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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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ah, al jazeera select on counting the cost, biden launches his plan, b. u. s. economic engagement in asia. well, it pounds of china is in the region, western capital, ledger billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will africa see a boom from the global scramble from metal? counting the costs out of it. i care about helping you with engaging with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you in to apply. you might not visit, otherwise, it feels that you were there. ah, this is al jazeera. ah,
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hello, i'm carry johnston. this is denise our live from dough. welcome to the program. we're coming up to the next 60 minutes. iran that sees is to greek tankers after a vessel carrying iranian oil was captured off the coast of greece. it's time for the i c say to take action to send a clear message to the israeli government. and to all governments. taking its case to the international criminal court, al jazeera need, your network demand, some investigation into the killing of the journalist. shane are, who are close? shot dead flies really forces police and texas admit they made the wrong decision or waiting an hour before intervening in the school shooting that killed 90 children and 2 teachers and japan. the tests are returned to turn it off to keeping its borders closed for more than 2 years. and in sports, we hear from liverpool manager on the eve of the champions league final plus a raw found the dialogue about jock of it. just that on calls to meet in the friendship in was
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a final after base. the 1st thoughts in the last 60 ah, will begin where the breaking news iran says it has seized 2 greek oil tankers in the gulf. that follows the arrest of a vessel carrying iranian oil off the greek coast. on thursday, iran's government has demanded its release. greece is describing the latest arena in action in the gulf as a violent seizure. where we have to correspondence following this break in use. alan fisher is in washington, d. c. but 1st, let's go to jaundice roper this in athens and john, what's the greek stance on this? then? while the greek foreign ministry is calling this effectively an act of piracy which it strongly condemns, because it goes as the greek foreign ministry says against fundamental rules. the
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international law and cbl on trade. greeks not just greek flag ships, but greek own ships carry approximately 30 percent of the world's crude oil. so this is a huge concern for the greek merchant marines. you can understand and also for the great government, the 2 ships appear to have been seized. well, the 1st one about 7 hours ago, that's when it's marine tracker appears to have been switched off. so that might give us an estimate of the time of the seizure. the 2nd 12 hours later, in both cases, the greek foreign ministry says a iranian marine helicopter landed on the those ships, took the crew hostage and took control of the vessels. these seizures happened in international waters, which makes them particularly condemned able from a legal standpoint in the greek gear because they were approximately 22 miles offshore the iranian coast. so well outside radian jurisdiction. the greeks do not
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have contact with the crews, 9 of whom, 9 members of whom are greeks, nationals, they cannot, at this point, offer assurances as safety. they're demanding of course, the release of the ships immediately, and they're losing the european external action service. but they're also advising greets, not to travel to run, possibly expecting a protracted stand off here. okay, john as well, for this or in athens. thank you for that. update again to stay with them and get an fisher in washington d. c. allen, where the american saying about this. well, not a great deal at the moment. we have heard from the head of the 1st fleet, which of course covers very with this has happened. he said, the situation is under investigation. it can be absolutely sure though, that the senior parts of the u. s. government has been informed of what is happening in there trying to fight find at the moment, including antony blink and the secretary of state who is here at the department of
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state. in fact, in little over 10 minutes time or so, he's due to have a news conference with the finish foreign minister and undoubtedly will be asked about the situation there. as john was explaining that seizure happened in international waters. so that will be of great concern to the united states. and of course it's just a few days ago that the greeks seized and a rainy and tanker after being asked to do so by the united states. believing that it was breaching international sanctions and started to offload the oil from that tanker. so there is concern here in washington, although no one is seeing it officially that this could be some tit for tat by the radians. and the greeks are caught in the middle of this, so no official reaction other than from the 5th fleet that things are being investigated at the moment. but clearly, in the coming hours, we expect more from the united states. and we don't expect them to hold back when it comes to the situation of this as far as international law, because the boat sees than international waters. that, of course, would be
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a clear breach of many maritime and international laws. ok, thanks for alan fisher in washington. d c there. well, we're going to stay with this lawrence brennan is an adjunct professor of law at fordham university and a retired u. s. navy captain, who advised the u. s. department of state and u. s. department of defense on maritime law issues. we joins us by skype from new york. thanks for being with us here on the program. a very simply what's your take on what's happened so far? it's still a bit confusing. it, it superficially seems to be another instance of a rainy and misuse of international maritime law in quote, retaliation for illegal actions taken by us courts and great courts in offloading the oil. it's not so sure that the iranian tanker in the g and c that's off loading or was offloading oil. the ship was, sees, but certainly the cargo was in violation for violation of international law. the
