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t 9, by the time you get to sassy, that's the forecast. at least some good news for kenya. few more shouts. that should be a lot worse tom. the. but for western canyon. nice. yes. there are a few shares, but not many. and in southern africa, particular south africa causing natal. i'm the popo. it is now dry after a lot of heavy rain. ah. the 2 young women in morocco staying with local families, morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa. i'm getting better at haggling in shopping and morocco. knowledge, is there a world phone? is that journeys of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences? an american in my home on al jazeera ah
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another shooting in the u. s. a government opens fire at an elementary school in texas, killing 19 children, and 2 adults. ah, alex robins, watching officer alive my headquarters here in dover, coming up in the next 30 minutes, a concentrated effort to destroy everything qua ukraine says rushes. the soul to the east is more focused than ever north korea $53.00, a 3 ballistic missiles. a day after the u. s. president wraps up his visit to asia and high security in islamabad. the support is a form of bucket study. prime minister in ron con, marched the capital, demanding new elections. ah,
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welcome to throw a gun controls under scrutiny once again in the us after what's being described as a heinous, horrific, and incomprehensible school shooting. 19 elementary school kids and 2 teachers have been shot dead in the town of val day in texas. now the attacker early a shot, his grandmother who survived. he was killed by police rob reynolds reports now from los angeles. a shocking act of violence as ripped, yet another american town into pieces. an 18 year old gunman stormed in elementary school in vol. they, texas tuesday afternoon, and opened fire. as the news spread, frantic parents waited to find out if their children were safe on and nobody's telling me anything. always telling me, telling me anything. and one of the parents are saying that there's kids possibly held at the funeral home. and that's what brought me over here to find out what's
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going on. and the unthinkable details began to emerge. salvador romeus, an 18 year old male who resided in humanity, is believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school in new valley with with a hand gun. and he may have also had a rifle. as of now, no motive is known for the mass shooting. the 600 children who attended the primary school were aged from 5 or 6 to about 12 years old. at this point, the investigation leading to tell us that the, the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime. the killings come less than 10 days after a gunman who posted racist rance online killed 10 people at a grocery store in buffalo. new york gun laws in texas are among the least restrictive in the country. there is no minimum age limit for
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children to possess. fire arms in texas, the u. s. average is about 10 mass shootings per week. nearly $200.00 mass shootings have happened so far this year. that includes $27.00 school shootings. these kids weren't unlucky. this only happens in this country. and nowhere else, nowhere else to little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day . the murders of the school children in new vall day brought this response from president joe biden. when in god's name, we're going to stand up to the gun lobby. when in god's name, we do, we all know our gut needs to be done. despite polls that show a majority of americans favor tougher gun laws. the efforts to pass national gun legislation have been blocked time and time again by republicans and
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a few democrats in congress. this confuse in word and i'm trying to find out where my babies in with an estimated 390000000 guns owned by civilians in the us and few effective limits on gun ownership. the horror in new vol day will likely be repeated again. and again, rob reynolds al jazeera, now have both sides of the gun control debate shortly with in texas gun sensor since director nicole golden, who says laws are being relaxed instead of tightened, but 1st firearms advocate david burnett, who spoke to my colleague laura kyle earlier, i think it's important to remember that for every problem there is a solution that exists that is safe and easy and wrong. i disagree with the idea that if we restrict firearms, particularly for law by citizens, that that's going to be the solution to this particular problem. but i think if we
