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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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the white house is twice way far. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line . every year in china, an estimated $80000.00 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0, one east. follow some mothers desperately trying to reunite with their children on al jazeera. ah ah
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ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello there. i'm julie mcdonald. this is the alger z, renews our live from london coming up new called the tougher gun laws. cindy us after a gunman kills 19 children and 2 teachers at a primary school in texas. what in gods name will we do? what needs to be done? not completely stopped, fundamentally changed and about of the carnage that goes on in this country. also classes breakout as pakistan's i was did, leader in run con and his support is march to islamabad in an effort to bring down the government russian forces far more serious and leaflets on how to surrender.
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as they tried to cut off several dentist in their drive to take full control of the don bass region plus on the speaker, i am humbled. my have a written by minister apologizes again, but rules and resigning after a damning report. details drunken parties in downing street during co whitlock times. i'm driven ashwin sports, defending champion. no joke of it to reaches the 3rd round of the french open. and jo, same radio has one another european trophy as right above the final in the ripe a conference league final ah, one welcome to the program. across the united states, there were widespread calls for tougher gun control laws after the worst school shooting in a decade. people have been taking flowers to rob elementary in vondik,
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texas, where a teenager opened fire, killing 19 children, and 2 teachers on tuesday. more than a dozen others are still being treated in hospital. we say the 18 year old gunman barricaded them in a classroom and began shooting with semi automatic rifle. officers eventually managed to break into the classroom and kill him. well, people involved have expressed shock, frustration, and sadness, or tuesday shooting. my family is good, but my town isn't paying you know, much all the painters. i mean like i said, these kids were, there were always angels. yesterday thinking their wings. you know, this town is heartbroken, devastating. maybe a little pressure on somebody to change the laws. so gone those top the guns don't get in the hands of children and mentally disturbed people. i mean, it's the same cry. we been crying all alone. will texas governor greg abbott says
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the gunman posted on social media about his plan shortly before the attack. and he was speaking underneath conference on the shooting, which was interrupted by the democratic nominee for the governor job be till rourke accused habit of doing nothing on gun crime. he responded by saying it was time for healing. not for politics. their family members who are crying as we speak, their family members whose hearts are broken. there's no words that anybody shouting can come up here and do anything. to hear those broken hearts. we all, every texan, every american has a responsibility where we need to focus, not on ourselves and our agendas. we need to focus on the healing and hope that we can provide to those who have suffered unconscionable damage to their lives and
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loss of life. he talked about that this was evil. the only thing evil is what he continues to do to the people of this state. he says this was unpredictable, it was totally predictable. and i predict this will continue to happen when you continue to have a governor who will not stand up for the people of texas. his only interest is the gun lobby. he scheduled to speak at the n. r a convention. this friday. while we have correspondents live in ovalo, the texas and the white house, let's start with john henry, who's near the rope elementary school in evolving. we had a little bit about what happened did not press conference earlier, john, but, but what else do we learn? what we learned from new details, we learned from governor abbott that the gunman shot his grandmother in the face before leaving the house and then posted to
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a friend on facebook that he had done so, and that he was on his way to an elementary school. and at that school were told he used to 133 rounds. the end result was that $21.00. people were dead. 2 of them, teachers and the gunman himself, that there was some speculation that the gunman might have shot himself. but we were told in that news conference that he was killed by police who entered that room. other than that, what we know is that the police are still treating us as a crime scene. you can see the tape here. we're not allowed to go past that, that is the school playground in the distance. and people have come here to bring flowers into try to show their appreciation of those people who have been lost after they weren't allowed to go beyond that tape. it could simply give it to the police. so what, what we are still waiting to hear is more on the motive. what drove the gunman to come here to rob elementary school? he was a high school dropout, bullied for speaking with a lisp,
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and apparently had problems with other kids. we don't know a lot more or what the specific motivation for this active violence was. and john, you've covered a number of school shootings over the years. i guess it must be like you're witnessing the same cycle repeats itself. do you, do you have any hope listening to bide and tonight with that very strong call to action and listening to be to the things could change. i think we've heard that hope over and over again, year after year in the 20 years since that columbine shooting in 1999. at that time, there was this sense that a killing by a student inside of his school killing many of their classmates, was so horrifying that something had to be done by it, that the white house in congress would have to act. but in the 20 intervening years, what we've seen is that it's actually easier to get a gun the requirement to carry