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location of where the 2 greek owned operator tankers were in the persian gulf is an important part. i'm quite familiar with that area. having been there this weekend is the 42nd anniversary of what president carter and greeted us on the return from the iranian hostage rescue mission. so whether the tank is or in the northern part of the gulf up by iraqi warders where iraq and iran meat or in the, in the southern part, near the straight or poor moves up, may make a great difference. particularly to commander 5th fleet. and the ability of the united states to bring maritime and a be ation force to bear. but we understand that the rain in vessel have been captured off the greek coast. you would reasonably expect some kind of iranian response surely. well, there are 2 things was in captured, it was seized pursuant or judicial order. that's a major difference. and as i tried to articulate before,
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and i'm sorry if i wasn't clear, it's not clear in the absence of the court documents if the ship was seized, or it's just being held until the cargo is removed. arrest of ships in international maritime law is a common thing. i've probably participated in ship arrest and every continent with the exception of an order. it's a normal commercial event when ships violate maritime law, usually a civil sense. and that's done up. iran has a right to respond. it doesn't have right to unlawfully seize other ships in international waters. and that's going to be the argument given what you say, then how likely is it that these kind of tit for tat actions may continue? well, iran has engaged in such conduct since the iran iraq war, and that's nearly 35 years 40 years ago. they seized us ships. and it's
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been a fairly common thing. they all seem to get resolved fairly peaceably with economic considerations more than injury and death. and destruction of property, but there's always a risk. abundant tend to consequences. and the more these things happen, the more possible inevitably something horrible could occur. ok really, but there lauren spread and thank you for your take on this today here on down to the yes. thank you for including the home in the saw the is an international relations specialist. he says on the international law is illegal to seize iranian oil. there are actually no legally international sanctions regarding your own southern gets oil. there are no united nations security council resolutions regarding you on southern gets oil. so the issue of teasing uranium oil which is actually happened several times during the buy in administration is illegal under international law. and your own has been very clear that if that happens, then,
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then you all would respond. and i think it was a terrible move by the americans because the price of oil is already very high. and these kinds of instability would actually move the price of oil even higher. also, we're in the middle of very sensitive nuclear negotiations between iran and the united states. and these kinds of moves by the americans would only complicate the talks even further divided administration when they came into power. they were very clear that the so called maximum pressure, a campaign of the trumpet ministration was not working on iran. nevertheless, unfortunately, they have actually been following the same playbook line by line. they have been pressuring you on as rob main, mainly made it clear just a few days ago to the u. s. congress. they haven't lifted any sections of the trumpet administration on iran in this kind of behavior. i mean very naturally will
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lead to reaction that we have just witness why you wrong. i mean, you're on, sees the so called the seizure of it's oil tankers, which is the lifeline of you want the economy as complete the legal and a very aggressive move. and it would respond in this kind of way. and i think this was very much expected fancy more ahead on the news. al, including outrage in brazil, ot video emerges of police, $6018.00 black mac in the back of their vehicle will have the latest on fighting in the democratic republic of congo as tens of thousands of forced from their homes. and later in sports, the golden state warriors so thirsty to each the n b a finals. ah,
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the international criminal court has a clear mandate to investigate israel's killing of palestinian journalists as a war crime. that's according to journalist and noise who filed the case last month . they've now expanded it to include the shooting of al jazeera is sharina clay. he was shot and killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank early this month. at him bother reports from london. surely since last email to her jazeera news room and got her in a minute while lead al armory, al jazeera jerusalem bureau chief, talking about the moments before is ready, forces shot dead. his colleague on the 11th of may, janine, ah, this event brought together the people who lodged a complaint with the international criminal court in april and behalf of for palestinian journalists, killed or maimed by his ready fire, while clearly identifiable as price. now they're adding new names to the file. sharina blackledge, one of the arab world's best known reporters and her colleagues earlier. so moody shot in the back and injured moments before sharon was hit,
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one message came through loud and clear. at this event, there's no lack of evidence, but there's also new momentum behind calls for international action over israel's targeting of journalists. it is all kinds deliberately taught english, and it is a want to cover of the war. it is to stop into silence objective reporting on the ground documentation of human and that's why general time. and that's why we say this case. so series of me i see, ought to be looking at the target in particular, as opposed to being in depth. the case is being brought by the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate, and the international center of justice for palestinians. when they say last year marked a turning point when the i c. c rolled, it's jurisdiction extended to the occupied palestinian territory. according to reporters without borders, at least 30 journalists, mostly palestinians, had been killed by his ready fire in the west bank and gaza. since 2000 these ready
