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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Episode 2  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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ah, al jazeera select teaching and you can watch out is in english, streaming light on like teaching channels plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries and destiny supports subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah. i'm mclaughlin to her with the top stories here on al jazeera and texas. police have emitted, they made the wrong decision by not immediately entering
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a classroom where a gunman had barricaded himself in. security officials have been criticized for waiting before confronting the 18 year old killer and 19 children. and 2 teachers were killed and choose to as you felt you sold the governor of texas. greg robert has expressed anger over the way the please handle the shooting. he says he was misled about their response. the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. and i'm absolutely livid about that. and here is my expectation. my expectation is that the law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations which includes the texas rangers and the epi, are they get to the bottom? americas biggest gun lobby has held a major convention, despite criticism over gun violence in the us, former president, donald trump, and senator ted cruz ramos. they're speaking to an engine. has mona from houston?
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what you're hearing right now is seeing those are members of the enter a convention coming out. and the voice is behind the camera, or on bridge it was earlier, more than 10000. i would say testers during every time and enter a member comes out. so what you're hearing right now is the response of the crowd outside to the crowd. inside. donald trump essentially said that there were no guns and really measuring who didn't help. you said that's what the left wants, but it wouldn't work. he did say he mourned for those people who died and he mentioned every name of all the children, but our history people were offended that this convention went on 3 days after 21. people were gun down that school in this state. i talked to the congressman in charge of this district, sheila jackson lee and she said he didn't want this to happen. she asked the inner a not to hold it, but they held it anyway and it's going to go on for 2 more days. but meanwhile,
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the real anger is directed not just here at the n r, a convention at least investigation. and the fact that they did not go in early enough to save more children. the grease is accused thereon of piracy, after it sees to greek oil tankers, iran says that they would capture violations. the move appears to be a retaliation for an incident last month. that's when greek authorities detained the vessel carrying a radiant oil. same the ship's owners had rushing links at a rate in oil was then confiscated by the united states. pro russian forces, say they taking control of the strategic ton of layman, ukrainian and russian forces have been fighting for control of autonomy to next can east in ukraine for several days. the killing of a black man by police is led to outrage across brazil demonstrate as have gathered in front of the federal highway. police had called us in south power, the money justice for the man video of the incident which had widely on social
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media. all right, you have state with headlines, more news here and out there right off to the father, the son and the she had ah, what was no, no no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with them. when you look at me, when you get to me, i just need you to whom and ya today and we're going to, you will be set up for me . i'm a lot of fun at the book. if you're the one i don't
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want me shooting off the edge of the ah okay. ah, i bought a whole bunch dumpy myself
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off by nadine and on don in him. why in the model of law viani him one along. 6 with the course of the whole law. well cornel pohden said, what did i wonder, get on my side of the side of it? you bet the connection after much did manager will name him, but me, boom, hubble tween. i mean how you mean my yet im good line? i couldn't wait a hello monica. i said you are one in law might see him either though i be don't i'm a dell. what i tell from him i had why shouldn't attack then you are in
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a vehicle that i mean, i've played on doll did one year mom just she of in the board. they won't burn pneumonia down won't be super bowl volunteer mo fees. but the tools in the balsam lim plaza may continue that unit with. mm hm. i know i'm feel i'm older. she's the best time. i guess she's never been. you'll see again, visually. dish fs on really mute. hardy gal dash ah, it's always tough. but to keep you up to call montana and i know she took that in. so my old v on a sample in jiffy. i'm put you through. not done that issue
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with see all of it all good. i'm good on it for me. it up, but yeah. or do i do with john? did as you do, john? but i want to go either. the chick boy is gordon. is it? what do you? he's a roller if you're just you did all i know i that it but it's all for years. i love it. yeah, there were no, i didn't have a buddy
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. i samples on the road is a i e, l e b, a c is on the, you know, on a, a, a, b, b, a g, a a, a
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a y a u. why not? with a
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yellowish wood shop. i'm not looking to make sure i said i y a u l l a. 1 guy, good, lucille, i love. i love you unless you have a young man and then follow the one who doesn't want that. he's got any of that. i go what, what do you want to look at the long what i would like to idea. so the whole
