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we don't, rebels and soldiers, it is their rare privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience joined the debate, wonderful as they did the problematic language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations do sports journalist, i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this dream on out is there a and deliberately targeted with alma piercing bullets, the palestinian authority lays out his evidence against the israeli military in the
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killing of serene abu acura. ah, hello barbara kyle, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up blue shield, you know over hayden, little tears, prayers and anger in texas as police are accused of being too slow in responding to tuesday's school shooting. i'm john henry, you've all the texas where when more questions are being raised about what exactly happened on tuesday with anger over the state of missouri. he karen senegal is a lever. newborn babies die in a hospital fire and japan tests are returned to tourism after keeping its borders closed for more than 2 years. ah,
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out is there a journalist sharina black, there was shot by israeli forces with the intent to kill her? that's the conclusion of the palestinian investigation into her killing in the occupied west bank. it found she was hit with an alma piercing bullet. did abraham reports from ramallah? the israeli army deliberately targeted the veteran. i just need a journalist shooting all play with this is the main finding of the palestinian public prosecutors investigation into the killing in a press conference in the presidential headquarters in the occupied westbank. the prosecutor explained how she was targeted was trying to escape a barrage of bullets. and it's been proven conclusively that the targeting shewn and the group are joined by the israeli occupation forces was direct and deliberate that has improved by the type of the rice of a ruger mini 14 and the type of bullet known as i'm appears in bullet stuck them the investigation confirmed there was no firing from the palestinian side at the time, shooting was killed. the bullet is a key evidence of the case. hello,
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cindy and official have refused to hand it over to the israeli authorities. the palestinian authority won't even release the picture of the bullet saying israel will try to use it to manipulate track that mistrust is why the palestinian authority has refused a joint investigation with israel saying it can't trust israel to investigate itself. is really narrative changed several time since judy was shot. these really are mistress that it can't. that's her mind if she was killed by palestinians or by israeli forces. the al jazeera media network has formed the legal team to refer shootings file to the international criminal court itc. earlier this week, the palestinian foreign ministry submitted the fall of shooting killing to the high tribunal, hoping the ice, his prosecutor would investigate the case. so listen, we will continue to resort to all international forums. we will not abandon a single right of the palestinian people. we will present all the document to the
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international court, including this significant report. and we have already referred several documents to the international criminal court. the palestinian investigation report is the latest addition to witnesses accounts and several investigations confirming that should in was deliberately targeted. it's seen here as more prove as more evidence that if and when the ice, as he decides to investigate this case, that they will have more witnesses, they will have more findings. but the palestinians here are hoping that with international pressure, with the media attention to this case, that the i c will indeed investigate, should ins, killing as a war crime. many here say that shooting is not the 1st victim of these really occupation and fear she won't be the last. they won't accountability, but fear. it's a far fetched expectation. neither but him al jazeera, the occupied westbank. their emotional scenes at the un security council meeting in
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new york kits 1st since the killing of shrine abil, aclu. kristen salumi has more the security council held its monthly meeting on the situation in the middle east. and clearly the most significant development in that time has been the killing of serene ottawa clay as nearly every speaker mentioned her death and called for an investigation into exactly what happened. but many speakers, including the humans, middle east envoy tour venice land, put her death in the context of what palestinians go through on a daily basis. what venice long called a familiar pattern of daily violence that includes armed clashing settlement expansion, evictions and demolitions. 10 palestinians have been killed since the last meeting of the security council, including a woman and a child and for israelis were also killed during that time which was also condemned
