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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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in your favorite app, still just sat for it and tapped them out and you app them out is even new at your fingertips. ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. the space is that for one of the most significant for electrons in colombia recent history, oh, maybe a certain records of the mostly conservative rule. well, columbia elect through left for the 1st time and it's history of the story of the great, the 0. mm mm . this is al jazeera ah
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hello raman, watching the algebra news online. well, headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, china's foreign minister begins in tool of the pacific basin concerns about basing military and economic ambitions in the region. america's biggest gun lobby will go ahead with its annual meeting, its taking place only a few hours drive from the site of the suite mass school shooting on the matter of keith calls. russia's war in ukraine, a genocide as fighting intensifies in the east. also hospital foreign synagogue kills 11 newborn babies. we live in the town, the people one where the incident took place. and as for charity, marino has made fooling history with italian club run. the farm is victory in europe, constantly making the 1st manages to claim all 3 major europe. ah,
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welcome to the news that china's foreign minister has begun his tor of island countries in the south pacific aiming to secure economic and security agreements. so stop for one v on his visit to 8 countries was the solomon islands. now the chinese hope that the security packed with the solomon's can be a model for other countries. and that's raised concerns and australia and its allies about chime as ambitions. sarah clark has more brisbin touch down in honey ira. china's foreign minister one. he led a 20 strong delegation to the sullivan on ends to sign a security patch. the family visit by the state counsellor and foreign minister to the south pacific aims to deepen the relationship between china and relevant countries which is conducive to peace turbidity and prosperity of the asia pacific region. the deal with the solomon islands is china's 1st known bilateral security
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agreement in the region. china pines to bice police, lauren forestman groups and military personnel in hon. yara, to ensure public order falling riots in the capital. china said to offer economic and security partnerships with up to 10 other island dyson ongoing militarization of disputed features and the south china sea. predatory economic activities including illegal unregulated fishing and then the investments that are extractive rather than beneficial to the countries that are subject to them. australia has traditionally played a key role in the pacific affairs. china is expanding, military presence, undermines it's relationships. australia is newly appointed foreign is to flew to fiji on thursday, offering action on climate change, and bolstering humanitarian aid and development. i don't approach the discussion about china and china's
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activities by looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i'll look at this and think, what is it we need to do to work together? china has rejected fish, is that it's newly signed security. pat clears the way for naval base in hon yara, and a military presence, 2000 kilometers from australia's coastline. but analysts say china's leaders, i came to challenge the pacific traditional partners of the past. i don't think there's any doubt that this is a clear signal that china res, so as i say staking claim to a place in the region. but also what it is looking to disrupt or what, what have been traditional. i said to relationships in the regions also on the
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itinerary for china's foreign minister. is the g van a watty caraballo, samoa, and papa new guinea. sarah clark, our da 0, brisbin, australia. the for jail attorney general, i'll say it go, you says his country's most pressing concern is climate change and they're looking to australia to help mitigate the risks. in the past couple years, we've had some very good policy decisions. visa, a collaboration during the quote, the pandemic. we had a lot of budget support, for example, from australia. we're looking at the, the black rock where there's a collaboration between the different military forces to build in managerial capacity within the pacific. because again, co pay supply chain. so, you know, we have all said relationship with china to and i think, you know, with the different pieces on can be concerned. they make their own decisions
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individual in the, by little basis we develop a long term relationships. it's not based on one simple for you know, business and then we, what we're going to get out is we kind of sort of like and so extractive approach to these things. we like to develop deep and meaningful relationships. and as the new student government obviously is a much deeper commitment to climate change. we're very much like the cold face of climate change. a prime minister, navigating about climate change. notwithstanding the fact that we have almost negligible carbon footprint, we faced the rock climate change, the 14 cycle and since 2016. and so we, we, the discussion we had today with the prime minister penny long is that you know about what we can do collaboratively in terms of building resiliency and i'm to structure in terms of obviously some mitigation measures. but most of the business got on countries are more concerned about adaptation measures. and generally, if you look at the, the spread of funds that has been committed or indeed has been spent globally,
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a very small proportion to think about it as is only going to the patient. i think only about 2 percent of the german chancellor says the world must make russian president vladimir putin realize that he can't dictate what piece will look like in ukraine. schultz was speaking of the world economic firm in dallas. i'm st mccloud susan, in my mind, if one thing is clear, putin will only seriously negotiate peace when he realizes he cannot break ukraine and its defenses. and that is why we are supporting ukraine in a closely coordinated manner with our partners and allies. for in this, we are united, and we will not do anything to make nato a party to the conflict. because that would mean a direct confrontation between nuclear powers. the aim is rather to make it clear to putin that there will be no dictated peace. he may now the mayor of cave says
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a genocide has been carried out in ukraine. vitale. disco was also in devils. the whole world see thee of horrible images from our satellites, either by the younger it had been gastorm in boucher in a ruin undisturbed is love. special operation is mirth. the war after zeus images what every one so everyone can say is jealous side of you. grand population, while fighting is also intensifying in eastern ukraine, where defense officials, a russian forces have felt more than 40 towns and the don bus region. russian back separatists say that they are holding 8000 ukrainian prisoners of all as get more they swear thus a bag, who joins me now from back with the in the east. and of course, the focus is about the fighting in the east,