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about giving it to them how long, but i don't and i also gave them a piece of to did on the i don't, i don't know when i me and the little for over a lot 4th on just get on because i was here or did this idiot it is on of lopez? i wanna ship a follow up a little bit of a bad job. a wheel lock
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with lead. with one more people move in, you know that anthony della. i say you have a black. i love you. go just go, look here i will do. are you good? i know it's going to come just he then a law bob to not come out. i'm sure you will know. i know a lot of people come here luckily and you don't like in the machine. it was more on a disk. yeah. vehicle is on the elevator. we had a handle on he's on this you diesel, roco new. please don't do a news. i don't need lubano l v. i don't have to walk to that. yeah. i don't live on so they sent me a hell he's got the dc duty that gilmore
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to let you know, he did the problem. you get involved with we the exterior made it did to still come in on that until you know, little math book. i got yeah, in on anybody. i'm immediately the fmi bob could that it could be made that they did immediately brought up on monday. a got to eat more sunday, monday, and so it, well it have easy, did to a, a, with
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a late in gwinnett, they still do with them as well. but did a just with which was that was on to me. yes, they have it i, we have the had made it to this off the bad. it started to play a form of claire and warm blanket born at her teams, a chef i previously left. and i think by the
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national beth m. o said for her to negotiate a lease as you can. yeah. what about is on the dash itself, what i think you think yeah. got you. yeah. he is not on the the to he if his dash dollar is you wanted let more because i pretty kid these long lap belichick the dice. ah, it is an ugly outage. how additional is shanda north elephant?
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seeing that as soon as it could you get a life with a community mccarthy. dollars. fee. medina? the been is 50 feet a d b. i mostly mean a gemma woke up their own and then well, what were you called there? oh no. well, you are the woman that she had that to you, but i'm a young lady that been ish. i mean, how would i, i'll college. but i was, i would say that, but i know some of the staff a
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kid of young kid all simon know. and she can come a little, but for hopefully it up will be less younger. i said, exist. ah, a shipple fellow judges you for you see ball my bromley miss, i will buy the of luciano combat leaky at elite leave. you didn't know me in melbourne lose any of you know said middle care. pardon me, i'm his own said, said m also doing what shack for a name, old fee she sees hipaa recompense back in for me this on the on people of it. mohammed so seldom gonna lean asked weaver
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mercy, loud heroes. shake them up at me if they can. the shadow i yes, she said up to honda is a little bit of water and he is on said so on doors or did you or didn't with dca they did of don't hold what order. who will know more burma paid up here shortly. but he does he markley at your local and gandhi continues until she had a good ear mom, back on minute thoughts were so she ah see, jackie, this should be ship escalated that that i sat program
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a you need to see buffy bases. so cities, janet, ticket and back t, then it's me, give her a cause in a job in a still got it. if they say live without either a bud, either a buddy or houses had just got it on the theaters. got it any day or half as i said, not i said, ah, a voice as he told me, i must see in danville to democracy, sage all he saw a young comedy john cillian. ah woman you this was on t v o collins chicken will show them fog. it's chris i with he had let you get the
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irish and a successive with savory made at the bar. second demanded asian it should. yeah, i had a book keith, the um. portal may live on it, okay. um bottom, come on, the company shows the work and con the on these 2 are a not shall the good you feel on don't sure. 40 geeks, you savvy, is sort of deal sick, which was exodine on teach it the exam belong a she? 80 d, the boys are sticky of a j o. new law firm basket beatitude about it. you're the head of you said
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a vision of yampa. it actually it here on for so long on play on the guffy to do got song county to get a dante post hall sit down on the gay kimmy lee. cathy, it's chris, can your come so? no, my son, lucille williams. and monday we, if you molly, they are, we need a fee on a volume food. if you could call me if you ha, we should redeem the edge of it to buffy. i leave all policy, it will really measure the nfl of excel city together. do a console. one is good to feed of 2 rod if she could with going if her like you to is there me only saw tempt you don't song a p. m a show images kitchen while me to wash and i'm sad, they can care. i lost,
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you can continue focusing on that heat basket to happen. what the dislike, contingent a big she'd you know what she says she see on that so that be awesome. i still fancy so that but also see that would be sydney. she fairly book a step by step. i mean you money question when you don't promise it shows the stand on the commission, the men on a g, j division, mom. but the girl made a problem, but she did buy the monkey on part of the british dump out today to ya. have a good day. you for a job. she became a family party when a hobby shouted. lucy, john breeder that make a demo dean on a roku new lease,
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a lease region one with dollars also and the lease loans. yeah. east potty, get barley. pope. agency companion got on a brief live text or don peak a, a should have a issue with constant call. you, can you send me on the, with the book because you're calling your call of course, with all the only mean. i'm just expecting you to one them off by saying i yeah, she it, they all come with a to see more sense unit. a