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armies never acknowledged any responsibility. how hopeful are you that the icy can down the line achieve any kind of justice for shaheen and other palestinian journalists, given the fact it is rather not party to the i c. c, given it's track, record of, of not investigation. pre trial chamber ruling am is very clear. the i c, c jurisdiction, criminal jurisdiction extends over the territories that we're speaking about. and that means that the i, c, c, prosecutor can issue a warrant for the rest of perpetrators. and then that has severe consequences for the individual perpetrator. whether that inside israel or not, ah, al jazeera is preparing its own dossier which it will submit to the i c. c, as well as sharina killing. it includes these radio, striking garza that destroyed the offices of al jazeera and the associated price a year ago. on thursday, the palestinian authority says its own investigation established that israeli
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forces deliberately shot sharina barclays hitting her in the head while she was trying to escape. these ready medius reported that the military has no plans to launch a criminal investigation. the barber al jazeera london and madison is in occupied these to reason. he says the palestinians hope the i c c will take legal action against israel. the cases that are being put forward to the i c. c, for their consideration that we've been talking about are only a small fraction of the number of cases where journalists have been killed or attacks in this region over many years. now in all. 6 moses, there has never yet been a prosecution that brought where somebody has been held accountable and somebody has been found guilty and somebody has been punished. and as a result, the palestinians are very cautious about being showing any sort of confidence that the this latest development and as far as the international criminal court is
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concerned, is actually going to give any sort of justice as they would see it, what a palestinian authority has carried out its own investigation. it has concluded that the bullet that was fired but killed sharon, did come from the weapon, oven israeli soldier. it still has the bullet and it is not prepared to share it with any israeli investigation because it's about to quoted. it basically doesn't trust israelis. israeli military, for its part, is holding its own internal investigation. but that's what happens in every case such as this israeli military police are not going to carry out a criminal investigation because they say there was no criminal act. so as far as palestinians are concerned, that's kind of gray area, that kind of lack of transparency that you see here on a regular basis doesn't really give them a lot. a lot of optimism for this case that may go to the i. c. c should consider it, but one thing that is interesting is that the palestinians are very aware that the i c, c has said that it's jurisdiction, no colors,
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palestinian occupied territories. and israel as well. israel doesn't recognize of course the, the i c c. but as far as the palestinians are concerned, this is essentially a test case for the i see, see if it doesn't meet the mark as far as the palestinians are concerned. if it doesn't investigate, they saw the investigation takes a long time. as far as the palestinians are concerned, the i c. c will have virtually no credibility. well, that toby cabman is a human rights lawyer and an international criminal court specialist. he joins us from casa by now, so thanks so very much indeed for being on the program. can you tell us then take us through the procedure of how this works in practical terms. thank you. so as, as we've already heard, palestine is a based a party of the rooms that you to interpret quarter has jurisdiction. and previously
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the pre trial chamber has of the i, c. c has rolled that has, has jurisdiction over over the occupied territories. what we've heard so far is that a file has been provided to the office of the prosecutor with the, with a request to proceed with investigation. but what we must remember is that the, the internal record is not, is not caught the deals with individual cases. so you won't deal with an individual matter in isolation, but it will have jurisdiction to deal with it as part of a wider investigation. and what we've also heard now is that part of the file is the attack on the outside. sarah, building previously the area and so we should also recall that there was a, a legal group in the u. k. the previously had filed with the i c. c, a request open investigation into the targeting or for other journalists. so they
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may well be that this will, this will good sufficient pressure on prosecutor to look at the seriously an investigation. and given what you said and how much of a test case is this, even in a group sense of, of the i c. c. and it's jewish fiction and power what i would say it's, it's hugely significant. one of the things certainly would be more economic care is, is trying to, trying to push the entire community to degrade, to pay greater attention to the journalists being targeted in, in conflicts. because this is narrow, which, which historically doesn't receive sufficient attention. i mean, we have journalists from all of the well being talked it, but in times of the significance of this for the occupied territories. if it is also significant, if this is a catalyst for a greater accountability of, of the israeli attacks on,
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on palestine so that the case is significant if it proceed to see if can on both those grants. and if he does foresee that he say, how long can all this take? would it be a very long drawn out affair? well, regrettably, yes, i mean the, as we also say the wheels of justice moved very, very slowly, but they do. they do move surely. so so we have to be aware that there is likely to be a period of time where the investigation is carried out by the prosecutor before we proceed to, to see reports issued. and it is a very, very complex process and it will take time. okay, tobey at catherine the international criminal court. special thanks for being with us here today. now the police made the wrong decision by not immediately answering a classroom in texas for