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a concealed weapon that the licenses have gotten easy. in some cases they've been dropped. in some cases, you don't need a license to carry a weapon at all in many of these states. they've done that over the past 20 years on a state by state basis. but when it comes to congress, the thing we have learned is that in 20 years of mass school shootings like this when they have done nothing on hanjin, they're joining me from of alda in texas, ab jump on, keep well, u. s. president joe biden says he would be traveling to all day this weekend and in the last hour he also said he's sick and tired of gun violence in america. and congress must stand up to the gun lobby to bring in reforms the idea. 19 year old can walk into a store and buy weapons, a war designed and marketed to kill is i think is wrong. just violet common sense, even the manufacture,
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the inventor of that weapon. thought that as well. you know, where's the backbone? where's the courage to stand up to a very powerful lobby? well, our white house correspondent, kimberly how could joins us live. hi there. kimberly. so what can biden in congress do we heard back call to action there and from the president talking about passing sensible gun reform and standing up to the lobby's? well, you have to remember that the, the system of government in the united states is the president to and the congress or co equal branches of government. so the president can do executive orders and congress can legislate. but if they are 2 separate bodies that act and so other sort of independent of one another, although the president does signed legislation into law. what's confusing all of this is that often what we see in the case of gun legislation is that it will pass
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in the house of representatives. but then it gets to the outer chamber, which is the u. s. senate and that's where it seems to stall, largely because there are many republicans in the u. s. senate who are beholden to the national rifle association, or the largest gun lobby in the united states. as many of them have received donations for their campaigns to be elected, and as a result will vote a guest this legislation because they have been directed to do so by the national rifle association. so that's why this happens. but you also have to remember that these legislators are put into the senate by americans who support these actions and hold very dear the right to bear arms, which is entrenched in the 2nd amendment of the us constitution. so, oh, well, the often these legislators are blamed and they really are representative of a larger body of americans that the support the ideals of the national rifle
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association. so this is part of the problem that many democrats and the president is battling, is that there are millions of americans that don't want to see the background checks or a limit on high capacity magazines, or even assault rifles. and that is why you don't see these changes. and in fact, very quickly, there was a ban on assault rifles in the united states back in 1994. it lasted for 10 years that expired. and it was not renewed largely because the american people did not support it. and that is why you continue to see the spike in mass shootings that we are seeing in the last decade or so. am kimberly, you mentioned the national rifle association. it's holding its annual convention as it happens in texas on friday. what have they said so far? yeah, largely quiet for about 24 hours after this tragedy are radically,
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they are holding their convention not far from where this tragedy occurred. and now they have finally released a statement in, at the national rifle association, really distancing itself from the gun, blaming the gun for this tragedy. instead of blaming the gun men for this tragedy saying this was the act of a loan to range criminal. as we gather in houston, texas, we will reflect on these events referring to the killing of the school children and you've all day and redouble our commitment to making schools secure. in other words, i indirectly saying that no limit on fire arms would in any way have any impact or change the scenario. but that what this is really needed is to make sure that these individuals cannot act in this manner. once again, this is a law we this very intent on making sure that there are no limits on the ability of
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americans to purchase guns. and that is, i suspect, what they will be talking about as they continue to hold their conventions, which we should point out is going to be attended not only by the governor of texas, but also by the one of the top republican senators in the u. s. senate ted cruz and also for president donald trump. all very started supporters of the 2nd amendment can be how they're joining us live from the white house. kimberly thank or chooses attack in texas was the 2nd deadliest school shooting in the u. s. since 1970. the worst was at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut, back in 201226. people were killed, most of them were young children, but gun laws haven't changed that much since then. a year after sandy hoops shooting a bipartisan law aimed at expanding background checks on all sales and transfers of firearms was defeated in the senate, only for republicans supported it in 2019 or shooting a wal mart in el paso,
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texas killed 23 people. the majority republican senate promised to acts on gotten safety, but instead passed the law in 2021, allowing hand guns to be carried without permits, while 2 bills of broadening background checks. and i've languishing in the senate. they need 60 votes to become law. that the senate is evenly split between republicans and democrats will, despite making up just 4 percent of the world's populations, americans are estimated to have of all civilian firearms. that's around 393000000. while public support for stricter laws appears to be declining, a gallup poll last year, find only 52 percent of americans. won't laws on foreign sales to be tightens. and that was time from 67 percent in 2018 will reveal rodriguez's chief equity officer from the hope and he'll fund, which is a philanthropic organisation focused on reducing gun violence. and he joins us live
