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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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we seen this in nairobi. not much more to come. ah, lou ambition, artistry, adventure, short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria in the alley minium village throttle queen. this is when we get to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera and the state is set for one of the most significant elections in columbia. the recent history of many dear laundry archie after that gives up mostly conservative rule. well, columbia elect through last year, toward a 1st time in its history, while the story of the great. oh that's era.
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ah, china's foreign minister begins his tor of the pacific, raising concerns about beijing's military and economic ambitions in the region. ah, lou, i'm fully back the boy, you're watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up a community house together by grief, parents, pupils and leaders morn, those killed in tuesday, school shooting in the us state of texas. bacchus and former prime minister iran con, gives the government an ultimatum for new elections or face major protests. and we follow the rapid rise of a vice presidential candidate in columbia who's given hope to marginalized
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communities. ah, thank you for joining us. china's foreign minister has arrived in the solomon islands, as beijing seeks to expand its influence in the south pacific western powers, including australia are criticizing the plans. wong ease visit comes as china's put forward plans for sweeping economic and security agreement with 10 island states. katrina, you has more from beijing. this is happening off the back of ger biden's indoor pacific tour and meeting with the quad. and beijing is came to show that the u. s. containment strategy for china is not working in china is continuing to successfully extend its influence in the region. now one use trip will start in the solomon islands following the signing of a controversial secure. she packed in april and according to some bleat document,
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documents china plans to extend this path to 29 other nations in the south pacific inverting than washer tongue, a and so molar. and essentially will provide an exchange of millions in aid for access to natural resources, access to inclination networks, and potentially the ability for trying to have a police and military presence in some of these countries. now we have to wait and see as to whether china will admit to this communique that it's trying to extend to these other countries. but chinese state media has said that these countries are welcoming china that they see this as an opportunity to break with post colonial dependency as some of the chords that i saw that. and that they've called any accusations at china plans to militarize. the region groundless australia has concerns about china's ambitions in the region. the australian foreign minister has just arrived in fiji and had this to say bought on to approach
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the discussion about china. and charlie's activities on looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i looked at this and think what is it we need to do to work together to ensure that regional security is fostered and supported by the region and spring in sar, clark live in breast. been sarah, we heard they australia's new foreign minister speaking in fiji. what is australia most concerned about here will construct is positioning itself back in the pacific to we just heard penny was the newly appointed farm and that she's been in the job for days and already she's in fiji, delivering a space now. she's very,
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in my language to try and almost we know over the pacific again, it's really been accused of abandoning the region with the last government. she's now we are you. she's very emotive language in speech referring to the pacific as our family. we are brothers and sisters in the world. she used, she talked of kinship bon and shade body. she started striding commitment to you that we work with you to make out the big strong enough. she put the whole focus was actually climate change. the path government had been accused of not respecting climate change and city the pacific positioning on climate change. a penny won't say the pacific had been leading the way of leading the de bike on card was declined to buy and have a lot to lose. and she said that we will share policy, we will commit to reduce our mission targets by 2030 at all to reach with a straight line that we are here for uniting that i can see the increase presence
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of china now in the pacific on this to around 10 also countries in the pacific and the next few days. so this is penny wong trying to remind and research studies positioning in the pacific. the kicking center study has nissan on security patch. it could allow for china to expand its military presence in the region and that due to a draft late version of this. so i'm not in security pack which no had that would allow for chinese $92.00 axis. the port and honey are china has denied that it wants to increase its military presence in the region. but a strategy and united states a very concerned and certainly the sullivan of pac has raised those concerns was. and we now have the chinese foreign minister visiting a number of countries in a whistle and thought to a in the pacific heights to secure arrangements of a similar advices as to one of the sullivan island. so astronomy is trying to get
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back into pacific and we know over the region once again. sarah, thank you very much for that. sorry o'clock. live there in brisbane, australia, in the world news, there is shock, anger and grief in the town of val day in the us state of texas after a teenager open fire and killed 19 children in 2 teachers on tuesday. tributes had being paid to the victims who were all in one classroom at a primary school. yes, present. joe biden has called on politicians to stand up to the powerful firearms lobby. john hendern reports from of audi. another school massacre in america and more flowers to more in the dead. just before an 18 year old texas gunman massacre 21 people at rob elementary school. on tuesday, the governor says hell he shot his own grandmother. anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have evil in his heart. but it is