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a gunman had barricaded himself in. that's the admission from the states department of public safety security officials have been criticized for their response to the shooting and you validate on tuesday, the 18 year old gunman locked himself inside a class for nearly an hour before border patrol agents were able to get in 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in the assault over the benefit of hindsight, where i'm sitting now. that of course, it was not the right to say it was a wrong decision very. there is no, no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you from what we know, we believe there should have been an entry at that as soon as you can, when there's an active shooter that the rules change. it's no longer ok. it's no longer barricaded. so we don't have time, you don't worry about matter printers. and by the way, texas embraces active shooter training, active shooter certification. and that, that dom, that doctrine requires office. we don't care what agency you're from. you don't
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have to have a leader on the same. every officer lines up stacks up, goes and finds where those rounds are being fired at and keep shooting until the subject is dead period. or just 3 days off the shooting. the conscious inferential gun lobby is holding its annual conventional protests as have been gathering outside the national rifle associations event in houston, texas. that's about 4 hours drive away from where the shooting happened. well, john engine joins us now from houston, texas, where the and our a convention is what has been getting underway. so police have been holding a press conference. they've come under quite a lot of criticism hadn't ah, that's right. they've been giving information and then correcting it the day after day after day. and the news seems to be worse than ever. what they're saying is if you've heard in those polls, oh, they believe there was a barricade situation. meaning that the government had been isolated and that he
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was no longer a threat to the children. but we've seen outside video with parents outside urging the police to go in the insurance portable and apparently 30 minutes after the 1st 911, all children were still calling. the children believes that people were alive and now it appears. it wasn't just 40 minutes. it wasn't an hour, it might have been as long as an hour and 17 minutes before the police went in. and what the parents and members of this community are saying is that not all $21.00 of these children would have died if the police had acted sooner and they're likely to be rep with what he can throw a member of bob in texas. the api i to loop in july of this to so long. and john, we understand that the former president donald trump, is there as well as he expected to say something.
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that's right. the president, the former president on is expected to speak here. but before he does, we're hearing a lot of free speech right out here in the streets. there's a park nearby, we're better award. the democratic gubernatorial candidate for the state of texas is speaking to a very large crowd. and you can see here are thousands of people lined up on the street to protest. the fact that the an array is known this event just 3 days after that school shooting. and also to, for just the fact that president trump or former president trump is speaking here because we know his position on it is that there are no restrictions on guns. he agrees with governor greg abbott, who has said that there don't need to be more restrictions on guns. there needs to be greater winter health screening and they need teachers to have guns. it's a very, very controversial position out here on the street where the chant is all go away.
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but what we're hearing from people is that it was totally inappropriate for the enter rate, a whole of this event. this is exactly what they did in 1999. shortly after the mass shooting at columbine high school, he's got router. they held their annual convention in denver days after that. and today they're doing it again. and this time you have a press. okay. on engine, that's a very lively protest. and are a convention in houston. thank you. my white house correspondent, kimberly how could says lawmakers are facing growing cools, but tougher gun control rules. previously, the senate has kind of the obstacle for bringing about what some considered to be reasonable gun control laws that would prevent these types of situations of mash shootings of the cartridge that we've seen in texas this week. and here's why
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we've seen in the past that there has been legislation that's been passed in the house of representatives, the lower chamber of congress. then it gets to the senate and it's blocked by a handful of conservative republicans. but now we've got a bipartisan group of republicans and democrats about 10 that are talking about a couple of things. a red flag laws potentially that would allow for keeping the guns out of the hands of mentally ill or people that could harm others. also expanded background checks, even more funding for making schools more secure and potentially even reviving what's known as the assault weapons ban. something that was back in the ninety's, very effective for about 10 years before it expired and reducing the number of mass shootings in the united states tried to revive it in 2013 in the united states. that effort failed again because i a handful of republicans, were opposed to it. but now there are some discussions. and why are these handful
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of republican so important? because in a 100 member senate were 5050. are republicans and democrats. you need 60 to pass legislation. so the fact that there are some republicans that seem to be willing to entertain the democrats legislation is a hopeful sign for many democrats. in fact, there is even a signal that there could be voting on this legislation as early as june, sort of had to own al jazeera over the past 2 months, an estimated $6000.00 refugees have caused this border into the gambia as fighting flares again inside senate go, we'll talk to some of those forced to flee. class. coming up in sport, liverpool squad were given a special send off passing f a paris from their manage on the eve of the champions league. fine. ah
