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tv   Africa Direct In The Aluminium Village Throttle Queens The Cave  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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was killed while happened victims shocked by the security forces. his family believed he was targeted because of his work. as a journalist. is widow an hour suddenly isn't as confident the report, the government will release or bring closure. you just cannot reconcile and for the people without knowing how can you forgive somebody, you don't know her. look at your husband, how can you fung it up as you have to have just is then then of that me forgive me once that one before that we need justice for her justice means punishing those responsible for the crimes committed, including jojo, jamie, or she says still has some influence in the campy of what the government says. it took this long to ensure a thorough, unsatisfactory job of investigating allegations of rights abuses of issues, hope government action on the rights commission's recommendations could heal wounds and reconcile a nation struggling to come to terms with its recent past. but most victims like
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use of him by remain skeptical how many degrees al jazeera, by jewel, the gambia. ah, your geology, 0 me. so he'll rob lindo hall. reminder of our top stories that gunman has killed 19 primary school children and 2 teachers in the state of texas. it happened to the city of you validate near san antonio. that's re ignited calls for gun control across the nation. ukraine's president says russia is trying to destroy everything . the eastern dumbass region, rushes defense minister says there's no deadline for the fighting, and it will continue until it's goals are achieved. present teaching, paying has defended china's record to the year and high commissioner for human rights. michelle bash layers on a 6 day visit to china. it coincides with the leaking of thousands of photographs reporter be showing we get people in so called re education camps and
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a shoot to kill order for escape attempts. turkeys, foreign minister says a normalization of ties between ankara and israel will help bring a solution to the palestinian conflict. they have lucas v. glue is in west jerusalem as ankara and television try to fix strained relations. those are the headlines. we'll have more news in half now with folly to stay with us. africa direct is next on al jazeera. ah, no, not along. with another one in the future, i don't need to be with him. he bring it to me and i lost the dimensions in if it's raining and that's with the home. and i yeah, today in the mail and each other will connect you to where he said it was meant to put up with a year. mm.
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a lot of on is the dialogue, a shooting a veto. outside of the conflict from the ukraine. how concerned should we be about this all to build up? we bring the stories in different months that are rapidly changing the world. we live in. the want to come roches, new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new door? counting the coast on al jazeera. ah,
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let me. i don't want me to lay now. i a miracle that there were there on a one when i went, oh, there was a lot of your i will. i have written name wouldn't have been real. well, you will not dial guys, do any new work in the rain likely like going to come up with a bomb up and they won't see
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i don't you talk to i all i know where i got a oh boy. yeah. what do you, what me out on a time out. you know, he's not a god to that me. i don't know. i was from mean it may or that are there, but i don't and she brought it a long isn't gonna down in a row. so when i do it in a minute now you because i'm only gonna be in a whole new world. i'm really when are you? what do we don't know what the manila miller was on? my well, i will be
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a little boy, you know? no one will know he doesn't eat in reality. now you're living with him over as if i'm your new one with a i've always been a bit of a not in the i'm a bit of a risk. take a freedom. it gives you a sense o been able to control your world. this is that if i could put in that feeling a ticket, if me any time i'm feeling a bit, no,
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i can barely hear you. i you coming to cut and we read that with the current group or you come to the official directly. i think a go. okay. ah, the by could ok. this is when you really get to let your hair down a i believe that we create our future. i want to be think about was it to bring about a positive future?
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and if at any time i thought to see like i'm being dragged down down by the nicotine that goes to long around us, i get on my bike, i read them, i come back. good. ah, i am among a wife. and i, i'm a biker, i'm a biker mom, i belong to a motorcycle club called and throttle queens. i'm a founding member of the throttle piece, just a small type need group of women were united by love for motorcycling. we've taken a good safety as our big thing and this is good. now we also have don't keys and
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home by narrow content, even all that but the roads have been built mainly with cars in mind. so the idea that we have is the public to share their route methodically. so we have done a lot of trips in and out of the country if either of them have been used to london . they've also done a couple things under 10 grand. yeah. okay. i wouldn't even was the think if you look at the do not to disappear. i'm your me is the so to please all so go to high school, come into the ground to help them be amazed at the can be anything they want to be when they grow up. it's completely completely 100 percent activity. right?
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her wind and just be free with any young girl. i will tell them, but if she has a very big dream, she should go out and do it because she will do it well. she was excellent and she should not be afraid. he will the american adult assume been special and urge uncle media millenniums east, where the stream denote cd blad, this veda are samar, but the she about meal some seeing a lot of them utility and the elements, amer,
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bonilla, missouri, and al, out as elephant say, fam, the way i'm like oh yeah, the best way early it will is garalie will least need. i hate when i do speak back of course i you shannon the little thing i'll become on hold on. i live in the middle. i live in a new middle shop alicia. hi, sadly. hey, isha vino noonish babel cliched. a medina with soccer clothes bandage been you know, google still. i like to take a leave and i think it was really
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a child. the sure sure you out of us you will have to leave you a don't j o she is on board. it's very late or not because the sure if he has a no. how do i know if your doc was picked up? you say live on a shoe because she had knock, i had to win the double lucas kane father. and when he global shabley came anna the world. jesse would pick at all that an image have angel dbi told course to be shown to a cough liz, on a couple of and says color of andy says, but how does natal latisha natal safe,
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little city in my leisure, i'll call there will only for me a little hole. applause. hello, cool. now the door opened up for business, baylock and minjen. la city lenore. she pulled so little crumble, can cause little single hallways, monica from womb, o. conclusion. jim of war, fick uncles who could cause animation willfully short for her how she misunderstood me, wildly been who had been cause a man thought who will go to the ent and musing. cocoanut whither kirkwood reagan, l mama. she has worked with a quick hug. mackenzie dealership and gosh,
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will know what machine are you mail minissha la so so a blush the kid, the heli, this porcelain gentleman leaseholder in burst allusion with oxygen to home we will the but lost her home will is pass when juvenile own dispute not ofen. an oily program delusion. also city came again a city they voted on vehicle voted on the way it ability mission. why did my renewal ability mission control handle will really didn't a firm it they could pay confirm as because it was about out of b as in moral
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b acumen. good for him at minima. it's. i had looked at him and go to buddy. it is, i'm on them. so i had to up to come on google for had them are on georgia for the 1st big thought. layla got you. had it had generally found believe on joe's mom. help. hell born or how many of them are fun? bah, come and go to a house or them a hi. ah, a with
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audio already they will. oh boy. yeah. plus a song ohio the you oh, we do it okay thing. but we're gonna shoot me a sample box
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or both of you say to my love down modern as for how many men for quote to manipulate shawn visual. she's trying to model web mover to disagreement earlier today. de la marionette, much describe your nickel food gem part as money pd. michelle money. oh so i mean, we were to go when the house and the 8th family willis, family. daphne willy. out of me. e bailey. when the yeah, that's fine. you can. mesquite. she
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went to the new dina a
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oh a but i scored a
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meeting. i hate them. i couldn't bring will us i had kimberly, i thought, ah, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. kata airways official airline of the job
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with with full shot an official and line of the journey. ah.


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