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has become the frontline of a drug war, it to not afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. ah, the answer was an arabic. my name is hello. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured garcia. he came over with handcuff, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent deal mastery case on al jazeera. ah, it's time for the i c say to take action to send a clear message to these riley government and to all governments and modeling. just
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as for john les life out there, i media network seeks international criminal court action over the kenning of sharina blackly. ah, i'm mary, i'm the mozy in london. you with al jazeera, coming up on the program. grease accuses iran of piracy when 2 oil tankers are seized by tat ron weeks off to athens stopped a russian flag tanka carrying iranian crude. i got the national rifle association convention opens just 4 hours away from the texas town, relaying from a cost room massacre and aah! dodson queen goes digital abba's back on stage. but with a high tech difference. ah,
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ah, welcome to the program, our top story, the u. s secretary of say, antony blinking has spoken to the israeli foreign minister about the killing of sharina. our actually, the state department says he stressed the importance of israel completing their probes into killing alan fish as more in this now from the state department in washington. the u. s. has been saying for some time that they want to see the results of this investigation quite quickly and of course has added pressure know that the palestinians of carried out their own investigation. just remember, it's the usually millis military that are carrying out this investigation. the really military police decided it was not going to carry out a separate inquiry because they believed that no soldier had broken the law. so there is a great deal of pressure on the israelites from here at the state department, and also from the white house to make sure that this enquiry is conducted and conducted quickly. as we said,
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the palestinians carried out their own investigation. they are an absolutely no doubt that when sharon ucla was killed, that it was deliberate murder on part of the israelis know that the united states would like the palestinians to share the evidence with the israelis at the palestinians have in their possession the bullet that killed sharon, the at the release of asked for that to be handed over. the palestinians have said no, simply because they don't trust the israelis, they say that in the past evidence has gone missing or has been used to acquit the israelis, even though it pointed in a completely different direction. so that is why given that this report was released just more than 24 hours ago as that the at the americans are now putting pressure on the israelis to come up with a speedy inquiry. there's also the added question as well that a number of democrats, a significant number of democrats have asked for the f b i to investigate the killing of the journalist who of course, was
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a us citizen. but there's no sign that anyone here at the state department or the white house is pushing the israelis to accept an f. b. i investigation something that the palestinians and many in the international community would see a somewhat of an independent investigation into the killing. all the and sasha criminal court has a clear mandate to investigate israel's killing of palestinian john less as a war crime. it is according to john lesson lawyers who filed a cater like case last month, which has been expanded now to include the shooting of out. there is sharina black like she was killed this month while reporting in the occupied westbank and in bother reports. she did since last email to her jazeera news room and got her in a minute while lead alan murray al jazeera jerusalem bureau chief, talking about the moments before is ready, forces shot dead. his colleague on the 11th of may, janine, ah, this event brought together the people who lodged a complaint with the international criminal court in april and behalf of for
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palestinian journalists, killed or maimed by his ready fire, while clearly identifiable as price. now they're adding new names to the file. sharina blackledge, one of the arab world's best known reporters and her colleagues earlier. so moody shot in the back and injured moments before sharon was hit, one message came through loud and clear. at this event, there's no lack of evidence, but there's also new momentum behind calls for international action over israel's targeting of journalists and deliberately taught it. and it is a welcome to hover of the wall. it is the stuff into salvage objective reporting on the ground documentation of human life. that's why jennifer time. and that's why we say this case is a serious and i to see ought to be looking at the target in general in particular, as opposed to other civilian deaths. the case is being brought by the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate and the international center of justice for palestinians. while they say last year marked
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a turning point. when the icpc ruled its jurisdiction extended to the occupied palestinian territory. according to reporters without borders, at least 30 journalists, mostly palestinians, had been killed by his ready fire in the west bank and gaza since 2000. these ready armies never acknowledged any responsibility. how hopeful are you that the agency can down the line achieve any kind of justice for sharina and other palestinian journalists, given the fact that israel is not potty to the i. c. c, given it's track record of, of non investigation. pre trial chamber ruling and is very clear, the ice is his jurisdiction, criminal jurisdiction extends over the territories that we're speaking about. and that means that the i, c, c, prosecutor can issue a warrant for the rest of perpetrators. and then that has severe consequences for the individual perpetrator. whether that inside israel or not, ah,
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al jazeera is preparing its own dossier, which it will submit to the i. c. c. as well as sharina killing. it includes these radio striking garza that destroyed the offices of al jazeera and the associated price a year ago. on thursday, the palestinian authority says its own investigation established that israeli forces deliberately shot sharina barclays hitting her in the head while she was trying to escape. these ready medias reported that the military has no plans to launch a criminal investigation. the barber al jazeera london were in other development surpassing health ministry saying a teenage boy has been killed. i is ready for says zaden hammered. an aim was 15 years old. official say he was shot 3 times during a confrontation kind of a harder south of bethlehem. grease accused iran of piracy, after cease to quick oil tankers. iran says they were captured for violations last