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far more evil for someone to gun down little kids. but the republican governors news conference devolved into political theatre when his democratic rival better rourke interrupted to denounce decades of inaction in congress and in texas. you know, he talked about that this was evil. the only thing evil is what he continues to do to the people of the state. he says this was unpredictable. it was totally predictable. and i predict this will continue to happen. syria era's mindy, as a teacher at another grade school. but her niece eliana was a student at rob elementary school. she says it took hours before she learned that elliana was among the dead. are we her whatever we saw in the phone, whether it was news or, or facebook or how we found out on the tragedy. we didn't find out about her until
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late last night. about 1130. that's when they come, firmed salvador ramos, a high school dropout who for years was bullied in school for speaking with a list, but to a r 15 style assault rifles. shortly after his 18th birthday, police say he carried one of them into the school storming, passed in arm guard before firing more than 230 times over the course of a harrowing hour before border patrol. agents gund him down. i just don't know how people could fill that typo. good to kid, too late, and you're like, what is he going to use it for but for that purpose, just what motivated ramos is a question. authorities are trying to answer. no bullies are still scouring that scene and looking for a motive for want to set that gunman off before he apparently shot his grandmother
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and then came here to rob elementary school. it was the 2nd did leave school shooting in american history, but political deadlock on gun control and a long and bloody history suggests it will not be the last john henry l. j 0, who vaulted texas the war in ukraine. now in pro russian troops are fired shells swords several don't yet skin east and ukraine, that contain instructions on how people can surrender. thousands of people are believed to be trapped in the city. as washing forces advanced from 3 sides, ukraine says rush in forces of shout more than 40 towns in the dumbass region. on tuesday, rushes defense minister sag issue, a girl said his troops were deliberately advancing slowly to try and avoid civilian casualties. just 80 kilometers southwest. so severe a don yeske, the russian flag has been raised over an administrative building in viet low dusk.
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for russian troops have also been seen patrolling its streets. the town was one of 3 in the don't yet screech and captured by russia on tuesday. meanwhile, ukraine's defense minister says rushes eastern offensive has entered his most active phase al jazeera are st. big has more from cremmit horse. in the dumbass region, the air raid siren is still sounding the alarm. the ukrainian say an air strike destroyed this empty building in the early hours of the morning. it's unclear what the russians were aimed at. the strike was in the middle of 2 residential apartments, causing damage to both. 13 year old dugeon tells us he's not scared, but wants to move it as we say in ukraine. no. where is safe. the russians just hit everything they don't care. others are just exhausted from the emotional cost of this war. my 5 year old grandson and 5 month old grand daughter. fortunately,
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have left. where are we supposed to go? we retired, we're still here. let everybody see it. my son in law just buried my daughter. if something happens to him, his children, my grandchildren won't have parents in the neighboring town of blackmore, ukrainians are trying to escape the shelling all their possessions packed into suit cases. there's no comfort or rest bite in this war. and from siever denise, you wouldn't like it. it's horrible. you people who have left just have a suit case and no money with no way to god. you are 15. people are crammed into this van. heading away from the front line and away from the sound of constant artillery fire. back in chroma toast, the clearing up and assessing the damage most have fled the city. you most of all, what are we supposed to do? we will repair everything, but we have no money and no job. they live on the 7th floor and his wife points to
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the wall. damaged by the strike. seems like this of destroyed buildings exist across the don bus region. the russians are about 25 kilometers away from her, but most people understand that russian forces are able to strike any place. and at any time, i said, beg, i'll de 0. cromwell's jordan's king has honored murdered al jazeera journalist. shaheen abil utley king abdullah awarded her with the independence metal for her courage and distinction in reporting events in the palestinian territory. she reads brother antonette blackly received the medal during a ceremony. in a mind, well, al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of sharing ab lockley in the occupied way. spank. she was shot in the hedge by israeli forces while on assignment in jeanine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners,
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causing pall berries to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take wanting her funeral and burial. members of international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. sharina blackly was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. still ahead on al jazeera, finding unity in division. how reform is in lebanon, and trying to build alliances after victorian elections. and as special delivery from the u. k, as the u. s. face is a shortage of baby formula. why critics, beneath the problem may not be so ah barrel to quarter warn sundry spell temperatures in most of europe have come down
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to actually a bit below where you might expect to be for late bay because this series it'll frontal system which means yeah is coming in as cooler rather, more cloudy, and i will share even wet. but there is too hot around and it's basically hungary saturday, the balkans on the cross italy. there's some also in the south west of spain, which is hang on but not the warmest place anymore. after that was italy. yes, they probably will be that sort of area in the next day or so because despite the fact you've got that rain, it's gone eastwards through better isn't leaving showers behind and the breeze is still blowing in. but a lot of cloud, the northern europe, these few shares around sarajevo. i mean, he difference is 31 degrees for wednesday, thursday and friday at his the picture for friday. them still a few shower break yard in that heat, more significant ray, maybe just coming to the czech republic and southern poland and the sun is in working up to bring temperatures up again past the 22 is still quite warm in south western spain. 22 inch rota. now,
