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tv   Al Jazeera World An American In My Home  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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ah, ah, the answer was an arabic, my name is talent. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. he came up with handcuffs, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent theo mastery case. coming soon on, al jazeera o n e v o p, and ours to grat tend to communist rattle only to be disappeared. her family's tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood, you say is that going to be my blog on that was to a lifelong search for answers and closer finding salon witness on al
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jazeera ah 11 o'clock in the hall, the top stories here on al jazeera and vigils are now taking place across the state of texas for those who died in the worst school shooting in the u. s. in the decor . it's still unclear what the 18 year old gunman, motivations were. a teenager open fire, killing 19 children, and 2 teachers at a school. and you've all day on tuesday. yes, president joe biden says he will travel to evolve this weekend. he says the government mustang dollar to the gun lobby, brought the idea may 18 year old walk into a store and buy weapons, a war designed and marketed to kill is, i think, is wrong. just violet common sense, even the manufacture,
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the inventor of that weapon. thought that as well, you know, where's the backbone? where's the courage to stand up to a very powerful lobby? it's enough in john hendrick, who's outside the vigil involved in texas with more on the latest developments. what we have learned is that this young man, salvador ramos, shortly after his 18th birthday, bought to a r 15 style assault weapons. and that before coming to the school, he shot his grandmother in the face. and then on social media told a friend about that. then drove to the school crashed, his car forced his way past an armed security guard. this is all according to police and other authorities here. and then burst into this school where for an hour he held that school hostage in one room with a large number of people. he continually fired. police say it was,
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it was hundreds of shots in, in the and 17 children. and 2 teachers were dead. that much authorities say they know what they don't know is what exactly motivated this young man to pick that school. they have some clues. he was apparently bullied for years in school for speaking with a list that might have had something to do with it and had been complaining about his grandmother to a friend. but what exactly sparked that incident and drove him to that particular school. that's where police are trying to piece together right now. the un security council will vote on a resolution named tiffany sanctions against north korea on thursday. the us called for the 8 to after the know $53.00 ballistic missiles. south korea and the united states have also carried out live fire drill down to 2 hours after president joe biden flew home from meeting south chris. the president used to go at the weekend.
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austin puckers don prime minister in run kong has arrived in the capital with a convoy thousands of supporters for major rally earlier. please 5 guests and use battle against a fortress. interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested. cotton has called on his voters to stay just sitting in his arm, but to demand a new elections headlines. one is coming up here on our 0 right after how to 0. well, ah no, no, no, no what. what do we need to know that on this we don't need to be here with you to look at me about how to put them to me . i can also you can just give me a list of the new home and ya today. and we're
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going to be reset as well. they didn't put me in a lot of time at the hospital gave me yeah. when i know how i mean, i mean me shooting off the edge of the
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ah ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, it's so hard, i can't say the cur or the iron. ah, i am originally from colorado in the u. s. and i went to university in new york, i had the chance to study abroad for a semester, and i ended up choosing morocco because i already spoke french and wanted to learn arabic. i was really excited to come to morocco. the i didn't actually want to go to marco because i was studying the middle east. midland consumer goes for the middle east, logan. and as
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a way to with, i did a survey was like, do you want a family with small children? i said no, because i don't like small children. ah, you don't choose which family you get and i love kids. i love pets, i eat anything. so they just put me with a family. i don't really know how they made the decision. i had a post, a house, mom and then a 2 year old sister named mono a
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c or oh all just me thought we may exc. so what do you do? so if you need to see who's the one. 0, hey nancy, busy,
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busy. oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah. what was that? did you have a young aud? yeah. it was june. eat me. my it
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was parents were really cute. i have no complaints about them is big at the beginning yet. and then usually i was expecting them to speak english because i got a piece of paper that says that they speak english, which was fine because i had studied arabic for my 1st 2 years of college. i could read it and i knew some vocab speaking wasn't good. wanted to let me know if you one and nothing was paid on that we thought we weren't,