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month, week authorities, these vessel carrying iranian quote off the quick coast, saying the ship's owners had russian lynx. the oil was then confiscated by the united states and to iran wants that oil to be returned. john serrato has asthma from athens drum. the great point of view. this isn't a tit for tat. they are saying that the radian seizure goes against fundamental rules of international law and seaborne trade. the greek side has alerted the european external actions, service and plans to get the european union fully involved in this and says that the incident is going to have a very adverse effect on e. you iranian relations, which obviously should be of interest and concern to run because the use heavily involved and talks that are trying to re cement the joint comprehensive plan of action of the iranian nuclear deal. that would lift those sanctions on radian oil effectively. so the european union often assigns to the greeks charges the greeks
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with sanctions enforcement operations on the high seas, often in the middle of the mediterranean. and that means that i think we'll be hearing from the groups in due course, a full justification that is legally bound about what they did with respect to that cargo. iranian crude oil, ah, america's biggest gun lobby is going ahead with a major convention. 3 days after 19 children and 2 teachers were shot dead in an elementary school in of all day texas protest as i've been gathering outside the convention center in the state's largest city, houston, where the national rifle association is holding its 1st meeting in 3 years. so my
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last president, donald trump, is addressing the convention taxes governor greg abbott has dropped down to speaking in person. and all of this is taxes beneath questions my how they handle the shooting. the benefit of hindsight, where i'm sitting now, that of course it was not the right decision was a wrong decision period. there was no, no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you from what we know. we believe there should have been an entry at that as soon as you can when there's an active shooter, but the rules change is no longer okay. it's no longer barricaded. so if we don't have time, you don't worry about matter printers. and by the way, texas embraces active shooter training, active shooter certification. and that that dog doctrine requires office. we don't care what agency you're from. you don't have to have a leader on the see. every officer, lines up stacks up, goes and finds what those rounds are being fired out and keep shooting until the subject is dead period. and texas governor greg abbott has been speaking from of
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all day texas, about his anger. over the way the police handled the shooting, the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. and i'm absolutely livid about that. and here is my expectation. my expectation is that the law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations which includes the texas rangers and the f, b r, they get to the bottom. but every bat, with absolute certainty, there are people who deserve answers the most. and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are accurate, and it is inexcusable that they may have suffered from any inaccurate information whatsoever. join now by john henry,
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who's at the national rifle association convention in houston, texas, where the former president donald trump, has been speaking, what he has to say. i well, the print, a president, read the names of each of the 19 children who were killed in that school shooting on. after each name there was gone. and the president said that none of the answers that in our re, demonstrators, like the ones who were all around me, you might hear them now. he said, none of those answers would work. he doesn't believe uncontrolled work. he says, mental health is the thing that needs to be treated. here's a little of what he said. for more than 150 years, the n r a is stood strong and tall in defense of our rights are freedoms. our families are law enforcement officers and our sacred liberties as americans. and together, we're going to be standing strong and tall for many,
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many years to come. i really do appreciate as incredible turn out. i want to express my tremendous gratitude to each and every one of the proud citizens here today. you are the backbone of our movement and you are the backbone of our country . you know that oh, yeah, the generate got a lot of criticism for holding this convention. 3 days after that, shooting in texas at the 2nd worst school shooting in the nation's history. there was a lot of speculation that maybe they should ended. i talked to a number of people including the congressman for this dick district, sheila jackson lee, who said they should not have done it and they wouldn't have if they had a hard for the man who was responsible for that decision is the ceo of the in our re, his name is wayne lapierre and here's what he had to say in a rather unapologetic speech. to quote the late president ronald reagan,
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we must reject the idea that every time a law's broken society is guilty rather than the law breaker it it's time to restore the american precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. and that's why we the n. all right, we'll never, ever stop fighting for the right of the innocent and the law abiding to defend themselves. there are thousands and thousands of protesters outside of the convention. more than i saw after the littleton, colorado shooting when they enter a held a similar convention nearby. then in denver, just days after that masculine, here we have thousands of people who are approaching the presence of the interact. if you hear a loud noise, as you see people walking out the door,
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that's because the crowd hears everybody who walks out of there they were treated. you were speech a little bit earlier, like one of their favorite speakers. again, control advocate who was running for the democratic nomination for the governorship here in the state of texas, beta o'rourke, here's what he had to say to what's wrong in crowd of thousands. what with do for those in power. and you old office right now and who are in the way and refuse to act, please promise to be you will get in their faces before another child is shot in their face. oh, there we also heard from the mother of the gunman earlier today. she said to