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where you are absolutely their focus is in the east. in fact, it's been intensifying. the ukraine authorities have accepted that the russians have been making advances and they called the temporary technical advances, but they said that they shouldn't be interpreted as a retreat by ukrainian forces. now, the time of today is quiet. we haven't heard much other than going fire, but the other night we were. and just before we left the time and we had the time was struck. now let me show you what happened. this is a library. you can say that might be one strike, one read through the roof. the other bomb dropped here, right? because right on the floor between the library and some residential buildings. another crate next to it, took out the residential building opposite and behind that we spoke to some people that were here cleaning up their belongings just to the,
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to the right of us because people who are staying care, i'm yes, one moment like with everyone. ok. i federal, we're a life but i have nowhere to live anymore. we met another mother and a child that lives in the building behind us. and she said that we've left and we only come back to feed our cast because i doesn't want to leave. most people have left because of the situation here and moved out where we were. so slow this morning, just got side and reese and we saw and heard the russian strike hitting a position on the hill. we heard the whistling and the 3rd of the smoke rising up. now, you're going to start saying that russia is intensifying, it's ation, it's, it strikes to help you in that offensive, and also it's long range strategic bonus to take out ukrainian defense. so the situation is intensifying. we've been reporting this quote over a week now. now we have an admission by the ukrainians that the russians, i'm making rounds and just not one front on several fronts around with this area
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and just outside of the road between them. there's a chance that to take the payment status and holding the rest of the claim re supplying again, this is the kind of been station only, but the thing in the region, as the russians make the advances i carry, i strike it seems real as a bike in backward forest, thanks very much for the the sanction the biggest gun lobby in the u. s. is going ahead with its annual meeting on friday just a few hours drive from the size of the 6 mass school shooting in texas. the national rifle association ignored calls to counselors event of the 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in a val day on tuesday. relatives and friends held vigils of the town to mourn those killed. it's the worst school shooting in the u. s. in a decade. pastor joe biden is called on politicians to stand up to the and all re
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till 100 has more from evolved in texas. another school massacre in america in more flowers to more in the dead. just before an 18 year old texas gunman massacred 21 people at rob elementary school on tuesday. the governor says he shot his own grandmother. anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have evil in his heart. but it is far more evil. for someone to gun down little kids. but the republican governors news conference devolved into political theatre when his democratic rival bed, o'rourke interrupted to denounce decades of inaction in congress and in texas. you know, he talked about that this was evil. the only thing evil is what he continues to do
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to the people of the state. he says this was unpredictable. it was totally predictable. and i predict this will continue to happen. syria era's mindy, as a teacher at another grade school. but her niece eliana was a student at rob elementary school. she says it took hours before she learned that elliana was among the dead. i'll we, whatever we saw in the phone. and whether it was news or, or facebook, or how we found, found out a tragedy. we didn't find out about her until late last night. about 1130. that's when they confirmed salvador ramos a high school dropout who for years was bullied in school for speaking with a list bought to a r 15 style assault rifles. shortly after his 18th birthday, police say he carried one of them into the school storming past and armed guard before firing more than 230 times over the course of a harrowing hour before border patrol. agents gunned him down. i just don't
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understand. oh, how people could sell that type bullet good tool kit to an 18 year old. like what did you get to use it for but for that purpose, just what motivated ramos is a question. authorities are trying to answer now. police are still scouring that scene and looking for a motive for once, that gunman off before he apparently shot his grandmother and then came here to rob elementary school. it was the 2nd deadline school shooting in american history, but political deadlock on gun control and a long and bloody history suggests it will not be the last john hendrick al jazeera, who've all day texas. now politicians in washington have also expressed outrage at the shooting, but even those pushing for reforms accepted that the us is a long way from any meaningful legislation to restrict access to guns. she returns
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he has more on the 2nd of us, 3 of the murder of george floyd, the black man who's killing by minneapolis, police lead to millions, taking to the streets nationwide to demand an end to police brutality. president biden signed an executive order designed to prevent federal law enforcement officers from killing. but in fact, this was a reminder of the paralysis in washington. the millions who marched did not achieve that goal of new legal regulations for local law enforcement. so what hope that another current outpouring of grief will achieve congressional action on guns, the president could only plead the congress vote to confirm his own nation to have the gun regulatory body in the us. here's one more step. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, explosives, a f t has not had a sent a confirmation letter for 7 years. and throughout the day, it was clear on capitol hill that there's little expectation of anything more
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ambitious democrats pointed to the power of the gun lobby. specifically the national rifle association or n r a is one of the reasons. the problem in the senate is simple to many members on the other side of the aisle are disconnected from the suffering of the american people. to many members on that side. care more about the n r a than they do about families who grieve. and it's true that the n r a has funneled millions of dollars to politicians, to prevent reform, mainly to republicans, but also to some democrats. in fact, on tuesday, the congressional democratic leadership was canvassing for henry, quite a conservative democrat, facing a progressive challenger, quite as received an a grade from the national rifle association, denoting his opposition to gun regulation. it was a point not lost. so one of the leading progressives in the democratic party on the day of the mass shooting alexandria, kathy cortez tweeted, democratic party leadership rallied for a pro and re anti choice incumbent. rober calls fundraisers. all of it.