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by many speakers. but what sharina death makes clear as the palestinian ambassador rod montessori pointed out is the lack of recourse for palestinians when journalists aid workers and children are killed without repercussions. shootings, killing is the story. the same story. she was telling. the difference is that this time, the war new with a big we are not being killed because of what we do. but because of who we are, we are not being killed by mistake. but as but a grand design a me to mic to we all understood, no one is safe so that we all live with fear in our hearts uncertain. and a rare moment of unity on this issue, the security council did already call for an impartial,
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transparent investigation. many repeated that call during this meeting, including the united states who also demanded accountability 21 funerals or bang plans in val de texas following the school, shooting on tuesday. along with the grief. there are questions over the actions of law enforcement that day. parents say police could and should have done more is been revealed. officers did not confront the gunman as he entered the school. john engine is in an oval day and he spoke to some of the young students who were that during the massacre. it was supposed to be the last day of school for the children of rob elementary instead on the laundry. a line of crosses marked with the names of the 19 children and 2 teachers gun down on tuesday. fernando rodriguez was among the students hunker down is the gunman fired $233.00 rounds. now at the age of 9, he's the survivor of a school massacre. lower she over. hadn't heard those lucia in
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for the class. it's brave of you to come back here and to give flowers to other people who love it. you know, some of those if you miss them i'm, i'm so sorry i had to go through that. this boy was also inside returning today to bring flowers to his fallen classmates. i feel free for now. this rural town of 16000 people is a profile in mourning the front page of the local paper black. but for the date of the massacre crosses, filling the town square. shane raymond came to write a farewell message to 8 year old hughes. i a garcia. another victim in the shooting, and one of the latest of americas decades long epidemic of gun violence. mazing kid definitely didn't deserve the. on the day, parents came to retrieve the bodies of children who were gun down 2 days ago. more
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flowers have arrived here at rob elementary school and more questions have arisen about what exactly happened here. some here's a police acted too slowly to stop the gunman who was locked inside the school for an hour before border patrol agents found a key to the classroom. he was in and killed him in this video circulating on social media as the shooting was going on, parents urge police to go inside. may be like that man can be like that when there's people. yes i do. you know that there are kids right. or no kids, i don't know how to defend himself. that asked why it took so long. the police on thursday had no answers. we want to give you the wire that's. that's our job. so give us time. at a tear filled vigil, senator ted cruz and governor greg abbott mourned the loss yet both continued to oppose gun control legislation. 6
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ah, there's another town in america, joins the long list of places whose names are synonymous with tragic. john henderson, al jazeera, you vaunted texas. i'll police and toronto have shot and killed a man who was carrying a gun near a school incident prompted the lockdown of 5 other nearby institutions. officers say they fired on the man described as a young man in his late teens, early twenties, after a confrontation knocked downs, have since been left at senegal, the president has sacked his health minister and declared 3 days of national morning after 11 newborn babies died in hospital fire, an electrical short circuit is being blamed for the blades and the western city of 11. nicholas hart reports from their mothers grieving for their newborn babies who died in the neonatal ward of the public hospital. i am
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heartbroken, i am a parent in morning and i cannot understand why god took my newborn child away this way. dozens of premature babies were left unattended under u. v. lights when a suspected short circuit started, the fire, the smell of smoke woke, retired police officer l hodge, monterey, boop, who lives near by their mom? lawanda little little alarm. i recognized the smell of human flesh of babies burning. i think it's too gruesome. the state is responsible for this because the state is responsible for the safety, especially public buildings. so the responsibility lies within the state. the government announced 3 days of national morning and an investigation to fix responsibility. security forces and police have been deplored around this hospital that has been cordoned off and also the contain the crowd. the government says, this was an unfortunate incident, but people here seeing gross negligence, they say some of them that we've spoken to,
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that they try to break inside the ward. but the fire extinguishers were not working . there was no sprinklers and there was no alarm bells. last year, several newborns were killed in similar circumstances in another maternity ward fire. last week, you born declared dead was found alive in a morgue, and another national crime protest were provoked when a pregnant mother died after nurses and doctors were accused of failing to assist her. we want to remind the government of their responsibility to ensure that all citizens, especially women and children, are given the care they deserve. and we invite citizens to denounce the injustice and negligence that exists in our hospitals would be the zip vinegar, government critic safe funds meant to go to hospitals are going into the pockets of officials with not enough nurses in too many seemingly preventable death. senegalese, people are trying to make sense of this latest tragedy and what appears to be
