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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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investment that leaves countries and dead soaks corruption farms. the environment fails to create local jobs for growth and compromises countries exercises their sovereignty. we've heard 1st hand about buyer's remorse that these deals can leave behind. at every step were consulting with our partners, listening to them, taking their concerns to heart, building solutions that address their unique challenges and priorities. there is growing conversions about the need to approach relations with beijing. with more realism, many of our partners already know from painful experience how visioning can come down hard when they make choices that are dislikes. like last spring, when beijing cut off chinese students and tourists from traveling to australia and imposed an 80 percent tariff on australian barley exports. because australian government called for an independent inquiry into co, its origin. for last november, when chinese coast guard vessels use water cannons to stop or resupply with the navy ship in the south china sea actions like these,
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remind the world of how beijing can retaliate against proceed opposition. there's another area, the line that we share with our allies and partners. human rights. the united states stands with countries and people around the world against the genocide and crimes against humanity happening. the change on region where more than a 1000000 people have been placed in detention camps because of their ethnic and religious identity. we stand together on to better or the authorities continue to wait a little campaign against tibetans in their culture. language, religious traditions, and in hong kong, where the chinese communist party is imposed harsh anti democratic measures under the guise of national security. now, beijing insists that these are somehow internal matters that others have no right to race. that is wrong. it's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities and sion, janet tibet, along with many other actions go against the court tenants of the un charter and
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the universal declaration of human rights. but all car i will. thank you you now to are my law way in the occupied west bank where palestine authorities are discussing the findings of their investigation in the killing of al jazeera journalist, rena barclay, let's listening what and be full telling you about the results. we need to tell you what are the procedures investigation that have been done immediately after the king and of should in a bar glass or when the body of tional barclay arrived to the hospital, it had been seen in jeanine. the pros good that went to the hospital 40 i mean with as team luncheon out of, for instance walkers, in order to commit to see the body of sharina barkley and the body of shamrock lawyer were transferred to a german in the j. her institute of runs to like
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a fool being investigated by a specialized team there. and to prefer, at the tail reporter regarding the main reason for her death and the circumstances of their dest. you know, also we have ours, the officials in the police, in the palestinian police and on what to see the case. and we have listened to a lot of are you witnesses in addition to mccarthy, the monitoring of some bead uses that to have documented the crying. in addition, alan was to act with mattress fair ring the bullet took on and walk the hamlet scanner and the press vest that he had of nobody. should he in a black le ledger out to you. but i'll the last those. who can that dockery say a final word regarding a huge, the ducky cotton, letty, or julia over all procedures. and as a result of the investigations, i le,
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we have, according to this, i forgot her case in their angelina prosecution. we have is a bridge. the following results on was friday. the 11th of may 2022, between 6 to 630. and while son, emily brought her journalists including should in the waterloo, where near the old round about in janine wanted to cover the operation. i can at all deserted special forces in jeannie and all the journalists where i'm putting on their present as an, as an humid uniform, mainly walkie the hell. much let the address vest that feel, ella, how indicate clear they, they are press and the press. in english,
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we have was very clear and they were sitting at a certain place known to every one. it is the place where the journalist gather on the other end, 5th, around 2 meters away on the sad road that lead to the new camp and the algebraic area wanting, catching a unit from the occupation, chatted full circle. was there in the middle of the road and as this was side rolled, the ways direct one who neck and seen by everyone. so it was clear that these are the journalists, the journalist stayed there for some time at the enters of this sad road. yeah. and this means that the occupation forces have the scene can lead me. the journalists, when the fall of journalists have followed the procedures known widely
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field coverage, they made themselves clear with their breasts to the occupation forces. they have moved few meters to into this side rolled, and the occupation forces gave no indication for them to stop at the altar of trio talent. but on the other hand chatting, they have directly fired the job bullets towards these journalists. a matter that forced the journalist to withdraw from the place where to try to protect themselves and urine, their tie him, i did some more, the the journalist was hit directly by a bullet was on his back and his really heavy occupation forces continue. the attack on the journalist despite the gentleness, try to escape,
