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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they had live die and that allowed the children to continue to die today. how is citizen jen? listen, leaf framing the story i am here to duck you man. the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera ah al jazeera with o grease accuses iran of piracy when to oil tank as a seas bye to her. on weeks after athens stopped
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a russian flag tanka carrying iranian crude. ah, hello, i murray. m t m i z and london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. i did, i read the national rifle association convention opens just 4 hours away from a texas town still reeling from a classroom masika. it's time for the i c. c, to take action to send a clean message to these railey government and to all governments demanding justice for a journalist life al jazeera media network seeks international criminal court action over the killing of sharina block. ah, dancing queen goes digital ava's back on stage, but with a high tech difference. ah
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. hello, welcome to the program, our top story, this our grease is accused iran of piracy, after it seized it to greek oil tankers. iran says they were captured for violations. last month. greek authorities seized a vessel carrying iranian crude oil off the greek coast, sang the ship's owners had rush in lynx. the oil was then confiscated by the united states to ron once, that oil to be returned. so let's now speak to john to roblis. he joins us live now from athens. what further information is that? well, the greek foreign ministry is concerning these seizures. first of all, and it's issued a very stiffly worded response to the arabian saying that what they've done is effectively an act of piracy on the high seas. because these ships were both seized
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22 nautical miles offshore iran. well into international waters. the territorial water limit is 12 miles. so this is something that is legally extremely dubious. the greek seizure had taken place on the basis of us sanctions on iranian oil, and so had a legal basis. so from the great point of view, this isn't a tit for tat. they are saying that the iranian seizure goes against fundamental rules of international law and seaborne trade. the greek side has alerted the european external actions, service and plans to get the european union fully involved in this and says that the incident is going to have a very adverse effect on e. you iranian relations, which obviously should be of interest and concern to run because the use heavily involved and talks that are trying to re cement the joint comprehensive plan of action. the iranian nuclear deal that would lift those sanctions on radian oil
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effectively. now the 1st of those seizures, both of which were done by rainy in the navy helicopters, the greek foreign ministry says, seems to have taken place approximately 8 hours ago because that's when the transponder of the 1st of the 2 ships was switched off. we do not know where the 1st tanker has been total after that point. the 2nd ship was seized a couple of hours after that there are and we are told up to $48.00 crew members on board. there's no communication with them. their safety is not assured. 9 of those people are greeks, therefore you nationals. and there is a great deal of concern to establish contact with those people 1st. also, both of these ships were laden with oil. the 1st of them was carrying it from ross lafond and keta to the united arab emirates. the 2nd ship was laden with oil from missouri,
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and that was headed for greece for refinery here in greece. so obviously there's a great value to those ships. those are so as max ships, each one of them could be carrying $12000000.00 worth of oil. yes, and it's already comes at a time of high energy prices. and this is a very busy and significant shipping industry on this. now, what hasn't been any farther reaction from greece about the iranian ship that was, that was seized by offense? no, there's no reference to that officially, but no doubt as this saga unfolds. in the coming days there will be comment made about the circumstances under which that ship was seized. the greeks have been active about enforcing embargoes, whether it's the rain in oil embargo or the libyan arms embargo it's, it's been in large part greek navy ships and coast guard ships that have been enforcing those burgers. partly because a lot of shipping,
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a lot of trade comes through the aegean, either to or from the black sea, via you know, from suez to the black sea, or vice versa. it's a major shipping route that goes through greek waters. and secondly, because greece has thousands of islands and therefore a large amount of territorial water which it, which it has to police by law for tax purposes and law and order purposes. so, and it has a very large navy. so the european union often assigns to the greeks charges the greeks with sanctions enforcement operations on the high seas, often in the middle of the mediterranean. and that means that i think we'll be hearing from the greeks in due course, full justification that is legally bound about what they did with respect to that to cargo. iranian crude oil. all right, thanks very much with all that. i sure my friend jones are for us joining us that
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and now i'm in fisher, is falling development. the state of bombing joined us from washington. any reaction where you are alan the only official statement that has come from united states. i came from the fleet that said it is investigating the circumstances of the seizure of the 2 greek vessels. but although that's all that's being said publicly, can you shoot a behind the scenes that every one at the top levels of the united states government have been informed about what is happening now. and to me blinking the secretary of state had a news conference less than an hour ago. he's been meeting with the finished foreign minister at the, in the last few hours a. but at that news conference, there was one question from either side and neither journalist address the question of what happened or with the tankers. it was mainly about families efforts to join nato. but clearly what they're not seeing is there will be some concern that this is the iranians acting in international waters, which of course,
