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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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coming soon on al jazeera, the heart wrenching good bye, loved ones, no knowing when they were united to get women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only due to surrounding villages. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of this city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in hope, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, dora is really forces. we're talking the upper parts of their bodies with the aim of killing them, a soft and block and drop by a sniper,
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the palestinian attorney general says israeli false is deliberately targeted, showing oblong play with alma piercing bullets. ah, i'm sammy's a band. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, we are not looking for conflict or new cold war. to the contrary, were determined to avoid both the us outlines it's policy towards china going to work together on common interests, but accuses beijing of becoming more aggressive and repressive. china's foreign ministers dance and 8 nation toward the pacific islands, raising 5th evey jeans, growing influenced by a hospital fire in senegal kills 11 babies for voting. move questions about mental health safety then
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ah, now the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran al jazeera porter, shuddery novel clay, with armor piercing bullets with the intent to kill her. and those who tried to help her. the attorney general says the group of journalists were targeted, even after they identified themselves, are crumb and healthy. he says they've concluded a sniper shot, should he in the head, in the occupied west bank on may. the 11th israel says it will not open a criminal investigation. believe offer ela and the hack. it was visible that she was a journalist to those as really forces a li, particularly in an area where all ger, unless gather and meet. these places are known by the israeli forces and israeli forces were attacking the upper parts of their bodies with the aim of killing. and there's really forces also continued to fire after hitting and targeting sharina,
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which means they want to kill every one who tried to help syrian and rescue sherry . and according to the videos that we have seen, we are in addition to that, be the time of the crime, the place of the crime has never witnessed. at that moment any clashes with the occupation forces, no stones have been thrown at all towards the israeli occupation unit, which means the only source of firing was the occupation forces, with the aim to kill my copy. let's go to need that abraham. she's in ramallah and the occupied west bank. she said the presidential headquarters where that press conference was being held. so only that, let's start with some of the details which passed in officials gave about the type of bullet about the trajectory diesels. they say that shows very clearly where and who was responsible for the line of fire. indeed, the attorney general has said that the bullet is off type $5.00 millimeters, which is coming and corresponding to the weapon many rule, sir. 14,
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which is something that is been used by the israeli forces when he was also asked about it, trying to investigate whether this but it has been coming from palestinian fire. he said that the at their evidence shows that palestinians haven't shots any fire during that time. when shaheen was hit, which gives more evidence that the bullets came from an israeli weapon. the issue of the bullet seems to be of an importance here because the attorney general has confirmed that it's not going to be handed over to the israeli side. and we've been hearing a lot from palestinian officials saying that, you know, it, part of the israelis are going to try to use one narrative here to one narrative. there the, there is a big feeling of mistrust based on previous experiences. so they believe that they will not be handing the bullets over to the israeli side because of what they expect is going to be for manipulation of the fact that the attorney general has confirmed that live investigated. they've talked to witnesses,
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they have facts and evidence. and they hope that this will bring city in justice and neither some of the details they gave quite disturbing. they say the upper parts of bodies of journalists were being targeted. they say when you look at where sharina was, was hit. and the fact that others who tried to help her also came on defy. they say this was clearly deliberate semi. we were that we so the tree we so the marks where the bullets, the 3 bullets that were on the tree and they were at high, they were taller than me and i'm short eventually. so the attorney general here said that they were more than $160.00 centimeters, which means that they were targeted to kill. not only that we've seen from the footage that was filmed by citizens camera, man, his name is measured by nora. he was there, he filmed what's happened, and we've seen when people were trying to help shitty and, and tried to pull her of the scene. they were still being targeted that the person
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who actually pulled her eventually had to go around and jump off the fence. and be able to carry her and move her from the side. so all of these distressing details, palestinians have no, no nor ready. they've said that we know that the israelis have fired that journalist. they continued their fire preventing them from getting their medical help. that was needed and what we got here is the official narrative of that. okay, then i think the obvious question is that is what happens to these findings next to vic provide them to the i c c 1000. that's the important question, sammy, what happens next? now we know that the palestinian authority through its foreign ministry has sent a letter to the international criminal court prosecutor urging for an investigation when it comes to a city in a backless killing. we know that the prosecutor and the previous prosecutor of the isis, he has it launched that investigation into potential war crimes in the palestinian