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right, well the wind is still blowing in the middle east quickly down the gulf. it's been doing it for a few days now. it gets stronger, it backs off, it's always a hot one. and sometimes it's full of dust is full of just the moment, but not as full. this is the picture just a. so we got a forecast. it's not limiting temperatures, it's $42.00 in the forecast. the hottest plug in q 8. same is true dover. little bit less because the on shore breeze in dubai. and the average darby that mostly ravia put in sir. no, all the radio buttons it will be dry. i mean, norton is huge, out in the only mountains, could be very few of them. and the breeze is still blown, but becoming lighter. what showers they were in turkey had gone away. temperatures are rising in turkey too. and they're rising again. i think in the bill of iraq. afghanistan having dropped down recently. you know, so change to monday about the increase in the breeze and dust or sand of the atmosphere. once again, nothing much has changed. and no,
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would you expect it to. but with the incoming monsoon rain heading across the re been sea for india, you might hope to see more and where shout in the horn of africa. not much, but some, but i'm afraid the drought does prevail. we don't expect a great deal of rain here. there is something coming in to kate. i know a significant rain and wind, i think for sunday and monday, possibly tuesday, ah. joined the debate. wonderful as it is this, that upon magic language, it really means nothing on the ground, on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she has done absolutely nothing. what these countries white mad, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera,
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2 young women and morocco staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and is definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco, al jazeera world for those that journeys of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera lou ah, the watching, obviously a reminder of our top news stories. iran that says has seized 2 greek oil tankers
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in the gulf, follows the arrest of a vessel carrying iranian oil off the greek coast. ron's government has demanded its release. a group of lawyers has announced it will take the case of the killing of al jazeera jervis sri and i will acclaim to the international criminal court. sure. english shot in the head by israeli forces on assignment in the occupied west bank. earlier this month, cleese in the us state of texas have been told they made the wrong decision or waiting an hour to enter a classroom or a gunman had barricaded himself in 19 students and 2 teachers were killed in the shooting. at an elementary school involving un that says that 70000 people have fled at fighting in the democratic republic of congo in recent days. government forces are battling rebels from the m 23 group. many congolese have sought refuge in neighboring uganda. are come, web has more, a tens of thousands of people in the east of the democratic republic of
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congo have fled their homes in fear of their lives. environment vent that was m $23.00 rebels that were chasing us. the m $23.00 rebel group has taken several small towns. some of the residents have fled to neighboring uganda, others towards the regional capital goma churches in schools like this one over run with people seeking shelter. luna merger. we saw people being killed by stray bullets and those who could save themselves. here. the colonies army launched a counter offensive and be taken some of the territory. congo government says neighboring veranda is behind them. 23, supporting it with weapons and soldiers. rwanda denies it, no possible. we have the government, don't believe that the m. $23.00 rebels themselves have the military equipment which they claim to have on the ground, according to the reports from our soldiers. this is why our suspicion of foreign
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support is confirmed. 10 years ago, m 23 took control of swathes of east and congo. you and investigators said it was backed by rwanda. congress ami eventually defeated them with military support from the un and other african countries. this time congos army has struggled to contain the attacks launched by and 23 over the last 6 months. both uganda and rwanda have been accused of fueling congo conflicts and looting mineral edison. they invaded in the 1990, a recent attempt to get the 3 president together for talks in kenya's capital. my roby failed to produce results. the violence in humanitarian crisis a growing, and the un says it's deeply concerned. malcolm web al jazeera of the u. n. says the violence is affecting peacekeeping operations in the region. classes with m 23. 0, took place early yesterday. the congolese armed forces were able to regain control
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of their positions by 20 kilometers south of route shore road. north kiva, province for its part, you and hcr said today they're deeply concerned about the urge and large scale needs of more than 72000 people who have been displaced by fighting in recent days in north kiva. province. you and hcr says that since november of last year, at least 170000 civilians have been displaced some more than once, if not repeatedly over the past week, some over the past week, the loan, some 7000 have also reported crossed over to you, gone to a country that's already hosting $1500000.00 refugees. the un peacekeeping mission says, humanitarian access remains a major challenge due to the are fighting or the relative. com is returned to several of true territory which had been impacted by violence or staying with this . now it's on a basement, is an external relations and reporting officer at the you and hcr in game. she
9:35 pm