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and to leave that place up the 2nd p. m. it was clear that one of the occupation forces at the middle of the side road now have fired. a bully that, that hit journalist syrian a burglar, her directly in her hand. from the left back i will let you while me not trying to escape the bullets of the israeli forces. what is radio occupation forces? and this has been stressed there by the hat dot met the reporter of those in natty for the forensic doctors that shows she was hit in by a bullet and the halsey from the back to the front seat. and this means that sharina barkley was in
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a situation where she was trying to escape and to flee. and this has been explained and knew according to the path of the bullet nodded. that hit the last one, that dahlia stuck on sharina butler in her head with that and ascertained the campaign, hare korea had the called in to the reporter last, yet there were and what i did that last month of july and the and none of the money a lady patella's brakes min and all that in that he, the, had that and the school italy means that hillary, this is a very low skill and grief bullet teddy. we have examined this almost the bullet molasses shade and her us. we have also examined muster the helmet, and we have examined the place of the crime, and would each the following results. natty one lady, a farmer,
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the bullet that hit their heads of should ina barkley and killed the sharyn abarc left in india, nodes. esteem, total part of that can penetrate with anything. it was green and according to the ne, 2 bullets this una dorren bullet is quite clear, a bullying kona to quickly through her tears the armor that he cannot. and it did not penetrate the helmet because it has an hit with the skull and change its glass 2nd movement. that's why i'm do it. why stated this way? i mean, this is true, lee, according to the signs on the hand and on the bullet itself, the measurements where shots are quite clear to tell this
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result are 2 that they and i mean it as natty. it was clear that point this bullet is $5.00 millimeter millimeter now. yeah. and it carries the sign and the characteristics there are similar. min no mini to the mini are 40 roger at which is of began a class in weapon news by the snipers. 3, this bullet tisha has hit the head, me off of sharlene, just me my directly with our with top and being he hitting any out a solid thing before reaching the head of should he in the black, let that fool mean at the source of firing back and he was clear from the southern area where sharina, the other journalist can eat them out,
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were there. so this bullet came from where the israeli troops were stationed in the middle of the many sad road from 170 to 180 meters 5. are there through that, i latch it, shut off the muster. i, jeremy though gann at more not what direct impact of these such and bullet, what be on the trees at the place where the journalist, where means that it, the bullets have been fired from once. what like a nar, which is the sense spot of the one who filed the bullet again, is shuree and in there who are clear and the high level of these are the bullets, were me uh, let's see, a family one. oh, $7.00 sun to meet a minimum and $178.00 centimeters maximum above their ground to
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has which means that the sniper, him aiming to you at the upper part of the body. which means that women he wants to kill at tuskegee, thus letting them at the evidence when the investigation and the verbal testimonies, the technical report, clint got said, and that the that were killing shooting a barclay and the targeting the other journalist by the israeli occupation forces came clearly in no, and purposely, according to the weapon used, i wrote many 40 roger here and the rec bullets when that lock and not on that. our personal armando said he and the distance of firing from 170 to 180 meters from the
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place she, rene was in an open area lobby and also the nature of the injury in the head from the back, which means serene, was trying to escape hobby chuckling while moreover, actually she was known not like an as low as either a journalist or to those come israeli forces, particularly and know where that plays on of the or the journalist can were hiding al tractor booked themselves. this place is known by the israeli forces and the israeli forces were attracted to the upper parts of the boat. as gun with the aim of killing lot is really bad. the forces also continued to fire, well, after least hitting and targeting assuring, which means they want to kill every one, all try to help them sharyn and rescue sharina according to the v views that
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we have had the addition to that the time of the crime, the place of ra crime has never witless at that moment, painted lashes, and all skirmishes with them and with the occupation full. this is john in there. no stones have been thrown at all until was this is rachel patient, iraq, which means the only source of firing was the occupation forces with the aim to kill. that's why mean every evidence, the land and every act committed by the israeli occupation forces or can, while signaling flies not till coddling walk. i menda killing up who i am again, his serene arbor, clem. and it is also an act of trying to kill the
