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follows that journeys of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences. an american, in my home on al jazeera used from al jazeera on the go and me tonight, out is there is only a mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissects, analyze collecting and i guess from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app still get that great and tapped on maybe a new app from our davila mean at you think of it. ah, lawyers and activists as the international criminal court to investigate the killing of joan shreed abil actually by israel forces
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ah, clubs, the hall robin you watching of 0 like my headquarters here in doha also coming up. do you know that there are a kid right here? okay. i didn't know how to defend himself. parents accused texas police of a slow response to tuesday, shooting, but left 19 school children and 2 teachers. dad. also fighting in the democratic republic of congo forces, maybe 40000 people from their homes in just 4 days and anger in brazil over police brutality following the killing of an alarmed black man in custody. ah, welcome to the program. a group of lawyers has announced it'll take the case of the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina, but actually to the international criminal court. sharina was shot in her head by
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israeli forces while on assignment the occupied west bank on may. the 11th that the lawyers are representing palestinian journalists, who they say were systematically targeted by israel. jennifer robinson is one of the barristers. she sans palestinian journalists are still in danger of being attacked by israeli forces as we warmed in our i. c. c. complaint, back in april. the attack, some palestinian journalist by these really defense force have been widespread and systematic. and the threat of an ongoing attacks against journalists is clear. sadly, showing up who are close. murder is a clear demonstration of the ongoing threat posed journalists and palestinian journalists reporting in the occupied territories and an urgent need to address impunity for these attacks. is there a media network has also decided to refer the killing a sri number actually to the international criminal court. the network says it's put together a team of international legal experts. al jazeera has decided to take should he and
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his case to i, c. c, to hold her kilo accountable and bring justice to shitty. in addition, al jazeera is exploring all legal, was a bill was civilities. and is that her mind to bring justice to sitting? and we will come every initiative to follow up on this guy. the barbara has been following the press conference in london. the key message was that there is no shortage of evidence that is ready, forces have targeted palestinian journalists carrying out their job and clearly marked as civilians in press jackets who have been either killed or maimed by israeli armed forces. not just him in recent times, going back to 2018 and the guns a border protests in which 2 of the cases in which the initial complaint,
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the i t. c. a centering on, but going right back many, many years. there are, there are many different journalists bodies around the world who have different figures, depending on when you start. but it runs into the doesn't since the year 2000. and that's journalists who have been killed in the occupied palestinian territory. most of them were palestinian generalists. all of them were civilians, clearly mart doing their job. and in the eyes of those journalists targeted for doing so. because as we've heard, israel does not recognize the international federation of journalist press card in effect de legitimizing palestinian journalists. rob matheson is in the occupied east, jerusalem. he says, palestinians are hopeful that the c, c will take legal action against israel. the cases that are being put forward to
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the i c. c, for their consideration that we've been talking about are only a small fraction of the number of cases where journalists have been killed or attacks in this region over many years. now in almost. 6 cases, there has never yet been a prosecution that brought where somebody has been held accountable and somebody has been found guilty and somebody has been punished. and as a result, the palestinians are very cautious about being showing any sort of confidence that the this latest development and as far as the international criminal court is concerned, is actually going to give any sort of justice as they would see it. while the palestinian authority has carried out its own investigation, it has concluded that the bullet that was fired but killed sharon did come from the weapon. elvin israeli soldier. it still has the bullet and it is not prepared to share it with any israeli investigation because it's about to quoted. it basically doesn't trust israelis. israeli military, for its part,
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is holding its own internal investigation. but that's what happens in every case such as this is really military police are not going to carry out a criminal investigation because they say there was no criminal act. so as far as palestinians are concerned, that's kind of gray area, that kind of lack of transparency that you see here on a regular basis doesn't really give them a lot. a lot of optimism for this case that may go to the i. c. c should consider it, but one thing that is interesting is that the palestinians are very aware that the i c c has said that it's jurisdiction now covers the palestinian occupied territories. and israel as well. israel doesn't recognize of course the, the i c c. but as far as the palestinians are concerned, this is essentially a test case for the i see, see if it doesn't meet the mark as far as the palestinians are concerned. if it doesn't investigate this, or the investigation takes a long time. as far as the palestinians are concerned, the i c. c will have virtually no credibility to tune. funerals are being planned