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accountability isn't part of them. republicans in washington chase to focus on other issues such as the guns, mental health and what they feel is the need for even more resources for law enforcement. we need to develop far more law enforcement resources to stopping violent criminals, preventing these kind of absolute acts. but both these explanations fall short for many turning schools into militarized fortresses, particularly in school. serving minorities, may be the goal for the $1000000000.00 school security industry, but has been shown to increase a sense of insecurity in students. we have no evidence that putting law enforcement within schools has led to a decrease reduction in the occurrence of these events. as many help republicans on suggesting any sort of change from the for profit health care system in the us. the prevents many people from seeking help. in fact,
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in the coming weeks, expectation isn't the new law is designed to prevent gun violence, but a relaxation of existing laws. the supreme court expected to weaken a law on carrying guns in public places. shepherd hansley al jazeera washington. jordan's king is honest, murdered out there. a journalist sharing actually king abdullah awarded her with the independence metal of her courage and distinction in reporting events in the palestinian territory. sharina brother, anton utley received the mental jury ceremony in a mom and more than 30 international rights groups, demanding an independent and thorough investigation industry in killing. they've called on israel to ensure the crime is fully investigated, and prosecuted tree was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment to the occupied west bank. earlier this month, she'd been with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation and was known as the voice of palestine. still had here on the opposite,
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renews are homeless and in morning how people in india is a som stage of picking up the pieces after devastating floods and renewed phase of instability in northern charge. after these 200 people are killed and fighting between tribes and the quarterback thing to take me in protests against racial injustice takes a big step forward to return to the nfl. ah . focus on our prime minister is giving the government 6 days to announce new elections. we'll face major protests him on. con gave yields maintenance fees to thousands of supporters in some of the former prime minister says he'll return with 3000000 protested if the government doesn't agree to elections. on wednesday, he call for a sitting outside parliament followed his removal from office after
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a vote of confidence last month, while hider has more from the pockets on the capital protest stairs have now started your name. most of them have already gone off, ron conn and known said he was going back to the border to go back. he did not want that crisis which could lead to loss of life. they got 5 people located yesterday and broke the govern. government coming down were denied and using extensive gear, guy sherlyn bad on george's. and i've got the fact that they had played badges on was able to reach at, along with his support. does he of god has given and damage him to the government, saying that within 6 days the election should be a noun. there was an important development head in the normal box that the ruling government decided to do away with some of the amendments that were done by him.