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a broken health system. nicholas hawk al jazeera t rowen, the killing of an unarmed black man by police as led to outrage across brazil. after a video of the instant went viral on social media, wanting that some viewers may find the following images disturbing. the incidence in northeastern brazil was captured by bystanders. the video shows the man being pinned down on the ground by 3 officers to their balder de jesus santos was then put inside a police vehicle where 2 officers trapped him in a smoke filled trunk. man died shortly after the incident. the police have opened an investigation for a head hair on al jazeera. we are not looking for conflict or new cold war. to the contrary, were determined to avoid both. u. s. as in china, poses a challenge to the international order, accusing it of becoming more aggressive and repressive. and will tell you why
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several southern african countries want the ivory trade ban lifted. ah. it's friday. here's our headlines for the americas. hi everyone. thanks for joining an we've got a lot of acts of whether it's through the great lake stretching across the eastern seaboard of the us. we may power up some severe thunderstorms here. and this disturbs whether we can track it as far south as straight through florida. in fact may see some flooding. cross c u. s. called states into florida, thursday into friday. let's go to the desert southwest right now. still quiet, still parched conditions here. temperature is pretty well where we expect to see them as angeles has a height 23 degrees after the pacific northwest. our next disturbance here. so we see some showers in washington state and oregon. western canada also some rain,
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vancouver. it's been a pretty dismal spring. there, i just the other day hitting 18 degrees for the 1st time. want to show you this off the pacific coast of mexico. it may cook up into a tropical storm or potentially a hurricane will watch that carefully. but really intense rain falling into costa rica and panama now for the top end of south america. our cecil rains not as intense as we would expect, but still falling right through the amazon basin. and we've got this line of storm stretching from paraguay right into the southeast of brazil, and cooler weather and montevideo, at 13 degrees. that's below average. that sure weather update. ah, for over a century american parents of intrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by creditors within the organization. and then it
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was so much. but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full blown investigates, a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just either lou ah oh yeah, you're watching out. is there a, his reminder of our top story is this our, the palestinian attorney general says israeli forces deliberately targeted veteran out, is there a reporter, sharina o'clock with armor piercing bullets? akram alkahottie says they've concluded a sniper intended to kill her, and those who tried to help us in the policy members that the united nations
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has given an emotional address at the security council. we advance or is calling for justice for all palestinians. you've suffered until israel occupation, including the out sir. a journalist sharing apple and sternagle has begun. 3 days of morning after 11 newborn babies died in a hospital fire. an electrical short circuit is being blamed for the blaze in the western city of timber one. theo and security council has failed to adopt tougher sanctions on north korea. after china and russia oppose the move. the counsels 13 other members voted in favor of the measures put forth by the u. s. the penalties sought to reduce the amount of oil north korea could import in response to recent missiles, it fired, but bay jang and moscow called for a new dialog. we will not allow this vote to be set back, however,
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we will not stay silent. we will not ignore these threats justice. we will not ignore the horrific human rights violations and abuses happening in the dpr k, including the abduction issue or the u. s. as it doesn't want a new cold war with china. but warns that beijing as a threat to the international order, such as st. anthony bankin, says that challenz as that challenge will test american diplomacy, like never before she hypertonic. he has more this was a screech, the secretary of state lincoln had been scheduled to give before the us presidents trip to asia as a kirkland razor. but it has to be postponed because he contracted curve it. in the interim confusion was served by joe biden when he gave this on. so during his tour, are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes. so in part, the secretary of state's task now was to explain whether us policy towards taiwan