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and evolved texas following the school, shooting on tuesday, along with the grease or questions over the actions of the police parent say offices could and should have done more. it's been revealed that was confronted the government as he entered the schools, 200 is in the valley and spoke to some of the young students who were there during the massacre. it was supposed to be the last day of school for the children of rob elementary. instead on the lawn lay a line of crosses, marked with the names of the 19 children and 2 teachers gun down on tuesday. fernando rodriguez was among the students hunker down as the gunman fired 233 rounds. now at the age of 9, he's the survivor of a school massacre. lower she was over a $100.00 lucia mclean. it's brave of you to come back here and to give flowers to other people who love it. you know some of those
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pictures if you miss them i'm, i'm so sorry, had to go through that. this boy was also inside, returning to day to bring flowers to his fallen classmates. i saw 3 for now. this rural town of 16000 people is a profile in mourning. the front page of the local paper black, but for the date of the massacre crosses, filling the town square. shane raymond came to write a farewell message to 8 year old hughes. i a garcia, another victim in the shooting. and one of the latest of americas decades long epidemic give gun violence. mazing kid definitely didn't deserve the. on the day, parents came to retrieve the bodies of children who were gun down 2 days ago. more flowers have arrived here at rob elementary school and more questions have arisen about what exactly happened here. some here's a police acted to slowly to stop the gunman who was locked inside the school for an
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hour before border patrol agents found a key to the classroom. he was in and killed him in this video circulating on social media as the shooting was going on, parents urge police to go inside. may i can be like that man. okay. be like that wonders people. yeah. i do. you know that there are, it's right there little kids. they don't know how to defend himself. you asked why it took so long. police on thursday had no answers. we want to give you the why that's, that's our job to give us time. at a tier field vigils, senator ted cruz and governor greg abbott mourned the loss. yet both continue to oppose gun control legislation. 6 ah, there's another town in america, joins the long list of places whose names are synonymous with tragic john henderson, al jazeera, you've all the texas that's doing. kimberly how can to in washington dc and our
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white house correspondent, i mean, that seems to be some positive talk. kimberly, in the corridors of power over gun control. but it's sort of the type of legislation that still the gray area that everyone can agree on. after this tragedy happened, many people shrugged their shoulders and resigned themselves to the fact that this is what happens in america. and nothing will change. but in the last day or so, there have been some hopeful signs that perhaps this time might be different. what we're seeing is some talking among a bipartisan group of 10 senators. and why this is significant is that in the past, what we've seen is legislation to prevent tragedy, such as we've seen in texas this week have passed in the house of representatives, which is the lower chamber of commerce congress. but then when it gets up to the upper chamber of the senate, aide is blocked by a handful of republicans. but this time lows,
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republican seemed to be willing to work with some of their democratic counterparts . and why this is significant is that in a 100 person senate, where you have roughly a 5050 split of democrats and republicans, you actually need 60, in order to pass legislation. that's why when democrats are on board, they're going to need republicans at least 10 to get some of this legislation through. and that's why this was a hopeful sign. what we see are some republicans willing to talk about potentially entertaining legislation that would include red flag laws that would take hand guns out of the hands of people that are mentally ill and potentially could cause harm to others. expanded background checks more funds for school security and even potentially looking into an assault weapons ban one, like we saw back in the ninety's, the president joe biden worked on what he was a senator. it was in place for 10 years. it drastically cut the number of
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incidences like we've seen in texas this week was allowed to expire. there was an attempt to try and bring it back in 2013 that failed. but now we're seeing some hopeful signs that there may be a vote. and some sort of legislation that include some components of what we've just outlined, maybe as early as june. kimberly, thanks very much for the other can be how could that for us? oh, warranties correspondent not fighting in the democratic republic of congo has fullest illness, 40000 people from their homes. and just for days. government forces a battling rebels from the m. 23 group. when congress, the seeking refuge and neighboring uganda, a government official last as result of the stretched to breaking point kenya was due to host talks between rebel leaders and the d. r. c president. but those meetings have been delayed. malcolm web has more from nairobi. what are the few days? the $23.00 rebel group is fighters took controls,
