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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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ah, due on al jazeera as watches, invasion is to play the coaches the 100 day moving. we bring you the latest on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, funded by colonialism and still housed in europe in museums today. the g 7 and later hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i mailed biting opportunities for countries to secure their support for cut our 2020 to june on al jazeera every year in china and estimated 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0, one east. follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children on
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al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm not matheson, this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. renewed calls for tougher gun laws in the us after our government opens fire at a primary school in texas, killing 19 students and 2 teachers tear gas on the streets of islam of bomb supporters of pakistan's, former prime minister in long con, converge on the capital demand new elections, failure of leadership escaping report is released and you carry on violations of lockdown bowls for the prime minister and others. and the gambia says it's ready to prosecute a former president, ya jama for a series of crimes committed. he was in office. i'm devin, ashwin sports is ne,
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that joked edge, match his own in paris, a defending champion, coming through in straight against his attic motion. teresa said with the french ah, we're going to begin this news are in the u. s. where there are been growing coals for tougher gun law control laws after a primary school shooting in texas, a gum, an open fire at rob elementary involving killing 19 kids and 2 teachers. it's the worst masses school shooting in the united states and a decade. 13 children are in hospital and a 66 year old woman is in critical condition. blue say the attack of barricaded himself in a classroom and began shooting with a semi automatic rifle. officers were finally able to enter the room, and kent em want to take his live to avoided as a press conference going on with the governor of texas and law enforcement officers
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. a, giving that conference and more details on the shootings. we're hurting where we, we have been cut deep here in our community. we will move forward is going to take some time moving forward. while our fate has been shaken, we ask you to continue to pray for these families. these kids in our community and our teachers. i am a product of you value, i'm born and raised here. i worked for this district for 30 years and never thought i would be city front of you doing this to day. but please pray for our teachers. over our community and we will move forward. thank you. good. thank you. we'll take a few questions. mark, rudy.
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so the, the ability of an 18 year old to buy a long gun has been in place instead of taxes for more than 60 years. and think about during the time over the course at 60 years, we have not had episodes like this and why, why is it that for the majority of those 60 years, we do not have school shootings. and why is it that we do now? the reality is, i don't know the answer to that question. however, when i do know in talking to the leaders here, as well as leaders and other locations around the state. and that is one thing that has substantially changed is the status of mental health in our communities. what i do know is this. in that is we as a state, we, as a society,
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neither do a better job with mental health. any body who shoots somebody else has a mental health challenge period. we have it. we as a government need to find a way to target that mental health challenge and do something about it. ha, ha ha, ha ha. director mcgraw will have the best information on that. we're in the process of doing the crime scene right now. first. been the school 2nd being the the vehicle and 3rd does the grandmother's residence and i can tell her where it says detailed process. i can't answer that, but for right now, we believe that all the children were shot and killed. by the way, a ramos a
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was a are all on the back with we didn't see some and i think one was of a concern and that concern was, you know, relate to, to, allegedly, we haven't confirmed it yet to someone in california who didn't report it and we were in the process of working with the i feel right now to make sure she's interviewed and find out more about it. there may be other clues out there right now that we're not aware of. this is the preliminary part of the investigation. we're going to scale, we're everything to find anything that what could have indicated in some way, shape or form of this individuals a threat to the community. none,
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none at all. back, this is, you know, we're, we're, we're astounded. says the beginning investigation because there's usually something out there, but right now it is as that report on the timeline. we find out something else will provide that information. oh wow. so i'm going to answer in part, but we also had the t, a commissioner, a mike moran with us who may be able to shed additional i. but here here is the information that we known and you be pointed out as b 11. listen, the as you know, but others may not be people need understand the, in the aftermath of the santa fe shooting, i sign 17 laws due to address school safety. and one of them dealt with threat assessment and preparation for threat assessment. and there are
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certain standards that schools are required to comply with, to make sure that they are addressing threat assessments. i have no information as we speak at this particular time about the status of this particular elementary school or the i sd about what the status was concerning through an assessment. however, to make sure that your broader question is answered sufficiently. mike, you want to come up this the person coming up as mike morass, who is the commissioner for the texas education agency. so there are significant appropriations provided to ensure that the local school systems around the state have resources for this. one of the components of 11 was a school safety allotment. it was additional upfront funding for that. the texas school safety center and our agency work in collaboration to provide technical assistance and training to school district leaders, counseling team leaders, others to ensure that the threat assessment protocols in these procedures including
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threat response plans. the operational, multi hazard plans are practiced on a recurring basis. so there have been essentially a fairly significant efforts to bolster those managerial practices and these detective or per preventative practices in schools all over the state of texas. we will continue to do more after any incident like this. of course you reflect on lessons learned or 2 to ensure that we can prevent this kind of situation in schools are going forward. if i can, like you were watching or does it, it will be legalized pictures of a 1st conference is being held in the texas city of you valley. that was the scene of a shooting at an elementary school. in the last few hours. we had governor greg albert to governor of the state of texas, answering a question in relation to what could have been done to prevent this kind of thing.