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had shifted. our policy is not changed. we do not support taiwan independence and we expect prostrate differences to be resolved by peaceful means. am lincoln read out the portion of us of encapsulates washington's position of so called strategic ambiguity to maintain our capacity to resist any resort to force or other forms of course, that would jeopardize our security, or the social or economic system of taiwan. the problem is, joe biden wasn't ambiguous at all, and this isn't the 1st time he spoken at all with official us policy. so the question does remain, how's policy changed quietly behind the scenes? or is this just a matter of a president giving his personal views off the cuff, the rest of lincoln speech presented a stark geopolitical framework of china versus the international order. lincoln insisted the u. s. does not want a new cold war of opposing regional blocks. yet, at the same time, he talented the new alliances,
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the u. s. was making in opposition to china. this is not about forcing countries to choose. it's about giving them a choice. the speech is likely to be viewed skeptically. in beijing, the speech will be seen in beijing, us, hypocritical, and be ruling that the fight and administration is picking a cold war mentality to deal with the problem. in spite of entity blank and saying exactly the opposite. china is clearly crept to the international order as governed by the rules set by the united states and it's western allies. but it's not yet clear. if none of 9 countries feel this geo political change is necessarily a bad thing. she ever time see al jazeera washington ukraine has admitted that russia has got the upper hand in the eastern region of lou. hans, that's where moscow's forces are focusing the latest offensive. they've shelled more than 40 towns and new hands gone. neighboring done ask, the regional governor says 90 percent of your husk is now under russian control.
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finland's prime minister is the latest western leader to visit keith. santa marin met ukrainian president brought him as a landscape before going to butcher and pen the sights of mass civilian killings. she said that russia had lost the trust of the world for generations. village as a 1300 kilometer border with russia along with sweden. it's applied for nato membership, less than 2 months after he was al, says in a vote of no confidence pakistan's, former prime minister and ron con, has saved his biggest protest. yet in the capital, islamabad is on the government to hold fresh elections in less than a week or face. major protests come, all hider has more hundreds of containers and police barricades every stop. this brought it smart, thousands of supported or former prime minister m ron hahn bringing life to a wardrobe. stone still and focused on scabbard the list law by one group broke
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through a set of. 3 barriers while others floored by tried to reach the boat. this retinue hoping to catch a glimpse of deadly dog. people march for 30 yards and lying, stretching for several kilometer to reach the capital. and what we're usually be do are drive 100. i'm on the left early morning on rent day today the city despite the barricade. thank you. the punjab police made things difficult for us and use tear gas and to talk to stop us. but i still managed to get although it was made to be a beautiful protege. it turned violent police you for your district, the protested and major city, and prevent them from joining the protest in the capital. hon supported including women and children, faith in jail and rubber for late. it's bite a court ruling allowing the protest to go ahead. hundreds of people who are all
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corrected across buckets, dawn, including, and night rates throughout the nearly died m, ron con, said he had decided to temporarily call of the appropriate an issue to make him i'm giving him the government 6 days to announce and you will action date and now it's election dates in the month of june. end is over simply. if you do not, then i will come back to a slum abad with all of my mean. the former prime minister, i'm ron hahn had already left the renew of the protest by d. i warned a government 6 days to announce fresh elections, the government and it will complete it all. but it faded an uphill dark and dealing with a mounting economic crisis. and reduced, fought against baseboard per cache. criticism of its growing gemalto de roger gita it's lama bod. on devices em bertina. faso have killed around 50 people during
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an attack in the eastern region. and was shot dead. was trying to flee a blockade that had been set up in my gallery. but here, faster has been hit by frequent attacks by armed groups since 2015, more than 2000 people have been killed and nearly 2000000 displaced by the violence . symbolic way and several other southern african countries want the ivory trade band to be lifted. africa is home to around 415000 elephants the largest population in the world. while the global elephant population is declining, the number of elephants in that region is increasing. i matessa has this report you are looking at a crisis. that's what the mob is. national parks authority says the country is sitting on about $600000000.00 worth of ivory in storage. 130 tons, ivy tough sees from poachers or collected from elephants that died naturally. but