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several small towns and an army barracks. in the east. the colonies army launched a counter offensive and on thursday night they read took an army barracks and that fighting right now to retake the town of cable, which is strategic is on the main road from the regional capital of goma to the border with uganda. now the calmly government flames were wonder, it says rwanda is backing beyond group said, providing weapons and personnel to support them. m $23.00 is widely perceived to be a proxy of rwanda in eastern congo, but rwanda always denies it. and the u. n. says it deeply, deeply concerned about an escalating humanitarian crisis resulting from this violence. it's important to understand that this conflict is very much of regional conflict and it's a chapter that began in the 1990. when you got the miranda invaded congo that prompted to to was that drew in to the african continent. and rwanda and gander, being accused of meddling in ethan congo,
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backing rebel great looting minerals ever since. now there was an attempt to talk here in ny ruby last month, president of the 70 of you got the came president chickadee of congo here, but no progress was made. but we do understand that the growing pressure now from the u. n. and the international community to get the heads of state or their representatives together to try and this current round of fighting the om conflict in the cosmos region of senegal and sending a steady stream of refugees into the gambia authority, se, tens of thousands living in the border region have been displaced and it's fed the number will rise as fighting escalates. limited reports now from the synagogue gumby a border in less than 2 months. the gumby and village of generic has seen its population swell by 17 percent. oh, if it's just 1300 meters from the trouble senegalese region of cosmos. it's one of
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the 1st points, of course for refugees. whenever fighting close up, moduler come are. i didn't want to leave her home at 1st. she was 9 months pregnant, but as fighting intensified, she changed her mind as a big, i'm a math and i need to know when the drawings started dropping their bombs, i decided it was time to leave everything behind to save myself and my unborn child tired of running a pie, a boy just now wants to make the gambia, his permanent tool having been displeased 4 times since 1982. 0, you will not all the law, there's nothing to go back to them. i just want to have some peace and life before i die. lou will provide you with very few resources new arrivals. look up to refugees like mom and yes. see who's been in the gambia for nearly 30 years? looking why there been any a and a by deborah, we make money working menial jobs. it's with that income that we support ourselves and newly arrived. i got my jesse workers speak of unexploded ordnance is literally
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the border area between cumbia and san diego is not yet safe for us, as at now from both live in written devices. so it's not safe for the day. i'm going to place on it, and what about, as well as most cost, what are my grants, who i wouldn't have ambient bed to also go back to the casa, the cousin was counted broke out in 1982. when rebels launch a sufficient campaign to break away from senegal, the conflict has forced more than 10000 people from their homes. hopes for a peaceful resolution came, one rebels declared a unilateral cease fire. but expectations who had dashed when hostilities resumed in generate these yeah. cousins lies behind this bush. over the past 2 months, an estimated 6000 refugees have caused this border into the gambia with fighting flaring up again more i expected. but after 4 decades of conflict,
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resources are overstretched. along with the patience of some of the host border communities here in the gambia, where the current bill to build up and fighting in the cousin, mouse, many refugees, t a things could get tough, i in the coming months before they get any better, how many trees algebra, oh, but on the gum b, as in golf border, while still had here on al jazeera, we'll have the latest from ukraine where a massive effort to safely de mind the capital region is underway. ah. i think the rain focus in southeast asia is going to be right back up here again for the next 24 hours. maybe 48 hours. this is the picture for saturday as we've got it. the orange center would suggest the heaviest rate in that line extends to
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the philippines and down to was with popular and possibly solar ways. he less so borneo less java of sumatra. so a look at up north pen, for example, 3 days of thunderstorms breezy start with, but the thunderstorms are still there and then things caught and dancer flooding seems quite likely in cambodia and you won't be alone. the same is also true in southern china when you get these streets, the slow moving writing. this is the plum rains developing and you tend to get flooding. it is expected he's wanted, but it's there all the same that that's left japan largely dry and it's quite warm in between this and what's coming in from mongolia. so beijing's up to $36.00. but that frontal come through possibly is a dust storm, or even a sandstorm was a few thunderstorm from it. that is a line of sundry rain. and that also is a line of sundry rain running up towards shanghai. so that is sunday's picture. now there is monsoon rain slowly coming in towards carola, but his pros rather racket in northern until the wind is picked up. it's not as hot now but now it's an awful lot bought dusty
