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tv   Witness Finding Selam  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds . al jazeera select, there is no channel that covers world use like we do. we revisit places, mistake. i'll just euro really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist lou . ready lou ah, wherever you go in the world, warner in line goes to make it for you. exception. got all right,
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we're going places to go. ah, you calls for tougher gun laws in the us after a gunman kills 19 children and 2 teachers at a primary school in texas. ah, hello there, i'm julie mcdonald, this is alex, as you live from london, also coming up, please fire to your gas at supporters of pakistan's. i was the leader in ron con, his to, to march on central islam abroad in an effort to bring down the government. russian forces far more shows and leaflets on how to surrender. as they tried to cut off, severed the mask in their drive to take full control of the don't bass region pos on speaker. i'm how my have
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a britain's prime minister apologizes again, like resigning apps or damage report detailing drunken parties in downing street during call with a warm welcome to the program. across the united states, there were widespread calls for tougher gun control laws after the worst school shooting. in a decade. people have been taking flowers to rob elementary in vall, day texas, where a teenager opened far, killing 19 children and 2 teachers on tuesday. more than a dozen others are being treated in hospital. now, please say the 18 year old gunman barricaded them in a classroom and began shooting with a semi automatic rifle. officers eventually managed to break into the classroom and kill him. he posted on social media about his plan around 30 minutes before the attack. the white has his president, joe biden is planning to visit val,
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they've this, when can is due to speak shortly, and we'll go live to him. when that begins. will texas governor greg abbott has just held the news conference as well on the shooting which was interrupted by the democratic nominee for his job beat o'rourke? accused abbot of doing nothing on gun crime. he responded by saying it was a time for healing and not for politics. their family members who are crying as we speak, their family members whose hearts are broken. there's no words that anybody shouting can come up here and do anything. to heal those broken hearts. we all, every texan, every american has a responsibility where we need to focus, not on ourselves and our agendas. we need to focus on the healing and hope that we
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can provide to those who have suffered unconscionable damage to their lives and loss of life. as close to our white house correspondent, kimberly how could, who joins us live. hi there. kimberly. so what can congress do? well, congress could put in place legislation to do a number of things put in place. tougher background checks for the sale of all guns . not just some guns, it could limit the ability to buy certain types of ammunition to buy certain types of weapons and could even put in place legislation that joe biden helped put in place back in 1994. the ban on assault weapons that expired 10 years later and that there has been an attempt to put in place again. but there has been pushed back in the us congress, largely because a lot of conservatives in the united states really hold dear the right to bear arms, the 2nd amendment of the us constitution. and so, well,
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we've seen efforts to limit to the sale of firearms in the united states of various forms and fashion in the house of representatives. for example, once it gets up to the upper chamber of the u. s. senate often we see this legislation stalled or voted down completely, and so this has been the challenge is that many in the united states elect representatives to make sure that these types of legislations are not passed in the united states. so we've seen these types of tragedies in the u. s. before, like we saw in texas just some 24 hours ago. for example, sandy hooked 10 years ago in newtown, connecticut. and it's likely that we will see it again. ah, given the fact that the laws have simply not changed, i'm kimberly the race holding a convention later this week. and in texas,
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have they made any comment? they certainly have. there's been a real pushback by the end are way too. essentially any suggestion of limited guns, i already sort of gun control. the national rifle association is essentially dismissed . in fact, the statement coming from the national rifle association is a really one that they suggest. although an investigation is underway and facts are still emerging. we recognize this was the act of a loan to range criminal as we gather in houston, houston, texas, where this is taking place. ironically in the very same state where this tragic is occurred, goes on to say we will reflect on those events and our commitment to making our schools more secure. so in other words, what the national rifle association is saying is that the gun, that's the problem. it's the person operating the gun, that's the problem. and that is often the refrain of the national rifle association
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. this has been the challenge for those that are looking for stricter gun legislation in the united states. very powerful gun lobby supports a lot of legislatures on capital hill and around the united states. and this has been a challenge for those who are seeking gun reform can be how can they live from the white house? kimberly, thank you. that's cool. nancy, john hendrix, who's in vall, day in texas. hi there, john, governor of the texas govern. i held a news conference a bit earlier what we learned what the governor said. this was an act of in his words. pure evil is that anyone who shoots his grandmother in the phase has to be evil. and that was one of the bits of information that we got from him. we had, we had seen reports that had happened. the governor confirmed it saying that the gunman shot his grandmother in the face, then went on facebook and messaged a friend saying he had done so and that he was going to an elementary school. this