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ron conway would mean that the electronic, warding machine were not being used in the upcoming elections. and also the fact that the board and bucket on the dashboard will also not be allowed to work the georgia indication that the government may decide on the option of reelections. because basically the nic and army crisis has been turned down by the mad because dog, dog dog have not gotten any red budgets done, needs money and needs had bought 11 newborn babies have died in a hospital via in senegal. now it happened in the city of tv, one east of the capital dot com. now the man says the blaze was caused by a short circuit. the quickly set a maternity unit on fire. a month ago, they were nationwide protests about the poor state of the health system after a pregnant woman died, while waiting for sarian section that floods caused by heavier than usual pre monsoon reign of devastated parts of northeastern india. at least 28
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people have died during days of flooding in a sandstone as poverty middle reports, explicit blaming, human activity, and climate change for worsening the damage by somebody. but i says she worries about her children's future as she mourns the death of her husband. he drowned soon after the family escaped there, flooded home. and how can you painfully say he went to check on the house? he said there would be damages and wanted to see if the flood water had brought the house down. he hasn't come back since, like dozens of others have also been killed and hundreds of thousands displeased by floods and landslides. in dallas, ne, a, som state has been hit, the hardest pounds of people are in shelters, and many are living in flooding homes. rescuers are working to reach people by air and boat, brenda berber escape lost our producers the gum laws. so then the people it looks but really fast response time maintaining that fast response time like on the
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server can fill in the region receives heavy rainfall every monsoon season. but this year rains are early and $3.00 to $6.00 times more intense than usual. catching many people off guard, the barometer is one of the longest rivers in the world and is critical to this regions rich biodiversity and economy. it floods every year, sometimes causing major catastrophes. experts say climate change and increasing human activity like deforestation, and building to many embankments is making floods unpredictable and more severe. many are advocating for policies to make the region more climate resilient. one hand you keep one. constructing americans give respite to people in water where we can, but on the other hand, you try to enable people to live with flux. but to a certain extent, there is no alternative for our i body and population mentally would plot last can
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they were, was stopped fully while water levels are receding in many parts of the some, some rivers are close to overflowing. and with the monsoon season, due to arrive in a few weeks, people are becoming increasingly anxious. pardon him at the al jazeera, a psalm in ne india. most of the weather, not his rob. now before the monsoon reign gets in as far as bank, visual ne, in the you get these pre monsoon big channels, giant ones which caught the flooding recently. the drama poacher, so the grass is wet and you get another shower to this is what happens in the capital of a some. now maybe shouldn't be a big surprise because she's a part of the world where. but one of the west spaces in the world exists, it said it was placed in india. and that place gets about 12 meters of rain per year, so unsurprising. there are going to be more showers, you don't get much time off. and there are gonna be more around in that area, possibly back this itself during friday. and this is all before the monsoon. rain
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actually gets in, in fact the official mom soon front is still further south. the only bit of india has gone through the end of a nickel islands. it's lined here now goes through story lanka, ice moving slowly, north was hard to see where it is to be quite honest. i had to be there. i shall in kerala, and there of course, have been sir langley and bangladesh. but for most of india, still the prima soon heat, which has become increasingly windy recently, which means the heat has come down in northwest india because of the dust. but it's starting to rise again in pakistan, but not to 50, not this time. thanks so much trouble sir. returned to one of our top story, sir. the news of those babies having died in senegal, johnny now as nicholas haycock correspondent, is in to want. nick, i could have you with another medical tragedy, as we said in as many weeks and one the people a distraught about. and i'm sure very angry wondering what's happened.
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that's right. i mean, we're just outside the hospital where the accident took place. it started at 8 o'clock right in this hospital right behind me were inside the maternity ward. there was a patient around 8 o'clock last night that smelt smoke. now he alerted the authorities and the authorities there. the medical south said to him, make nothing of it, but then he did his own investigation, went to the 2nd floor, which is where newborns are kept. they're kept under a u. v. light. that's to protect them from john this and there he could smell. he could not only smell smoke, but could see a smoke coming out of the door heat alerted authorities. it took an hour and a half before fire fighters broke open into that door and tried to save as many babies as possible. so far, the death toll is around 11 people, but we expect that that death toll to rise because there were up to 50 babies,
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new borns that were, that were kept in that maternity wards. and just earlier there was a crowd of people here outside of the hospital. you can see the police presence here was there to try to, to, to, to, to, to war them off from the hospital. and they were angry. they were angry. there's a lot of questions here. how did this happen? why was there any sprint sprinklers in place to prevent any fire? was there any alarm bit bells in place to alert of such a fire? after all, this is a public hospital now the minister of health that is currently in davos is making his way it back to senegal. and we'll be heading inside that hospital. and we'll see him in a couple of hours from now to try to answer to those questions. and indeed, nick, he's not going to be answering questions about what's happened to that hospital, but also the many issues regarding medical facilities and medical care in the country. as we say, it just comes weeks after one woman failed to get us is arion section. and both she