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he said one thing that has changed is the status of mental health in our community . we need to do a better job. he said anyone who shoot some one else has a mental health problems. one of the police officials shortly after greg but made that statement and said there had been only one potentially worrying sign on social media of the intent of the the killer other than that they, he said we are as we are astounded. there was no indication. let's be to our white house correspondent kimberly halted. who's in washington, dc. kimberly quite clearly there are impassioned, please for something to happen. coming from all sides. are there any signs that at this time something legislatively might happen? fred, as a texas officials pour over what could have been done to prevent this tragedy? lawmakers in washington are doing the same and there are growing calls
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from many of the democratic lawmakers and capitol hill once again for some type of. 9 gun reform to add, but least put in place legislation that might prevent this sort of tragedy. now, there have been many that have been pointing out that much of this has been passed in the house of representatives in terms of backbone checks or legislation to limit the purchase of certain types of guns or parts of guns. but when those pieces of legislation have made it to the average chamber of the us congress, the senate, but often it has been blocked by republicans in the senate who i largely support. what is known as the 2nd amendment or the right to bear arms is entrenched in the us constitution. and this is something that a lot of americans in the united states support. and so as a result, this is an issue that divides americans and so much like we saw and taxes. ah,
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we have also seen 10 years ago, a in sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, and very little changes after the massacre of children in that elementary school. and so, and well, americans are completely distraught over what has happened. there is also this expectation that is very unlikely that there will be any sort of substantial legislative change given the fact that we've seen this before and nothing happened to prevent this sort of tragedy from occurring again with our white house correspondent, kimberly hall could. kimberly, thank you very much. jenny version is director of gun violence prevention at the center for american progress. he says that our opportunities to pass gun laws of the state level. it is a bit difficult to pass and has any legislation at the federal level. however, an alternative is and has been to look at states. let's not forget that states also dictate some of gone some of the gone laws. and we have seen some successes in some
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states that have adopted much stronger gone laws. unfortunately, we have also seen the opposite happen in states like texas or tennessee, where in fact gone lot have become more weaker. but i think tentative approach is to look at state legislation and act there. there are laws that have been passed at the state level, called the extreme risk protection orders. that if a person has shown signs to be a danger to themselves or to others, that then they can temporarily be removed from any access and be prohibited temporarily from purchasing a gun. again, this call extreme risk protection orders. they have been passed in states like new york, maryland and connecticut with some success in actually preventing mass shootings and suicide. the problem is that this law is not in place in all states. so therefore in states like texas, it could be multiple signs,
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but the authorities don't have any power to do anything about it. when you broke, the tech says shooting, the online reaction was immediate. is it like so? brian? police say the shooting began at 11 32 in the morning than the hours that followed . anxious parents gathered outside desperate for news of their children. local reportedly walled when twisted. we just heard screams inside the civic center. yet another family hearing the worst news possible. her colleague dylan calia shed a picture of one of the victims 10 year old xavier lopez. those scenes at reminiscence of the sandy hook shooting and connecticut 10 years ago. a gunman shot dead 20 children aged 6 and 76 at old stuff. brecker bama describe that shooting is one of the darkest days of his presidency back then he called for change. can we truly say as a nation that we're meeting our obligations?