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all happened apparently just before the shootings occurred. and then he came here to rob elementary school, and the motive for coming to the school were not really sure about this is a high school dropout who was made fun of for lisping when he was a young man. and we have been told by other people that he had been bullied throughout his life. and in the end, he'd gone down 21 people, 2 of them teachers, the rest of him children apparently all in one room before he himself was killed human c. this is still being treated as a crime scene, so we're not allowed to go any closer. people who come here with flowers. they're not allowed to go beyond that tape. but there are a number of people here treating this event very soberly. in the end, the police are still scouring the scene and looking for answers is to, 1st of all, what happened here? and 2nd of all, why don't you covered several of these seen since the massacre. and this was and
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colorado, back in 1999. seeing back in it no ball day and seeing have the time this coping and reacting how, how does it i don't want to use the word compare but, but how does it feel to, to be back here on this sort of story again? well it's an unfortunately similar feeling at a similar event. i do remember going to columbine in 1999. and the national uproar was so huge that there was this sense that something would be done. something in, in the white house, something in congress. and of course, nothing was done. in fact, states have been loosening their gun laws taking away as here in texas the requirement they have to have a permit to carry a gun concealed weapons licenses are easier to get and in some cases not even required. there was an assault band in the ninety's,
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the assault weapons ban. that is the type of weapon that was used in this incident . the government had 2 of those. there was in salt weapons band in the eighty's. and that ended, i'm sorry, in the ninety's. it expired in shortly after 2000. i believe it was 2004. so the gun laws have actually gotten lack sir, as each of these events goes on and i heard you talking to, kimberly about what could be done in congress. and the one thing history shows us is that no matter how devastating these events are over the past 20 years, congress has simply done nothing. john henderson, they're joining us with the latest from all day in texas. john, thank you. we'll gone violence is john pointed out there is a systemic problem in schools in the u. s. has been going on for years, according to the k 12 school shooting database research project and for more than 2 . so i was in school shooting since 970. well,
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the database kind of every instance would have gone. it's fired or a bullet hit school property for any reason. and all of these 681 people have been killed. 1903 have been injured. another database by the washington post says more than 311. i'm some children from 331. the schools have been exposed to gun violence since 1999. now a disproportionate number of them are children of color. my republican colleagues, imagine if it happened to you. imagine if this was your kid or your grand kid, how would you feel? could you ever forgive yourself or not supporting a simple law that would make these mass shootings less likely. please, please, please damn it. put yourself in the shoes of these parents for once. maybe that thought. putting yourself in the shoes of the parents instead of in the arms of the n. r. re might let you wriggle free from the vice like grip of the
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re, our country is 2nd outrage. suntrust evil that struck rob elementary school and evolved in texas only yesterday. according to early reports from authorities, it appears that a de range young man tried to murder his own grandmother, then crush his car and then ran into an elementary school and began killing. at least 19 young children and 2 teachers were murdered, murder for no apparent reason at all. ah t some pocket sound have far tear gas and use battens against support. as a former prime minister in one conch interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested con,
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who was ousted last month. as cold on his support is to stay just sits in islamabad to demand new elections. the government has built bones, leading to the capital and deploy thompson's of security personnel come all hider has more now from islam of bod. asap, people have had to struggle with bombs, with a glass on the highway with containers lined up to blog bridges. they've been clearing all doors and moving towards its lama bod. just a little while ago, tens of thousands of people had got derrick at d squared. just a shout in distance from parliament. i'm reporting from inside regard. the air is take with deer gas outside that of course, this was thousands of people who had gad dead, including women and children did heavy police action the in fact, the police had been fighting the protesters all over pa gift on in the city of la hall with the provincial capital of the, upon job,
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even in the city of karachi. and although this was going to be a peaceful protest and a fact that bugger sounds, constitution allows for freedom of speech, quotations of protest and movement. the government has come down very hard. the india minister saying that m, ron just had a couple of thousands of people to read them, but we've been able to witness tens of thousands of people just in islamabad and raw will bindy. and he of course, is also traveling with tens of thousands of people all what 2500 wake. and that of course showed that this will be a big show. he of course, will be trying to come to do square with just the shouting distance from baldwin. go make his wine. this may prolong for a couple of days. and it will of course, exert tremendous pressure on a beleaguered government. i did already an alliance of 9 political bodies. u. s.