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and her baby died. there are huge problems with medical care in senegal, and they need to be addressed at the highest level. that's right, this isn't an isolated incidents for many people here. this is gross negligence negligence, that the state is responsible of. beyond what you mentioned, those, those events that happened with a women dying trying to give birth. just a week ago there was a baby brought to the morgue. people felt that that baby was dead. in fact, it was alive a year ago just in this region. there was another tragedy where dozens of you borns died in the very same manner under u. v. lights. what happened there was that there was a short circuit and the mosquito netting that was around the u. v. lights, i was protecting the new born from the mosquitoes caught fire another deadly fire. so really here and people are wondering what is going on. and of course this region has one of the highest mortality rates in the world for,
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for children and young young babies. but also for mothers, every 2 minutes, there is a young woman that dies giving birth. by the end of this segment, one will have died and people here are just simply fed up. they want more than words. we're going to see the minister of health give research reassurance. the president of senegal, mikey saw who's traveling abroad right now made a statement a, but people want more than that and it's become a political issue already. the opposition says, this is one best to many, something needs to be done, but what exactly, i mean when we're talking about infrastructure issues here, which is, you know, the, the fact that there is no fire extinguishers available. the fact that there isn't any m train, medical staff that is inside the ward, where those babies were being kept. now, that is really causing uproar. now right now, inside the hospitals, the survivors of the family and the relatives of those, those babies that were,
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that died are being kept inside. there were a lot of people crying, a lot of outpour of ocean, but also from the medical staff themself. they feel over that they, they feel that they feel that they can't handle the situation right now because there are so many patients and they're just simply overwhelmed. so nicholas hack into one in synagogue. thank you. still had here on the news are selling off its thought paul of ivory. we've the latest a sales pitch from zimbabwe plus on the unity in division. how reform is in lebanon, trying to build alliances after victory in elections. unbeknown ford will tell you who scored one of the best stoles of the season during the m h l. playoffs. ah, her domain, the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution, tennis,
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yeah. her mission, to entertain, educates and provoke debate through satire. her weapon of choice, theater, an intimate look at what inspires one of tennessee, as most popular comedians to make people laugh. nitin azia, hair on al jazeera al jazeera correspondence, bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. so metrics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out to cross the line a no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling. please evacuation place a 3 day journey. devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. ah,
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ah, ah, like you're watching on their reminder of our top stories. china is a foreign ministers in the solomon islands and spacing 6 to expand its influence across the south. pacific is full for plans with sweeping economic insecurity agreement with 10 island states. this is raised concerns among western nations. visuals have been held across the us state of texas after an 18 year old and then opened fire and killed 19 primary school children and 2 teachers. tuesday, school shooting is the worst in the u. s. in a decade. and 11 naval babies have died and they hospital fire instead ago it happened in the city of t one people,
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one east of the capital dot com. the places was caused by a short circuit not fighting as a gold mine in northern child has killed at least 200 people. security forces have been sent to restore comp, the fighting with between tama tribesmen. an arab mine is the border with libya. will violence in charge has increased since form present. it was debbie was killed on the front line as government forces for rebels in the north. last april, he'd rule the country for 3 decades now. his son, general mohammed interest debbie into pledge to continue his father's fight against groups in the region. he became interim president and head of the military. now his leadership was widely recognized by western allies, including chad, former colonial power, france, a strategic partner to the government. now the central command for fences counter terrorism operation for west africa, the region is based in chance capital and mina,
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nearly 1000 french soldiers are stationed there. that spring gain remarked the hon . a, he's a senior research at the institute for security studies. enjoys me now from chad's capital. good. happy with us on the program, sir. is this a fight over territory or ethnicity? i think that is physically a mix up of all the stuff to the sense. and we should also say that through the time that we are observing these kind of a conflict in that part of the country. and evan, though, actually there was nothing very clear about the causes of the classes. what we know is that those kinds of questions are video. they denied the bottles. and the most of the time, it's happening around the control mining zones, out of control of the benefits trauma, the mining, the fighting, a mighty and all of the time is that the mining
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actually organized for the we make groups. so this is why when there is a kind of evan barry, bananas, apple translation between 2 people. that is to be a candidate for lowering ethnic life. these are very and i'm going to jump in this because these are very important areas for chads economy. i mean gold mining gold mining in general, it's very lucrative operation. so what sort of security procedures or security apparatus has been put in place by the government to make sure that this sort of incident doesn't happen because it obviously is happening and questions are going to be asked was sure i be is very important after shot are not absolutely for me, because even though there was this my, those minding us to be teased,
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we should say that this is not very important at national level. jerry's more depending on oil and also in that regard and husband. but the mining activities are actually very correct. yes, i'm mainly for the communities. what did you need from the back of the country to mean that but also ethnic groups. i've been heading out of the countries in 2012. but this based on the strategy for the company because it's also the way to lead. yeah. and also the way nivia meaning the entry point for weapons and adam groups collecting the company. what we should say that even though that i'd rather be forced by the. ready we are trying at some point to model the boundary of the complete but also also i did. you also see the place where we saw
4:37 pm