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look at the big picture, like a strange, they had a mass shooting back in 1996. i believe it's port author the put off it massacre. they then banned both sides of the government came together to ban rapid fire guns . it's not had another must shooting event since do not look at last and think that is the way, ford. sure in new zealand had very strict laws and yet they had massacre at their mosque price. so it is difficult to compare country to country because cultures are different, but why? i'm sorry why a gun is a gun and wanted to fight it. someone a different cultures are different and laws are different. so our laws empower the average citizen who is law abiding to be able to own a fire. i'm to engage in sporting use, hunting and self defense. sure. so i don't know if anyone to go and buy a gun, we come back to this. there are very few background checks on this boy was
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able to go and buy a gun that was able to kill 19 people. and so what's the proposal proposal is to prevent any and every 18 year old from it they obtaining a firearm, but they don't hear from you. it was really cool to be allowed guns. not necessarily advocating for more people. this is, people need to be responsible, people need to be safe. but the fact is that in this country, people's use firearms in self defense more often. so i advocate being prepared in train, being armed, if you're responsible to do so, but be prepared to save a life another way as well. i feel like my heart is broken. i feel sick. i have felt this way before. i hate that i feel this way again, and this happened only hours from where i am, but it's not ok anywhere. anytime i feel, i feel like we've been failed and i feel like we've been screaming into the void and it's very exhausting. we have seen ongoing weakening of our already last done
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last here in texas during the legislative sessions that we've been a part of. we watch the passage of open carry of hand guns in 2015 along with campus kerry, which neither of which had broad public support. and, and this last legislative session, we saw lawmakers remove licensing and training requirements to carry a loaded hand gun in public in the state. we are joined by other states, state legislatures doing the same thing and the data out of the states that have passed that laws some years back is not looking good. there's a rise in homicide. so we have reason to be concerned about in the face of escalating done violence with more than 4000 techs and i'm having died from guns in c, d, 's most recent, 2020 data. and then we have this horrific incident today, which is we're adding this to the list of some of the most high profile mass
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shootings that have taken place here in our state. now the us and south gray have conducted far alive fire drills after north great launched missiles, both military say the surface to surface tests were conducted hours after us present. joe biden left, asia and biden met south korea's new prison unit sock yawned at the weekend. and the 2 leaders agreed to hold bigger military drills. now those drills were in response to north korea, firing 3 miss ours, including a long range, intercontinental ballistic missile. japan and south korea detect them being fired from su, non towards the sea of japan. sole has described the test as a grave provocation. rob mcbride is covering the story for us from tokyo. these, the 3 miss elsewhere detected. just after daybreak fights from the su 9 area, this is northwest of the capital young gang. it's the location of young young's airport flying east towards the sea that separates the korean peninsula from japan,
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the national security council of south korea. they convened a meeting straight afterwards as they often do. there's also been a response from the japanese. the japanese defense minister is saying that these are provocations which are completely unacceptable. this is the 17th round of missile launches so far this year. sometimes they have been multiple launches, as with this one today, wednesday. in the past though, we've also seen single missed our launches. i think what concerns the intelligence community here in japan and south korea and in the u. s. is the sophistication of some of these missiles. we've had a submarine loans, ballistic missile type being tested for the 1st time, fired from the water. so the north koreans are mastering the technique of launching missiles and submarines also at the end of march, there was an intercontinental ballistic missile. the kind of heavy missile capable of reaching the continental united states and the kind of missile that hasn't been fired since 2017, with
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a warning from defense officials in japan and south korea. and also in the us that we can probably expect more testing of icbm in the future at the south koreans and the u. s. military have promised greater cooperation in response to all list is now a conservative administration in south korea, including of course, maybe a more military exercises joint exercises. but those are the kinds of things that often anger north korea, prompting them to launch more. missiles now has been the evidence to support witness accounts of how out of their agenda sharing actually was shot dead according to a cnn investigation. she was killed in a targeted attack by israeli forces. the report says there was no active combat or any palestinian fighters near location to us base news channel comb through 11 videos of the scene, showing israel's military convoy from different angles before during and after she was shot. 8 witnesses, an audio and an explosive weapons expert backed up the findings. and members of the