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president joe biden is about to sign an executive order on police reform as 2 years after the killing of george floyd. we're also expecting him to talk about the rob elementary school shooting. let's have a listening he good afternoon. president joe biden, members of our cabinet, members of congress, community leaders long foresman officials is good to be here with all of you. not under these circumstances, but it is good to be with you. and i know of course that to day following yesterday, that all of our hearts, of course, are with the people of you've all the texas with the parents, with the children, with all the folks who say good bye yesterday morning to someone they loved. not knowing that that goodbye would be their last enough is enough
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enough is enough. as the president said last night, we must have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and pass reasonable gun safety laws. we must work together to create an america where everyone feels safe in their community where children feel safe in their schools. and of course, that responsibility that we collectively have to ensure that all people feel safe in their community is what brings us together today. it is an honor to be joined by the families of george floyd, brianna taylor,
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and many others. and i have met many of you before and many times and many others i am meeting for the 1st time. i am moved as always, by your courage. you have felt so much pain and you have endured on imaginable grief. you have experienced the anguish of losing someone you love and cherish. and yet you are here as you have been throughout the days of your grief, standing selflessly full of grace and resilience, to speak up to speak out often against odds. great odds to fight for a world where no one has to experience what you have been through.
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your loved ones should be with us today. you should not have to mourn. you should never have had to mourn in order for our nation to feel your pain. and to understand what is wrong and to agree that something must be done. i know it is a particularly difficult day for the floyd family. 2 years ago to day a brother, a son of father was taken from you. we will never forget what happened that day. the eyes of the world literally were on what happened that day. and collectively we remain horrified
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by what we witnessed. and we are here to day in memory of george floyd. and all those we have lost to take action, the law enforcement officer for our nation. well, they swear an oath to protect and to serve. and the vast majority do so honorably. yet we know too often when there is the use of biased policing and excessive force. when that occurs, it too often is not met with accountability denying equal justice, not just to individuals, but to whole communities and therefore to our nation as a whole trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve is critical to
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ensuring public safety. and as many of you know, this is an issue i have worked on personally since my 1st days as an elect, the district attorney, and as california attorney general as the united states senator i, together with sen, corey book congressman karen bass introduced legislation to advance much needed reforms that legislation would have in short, greater transparency and increased accountability. we later named it the george floyd justice and policing act. and it was passed because of the strength of the leadership in the house of representatives through the house of representatives. however, last fall, senate republicans rejected the george floyd justice and policing act. they walked away from their moral obligation to address what
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caused millions of americans to march in the streets. the critical need that a coalition of americans were demanding, were pleading for in terms of reform and accountability at the time president joe biden. and i, and all of us here, we made clear. and we vowed that we would explore every action available to us at the executive level to advance the cause of justice in our nation. in a moment, our president will sign an executive order that takes dozens of important actions to advance effective, accountable policing. to strengthen trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve and to help us fight crime and promote public safety.
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this order will help protect our communities and it will help keep members of long foresman safe on the job. these actions are a result of input and collaboration from a broad set of partners, many of whom are here to day civil rights leaders, members of congress in particular, members of the congressional black caucus. and i see madam chair here with us today leading law enforcement groups. and of course the families of the victims. we know this executive order will not take away your pain, your pain, and the pain of all those families who may not be in this room right now. we also know this executive order is no substitute for legislation nor does it accomplish everything we know must be done. but it is
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a necessary and long overdue critical step forward. and once again, the president and i call on the united states senate to pass the george floyd justice and policing act. and once again, we vow that we will do everything in our power to protect public safety, to support law enforcement, and to address this issue of racial injustice wherever it exists. and with that, it is now my great honor to introduce a man who when he ran for president, was clear in his purpose, which was to bring our nation together, who fights every day to make sure all our communities are safe and that the rights of all people are protected, the president of the united states, joe biden. mm
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hm. thank you all my frozen hers before we begin. miss a few words about what happened is you've all the texas elementary school. since i spoke last night, the confirmed tours tragically climbed, included another teacher to mars 3 westerns. joel, i will be traveling to texas in the coming days to meet with the families. let them know we ever since this is a sense of their pain. and hopefully bring some little comfort to the community and
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shock and grief and trauma. as a nation, i think we all must be there for them. every one. and i, we must ask when, in god's name will we do what needs to be done to, if not completely stop, fundamentally change the amount of carnage that goes on in this country to state the obvious. and corey and a lot of other people where i'm sick and tired, i'm just sick and tired. and what's going on and continues to gone. i spend my career as chairman of judiciary committee and vice president working for common sense gun reforms. as i said, as a senator, vice president, while they clearly will not prevent every tragedy, we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on
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the 2nd amendment. second, ma'am, is not absolute. when it was passed, you couldn't own a. you couldn't own a canon, you couldn't own certain kinds of weapons. it's just always been limitations. but guess what? these actions we've taken before they save lives. they can do it again. the idea 19 year old can walk into a store and buy weapons award designed. and marketed to kill is i think, is wrong. just violet common sense, even the manufacture, the inventor of that weapon. thought that as well. you know, where's the backbone? where's the courage to stand up to a very powerful lobby. but here's one model step. the federal