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although both algeria and soon as you get is on shore breeze, when i've breaks of rain, it's generally speaking fine and quite hot for this north eastern part of africa. but there are flooding showers by the good part of west africa. ah, with the answer was arabic. my name is hello, i was abducted by the caea in 2000 don't fool. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured garcia. he came over with hum cuz led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how, but geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an illness feel mastery case. coming soon on al jazeera. ah
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ah, they are watching al jazeera alive from doha reminder of our top stories. this our, china's foreign minister, one ye is in the solomon islands and it's would forward. china has put forward plans for sweeping economic and security agreement with 10 island face raising concerns of a beijing growing influence in the region as shock, anger and grief in the town over valjean, the u. s. state of texas, after a teenager opened fire and killed 19 children and 2 teachers on tuesday. the jewels have been held across the state. a school shooting is the worst in a decade in the us. and in ukraine pro russian troops of 5 shell sword, said arrow donnie asked. that contained instructions on how people can surrender thousands of people who believe to be chopped in the city as russian forces advanced from 3 science to pakistan. now,
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and i'll said prime minister iran con is giving the government fair a 6 day automate him to announce new elections or face mass protests can made the call as the address, thousands of supporters is about on thursday. the former prime minister says he will return with 3000000 protesters if the government doesn't agree. it calling for a city not time parliament on wednesday after he was removed from office in a no confident vote. last month for the government, his band when phase march and deployed to thousands of security personnel dry police fire gas that protesters marching towards the capital and blocks rose leading into his drama body. the interior minister says nearly 1700 people have been arrested as get the latest from command hi de, who's in his room a bad for is to come out him, ron. kon, has left his. i'm about, i understand. but his supporters are still in the capital. what happens next? well as you can say, there's
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a couple of 100 people buy happ did that. the remnants of that huge protest last night that was like a war zones last year shelling and of course, tens of thousands of people at this particular revenue by name ron han, off reaching from the high book to providence address the crowd. early this morning, it took him 30 hours to reach the capital city despite the fact that the government at port batter cage, cotton k, and also was shilling the march that they were nearing. is not my bod. so indeed he has proved that he will to come to find a government dry lynch, which said that he would not be able to make it show. indeed, some people may be surprised maybe disappointed to the fact that he had said that they would not budge from the explanation on the government announced that day, but it appeared that they would also de risk golf for the rest of him. ron hon,
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if you dead, and also the risk of more bloodshed regard yesterday throughout the country, at least 5 people are said to have been code. and the fraud case. now pakistan's dire economic situation come out is what led to the no confidence vote in ron con, one of the reasons, at least the main reasons. and now the government and the i m f have held the 1st round of talks to find ways to prop the pakistan economy. what does come out of those discussions? when dipping the dog particular dog bay is now going to give you a bad grounds. m ron hodges government had to grade for the $6000000000.00 drawn from the federal bailout package and the large $1000000000.00 still remaining. but iran cons government all fired shop gauge in order to try to bring down the price of fuel, which would have a knock on effect or not the commodity days
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a when the new government, which came into power after a ward of no confidence, they tried too much support from friendly country but were not able to get enough help from there and to go back to the man. now the map of god had door them that they would only be able to release that drawn j bugger don was to re fuel prices, electricity, gas data, if something that would have a devastating effect on, on all ready, strained economy, the pockets dot need to be had got the $200.00 mark against the us dollar, and this new government will now find a huge challenge of trying to get to come to grips with the inflation because let's not forget the new government. i'd also say that deborah hahn had been delivered on the economic front and destroy the march against inflation when de marched on a level bod. here indeed, the governmental story and all sorts of problems when it comes to the economy. not
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to mention the fact that did it the 6th day i made them after rate jim ron has that he may make another march or lauren changed on 3 white rotate once again. thank you for that. come on hi to reporting their life from islamic bonds. at the recent election in lebanon saw a political 1st since the civil war reform is 110 percent of seats in parliament, and are now discussing an alliance. but a victory wasn't a clean break from traditional lebanese politics. then a 100 reports from bay boat. the walls are coming down 2 years on lebanon's political establishment has begun to remove barriers that stood between anti corruption protestors and state institutions. through the ballot box and against the odds, those who were demanding political change made their way to parliament, winning 10 percent of the seats in the recent election. it's a small crack in the political classes, hold on power, who often used violence to silence opposition for the longest time,
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politics in lebanon has been about dividing the shares, and compromising between the different parties in order for each one of them to have its own shared after certain bargaining, this is not a democratic process. there when is a 1st and post civil war politics, which has been dominated by mainly sectarian leaders, many of them, former militia leaders, but so far what they have in common is their opposition to the system. they know they'll need to speak in one voice forming the blog at this point for a form is, is very essential for us to be able to confront the current establishment parties. we know that they are very powerful. we know how much they have level intervals. those parties also have supporters who have shown willingness to use violence, even destroying opposition. symbols such as setting fire to the iron fist in the epicenter of the protest movement that came to represent the peoples resistance and