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can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children all of them say from since then efforts to change. gotten policies in any significant way, have repeatedly failed after tuesday shooting and takes us obama tweak that he grieves for the families. but that he was also angry for them saying that the us is paralyzed, not by fear, but by a gun lobby and a political party that has shown no willingness to act on the subject of lobby groups. the star tribune newspaper based in minneapolis, she had this by one of its cartoonists, withdrawn after the sandy hook shooting. you can see the police tape on the lower image showing that one of the barriers to gun control in the us is the power of the gun lobby. and particularly the in re or the national rifle association. takes us republican ted cruz is one senator who has received financial support from gun lobbyists. the website open secret says he was given the most money all the
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$300000.00 out of all fans, candidates and the 2018 election cycle. more recently, the brady center to prevent gun violence has ted cruz not quite at the top is number 26, but still featured among senators who received most from the in our re. what's interesting though is the number in the bottom right. $3159.00, the average number of gun dates and takes us per year by far the highest on the list after the shooting cruise tweeted that he and his wife. when listening up in prayer, the children and families involved, he also dismissed any suggestion. there is a need for strict gun laws. you know, inevitably when there's a murder of this kind, you see politicians try to politicize. you see democrats and a lot of folks in the media who's immediate felicia, is to try to restrict social rights of law abiding citizens. that doesn't work. it's not effective online. there were lots of opinions from both sides of the gun
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control debate about money, politics and freedom, but journalist, philip de franco, also wrapped up one of the other common things, helplessness he twisted the uniquely american feeling, saying, news about a mash shooting of kids and knowing literally nothing is going to change to stop it from happening again. is the one i hate, the most popular songs, former prime minister in on kong has called and his supporters to stages sitting in islamabad to demand new elections con, who was removed from office after no confidence vote last month arrived. and the shower in a helicopter is not trying to march to islamabad with his supporters, but the government has blocked roads leading to the capital and applied funds of security personnel. and, but he's a frontier guy. some use their battle is against supporters of the wrong con. the interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested. schools have been closed under heavy police in part a military president from the streets. our police have guard arms. no arms arm say,
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and you know in garza political opponents. so as long as p t, i promise to be school, i think they will be allowed. and in fact, i think the courts have allowed them to demonstrate peacefully, but they don't have the right to disrupt life. they don't have to write to occupy central government offices. they don't have to write to occupy main boulevard to disallow us to go to offices. but other than that, i mean in brown. i've been doing one daily after the after another the last month and he's welcome to go on pakistan and speak. his mind come all hide is joining us live from islam or vibes. unfortunately, i think we've lost our signal from islam of that as you can imagine, the situation there is fairly tense. we're gonna move on. we might be able to get him back later in the program, a series of explosions enough janice, dont have killed at least 13 people, one at a mosque and capitol couple left at least 8 people dead and wounded 21. 5 people died and 3 explosions in northern city of missouri. sharif, one of the explosions was in a hassan,
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a neighbourhood home to shia muslims. senior leaders and british prime minister bothers johnson's office of being blamed for illegal parties of the height of corona virus locked hans. as comes after civil servants to graze at $37.00 page report into what's known as party gate. johnson was apologized for saying he takes full responsibility for breach in lockdown walls. i briefly attended such gatherings to find some for that service, which i believe is one of the essential duties of leadership. and particularly, ah, and particularly important when people need to feel that their contributions have been appreciated and to keep morale as high as possible. i'm trying to explain the reasons i reside has been and it's clear from what su grey has had to say that some of these gatherings then went on far longer than was necessary. and they were clearly in breach of the rules and they fell,
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follow the rule. john hall has more from london. there wasn't a lot new into grey's report. it was not a detail, but much of the headline stuff was out there through a series of leaks. that's been a police investigation, much of it has already in the public domain. she found failures of leadership and judgment over 16 gatherings that she investigated, that she said simply should not have been allowed to happen to the senior leaders in the government. political and officials must bear responsibility for a culture of excessive drinking in downing street. there are photographs involved as well, one of which was leak on monday, which show the prime minister in a particularly unflattering life. but, you know, as i say, people are generally aware of all of this far as johnson apologizing, twice now in the commons and in a press conference later taking full responsibility essentially saying look, he stands by his original contention. but it never occurred to him that he was preaching any regulations when he attended briefly a number of gatherings when he had
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a quick drink with work colleagues who were operating within a bubbling down and speak during the pandemic. he thought it was his duty to thank them to reward them for the work that they've been doing. a brand new poll out by the holding company. you got suggested 59 percent of britain's think boys johnson should now resign. he and number 10 downing street, maybe hoping to turn the tide on that with a big headline. policy announcement tomorrow, thursday of government intervention to help with the growing cost of living crisis or the kremlin is making it easier for residents of russian okey by parts of ukraine to gain russian citizenship. president vladimir putin issued the decree offering fast track citizenship to people in castle and patricia, a similar options been available in the russian controlled areas of doing yes. going to hunt for the past 3 years. correspondent dosage bodies in moscow and she says, almost a 1000000 people used to live in those areas, could receive a russian passport. it's an indication of how things will develop in various other