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from san luis obispo in california refill. thank you very much. for being with us, we hard president biden there make yet another call to action and we've heard several of them as we often do when these things happen. talking about passing sensible gun reform. do using this any chance the on the back of this latest mass murder that, that anything can change. to be honest, thank you for having me here. i wish i didn't have to be here given the circumstances, but unfortunately this is where we're at in this country. i'm hopeful but, but, but i think of history will tell after sandy hook, nothing has happened. and so unfortunately, we continue to, you know, it's ironic that the governor continues to point a mental health has one of the key issues that they want to focus on when you know, really by definition is insanity, as they say is, is expected different results. doing the same thing and that's what we've been
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doing when it comes to this issue. so we're feel you make an interesting point there. when we heard the texas governor and the n r a, in fact claiming mental health, no guns, but then where are the mental health resources that they are insisting on and why not have background checks if mental health is really the, the main problem here. why not put your resources behind that? correct. and i could tell you, i worked in mental health for living years in santa barbara county as an administrator in and it is the same republicans that have be funded and embedded mental health in the past 20 or 30 years as well. so i think that, that the, the rationale for why shootings occur continues to change. when columbine occurred, what you heard was that it was video games when that got disproved. so it all being and it keeps changing in terms of the logic. what doesn't change is that we do nothing. so i think you know, to your point, you know,
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do i agree that we should look at mental health as, as a particular issue? yes, but most mental health clients actually are harming themselves. not other people. so this, this is a kind of a, a very small percentage of people that are doing this. and although i will attributed to a mental health issue, we also shouldn't criminalize and begin to demonize people mental health issues. because in the reality, the statistics tell us that the vast majority of the harm themselves about other people and refill when there were restrictions on semi automatic weapons. and i believe that that lasted for a decade was there were reduction in violence that did school shootings reduced because i keep hearing ted cruz particularly saying, oh, let just say to against this stuff doesn't work. but what, what does the day to tell us? you know, the, the data tells us that there was significant reductions and what you didn't hear from folks that were talking before me was that, that be it lapsed. you know,
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bush senior did not re institute that, that love but we did. we did see significant decreases. i know it wasn't perfect, but that's the last piece of legislation that has come through in this country since 1994. what we can see from what's happening right now is that what we're doing is not working. moreover, if you heard the governor speak this this afternoon, he made kind of some very contrast between california, which has the both strictest gun laws and texas and thing, you know, california still has a big problem as well as we do. the reality is in california is about 40000000 people and we have about 2000000 gun related deaths in california where texas having about 30030000000 people, right. 10000000 less is at 4000. so when you look at the difference,
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you begin to see that there are states that are driving down the death rates because of restrictions that exist in terms of who is accessing and, and create creating excuse me, 2 parameters. so that if folks are going to have weapons that it is, it is, it is legislated refill rodriguez, their chief equity officer for hope and he'll and thanks very much refill for joining us. thank you very much. coming up on this news hour from london for the 1st time gotten me a cushion has visited soldiers wounded during rushes war in ukraine. china's president defends his country to the u. n's top human rights official a day after reports revealed the brucell extent to which we can miss grims, are systematically abused. and it was a day of come back at the french open. we'll have tennis action from paris in sport, with jim ah
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lease in pakistan, a foreign tear gas and used batons. again, supporters of former prime minister in one con, his marched into the capital for a major rally. interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested. and con, who was asked of last month, was called on his supporters to stay just sitting in islamabad until you will actions or names the government block roads leading to the capital and deployed thousands of security personnel in an effort to stop them will come all high to has more now, from islam abroad. there has been heavy, dear guys saying at the square, richard, the renew of the broad day. now tens of thousands of people had gathered hair. but the security forces decided to ship displayed despite the fact that they were women and children. good dad died. now m ron kong has been moving, would have gone roy from the hybrid book, don't well province. all along the way they have set up better kids. this people
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have been battling against the police forces. they've had to clear all good, bad or good. despite the heavy shirley, the router just got to define emotionally, george crowded, heading to islam abroad. the former prime minister in ron vaughan had said that visit the corrupt government were just your goal. and despite the fact that the court had ordered that none of these bro should be arrested, hundreds of papers have been rounded up. the leadership, how did have been read it? and although it interior minister would like to tell you that enron had just a couple of 1000 paper read. we have been able to witness tens of thousands of people coming just from the city of a tom abad and robert penn date. right now. did it take with you guys? but their determination is strong and there's a committed law which has been battling the police. they come into this boring then