joins us from north killer province in the democratic republic of congo. we very much appreciate your time. yeah. how concerned are you by this extraordinary displacement of people? hi and thanks for having me. of course, we are extremely concerned with the latest class just as so often when these fights occur. it's the civilian population, so base price, because not only are they at risk of their lives as you've seen in the report, but they have to flee their homes. and many of them they survive on farming and they lose access to their land, their, their land, their belongings might be wrong even well, they're away. so it's very neat, really are staggering. and this is really happening in the context where we already have close to, to 1000000 internally displaced in more people with them. so really the needs are enormous. and what is the human cost of this thing in terms of basic necessities
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like accessing food and water and, and the risk of disease? as you can imagine, the needs are huge people here. they already live in huge poverty. and as i said, excess of farming is a major way for people to feed themselves and their families. once they lose access to their lands, they can't feed their families. many people, they are seeking safety in neighboring places or to go further down as the houses are getting fuller and fuller. so that also means that they're improvising so they have to stay in churches and schools. very, very bad living conditions, very humane, actually visit that. some of them myself. you can't imagine how, how poor living conditions are for people. and often they are, there are almost no rush facilities in place. so no, no clean water,
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no bathrooms. that means that people come to even go to the toilets in normal circumstances. they can't keep themselves clean. they're very exposed to all kinds of diseases. and color is the common disease. here you have malaria, people don't travel with their mosquito nets. so really can say that unfortunately the, the conditions in which they live are already bad, but once they are spaced, it just gets worse. indeed. and some people have been displaced, not once, but repeatedly. so what is the solution for this thing going forward? well, the solution is of course stability, and that's something that's still looking at the moment. as long as there is no stability and peace, it will be very difficult for people to return back home. and that's also what people have told us, right? that's the only thing that they really want. there is no lack of food here, but there is lack of security,
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which means that people come access their less. so if the security issue or just, you know, does the fighting, would stop or reduce? people would actually have a much better life. okay. its on a basement from the you and hcr in gamma. thank you very much. and if your time had today on al jazeera, thank you. i the killing of an unarmed black man by police has led to outrage across brazil. a video of the incident went viral on social media. a warning. now, you may find the following images in monica innocuous report, disturbing, valid, still, but it thing to police officers pin down a genie voltage is we soon to show a blackman, they say, was resisting arrest. then the trap him inside the smoke filled trunk of their police cars. oh, look at that man there. oh my god, they're killing him inside the car says one with biddy of the incident went viral
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on social media. protest have been held in his hometown in bowl but in northeastern brazil and shock in outrage expressed across the country for years. human rights activists have accused police in brazil, of discrimination, brutality in excessive force. on tuesday the day before santos died, dozens of people were shot dead during a police raid on a criminal gang in rio de janeiro grass. oh gosh, i've seen the complex up. yes. another massacre in of her valet. it's truly shocking. we cannot allow it to be normal that the state and as of her valor and leaves with 20 or more dead relatives of santos say he was unarmed and suffering from heart problems and skin so free. now the federal highway police have open an investigation into his death in a statement. they said santos was actively resisting the officers who pulled him over. they immobilized him then used instruments of lester offensive potential to
9:40 pm
contain him. something was taken to the hospital doctor say he was dead when he arrived at the emergency room. the police officers involved have been suspended, but many in brazil, fear this may be another example of institutional brutality and racism within the police. monica not give al jazeera, rio de janeiro armed conflict in the castle months. the region of senegal is ascending a steady stream of refugees into the gambia authorities. so tens of thousands living in the border region have been displaced. on its 5th, the number will rise as fighting escalates. read address reports from this cynical gambia border in lesson to once the gumby and village of jack is seen its population swell by 17 percent. oh, if it's just 1300 meters from the trouble sannicolas region of cosmos. it's one of the 1st points, of course,
9:41 pm
for refugees. whenever fighting close up on the wow modular camera, i didn't want to leave her home at 1st. she was 9 months pregnant. but as fighting intensified, she changed her mind. now that big of a little math and i had no luck when the drones started dropping their bombs, i decided it was time to leave everything behind to save myself and my unborn child . i'm tired of running a pie, a boy young now wants to make the gambia, his permanent tool, having been displeased 4 times since 1982. you will not alma, there's nothing to go back to them. i just want to have some peace in life before i die, lou running back with very few resources new arrivals. look up to refugees like mama nessie who's been in the gambia for nearly 30 years. we can write her by any and a by deborah, we make money working menial jobs. it's with that income that we support ourselves and newly arrived. arguably,
9:42 pm
my jesse workers speak of unexploded ordnance is literally the border area between cumbia and san diego. it's not it's safe for us as at now for both live in written nevada. so it's not safe for the damn and hopeless on it. and, and what about as well as most cross one of my friends who i wouldn't had ambien bed to also go back to the customer. the customer's comfort broke out in 1982 when rebels launch of secession campaign to break away from senegal. the conflict has forced more than 10000 people from their homes. hopes for a peaceful resolution came, one rebels declared a unilateral cease fire, but expectations who had dashed when hostilities resumed in january. this year, cousins lies behind this bush. over the past 2 months, an estimated 6000 refugees have caused this border into the gambia with fighting flaring up again, more i expected. but after 4 decades of conflict,