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reporters, she didn't know why her son committed is a grudge is act. she asked people not to judge him and she said to the all the good children who died in that shooting. * apologize, but the lingering thing that is really crohn's. it a lot of anger throughout the state of texas really throughout the nation. the u. s . today is this revelation that it took 78 minutes for police to respond. they say because they thought it was a barricade situation where the gunman had been isolated. that was clearly not the case. we know that from video from parents who heard the gunshots outside and asked police to go in. and yet with children calling for over 50 minutes, those police waited outside and came in 8078 minutes later. thank you very much shot henry, forcing tests on the national rifle association convention there in easton, texas, just days after that. shooting at the school in
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a while back without life from london or still to bring on the program has been shown can outrage in brazil after the death of a black man in the hands of police was captured on video and in columbia. people preparing to vote and a new president with welcome to your world's weather report. we're going to begin in southern china, however, one. so our seasonal rains have really been doing a number here, some spots over the past 24 hours picking up 100 millimeters of rain. i think much of the same on saturday. one dung fujian province is seen a lot of that. what whether now for japan fukushima prefecture on a honju, japan's main island, we did have landside warnings in play. those have now all been dropped as that intense rain eases,
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but still rain coming at you for whole cato. and then meantime for beijing, look at these temperatures. you're up to 36 degrees on saturday. now for indo china, intense rain falling for central and southern portions here i think we may see some flooding. we got to talk about australia, we're gonna talk about the next few days here now and saturday. not looking too intense, that we do have some showers toward the se. but let's put this forward to sunday. we're seeing this system wind up in the byte. so a lot of rain for south australia press play, see where this goes on monday. further toward the east, we're going to see rain, wind, hail, those snow levels will drop as well. and then meantime in the west, we've got rain moving into the kimberly region. that's likely going to cause some flooding and will land in new zealand, not bad on saturday, but your weather pattern will change as we head toward next week. that's it soon. ah. on counting the cost biden launches his plan,
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the u. s. economic engagement in asia. well, it towns at avenger, western capitals, ledge, billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will africa see a boom from the global scramble to methyl counting the cost on al jazeera from the for villas of correctness. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. lou ah ah, welcome back on main stories now. the u. s. secretary se antony blank and has spoken to israel's foreign minister stressing importance of concluding probes into the killing of ours there. a jealous sharina barclay, earlier
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a group of lawyers announced it will take the case to the international criminal court at hague. iran says it's easy to agree. oil tankers, they say, for violations. last month, week authorities seized a vessel carrying iranian crude. off the greek coast sang, the ships, owners had links to russia, and america's biggest gone lobby started its major convention and texas just 3 days after the countries worst school shooting. in a decade. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in the attack. now the united nations is wanting that 72000 people of the homes in the democratic republic of congo in the past. 8 days alone. government forces are battling fighters from a group known as m 23. and the east of the country. violence has spread close to the provincial capital goma since erupting late last week. i can web reports, ah, tens of thousands of people in the east of the democratic republic of congo have
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fled their homes in fear of their lives. in rome event, it was m $23.00 rebels, the tor chasing us. the m $23.00 rebel group is taken several small town. some of the residents of fled to neighboring uganda, others towards the regional capital goma churches in schools like this one over run with people seeking shelter. luna merger. we saw people being killed by stray bullets and those who could save themselves. here. the congress army has launched a counter offensive and be taken some of the territory. congo government says neighboring rwanda is behind them. 23, supporting it with weapons and soldiers. rwanda denies it the post, so we have the government don't believe that the m $23.00 rebels themselves have the military equipment which they claim to have on the grounds, according to the reports from our soldiers. this is why our suspicion of foreign support is confirmed. 10 years ago and 23 took control of swathes of east in congo
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. you and investigators said it was backed by rwanda. congress ami eventually defeated them with military support from the u. n. and other african countries. this time congos army has struggled to contain the attacks launched by m 23 over the last 6 months. both uganda and rwanda have been accused of fueling congo conflicts and looting minerals ever since they invaded in the 1990. a recent attempt to get the 3 president's together for talks and kenya's capital. my roby failed to produce results. the violence and humanitarian crisis growing, and the un says it's deeply concerned. malcolm web al jazeera, the killing of a black man by police is led to outrage across brazil, demonstrators of gallon in front of the federal highway police headquarters in south palo demanding justice for him. a video of the incident was shed widely on social media and just a warning that some, some people might funny images and monica dana cancer port disturbing. but it still