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would be against international law. i. and this is tit for tat for what happened daily in the week when that vessel, that iranian tanker was seized by the greeks under a judicial intervention by the united states. essentially, you are saying to the greek courts, this has to be seized. and the greeks then went ahead and did it clearly at their stage is still very early on in the process. and a lot of information has to be gathered. the united states would want to do that before putting out any definitive statement. and then there's also the added complication as well, of course, that the united states, as country and negotiations with the iranians, about a new nuclear deal. and although they say that the nuclear deal is one thing and everything else is everything else. there is no doubt there is a leak over with that, not least in the court of public opinion. and so at the united states will approach those very cautiously, very carefully. and they will want to make sure they have all the facts before they start making any statements about at the iranians, the seizure of these 2 tankers,
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and what could possibly happen next. all right, thank you very much from washington allen facia as get wine is now in alice as lannie senior research hello. the center for middle east strategic studies joins is from to run on skype. so iran had earlier threatened punitive action for athens involvement and the seizure of a tank carrying iranian crude. what has they said about why these greek tankers were seized? well they said that it's due to the violation that the old tankers that made them the amine and the water is but it could be, i think practically in retaliation to what has been by the done by the grease greek under the pressure by the united states you know, at the time that the nuclear negotiations have been taking place and that has been that some kind of a deadlock in the talks. it seems that the americans wants to use this as the
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leverage leverage to put pressure on the wrong to get more compromise from even inside at the table. they want to somehow send a signal that they're run that they somehow can disrupt the rating on sale in the market. was iran by retaliation? can also send a signal to americans that it is also able to somehow disrupt the energy traffic in the region. so the 2 greek old tankers were seized and i was hearing in the random media that there are further greek ships in the region. meaning that if they want to continue this game, iran can also continue. and if they wants to bring this collation, iran can also somehow play the game. but the point is that this will excessive base the situation with the next a negotiations on the it will not be helps me helpful to the process.
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this is one of the walls busiest shipping lines. it, it is of great strategic importance the, the strait of our moves. how much more pressure is this likely to add to the price of oil. if we see further tensions and perhaps the, the seizure of, of more tank as carrying oil in either direction. well, the oil price is already up due to the war, a crane. and these kind of tensions, at the time that there is a demand in the market can relatively increase the price of it depends on how long they continue this issue. but if there is a feeling that there might be instability in this part of the world which has been witnessing, let's say, significant amounts of energy being that they transferred from this was the way this can have a, maybe an important impact on their own prices. but if it doesn't come to the and if
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there is the feeling that they have been able to somehow handle the manage the situation in a way that it doesn't somehow accessor base. i think the in that case may be impact can be somehow relative you know, in addition to this issue, we have also been seeing some other recent developments like that that may not be random, but a member of the g. c, as well as the americans are claiming that they have been, you know, that have been some attacks against the military complex near ron. so altogether, if this feels him to kill ation, this can see the kinds of it in the region including the persian gulf. so in that case, if there is a filling in the market that there's a potential for further, let's say, maybe a likely conflict or for a likely further escalation. in that case,
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i think in parallel with the crane of war, this can also further increase the price. i think we've seen attention before. and the strength of home is which is incredibly narrow. waterway, isn't it? now what it, what do you know of this information from greece that the time because we're in international waters? well, you know, the greece has seized a random flag ship earlier, but that was done based on the unilateral sciences, which is unacceptable for you, ron. so if they're doing such a thing, you run by, let's say, this more, i think practically can argue that it is using this as the terrorist that such actions or moves are not repeated in, in feature. in the past, we have been seeing some cases like when the u. k. says the run
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a ship in the iran did something in retaliation. and in the end we saw that both ships were released by this. i think one wants to make sure that other countries will not do the same thing as well as greece will not somehow, let's say fees for the ram and fit and the business i'm seeing this as the terrors . if this continues, this can also continue. other let's say, may be about the greek ships or maybe other countries. if they do the same. iraq wants to make sure that if you want to act again, you ran an interest, you have to pay the costs. and this is the cost may be the grease is somehow paying . all right, thank you very much, our boss s. lonny. joining us from ron ah,
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america's biggest gun lobby is going ahead with a major convention just 3 days off to 19 children. and 2 teachers were shot dead in an elementary school in of all day texas protested or gathering outside the convention center in the state, the largest city houston, where the national rifle association is holding its 1st meeting in 3 years from the us president donald trump is among those expected to address the convention taxes governor greg abbot has dropped houses speaking in person with his text beneath the ice questions about the way they handle the shooting. the benefit of hindsight, where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right to say there's a wrong decision period. there is no, no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you from what we know. we believe there should have been an entry at that as soon as you can when there's an active shooter, the,
