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tv   Africa Direct In The Aluminium Village Throttle Queens The Cave  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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laid by a year while the country virtually closed its borders. the area which was the athletes village is now under development as memories fade of those ill fated games . and japan can look ahead to reopening to tourism once more cautiously and okay. okay, there are all the reopening that happened gradually, and 1st back at stores organized, but the travel agencies who are fears that are rushed. reopening might see a resurgence in coven 19 cases. don't seem to bother a population, apparently. suffering pandemic, fatigue. nation by, of course i worry about coven, but overall, it's a good thing that home us are continue being cautious, but i've had enough of this. the more corona may continue, but we can't be afraid of it. we have to carry on with our lives. when i make their program, most people seeming to believe that is one of the world's most developed nations. it's time to open up to the world once more. from mcbride, al jazeera tokyo,
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ah, so this is. 1 so these are the top stories and the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran al deserves or a shrine. abruptly with armor piercing bullets i crept, market tubes says that they've concluded a sniper was intent to kill her. and those who tried to help the palestinian ambassador to the united nations has given an emotional address at the security council. reared man, sir, is calling for justice for all palestinians who suffered under these railey occupation, including sharing a reckless senegal has begun 3 days of morning after 11 newborn babies died in the hospital for an electrical short. so i could have been blamed for the place in the western city of to, for one. so important officials in the us are under pressure in their response to tuesday, school shooting and texas. the deadline in the decade 19 children and 2 teachers
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were killed in evolving deadlines. one use come up here and out to 0, right after africa direct. ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me. when you look at me, when you get to me, i can also you can just leave you a message. you open at the home and ya today. and we're going to give you what we set up for me. i'm a lot of money out of them as well. when i don't, i mean, i mean,
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i shooting off the edge of data. how and why did susan become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i rip this deal apart, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing what we're talking about by americans today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah.
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ah, you need me. i blew me off bidding my see the apple made yeah. down no guidelines. did he join him? noah james, william came dwarf a guy who acted with oh my god it
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well, the one i be our medical model delgado, the one that no one ever did that alone is what the was that the bill that's on where you a more no more. no, no what. what do you watch like nope. within it. i mean, when was the moon is man a very old m a zeal vein though it was, i mean, you know, they don't do that. no, no, my domain in your isn't me got in a home. yeah. then you know, i need to know what the deal is wrong, and i don't think the woman did lose you wondering you guys didn't know i need. yeah. no walk in the mom knew me. i will get no other mode. it will yeah. i got, i got a yeah, a
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news i was young on william william roy. no, one guy, not duane to me via g, and today we're going to be doing as well. i do the war male: modern a, bronze or york. a day grabs are war and i'm only think we're made enough a
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i got it that way that way. i that's why my, our moment i get it done. i did, i did that with most of my, you know, i think on that and i think on that list and then we are to be i don't remember when it more down a big way our portal think we wanted to go go you guys are doing one,
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go ahead. oh no, i went out october. gotcha. did you probably do this? i told you i'd rather been m yahoo much more. no. oh no, i enjoy your but well, you know, you read the edition you may glean many don't when double double don't than it was in the mail in a black one. the one that was definitely been with that would that women did not let me get, but i real does that when when it in, in that way, don't remember that, but maybe i did. i don't want more when it no, let me. i don't wanna do that now. i a
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miracle that there were there on a one when i went, oh, there was a hyperlinking name, wouldn't it? neil: well you will not dial guys. do any new work in the rain? like we were going to know a little bit of a bomb up? i don't see. i don't you talk to i all. i know where when i bought a boy. yeah. where did they ask your neighbor? what me out or i don't know. i, i,
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i, you know, he's not a doctor that me. i don't know i was from, it may are there, but i don't, and she brought it a long isn't gonna that it ain't okay. when i do a now you examine it. yeah, no, we didn't. and only one of our really, when are you, what do we don't know what number was on my? well, i look the immutable in one who no one, no, you don't need, gee, in doing now you're living with the movement as if i'm your new one with
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a i've always been a bit of a not in the i'm a bit of a risk take at the freedom it gives you the sense oh, being able to control your world. this is if i could button that feeling a ticket. if me any time i'm feeling a bit, you know, i can barely hear you. are you coming to gut and re re that with the current group or you come to the official directly?