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parts of ukraine that will fall into russian hands. and we also saw images from her son today of officials handing out special and social assistance in the form of cash handouts and $10000.00 roubles to each person who came and lined up to receive it. of course, her son was one of the 1st regents as of monday to establish the currency of the rubel, the russian currency, rural as well as the russian language, is one of the official languages in that region. we've also been hearing from the original are governments in her son, and they say that they are now in the process of facilitating issues. the visa, rather the passports of ad for russian citizens that will become i had that will be signing up to join the russian federation. russian president vladimir putin visited troops who being murdered in ukraine for the 1st time. a kremlin says more than 1300 russian soldiers have been killed and nearly 4000 wounded. but nato officials
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say the number is much higher with roughly 30 to 40000 russian troops killed, wounded or taken prisoner in ukraine. your grains, foreign minister says rushes black manning, the world by blocking ukraine's exports. the mutual collabo was speaking of the world economic forum and doubles now to day, which was so the statement and by the russian official from the russian deputy foreign minister who said, for example, russia will unblock ukrainian ports to allow exports of ukrainian agricultural products to the global market, if sanctions are imposed against russia lifted. so this is a clear black male. you could not find a better example of a black male in international relations if anyone is buying it. i think there is a problem with that person. the president of the been canceled was confident that you will ban russian oil imports by next week. charles michele, mad sweetness,
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prime minister in stockholm hungry is against and embargo because more than 60 percent of its oil companies from russian at least $200.00 having counted communist violence at a gold mine in northern chad fighting between the tama tribe. and our miners happened in the town and to best the region close to the border with lydia on sunday night. additional security has been sent to that region that have been clashes in the regions in 2016. between the chatty and army and rebels, the gambia says is ready to prosecute former president yard, yaya jama and other officials involved in crimes. under his rule and government appointed commission, investigated atrocities committed between 19942017. i'm an interest in bon jewel with more. a lot of recommendations made by the t. r. c or the truth. consolation repression, commission. 256 recommendations were med. i'm out of those 456. the minister of justice had only to what injected one of them, of course, was the banning and the trial or prosecution,
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affording judges why walking in the can be under for my lead. i i a job then jump. gumby was looking for judicial offices and they had to go to sucking countries to get some judges with expertise in the judicial system who's subbed under jeremy. those were the ones who are recommended for band, for being banned from the gumby, also being prosecuted. not the government rejected. however, victims survivors, victim families, activities, diplomats, and everybody came here this morning with expectations that they will be disappointed at the end of the day. however, i spoke to one lady was father, by the way, she's nice to for my president, jeremy, how father and his sister disappeared was forcibly taken from their homes. and nothing has been heard from them since 2005. and i asked him what tom feeling about the government wide paper. she said she was really shocked. she came expecting
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disappointment. but what she says is that they want to see these recommendations for these plan of action being put into action by the government of the gambia, so that people will find closure flaws. she said it's very difficult. well, let's take a closer look, a little events that led to the establishment of the truth and reconciliation commission in december 2016. then president jam and lost the election to a dime. a bottle drama had ruled gambia for 22 years. borrow was sworn in as president and nibbling senegal, because jama refused to hand over power. a week later jana was forced into exile and equitorial guinea under president borrow the guy because government set up the reconciliation and rhetoricians commission to investigate allegations of abuse is ingenious regime. hundreds of witnesses gave evidence, and the commission recommended jana, stand trial for murder, torture and sexual violence. jama hasn't responded to the findings. am i or daniel
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zoof is the chairman of the campus national human rights commission? he says the governments indicated a will implement the recommendations. it is not the in game, but it is today is the day after 3 years of hard work. there is a fantastic report that has been, i submitted here by the, by the commission by detroit commission and it out there has been encouraging signs of late, where the government has involved to stick all the relevant stakeholders in the process. so we believe seriously that the government will, will own up and now these recommendations will be implemented. we also understand that not everything will be, will be implemented. some are for the immediate, some are for the medium term, some of the long term. but for example, issues like prosecution, those who bear the greatest responsibilities. i think all the stakeholders are hoping that in this white paper to day people will be name that have been recommended for prosecution to the prosecutor. that is one, but of course is not only that there are people who i also mentioned in the,
