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but i could not figure out where it was coming from. it's 3 part series, fault lines investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just either use from al jazeera on the go and need to know. i'll just there is only a mobile app, is that the, this is where we dissect online to find what's going on. i guess from out there is mobile app available in your favorite app store. just sat for it and tapped. i made a new app from out. is there a new at you think it it ah . targeted with an armor piercing bullish. the palestinian authority lays out evidence against israel's military. in the killing of journalists, serene ab walking. we own
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a state so that we wouldn't live with fear in what hans emotional scenes at the un security council as the palestinian ambassador calls for justice for sure. read and all palestinians victims of these really occupation. ah, no, i'm fully back to boy, you're watching al jazeera alive from my headquarters in dough also ahead. you know that dirt here driving your little kid didn't know how to defend himself. parents accused texas police of a slow response to tuesdays shooting that left 19 school children into teachers, decades and decades of fighting on the gambia synagogue border escalades, forcing thousands of people to flee. ah,
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thank you for joining us. al jazeera journalist sharina utley was shot by israeli forces with the intent to kill her. that's the conclusion of a palestinian investigation into a killing in the occupied west. spank it found she was hit by an armor piercing bullet need. abraham has the details from ramallah is really army deliberately targeted veteran as either journalist shitting a ball clay. this is the mean finding of the palestinian public prosecutor's investigation into the killing in a press conference in the presidential headquarters in the occupied west bank. the prosecutor explained how shitty was targeted while trying to escape a barrage of bullets and nothing that it's been proven conclusively that the targeting of shewn of ugly and the group of dundas by the israeli occupation forces was direct and deliberate. that has been proved by the type of the rifle, oregon mini 14 and that i put the bullet known as armor piercing bullet. i was
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stuck down the investigation confirmed. there was no firing from the palestinian side at the time, shooting was killed. the bullet is the key evidence of the case. palestinian officials have refused to hand it over to the israeli authorities. the palestinian authority won't even release the picture of the bullet saying israel will try to use it to manipulate tact. that mistrust is why the palestinian authority has refused a joint investigation with israel saying it can't trust israel to investigate itself. is really narrative changed several times since judy was shot. the israeli army stressed that it can't, that's her mind if she was killed by palestinians or by israeli forces. the i'll just either media network has formed the legal team to refer shootings flies to the international criminal court. i. c. c. earlier this week, the palestinian foreign ministry submitted the file of shootings killing to the high tribunal, hoping the icy the prosecutor would investigate the case. and we will continue to
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resort to all international forms. we will not abandon a single right of the palestinian people. we will present all the document to the international court, including this significant report, and we have already referred several documents to the international criminal court . the california investigation report is the latest addition to witnesses accounts and several investigations confirming that shooting was deliberately targeted. it's saying here as more prove as more evidence that if and when the i see decides to investigate the case that they will have more witnesses. they will have more fighting. but the palestinians here are hoping that with international pressure, with the media attention to this case, that the eyes to see will indeed investigate should ins, killing as a war crime. many here say that shooting is not the 1st victim of these really occupation and fear she won't be the last. they won't accountability, but fear. it's a far fetched expectation. neither but him al jazeera,
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the occupied westbank. they were emotional, seeing that the un security council meeting in new york, it's for since the killing of sharina block li christian fellow me reports the security council held its monthly meeting on the situation in the middle east. and clearly the most significant development in that time has been the killing of serene ottawa clay as nearly every speaker mentioned her death and called for an investigation into exactly what happened. but many speakers, including the humans, middle east envoy tore venice land, put her death in the context of what palestinians go through on a daily basis. what venice long called a familiar pattern of daily violence that includes armed clashing settlement expansion, evictions and demolitions. 10 palestinians have been killed since the last meeting of the security council, including a woman and a child,
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and for israelis were also killed during that time, which was also condemned by many speakers. but what sharina death makes clear as the palestinian ambassador rodman swore, pointed out, is the lack of recourse for palestinians when journalists aid workers and children are killed without repercussions. shootings, killing is the story. the same story. she was telling. the difference is that this time the war knew the victim. we are not being killed because of what we do. but because of who we are, we are not being killed by mistake. but as but a grand design a me to make to we all understood, no one is safe so that we ought to live with fear in our hearts. uncertain.