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territory. but the question remains, will the prosecutor actually investigator in killing will take on that file or not? when they sent the palestinian for mr. when they sent that letter to the i, c. c, they didn't receive a message or they didn't receive a confirmation that this issue is going to be investigated. but their file itself hasn't been handed over. but it's seen here as more prove as more evidence that f and when the eyes to see decides to investigate the skis, that they will have more witnesses. they will have more finding. but the palestinians here are hoping that with international pressure, with that media attention to this case, that the i c will indeed investigate, should ins, killing as a war crime. all right, thanks so much the, the evelyn how the u. i says it does not want a new cold war with china. but once fe ging to respect the international rules
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based order, secretary of state antony blink and made the comments in a long awaited speech outlining us strategy towards china. he says the challenge posed by bay jingle tests. washington's diplomacy, unlike anything before and to the billing can also said china is the only country with both the intent and power to change the international status quo. president biden believes this decade will be decisive. the actions that we take at home and with countries worldwide will determine whether our shared vision of the future will be realized to succeed in this decisive decade. the by the ministration strategy can be summed up in 3 words, invest a line compete. lincoln speech came as china's foreign minister began, is tor of island countries in the south pacific aiming to secure economic and security agreements. the solomon's islands was 1st was the 1st stop for wang ye on
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his visit to 8 countries. the trip is raised, concerns and australian its allies about china's ambitions. sarah clark fortson brisbin touch down in honey ira. china's foreign minister one. he led a 20 strong delegation to the solomon islands to sign a security. the farmer, the visit by the state counsellor and foreign minister to the shop pacific aims to deepen the relationship between china and relevant countries which is conducive to peace turbidity and prosperity of the asia pacific region. by the deal with the solomon islands is china's 1st known bilateral security agreement in the region. china pines, to base police, law enforcement groups and military personnel in hon. yara, to ensure public order falling riots in the capital. china said to offer economic and security partnerships with up to 10 other island nation ongoing militarization of disputed features in the south china sea. predatory economic activities
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including illegal unregulated fishing. i and then the investments that are extractive rather than beneficial. i to the countries that are subject to them. australia has traditionally played a key role in the pacific and fears. china is expanding, military presence, undermines it's relationships. australia is newly appointed. foreign minister flew to fiji on thursday, offering action on climate change, and bolstering humanitarian aid and development. i don't approach the discussion about china and jonas activities looking at the pacific as if it is a abstract from australia. i'll look at this and think, what is it we need to do to work together?
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china has rejected fish, is that it's newly signed security. pat clears the way for naval base in honey ara and a military presence, 2000 kilometers from australia, coastline. but analysts say china's leaders, i came to challenge the pacific traditional partners of the past. i don't think there's any doubt that this is a clear signal at china res. so as i say, stating a claim to a place in the region. but also that is looking to disrupt or what, what have been made. traditional sets of relationships in the regions also on the itinerary for china's foreign minister. is the g van a watty cure, bass, samoa, and papa new guinea. sarah clark, our da 0 brisbin, australia the china's political overtures in the south pacific r ringing,
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alarm bells for the regions. traditional partners. australia sees itself as a leader in the south pacific and is the largest aide donor new zealand is the 2nd largest. a number of islands are also directly governed by all in free association with new zealand. with the u. s. administers some of of the other territories and has military base is there. some island countries closest to join are also bound by what are called compacts of free association with the united states. taiwan has diplomatic interest there to a 3rd of all nations that recognize taiwan as an independent country are in the pacific region. that spring in al jazeera as senior political analyst, matawan the shower, joined us by skype from paris. so 1st of all, listening to the speech given by antony blinkin. how does that sit with the some of the show is a surprise announcements which the u. s. president made during his asia tor. it does not. it does not fit and i think it was important apparently,
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once again our for the administration, whether it's the white house or the state department, to clarify a certain things such as there is no. our policy changed on thyroid when we've all heard president biden in our talk. ready will make it clear that there is, in the sense that basically issuing an ultimatum. you know, if you attack thy wine, we will defend it. this is new, even though he later on said this is part of our agreement. so in a sense, we don't know yet for sure. 100 percent, whether it might been is being bitin, meaning a bit loose tongued and undisciplined as he's known to be in washington. or he's actually insinuating that there is policy change towards china,
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just as he did when he was in poland towards russia. when he said something about put in each to go. now, there is no american policy about the regime change in moscow. and yet by then justify that by saying he was expressing moral outrage. is it moral? outrage is america ready to defend taiwan? i guess i have bethesda, paul, attacked by china. the steady appointment continues to say we are at the same on tone. we are that we're following the same policy. there is no change in american policy. that, of course, does not make blink and speech analysts important. i think it was quite important. it's also important because as you said, it does put things back in perspective one to it's because it follows in so many
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ways on the footsteps of president obama's for speeches as you know, so called rob focus on asia. right? but the, by the administration is not capable of saying clearly that they are more or less tilting towards asia in terms of the strategic importance of china. because they've just tilted towards europe because of the provocations of russia, the invasion of russia in ukraine. right. so clearly what lincoln is saying here is that the most important challenge for the united states is not russia. once a, quite a time, few years ago, obama said russia is no more than the original power. the real global challenge, the united states, is china. second and more important thing is that blinking basically admitted that america cannot effect change in china or in china's policy. meaning it cannot