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that is shilling their draw and their stuff. gotcha. been going on for quite a while. but ron will be reaching the board very soon. and he will make appoint, crossed by august, auntie and joyce tremendous the board, and veg everson. he was removed from power to popularity, had guy rocket gate come all hides, reporting there. now at least 14 people have been killed in a series of explosions in afghanistan, including a blast inside a mosque in the capital campbell and the northern city of mazar, e sharif. 3 bombings in mini vans left. at least 9 passengers dead. and 15 of this injured official, explosive devices were placed inside those vehicles. i saw says it was behind the attack. arson forces are at the gates of ukraine's last stronghold and a major eastern province. taking it would be a significant victory from random your putin's forces,
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who are battling village by village to seize control of ukraine's eastern industrial heartland. but don't bass well then are trying to encircle the twin cities. as several done ask, and lizzie chance on oprah opposite sides of the sever ski donates river will rush and forces want to cut off a rolled there that connects the area to back moved in the south west, which you ukrainian troops need to maintain supplies while winning those cities would bring all of la hans province under russian control. the local governor says at least 6 civilians were killed on wednesday. or pro russian troops of long shells to wards at 17 ask, which contains instructions on how to surrender. thousands of people are believed to be trapped in the city is russian forces at bands from 3 sides. on tuesday, russia's defense minister survey showing who says his drops and troops were deliberately advancing slowly to try and avoid civilian casualties. will 80 kilometer south west of 71 ask the russian flag has been raised over an administrative building in silvo scars grow russian troops have also been seen
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patrolling its streets. the time was one of 3 in the den at screech and captured by russia on tuesday. will ukraine's defense minister says roches eastern offensive has entered its most acts and face. i said, beg no has more now from chroma tours. in the dawn bass region, the air raid siren is still sounding v along the ukrainians. so you have a strike destroyed this empty building in the early hours of the morning. it's unclear what the russians were aimed at. the strike was in the middle of 2 residential apartments, causing damage to the owner was full. 13 year old dugeon tells us he's not scared, but wants to move it as we say in ukraine. no. where is safe. the russians just hit everything they don't care. others are just exhausted from the emotional cost of this war. my 5 year old grandson and 5 month old grand daughter. fortunately,
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have left. where are we supposed to go? we retired, we're still here. let everybody see it. my son in law just buried my daughter. if something happens to him, his children, my grandchildren, wont have parents in the neighboring town of baltimore, ukrainians are trying to escape the shelling all their possessions packed in pursuit cases of you know, there's no comfort rest bike in this world. i'm from seaford anymore. you wouldn't like it, it's horrible from them. you people who have lived just have a so can we have no money? if with no way to guys, you know who are 15 people are crammed into this van, heading away from the front line and away from the sound of constant artillery fire . back in chroma. toast, the clearing up and assessing the damage. well, most have fled the city. almost all. what are we supposed to do? we will repair everything, but we have no money and no children. they live on the 7th floor and his wife
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points to the wall damaged by the strike. seems like this of destroyed buildings exist across the don bus region. the russians are about 25 kilometers away from here. but most people understand that russian forces are able to strike any place. and at any time i said bake. i'll just, sarah, come across any or alley on a live co is a former ukrainian and p, and she joins, via skype from london alley want to, thanks very much for being with us. we're obviously witnessing the war in the east intensifying just how bad is the situation currently. the situation is indeed quite difficult. julie, and as president williams came 2 days ago, it is how there, where do you see rushing forces advancing in hong kong region. and as they set out earlier, they do aim to encapsulate all of the region within the administer at borders,
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as well as the don't ask region. 7 opinion however is non captured. yes. so that is good news, although many civilians still remain in the region. do we know audio and how ukrainian forces are faring in this, particularly if those suppliers do? do get cut off for now. i think ukrainian armed forces are prepared for whatever they're facing. there are 700000 ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front line across the ukraine. and so they're prepared for any outcome. and even if russia does succeed in capturing some of the towns and villages in the used to be praying, especially in the hong kong reaching that have been you know, even capturing the cities and maybe securing the regions within the border that they set out to secure i think that is only going to be tactical when not a strategic one. so and i don't know what strikes me and our colleague acid big
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piece that we just saw. there is how absolutely exhausted people are. how can people who are currently trapped be reached is, are there ways i there are certainly some communication channels to going on. it's a bit difficult logistically to get to those people. you know, the supplies of gas have been cut off today from all of them. hong region, as the and chief of the military in administration has reported, the situation is quite dire. people do refuse to lee the residents that still remain there, about 40000 of them and the long region. but i think the ukrainian forces will do their best to provide the most security to the residents, elio and landscape. i've been talking in about reminding the west to give him and the troops that continued munitions, the help and support. is there a danger? do you think that ukraine could slip down the into the national to do list if i can