is that although all this is dance, the country is not very a, but really making the 2nd trip back to be on in the back of the country. it means that a lot needs to be done in order to secure the bottle to come do you think now the authorities are going to have to focus on this part of the country? it's actually in the north and not very tenuous and interesting border between chad and libya. certainly after the arab awakening. the departure of mamma gadhafi the board who is very fluid. as you say, many our groups and criminal elements entered chad. they still stayed in china and this is becoming a much larger problem, isn't it? which has to be dealt with. yeah, exactly. i think that's just not the only one. you know, our point of attention subs secure. we chat is one of the biggest portals, like i said after the kind of follow your lead. yeah. been the
4:38 pm
unclean points are for dd that have been groups, but also all job small groups, somewhat less organized or that's also part of the criminal economic that we're serving the part of the country. so i really actually need a lot of attention in terms of securing the boundaries to also our lives that the relational weapons from the via but also be able to see all those mining docs of people that mind. because what we see is that there is a kind of one action between the free sort of relation of flush against our weapons in the country, but also the possibility of those people assisting the mining the services back with them. i load them, you know, keep organizing columbia violence and the company that really
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yeah, i sorry to jump in that we already had to time that will generally get the idea. thank you so much. match the whole nasty for joining us from chad. thank you sir. bob oil is hosting a conference aimed at winning international support to sell it stock pile of ivory . it has a 130 tons of elephant has seized from poachers or animals who died. it's worth around $600000000.00 in bobby's warning. it could quit the international convention regulating the trains and endangered species. it sales remained band japan and china 2 of the biggest i'll be customers will be at the gathering as well as representatives and 16 african countries. buying selling ivory has been largely band since 990 dozens of animal rights organizations. a warning that the conference is set to a dangerous signal to poachers and criminals. while john scanlan is the chief executive officer of the elephant protection initiative choice you know from geneva, could tell you this on the program. mr. carmen. and let's just begin before we talk
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about the logistics of how many elements of ins and bobby, let's just talk about a stockpile of ivory that said bob boy has. and it's pushing to try and sell which could generate $600000000.00 as much as that. why shouldn't hirata re sell this stock pile? i think some of the figures that have been trying to round about the value of the stockpile, but you based on all the estimates of ivory. i said, based on the current like market price of ivory, you probably be looking at place it to $90.00 or $100000000.00 for that amount of ivory. but if you, she was a long standing issue, it's gone back many times and we've seen attempts to sell ivory in 2016 and in 2019 . and both didn't attract a lot of support from the parties to psyche. they felt well short to george, he needed to open up trade. it's a big issue there. it goes to the pro trade, an anti trade. i think there's a common ground that everybody is striving to manage the elephant populations and
4:41 pm
the interface with human communities. but there's a gulf, a big difference of opinion on whether or not selling i agree, is the way to guy or maintaining the band the way to guy. i mean, the interesting thing about this conference is, rory isn't doing this under the radar. the u. s. e, u, japan, china, as you've mentioned, of all been invited and all being persuaded, or trying to be persuaded by the bob way to try and find a way that they can sell this ivory. what's the problem with lifting the van if, if, if one of the issues you say is about sending the wrong signal to poachers? yeah, because the challenge that bob, when you're facing is a real one. and it's not just bases in bob way. and that is how you manage large elephant populations and how do you manage them when they're coming into conflict with your local communities and very sadly enduring and killing members of the community. that is a real problem. and how do you finance that?
4:42 pm
at the moment, somebody's looking to selling an ivory stockpiles as a way of financing that the problem is that the theory behind filling ivory is fine . an elephant dies of metric causes. you can make the i for you sell it in the and the prices go back to local communities. the fact reality is that it just hasn't worked that way. once you have a marketing, i've read, you have a high value placed on ivory. it does seem like poaching the illegal killing of elephants for their ivory. i back in 2010 to 2012, we saw 100000 elephants killed illegally for the rivalry. so the issue is, it's the best way forward to try and generate revenue. i would say no, we ought to maintain the ban on ivory for good reasons. what we need to do is have a much broader conversation outside of the outside of the trade or no try to bite and look at how do we generate results is 40 bob way to manage a telecom population in another angle to this whole conversation. bob has an over
4:43 pm
population of elephants that are other parts of the african continent that don't have enough elephants. so to inhibit, you might say the poaching. why is relocation not the big conversation here. rather than killing an over population of elephants, i mean, we're all aghast. at that thought. anyway, yeah, this is a lot of important conversations that have to be head. and the issue of really taking elephants within their range is a real one. we've seen that had to be and other countries such as malawi, where elephants really title from one part to another because of the notification, it's expensive, it takes a lot of expertise, but it can be done. i think what we need to look at here, look at telephones, the wrong way, play and ecosystems and health systems and how important that is to mitigate in climate change and look at all the finance that is around true financial mechanisms like the global environment facility like the green climate fund and other
4:44 pm
facilities, we need to work with the buyer and other range states to start getting financing, flowing to managing elephant populations and the role of a play in the consistency of mitigating climate change in generating well for the country. because at the moment in probably a little bit stuck, it has a larger looking population. conflict with people and a lack of resources that's at the core of this, not right or no try what, just the core is the resources. let's work with them. next, find another way forward is a much larger conversation. i'm sure we'll have in the future with you again. i'm sure john scotland from the elephant protection initiative. thanks for joining us on geneva question. now post johnson has again insisted he will remain as britons prime minister, despite the latest party gate revelations, report into the scandal has caused a new car of illegal parties at 10 downing street during the cave. at 19 lockdown.
