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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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solutions in a z ha, mission to entertain, educates and provoke debate through satire, her weapon of choice, theater, an intimate look at what inspires one of tennessee as most popular comedians to make people love my to nicea path on al jazeera across the world, young activists and organizers to rhonda move, motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and they do, we were the ones who had life on what was going on in a way that the most means the media didn't. there's looking start, think about the lebanon is always in a my number formation. we have the agency to create the viable alternative generation changed on al jazeera ah, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera.
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ah, a grieving community pays tribute to the 19 children and 2 teachers shot dead as an elementary school in texas. president biden renews calls for tough a gun control. when in godaddy will we do what needs to be done to it's not completely stopped fundamentally change the amount of carnage ah, but on the clock, this is al jazeera life and also coming up clashes breakout. and pakistan has asked me to him, run con, cools on his supporters to help bring down the government russian forces farm mortars and drop leaflets on how to surrender. i'd say try to cut off several of
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donuts in that drive to take full control of the don bus region. ah. the shock and grief in the town of u val de texas after teenager opened far and killed 19 chill to teachers on tuesday . it was the worst school shooting in the us in a decade. still unclear what the 18 year old gunman, motivations were. president joe biden has again said he's sick and tired of gun carnage in the country. he called on politicians to stand up to the powerful firearms lobby and saved lives. the idea, 19 year old walk into a store and buy weapons, a war designed and marketed to kill is i think is wrong. just violates common sense even the manufacture, the inventor of that weapon. thought that as well. you know,
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where's the backbone? where's the courage? to stand up to a very powerful lobby? let's speak now to john henry, who's at the scene of the shoes in the world. the intake joins is now said john community in mourning, and no doubt the anger running deep. that's right. the more people find out the more devastating the information is. it turns out, according to what we've been able to piece together, that salvador ramos bought to a or 15 now assault rifles and days after his birthday, just days before this shooting and apparently shot his grandmother in the face after having an argument with her. then message it on social media to a friend that he was going to a school. and it was this school behind me where he went. and over the course of an
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hour he burst passed and armed security guard into this school. and she fired 233 rounds, killing 17 children, 2 adults, and ultimately being killed himself by border patrol agents as they burst into that room. apparently this was all in one classroom. good. and the question that's being asked here, the reason that ceiling is still closed off in been researched, is it authorities are trying to discover what triggered him on that particular day . and why he chose this school? will there be those in the community who were supposed to gun control and when something like this strikes so close to him? i wonder if it changes perspectives. well, governor abbot didn't say this was a mental health issue. although we don't have a lot of specific information about this particular young man except that he was
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bullied for years as a child for speaking with a list that that might have played in. but mental health is not something that's usually predictable for people who are about to buy guns, which a very difficult thing to target. what his opponents, including beta work, a democratic candidate for governor here in texas, who burst into governor abbot news conference to say that years of inactivity in congress. and here in texas hasn't helped. he said that this was entirely predictable. and that it is because governor abbott and others have not acted that we see these kinds of school shootings. and in fact, what's happening over time is that states of actually losing their gun laws made it easier to carry a concealed weapon made it easier to carry a weapon that is not concealed without a permit ensued. those are the kinds of laws that people on the more liberal side of the perspective are asking for. on the conservative side, yes,
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we are hearing cries in treating mental health and keeping people who have mental health problems from getting guns, but decade after decade here in the united states school shooting after school shooting. it's never happened or don't leave a message on 100 reporting. and let's say for my white house course when it can be how kit has more on some of the obstacles facing significant change to gun control . what's confusing at all this is that often what we see in the case of gun legislation is that it will pass in the house of representatives. but then it gets to the average chamber, which is the u. s. senate and that's where it seems to stall, largely because there are many republicans in the u. s. senate who are beholden to the national rifle association, or the largest gun lobby in the united states. as many of them have received donations for their campaigns to be elected, and as a result will vote a guess this legislation because they have been directed to do so by the national