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put it that way? i think the ukrainians have so far showcase and enormous bravery and the resolve to do what we can and everything that we're willing to sacrifice for our sovereign to injury tauriel integrity. so of course we counting on the whole from the west. we are getting quite extensively these days will still stand by our sovereignty and her toil integrity, and i don't think there will be any concessions made. however, we do things that were being quite realistic. and if there are some tactical wins or losses that we need to endure, we will do just that. just for the sake of strategic victory, i want to live called their former ukranian, n p, joining with their alley. i want to thank you. there's lots more
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still to come this hour. the fugitive a former dictator will now be investigative from murder, torture, and sexual violence. anger in indian control kashmir after a separate his leader is sentenced to life in prison and support something you may not see again for a very long time and more from the n b a playoffs. later in minis. ah, the off the quarter war and sundry spell temperatures in most of europe have come down to actually a bit below where you might expect to be for late bay because this series it'll frontal system which means yes. coming in as cooler rather, more cloudy. and i will share even wet, but there is too hot around and it's basically hungary saturday, the balkans and the cross italy. there's some also in the south west of spain,
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which is hang on but not the warmest place anymore after that was italy. yes, they probably will be that sort of area in the next day or so, because despite the fact you've got that rain that's gone, eastwood through better isn't leaving shells behind and the breeze is still blowing in, but a lot of clouds, the northern europe, these few shares around sarajevo, many differences. 31 degrees for wednesday, thursday, and friday at is the picture for friday. them still a few showers breaking out in that heat more significant rain maybe just coming in to the czech republic and south poland. and the sun is in working up to bring temperatures up again. parish. the 22 is still quite warm in south west in spain. 22 interpreter now, although both algeria and soon as you get is on shore breathing bricks of rain. it's generally speaking fine and quite hot for this northeastern part of africa. but there are flooding showers, though in the good part of west africa. ah
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. blue i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean fighting both isis and a, the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son, and the jihad cartoon on al jazeera in a ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exception. katara always going places to
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go. ah ah ah, or mind of the top stories here on al jazeera, the shock and anger in the time of all day in texas, after a teenager open fire, killing 19 children, and 2 teachers on tuesday crossing united states there are wide spread calls for tougher gun control laws after the war, school shooting in a decade. ousted pakistan, prime minister in iran, calm has arrived in the capital, islam about with a convoy of thousands of supporters for a major rowdy earlier. please fire to your gas and use bathrooms against supporters . interior minister says nearly $1700.00 people were arrested, and pro russian troops of long shales towards severed the night sky containing
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instructions on how to surrender. thousands of people are believed to be trapped in the city. as russian forces advanced from 3 sites. russia's defense ministry says mary pool porch is now operating normally after its forces gained full control of the city last week or so. the soldiers have been clearing the port and surrounding waters of mines and say the 1st cargo ship will depart in the coming days. several other ukrainian ports, including the facility in a desk have also been mind making it difficult to get grain and worsening a growing global foot crisis. russian media says moscow is offered to provide a humanitarian corridor for vessels carrying food to leave ukraine. but only if sanctions against it are listed. this is a clear blackmail. you could not find a better example of a black male in international relations. so if we do not export our crops currently stored in the territory of ukraine, we will soon harvest and other crop. we will bring it and put it next to the
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current storage us, which i feel for. and while there will be a full crisis unfolding in some parts of the world, bringing grain will be getting wrought them under open skies. the kremlin is making it easier for people in russian occupied parts of ukraine to gain russian citizenship. president let me of pacin issued the decree, offering fast track citizenship to people in arizona and parisha. now we also visited, wouldn't, and washed wouldn't, did russian soldiers in hospital for the 1st time. a story jabari explains that from law school. it's been 3 months since rushes commander in chief order troops to enter ukraine. now he's met some who survived, despite their injuries, but they appear to be in good health and recovering, and a military hospital in moscow. law me putting,
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accompanied by his defense minister survey, chicago, expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff for helping the war wounded recuperate. denise mister to these russian servicemen used a people who put their health and lives at risk for the sake of the people and the children of dun bus for the sake of russia. each of them put their life in mortal danger, and we must, you hid them as heroes. earlier put in, signed a decree, extending a scheme for a residence of areas in ukraine, controlled by russia back separatists to become russian citizens, people, and corson, and south region. now have the option of taking the citizenship, of their occupiers was so little immediately please, it shows the authorities of mella topple, will soon begin work on organizing the issuance of rush and passports to residents of the 2nd largest city in the separation region. but anyway, i mean, i mean, it is sharina, more russian citizens in ukraine will cost the government in moscow. but