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un security council, calling for an independent investigation into the death of sharing. it's been meeting to discuss threats to global media. freedom on the protection of journalists, kristen salumi has this report. israel's killing of al jazeera is sharina ob lockley in the occupied west bank. prompted ireland to call this meeting on the protection of journalists at the time of her killing. sharyn was on duty in a blue press, vest, a symbol which denotes civilian status, a symbol that demonstrates to parties to conflict, that journalists are not a target. the targeting of journalists in conflict zones is considered a war crime. the committee to protect journalists said no less than 18, have been killed in the palestinian territories in the last 20 years. in ukraine,
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9 journalists have died in the war with russia. but as the experts made clear, 9 out of 10 such crimes are never prosecuted. the failure of states to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against john. this is not only a denial of justice, it is actually an encouragement to perpetuate the cycle of violence. al jazeera is abdur rahim for kara, promised to pursue all legal options for accountability and diseases. position is crystal clear. shaheen black, las life matters and so does a transparent an independent investigation of her killing and of the serious violation of her funeral by the israeli security forces. there are other crystal clear issues for i'm 0 network. one sheeting brocklow was killed by an israeli bullet and in cold blood while she was doing her job to
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the network has the evidence and the witnesses to support that position. them nothing yet. other media networks have made the same conclusion that the un security council has condemned the killing of sharina block lay and called for a transparent, impartial investigation. but they haven't supported the palestinian authorities call for an investigation by the international criminal court. essentially leaving accountability in israel's hands. kristen filling me al jazeera, the united nations still had here on al jazeera, struggling to survive. victims await government action of crimes committed under the rule of ya in the gambia. ah, that all the unseasonable warmth at surrounding knolls in central europe of the
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last week or so have been swept away by stuff it's currently atlantic. so it's a very different see now doesn't smell very summary at all, which is in the teams. however, if you over lay this background where you see the red little spots here around, for example, hungary croatia for the south is will and through italy in the southwest, aspire which are still quite warm. lot, everybody's enjoying that. not everybody will keep it either. but as to picture them for wednesday, windy and cloudy, quite often, the winds quite strong, but easing through germany shall have got as far as the baltic states, or even a period of rain. by this time however, we are high and young to the walls down in the balkans in particular, despite the fact a few showers are going to break out and you'll notice the temperatures are rising again already in knows you have the sun is quite strong. after all, what's happening in the western med means you may well see some sherry rain in northern algeria or 2 days yet, but it's very quiet there in egypt. longshore braces still. 36 in carroll in algeria unison south. the hint of shower, not so long,
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that stretches through marley a down towards liberia and sierra leone season rained in a seething shouting right up really into the sahara. ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports was informed opinions. he's not abandoning to fight against yet. he still is a media going to be marketing from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou?
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ah, we'll get back here watching. i'll just bear with me. so robin a reminder of all top stories, a government has killed 19 elementary school children and 2 teachers, leo state of texas. it happened in the city of valdez, near san antonio. it's again prompting calls for greater gun control. president biden has ordered flags to be flown at half staff after the shooting in texas. he pleaded for action to address gun violence, blaming manufacturers on the supporters. the blocking legislation in washington the u. s. and south korea have conducted live fire drills, hours after pressed, abide, and left the region. it follows north korea is launch a 3 missiles from seed on towards the sea of japan, sol, cold pilgrims actions a great provocation.