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you know yet. often i'm really bad cook no matter what gastronomy it is. i'm not good at it. i don't wanna i don't want to poison anyone. my mom was relieved because she, she likes that saying that morocco was a good house in a bad neighborhood, so she was all for it. but back at my college, i had a study abroad advisor who basically taught us morocco was very conservative. you can't show your collar bones like you have to be covered from here up or else you're going to get like publicly groped and you can't walk with any one of the opposite sex in the street. even if you're just friends. because people will think you're a prostitute. all this, this stuff there may be slice other places,
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but when i got to morocco i immediately realized that that was all she wasn't. she didn't actually know what she was talking about. before coming to morocco, my entire knowledge of morocco was from academic projects. so i knew some about moroccan literature or mock in history or american food. but nothing about day to day life in morocco or family life in morocco. my family was completely supportive of my choice scenario. really excited for me. they have always instilled in me a love of travel and learning about other cultures ever since i was little. so they're really excited for me to be able to go abroad and ever since i was little
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when we could, we would go on trips and it's kind of something i knew i always wanted to do. and i was traveled when i had a chance. so they're really excited for me not a lot of americans get to study abroad in those who do choose big cities in europe . i think i was definitely one of the few, but there were a few other girls for my university who also chose to come to morocco, but we are in different programs for the program. i did a morocco, you had to do an application talking about why you want to come to morocco. what you think you'll gain from the experience
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once we got to morocco, they did a language test so that you could speak a little french or arabic. but if you didn't speak any that you would just start in a beginner course. so it wasn't, it wasn't like you couldn't come if you don't speak any language. you just started language classes. ah
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oh i more more the eddie say and you say and you it was weird to me that were all eating out of the same place the same to gene and also when we had cruise goose for the 1st time they gave me that milk stuff. i wanted to say, oh dairy is bad for my skin to like push it away from me and my chaperone. the 1st time i saw my was from the eating who's, who's with their hands, just the 1st time. i don't know about that one. i
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a wooden moon had come. it's a local, this is a man. hey, it's nana good. what can you collect? some how much? hello, amanda. our fund and see need help often and seeing you come mulligan a woman was eating and duck. yeah. got busy difficulties. easy and remember there and now. okay. then you got the project mom. some hygiene and then a yahoo will mcguire say yeah. as a bed head ad depend on if not, can i for him see need some. i could pull indeed. how la ed, you can pull up what's going to me and then you watch any leisure tens. calabi yau will not equal jessica judy gym and thought there was much of looks near me. clue
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bone here, la g can mech, i'm stuck in mac and tell them. got to walk to mcnair vision mechanism. and yet yet, zip. zip. where the major bad luck goes. coffee about handling was z z the as either or her? yes, we is with glad to lindsey the pleasures winds up by the i sent him a p. m. another one had much much mcneish and that's what nation, what company and no no had. okay, to spiel in a complaint i think it has to be a somehow because cali medical a higher can help them and be less what it gets to help get to it gets has to be at bilingual honey. she has on the mac and scarcely the bid out, but he hadn't been anyone who next monday, next monday in the,
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in the video knowing the d m. i a. 6 5 2 1 2 the with with a
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sad yan yan yan yeah yeah. oh, i didn't do a scholar. hey. yeah. we knew we knew she is willing to a it's been a good movie. this was c o for his guess. what?
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it's miss new language barrier is tricky because i speak english and french and very little arabic, even though i'm a learning ah, but my whole stud speak so french, my whole family journal speak some french. ah. so it's a mix of my little arabic, french charades, a combination, but in general, i think you can communicate everything. let's necessary being here. oh, yeah, you can me in it. but the only thing that for me to sort of her beauty, one of her confess hosting the jam when i'm out of sheer lucas for thought in the lead, that we took our lead wilkinson and opt us melanie mac. and she, you said earlier, how let's mazin to amazon. she was, do you could get home live there with there? you know, many blacks a lot, raso should emma let you?
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oh, oh, oh no. oh. instead i'm in indiana mcdonald on so leo le haylock laney. blacks got smith at and he got school bus and some bullying. ah ah mm hm. mm hm. yeah. when i was in morocco for ramadan, it was in 2017. i was in robot and i was living alone actually. it was just after my program, but i was still going to the organization every day. so i fasted like everyone else . and even though i wasn't with a family at that point,
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so many american families invited me to break the fast with them, which was really nice. and it's really cool to be a part of that i was like, people in my neighborhood never really got used to seeing me for some reason because every time i walk to school and see the same people, giving me weird looks because i was in the middle of this, this market i don't harass a lot like being by myself. so i always did whatever my friends were doing. it never went anywhere with sometimes people medina would be rude to us and say like we don't need you here. get out.