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a stronger than ever ruble, and a city inflation rate is seemingly enough for president putin to continue spending money. as of june, 1st, the minimum wage in russia will increase by 10 percent as well. the monthly amount for pensioners across the country, a border that spending isn't just limited to the russian federation. here in the ukranian city of her son. now, in full russian control, social assistance from the moscow back municipal government, each resident is getting 10000 roubles. the russian currency officially being used in this region that's likely to strengthen the occupiers position in a region of ukraine that's been keen to join russia but, but whether it will be repeated in other areas is unclear. if moscow wants to gain support and territories being destroyed, it will likely have to continue to spend even more money door such
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a bar al jazeera moscow. at least 200 people are believed to have been killed and into community violence in northern chad fighting broke out in the mountainous cooling goody district. that's near the border with libya. now it happened at the gold mining site between the tama tribe and arab miners. when is to say members of the tama community schools stole from gold prospect says additional security has been sent to the region. a can be a former dictator, is going to be investigated for murder, torture and sexual violence. ja jama, fled the country in 2017 after 22 years and power a trip commission has now finally delivered its report. government says it will set up a special prosecutor's office to look into crimes committed by him. during his rule from the capital banjo augment address reports, they came expecting disappointment, survivors, victims, families, and activists. among them, mia jeremy's niece. i said to huddle. jamie, whose father all disappeared in 2005,
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their relatives accused the former ruler of killing them. always been a victim of interest to appearances. i know how it feels, and today it has been very emotional for me, especially when be said, you're going to support families that haven't seen them is they did the remains of their loved ones, the government. i'm sure they would look for the the but isn't it was i'm give them back to their families. i know it's going to be a very long process and a very draining one put at math. i'm considering the like a forensic experts. she isn't putting all hopes in finding that i mean, so for our family, any time soon. of the $256.00 recommendations where the truth reconciliation and repulsion commission. only 2 are rejected by the government. one of them is that equipment is one again, some judges that came to the gambia from other countries under your solving over to the city. so these are foreign georgia's where characterized by the commission as massena, the judges. but the government's position on former president, dia jamie,
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is what drew much applause from survivors. and victor, somebody's form of was delia. jamie, is considered to be one of those will be as the greatest responsibility of all the by loosens that help. one on by his rule. so he will face justice, one way or the other. and the government says it's taking steps to address the concerns of medical. would you like to and to 2nd art is a modem and built in 1996. to commemorate the cool that brought your job to power. now it's renamed, the never again, are slogan coined by the numbers. bruce commission, the government says, applied, listed the names of people killed by the judge administration will be erected here to serve as a moment. it took the government 6 months to analyze and come up with a position on the commission's recommendations. a result of 3 years of investigations and listening to harrowing testimonies from witnesses media and it also steps will afford the gambia, the opportunity to finally close one of the darkest chapters in its history with
12:41 am
the trees. i'll just eda but june. the gabrielle. a funeral has been held for a 16 year old palestinian boy who was killed by israeli forces in the occupied westbank gave him and was shot in the head during confrontations near joseph's tomb in the city of nablus on tuesday. at least 80 other people were injured. israeli military says it responded would live far as people harl rocks and petrol bombs at soldiers. this new evidence which supports witness accounts of how anxious he return listerine abu acclaim was shot dead. according to a c in an investigation she was killed and a targeted attack by israeli forces. the report says there was no active combat or any palestinian fighters near i blacklist location us base news channel comb through 11 videos of the scene, showing israel's military convoy from different angles before during and after. she was shot. 8 witnesses as well as an audio and explosive weapons experts have backed
12:42 am
those findings. rescue teams are searching for dozens of people who are missing after an overcrowded old sank off the coast of chin nicea. now the boat was sailing from the libyan city of sora to so fox. when it kept sized. 30 people have been rescued, but at least one person has died. and around 75, others remain on accounted for president, she ging ping has defended china's record to the un high commissioner for human rights. michelle boshoway is on a 6 day visit to china, and it coincides with the leaking of thousands of photographs, showing rieger people in so called we education camps and shoot to kill orders for escape attempts. china has repeatedly denied detaining a 1000000 museums and other ethnic minorities in chic jain, provence, katrina, you has more now from basing. she did ping took quite a defensive tone. he said that the communist party had the social development and
12:43 am
the human rights protection of its people as its highest priority. and then he went on to give her a bit of a lecture. really, he said that there was no ideal state and no need for an hour against teacher politicizing human rights issues. and how country goes about protecting the human rights of its people was up to the conditions of that country. of course that was a veil. swipe at the us, no doubt. and what it went on to say this chinese rita was that michelle bash lay was thankful to. she didn't pay for the opportunity to come to china. and that she admired china as a achievements when it came to poverty eradication. and the protection of human rights, alarmingly. what was missing from this was any mention at all of shin john all the week of people, which is precisely the reason that ashley is here. there was a lot more focused on her trip because we just had on tuesday, the release or the, the leaking of thousands of documents from she, young police,