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rifle association. so that's why this happens. but you also have to remember that these legislators are put into the senate by. 6 americans who support these actions and hold very dear the right to bear arms, which is entrenched in the 2nd amendment of the us constitution. so oh, well, often these legislators are blamed and they really are representative of a larger body of americans that the support the ideals of. 2 the national rifle association, so this is part of the problem that many democrats and the president is battling when news broke of the texas shooting, the online reaction was immediate. his elixir briar lease say the shooting began at 11 32 in the morning than the i was that followed, anxious parents gathered outside desperate for news of their children local reportedly wold when tweeted, we just heard screams inside the civic center. yet another family hearing the worst
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news possible. her colleague dylan calia, she had a picture of one of the victims, 10 year old xavier lopez. those scenes at reminiscent of the sandy hook shooting in connecticut 10 years ago. a gunman shot dead 20 children aged 6 and 76 adults fath barack obama described that shooting is one of the darkest days of his presidency back then he called for change. can we truly say as a nation that we're meeting our obligations? can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children all of them say from since then efforts to change. gotten policies in any significant way have repeatedly failed after tuesday is true thing and takes us obama tweak that he grieves for the families, but that it was also angry for them. saying that the us is paralyzed, not by fear, but by a gun lobby and
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a political party that has shown no willingness to act on the subject of lobby groups. the star tribune newspaper based in minneapolis, she had this by one of its cartoonists, withdrawn after the sandy hook shooting. you can see the police type on the lower image showing that one of the barriers to gun control in the us is the power of the gun lobby. and particularly the in our re or the national rifle association. takes us republican ted cruz is one senator who's received financial support from gun lobbyists. the website open secret says he was given the most money all the $300000.00 out of all fans, candidates and the 2018 election cycle. more recently, the brady center to prevent gun violence has ted cruz not quite at the top is number 26, but still featured among senators who received most from the and i re what's interesting though is the number in the bottom right. $3159.00, the average number of gun deaths and takes us per year by far the highest on the
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list. after the shooting crews tweeted that he and his wife, when listening up in prayer, the children and families involved. he also dismissed any suggestion, there's a need for strict gun laws, you know, inevitably when there's a murder of this kind, you see politicians try to politicize. you see democrats and a lot of folks in the media who's immediate felicia is to try to restrict house fish and rights of law abiding citizens. that doesn't work. it's not effective online. there are lots of opinions from both sides of the gun control debate about money, politics and freedom, but journalist, philip de franco, also wrapped up one of the other common things, helplessness he twisted the uniquely american feeling, saying, news about a mash shooting is kids and knowing literally nothing is going to change to stop it from happening again. is the one i hate the most. well, johnny is now from baltimore in maryland is adult,
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joseph sacral. he's the director emergency general surgery at the john hopkins hospital and decided to become a trauma serge. enough to surviving a gunshot to the throat at 17 years old doctor. just a 2nd. thanks for joining us here at our desert before we get into this. yeah, as i say you do what you do because of being shot yourself. tell us briefly about that. and how to inspire you. yeah, well thanks. thanks so much for having me. as you indicated, when i was 17, i was nearly killed after being shot the throw the 30 caliber bullet. and that really inspired me to go into medicine to become a trauma surgeon. and now has me working at the intersection of medicine, public health and public policy to try to prevent these injuries from happening to begin with. so fair to say you really, really have an understanding both sides of this. yeah, i mean, i come to this again from the perspective of both having been a patient and now seeing it on the other side. as a trauma surgeon,
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someone that's having to talk to these moms and dads and explain to them that their child that left, that morning is never coming home again. and i just, you know, want to say that i think like all of us, we feel absolutely terrible. and that's how we should feel. because today we woke up in america where we continue to watch these tragedies unfold time and time again. and that is absolutely horrifying. you know, and i'm not this heartbroken, i'm angry. and i refuse to believe that this is the best that we can do. shame on us for not protecting our children, not protecting our communities. it's an absolute travesty. you must find it hard to fathom when you hear the likes of ted cruz saying that gun control is not the answer. yeah, absolutely. i mean, this is honestly though the dark has stain,
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right. that has plagued this nation and it's not just about the match, shootings the match and of course get a significant portion of the media. but as you know, that's less than 2 percent of the overall public health problem every day in cities like baltimore and philadelphia and chicago. we have young, black member being slaughtered on our streets. and so, you know, we also have a responsibility to tell those stories. we prevent those injuries, and that's why, you know, this is so complex, you know, people always ask, well, what's the one thing that we can do? it's not about one thing. it's about a multifaceted approach that crosses sectors. so we can really tackle this problem . on the flip side, we have cause fraction, we have cries of shame, a determination to change, but nothing happens. so what is it that's going to make the difference?