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project any sorts of american understanding on how china needs to move or to act. and hence, what they're trying to do is mission change the environment around china to be more in our line with the united states. all right, man, won. a lot of those policy statements were framed though, in terms of a commitment to international lauren on a commitment to the rule of law in respect of international law. how's that sit with us, policies towards other parts of the world? why there's occupation where there's violations of international laws, visit the settlements and so on. well, this is the thing, right, to send me a blanket was expressing an american perspective. i'm sure there are a lot of laughs and chuckles in beijing when they hear what blake and saying about international law says china has a long litany of criticism against america's own,
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a violation of international law, at least a past 20 years, if not more. so when it comes to international law, clearly america stands accused of various in violations. i'm most important because as we all know, is the invasion of iraq right at. but, you know, bear in mind that taiwan is not the independent states. right. i mean, even the united states does not have to feel medical issues, but they want. so in china, there's a lot of chuckle about this. and i think where china, the united states disagree is what is more important and what are they? in fact, talking about is it international law? what is it the so called international rules based system, right? this international rules based system kind of crept into that and not a system only the last couple of decades. and it's basically western understanding of what that should and should not happen in the global international
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economic and political and diplomatic system. it's and it's western understanding of what the rules are that everyone should abide by, especially what comes to trade diplomacy responsible. china says, this is all america, stuff that we should all abide by international law. and this whole rules may system. we need to agree about it all of us. so i think there's a bit of a misunderstanding there and why the america talks of international law. it's really talk to more and more, and if you listen carefully what blanket was talking about, it's the rules based system. america's not happy with china's behavior, but it's more importantly not happy. china's rising sch and they all understand in the, in washington, right. the main challenge to the united states is china becoming a global power now just found to how, how it, all right, right. all right, thank you so much more. one be shot that still had an al jazeera russia now has the
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upper hand in the east grim admission from ukraine's defense ministry. and an ultimatum in pakistan as the acid prime minister on con, demands new elections, or else ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world copies on its way to the castle book, your travel package today that the focus of the biggest samples in southeast asia as a large area, it changes that she got a lot day to day. for example, if you take forecast or friday, what is covered in cloud on wednesday and thursday is going to be largely bear the focus of the heavy rains for the north. for example, in cambodia last, maybe viet nam, i didn't mean mar as well. the southern tip of the valet peninsula,
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so including called important singapore could well be wet, which is sumatran. java properly dry. to say it moves around how to fix it and you are in particular, whereas a seasonal right in which you might expect folks on is this here, a line through southern china, through taiwan and up to was home. sure to hawkeye. there that's producing significant rain. briefly for tokyo and then a bit beyond that during friday, where it is not raining. it's quite warm in china, if you could say halt. not so much in shanghai, any boat is turning cloudy, but in beijing up to 36 degrees. maybe 10 above the average. that may not last because i think the window come out of a particular bringing dust with it and those temperatures will go down, but still go above the average. the mency range trying to break over for lanka should be showing some signs of a carolyn. most of india is increasingly windy and dusty, but not as hot as the journey with with what is different change with
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happiness, with sunlight, with loss, with clarity, with his family, friends with the beginning, with the end witness life. with an algebra, lou ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran al jazeera porter. surely not barclays,
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with arm of piercing bullets with the intent to kill her. and those trying to help a criminal help leap says they've concluded a stipend shot shooting in, in the head of the occupied west bank on may. the 11th b, u, i says it does not want to new cold war with china, but it does want the chinese to adhere to the international rules based order. secretary of state antony blinkin said the challenge china poses will be the test the to us diplomacy like never before. america's largest gun lobby group is going ahead with its annual meeting on friday, just a few hours drive from the latest school shooting in texas. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed on tuesday despite the community being in morning. the national rifle association ignored calls to cancel its meeting. president joe biden is called on politicians to stand up to the ona re. more information about the
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government is emerging, john 100 reports from the seen, the shooting a new val day. there is video circulating on the internet of police standing outside of the school, while parents, other people there are urging them to go in. we aren't running that video because it's not clear to us exactly what is happening. we didn't take that video, but it, that has raised concern among parents in this broader area that maybe the police didn't go in quick enough because what we do know is that when salvador ramos was inside that building, there was a period of 40 to 60 minutes while he was inside, they're firing away from whitley claiming the lives of 19 students in 2 adults before border patrol agents went in and shot him fatally. there was speculation at one point that he had shot himself, but we're told that his not what happened. and we're learning a little more about