12:44 am
detailing the harrowing experiences of, of detainees at a particular internment camp in shin john, which really flies in the face of the narrative that aging has been staying along since 2017 to 2018 beijing has said that there is no force labor nor force detention nor sterilization and no genocide taking place. but indeed those are the things that michelle bash lay is here to assess. but as to whether rew, she'll be able to get, be given a real picture of that remains to be seen court in india sentence, kashmir, separatist liter gas in malik to life in prison. malik who were names, violence in the 1990s was charged with terrorism and terrors, funding the sentence point protests in indian administered kashmir. half the metal has more now from new delhi. the situation in india administered push me is tense
12:45 am
and has been all day now. parts of the region observed is shut down today, so shops were closed, business establishments were closed, or there has been heavy, a presence of security forces. just before the verdict came in, several people gathered outside yassin, melex home in indian administered kush. me. they pelted stones and security forces responded by firing. tia gas. now malec has been charged with some serious crimes, including terrorism and terror funding. he was arrested in 2019 a month after that. his organization was banned by the indian government for terrorism related activities. now malik, is a prominent kashmiri leader in the 9 to ninety's. he was involved in the armed rebellion against the indian government. he'd been advocating for complete independence off the crush me region from india. but he said that he soon gave that up and has been pursuing a non violent part and wanted
12:46 am
a peaceful resolution to the kashmir issue. no one of the other reasons this case has been closed. the wash is that as we speak, there are several cases against other similarly prominent kashmiri leaders that are ongoing and malik has said that he would be accepting the verdict as is and even though he can appeal the sentence of in a higher court, he will not be doing so u. k prime minister virus, johnson says he takes full responsibility for illegal part is held at downing street during corona virus loc dance, but he still refuses to resign. it comes after civil servant so great delivered a damning report into what's now known as party gate. many have been outraged over revelations. during the last few months. the staff at the heart of britain's government help parties for the rest of the country was told to stay at home. john, how report?
12:47 am
not to the 1st time, boris johnson apologized to mpi for parties during lockdown in downing street and government buildings. and i also want to say the speaker bubble that i take full responsibility for everything that took place on my way. we are humbled why the experience and we have learned our lesson. details of 16 gatherings emerged in the long awaited report into party gates, so called by senior civil servants to gray. it describes failings of leadership and judgment at the heart of government, a culture of excessive drinking, while too little thought she says was given to what was happening across the country. a police investigation handed a 126 fines to 83 people in government, including one to the prime minister himself. johnson believes the gatherings he attended briefly had been work related and within the rules. what happened
12:48 am
afterwards? he said, late night drunken revelry was news to him. i had no knowledge of those subsequent proceedings because i simply wasn't that. and i have been surprised and disappointed. as anyone else in this house. as the revelations have unfolded, the opposition reacted with predictable fury. this report will start as a monument to the hubris, an arrogance of a government yet, but believe it was rotten, we'll put them on another role for everyone else. whether johnson's future is in doubt depends on the response of m. p. 's within his own party and i made my point a my position very clear to the prime minister. he does not have my support. but a question i humbly put to my colleagues is, are you willing day in and day out to defend this behavior publicly for months? now conservative party m p 's have been saying that they would hold off triggering
12:49 am
and leadership contest against boris johnson until the su gray report was published . but the reality is there wasn't much in it that isn't already in the public domain. no major surprises. it may well be that the next benchmark against which the prime minister is to be judged is the question of whether he knowingly misled parliament when he told them last december that no poppy had been held. no rules had been broken. if a pending parliamentary inquiry finds, he did lie to n p's, that would be an offense for which a prime minister would be expected to resign. in the meantime, opinion polls suggest 59 percent of britons think johnson should resign anyway. the party gates saga isn't over yet. joe al jazeera london still has this news hour. we'll hear from the live boot camp is the team prepare for the champions, the fire against rail madrid, that isn't sport coming up in a bit with gemma. the critically endangered species is bouncing back in mexico,
12:50 am
giving scientists a flutter of hold a castle, airway official, and line of the john with with
12:51 am
full away the fishing and line of the join. lou. ah, now here's demo with all the days, is sports news? jama? thank you, joe. say marina has become the 1st football manager to win all of the european club trophies. that's after his right aside. be final. when the integral said, see at the conference league, they won the final in albany, a one nail with disco from the color is on the low. go. keep patricia to help that
12:52 am