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journalist i alyssa moody and the accompanying colony journalist according to the national lows. the also this also constitute a war graham, according to the international lows and conventions this afternoon. we here handed a copy of this report to prison armada bears smoke, and we need to praise his role in support. that was little generous as the very beginning to have an independent investigation of the crime shop also. but we need to thank the police service, the palestinian police, the forensic expert, and the forensic doctors damn. that helped us to conclude this investigation. our finally can all the evers, the only were quite helpful, nationally these, originally and internationally. this will help us while out to protect the rights of the palestinians and will be the cornerstone in following up the killers of
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sharina and all the civilians. and whatsoever, while the occupation false is gonna do this, will never stop our people to continue fighting full gaining. it's legitimate, what rights? we will continue our efforts in order to make these crimes known to the anti world . mere loves, though his mostly on surely of walker and on the palestinian martyrs and peace be upon you. old. i say that i'm missing the billable dana o. president lu mahmoud abbas that wants to take the file to the eyes. you see do thing the eyes to see will follow up the israeli perpetrators. and
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how are you contacts with the international community who has expressed clearly their opinions regarding the killing of serene yes, undoubtedly on the instructions of the president, it means that their report is quite available to everyone who wants to know the reality. the report like his aly forces of perpetrating and committing dis crying. and as you know, the policies in forum menissi has submitted all the documents to eyes to see and to all concerned parties matter. and as you also know, the decisions are sovereign decisions are to be taken by the palestinian leadership, one the policy leadership decides to go to an international body or entity. this is
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another document, very clear document that accuses the occupational forces of committing genocide and massacres. and killing the people and killing that are the individuals. besides the school children, 16 years old were killed the while coming back from the schools. these documents will be available to the black community. and we ask the world to be up to its responsibility as it is of occupational stater, that national community at the american administration in particular must be up to the responsibility to stop all the israeli procedures and crimes and to force israel to committed safe. the international law, and this has been violated several times the time and time again by israel, under the protection of the us administration, and the will silence factor and our natural copier. johnny battle is the mahmoud i
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best, said hilton. 10 you can go and we'll go every step for the sake of an irish in a burglar. are you going to the my give the bullet to israel tucker and the israel aside has stopped investigation of disconnection regarding the bullet. while the decision was very healthy glee from the political leadership. as you have starting from prison, lab, one bears go and down to every entity this bullets we'll never ever been given. can in about 2 israel, some journalists, my pastor, why are you? we didn't even show one picture of this bullet because we have decided not to show any picture of this bulletin, other to prevent as well, from telling a new lie and death. because through this picture they can have that say something
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and they can add more lies. yeah, the investigation was palestinian and we have are our forensic lab and we have that room on the left in the bar. the scene of police would spit this and who respect that and with respect to that he pulls issued by them police. our hacker or partnership will some foreign bodies? yes, they asked for some information. it's not the secret. cnooc la men, a is the, our, has an american citizenship. but let me tell you that the investigation was palestinians, 100 percent, without i like most about your with final question, the lamb. on the sunday, thee had herb me dear. the piping path will start her what is required in this case. we have warned so many times as little from playing with fire. the media pass is rejected than is condemned. and
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israel is always, are ignoring of the palestinian people and the arab nation. and the israeli are measures are always wrong. we are ready to challenge you are in to protect our holy sites, particularly angel is an m. and you know, trump or the former us these rallies, i wanted to kill sharing and other journalists. that seems to be the conclusion that of that press conference being held by the palestinian attorney general or criminal hatley. and the bill about dana, the presidential spokes person of the palestinian authority. we've got tourney there, abraham. she's live for us in ramallah. let's cross over to any that we heard the palestinian attorney general go through the findings as it pertains to the bullet, the type of bullet, the direction of fire. and it seemed very clear. they're saying the evidence all
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points to that this. the source of fire was from the israelis and that it was deliberate. this is what the attorney general has confirmed that the bullet is the size 5.56 millimeters. and he says that corresponds with mini roger sniper ah, fire weapon. so this is part of the evidence that the palestinian attorney general has been analyzing since jarine has been killed. they also said that they've done autopsy on the body and they've made all of these assumptions in addition to interviewing the witnesses where and the line of fire and the place where a the bullet has entered children's had all of these evidence. he says point that the israeli army has seen that there is press, that they were marked wearing their vests wearing their helmets,