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got a thing to police officers pinned down as any voltages. we soon push a blackman bay say was resisting arrest, then the trap him inside the smoke filled trunk of their police car. oh look at that man there. oh my god, they're killing him inside the car, says one witness. video of the incident went viral on social media. protests have been held in his hometown in boulder in northeastern brazil, and shock and outrage expressed across the country. for years human rights activists have accused police in brazil, of discrimination, brutality in excessive force. on tuesday the day before santos died, dozens of people were shot dead during a police raid on a criminal gang in rio de janeiro. sha sheila complex with up. yes, another massacre and of her valet. it's truly shocking. we cannot allow it to be
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normal that the state enters of her valor and lees with 20 or more dead. relatives of santos say he was unarmed and suffering from heart problems and skin. so prina, the federal highway, police have open an investigation into his death in a statement, they said something was actively resisting the officers who pulled him over. they immobilized him then used instruments of lester offensive potential to contain him . something was taken to the hospital doctor say he was dead when he arrived at the emergency room. the police officers involved have been suspended, but many in brazil, fear this may be another example of institutional brutality and racism within the police. monica not give all just 0 rio de janeiro now to columbia people vera heading to the poles on sunday to elect a new president. a leftist is the favorite to win for the 1st time. that prospect
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is deeply dividing the country i was under on b as your reports on this now for margaret, tom heathen shall candidate and former rebel gustavo bay throws, galvanized millions, especially young voters by promising to change this deeply. unequal country don't be under the 1st 20 year old. is stephanie of them you decided to volunteer for petra's campaign after she was unable to pay for her college. during the pandemic and her parents struggled to keep their small shop open, boy not adamant to come home, it's been very difficult as a young columbian to live in such precarious conditions when it comes to work and access to health and education. and i believe that petro is betting on changing all of this. ah, last year she joined tens of thousands of other young colombians to protest against living conditions. they were some of the most violent demonstrations columbia seen in decades. the police track down only slain the discontented those outraged by the
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countries widening inequality before the protests had been very inactive, politically. but with all the injustices and killings, i could not remain indifferent. it was the desire pink to be different for us. it is backed by many poor and working class colombians, but viewed with alarm by business men and some middle class voters. they fear his plans to fall oil development, already distribute the pension funds to put economic stability at risk. this letter sent by the manager of one of the biggest mail companies in the country, urging suppliers not to vote for petro went viral last week. it says, pay through with put that risk private property and the freedom of enterprise in the country. a federal clause has also been added to a number of contracts this year, allowing the parties to scrap the deal. if the former get comes to power, you'll get the idea of this who runs one of the best known colombian fashion houses
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. if not hiding a support for papers mean rival for that he could have seen as a continuation of business friendly policies of praise. the they do care for you, but i prefer the devil. i know i've said many times in south america, the left has never been successful from cuba downward. that's the example. with more than 20000000 people living in poverty and rising violence, bolts show that 70 percent of colombians once change. not all of them believe faith or proposals are the right ones. but enough people could decide to give him and the left a chance. allison that i'm 50 under the and i will look at their main one of the biggest selling bands of all time, but swedish pops out of our haven't before me live since 1982 until now groundbreaking technology used in hollywood blockbusters as recreate the sights and sounds of the stars in the hey day, the bunker, a voice from london. back on the red carpet. it's one of the most successful,
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fanciful time. all now in the seventy's. the swedish pot legends dissolved 40 years ago with their back on stage, sort of re materialize, digital full. ah, they have to describe what it is because nobody has ever done it before. it shows strange, wonderful thing when those voices come out of those lips and those faces something very special happen. the 1000 strong special effects team behind star wars use motion capture technology of the real life artist to turn back the clock. transforming atlanta, bjorn benny and frieda into digital avatars of the youngest cells. or is they being cold apparatus the form alongside live musicians and it all feels a little uncanny really, really magical what they, what they've achieved. ah,
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yeah. it's like witchcraft, the fact that you can be on stage at the same time as you're out home walking the dog. you know, that was, that was intriguing. the producers of the event a so confident of its success. it's taken up residency in this purpose built abba arena. the event raises a whole load of questions about whether or not people would be prepared to pay up to $200.00 as they are here to see a less lead 3 band in holographic form. and whether or not people are actually here seeing abba, or merely an abba apparition, smoke and mirrors sound and light. either way, reincarnating dead celebrities and bringing aging bands back from the brink is clearly a money spinner. how long is it just a gimmick and how and when does it become? something that we recognize is in an article in the world. frank sinatra virtually performed 20032007 celine dion and elvis. perform together on american idol. i
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don't want it kind of funny to see some virtual auditors so i think it'll be interesting. in 2012, a holographic version of rap start to fax hacker, stunned audiences around the world. he'd been dead for 16 years. killed in a drive by shooting, not your thing. then how about buddy holly killed in a plane crash at the height of his fame or deceased opera star maria callas. digital versions of the very much alive abba will go around the world until 2026. and who knows, it may soon be possible to download your own hologram at home or go to a gig, the better vers helping the music industry has lost millions to the pandemic, piracy, and on license streaming, we could big profit from live acts leap off out to sarah london ah.


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