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in a rare moment of unity on this issue, the security council did already call for an impartial, transparent investigation. many repeated that call during this meeting, including the united states who also demanded accountability $21.00 funeral. so being blinding of all the texas following the shooting a school shooting on tuesday along with the grief they are now. questions over the actions of police that day, parents say offices could and should have done more. it's been revealed. no one confronted the gunman as he entered the school, john and henderson is involved. he and he spoke to some of the young students who were there during the massacre. it was supposed to be the last day of school for the children of rob elementary. instead on the lawn lay a line of crosses, marked with the names of the 19 children and 2 teachers gun down on tuesday. fernando rodriguez was among the students hunker down as the gunman fired 233
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rounds. now, at the age of 9, he's a survivor of a school massacre, or she will over a $100.00 lucia in for mc last. it's brave of you to come back here and to give flowers to other people as it did you know some of those if you miss them i'm, i'm so sorry you had to go through that. this boy was also inside, returning today to bring flowers to his fallen classmates. i thought for now this rural town of 16000 people is a profile in mourning. the front page of the local paper black. but for the date of the massacre, crosses, filling the town square. shane raymond came to write a farewell message to 8 year old hughes. i a garcia, another victim in the shooting. and one of the latest of americas decades, long epidemic of gun violence. mazing kid definitely didn't deserve from it. a
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parents came to retrieve the bodies of children who were gun down 2 days ago. more flowers have arrived here at rob elementary school and more questions have arisen about what exactly happened here. some here's a police acted too slowly to stop the gunman who was locked inside the school for an hour before border patrol agents found a key to the classroom. he was in and killed him in this video circulating on social media as the shooting was going on, parents urge police to go inside. may be like that man. okay. be like that. wonder if people yes i do. you know that there are kids, right. little kid didn't know how to defend himself. he asked why it took so long. police on thursday had no answers. we want to give you the water that's. that's our job. so give us time. at a tear filled vigil, senator ted cruz and governor greg albert mourned the loss. yet both continued to
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oppose gun control legislation as another town in america joins the long list of places whose names are synonymous with tragic. john hinder m l g 0. you vaulted texas police in canada, have shot and killed a man who was carrying a gun near a school in toronto. officers say he was in his late teens or early twenties and they shot him after a confrontation. the incident prompted the lockdown of 5 other nearby institutions . those locked down, so since been lift it. there is outrage in brazil over the killing of an unarmed black man by police a warning some viewers may find the falling image is disturbing. video shows the man being pinned down on the ground by 3 offices. jenny van doughty, his so santos was then force inside a police vehicle where he was chopped in a smoke field trunk. he died shortly afterwards. please say they're investigating
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the incident. the un security council has failed to agree on imposing tougher sanctions on north korea. after china and russia opposed to move the council, 13 other members voted in favor of a resolution put forward by the u. s. the penalties sought to reduce the amount of oil north korea can import in response to it. firing missiles recently at beijing and moscow called for renew dialogue with young we will not allow this vote to be set back. however, we will not stay silent. we will not ignore these threats just as we will not ignore the heretic human rights violations and abuses happening in the d p r k, including the abduction issues. greg scala. taylor was the executive director of the committee for human rights in north korea. he says, china and russia, the decision to veto came as no surprise. china and russia had been protectors of
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the dpr k at the united nations for a long time. remember the un commission of inquiry report on the human rights education, the dpr k. a letter appended to that report, warned chinese authorities that by forcibly repaid creating north korean refugees there are aiding and abetting a regime, committing crimes against humanity. why now, why breaking ranks on political security, military issues, north korea's nuclear and miss all threats? well, there are 2 p 5 members permanent members of the un security council that are committing crimes. russia, initiated a war of aggression against ukraine un member states. 3 months ago. russia is committing war crime, scene ukraine and china is committing genocide at the weaker concentration camps
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so that the un security council is in a state of paralysis. and arrays, james, such as the regime of the dpr k, that's committing prompts against humanity and threatening regional and global security with it's nuclear and miss all program is getting away of all of these provocations. still ahead on al jazeera, we are not looking for conflict or new cohort. to the contrary, we're determined to avoid both the u. s. as china poses a challenge to the intentional order, accusing it of becoming more aggressive and, and we press and an indian author makes literally history with a wealth 1st waiting for a handy language book. what a nice one. ah,