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the ukraine's president says russia is trying to destroy every think in the eastern dumbass region. bottom insulin ski is urging the west to keep a regular supply of heavy weapons to keith rushes, defense minister, since there is no deadline for the fighting. and it will continue until it's the goals are achieved that has not done budget. so last year, the situation in dumbasses extremely difficult. all russian mind is now concentrated on this region, limone nor super odon yet. so the answer, the occupiers wants to destroy everything there. but in the communication intercepts, we really hear that they realize that this war has no sense for them that strategically they, rami has no chance of victories yet. it requires time and a lot of unprecedented effort from our people to overcome their advantage in the amount of military equipment and then well, after months of being used as
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a bomb shelter her keys metro system is back in operation. thousands of people in ukraine, 2nd largest city, use the stations to shelter underground. russian forces have not been pushed back or redeployed to the east can keep mer, is encouraging people to return home. at least a quarter of housing in the city has been destroyed while they bas robbie, as monitoring development force from does the just north of kiva and zane, a significant location where you are to transfer you cranium to understand the real impact of russia's invasion. that's exactly right, this is a town that's been on the mind of many ukrainians, especially president vladimir zelinski for at least a week. now let me just give you a sense of where we are, doesn't it is a military town. the main feature of this town is an enormous military base because of security restrictions. i can't show you. what i'm looking at is a huge training facility. driving up, we saw tanks, doug in physicians,
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major enforce positions and trained a training base that stretch a very large area of land. basically the whole town. this whole village is built around a military base. we're about an hour or 2, just north of keys. and the reason that this location is important is because of a missile strike that took place here about a week ago, a little over a week ago. now we've seen a tax like this before barracks being targeted beside it. gaffer is in the early days of the conflict just on the border with poland. we saw it in the south at a base near make a liar were soldiers were killed while they slept in their barracks and once again, what happened here last week only has come to light a few days ago, which is when president lindsey spoke about it in his address to diverse, he said 87 people were killed in a strike. multiple rockets being fired in one missile strike. this military base killed 87 people. that number is significant because that is the highest single loss of military life in
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a single strike. since the start of the russian invasion in february, now this location is nowhere near the eastern front where there are ground battles raging. this is nowhere near the south where there are also battles on going. this is far from any of that. this is just north of the capital again, just about an hour and 20 minutes north of keven. that is significant because it continues to illustrate one simple fact that as long as your crane is not control of the airspace over the land that it is fighting for russian missiles, russian air power continues to be able to reach out and touch any single inch of this country whenever it wants to, and that continues to be the major problem in trans air defenses are not within need to be to take its airspace back. and another illustration of that is as people continue to dig up the rubble in mario poll easily, one of the worst hit areas in this war have gotten reports just in the last 24 hours. that 200 decomposing bodies have been discovered in the basement. in
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a building block that was the level during the russian siege of variable, say bas robbie and doesn't a thanks to the update. the hungry prime minister has declared a state of emergency citing the war in ukraine. but to open size. it will allow his cabinet to respond quickly in an event to any changes. now the move is open great powers to approve measure faster bypassing usual procedures of the log in the office of the world is on the brink of any comic conscious hungry miss diane vis or, and it must protect families financial security. this re cause room to maneuver and to take immediate action. the government, exercising its right under the basic law, will declare a war emergency. from midnight we introduced a similar emergency situation to fight the pandemic. this allows the government direct immediately. i know situations protect hungry and on gary and families.
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now diplomatic at the james phase has more from the world economic forum intervals . this is something that we'd had heard talked about, but still comes i think is a bit of a surprise hungry already a somewhat controversial nation in the european club. because there's, you know, there's been real unity among the e. you on those sanctions. if you compare it to the start of the war, i don't think anyone it expected than the level of sanctions you would put in place . they had 5 packages of sanctions. they've all agreed that now trying to negotiate the sick. and that's where the problem is arisen. they've been all ban this was a call about for hungry, hungry is still objective. and i think people are wondering is that because hungry is so concerned about this package of sanctions, or is it that mr. all band was somewhat constrained by the elections in his country, and now he's going back to being the most favored leader of putin in the european