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ah, show me. does me in touch with why read all
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0, one of my favorite parts is playing with the 2 year old mona she is, has so much energy. and it doesn't matter if we don't speak the same language because she's too, she speaks better arabic, english, and french than i do. honest. um, so i can teach her some english words and she can teach me some arabic words. she has so much energy that there's always something to do with her, whether it's running around the house singing songs. i brought little stickers with food. so she, i say the food word in english and she says in arabic, sometimes, oh it love me. me, me. ah
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look you is where i just sent him some hearts. i didn't think he was gonna respond. i just wanted him to know that i thought he was cute. i didn't answer
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when he responded because i knew that if, if we met, he's gonna be disappointed. maybe i don't look back in person, so i, i don't want to answer him. ah
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with with really amazing how much you can get in one place and all out in the open air. the difference between moroccan suits and stories in the us, i guess the main difference would be in the us. everything has a fixed price where in morocco yes. ask and sometimes haggle with
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a with yeah, i think one of the biggest challenges is when i'm at the souk alone and asked for a price. it's way higher than the price they would give a moroccan, even if i haggle it down and even i speak an airbag with my host or they help and they tell me like, no, this is a reasonable price. don't accept anything higher than this. i'm getting, i'm getting better at haggling and shopping and morocco. in general. with with
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from the al jazeera london broker sent it to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is the most consequential decade in the event. she says she does fall too many companies that are doing bad things on the front in part 2 of human rights activists. q mean i do and environmental if we known and the teeth, the systems that are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on out. his era reason study shows that these potential disease, a cancer 15 percent of the deaths of children and
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a production launch rock with reach with i am so sorry or fine. we don't grab both and soldiers. it is there where privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. lou
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11 o'clock and hold the top stories here on al jazeera and visuals are now taking place across the state of texas for those who died in the worst school shooting in the u. s. in a decade. it was still unclear what the 80 year old guns motivations were. the teenager open fod kelly 19 children and 2 teachers at a school and you validate on shoes. did you as president joe biden has a game called on politicians to stand up to the powerful forums, lobby and saved lives, widened plans to travel to validate the weekend. i'll said pakistan prime minister him run con, has arrived in the capital with a convoy of thousands who support us from major riley earlier. please fight t gaston hughes. braxton's against the supporters. interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested
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or upstate with the headlines. we have more news here on al jazeera right after all the 0. well, that's good. all websites, al jazeera dot com is the address. all the news recovering is right there. are plenty of comment and analysis there to to be found out. is there a dot com is the address we'll be back in half an hour with more a from, with the neighborhood im una him on your team yet. and also to meet with mr . destiny for those who is in the home. i know. yeah. today a little gonna give you to what he said or to what the
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hell that the put up with me a yeah. obama a shooting avita philistine ah ah
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ah ah the whoa. whoa,
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whoa, whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa. oh
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yeah. cool. you look what civil a
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woman she was doing is when peacock yeah. no no. okay. okay. i am so i was wondering mealtimes are really weird to me. when i 1st got home from my classes, they had tea time and i was like, this is cool. i like cake and bread and i just stuffed my face. i was, i had so much because i thought that was my dinner. and then at 11 p. m. i was like ready for bed and then they were like, morgan signed for dinner. i'm ready for bed. and then i had to get used to staying of late to eat dinner. and then waking up early tea breakfast. but
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now i, i really like tea time. so i don't complain. where did she make him do? now? when he gets up in the business, if you can get a hold of her lover, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, blah. yeah, get that. yeah, the lindsey in the remember you're missing a deal where new some sort of heavier lockley that you had called whiskey and what not? committed initiatives will be mercury alicia or adult jeff nanna comes to lucas or asked slowly across muscle. tell me what a cnn mechanistic gabby has, and i had the young man that shouldn't be a good idea, lou. that may. yes, if my mother was in the nino lead than my mother is with him today. she and mecca gina, she went and had figured id my cadina's last man continued that as
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a becky show, no 9. when head walked headache, i do. yes. animal alba yell. come jim. i know yankee valuable, angelina. and i'm she good. ah, she, missy mosquito. we communicate oh america with
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i mean tell me on instagram, because i have the instagram linked to my dating profile. then he sent me a message on instagram and i was like, oh okay. i, he's actually interested in the moment i realized that i actually liked him. he wasn't just someone i was talking to was when he sent me a video of himself coming out of his apartment. and all the cats in his neighborhood came running up to him because he feeds them. so when i saw that video, i thought like this, this guy's really, really cute. and he loves cats. and he used to model. so maybe actually going to date with him.