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agency, the measures assures that gun laws are enforced, and the 2nd member is abided by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, explosives, a f. t has not had a center confirmation later for 7 years because of these disputes for 7 years been out without any mind charge. i nominated, supremely qualified, former prosecutor was broad bipartisan support from law enforcement and community overall. his hearing was held easy to day. earlier today, i should say the senate should confirm him without delay, without excuse, send the gun, nation to my desk. it's time for action. we're here to day for the same purpose, to come together and say enough to act. we must vice
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president harrison, members of the cabinet, members of the congress, civil rights leaders, law enforcement officers and officials distinguished guests, especially the families, missing the peace of the soul, including the family, sitting in front man, a beautiful young girl who told me my dad is going to change history and he will, honey, he will, they've lost a piece of their soul 2 years ago as well. you know, i know events, remember your loved ones, even though they're met with great reverence, a really hard everything back as it was happened yesterday. but in your own ways, you reach each of you. sam has been victimised as some of her courage to find purpose, through your pain. to stir justice has been too long dorm. give
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hold. well in need of hope yourself. he just joining us here. we're now to 0. we've been listening live to you as president joe by and he's about to sign in an executive order on police reform. but he's also been talking about yesterday's shooting at the elementary school in texas. let's go straight to our white house correspondent, kimberly how can, who joins us live. we heard 2 very clear coal to actions there once from the vice president and com la harris. i one from biden, basically same way we have to take action. yeah, and it's interesting because what we're talking about are 2 different issues, but really the same problem in the eyes of this white house. well, this is an issue of police reform and the president cited executive order to bring about a what couldn't be accomplished through legislation. and that is making sure that there is no longer people being targeted by police brutality. in this case,
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on the anniversary of the death of george floyd, a black man who was killed through police brutality by white police officers. and this is happening because of a lack of legislative action. the president also talking about the lack of legislative action when it comes to what he calls common sense gun reforms or reforms of legislation that would limit the amount of gun sales in the united states that led to the tragedy such as we saw in the us state of texas that led to the death of more than 19 children and 2 of school teachers. so it's interesting that what the president is saying in both cases is enough, is enough. it's time to do more in both of these cases. he has taken executive action, in other words, doing what he can through what we call the executive branch for the white house.
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because the legislative branch of the congress could not, in fact, to agree on laws that would satisfy both democrats and republicans. you her very strong words there from the vice president who talked about the failure of congress to act talking about the pain of the families who are asking a pleading with congress to do more. but the law makers who are refusing to do so talking about the justice and policing act, that remembers and auditors, george floyd, that it was passed in the lower house of representatives. but then when it got to the u. s. senate that is where it's stalled, that it's very similar when it comes to some of the gun legislation that we've seen recently. it passed in the house of representatives, but not in the house or in the u. s. senate. and so this is a challenge that we've heard from the top democrat in the u. s. senate as recently as just a few hours ago, challenging republicans to a,
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in fact to look inward towards their conscience due to challenge their, their morals and their, their moral authority. and to really empathize with the families that are grieving right now. not the gun lobby that may be backing their campaigns and telling them to support the, the, the right to bear arms entrenched the 2nd amendment or the u. s. constitution that perhaps it's time to look at this and decide that it may be time to change the laws in the united states in order to save lives so that children are not slaughtered when they go to school. kimberly, and i just wanna ask you this really quickly, but when we see the finger being pointed so squarely at senate, republicans can't change anything this time around. it's unlikely to, because you have to remember senate republicans are elected by the people and the people support the 2nd amendment that this is a culture the very much
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a supports guns ah, holds them very dear and it has no desire to see them. take it away, in fact, just the opposite. when joe biden was elected, we saw more people buying guns, and they will support those law makers to protect their right to bear arms can be how could they live from the white house? kimberly thank you. will we will continue our coverage from the united states with our correspondence, as you saw there at the white house and in texas. we heard there further colds to action from the president joe biden to pass. common sense gun laws will be reflecting on all of that later. africa direct is coming up next. see later. ah a
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i go, okay. ah, the back room. okay. this is when you really get to let your hair down a i believe that we create our future by want me think about it to do bring about a positive future. and if at any time i thought to see like i'm being dragged down down by them, it's everything that goes to long around us. i get on my bike, i read them, i come back. good. ah,
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i am among a wife. and i, i'm a biker, i'm a biker mom, i belong to a motorcycle club called and throttle queens. i'm a founding member of the throttle piece. we just the small type lead group of women where united by i love for motorcycling. we've taken up food safety as our big thing and this is good. now we also have don't keys and oh, my narrow content even all that. but the roads have been built mainly with cars in mind. so the idea that we have is instead of the public to share their route
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good a i was actually a, a, a
11:59 pm
thought ah ah, and how and why did he become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the
12:00 am
world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. every year in china, an estimated 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents and one 0 one east follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children on al jazeera ah ah.


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