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union club. will neighboring countries have real concerns about what's going on in ukraine? clearly economic affects across the region. and remember, how many refugees have been taken in by those countries in the immediate neighborhood, pockets on full prime minister run con, has called on his supporters to stage a citizen in his from about to demand new elections. but the government has been the protest and deploy thousands of security personnel con was removed from office after and confident site. last month. now in 2014, he rallied support his in islam of off and station large sitting outside parliament to protest against what he called. rigged elections? let's get more this and 12 high, the hall senior correspondent in the pockets on the capital command, security around the sensitive blue area where you of the capital will be paramount for authorities as this march gets ever closer to the capital. absolutely. you're familiar with the road that you have behind me. this is leading
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to parliament. it showed that you did next or the blue area, which is the commercial hub on that day. so indeed, a very important point and bron yesterday and now instead he will reach the square, which is exactly red. i'm standing right now and that i've got a change from his earlier position that he would be on should not go highway. now we've been daughter that the border, highly, george crowded, moving from the high book to and while province read abroad, had to go in government by do, you will find those obstacles. the minute they crossed the river and dusted an elaborate plan, they have set up bombs dash for dot ga and they've even board shredded glocks on the roads in order to slow down during march. the project march of gosh, has cranes read them. heavy equipment to move doors containers, so it will be important to see how this all plays out because we've already heard
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of some golf clothes between the police in the city of la hall, where did a p d i lead the lawyers then came to a rest you guys were viewed against them so, and did a tense development dynamic on that now decided to come through this red new d square show here, of course, the last time that you've been cutting courage, this sort of demonstration, the grounds of parliament were breached and con, supporters took over the area for weeks. now the authorities don't want to repeat of that because it does power lies the country in so many ways where the country's already battle, like one of the buckets on teddy can lead. they said that the government had done the job for right by shutting down the entire country, the m one motorway, which got to connect to the body shop where it had been seen the m 2 more degraded or had been said, the g. d ordered been several obstacles everywhere. so life has already come to
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a standstill. but you're absolutely right. if dad able to come to this point, then parliament did a shouting distance and that the gods really paralyzed the government. and paul was the president, our guard station of the joint session of parliament tomorrow. so the other thing sure you have to remember is that if you do have such a large crowd and everyone is saying it's going to bring 3000000 people. but even if you bring 300000 people to this particular area, that is going to be a major achievement for ron hahn and you can not stop such large numbers from removing those batter cage. we should see what happens as a day progresses and continue to follow events with you from pockets. don't come on to that 4th in islam about thank you. my frustration is building in china's capital . as more people are putting quarantines who curve a month old cove in 1000 outbreak, any 2000 residents of one area in beijing are being rude. a catered to isolation as
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the government pursues a 0 cove in 1900 policy, 11 of beijing, 16 districts of issued work from home, instructions and public transport has been reduced. i feel that is some convenient if the cities under control. for example, if the elderly people like those of the eighty's that children have to take care of the elderly folks, even if they're staying indifferent household, it's obviously inconvenient for children to run back and forth. now the gun being government is sent to ratify or reject the findings of a report on atrocities committed under its former president guy shami. but victims are skeptical. the authorities will hold those accused to account amid address reports. now from banjo use of him by a comes to this hospital 3 times a week for physiotherapy. he was shot and left for dead in 2000 by troops. moral to gumby as former president. ja, jamie, ah, you sa,
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says he was only able to regain pasha use of his hand after 22 years of physiotherapy. doctor say he survival was a miracle. even eating is quite a struggle. the gumby is truth. reconciliation and reparation commission recommended he be paid compensation, but he returned the $400.00. he was given that i didn't need money. i need my help . my head is more important than anything it caught in that is something neither his attackers, the truth commission, nor the current government can give him back. survivors and victims families have singled out members of the it's court known as a jungle of for most of their courses. committed under home, oppressed india job that want them pride and punish. but active is also want political leaders to be held accountable for not stopping those crimes. journalists on red cross volunteer omar bottle was killed while happened victims shocked by the security forces. his family believed he was targeted because of his work. as
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a journalist is widow, our sunday isn't as confident the report the government will release will bring closure. you just cannot reconcile and for the people without knowing how can you forgive somebody you don't know who look at your husband. how can you forget that you have to have justice then then that me forgive me the cleanser one before that we need justice for justice means punish those responsible for the crimes committed, including united army or she says still has some influence in the camp. the government says it took this long to ensure a thorough, unsatisfactory job of investigating allegations of rights abuses of he should hold government action on the rights commission's recommendations could heal wounds and reconcile a nation struggling to come to terms with its recent past. but most victims like use of m.


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