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determination gone or are the crowds. their voices are now inside parliament, but the traditional party still retained the majority of seats. they are the dominant force. it's still a resilient regime, and opponents remain fragmented. to be genuinely kingmaker, they will have to form a united, coherent to block. they will have to form alliances with other groups as they might not have the influence that they sink as they will have a they will certainly offer a dissenting opinions. they will raise their voices. they will criticize certain policies, but when it comes to passing new legislation, they will face a stumbling block. ah, no doubt, there is a new beginning, but not all is well in lebanon. were political dynamics after the election may not be much different than before. santa who there else is eda, beirut,
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african out at least $200.00 people have been killed at a gold mine in northern charge of fighting broke out between the time and tribe and are of miners near the border with libya. security forces have been sent to restore . com, chance ami has been battling rebel groups in the region for more than a decades. in senegal, 11 newborn babies have died in a hospital fire. it happened in a city of t. r, one east of the capital, a car, the mer says the bays was caused by a short circuit that quickly set a maternity unit on fire. the u. s. is still dealing with a severe shortage of baby formula for weeks. grocery stores have been running out. and this all as a recall after 2 babies died, manufacturers and government agencies say they're working to tackle the problem as european companies fly in the 1st shipment to cope with a shortage radical hand reports. washington more pallets of baby formula arriving
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in the u. s. on military plains, from overseas. this landing, watched by the 1st lady, jill biden, trying to signal to an angry population that the administration is doing something about it. but on capitol hill, the focuses on how did it happen in the 1st place? only 4 companies produce most of the baby formula in the us. one was shut down after 4 babies got sick to died. the company denies its formula is responsible, but on capitol hill in apology. the current infant formula shortage is heartbreaking. on behalf of everyone and added, i want to express are extraordinary disappointment. about the shortage. we are deeply, deeply sorry, but there are other questions about how this company was regulated. a whistleblower res concerns last october that there were problems in the factory notified the food and drug administration, which didn't tour the facility for another 4 months. frankly, the inspection results were shocking. we knew that facing plant operations would
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create supply problems, but we had no choice given the unsanitary conditions. there are things congress could do to try and prevent this from happening again. they could change the way the program works against formula to low income families, likely increasing competition. but it isn't clear that they intend to even try to do that. or if it's even past the polarized congress. but even that won't help with the immediate problems, panic parents and empty shells. but there are those trying to find an immediate solution. this volunteer group usually distributes diapers, but now they're focusing on formula. volunteer can find it. they'll donated to families who can't or simply can't afford to bite themselves. i catch myself thinking, it's unbelievable that we're in the us and there are babies that can't be said. i mean, every can of formula we give out. i think wow, at least the baby will be fed for a few more days, but you do not expect something like this year. a crisis for parents and
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a country. pettengill hain algae 0 washington. a former domestic worker born into poverty could become columbia's 1st black vice president fancier marcus has used the election campaign to open discussions about race and class in a way that israeli been cindy for alexander. i'm here to report some county leading vice presidential candidate friends here. marcus doesn't look like nor has the resume of a traditional colombian politician. yet she has become a political phenomenon, giving a voice to the country's marginalized communities. i didn't ask to be in politics, but politics messed with us. and now we mess with it. and we're messing with politics because they always told us it wasn't for us. that politics was for others . mark his rice has been meteoric as a black woman and environmentalists, her message and candid language propelled her to the 3rd place in the country's
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march presidential primary compelling. the leading presidential candidates gustavo paid through to choose her as her running mate. okay, columbia law said thank you, i'm be a can't accept a woman that the elite c as that housemaid. we were limited to one role and she's changed that showing us and our daughters, that we can be what we want. even president obama has a single mother. she worked as a housemaid, but managed to get a law degree and was awarded the goldman price in 2018. the world's most important prize for environmental activists. i thought i had thought of she has survived the attempts in her life after confronting illegal gold mining mafias in the conflict rhythm region around or hometown or for assistance there. now, the asians of columbia social this where it is a spark that almost unprecedented national conversation about race and class, exposing beep and longstanding room in the backlash,
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jasmine's way and social media in the streets. she has been the target of assist attacks, a well known colombian singer called her king kong. she has even had to cancel campaign events during a rally in bo gotta she was targeted with the laser and forced to leave the stage isn't centralized. bob will yet her success has convinced other presidential candidates to select afro colombians as running mates. lewis hill, better to moody you're running for century said here for had the says, it's about time to start dealing with columbia's history of racism and bigotry a capable. there's an entire legacy of structural racism that is denied from the start our existence, dignity and humanity. other people asked me why i always wear a suit and tie. i don't like ties, but when i don't use them, i am racially profiled harassed, including by the police to a segment of colombians who are.


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