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in the report that are supposed to be banned from holding public office. we hope that also these people will be banned from papa holding public office. we, are they reparations enforced disappearance? is there a bodies that i still not discovered an institutional reform? it's very important because we can go, we can talk about never again, mantra of the commission if we do not have institutional reform. so that what happened before will not happen again. granted, we have a national human rights commission, but we must have this functioning oversights. institution must work, the courts, which were in the past month by mercenary judges. there has been a lot of reform, but security sector reform. these are issues that are very important in the whole process. south korea and the u. s. of carrot life fire drills in response to north korea as late as to miss our launches. but he'll started hours after president joe biden flew home from meeting surgery. as you president use of your at the we can
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both agree to hold larger military exercises on a regular basis. north korea fired 3 missiles, one of them, an intercontinental ballistic missile. japan and south korea detected them being fired from sir nun, towards the sea of japan. so through his government describes them esl test as a grave provocation, robert bryan has more from tokyo, please. the 3 miss elsewhere detected. just after daybreak, fired from the su 9 area, this is northwest of the capital young gang. it's the location of young young's airport flying east towards the sea that separates the korean peninsula from japan, the national security council of south korea. they convened a meeting straight afterwards as they often do. there's also been a response from the japanese. the japanese defense minister is saying that these are provocations which are completely unacceptable. this is the 17th round of a missile launches so far this year. sometimes they have been multiple launches,
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as with this one today, wednesday. in the past though, we've also seen single missed our launches. i think what concerns the intelligence community here in japan and south korea and in the u. s. is the sophistication of some of these missiles. we've had a submarine loans, ballistic missile type being tested for the 1st time, fired from the water. so the north koreans mastering the technique of launching this else in submarine. also at the end of march, there was an intercontinental ballistic missile, the kind of a heavy missile capable of reaching the continental united states and the kind of missile that hasn't been fired since 2017. with a warning from defense officials in japan and south korea and also in the us that we can probably expect more testing of icbm in the future at the south koreans and the u. s. military have promised greater cooperation in response to all list is now a conservative administration in south korea, including of course, maybe more military exercises, joint exercises. but those are the kinds of things that often anger, north, korea,
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prompting them to launch more missiles. let's get teams are searching for dozens of people who are missing. often overcrowded boat sank off the coast to near the vessel. when done, near the city of facts 24 people have been rescued by one person died and at least 26 others are unaccounted for. the boat was saving from the libyan city of a lot of when it capsized modern train is good. more from the libyan capital. tripoli, the un migration agency in tunisia, said rescue operations were underway off the coast of fox, after a, after a boat carrying migrants capsized. now they said that the boat departed from water in western libya, or they added at 26 people were rescue for 76 were missing at sea. now as weather conditions improve, well like we see a flood of migrants risk in the dangerous journey across the mediterranean sea in search of a better life. just to give you some numbers on monday or the living coast guard said it rescued up over 500 migrants at sea and brought them back to libya. the
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week before, it was 630 people, and in 2022 more than 7000 migrants were returned to libya or with 129 drowning at sea. and over 459 people missing. now, when living authorities bring back migrants to live in shores, they're often put in detention centers. human rights organizations have criticize the conditions in these detention centers. they're often over packed, they're not sanitary, but they're dealing with their own problems. libya has 2 governments at the moment, so until libyans can resolve their own problems, come to an agreement and bring peace of stability to the country. i will likely going to see a lot more lies being loss risk in the dangerous journey to europe. presidency jim pings defended chinese records to the un high commissioner for human rights.
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michelle, barclays on a 60 visit to china. and it coincides with the leaking of thousands of photographs, reportedly showing weaker people in so called we education camps and shoot to kill orders for escape attempts. china has repeatedly denied detaining a 1000000 muslims and other ethnic minorities in changing province. jenny, you has more from beijing, she didn't ping, took quite a defensive tone. he said that the communist party had the social development and the human rights protection of its people as its highest priority. and then he went on to give her a bit of a lecture, really, he said that there was no ideal state and no need for an hour against teacher politicizing human rights issues. and how country goes about protecting the human rights of its people was up to the conditions of that country. of course that was a veil. swipe that the u. s. no doubt. and what it went on to say this chinese read
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out was that michelle bash lay was thankful to. she didn't thing for the opportunity to come to china and that she admired sean is a achievement when it came to poverty eradication. and the protection of human rights, alarmingly, what was missing from this was any mention at all of she and john all the week of people, which is precisely the reason that ashley is here. there was a lot more focused on her trip because we just had on tuesday, the release or the leaking of thousands of documents from she, young police, detailing the harrowing experiences of, of detainees at a particular internment camp in shin john, which really flies in the face of the narrative that aging has been staying along for since 2017 to 2018 beijing has said that there is no force labor nor force detention nor sterilization and no genocide taking place. but indeed, those are the things that michelle bash lay is here to assess. but as to whether