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teacher she taught with kamisha got about call her, the flash came, is going to have to clean, don't take us to come with a soil. can someone give me a call as well? a so you know, see, and you call me call kick. i'm in. glass is so plenty of alice and e. oh yeah. let me say winter can. he's presented with i says to me, if you are at
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a book it did pop on don't. did to lee gordon mar up. you could you give if you on pause, as you go more the burglar. a jeep pony teak more because in it, by a certain party in said, dick ah, just took it off for the 2nd thing was came in dawson, musky city in the back. he's all then call kitty able to show nan john equal bed feel really yawn. this was not and if it tomorrow. yeah. if it during the song or it will have a good dog. good. you know that he just, you, he, a counselor formula is and of all minute office on these, this is only normal shoulder,
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a little more of word that some i guess she either veto. she likes the thesis with when get her initials missile bagley you know, safe safety a more place by say they like to suffer high in tunic with the city. i'm. i don't, don't, can't grimaldo mine wasn't in my previous to like, on the statelamic point on that or want been counting defeated? either failure or not. so mcdonald coolies were toity, so we didn't conform. good either. so you're about to nail down the code. you go to negotiate your something goes on a diagram, whiskey is it's a version it, they're both wrong. dog dooley, the die majors have, if you won't, fiercer as you day is. he says, can't all that, that he, that may be healed. these in the, of a bang, keep on on, can you or is he did not
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a gone whiskey with it? if a prison you poly foster, so again, i'm gone, but as he was not it, he said he's a neat so with some decent he said mm hm. and he said with the answer to this is to do you mean vickery q is easy to dr. eugene, cause uncle hoops can use this. will a pre kiki, a sound good? yeah. plus should the level you don't to sit equal that involve a deputy who? tooth and and then rule. i let me merge. not he fell on the adobe suite. more copy of what i don't want you to coordinate it. they did add on t v that cause we had the one numbers on won't say, can you go new z shall asian a bad don't need down for my show. i bought, he's got her letter a little guy. we want we won a she bossy could chevy blazer dick ibt me l as mom. what about like last that you as a diesel b?
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believe i got see if i was at the delivery chavez bow. we sell 10 more, we are not only showing me more. ne, i puzzled, and i don't. genetics, prosy. many, many italian stephanie ill on an appeal on the on air on a sweeter do on al jazeera as was his invasion. the supreme approach is the $100.00 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you, 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in europe, in museums today. the g 7 m nato, hold key summits with the water ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture, examines francis struggle to live up to itself were claimed. ideals of liberty,
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equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies. i'm male biting oppertunity for countries to secure their spot for cut out 2022. june on al jazeera, every year in china and estimated 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents, one 0, one east. follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children. on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of and networks janice on al jazeera lou mclaughlin to help with the substrate here in al jazeera and the texas police have admitted they made the wrong decision by not immediately entering
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a classroom where gunman had barricaded himself in security officials have been criticized for waiting before confronting the 18 year old killer 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in houston. you felt the soaps, the governor of texas. greg, robert has expressed anger over the way the police handle the shooting. he says he was misled about their response. the information that i was given turned out in part to be accurate. and i'm absolutely livid about that. and here is my expectation. my expectation is that the law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations which includes the texas rangers and the epi, are they get to the bottom. americas biggest gun lobby has held a major convention despite criticism over gun violence in the united states protested, gathering outside the convention center in the state's largest city of houston. for
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president donald trump and senator ted cruz were among those speak. just headline spec now to the father, the son and the g. ah, [000:00:00;00] a view to what he said to what the hell said to put up with me.
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a shooting avita philistine ah. oh, a fuse all than he own falls. gfc mr. all the own defend themselves within the benefit of yen machines with libya. b and good. you don't imply that good said the little thumbs. v did he did me? did you bus? cuz you the p. paula ye, down the concert g a. p o. bobby b, e. e. g. well at harvey,
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he it down for ye as thickly danya. she is. more did he know? he won't be on dorothy to keep on dot beth you keep a demo. can go flop one as he pulled in and says, you owe me a 112 ankle. so he was his he 0 thought of you. good name is jamal dixon. bubbles in on. bah. eh, did you do a yale? yeah. on. if he invented must get will sanford good aveena? usually for dr. lang and pull her up humbly glen donna, he could on soft perform a demand whiskey. jonathan acc. when you left, sam?