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i knew it was in here. i got it. okay. ah, the buck route. ok, this is when you really get to let your hair down. a i believe that we create our future by want me think about it. if thoughts do bring about a positive future, and if at any time i thought to see like i'm being dragged down, down by them into the team that are close to loans around us, i get on my bike. got arrayed my day, my come back. good. ah,
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i am a mom, a wife, and i, i'm a biker, i'm a biker mom. i belong to a motorcycle club called and throttle queen. i'm a founding member of the throttle piece. just the small, tight meat group of women were united by love for motorcycling. we've taken up food safety as our big thing and this is gay. now we also have don't keys and oh, by narrow content, even all that. but the roads have been built mainly with cars in mind. so the idea that we have is instead of the public to share their route with
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rental queens. so we have done a lot of trips in and out of the country. if either of them have been to rhonda, they've also done a couple of things and then yeah, okay. i would leave it was i think if you live or to do not to disappear i'm your me is the so to please all so go to high school, come into the girls to help them be amazed at the can be anything they want to be when they grow up it's completely completely 100 percent experience. right? the wind and death, b with m young girl, our l. m. but if she has of a big dream,
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she should go out and do it because she wouldn't eat well. she will as she should not be afraid. it will damage kind of assumed once we shall an urgent call media, maloney teased, well you stream, do you not see the black this bader law sample but had the she about meal some seem a lot of them utility and the element tame have been here almost her and allowed are as an elephant. so fam,
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the don't worry how michael, unless i early it will is garalie will lead need of hey, when i did speak of course i you shannon the you will find a loan in the middle. i live in the middle of this year, but hi, sadly, he assured those you know, noonish bible cliche, medina with soccer coach bandage a a a the she you out of us, you will have to leave you with. she is on board. it's very late or not think the issue if he has a job. now,
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how do i know if your doc was big dog? you say i wanna shoot me cash had look i had to win it biddable. mcneish came up and a 20 couple shabley came out of the world. jesse would pick out all that and how much have honju dbi told course to be shown to a cough the zoning of and says kind of in this is michelle, is natal was it, is john let home safe, let a city in my leisure, i'll call there will only for me, little whole applause. hello, corner the door ruined up for bullish berry. the can minjen willa city lenore. she pull so little chromebook.
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can cause a little girl who asian monica from room, autumn cushion, gym of war. fick uncles who could cause animation willfully short for her how she smith censured me wildly. been can cause a man don't who will go to dental music? her grandmother kirkwood, legal. no mama, she has worked with a ton mackenzie dealership and gosh, will know what machine are you mail? minissha la so so and i may have mentioned josh, the kid the helene,
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this porcelain gentleman who leaseholder in burst. and lucian, we, lube wolfy, dorsey, john, to whom we will live, but close to hm. will, is pass when juvenile, indiscreet, north, ofen and all the program tell you, john dallas, will she t to my god is a city they won't be a coin voted on. bobby, she knew it. is it a bit impotent? why did my renewal obliquely be some confusion angel? will really did say from it because of m as because he, it was about, out of b as you are more, a b came on good for him at minima is he is or had looked come and go to believe he's, i'm on them. i'd love to come in. good all for had them are on georgia. dahlia for spect. aledo. got you. had it has
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a 100 you found. believe on jaws. i'm all hope he'll bring a whole tucker stack manet upon buffered fin. bah come on go to a 100 of them a hazel ah a was a with
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we're we're already it will. oh boy bless a song. hi you oh we do you know his thing but we're going to sit on milan. shibel, they say i said one box or both of you say to my love, tell my owners for how many men for court to money be lost. sean is all she's
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dam tomorrow. we're moving to the supreme adelia to madame de la marionette much this is claudia. nichol was to jump out at money pd michelle money. i suppose we ought to go well in the house earlier. feebly willis, feebly. yeah. honestly. ah, really out of me. it really wasn't a yeah, that's fine. you know kind of a few and it's been a
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i took a a heads i'm a couldn't blame. will us. i had kimberly, i had that because i
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thought ah dories of determination. enjoy a busy luck though. indeed, quito. gina, do i remain good listening? v i don't care to play a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries, the young cyclists and happiness, africa direct on al jazeera. i have told stories of orphan were those rebels
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and soldiers. it is their privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. join the debate, wonderful as it is, this the magic language. it really means nothing on the ground, on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations do sports journalist, i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera deliberately targeted with armor piercing bullets, the palestinian authority lays out his evidence.


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