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ah, we will as well, but with it see i will be it could be a little bit point. there are so many words in the region, american arabic that are impossible to say. there's no vowels. there's so many letters that don't exist in english,
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but of course we what came up. mm hm. comedian up to one. 03 . with
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ah. with
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30. it's beautiful here. so we did a lot of hiking walking around with kind of a nice change of pace because we're always doing an activity, but as kind of this to be out out in the outdoors where people could talk and there's not other distractions or anything. a
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he wanted to get married as soon as i moved here. that sounds like she's using me for her immigration if that's what my grandma thinks. ah,
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i love sola can you repeat it with . so most people that seems like way too fast too soon and you're rushing it. but when we met each other, it was like we've known each other forever. that's how i know he was
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my soulmate because i'm not the type of person to rush into big life decisions like that. but as soon as i met him i, i had this feeling that i had known him for my whole life. was planning on writing a venue and having musicians bunch, a addresses and stuff. i didn't even go to my college graduation because i don't like being around lots of people. but we ended up having a small already. and i mean small and moroccan terms. i didn't realize how big families are. but this one i didn't have to talk to anyone i just sat there and like smile and held my hands up for, for pictures with the head of ah,
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with with me one moment
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a. 2 with with
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his is a b
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news do you remember the 1st time man? yeah. well can you tell me about it you were in your brown jacket. yeah. and i told her i liked her jacket and i told you to walk on my left side of my
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right side is my bad side. yeah. that was with and then we went to, we went to the beach. yes. you, if you believe that aliens and you like yeah, yeah. and i kept asking you questions about it and you didn't know what i was talking about. now i knew what you were talking about just where to talk about owens and our 1st day interest. well, it wasn't for me. i was, i was interested in your like, i wanted to know more about you, but you were talking about it in the emergency room and i'm so please do you want to show very stuff with no problem.
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good me. oh. well before i moved here, i had this vision that we were gonna live in morocco for at least 5 years. i was gonna get really good at arabic. i was gonna do research, i was gonna do all this stuff. but living here as a responsible adult is a lot different than living here as a student who has a house family taken care in me, women, some latino helicopter, and another dean fan. a lab mother and feasel will cut the 1 may be ne,
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i am till i'm a little short. i any i begin with america for it's fun as i've been. i've been out of college and emmett a ah. with her mother i oh, you learn so much not being in your home country where you grew up and living abroad and experience in your culture and new language. new way of life, a new perspective on things. and i guess i wanted to stay in morocco long him
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because i started learning arabic. i have only started learning about morocco and some sense. so it's really great for me to live here and then help students have the same experience i did. when i 1st got to come to rocco, ah, being in morocco definitely made me grow up. i feel like i wasn't really awake until i went to morocco. so morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my life in a good way. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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activate radical and the founder of african cinema. out there in the world, tells the story of the more italian director. but it, with his, from making the style for that he made the brake fluid. you know, a friend, the way to me is a med was a fighter. his weapons were his mind and his intelligence. med honda rebel african found on how to ah and
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with ah ah, how does states console information? how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism reclaiming the story? be it online on an imprint? the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera ah, with that being a shout of late have been around the gulf coast, where cody has come down to the plains, met the the incoming wants or is the case in spring and early summer. and that's what showers spread. now, these are potentially lease sundry possibly toilet. it doesn't look too dangerous
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at the moment and ahead of it. the air is breaking up from the sas. warmth on to the east coast and behind the earth being code, it is snowing in colorado couple days ago. den does heading up towards the 30 mark and the next bit of winter isn't really, but a winter. this circulating stall in the pacific might give it a tops in british columbia, but no more than that by the east coast time. unless you see this rain or the sherita move eastwards, you'd think then the be a bit of a change to cold weather behind. cuz that has been the story up to this point. but new york forecast believes that 26 degrees the shower stop and that it's fine. just a bit, breezing. i think we'll see for the leeward owls and his panola some fairly heavy outbreaks of at least shower re rain over the next day or so. and that's true in the yucatan peninsula, and it goes back into southern mexico, increasingly warming land. it might see want to shout at say, but not that many as brazil versus south america. trish picture,
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except down through the southeast that look quite stormy. ah, ah, ah ambitions, artistry adventure short documentary spy african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria in the aluminum village, throttle queens. this isn't really good to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera, used from al jazeera on the go and need to know out is there is only mobile app is there for you. this is where we dissect online to find what thing and i guess from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app store. just sat for it and tapped out


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