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rew, she'll be able to get be given a real picture of that remains to be seen. and the family of mere missouri said leader has filed an illegal detention complaint of the un also said she was arrested junior military coolant february. last year. she faces a series of charges which could see her jailed for life. the family lawyers say the allegations of farcical medication, the hunter of kidnapping disguised as a trial, talks to help bro hanging refugees returned to me and mar, have stalled ever since the military took power nicu last year. the un high commissioner for refugees is in bangladesh, where more than a 1000000 were hanging. a living, philippa grande says bangladesh should not be left to shoulder, the burden of looking after them hanging on his own. we have a memorandum of understanding with the authorities in myanmar which has recently been extended by the de facto authorities. this is a good say, we'll continue to engage in order to help create those conditions. but we need to
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patience. this is why it's so important to continue to support bangladesh while it continues to host almost a 1000000 refugees from young. well, i'm here in bangladesh. all saw to highlight that in spite of the enormous attention and resources that understandably and rightly are put into the response to the ukraine crisis. and before that, you remember, we spoke about afghanistan for months. that in spite of that, those other crisis, they thought frankly off the radar screen. and off most of the news, they must not be forgotten. there's a 1000000 people in those camps. and that's a lot of people and there's the 100000000 refugees and displaced. we have passed that awful mark for the 1st time since we are recording this figures just
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a few days ago and all these crises be they here in asia, in africa, in the middle east, in latin america, they have to have also a pension. they cannot be forgotten because people suffer anywhere because of humanitarian crises, whether they ukrainians or other nationalities. and we cannot let the school and quote in india centers kashmir, separatist liter, yes. in molig to life in prison is been chose the terrorism and terrorist funding a sentence sparked protests in indian and mister kashmir. harvey mitchell has more from new delhi. the situation in indian administered push me is tense and has been all day now. part of the region observed is shut down. 2 days of shops will close, business establishment were closed or there has been heavy, a presence of security forces. and just before the verdict came in, several people gathered outside. yas in malik home in indian administered kush me,
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they pelted stones and security forces responded by firing. tia gas now malik has been charged with some serious crimes, including terrorism and terror funding. he was arrested in 2019 a month after that. his organization was banned by the indian government for terrorism related activities. now malik, is a prominent kashmiri leader in the 9th ninety's. he was involved in the armed rebellion against the indian government. he'd been advocating for complete independence off the kashmir region from india. but he says that he soon gave that up and has been pursuing a non violent part and wanted a peaceful resolution to the kashmir issue. now one of the other reasons this case has been closed. the wash is that as we speak, there are several cases against other similarly prominent kashmiri leaders that are
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ongoing and malik has said that he would be accepting the verdict as is. and even though he can appeal the sentence of in a higher court, he will not be doing so. the shortage of baby formula in the united states has been debated in the house of representatives in washington shortage, started in february with the closure of the factory of america's largest formula maker. after 2 babies died, supplies having flown in from overseas to try to alleviate the shortage political hence as the after a was warned by a whistleblower last year. the conditions were unsafe for the abbot baby formula. plot. one of the reasons that we are here is because there's really only 3 companies that produce baby formula in the united states. after 4 babies got sick too, died. there was an inspection at this plant in michigan that was run by abbot abd denies that they were responsible for the babies getting sick and dying. ah, the bigger question for the f d. a commissioner, which is the 1st tyria today is how did this happen?
9:40 pm
i just want to take you through the timeline. so we know that a whistleblower at the plant sent a letter to the sta in october, saying that the conditions were simply unsafe. well, apparently that memo didn't make it to the top. officials in the da, they say it as something a problem in the mail room, but it did get to lower level staffers. so this is october. so they try to interview with the whistleblower. they don't actually sit down and talk to them until december. so then they say to the plant, we need to come in and take a look. while the plant says, well we've had too many people with coven. so can we reschedule it? so they reschedule it all the way till january 31st. so remember, started october. now or january 31st. so they go in, they look at the plans and they find the bacteria pretty much throughout the plant . and so 17 days later, they shut it down and issued this recall. so we do expect you have to a commissioner to say that his agency let these families down and we expect him to say that the shortage will be fixed by june. but that's a lot of weeks between now and now then and now. and the shortage is
9:41 pm
a very real concern for american families. global food prices have had an old time record high in recent months, have been driven upwards by the war in ukraine. the pandemic on climate change. and it comes on top of surging energy prices and higher inflation means barker reports from london. trouble at the tills, the price of staple food to sort a recent bumps with as many used to in every $5.00 britons now buying less to eat. and for the 1st time and 40 years, inflation, the gradual increase of the cost of goods and services across a year, rose to 9 percent. with the governor of the bank of england warning, of apocalyptic food price hikes. further back the supply chain, the middleman a trying their best to absorb the rising costs. this is london's biggest wholesale food market where the industry's experiencing a perfect storm of problems from the pandemic to breaks it. a more recently the war
9:42 pm
in ukraine, the price is going on in ukraine. ah, with of the floods going on? it's by diverse packaging costs, fuel costs breaks as an alps, as well. in terms of all the, the extra paper it has to be done. who knows was around the corner. if the war continues, isn't to get worse, the winter may a worse look like a we're looking at an hour. yeah. the, the cost of heating, the cost of electricity, is all going up and up and up. russia and ukraine, some of the world's largest producers of cooking oils fertilizes, and grains uses everything from bread to animal feed. but the conflict means goods are stuck in ports or rotting in fields, produces and sellers are used to dealing with unpredictable situations from low yields to economic pressures to supply chain problems. but rarely have the issues come this thick and fast, leaving no time for companies to recover, leaving everybody from feel to fork, counting the cost. and what's a worry for wealthy western consumers is potentially catastrophic to some of the