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boy, here's what's gonna make a difference. the difference is going to be when a few things happen, the 1st is all of us have to be part of the solution. you know, when you look at the voter turnout rate in america, you that one of the reasons it's so those people don't believe that they individual can make a difference. and i can tell you as depressing as what we are seeing, the lack of inaction at the federal level, most governing in america, happens at the local and state level. and over the past 10 years, we have seen hundreds of pieces of common sense gun legislation that have passed in cities in states across america. now, we live in a country that of course, you know, has pores orders. so we have to do a better job of ensuring that our elected officials have the moral courage to do what's right. and to pass legislation at the federal level. this is, you know, not a democratic issue. it's not a republican issue. is
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a uniquely american issue. and we can do something to prevent indeed, and america is a country that has more guns than americans. what would you say should be the 1st piece of legislation that is passed to to get the ball rolling on this? yeah, i mean again, like i mentioned earlier, i think there's a variety of things that we need to do when you look at right now. what the senate can do is expand universal background checks. right? that is something that is, is simple. it's something that over 90 percent of americans agree upon, you know, they can, you know, past 6 extreme risk protection orders also known as red flag was they can ensure that we are, you know, a properly funding gunbelt prevention research. you know, the administration can also do stuff. you know, there's a variety of things you know, that has not been done that really, i think we need to put in the forefront. this is important voice. we appreciate
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your time doctor joseph 2nd, thanks very much. and if join is here and out of there. yeah, thanks so much ram. i still had her down to 0 failures leadership ab scaling report is released in the u. k. on violation of long term rules by the prime minister and others are that she's in pain defense, china's record to the you and human rights chief during of it. ah. but at a big a shout of late have been around the gulf coast where cody has come down to the plains, met the the incoming warmth is always the case in spring and early summer. and that's what our showers spread. now these are potentially lease sundry possibly to i think it doesn't look too dangerous at the moment and ahead of it the years breaking out from the south wall on to the east coast and behind it where it's been
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coded, snowing in colorado couple days ago. denver's heading up towards the 30 mark and the next bit of winter isn't really but a winter. this circulating storm and the pacific might do a bit to tops in british columbia. but no more than that. now the east coast time will that she see this rain or the shares tough move eastwards, yet sink then the be a bit of a change to cold weather behind because that has been the story up to this point. but new york forecast belies that 26 degrees, a shower stop, and that it's fine. just a bit, breezing. i think we'll see for the lee with dolls and his band eula some fairly heavy outbreaks of at least shower rain over the next day or so. and that's true the yucatan peninsula on it goes back into southern mexico. increasingly warming land, it might see, want to shower, to say, but not that many as brazil most to south america try picture, except down through the southeast that look quite stormy. with
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her being, my name is how i was abducted by christie. i am in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia you came up with handcuffs, led me into interpretation. and you documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world who in the life of an innocent d o mastery case coming soon on al jazeera o a again, you're watching out their mind about top stories this and this shock and anger in
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the time that you felt the texas after teenager opened fire, killing 19 children, and 2 cheese teachers on tuesday across the united states are widespread calls for tougher control us president joe biden has gained said he's sick and tired of gun cottage in the country schools and politicians to stand up the powerful firearms lobby and save time traveled to be a week also focused on prime minister ranken has arrived in the capitalist lamb about with a convoy of thousands of supporters from major rally earlier. police tried to gas and use bass on the gates deported. interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested. con, has called on his voters to stages sitting in his i'm about to demand you a license while hyder has more now from dad been heavy. you guys saying ad de square, which is the revenue of the property. now tens of thousands of people had gathered . but the security fortune decided to shell displayed despite the fact that they