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let's go with your weather report for friday. europe in africa. however, one. so a familiar scene here, we're turning up the heat again as we look towards spain. so seville at $35.00 degrees suns out, but it's not going to last for much longer as because those winds will shift around . so from the northeast, then we drawn some cooler air from that southwest. so that kicks back your temperature to 28 degrees f. also had heat around the balkans. many spots in the 30 is but truth be told we could power up some thunderstorms here as we look to our karesha bosnia rate through into serbia. now that heat is also pressing into turkey is stumble, $28.00 degrees on tale at $36.00. that's about 10 above where you should be for this time, the year after the northwest slice of europe right now. pretty typical weather pattern here. got some shower zip in across scotland. heavier about the brain though can be found in poland. now what is not usual is some intense rain starting to find its way further north into mauritania. we may see some flooding there. we
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got our usual storms around the gulf of guinea and as we and in south africa right now, some showers around kazoo luna tall. i stay in cape town on friday with a hive 21 degrees. but here we are. and saturday, we start to see the showers pulling, so it's gonna be an unsettled weekend. they're enjoy, you can ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. miss harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi still resumed the area. we're going to be acting from nisha and from chad. critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou.
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ah, ah. they're watching algae 0 live from doha. reminder of our top stories to palestinian attorney general says, israel forces deliberately targeted sharina ob lockley on may 11th. i cram. alca t says the journalist was shot in the head with an armor piercing bullets. palestinian authority has released its findings into the investigation. policing involved in the usa, south texas are being accused of acting to snow. need to stop the gunman behind tuesday school shooting 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. and china and russia have vetoed a un resolution put forward by the us to impose tougher sanctions on north korea. after it's recent miss. hi launches
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a council. 13 other members voted in favor of reducing the amount of oil pyongyang can in the us says it doesn't want a new cold war with china. but warned that beijing is a threat to the national order secretary of state onto the bank and says that challenge will test american diplomacy like never before. she ever tansy reports. this was a screech, the secretary of state lincoln had been scheduled to give before the us presidents trip to asia as a kirkland razor, but it had to re postpone because he contract to prove it. in the interim confusion was served by joe biden when he gave this also during his tour. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes. so in part, the secretary of state's task now was to explain whether us policy towards taiwan had shifted. our policy is not changed. we do not support taiwan independence and we expect prostrate differences to be resolved by peaceful means. i'm going can read out the portion of us law of encapsulates washington's position of so called
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strategic ambiguity to maintain our capacity to resist any resort to force or other forms. of course, that would jeopardize our security or the social or economic system of taiwan. the problem is, joe biden wasn't ambiguous at all, and this isn't the 1st time he spoken at all with official us policy. so the question does remain, how's policy changed quietly behind the scenes? or is this just a matter of a president giving his personal views off the cuff, the rest of lincoln speech presented a stark geopolitical framework of china versus the international order. lincoln insisted the u. s. does not want a new cold war of opposing regional blocks. yet, at the same time, he talented the new alliances, the u. s. was making in opposition to china. this is not about forcing countries to choose. it's about giving them a choice. the speech is likely to be viewed skeptically. in beijing,
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the speech will be seen in beijing, us, hypocritical, and be ruling that the fight and administration is picking a cold war mentality to deal with a problem. in spite of entity, blink, and saying exactly the opposite. china is clearly crept to the international order as governed by the rules set by the united states and it's western allies. but it's not yet clear. if none of 9 countries feel this geo political change is necessarily a bad thing. she ever time. see al jazeera washington, the war in ukraine now in finland, spine minister, is the latest western leader to visit keys. phantom marine met, ukrainian present vermin, lensky before going to butcher and our pain, the sights of mass civilian killings. she said, russia had lost the trust of the world for generations. finland shares a 1300 kilometer border with russia. voters in columbia, head to the polls on sunday to choose their next president. that person must tackle