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ah join the debate. wonderful as it is this the one matic language. it really means nothing on the ground on it. online. at viewable, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist i look like me, you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera blue ah,
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book about here watching out, is there a reminder of all top news stories, a group of lawyers as announced, it'll take the case of the killing of al jazeera gen machine. a broccoli to the international criminal court. sri was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment to be occupied. westbank on may, the 11th place in the valley, texas all being accused of acting to serve you to stop the government. behind tuesday, school shooting 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. and fighting between government forces and rebels in the democratic republic of congo has forced almost 40000 people from the homes. and full days when he congolese, all seeking refuge in neighboring uganda. now the killing of an armed alarmed black man by police is led to outrage across brazil. a video of the incident went viral on social media. and we do warn you that some viewers may find the following images in victoria gate, bees report disturbing. valid. so but a thing to police officers pin down jenny valdez. da. hey. so santos,
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a black man. they say with resisting arrest. they then trap him inside the smoked fil trunk of their police car. oh, look at the man there. oh, my god, that killing him inside the car says one witness. video of the incident went viral on social media. her tests have been held in his home town of m bow, but in northeast and brazil, and shore and outrage expressed across the country. for years human rights activists of accused police in brazil, a discrimination brutality and excessive force. on tuesday, the day before santos died, dozens of people was shot dead during a police raid on a criminal gang in rio de janeiro. yes. oh gosh, i've seen the complex le. yes. another massacre in of a bell aids truly shocking. we cannot allow it to be normal that the state and as of her valor and lees with 20 or more dead relatives of santos say he was unarmed and suffering from heart problems and skits of freeney the federal highway,
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police have opened an investigation into his death in a statement they said santos was actively resisting the officers who pulled him over. they immobilized him then used instruments of lesser offensive potential to contain him. santos was taken to hospital. doctors say he was dead when he arrived at the emergency room. the officers involved have been suspended, but many in brazil, fear this may be another example of institutional brutality and racism within the police. victoria gate and be al jazeera wallach ayana. caleb has more from rio de janeiro. there is a problem in brazil, which is the lack of presence of the state in poor neighborhoods. so what happens, they've been taken over by our gangs and also by the militia, which are a former policeman who supposedly want to establish the order in a place where the government has no presence. but they charge are the people that
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lived there for security. it's pretty much like a mob would work solved, and this is going on like in rio de janeiro and 60 percent of the territory. and that is why you have these are cases of shoot out between gangs also of police rating avelo, which is a slum. and, and shooting arm last year there have been and the police in brazil killed 6 more than 6000 people. and odd there were $183.00 policemen killed on duty. also the policemen are under armed when it comes to fighting these gangs. so this is a structural problem, it's a problem that you cannot just solve are very easily. you really have to invest in having a state presence education. ah, many things like social welfare. it's not just a case of fighting it out with guns. officials in beijing,
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you're accusing washington's top diplomat of smearing china's reputation secretary of state, and to be blink concert on thursday. that pacing is a threat to the national order. lincoln said that the us doesn't want to new cold war with china, but cold for action to counterbalance its influence. katrina, you has more from beijing. well, aging has been very angry at these comments. it's hit back at blink and speech saying that it does demonstrate the cold. who or there are some mentality and well, washington says it's not trying to contain china. it's actions and it's was prove otherwise. and long when been chinese foreign ministry, spokes person on friday said that these comments are smearing china. that he imply that they are hypocritical, that the us while portraying china as a rule breaker as a threat to regional and global world order. the u. s. itself doesn't necessarily follow or international laws and what the u. s. really wants is not the china to