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somebody can sell any of the stock because of an international ban on i have a trade by cities. the global convention on the wildlife trade. it's a direct issue regardless of the pro trade or anti try. i think this common ground that everybody is starting to manage the elephant populations and the interface with human communities. but there's a big difference of opinion on whether or not selling ivory is the way to go all my time to pass the way to southern african countries want the right to do as they pleased with the ivory stockpiles and elephants. they say they're going to demand this at the next global convention on the wildlife trade. later this year. we have committed the rule, quinton trying to solve for them. sisters. we believe that it is possible to find common ground, which common ground, obviously prove us conservation. zimbabwe is national talks,
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authority says the country has more than 100000 elephants up from 84000 in 2014 when the last census was done. but he can only sustainably manage half that number in the national parks. a southern african countries say they don't have the resources to better manage growing elephant populations. that's why they want to sell the ivory stockpiles to find conservation projects, such as culling or moving animals to live populated areas. because our area all the great old involved for conservation areas where i see a lot of opportunities both. yeah, of course boundary corporation sort of you know, to facilitate also why left movement, which hopefully would then reduce pressure locally. but of course, you know, all of this requires, you know, a lot of thinking a requires resources and that's something that, you know, the european union knows also very much keen and interested. we want to be
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a partner in those of us national parks. officials say to many elephants destroyed the environment and attack farmers when the animal stray from parks to find food. those opposed to lifting the bad and ivy trade fear it will encourage corruption and poaching which could in a fueling. and eliza trade already with billions, harder matessa al jazeera zimbabwe. for the 1st time since the pandemic began a small group of foreign tourists has arrived in japan, a part of a test visit before the borders reopened to limited tourism next month. but as rob mcbride reports from turkey, the struggling hospitality industry wants restrictions to be lifted more quickly. it is a country rich in tourist attractions all that japan lacks other tourists tokyo's to key g outdoor fish market has relied on local visitors throughout the pandemic. before the pandemic,
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80 to 90 percent of our customers were from overseas. so we are looking forward to seeing forrest come back again. the same goes for all businesses relying on the tourism industry. like this tour bus company says, oh no course any cancer must be well. course as our bus tour is for japanese, tourists have been cut back and we've had to stop foreign language tories altogether. yeah. when you think gone, it's a long way from former prime minister. sions obeys dream of becoming a world leading tourism destination. all geared to the 2020 summer olympics that he helped to secure for a while. japan was on track to meeting its tourism ambitions. in 2019, he recorded well over 30000000 visitors. i was fully expecting to reach its goal of 40000000 arrival in 2020. when the pandemic happens. ironically, the start of the pandemic that decimated the tourism sector. was heralded by an outbreak on a cruise ship that had docked in yokohama. the olympics were delayed by
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a year while the country virtually closed its borders. the area which was the athletes village is now under development as memories fade of those ill fated games . and japan can look ahead to reopening to tourism once more cautiously and okay. okay, there are all the reopening will happen gradually. and 1st back, it's doors organized, but the travel agencies through our fears that are rushed. reopening might see a resurgence in coven 19 cases. don't seem to bother a population, apparently. suffering pandemic fatigue. nothing. but of course i worry about coven . but overall, it's a good thing that home us are continue being cautious, but i've had enough of this. the i'm or corona may continue, but we can't be afraid of it. we have to carry on with our lives when i made their progress. most people seeming to believe that as one of the world's most developed nations, it's time to open up to the world once more. rob mcbride,
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al jazeera tokyo trippy. it's am pouring in full american act. so rainy us her after his sudden death. the good fellows and field of dreams, stars died whilst shooting a movie in the dominican republic. the new jersey native was found dead in his hotel room. rail yourself was 67 years old. indian riser, get on jolly sri has won the international booker prize for her novel tune of sand . originally written in hindi, is the 1st book by an indian author to win the award which is shared with its english translator, daisy rockwell. the book tells the story of an unconventional and adventurous widow in her eighties. judge's said it, they thought it tackles serious issues yet as an exuberant and playful work. ah, without as they are, these are top stories a palace.


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