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the rules change. it's no longer ok. it's no longer barricaded, so we don't have time. you don't worry about matter printers. and by the way, texas embraces active shooter training, active shooter certification, and that, that dom, that doctrine requires office. we don't care what agency you're from. you don't have to have a leader on the same. every officer, lines up stacks up, goes and finds what those rounds are being fired at and keep shooting until the subject is dead period. joy now by john henry, no, is at the national rifle association convention, houston, texas. first of all, john, what else of the police said about what happened at school? a year before i tell you that i mostly explained that i am standing in front of a brown with you. we'll be hearing from them as you hear from me. what we've learned in bad news dollars is that we'd be getting
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one us report after another often 1st reports or wrong in an incident like this. but we were told initially that the gunman had encountered a school safety officer, even that he had exchanged fire with that officer. we've later learned that didn't happen at all. then we saw some video that he circulated on the internet, showed parents urging for these to go in. and we now know that 30 minutes after children started to call to big bullies to come in. they were still having to continue calling the police and it turns out it wasn't 40 minutes. it wasn't an hour. it was well over an hour before you went in and you heard a little more earlier, very fine. but you said we messed up with parents and members of back community say that 21 people didn't necessarily have to be di, had to police going in earlier days. people might be alive today and they were furious on castro to congressman from jackson says he wants an f,
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b i investigation to wire to syllable. and so john, tell us more about who is expected to speak at the n r a convention. i mean, it's incredibly provocative and quite extraordinary that this is taking place of the, the, the devastation and val day where people are still trying to process what has taken place. but what is the who is expected to speak at the annual re convention then? well we do expect from wayne lapierre, the head of the n r a. we expect to hear later this afternoon from a former president donald trump, himself very gun rights at border will hear from government cabin only remotely. he was originally going to speaker the governor speaker. he's gone a few things, dropped out saying that it was appropriate to hold the convention of this woman, sheila jackson a little while ago. she said that he couldn't cancel this event,
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but that the national rifle association would do so as a matter of good taste to the mayor of houston, being made by the leaders who are in the building. oh, what wow. that shooting to happened? she said she thought it was an appropriate meeting at this time and better award. the democratic candidate for, for governor here in texas has spoken outside of the convention inside. imagine the person that everybody is waiting for is donald trump, but i wouldn't expect an apology approach. he has been a pony and it's really very all right, thank you very much, john. 100 journeys from houston, texas, with all the reaction that is happening there. and i want have correspond, kimberly how it joins this live now from washington and kimberly you've been here talk of a potential deal that seem politicians on the firearms. yeah,
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that's correct. yeah. you know, often we have had, after these types of mass shootings in the united states, a lot of despair over the fact that there doesn't seem to be any action taken to prevent the next one. this time there seems to be at least an ag glimmer that there might be some sort of discussion happening on capitol hill that things could be changing. and why this is significant is the fact that there has up until now been legislation this from past in the house of representatives. but once it gets to the upper chamber, the senate in the u. s. congress. what happens typically is that the handful of republican senators, conservatives tend to block the legislation and nothing happens from there. this time. some of those very same senators are working with some democrats, is about a group of 10 of them. and they're looking at a number of different measures,
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for example, red flag laws to try and keep hand guns and other types of weaponry out of the hands of mentally ill or those that could cause harm to others. boosting school security, putting in funds in place for that and also expanded background checks. and there's also discussion about potentially bringing back something that was in place for about 10 years. and the nice math the assault weapons ban expired. but what we're hearing now is that there could be talk about reviving that, and the reason this is significant is that you need 60 votes in the 100 seat senate to pass is have legislation right now. there are 50 democrats, 50 republicans. so you see why the republicans need to work with the democrats in order to get this through. so there's some helpful signs in terms of those who are hoping for some gun control legislation. we're even hearing that this vote could potentially take place in june to try and get some legislation passed. so there are
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some encouraging signs for those that are hoping to see legislation that would prevent these types of tragedies. ok, thank you very much from washington. kimberly how can now the international criminal court is a clear mandate to investigate israel's killing of palestinian journalists as a war crime there. so according to journalist and lawyers who filed a case last month, she's been expanded to include the shooting of out there as sharon apple, apple. she was killed this month while reporting the occupying westbank. and in barbara points she since last emailed to her jazeera news room and got her in a minute while lead alan murray al jazeera jerusalem bureau chief, talking about the moments before his ready forces shot dead. his colleague on the 11th of may, janine, ah, this event brought together the people who lodged a complaint with the international criminal court in april and behalf of for palestinian journalists, killed or maimed by his ready fire, while clearly identifiable as price. now they're adding new names to the file.