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and economies struggling from the impact of the pandemic. and social unrest, if candidates can secure, more than 50 percent of the vote, the top 2 will face off in a run off as take a closer look at the leading for candidates. gustavo petro is a former left, his gorilla and former mayor of bogota. if he wins, it would change the political landscape in columbia and the region. a conservative former mer. federico gutierrez, is seen as a continuity candidate for the current president. yvonne decays administration, but support appears to be searching for rudolfo hernandez. the businessman is campaigning. as a 3rd way, anti corruption candidate, and sergio i outdoor is pulling forth is a mathematician and former governor in mister 2018, run off by only 2 points. holiday with faithful is the rector of the conflict analysis research center. he says the end of hostilities with the gorilla groups has opened up columbia's political space previously from the selection. every candidate for the list was label i will say even stigmatized. as harvey know,
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i of says would be left is guerrilla groups in colombia. dot is the owner, that way of rejecting a progressive is not credible right now because we seem to have starting to less dash into the bus. and i just opened normally for it and stop it. but for he's vice president for your market. it open up the political, a final rama for them to participate in the selection which credibility on which for also african now and about 15 people have been killed by armed fighters in burkina faso during an attack in the eastern region. there was shot dead as they tried to flee a blockade set up in the department of my jewelry. working fossil has frequently been hit by attacks by armed globe since 2015, more than 2000 people have been killed in nearly 2000000 disgrace in senegal. 3
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days of morning have been announced after 11 newborn babies died in a hospital fire. health minister has been sacked by the president, an electrical short circuit as being bains for the place in the western city of t. von nicholas. hark reports. mothers grieving for their newborn babies who died in the neonatal ward of the public hospital. i'm heartbroken. i am a parent and morning and i cannot understand why god took my newborn child away this way. dozens of premature babies were left unattended under u. v. lights when a suspected short circuit started, the fire, the smell of smoke woke, retired police officer l hodgman, who am boop, who lives nearby their mom, vermont a little little a lot. i recognized the smell of human flesh of babies burning. i think it's too gruesome. the state is responsible for this because the state is responsible for the safety, especially public buildings. so the responsibility lies within the state. the
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govern announced 3 days of national morning and an investigation to fix responsibility. security forces and police have been deployed around this hospital that has been cordoned off and also the contains the crowd. the government says this was an unfortunate incidence, but people here see gross negligence. they say some of them that we spoken to, that they tried to break inside the ward, but the fire extinguishers were not working. there was no sprinklers, and there was no alarm bells. last year, several newborns were killed in similar circumstances in another maternity ward fire. last week, you born declared dead was found alive in a morgue, and another national crime protest were provoked when a pregnant mother died after nurses and doctors were accused of failing to assist her. we want to remind the government of their responsibility to ensure that all
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citizens, especially women and children, are given the care they deserve. and we invite citizens to denounce the injustice. a negligence that exists in our hospitals would be the zip with government. critics say funds meant to go to hospitals are going into the pockets of officials with not enough nurses and too many seemingly preventable death. senegalese, people are trying to make sense of this latest tragedy and what appears to be a broken health system. nicholas hawk al jazeera t rowen. an armed conflict in senegal, castlemont region is sending a steady stream of refugees into the gambia authority, se tens of thousands living in the border region have been displaced and it's shared that number will rise as fighting escalades. i'm ready to raise reports from the synagogue ambia border in lesson to once the gumby and village of jack is seen its population swell by 17 percent. oh,
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if it's just 1300 meters from the trouble senegalese region of cosmos. it's one of the 1st points, of course, for refugees. whenever fighting close up on my jeweler comer, i didn't want to leave her home at 1st. she was 9 months pregnant, but as fighting intensified, she changed her mind. now i think i'm a little math and i had no luck when the drones started dropping their bombs, i decided it was time to leave everything behind to save myself and my unborn child . i'm tired of running a pie. a boy young now wants to make the gambia, his permanent tool, having been displeased 4 times since 1982. you will not alma, there's nothing to go back to them. i just want to have some peace in life before i die. lou, running back with very few resources new arrivals, look up to refugees like mama nessie who's been in the gambia for nearly 30 years.