9:43 pm
world's poorest in somalia already cripple by drought. the war new cranes push fuel and fertilizer prices up by 40 percent. while in india, a decision to ban grain exports to protect domestic supplies, seconds to push global we price is even higher. in the u. k, the national dish fish and chips is the canary, the coal mine oil's going up, pets has gone up. they were gonna ill ads on everything, and jo public's paying for it will pay for it. and how much more can we pay for the cost of cooking? oil is increase 30 percent in 3 months and caught and had to becoming more expensive as global warming, striving fish stocks per the new hosting fishermen to spend longer at sea. and now russian fish has disappeared on the market. industry bosses be a 3rd of the u. k. patient chip shops to close in the next 9 months as to world
9:44 pm
bounces back from the pandemic. it's now out of the frying pan and into the fire. the bulk out to sierra london, members of congress in the philippines have confirmed ferdinand marco's junior as the next president. bon long as he's widely known succeeds president rodrigo, to 30 after winning the recent election by a landslide is the son of a former president to remain regarded as a dictator mad. alan dorgan as more from protest. manila protestors here say they find it ironic that the right inside the compound of the headquarters of the permission of human rights is one of their right or being for sale. many protesting care or blah like infinity. national police are not even allowed to step into a public avenue, a means caro bear. so protest, ah, they say the behavior, the philippine national publicity serves as a warning and the signal of how the presumptive resident president for didn't
9:45 pm
market junior's administration will handle defense. and protests like this one in the street of the capital. they say they are worried about the years to con, especially because of the checkered history of the marcus family. when it comes to human rights. in such a narrative, they say will further emboldened human rights abuses across the country. i'm, if all i'm up my up and up up up there. we are peacefully protesting to express our anger and political rights. it is happening again. this is what we fear, not the administration has that change yet. but the state portez had become more brutal. that the feature of democracy only only been here by directed to open the ballot boxes now to day mark the last day of canvassing all the congress for the presidential 2022 elections. and as we all know mister ferdinand, mark of junior one by an unprecedented 31000000 votes, there's never been a majority of victory like this one since the 196 these and his cap keeps re
9:46 pm
affirming the narrative. the what they would like from huron is unity that they would like to ensure that all of the factions, even inside one of them was divisive elections in reason that she will come together to rebuild the country. but that narrative is far from the realities on the ground. so ahead and i'll just say we're going to hear from the liverpool count as the team prepare for the champions, the final against real madrid as come i will jemerson sport. ah ah
9:47 pm
ah ah ah ah oh. and
9:48 pm
doha is hosting the 14th edition of minipaul katara, an event that focuses on innovation in defense systems, homeland security, and civil defense. more than $200.00 delegates from 40 countries or participating ahmed vol has more fast acquiring the most powerful safety tools for a better civil defense and police promoting maiden cutter and attracting cutting edge technological innovations, including in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics detection and prevention equipment, safety systems and services. that's what this year's mil upon expo info is about. the event meets a large part of the growing security needs at the seat of copper in a tub of regions on model many, many poker. tar 2022, especially in the, in to the ministry section presents the latest technology. and the latest systems
9:49 pm
used to guarantee safety and security in the states was cut off. since its launch in 1996. the miller paul cutoff has attracted the big display as in global security . last year, the number of visitors reached 7900. $24.00 more have been expected for this year, in addition, companies and delegations from 40 countries participating. one thing that is particularly interesting about this expo is the physical presence of the cost of 2022. people will copy. it is actually on every lip. here are government plans and math out frequency. and what we're showcasing this here is our readiness for, for world cup frequency management. and the last thing for local or national bodies that require the usage
9:50 pm
frequencies. specifically for the for world cup time. sure, initial module do we have them? as you can see, some of the best international companies in homeland security and civil defense are here on the also helps us regarding preparations for the fee for well capital. in this regard, we obtain the latest equipment and, and the latest arms and our joint training with other countries on the way. one of cut off most prominence partners is the chinese communications giant. while we got the foot of country in the middle east, embellishment the, the 5 g and that was going to be in a military successfully. we have the highest quality of a network in the middle east as we thought and got it. that's why we are here and that says why we see again to strengthen its partnership with cut off and presented the latest products. goals of other world companies in different fields do the same
9:51 pm
common fund or just the odyssey of a 1000000 and i've worked continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupies westbank, shooting a block that was shot in the head by israeli forces, while she was on assignment in janine area this month on the day of a funeral, is really forces it stormed the procession and started beating mourners. cars and paul betters to really drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem. take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her killing and calling for an investigation block like was with al jazeera for 25 years covering the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. as time for the sport in his gemma, thank you. rob athletes across the us have been paying tribute to the victims of the mash shooting in texas a few hours north of where the shooting happened. the dallas mavericks on the golden state warriors held