4:45 pm
charlie angela has moved from london. another conservative and he, john baron, has withdrawn his support for the prime minister saying he can no longer support him because he believes he has knowingly misled parliament. but look at the morning paper. so as a nation really divided over this issue, quite weary of this episode, the headline range from laughing at all of us to we got away with it, which is referring to attacks that was sent by boris johnson. private secretary off the one of those events to in the more conservative supporting newspapers, what the fuss about and is this is referring to the photograph as far as stones and standing behind a desk holding a kind of coat at what was his birthday party in june 2020 and on wednesday in parliament we did hear a more contrite prime minister mc say was more genuine and ology with a much more humble tone. and that is crucial because the next 48 hours with his m. he's off. why so boys don't, they are going to be going back to the constituencies over the jubilee weekend.
4:46 pm
speaking to the the resident and trying to gauge how serious this still is for the people. have they had enough of this? do they want to move on? do they think his apology was enough, or are they still livid and do they want him gone? now luckily for boys johnson, there is another crisis that is looming. that is the cost of living is much more at the forefront of people's minds right now. and we're going to be hearing from chunk the re, she's tonight who's going to be on waiting for measures on how to ease that squeeze on personal finances and a controversial winful tax on energy companies. so i think attention is already pivoting away from policy gates and towards the cost of living prices. no reformist, in lebanon, 110 percent of the seats, and recent parliamentary elections. not the 1st since the end of the civil war, more than 3 decades ago. but the victory doesn't seem to be the clean brake from traditional politics that many of hopeful, same hot reports are from beirut. the walls are coming down. 2 years
4:47 pm
on lebanon's political establishment has begun to remove barriers that stood between anti corruption protestors and state institutions. through the ballot box and against the odds, those who were demanding political change made their way to parliament winning 10 percent of the seats in the recent election. it's a small crack in the political classes, hold on power, who often used violence to silence opposition. for the longest time, politics in lebanon has been about dividing the shares, and compromising between the different parties in order for each one of them to have its own share after certain bargaining. this is not in democratic process. there when is a 1st and post civil war politics, which has been dominated by mainly sectarian leaders, many of them, former militia leaders. but so far what they have in common is their opposition to the system. they know they'll need to speak in one voice, forming
4:48 pm
a blog at this point for a form of this video section for us to be able to come from the current establishment parties. we know that they are very powerful. we know how much they have leverage of us. those parties also have supporters who have shown willingness to use violence, even destroying opposition. symbols such as setting fire to the iron fist in the epicenter of the protest movement that came to represent the people's resistance and determination. gone are the crowds, their voices are now inside parliament, but the traditional party still retained the majority of seats. they are the dominant force, it's still a resilient regime and opponent swimming, fragmented, to be genuinely kingmaker. they will have to form a united, coherent to block. they will have to form alliances with other groups. they might not have the influence a sink as they will have. they will certainly offer
4:49 pm
a dissenting opinions. they will raise as their voices. they will criticize certain policies. but when it comes to passing a new legislation, as they will face a stumbling block, ah, no doubt, there is a new beginning, but not all is well in lebanon, where political dynamics after the election may not be much different than before. san jose house is eda, beirut will still come on the news other sport including another conference boosting when full the world number 2 at the french open. ah ah
4:50 pm
ah ah ah oh
4:51 pm
a no he's i'm they thank you so much. so we'll, we'll start with the french open and well, number 2, dental method of continuing to build a bit of momentum. they're moving into the 3rd round for just the 2nd time in his career. the russian see strong have been lazlow europe and he hasn't dropped the set of open seats particularly enjoy playing on clay. but he did reach the quarter finals in paris last year. while the fairy tales story so far. rowen garrath belongs to frenchwoman the earlier jones. john, the world number 227 had never played its full level match before this week received the wild card for torment. and now in round 3 to be seen all the world, the born carolina plesk of a in strength. i chose a marino's become the 1st football manage. it's when all of the european club trophies that is after his side be final. it's when the 1st europa conference
4:52 pm
league, when the final in albania, will nail with that go from nicole lows and yellow go keeper, re patricia, also helping out with the saving. the 2nd half the dutch team out and secure rome is the 1st european john removing 60 years. marino continuing is impressive. record of winning every european final. he's been involved. what trophy now safety back in italy was the 26 major title of marino's managerial career. but his 1st trophy electricians winning the rocha league with manchester united back in 27. just as you know of one different european competitions with 4 different teams wanting with manchester united. even if it wasn't the strongest version of united but wanting with united. i think it's something normal wanting the champions league with port or it's not normal. warning, the champions league was enter a great team, but one that needed 50 years to one the champions league. and today to one with