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we can wagner by any and a by deborah, we make money working menial jobs. it's with that income that we support ourselves and newly arrived. arguably, my just workers speak of unexploded ordnance is literally the border area between cumbia and san diego. it's not it's safe for us, as at now for both live in written divine. so it's not safe for the damage and hopeless on it and, and what about as well as most cost, what are my grants, who i would into dameion bed to also go back to the customer. the customer's comfort broke out in 1982. when rebels launch of sufficient company to break away from senegal, the conflict has forced more than 10000 people from their homes. hopes for a peaceful resolution came, one rebels declared a unilateral cease fire. but expectations who had dashed, 2 at hospitality resumed in general, vizier cousin, lies behind this bush over the past 2 months,
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an estimated 6000 refugees have cost this border into the gambia with fighting flaring up. again, more are expected, but after 4 decades of conflict, resources are overstretched, along with the patients of some of the host border communities here in virginia, or the current bill to build up and fighting. and because of else many refugees to ya, things could get too far in the coming ones before they get any better. how many trees algebra? oh, but on the gambia, any golf border to pakistan now where petrol prices have increased overnight after the government ended months old fuel subsidies? prices have risen 20 percent causing stocks to jump in early trade. fuel prices have been a major issue in talks with international monetary fund. the i m. f. wanted pakistan to reduce its fiscal deficit before resuming age payments as part of a 2019 deal, but half the funds of the $6000000000.00 package i yet to be released. now an
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indian author has won the international booker prize for the 1st time. the tan jolly trees novel tomb of sand was originally written in hindi. the award is shared with the books, english translator, daisy rockwell. it tells a story of an unconventional and adventurous widow aged in her 80. now foreign tories self arrived in japan for the 1st time since the pandemic began, the small group is part of a test visit before borders. a reopened to limited tourism next month. and as rob mcbride rec, for some tokyo, the struggling hospitality industry wants restrictions lifted more quickly. it is a country rich in tourist attractions all that japan lacks other tourists tokyo's to key g outdoor fish market has relied on local visitors throughout the pandemic. for my dad, he fired a pandemic, 80 to 90 percent of our customers are from overseas. so we are looking forward to seeing for he has come back again. the same goes for all businesses relying on the
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tourism industry like this tour bus company. so its own of course, any cancer must be well causes our bus tour is for japanese tourists have been cut back and we had to stop foreign language tours altogether. yep. when you think that it's a long way from former prime minister sions obeys dream of becoming a world leading tourism destination. all geared to the 2020 summer olympics that he helped to secure for a while to pam was on track to meeting its tourism ambitions. in 2019, he recorded well over 30000000 visitors. i was fully expecting to reach his goal of 40000000 arrival in 2020. when the pandemic happens. ironically, the start of the pandemic that decimated the tourism sector was heralded by an outbreak on a cruise ship that had docked in yokohama. the olympics were delayed by a year while the country virtually closed its borders. the area which was the athletes village is now under development as memories fade of those ill fated games
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. and japan can look ahead to reopening to tourism once more. cautiously knock either on the reopening will happen gradually, and 1st with back its doors organized, but the travel agencies through our fears that a rust reopening might see a resurgence in coven 19 cases. don't seem to bother a population, apparently. suffering pandemic, fatigue, gnashing, but of course i worry about cove it, but overall it's a good thing that home us are continue being cautious, but i've had enough of this. a more corona may continue, but we can't be afraid of it. we have to carry on with our lives, or maybe their corporate identity. most people seeming to believe that is one of the world's most developed nations. it's time to open up to the world once more. rob mcbride, al jazeera tokyo, ah.


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