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and they would target at with a direct line of sight. this is something that is not going to be new to palestinians. they said that they know that city was killed by an as ready bullet by these radio army, several investigations by different media outlets. witnesses, people knowing the story and knowing that the kind and the way the israeli army deals with the palestinian journalists and journalists in general, direct us to the same conclusion. and now here the palestinians are saying they conducted their own independent investigation in the hope that this investigation would be picked up by international organizations, by specifically the international criminal court, and to bring shitting justice. all right, thanks so much in with all that we're going to go now. i will to al jazeera is senior political analyst, not wrong the shot he joins us from paris,
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moran listening into that. what are the implications valve is finding by the palestinian investigative authorities? of course, so it's important that they've done that, but it's also just, i would say important that there's nothing new there in the sense that you've been a drama law. we've been looking at this. i am a student of israel politics and i think we knew from the 1st moment that this happened, that the tragedy was caused by the israeli soldiers, by those who give them orders. and by those who occupy kind of stones and it's more less, one of the saying it's that moment that day that or if it day is, are decided at no cost for itself. the accused the palestinians of doing it. and in the international media and the and various allies of israel decided to join in with this controversy. it manufactured the roast. there was no controversy. there
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is no controversy these early good occupation and have the occupation soldiers again, deliberately. but secondly, did shoot our colleague and kill her. she re now it's important that there is some more it's important that various international. c institutions and legal groups are following this. it's important that this becomes important also for israel allies, notably in washington london, embarrassed because semi we know for sure what's happened when one country in the middle east kind of killed one journalist that happened to work for the washington post. now we have a journalist what 40 anyhow, who was killed by 0? we know what the ramifications of killing gemma, such of you. we know that something similar parallel has happened to the killing of
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shit in a barclay will. they know the united states, europe and others treat israel the same way. this is the question today. milan will get into perhaps the international implications, but i just want to take us through some of the, the details that came out of the palestinian investigation there, which a frankly quite distressing. i mean, even if you didn't know, sharon, personally, but the idea that she was shot, the palestine investigative authorities say deliberately that it was a very targeted thing that the bullet went straight for her head. it hits how all she was trying to get away. it seems from the back and that other journalists, they say, will also deliberately targeted who were with her and we're trying to help her. that's a very disturbing scene to put together in your mind as you imagine those moments that shearing was going, going through. absolutely. i think the importance of
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this is how it's highlighted in this one. very important, tragic at tragic incidence that killing of our colleague a general situation, the status of the occupation because also saddening the world looked for days now moments days as is rainy, snipers hiding behind sandbags on the guys borders and deliberately shooting people standing across the border in garza basically protesting their situation in this one big prison, the gaza strip. and we know for a fact and we watched on the television screens and we read the investigations about how is really soldiers under orders from their superiors,
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shut palestinian journalists in garza that also war vests that said, press on them. i. so there is precedent service, and that's why it was a bit disturbing in, on many people quoting and to doubt the fact that israel has gone down because there are so many precedents with israel targeting journalists, killing journalists, of course, more of the same human rights violations. in general, against palestinian civilians that we've seen done over decades. so this was horrific. it was disturbing the deliberate killing of sharyn. but it really did happen on, on numerous countless occasions in the past few years, decades. and it certainly happened in front of the world television screens in garza and milan, if fine quote. and a bill of little dana,
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the presidential spokesperson said the something to the fact that these findings going to be shared with the i c c. right? so what happens in that process than next? what is the i c c do with this? then i'm so sorry i'm, i'm not, i'm no legal scholar, but i tell you, i think a lot of this is more about. busy i'm mounting a public relations, mounting it, diplomatic, offensive. mounting a legal offensive again. israel van expecting anything concrete or actionable to come out of it, because as we all know, israel does not belong to and does not adhere to anything that will come out of i. c, or any such a international institution. so i think what's important in this, and i've always thought sammy, i knew when i spoke about this before or spoke at the same time about this is that