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were women and children present at that time. now m, ron han had been moving where they've gone from the type of bookstore was proven all along the way they have a barricade. it's people have been battling against the police forces. they've had to clear all the barricade. despite the heavy shelley, their mood guards defied emotionally st. george crowd, heading towards lama. the former prime minister, ron fine, had said that this is a corrupt government which has to go. and despite the fact that the court had ordered none of the protest, i should be arrested. hundreds of papers have been rounded up. the leadership, how did have been read it? and although it interior minister would like to tell you that iran had just a couple of 1000 people, read them,
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we have been able to witness tens of thousands of people come in just from the over time abroad and robert penn date right now, did it take you guys, but their determination is strong. and this is a committed lock which had been battling the police. they come in today's boring, then that is shelling there were draw. gosh, i've been going on for quite a while, but a ron re, to be reaching this part very soon. and he will make a point that a cross bug it's gone to enjoy a tremendous board. in fact, ever since he was removed from power surge, popularity has guy rocket date. the pro russian troops of launch shells towards over the nets, which contain instructions on how to surrender. thousands of people believe to be trapped in the city is a russian forces advance from 3 sides. on tuesday,
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russia's defense minister, sagacious gall, said his troops were deliberately advancing slowly to trying to avoid civilian casualties. just 80 kilometer southwest is rhoda nuts cuz the russian flag has been raised over an administrative building and split the dos russian pro russian troops have also been seen patrolling the streets. the town was one of 3 in the next region captured by russia on tuesday. well, you, grace defense minister says that russia's ease, inoffensive, has entered his most active phase. i said, beg, has more from a crime, a talk in the don bass region. the air raid siren is still sounding the alarm. the ukrainians say an air strike destroyed this empty building in the early hours of the morning. it's unclear what the russians were aiming at. the strike was in the middle of 2 residential apartments, causing damage to bowl. 13 year old eugene tells us he's not scared, but wants to move. as we say in ukraine, no,
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where is safe. the russians just hit everything they don't care. others are just exhausted from the emotional cost of this war. my 5 year old grandson and 5 month old granddaughter fortunately have left. where are we supposed to go? we retired, we're still here. let everybody see it. my son in law just buried my daughter. if something happens to him, his children, my grandchildren, wont have parents in the neighboring town of buckled ukrainians are trying to escape the shelling all of their possessions packed into suit cases. there's no comfort or rest bite in this war and from seaford anyway, you wouldn't like it. it's horrible. people who have lived just have a suit case and no money with no way to god. you know, you are 15 people are crammed into this van. heading away from the front line and away from the sound of constant artillery fire. back in crummy toast,
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the clearing up and assessing the damage most have fled the city almost on only. what do we supposed to do? we will repair everything, but we have no money and no child. they live on the 7th floor and his wife points to the wall. damaged by the strike. seems like this of destroyed buildings exist across the don bus region. the russians are about 25 kilometers away from here. but most people understand that russian forces are able to strike any place. and at any time, i said, bake algebra coming to us or presidents lensky has as the west to keep supplying heavy weapons and says over the netscape is under constant mortify that has not done much since last year. the situation and dumbasses extremely difficult. all russian mind is now concentrated on the region. limone fastener, several on yet. so the answer, the occupiers want to destroy everything there. but in the communication intercepts,
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we really hear that they realize that this war has no sense for them. that strategically, their army has no chance of victory yet it requires time and a lot of unprecedented effort from our people to overcome their advantage in the amount of military equipment. and then when i was out is there, a media network continues to demand a rapid independence in transparent investigation to the killing of its journalist and the occupied westbank. serene black live was shot in the head by his ready forces while she was on assignments. and you need the day of a funeral. it's ready for his storm. the procession started beating mourners, causing pull bears to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied truce. them take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her. can they continue to call for an investigation i will likely was without reserve for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine