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the man himself. he was an 18 year old just days before this event. he bought 2 a r 15 style assault rifles at his house, shot his grandmother in the face, wounding her, and then he texted a friend and said he was going to go shoot up an elementary school. and that's when he came here and we don't know a whole lot about the motivation, except that he was apparently arguing with his grandmother about who was going to pay a cellphone bill. he was a, an 18 year old who for years when he was younger, had been bullied for speaking with a lisp, and a dropped out of high school. ah, fire in the hospital maternity units in senegal is killed, 11 new born babies. the blaze broke out and tv one east of the capital dot com. the cities man says a short circuit calls the blaze to quickly spread the death of pregnant women while waiting for his arion operation, provoked nationwide protests last month. the cross hawk has interval on says the
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death hole could rise. we're just outside the hospital where the accident took place. it started at 8 o'clock right in this hospital right behind me were inside the maternity ward. there was a patient around 8 o'clock last night that smelt smoke. now he alerted the authorities and the authorities there. the medical south said to make nothing of it, but then he did his own investigation, went to the 2nd floor, which is where newborns are kept. there kept under a u. v light, that's to protect them from john this and there he could smell. he could not only smell smoke, but could see a smoke coming out of the door heat alerted authorities, it took an hour and a half before firefighters broke open into that door and tried to save as many babies as possible. so far, the death toll is around 11 people, but we expect that that death toll to rise because there were up to 50 babies,
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new borns that were, that were kept in that maternity wards. and just earlier there was a crowd of people here outside of the hospital. you can see the police presence here was there to try to, to, to, to, to warn them off from the hospital. and they were angry. they were angry. there's a lot of questions here. how did this happen? why wasn't there any sprinkle sprinklers in place to prevent any fire? was there any alarm bit bells in place to alert of such a fire? after all, this is a public hospital fighting at a gold mine in northern chad has killed at least 200 people. security forces have been sent to restore. com. fighting was between tamar tribesman and arab minus, near the border with livia, the cranes admitted russia's got the upper hand in the eastern region of la hans.
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that's why moscow's forces are focusing their latest offensive. they've shelled more than 40 towns in the hands can neighboring. don, yet the regional governor says 90 percent of landscape is now on the russian control. so when i sort of lee gray, 2nd acts intensified fire along the whole line of contact and the don units operation region. the enemy uses tactical rocket systems, aviation at artillery. the situations difficult and there are signs of escalation. the enemy has used all resources to capture our territory and surround our forces. the fighting reached maximum intensity. the enemy attacks oppositions at different points simultaneously, wherein for a very difficult and long stage if the struggle watching. as a vague has more from east in ukraine, on the town of blackwood today, it's quiet or we haven't heard much other than outgoing fire, but the other night we were and just before curfew in less than time and we heard
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the town was struck. now let me show you what happened at this is a library that you couldn't say the library. one of the air strike one read through the roof. the other bomb dropped here, right? because right on the floor between the library and some residential buildings, another crate to next to it. it took out the residential building, opposite and behind us. now we spoke to some people that were here, cleaning up their belongings just to the right of us because people who are staying here and yes, one man like with everyone. ok. i federal where a life, but i have nowhere to live anymore. we met another mother and a child that lives in the building behind us. and she said that we've left and we only come back to feed our cast because i doesn't want to leave. most people have left because of the situation here in the mood elsewhere. we were near so slowly this morning just outside and we saw and heard the russian strike hitting a position on the hill. we heard the whistling of the 3rd of the smoke rising up.
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now the, you're going to start saying that russia is intensifying, it's ation. it's is, it strikes to help his grand for in that offensive and also it's long range. a strategic bomb is to take out ukrainian air defenses. pucker songs out the prime minister's, giving the government 6 days to announce new elections. of faith major protests him on congress should be ultimate them during a speech, the thousands of supporters in the slam. and he's called off the demonstrations. but he's warning in return with 3000000 protesters. the government agreed to election on was $4000.00 losses last month after a vote of no confidence come on. high that has more from the from about per day stairs have now started doing a lot of them. i've already gone off to ron conn and known said he was going back to the border to go back. he did not want that crisis which could lead to loss of
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life, but got 5 people located yesterday and brought the govern government coming down were denied. and using extensive guy sherylin bad on george's and got the fact that they had played badges on was able to reach at a long way to hit the board. does he of god has given and damage him to the government, saying that within 6 days the election should be a noun. there was an important development head. and my boss today is that the ruling government decided to do away with some of the amendments that were done by ron conway would mean that the electronic, warding machine were not being used in the upcoming election. and also the fact that the board and bucket on the die off will also be allowed to work the georgia indication that the government may decide on the option of reelections. because it fits that. nick, an army crisis has been turned down by the.


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