9:52 pm
a moment of silence before game for the western conference finals. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed after a gun, the open fire and a school. before the game, the worries coach gave an emotional and passionate plea. children murdered at school when are we gonna do something? i'm tired. i'm so i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to to the devastated families that are out there. you realize that 90 percent of americans, regardless of political party want background check universal background, 90 percent of us, we are being held hostage by 50 senators in washington who refused to even put it to a vote. despite what we, the american people want, they won't vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power study abroad and up to the action in dallas managed to stay in the series by winning game for
9:53 pm
that was largely thanks to luther dont' ich the civilian top scored with 30 points and ground for 40 rebounds is the after the 2nd half was delayed by 16 minutes because of rain leaking through the roof. and if he thought that was unusual, how about this shot from golden states? dream on green. i'm with for the record that counts as a miss. the warriors can secure the series on their home court in game 5 on thursday, defending champion. they that joke which hasn't lost before the 3rd round at the french open since 2005. and he's kept that st going about number one, a got passed. so back in alex motion in round to alter and has reached it to a clay court fido this season, but couldn't deal with your cleavage. the top seed. it didn't face any break points as he took the 1st 2 sets, 6263. he was made to work harder in the 3rd,
9:54 pm
but wanted on a tie break to wrap up the match joker, which hasn't dropped to set in his 1st 2 rounds in paris is 2010 3rd seed. alexander vera came very close to going out in paris. he fought from 2 sets down, i say the match point to see off the sebastian bias of argentina there, emerging victorious after 3 hours of 36 minutes on court. and that wasn't the only big come back. teenager collis alcaraz also saved much point to when in 5, the man being tipped as the new ra found the down eventually getting a better. his fellow bonnie at albert ramos in your us as we another shot on the women's side with full seed. maria zachary being knocked out in the 2nd round. she lost a very tight match against carry that new for that in straight sets. both on the tie break. it means there's already no top 10 player left in the bottom half of the drill. and the us open champion m. connie was also eliminated the brits last about
9:55 pm
another $47.00. alexandra from valerie reaches the 3rd round that run on guard for the 1st time at least for liverpool ahead of the champions league final. with mohammed sala confirming his staying at the club next season. his contract runs out in june next year, although he wouldn't be drawn on whether he'll extend his current deal beyond the salary teammate. sorry, a monitor isn't prepared to discuss his future until after saturdays match was val madrid. he's been doing for me to buy and munich little pull app already want to charge fees to ship, but just amount of think that's enough to be considered a successful season. without that of jealousy find would be a great season with the terms of winning the gmc would be a fantastic season. is that so the levels that's absolutely fine. we don't we don't think because we want out to competitions and we're closing the completion of this . yeah. i wouldn't, we wouldn't care about that. that's of course not the case. i don't know it's,
9:56 pm
you never know how often you will reach gmc, find you better use the few opportunities to get. the sale of chelsea has been appraised by the british government, the consulting and taking over is led by todd bailey, who's cohen of the los angeles dodgers. chelsea was put up for sale in march before the remnant brockovich was sanctioned over his links to russian president vladimir putin. the government doesn't want to receive any of the proceeds from the sale, which will instead be in a charity the premier league has already given the consortium the greenlight to buy chelsea. so i can now, and richard kara power has retained his narrow lead in the 0 italia. wednesday's 17th stage was another tough one in the mountains, and it was one by santiago. we tried the columbia invited for a decisive attack. final climate. the day can pass finished in 5th price to keep the latest pink jersey. he's 3 seconds clear of the pack with 4 pages remains. and finally, we leave you with
9:57 pm
a new can as well record for the largest wave ever left. i want in that was back in a wave, measuring 26.2 meters at the same break. now the right in portugal, the 37 year old actually face to face paper 2020, now has the height of the way officially analyzed and verified as i was going into the wave, i was so deep that i just told me that i'm just going to see what happens and see if a committed a waiver or not. and when i got to to, to the peak of the waiver, behind the peak where i had to commit. okay. i'm just going to do this. that voice for now. i for later rob jenna, thank you very much indeed. and julian dollars going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories. i am rob matheson, thanks for being with me. goodbye me the what.
9:58 pm
what do we need to know that on this, which i don't need to be with them when you look at me about how to put them in the training and most of the new home and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of fun at the booking for this one. i know. i mean, i mean i shooting them off and just
9:59 pm
how and why did soon become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very good. i rip this deal apart. if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. joined the debate. wonderful as it is, this, the problematic language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she has done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist? i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera, the faith are set for one of the most significant of electrons in columbia. recent
10:00 pm
history. oh, maybe dear or plan graveyard. say after that gets up mostly conservative role. well, columbia elect a through last move toward a 1st time in its history. follow the story of the great. oh, don't 0 in ethiopia, in ours to grat tend to communist rebel only to be disappeared. a families tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood you say is that going to be my blog on that was to a lifelong search for answers and closer findings. salon witness on al jazeera ah, allow government lounges era where ever you with no.


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