford sure in new zealand had very strict laws and yet they had massacre as their mask price strict. so it is difficult to compare a country to country because cultures are different, but why? i'm sorry why a gun is a gun and wanted to fight it. someone a different cultures are different and laws are different to our laws. empower the average citizen who is law abiding to be able to fire. i'm to engage in sporting
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use, hunting and self defense. sure. but you know, allow anyone to go and buy a gun. we come back to this. there are very few background checks and mine is boy was able to go and buy a gun that was able to kill 19 people. and so what's the proposal proposal is to prevent any and every 18 year old from it they obtaining a firearm. but then hearing from you, it was called to be allowed guns. norma, necessarily advocating for more people. listen, people need to be responsible. people need to be safe. but the factors that in this country, people's use firearms in self defense more often. so i advocate being prepared in train being armed, if you are responsible to do so, but be prepared to save a life in other ways as well. members of the un security council, a calling for an independent investigation and the death of al jazeera journal, assuring abil eichler is been meeting to discuss threats to global media freedom
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and the protection of journalists. kristen salumi has this report israel's killing of al jazeera. as you read ob lockley in the occupied west bank, prompted ireland to called this meeting on the protection of journalists at the time of her killing. sharyn was on duty in a blue press, vest, a symbol which denotes civilian status, a symbol that demonstrates to parties to conflict, that journalists are not a target. the targeting of journalists in conflict zones is considered a war crime. the committee to protect journalists said no less than 18 have been killed in the palestinian territories in the last 20 years. in ukraine, 9 journalists have died in the war with russia. but as the experts made clear, 9 out of 10 such crimes are never prosecuted. the failure of states to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against john. this is not only a denial of justice,
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it is actually an encouragement to perpetuate the cycle of finance. al jazeera is abdur rahim for kara, promised to pursue all legal options for accountability as a 0 position is crystal clear. shit in a black las life matters. and so does a transparent an independent investigation of her killing and of the serious violation of her funeral by the israeli security forces. there are other crystal clear issues for i'm 0 network. one sheeting a black law was killed by an israeli bullet. and in cold blood, while she was doing her job to the network has the evidence and the witnesses to support that position. let the other media networks have made the same conclusion that the un security council has condemned the killing of sharina
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walkway and called for a transparent, impartial investigation. but they haven't supported the palestinian authority's call for an investigation by the international criminal court. essentially leaving accountability in israel's hands. kristin, filling me al jazeera, the united nations. some people gave us just 3 days, but we endured 3 brave heroic months. that was the message from president vladimir zalinski. has ukraine mocked 12 weeks since russia's invasion, bazan? some areas are now returning to normal, but fighting is escalating in the east. zelinski has told the world economic forum a divorce that ukraine needs $5000000000.00 a month to rebuild. the european union has pledged more than $10000000000.00 and financial aid to keep ukraine's economy going. it is the largest package of micro
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financial assistance ever conceived by the european union also to country. other countries, starting with our friends in the united states, are doing the utmost to it is an economic relief operation with no precedent in recent history or people, anyone capital are still confident about winning the war and even reclaiming the last land correspondence saying best robbie found a lot of optimism and keith, despite the death and destruction the war in ukraine has not gone as expected. keith was meant to falter russian invaders in a matter of days. 3 months after missiles shells and paratroopers began landing in and around the capital, ukraine is putting the spoils of war on display. morales and anger at russia are now so high. ukrainian said the only acceptable victory will be taking everything
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back occupied territories in the east even crimea. duck. yeah, you should sandwich live up. yes, i believe the return of our territory is possible, and i think we should not top, i believe there should not be any negotiations about return into the theme borders we have before the start of this war on, you know, we should get our citizen call me back, this is our so in country and we should defended green there should not be any negotiations with the enemy. these numbers i am happy with. of course i believe full stop. i hope that it will be this way. the truth is on our side, we are defending our land. we really want and hope for this to happen. yes, you probably need to weapons and then our, our army will, will do everything and we will wind. i'm not to, i'm sure. we will get to victory and yes,