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i think the court of international public opinion that it really counts now. and that's important as also a vehicle towards pressuring governments that could or, or have certain asset or certain capacity to pressure israel. because we all know how israel deals with international law. how israel does not respecting thrash institutions. if one starts counting the resolutions and, and the legal of a verdict against israel, who probably don't have time for the whole news, our visual never had used to that. it only adheres to political pressure. and there must be that kind of political pressure to come to bur on israel for the deliberate killing of sherry. i thank you so much. matawan bashar, our senior political analyst from paris there. now, the u. s. says it doesn't want a new cold war with china,
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but once waiting to respect the international rules based order secretary of state antony blinkin made the comments in a long awaited speech outlining you and strategy towards china. he says the challenge posed by beijing will test washington's diplomacy. unlike anything before . this is lance enabling can also said china is the only country with both the intent and power to change the international status quo. president biden believes this decade will be decisive. the actions that we take at home and with countries worldwide will determine whether our shared vision of the future will be realised. to succeed in this decisive decade, the by the ministration strategy can be summed up in 3 words, invest, align, compete, or i should have retents, he joins us now live from washington, d. c. so to what extent this being seen as an attempt by blinking to re frame us
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policy towards china after some of those announcements and comments we had from joe biden on taiwan? i think that's the key point. i'm in the main. the argument, sorry about the international order. well, what we've heard in the past, you either with us or against us or countries perhaps think well, you know, maybe isn't a bad idea of the, the u. s. had demonic control world. a does have some competition, but because this, the speech had been meant to have been been given in early may before the biden speech as a sort of curtain raised a frame, the biden visit. but, but lincoln got cove it and now off to biden's speech and being see in some ways his way for blinking to pick up the pieces from all the confusion that biden serves when he was in, in asia, specifically on taiwan. and we got a really interesting re statement of us policy. it's interesting because on the one hand, clearly blinking is saying here,
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our policy has not changed. our approach has been consistent for decades as the president said, but then he says, we oppose any change any time, any attempt to taiwanese independence. and that's, that is, that's, that is long held policy. we oppose any taiwanese independence, but often you hear, you hear us official particulars, like you said, say it out loud, but that he balances that out with the other part off the long held us policy since and says and 79. basically, he actually read out a portion of the, the taiwanese, the act that governs us relations with taiwan. so yeah, he read this out verbatim. so we will maintain the capacity of the united states to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security or the social economic system of the people on taiwan to. that's where that strategic ambiguity has always come in. what does that mean? that could mean anything. and, but he, it could be clearly that blanket is trying to frame biden's remarks in the context
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of that. but the problem is, biden isn't, hasn't been speaking in a very ambiguous way when it comes to taiwan. he was the us in a will you actually military li, intervene as you haven't done in ukraine. and he said yes. so that debate as to whether what's going on and by does head aligns with the actual strategic framework of u. s. officially, that's gonna continue. i have a feeling and you've got to also ask, i guess, as well, she have a lot of the, the rhetoric there from the secretary state was about framing china rarely as a concern when it comes to commitment to international law and order commitment to a rules based society of the world does the us have to work little bit on its own credibility when it comes to that, given some of its own policies towards, well, not just the invasion of iraq but ongoing situations in the middle east. i was going to expect mr. r, the breathtaking lack of self awareness about how the world views the you as this
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goes to. so the language goes on very well in washington clearly, but yeah, he says, of china is the most serious challenge to the international order. what he means as is the u. s. controlled international order and, and other countries think we're way be you know, that the game that isn't necessarily a bad thing. and the examples that he gave, for example, he said many countries of now how the painful experience when bait ging no good comes down hard if it disagrees with you. what really most of a lot of our kind of general coverage is about when the u. s. disagrees with countries around the world. he talked about mass surveillance, but china has perfected them as, as exporting around the world. but we know from edward snowden, the u. s. the perfected math surveillance through its national security agency. he talked about chinese lack of respect for territorial integrity. what it was, was the u. s. that had made countries around the world, it abrogated various treaties, of course. and even in, in the, the, the current context of the, the liberal debate about the pacific islands. but lincoln said, well, we know we wonder,