with stunning, save in the 2nd half to keep the dutch team out and secure. ramos, of bus european title in more than 60 years. the rena continues his impress, the record of winning every european final. he's been involved in one of the champions league and joyful cup with puerto, the champions league again with in san milan and the plague with manchester united 5 years ago. at these for liverpool ahead of the champions league final with my how it started confirming he's staying at the club next season is contract runs out in june next year, although he wouldn't be drawn on whether hell extend his current deal beyond then the seller's teammate saudi money isn't prepared to discuss his future until after saturday's march with around madrid. he's been linked with me to buy munich. livable have already won 2 trophies ship. does that manage? i think that's enough to be considered a successful season without the jealousy, if i would be a great season with the terms of winning the terms, he would be a fantastic season. he says that so just the levels. that's absolutely fine. we
12:53 am
don't, we don't think because we want our 2 competitions and we're closing the completion of this. yeah, i wouldn't, we wouldn't care about that. that's of course not the case. i don't know it's you never know how often you will reach a gmc find. you better use the few opportunities to get that out. abramivitch is facing 8 months out. after having me surgery. the 40 year old strike has just helped ac milan, the 1st italy in the title since 2011. although his campaign was hampered by injury last on. once at least one more season at the club, but it's now unclear if that will happen, given the length delay off defending champion. they've a joke of it haven't last before the 3rd round of the french open since 2005. and he's kept that st going the load number one got passed. so back in alex, most round in round 2 more channels reached to clay court finals this season, but he couldn't deal with which the top seated didn't face any breakpoints. as he took the 1st 2 sets, 6263,
12:54 am
he was made to work harder and the 3rd one is how the tiebreaker wrap up. the match chunk of its haven't dropped to set in the 1st few rounds in paris since 2010 on the this kind of challenging conditions in playing against specialist on clay, someone that is a tricky opponent and coming off from the finals last week. it was never going to be an easy match, but i thought i performed very well. the 3rd set, you know, i was a breakup and i allowed him to come back to the match. but nevertheless, i held my nerves and i'm just glad to play the way i've been playing low the 1st around. so everything is going in the right direction. a king of clay, same time champion rough validated by 3, he easily beat frenchman, current in new set, straight set to reach around 3 and rack up his 300 grand slam much when that was the 50 wrote and i saw that said alexander, the bear, as he came very close to going out in paris. he thought for me to set down,
12:55 am
i'm safe and much point to see of the best in bias of argent siena there, emerging victorious after 3 hours of 6 minutes on course. that wasn't the only big come back a teenager call us out carousels. they saved match points. when in 5 man being hit danced the noun, a doll eventually getting about as funny. i would ramos when you're there was another shock on the women's side was full seat and lea a sack re been knocked out in the 2nd round. she lost a very tight match against carrying a mutha in straight sets based on his tie break. it means there's already no top 10 player left in the bottom half of the drill athletes across the u. s. have been paying tribute to the victims of the mass sheeting in texas a few hours north of where the shooting happened. the dallas mavericks and the golden state warriors held a moment of silence for gainful of the western conference finals. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed after a gunman opened fire in a school children murdered at school. when are we going to do
12:56 am
something? i'm tired, i'm so i'm so tired of getting up urine offering can door to to to the devastated families that are out there. do you realize that 90 percent of americans regardless of political party want background check universal background check. 90 percent of us. we are being held hostage by 50 senators in washington who refused to even put it to a vote despite what we the american people, what they won't vote on it because they want to hold out of their own power. it's pathetic. i've had enough to the action in dallas managed to stay in the series by winning game for largely thanks to lucas dont' ich the civilian at top scored with 30 points and grabbed the 14 re bounds. the started, the 2nd half was delayed by 16 minutes because it rain leaking through the race.
12:57 am
and if he thought that was unusual, how about this shot from golden states drain lawn green? who could a for the record that counts as a miss, the warriors concealed a series on their home, caught in game 5 on thursday. cycling now and richard cower passes, retained his merry lead in the jared italia. wednesday's 17th stage was another tough one in the mountains, and it was one i santiago we drago. the columbian writer produced a decisive attack on the final climb of the day. car pads finished in 5th place to keep the lead as pink. does he 3 seconds clear with forced ages? remain? that is all your sport for now. it's back to judy in london. jim a thank you. experts in mexico say there's been a huge rise in the number of monarch butterflies spending the winter there, which suggests they are adapting to climate change. and i wanted lots of lies
12:58 am
traditionally my weight to mexico in late it's whole were and they spend the winter in mountaintop forest. they normally leave the u. s. in canada, in march, mexican officials say the endangered insects cover about 28000 square meters of land this winter compared to about 20000 last year. and that's despite deforestation. some overview boynkin book we are witnessing in real time. the adaptation of monarch butterflies to climate change. for the last 3 seasons, we observed that the monarchs had been leaving much earlier. they were very active in december, began to reproduce in january and we're leaving earlier to migrate back to the north of the continent. that's it from me to the mcdonald for this news hour. i'll be back in a moment though with much more of the day's news hope to have your company then. bye bye. ah
12:59 am
ah. and every year in china, an estimated $80000.00 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0 one east follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children on al jazeera. the latest news, as it breaks sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell policy and story with detailed coverage. a newly released report says that gun related death in the united states . rachel, all time high. during the pandemic from around the world, the heavy pushback has long been
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