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abide by international norms, ought to follow us norms and to follow a us lead order. now, beijing has also mentioned the importance of taiwan, saying that this is really the cornerstone of the china us relationship. and he said that while washington says on paper, it does abide by the one china policy. he again accused washington of double speak, saying it's words and actions simply demonstrate. otherwise. you in school counselor, fail to agree on imposing tough sanctions on north korea. after china and russia opposed to move the councils, 13 of the members voted in favor resolution put forward by the us. the penalties ought to reduce the amount of oil north, quick and import in response to finding missiles. recently, the beijing in moscow called for a new dialogue with pill yang. greg scholars, 2 is the executive director of the committee for human rights in north greer. he says china and russia decision to veto came as no surprise. china and russia have
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been protectors of the dpr k at the united nations for a long time. remember the un commission of inquiry report on the human rights situation, the dpr k. a letter appended to that report, warned chinese authorities that by forcibly repaid creating north korean refugees there are aiding and abetting a regime, committing crimes against humanity. why now, why breaking ranks on political security, military issues, north korea's nuclear and miss alt threats? well, there are 2 p 5 members permanent members of the un security council that are committing crimes. russia, initiated a war of aggression against ukraine un member states. 3 months ago, russia is committing a war crime scene. ukraine and china is committing genocide at the weaker concentration camps so that the un security council is in
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a state of paralysis. and arrays, james, such as the regime of the dpr k, this committing prompts against humanity and threatening regional and global security with it's nuclear and missiles program is getting away. with all of these provocations, the, the governor of ukraine's the hunts region says 2 thirds of the city a separate the nance is now surrounded by russian forces, 90 percent of homes that have been damaged by shelling. ukraine admits russia has an advantage in the eastern region. more than 40 towns have been shell there and in neighboring nets, while ukrainian forces engaged in a fierce battle in several that pro russian forces, se they've taken control of the strategic town of lyman, ukrainian and russian forces have been fighting for control of towns for several
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days now, and while fighting rages in the east, a massive de mining operation is under way in ukraine. retreating russian forces left mine scattered around towns near the capital. keith for where zane basra b reports from beecher. the united nations estimates that ukraine is now one of the most heavily mind countries in the world. and not just because of the most recent russian invasion that's been going on for months now. but from a conflict that's been raging in the east of the country since 2014, since the invasion began, russia has left so much an exploded ordinance. and so many land mines all over the country experts here in ukraine, estimates that it could take as much as 5 years to clear the areas that have been re taken by the ukrainian government. the mining teams like these ones are carrying out regular sweeps on land in farming communities in residential areas, as well as bodies of water, all around the key region,
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as well as all around the country mines, unexploded ordnance, all these things remain a serious and imminent threat people have set them off as well as tractors and fields, cars on the roads, even after russia has retreated from a lot of these areas, there continue to be losses of life and property from the things that they've left behind. in fact, every single national park and forest area in key was currently off limits because of the threat of mines that might be there as well as us. so one exploded ordinance . the government says they have $500.00 d mining experts that are currently operating and that's for the whole country. a country that is one of the largest in europe, and they need to train up 500 more. still a drop in the bucket for what needs to be done. they need more experts that can be mine areas and deal with unexplored gordon and they need more vehicles as well. that can then carry those mines and explosives away 2 areas where they can carry out controlled explosions and,
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and get rid of the threat. the slow pace of this work means that it is taking longer for people to return to their homes and towns and cities that have been retaken by the ukrainian government. this, as russian forces that have re mobilized from areas like this one to the east and the south continue to gain ground and population centers. other towns and cities continue to fall to the russian advance. to 7 climates and energy ministers have released a statement condemning the boy and ukraine. they say it's causing widespread shortages of energy ensued. now the ministers gathered germany's capital berlin, discussing climate change. the earth and germany have signed an agreement on hydrogen power and expanding off shore wind power. the indian author or an indian author has won the international book apprise for the 1st time, jolly sri novel team of sand was originally written in hindi. the watershed with the books in this translated daisy rockwell. it's a story of an unconvincing.


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