9:43 pm
resources are overstretched. along with patients of some of the host border communities here in the gambia or the current bill trip build up and fighting in the casa mouse, many refugees tear things could get tough. i in the coming months before they get any better, how many trees algebra? oh, but on the campus, any girl border? foreign tourists have arrived in japan for the 1st time since the pandemic began. a small group is part of a test visit before orders are reopened to limited tours and next month. arthur's rub, mcbride reports from tokyo, the struggling hospitality industry once restrictions lifted faster. it is a country rich in tourist attractions all that japan lacks other tourists tokyo's to key g outdoor fish market has relied on local visitors throughout the pandemic. but on the, in the fight, a pandemic, 80 to 90 percent of our customers are from overseas. so we are looking forward to seeing far he has come back again. the same goes for all businesses relying on the
9:44 pm
tourism industry like this tor bus company. so there's no course any cancer must be wrong. courses are best curious for japanese tourists have been cut back and we've had to stop foreign language tories altogether. yeah. when you think that it's a long way from former prime minister sions obeys dream of becoming a world leading tourism destination. all geared to the 2020 summer olympics that he helped to secure for a while. japan was on track to meeting its tourism ambitions. in 2019, he recorded well over 30000000 visitors. i was fully expecting to reach its goal of 40000000 arrival in 2020. when the pandemic happens. ironically, the start of the pandemic that decimated the tourism sector. was heralded by an outbreak on a cruise ship that had docked in yokohama. the olympics were delayed by a year while the country virtually closed its borders. the area which was the
9:45 pm
athletes village is now under development as memories fade of those ill fated games . and japan can look ahead to reopening to tourism once more. cautiously knock either on the reopening will happen gradually and 1st back its doors organized. but the travel agency still fears that a rushed reopening might see a resurgence in covey. 19 cases don't seem to bother a population, apparently. suffering pandemic fatigue, nothing, but of course i worry about cove it, but overall it's a good thing at home. i continued being cautious, but i've had enough of this. i'm or corona may continue, but we can't be afraid of it. we have to carry on with our lives. when i made the corner, most people seeming to believe that is one of the world's most developed nations. it's time to open up to the world once more. rob mcbride, al jazeera tokyo still the head hernandez in the n h. playoff,
9:46 pm
edmonton oilers lucas spots in the conference. fine that's coming up in school. ah. with
9:47 pm
a whole. ah ah. now it's 40 years since one of the biggest selling bands of all time last performed for now abba, our back ground. breaking technology used in hollywood blockbusters, has recreated the swedish superstars as they were at the height of their fame from london. it needs barker asthma, back on the red carpet,
9:48 pm
one of the most successful bands of all the time. all now in their seventies. the swedish pot legends dissolved 40 years ago with their back on stage, sort of re materialized digital form. ah, they hard to describe what it is because nobody has ever done it before. it's just strange, wonderful thing when those voices come out of those lips and those faces something very special happen. the 1000 strong special effects team behind star wars use motion capture technology of the real life. art is to turn back the clock, transforming agnes beyond benny and frieda into digital avatars of the youngest cells. or as they're being called upper tars at the form alongside live musicians. and it all feels a little uncanny. really, really magical what they,
9:49 pm
what they've achieved. ah, yeah, it's like witchcraft the fact that you can be on stage at the same time as you're out home walking the dog. you know, that was, that was intriguing. the producers of the event a so confident of its success. it's taken up residency in this purpose built abba arena. the event raises a whole load of questions about whether or not people would be prepared to pay up to $200.00 as they are here to see a less lead dri band in holographic form. and whether or not people are actually here seeing abba, or merely an abba apparition, smoke and mirrors sound and light. either way, reincarnating dead celebrities and bringing aging bands back from the brink is clearly a money spinner. how long is it just a gimmick and how and when is it the counseling that we recognize is in an article i've known in world news, frank sinatra virtually performed in 20032007 celine dion and elvis preformed together on american idol. i don't want it kind of funny to see some virtual
9:50 pm
auditors so i think it'll be interesting. in 2012, a holographic version of rap start to pack shocker, stunned audiences around the world. he'd been dead for 16 years. killed in a drive by shooting. not your thing then how about buddy holly killed in a plane crash at the height of his fame or deceased opera star? maria callas. digital versions of the you very much alive. alba will go around the world until 2026. and who knows? it may soon be possible to download your own hologram at home or go to a gig the met averse, helping the music industry. those lost millions to the pandemic, piracy and unlicensed streaming. we could big profits from live acts, leave barca out to sarah london. well definitely in the real well it's tons to sports needs now his gemma. yes, i'm certainly not a hologram joker, which is a step close to retaining the french open tie to the board number and had no
9:51 pm
problem getting passed as levine in the alley. asha bed night to reach the 4th round, jock of it roughly got this great victory in one hour and 5 minutes the sub and yet to drop the sat in the torment and faces argentine is diego short. the last, the possibility of a joke of which are roughly on the course of final is still on after russell. they took his place in round for the 13 time friendship and champion. as for all such men, both take of and angela in 3 sets is funny. had played phoenix, se, se next page find the dallas uncle tony. she was part of the scene until 2017 and the women's drawn and picked champion at belinda bench, which was not found by canadian teenager layla fernandez. usa from find this advantage for the last 16 or the 1st time to face american amanda and liverpool manager young club, the things around with history in the champions league like some slight favorites