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a free pacific where people where countries are allowed to make their own decisions . clearly the chinese foreign ministers are trying to make chinese and roads and the pacific gardens. but we also know as soon as the solomon islands announced a security treaty with china, the u. s. at made a veiled threat of military action. so there is a usual lack of self awareness at the state department and from blanket. but we sort of expect, by the way, i, thanks so much you have a tendency there from washington d. c. now lincoln's comments came just hours after china's foreign minister began his tour of ireland nations in the south. the civic de ging says the aim of those visits is to secure economic and security agreements. the solomon islands was the 1st stop for wang ye on his 8 country tour. the trip has raised concerns in australia and its allies about china's ambitions. sarah clark reports from brisbin touchdown in honey ira. china's foreign minister one he led a 20 strong delegation to the sullivan on ends to sign
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a security patch. the family visit by the state counsellor and foreign minister to the south pacific aims to deepen the relationship between china and relevant countries which is conducive to peace turbidity and prosperity of the asia pacific region. i. the deal with the solomon islands is china's 1st known bilateral security agreement in the region. china pines to bice police, law enforcement groups and military personnel in hon. yara, to ensure public oda falling riots in the capital. china said to offer economic and security partnerships with up to 10 other, orlando. sions ongoing militarization of disputed features in the south china sea. predatory economic activities including illegal unregulated fishing and then the investments that are extractive rather than beneficial out to the countries that are subject to them. australia has traditionally played a key role in the pacific affairs. china is expanding, military presence,
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undermines it's relationships. australia is newly appointed fine is to flew to fiji on thursday or for an action on climate change, and bolstering humanitarian aid and development. i don't approach the discussion about china and jonas activities looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i'll look at this and think, what is it we need to do to work together? china has rejected fish, is that it's newly signed security. pat clears the way for naval base in honey ara and a military presence, 2000 kilometers from australia, coastline. but analysts say china's leaders, i came to challenge the pacific traditional partners of the past. i don't think
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there's any doubt that this is a clear signal at china research, as i say, stating a claim to a place in the region. but all started when it is looking to disrupt or what, what have been made. traditional sets of relationships in the regions also on the itinerary for china's foreign minister is the g van watty cure, bass, samoa, and papa new guinea. sarah clark, our da 0 brisbin, australia. now the biggest gun lobby in the u. s. is going ahead with its annual meeting on friday, just a few hours drive from the sides of this week. school shooting in texas 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in your val, they, on tuesday. it's the worst school shooting in the us in a decade. despite the community in morning, the national rifle association ignored calls to cancel its event. president joe
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biden, us call them politicians to stand up to the ona ray on john henderson is in your val day and texas joins us now live from there. so 1st of all, it start with a lot of attention amongst the people i think you've been speaking to john focusing on the police response time. tell us the concern their festival. that's right, there is video circulating on the internet of police standing outside of the school while parents, other people there are urging them to go in. we aren't running that video because it's not clear to us exactly what is happening. we didn't take that video, but it that has raised concern among parents in this broader area that maybe the police didn't go in quick enough because what we do know is that when salvador ramos was inside that building, there was a period of 40 to 60 minutes while he was the inside,
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they're firing away timidly claiming the lives of 19 students into adults. before border patrol agents went in and shot him fatally. there was speculation at one point that he had shot himself but were told that is not what happened. and we're learning a little more about the man himself. he was an 18 year old just days before this event. he bought to a r 15 style assault rifles at his house, apparently fatally shot, not fatally shot. his grandmother in the face at wounding her. she actually came out of the house and talked to a neighbor who was able to get her some emergency response in any texted a friend and said he was gonna go shoot up an elementary school. and that's when he came here. we don't know a whole lot about the motivation except that he was apparently arguing with his grandmother about who was going to pay a cell phone bill. he was an 18 year old who for years when he was younger,
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had been bullied for speaking with a lisp and had dropped out of high school. but we don't really know what the impetus was behind this event behind him buying the gun. and coming to this school and today, parents are coming here to retrieve the bodies of their children. some of them very young. and in local media, there was a 4 year old who had said that he was in the room hidden under a tablecloth. and at the 1st thing the gunman said as he walked into the room, was it's time to die. joan, very disturbing gum stories, indeed. perhaps, sol, so causing some disturbances. the n i'll race posture ahead of their event in, in texas tomorrow. tell us about that. they enter a has put out a release this morning. this engineer said that they would go ahead with appearing there. they their general line on,