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to really and there was less optimism when all at war came to ukraine on february 24th. russian president vladimir putin so called special military operation was the biggest assault on a european state since world war 2 the, you an estimate at least 14000000 people have been displaced so far, at least 6000000 to neighboring countries. when missile had ukrainian army base and younger as near the border with nato member, poland, it was the furthest russian attack in the west of the country. the siege of mario pole so violent it wiped the city off the map. leaving little doubt as to how far russia was willing to go to achieve its aims. unable to penetrate ukrainian defences around the capital, russia's withdraw from boucher revealed civilian killings that ukraine described as war crimes, a dramatic victory for ukrainians. the sinking of russia's lead warship in the black sea. russia blamed and on board ammunition explosion. ukrainians claimed it was a missile strike. the invasion did change the map, but not perhaps
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a student had hoped finland and sweden applying to join nato stands to more than double the alliances border with russia. just weeks ago, independent square was under locked down and covered and snow. now people line up to buy stamps commemorating a moment in the early days of the war when ukraine, in no uncertain terms, told russia to leave its territory. i hope was that it was some weekend that we're in this war and we can survive. so for me it's a sign that we have a chance for a good future. and you have a message for russia and russian leaders on the board. i'm sorry, i can say, and this is things look very different in the ukrainian capital today. diplomatic missions are reopen and people are returning and ukrainian seemed
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far more optimistic. all the cautiously than they did at the beginning of this war, that the war is not over. russian forces are escalating offensive in ukraine to east re mobilizing forces to battlefields in the south. all indications are conflict with russia is the new normal. and as long as russia controls the skies over their countries, nowhere in ukraine is completely safe. there's is a future that remains uncertain. then destroy the o dizzier keys. and he's 22 people have been shot dead during a police raid on a fella and read as narrow offices. say that we're targeting drug traffickers from one of brazil's most powerful criminal gangs. the victims included a woman who was caught in gun 5 between gang members and police of the say the other victims with suspected criminals. human rights groups of criticized previous raids, accusing police of summary executions. schools and government affairs
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have closed in parts of iran as a sandstone blank to several cities, including the capital, tougher on the authorities, as people to stay at home. same situation is likely to continue until wednesday evening. a sandstone moved into iran from iraq and syria. though ha, is hosting the 14th edition of minute poll, cattle and event that focuses on innovation and defense systems, homeland security and civil defense. more than $200.00 delegates from 40 countries taking part, mama fall has more acquiring the most powerful safety source for a better civil defense and police promoting, made and cut off and attracting, cutting edge technological innovations, including in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics detection and prevention equipment, safety systems and services. that's what this yes mil, upon expo in doha, is about the event meets
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a large part of the growing security needs at the seat of katara in a tub of regions. some model, many mill poker top 2022, especially in the interior ministry section, presents the latest technology. and the latest systems used to guarantee safety and security in the states was cut off since its launch in 1996. the miller paul cutoff has attracted the biggest players in global security. last year, the number of visitors reached 7924 more have been expected for this year. addition, companies and delegations from 40 countries are participating. one thing that is particularly interesting about this expo is the physical presence of the cost of 2022 people will companies and it is actually on every live here or government and to see about plans and mass out frequencies. what we're showcasing this year
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is our readiness for, for world cup frequency management. and i like to think for local or national bodies that require the usage of frequencies specifically for the world cup time. and she'll finish modes with them. as you can see, some of the best international companies in homeland security and civil defense are here, also helps us regarding preparations for the fee for walk up. in this regard, we obtain the latest equipment and, and the latest alms and our joint training with other countries. on the way one of cut off most prominent partners is the chinese communications giant. why we called that was the 1st country in the middle east to implement the the 5 g. and that was in 201754. we have the highest quality.


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