9:52 pm
for saturdays final. this was the little squat, leaving for paris on friday. ahead of the biggest game in european club football, the premier league side are in the final for the 3rd time in 5 years. and we'll be looking to add the champions league trophy to the f cup and lea cup. they've already won this season, the firefighters at the cities, john the lead. an effort gave the players a special send off to wish the team good luck. once they arrive to the french capital, the team headed to the stab to france for the last training session. before saturdays match, the good news for liverpool is that midfield as itsyana and for being a bite took part of the session. after recovering from injuries. let's it from them . i'm a jet yard and you have to learn to when most of nobody can wait for that to know everybody's tells you and all you have to do in order to do it. no, but it's a couple of times i had to learn it to hardway really help me. i lost a lot of finals in my life and thanks for the last few we could win and we all had
9:53 pm
to learn that. and this team learned it to problem other. now we face a team when ever lost a file. so it was one to my life. if somebody told me the more of you when something more like the gets that you will not mind it anymore. i'm not sure i haven't read things like that, but i have that dream a little bit. the golden state warriors returning to the n b a finals for the 6th time in 8 years, a beat the dallas mavericks in game 5 of the western conference finals. to wrap up the series, i thompson took school with the points while steph curry. it was also named the western conference is most valuable player at 15 point, please go to states until 120 to one, and when the war is reached, the final for the 1st time since 2019, when they lost the toronto raptors for our team, our guys especially the core group drain staff, clay loan. andre, i'm to be part of that. i'm 6 times in
9:54 pm
a years. i don't even know what to say. it's just takes an enormous amount of skill and determination and work. and i couldn't be, couldn't be proud of our, our, of our gosh, the feel and leave in 2019 final isn't realizing like, you know, you know, amazing journey and guy. it was a lot of diversity in speed bombs but never lost faith. we could get back here in the n h l. playoffs. edmundson have reached the western conference final, eliminating calgary in the process game 5 went to overtime after finishing $44.00 in regulation. the orders grabbed victory to thanks to con him david admins and booking spots in the conference final for the 1st time since 2006 and in the east. the carolina hurricanes and now leading the new york ranges at 32 in that's the reason line at one a 31 game 5 in the wake of cheese days, a deadly school shooting in texas, that major league baseball teams,
9:55 pm
the new york yankees and tampa bay rays of used their social media accounts to highlight the issue of gun violence, the yankees and the res at played each other on thursday night. but instead of tweeting about the game, they offered facts about the impacts of gun violence. the tweets also shed on the instagram accounts, tampa bay announced they've made a $50000.00 contribution to come safety support fund. it seems like a really interesting way to approach this through the social media channels. it doesn't affect the actual broadcasts of the game, but lots of people follow on on devices. and between the 2 teams and you get about a 4300000 followers on twitter and 3.3 on instagram. now, obviously there's going to be some duplication there, but that's a lot of people to be reaching with this message. but i just came back from the states yesterday and you know, the feeling the feeling is that every time this happens,
9:56 pm
the response is the same. in this time, the response is finding new ways, i think, to get its message out there. the reaction is pretty much the same, but this followed the day before steve kerr, who's the co to the golden state warriors and the n b a playoffs. they were playing in dallas 22 nights ago, and in the prescott was before the game. he didn't speak about the basketball at all. he just, he just spoke about how horrible this whole thing is in the sequence of events in america that keeps going. and steve kerr is a person whose father was assassinated when he was the dean of the american university in bay route. so he has experience with gun violence. a charlotte last at the fastest time in practice, the head of his home raised the monica groaned. pre on sunday, it was a good day for for our number to drive the color sign was the 2nd quickest monte carlo on friday. the class at the pace in practice session. but the former, when monica daniel recalled, i had
9:57 pm
a less rewarding day. feel straight and crushed is mclaren a swimming pool. she came on the faint, stuck it simply the world champion max. the moment for that is all you'll sport from me and i have another updates and it's a bit later kerry, thanks very much for that. that's it. for me, for this news, sarah and my room, the mazda next, from london pool constant. ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i don't need to be with them. you can put them to me. i think you can just leave a message. can you also home and ya today and we're
9:58 pm
going to be you will be set up will be sent to me a lot. i'm a lot of people give me when i don't want me shooting them off and just ah
9:59 pm
how and why did it become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? you'll, we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line with me. how do you states control information a china there's no can go if you try to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve
10:00 pm
public opinion. they had live died and that allowed the children to continue to die today. how is this is in journalism? we framing the story. i'm here to document the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on the al jazeera ah al jazeera. with no news. we sac his iran of piracy when 2 oil tank as a seas bite, rod weeks off to athens.


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