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on the very many shootings that they've had to respond to was that it's not guns, it should be regulated, but people and then you hear a lot of people like a governor, greg abbott, who we saw at a vigil last night sitting with senator ted cruz, both of them are opponents of legislation right now that in the u. s. u. s. congress that would increase background checks. it would close some loopholes. it allows them people to evade background checks. they say that this is not a time to, in their words, rush to judgment and rush to legislation to curb guns. but of course, most of most americans would like to see increased restrictions. and it's in that setting that the enter a is holding this convention right here in the state of texas. they're in houston a few hours away beginning on friday. and there's an interesting parallel at the littleton call it a massacre. at columbine high school in 1999. there was also an
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n r, a convention nearby in denver, just days after that event happened. they went forward with that and in the intervening 20 years between 1999 and now congress has done almost nothing to curb guns. i thanks so much john. 100 the a fire in a hospital maternity unison senegalese killed 11 newborn babies. the blaze broke out in t v one east of the capital zacko. the cities may, i says, a short circuit caused the place is quickly spread. the death of pregnant women while waiting for his air in operation provoked nationwide protests last month. nicholas huck says the death toll could rise. we're just outside the hospital where the accident took place. it started at 8 o'clock right in this hospital right behind me were inside the maternity ward. there was a patient around 8 o'clock last night that smelt smoke. now he alerted the
6:45 pm
authorities and the authorities there. the medical south said to him, make nothing of it. but then he did his own investigation, went to the 2nd floor, which is where newborns are kept. there kept under a u. v light. that's to protect them from john this and there he could smell, he could not only smell smoke, but could see a smoke. coming out of the door heat alerted authorities, it took an hour and a half before firefighters broke open into that door and tried to save as many babies as possible. so far, the death toll is around 11 people, but we expect that that death toll to, to rise because there were up to 50 babies, new borns that were, that were kept in that maternity wards. and just earlier there was a crowd of people here outside of the hospital. you can see the police presence here was there to try to, to, to, to, to ward them off from the hospital. and they were angry. they were angry. there's
6:46 pm
a lot of questions here. how did this happen? why wasn't there any sprinkle sprinklers in place to prevent any fire? was there any alarm bit bells in place to alert of such a fire? after all, this is a public hospital finding a goal mine in northern chad has killed at least 200 people. security forces have been sent to restore. com. the fighting was between tamar tribesmen, an arab minus, near the border with libya. the grains admitted rushes got the upper hand in the eastern region of low hands. that's where moscow's forces are focusing their latest offensive. they've shelled more than 40 towns in law hands and neighboring don yeske regional governor says, 90 percent of law hands is now under russian control. so any other sort of leeway
6:47 pm
2nd acts intensified fire along the whole line of contact and the don units operation region. the enemy uses tactical rocket systems, aviation at artillery. the situation is difficult and there are signs of escalation . the enemy has used all resources to capture our territory and surround our forces . the fighting reached maximum intensity. the enemy attacks our positions at different points simultaneously were in for a very difficult and long stage of the struggle. reaching out, i said, beg has more from east in ukraine. now. i'm in the town of blackmore today. it's quiet. or we haven't heard much other than outgoing fire, but the other night we were and just before curfew in less than time and we heard the town was struck. now let me show you what happened. this is a library that you couldn't say the library. one of the air strike one read through the roof. the other bomb dropped here. right? because right on the floor between the library and some residential buildings, another crate to next to it. it took out the residential building opposite and
6:48 pm
behind us. now we spoke to some people that were here, cleaning up their belongings just to the right of us because people who are staying here and yes, one man like with everyone. ok. i said, well, we're a life, but i have nowhere to live anymore. we met another mother and a child that lives in the building behind us. and she said that we've left and we only come back to feed our cast because i doesn't want to leave. most people have left because of the situation here in elsewhere. we were near. so slowly this morning just got side. and we saw and heard the russian strike hitting a position on the hill. we heard the whistling of the 3rd of the smoke rising up. now, you're going to start the saying that russia is intensifying. it's ation, it's, it strikes to help his grand forces in that offensive and also it's long range. strategic bomb is to take out the ukranian air defenses focused on south the prime minister is giving the government 6 days to announce new elections of face major
6:49 pm
protests. yvonne com issued the ultimate him during a speech to thousands of support, isn't it from a bad? it's cold off the demonstrations of warning. he'll return with 3000000 protesters if the government doesn't agree to election on was forced out of office last month . after a vote of no confidence, sport is still a head on al jazeera. ah, we'll tell you who's scored one of the best goals of the season and h l. playoffs. ah .