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senior leaders in the british prime minister burst. johnson's officer being blamed for a legal parties at the height of a current of our stock downs, comes after civil servants to graze. 37 page report, what's known as party gate. johnson has apologized, saying he takes full responsibility for breaching locked down rules. i briefly attended such gatherings to find some to the service, which i believe is one of the essential duties of leadership and particularly, ah, and particularly important when people need to feel that their contributions have been appreciated. and to keep her all as high as possible. i'm trying to explain the reasons i that has been and it's clear from what sue gray has had to say that some of these gatherings then went on far longer than was necessary. and they were clearly in breach of the rules and they fell, follow the rule. jana hall has borne the style from london. there wasn't
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a lot new into grey's report that was not a detail, but much of the headline stuff was out there through a series of leaks. there's been a police investigation, much of it has already in the public domain. she found failures of leadership and judgment over 16 gatherings that she investigated, that she said simply should not have been allowed to happen to the senior lead. isn't the government, political and official must bear responsibility for a culture of excessive drinking in downing street. there are photographs involved as well, one of which was leak on monday, which show the prime minister in a particularly unflattering life. but as i say, people are generally aware of all of this bar, as johnson apologizing twice now in the commons and in a press conference later taking full responsibility essentially saying look, he stands by his original contention, but it never occurred to him that he was preaching. any regulations when he attended briefly a number of gatherings when he had a quick drink with work colleagues who were operating within
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a bubbling down and speak during the pandemic. he thought it was his duty to thank them to reward them for the work that they've been doing. a brand new poll out by the holding company, you got suggested 59 percent of britain's think boys johnson should now resign. he and number 10 downing street maybe hoping to turn the tide on that with a big headline. policy announcement tomorrow, thursday of government intervention, to help with the growing cost of living crisis president, she's paying, has defended china's record to the un high commissioner for human rights. michelle bashfully is on a 6 day visits. china, it can sides with a leaky of thousands of photographs pictures report the show week people and so called re education camps. china, it's also accuse of issuing shoot to kill orders for escape attempts. aging has repeatedly denied detaining a 1000000 muslims and other ethnic minorities in. she's young province talks to help or hinder refugees returned to men. ma have stalled ever since military took
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power and acute last year. the un high commissioner for refugees in bangladesh, where more than a 1000000 ranger living for the pic, randy says bagley, they should not be left to shoulder, the burden of looking after the refugees on its own. we have a memorandum of understanding with the authorities in man matter which has recently been extended by the de facto authorities. this is a good sign. we'll continue to engage in order to help create those conditions. but we need to patience. this is why it's so important to continue to support bangladesh while it continues to host almost a 1000000 refugees from jamar. well, i'm here in bangladesh. also to highlight that in spite of the enormous attention and resources that understandably and brightly are put into the response to the ukraine crisis. and before that,
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you remember, we spoke about afghanistan for months. that in spite of that, those other crisis, they pair frankly, off the radar screen. and off most of the news, they must not be forgotten. there's a 1000000 people in those camps. and thus, a lot of people and there's a 100000000 refugees and displaced. we have passed that awful mark for the 1st time . since we are recording this figures just a few days ago and all these crises be they here in asia, in africa, in the middle east, in latin america, they have to have also attention. they cannot be forgotten because people suffer anywhere because of humanitarian crises, whether they ukrainians or other nationalities. and we cannot let the school rescue teams are searching for dozens of people who are missing. after an overcrowded boat sank off the coast, which is ya.


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