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sharina blackledge, one of the arab world's best known reporters and her colleagues earlier. so moody shot in the back and injured moments before sharon was hit, one message came through loud and clear. at this event, there's no lack of evidence, but there's also new momentum behind calls for international action over israel's targeting of journalists and deliberately targeted us. and it is a welcome to hover of the war. it is to stop the salvage objective reporting on the ground documentation of human life. that's why jennifer time. and that's why we say this case is a serious, i mean i see ought to be looking at the target in general in particular, as opposed to other civilian death. the case is being brought by the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate and the international center of justice for palestinians. when they say last year marked a turning point. when the i c c road, it's jurisdiction extended to the occupied palestinian territory. according to
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reporters without borders, at least 30 journalists, mostly palestinians, had been killed by his ready fire in the west bank and gaza since 2000. these ready armies never acknowledged any responsibility. how hopeful are you that the agency come down the line achieve any kind of justice for shaheen and other palestinian journalists, given the fact it is rather not party to the i c. c, given it's track record of, of not investigation. pre trial chamber ruling and is very clear, the i says his jurisdiction, criminal jurisdiction extends over the territories that we're speaking about. and that means that the i, c, c, prosecutor can issue a warrant for the rest of perpetrators. and then that has severe consequences for the individual perpetrator, whether the inside israel or not, ah, al jazeera is preparing its own dossier, which it will submit to the i. c. c. as well as sharina killing. it includes these
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radio striking garza that destroyed the offices of al jazeera and the associated price a year ago. on thursday, the palestinian authority says its own investigation established that israeli forces deliberately shot sharina barclays hitting her in the head while she was trying to escape. these ready medius reported that the military has no plans to launch a criminal investigation. the barber al jazeera london at will in other developments of palestinian health ministry. i sang a teenage boys been killed. i is riley forces, said mohammed, her name was 15 years old. official say he was shot 3 times during crashes in the town of al harder south of bethlehem. the killing of a black man by police has led to outrage across brazil video. the incident went viral on social media and warning that sound you might find falling images in money and he has report disturbing that it's still got
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a thing to police officers pinned down as any voltages we soon to show a blackman bay say was resisting arrest. then the trap him inside the smoke filled trunk of their police car. oh, look at that man there. oh my god, they're killing him inside the car says one witness. video of the incident went viral on social media. protests have been held in his hometown in boulder, in northeastern brazil and shock and outrage expressed across the country. for years human rights activists have accused police in brazil, of discrimination, brutality in excessive force. on tuesday, the day before santos died, dozens of people were shot dead during a police raid on a criminal gang in rio de janeiro. shoshua complex up yes, another massacre in of her belly. it's truly shocking. we cannot allow it to be normal to the state and as of her valor and lees with 20 or more dead relatives of
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santos say he was unarmed and suffering from heart problems and skin. so prina, the federal highway police have open an investigation into his death was in a statement. they said santo's was actively resisting the officers who pulled him over. they immobilized him then used instruments of lester offensive potential to contain him. something was taken to the hospital doctor say he was dead when he arrived at the emergency room. the police officers involved have been suspended, but many in brazil, fear this may be another example of institutional brutality and racism within the police. monica not give al jazeera rio de janeiro. now abba remains one of the biggest selling ands of all time, but haven't performed live since 1982. until now. groundbreaking technology has re
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created this site and sounds of the stars, the fall carports from london. oh, back on the red carpet, all of the most successful bombs of in time. now in the seventy's, the swedish pot legends dissolved to years ago with a back on stage, with re materialized, digital full. ah, how to describe what it is? because nobody has ever done that before. it's just strange, wonderful thing. when those voices come out of those lips of those faces something very special, have the 1000 strong special effects team behind stall was use motion capture technology of the real life parties to turn back to fall from swarming or cancer. your fanny and frieda into digital avatars. of the youngest cells, or if they're being called up
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a toss the form alongside live musicians and it always feels a little uncanny. really, really magical what they, what they've achieved. i. it's like witchcraft, the fact that you can be on stage at the same time as you're out home walking the dog. you know, that was, that was intriguing. the producers of the event a so confident of its success. it's taken up residency in this purpose built abba arena. the event raises a whole load of questions about whether or not people would be prepared to pay up to $200.00 as they are here to see a less lead dri band in holographic form. and whether or not people are actually here seeing abba, or merely an abba apparition, smoke and mirrors sound and light. either way, reincarnating dead celebrities and bringing aging bands back from the brink is clearly a money spinner. how long is it just again, make and how and when is it becomes something that we recognize is in article life
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in world. frank sinatra, virtual leave performed 20032007 celine dion and elvis. perform together on american idol. i don't want anybody to see virtual avatars, so i think it'll be interesting in 2012, a holographic version of wraps are 2 facts, occur stunned audiences around the world. he'd been dead for 16 years. killed in the drive by shooting, not your thing, but how about buddy holly hill to the plane crash in the height of his fame or deceased or pasta? maria, tell us digital versions of the very much alive amber will go around the world until 2026. and who knows, it may soon be possible to down load your own hologram at home. we'll go to a gig with a set of earth helping the music industry was not millions to the ham demik piracy and i'm life streaming. we can pick profit from live, leap off out to sara.


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