4:53 pm
roemer, i'm sure it'll make the fans very happy. elena falls to leading strike is are still refusing to publicly commit the long term futures to the club mohammed, silent and sodium on it will be a contract to the end of next season. that you are right now preparing for saturday champions league final against rail madrid sala, at least to say he will definitely be at the club for another year. is senegalese teammates and big us when asked if he was happy to be linked with a move to bind munich? i think the question is very good question, but for now it be difficult for me to answer, but for sure. i'm very focused for the some of the question after the jump suit i will answer you. i'm does focus with a team really. i don't want to talk about the contract now because it's like we have a long time i have. i'm staying next season for sure. that's clear, say next season. so let's see. i thought now the boston celtics have moved within
4:54 pm
one game of reaching the n b a finals. it was a moment of silence. i had of game 5 in miami to remember the victims of the school shooting and texas. the celtics produced a dominant 3rd quarter and this one out scoring a hate by 16 points. johnny brown. subsequently, 25, boston can wrap up the series on their home for this friday. this is a great opportunity. leave everything on a floor on you don't want any feelings or regret. we've got an opportunity to do something which is grouped as special. so let's not take that for granted. and in the end it shall place a contender for goal of the season. colorado's nice and mckinnon. gun from behind. his own goal is to give the avalanche to lead with less than 3 minutes remaining icy elimination. st. louis found an equalizer with 56 seconds left on the clock. and then, you know it's, i'm sorry, libraries aren't gay. the blues, the when st. louis now trial $37.00, the series with game 6. i consider that i walked off editing. now the woke up in
4:55 pm
cats are less than 6 months away now as friends prepare for that journey to the 1st woke up in the middle east. there are some logistical concerns. natasha getting reports on new measures that organizes promise will might, for a seamless and memorable experience. ah, you know, we're better together. is part of the chorus of a rural cup cut our 2022 themes saw you might say it's also the mantra of katara as it works, to overcome logistical challenges to coasting the 1st world cup in the middle east . oh, it's turned to neighboring countries to help with one of the most pressing, insuring there's enough accommodation for all fans at that vision for the stolen and has always been that it is one for the entire region. after all, this is the 1st one, the cup in the middle east and the at a world. and together we have the opportunity to share the best of our culture and
4:56 pm
traditions with fans across the globe. with less than 6 months before players take to the pitch, many hotels are still under construction in cutter, finding a place to sleep remains a concern for the 1000000 fans expected to attend cut our 2022. the organizing supreme committee has allocated $130000.00 rooms in hotels, cruise ships, and desert camps that does not include rooms available for rent in villas, and apartments by private landlords. though no one has been able to provide an estimate of how much additional accommodation that could provide cut our airways has announced a partnership with airlines in neighboring gulf states to provide seemed a shuttle service to attend matches fly due by. so dea kuwait, airways and almond air will fly in 12800 fans to doha. a day. war flights
4:57 pm
are expected. i know people are using this against my country. we are not unique, that accommodations will be up in shall supply. because the volume in every fifo, even if it is in a big country like south africa, like russia, like anybody else, that has always been a shortage of accommodation. so we are not unique organizer say, what is unique is the arab heritage and hospitality that will offer fans a once in a lifetime experience. natasha name el, jazeera, doha. okay. most bolts in a couple of hours time, but that is how we are looking for now. so thanks very much handy, and of course you can follow all of the stories that were following her on al jazeera by looking into a website at al jazeera dot com is updated throughout the day. i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break with a further update on the chinese foreign ministers visit to the pacific. but until
4:58 pm
then from andy, me on the news on to him. thanks very much for your time and your company. ah no, not a, with an honest with me, a reseller to what the hell a yeah. a
4:59 pm
mm. in the early hours of the morning these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these are in the military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground explosions like these often break the piece here. i feel for the children they get scared and like i tried to calm them down there, but we are scared to these really are me told them just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during back the sizes. what is really, officers previously said, the trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called zeek. now, there are only 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until they're allowed to
5:00 pm
return to their home after midnight. and the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again, twice this week. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and of the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g. hi, part teen on al jazeera. ah . all the pacific nation tall, china's for means to looks to increase its influence in the region.


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