6:50 pm
with mm. pool. ah
6:51 pm
ah welcome buying sports fans time to catch up on the guy with gemma. thank you, sammy. we start with a friend, jason, and well, number 2, a daniel imbedded that have continues to build momentum, maybe into the 3rd round for just the 2nd time in his career, the rush was too strong of the serbian lazley jerry and hasn't dropped to san. i met the dev openly admits he doesn't enjoy playing on clay, but he did reach the quarter finals in paris last year. the fairytale stories i thought running barrows belongs to frenchwoman ellia. john john the world number 227 and never played a top level match before this week. she received a wild cost the tournament and his now into the 3rd round off the beating of former wild number one that carlin episcopalian stripes. cassette 2022 kicks off in less than 6 months, as fans prepared for the fast wild cup in the middle east there awesome logistical
6:52 pm
concerns. natasha game revolts all new measures that organizes promise will make for seamless and memorable experience. ah, you know, we're better together. is part of the chorus of a rural cup cut our 2022 themes. so you might say it's also the mantra of cut tart as it works to overcome logistical challenges to coasting the 1st world cup in the middle east. oh, it's turned to neighboring countries to help with one of the most pressing, insuring there's enough accommodation for all fans of vision for the stolen and has always been that it is one for the entire region. after all, this is the 1st world cup in the middle east and the at a world. and together we have the opportunity to share the best off our culture and traditions with friends across the globe. with less than 6 months before
6:53 pm
players take to the pitch. many hotels are still under construction, and cutter, finding a place to sleep remains a concern for the 1000000 fans expected to attend cut our 2022. the organizing supreme committee has allocated $130000.00 rooms in hotels, cruise ships and desert camps. that does not include rooms available for rent in villas, and apartments by private landlords. though no one has been able to provide an estimate of how much additional accommodation that could provide. cut our airways has announced a partnership with airlines in neighboring gulf states to provide seemed a shuttle service to attend matches fly due by so dea kuwait airways and almond air will fly in 12800 fans to doha. a day. war flights are expected.
6:54 pm
i know people are using this against my country. we are not unique that accommodations will be up in shall supply. because the volume in every fifo, even if it is in a big country like south africa, like russia, like anybody else, that has always been a shortage of accommodation. so we are not unique organizer say, what is unique is the arab heritage and hospitality that will offer fans a once in a lifetime experience. natasha name el jazeera, doha. canada has cancelled an upcoming friendly game against a ran and the match should been g to take place in vancouver next month. as part of both countries preparations. the wild camp, the proposed faced drone of face criticism within canada to years ago ran admitted to unintentionally shooting down a ukrainian passenger jets 55 canadian citizens and 13 permanent residence were among the 176 people killed. jason,
6:55 pm
marina has become the 1st football manager to win all of the european club trophies . that's after his romeus. i'd be fine old to win the inaugural birds. he at you wrote a conference late. they won the final atlanta in albania. one nel with disco from nicholas as ano lo, goalkeeper read. patricio also helps out with a stunning saving, the 2nd half to keep the dutch team out and secured revenues 1st european title in more than 60 years. marina continues his impressive record of winning every european final. he's been involved in the trophies now safely back in italy. this is the 26 major title of marino's managerial career. but it's his 1st piece of silvo essence, winning the replete with manchester. and i said in 2070 we're looking to say, as you know, of one different european competitions with 4 different teams wanting with manchester united. even if it wasn't the strongest version of united but wanting with united. i think it's something normal not wanting the champions league with
6:56 pm
porter. it's not normal wanting the champions league with enter a great tame but one that needed 50 years to one the champions league. and to day to one with roemer, i'm sure it'll make the fans very happy. eventually, the boston south thinks of me is within one game of reaching the n b a finals. there was a moment of silence that of game 5 in miami to remember the victims of the school shooting in texas. the south x produced a dominant 3rd quarter out scoring the heat by 16 points. jaylen brown, top scored with 25 boston can wrap up the series on their home court this friday. this is a great opportunity. leave everything on a floor on you don't want any feelings or regret. we got an opportunity to do something with his group that special arm, so does not take that for granted. in the n h l. playoffs, the content of gold of the season colorado's nathan mckinnon went from behind his
6:57 pm
own goal to give the avalanche the lead. with less than 3 minutes remaining, that was also his hattrick goal as while facing lamination at saint louis and found that he closet with 56 seconds left on the clock. and then an overtime at tyler bowes act gave the blues. though when colorado lead the series of the retail with game 6 back in saint louis, that is all your sport from me. for now, i'll have more for you a little bit later. thanks so much, jenna. well, that's it from me for this news, al, but i'll be back in a moment with more of the days news. stay with us. ah, a
6:58 pm
reset of what the hell didn't the put up with a shooting avita with
6:59 pm
blue with a, with the answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. you came up with me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world who in the life of an innocent d o mastery case coming soon on al jazeera, the heart wrenching goodbye,
7:00 pm
loved ones. no knowing when they were united ticket, women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreign is also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station. there's only a few rides available and that's only due to surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now, they, like many others, would have to reach and hope, hoping tomorrow is a better day. with our eyes, it's really forces we're talking the upper parts of their bodies with the aim of killing them. i thought the block.


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