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yes. nicholas sank. he's carry renika. clinton. just re amuse you. mander calling my son, i, he v, ad z, postal approval, even any plan to fall, any slammed to please a comical. i think it was one, not a little below issue with, with you, not thought it was. so did you back to school for easy if you have a the new school boys use it? did you school is tony mod chelsea new stem origin walk on the number 2 good fury robin keshawn divorce. i didn't know what we know, man, i'm not the semitic of them. the same old kiss. will you city these as fast do has to last your hallelujah, the particle image. don't lebowski frequencies. she'll be doing more a by some pavilion themes, your perception. so again, while i select that, you're going to be a to shift your side b. and while i see that otherwise a total, the physically to new mila diddy funded by sam.
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oh, method to where i next. yes, the be cynthia mooney. i know we met them at the pest can keep on this if you break and i will have the piano. ah, you were a book and he said the force of icy bushy, the more. but we didn't mod saddler p. old ross. they a brute does. they have quality eco malls will do it but booked it. fuller, she did, she already shoot me, a white poly bonsa down of one c as in many on don levy. best any additional sooner known. did i, lady, she didn't do enough halls in a 2nd more liberal with some of those countries you didn't get paid 1 dollar more than yeah, i'm showing that you had a company for me and on his own. so we do more in his own said dealing
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with about you know, digital d, v v was, he'll give her medicine all policy on, on glee, a bus. so my yell when the alley of law on one do me sang song see to way. yeah, it'll be and he's on do use it with the fair all the case cuz have with you a built in the pony will only afford the shoe. somebody or she was i think a fundies to call could occur q of us when you slump latimore. i talked to joe, you, but what he really devoted are to avoid is that he to do, let me she to leave it on the top of it. so no postpone room possible to do who so what would you you think she was wanting to? sure and talk
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a shifted to set them up declaring what did i study a got can people get v got again key mall, k school v he had a boss. i don't think is john did. edu. wouldn't go i see that he was on you know kid fee. how did it be me got song with i lose a shift did it yet, but when i've been live brady dot oh lawn you'll watch or do come on. don't quite young own bob. bob. good at ben. go dad. on a beak. good dante,
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pit bulls. yo, me, i'll put her p a. he it is on a sunday, dont go out a on a g o. b says, you know, it did a lot. i did is angela. most young chinese that i will be with them a hey, michelle asia with no no hold cover over went to the america learn, i might add on a or one of them. tis you know, not your rec. lambert thought you might want the most to probably don't come will period of his out let me know how he either almost law or mother all we're looking at as him is at home with idaho and me and thought about, you know, 51st a kind of what i did linda film, how did i am, what do i don't watch it?
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it is all it doesn't come with me. one moment you mom, how you wanted much of a whole good cover that if you either the either we to be a happy with all bill me on does she didn't provide my muscles. i them whoever is your read would are you good? yeah. she can actually do it, although we deal and i body to i do, she said to re but guess what? that she does that mean a leak, a little bn de la vega, one emmy up while that calling a lee lee lee lenoir peter. there may do even a clunky and downtime me, sal. good day. also. she was every album don't live or 3rd year when i me no,
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never bob on going in with a deal for naveen connor or you're a con route or, or to re allies. we have to do it. are moran with or bench? your mom all share. best sam. all hold on. are you doing normal share? best sam do? yeah. he does textual media teach. it is even more only that don't. and you will see if tom or luca model must today, dss, uni bar. do fools will not used to mention a solution. you cannot do it on the coupon. the diesel on these, you can see how did you see you see, she knew was really back. he on the install was rhonda and some of the leather. we will roll a shorter coord approval. go to put the goodness to do she know dude called of us would i think he or she was on look here and push me to
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a door for you to more or to to the packages shown sticky just yet. it will be yes . i be clearly listed with some have been that then said they were yes, it a call. so good. if you want any let on that much of a bug going to come on thomas road city and her own at united it did a little more unique. one damage, all dollar eat, it was a little while later on country and they, we, we start the last as soon as you come out on us, i would say like, a victim law or the law elliptical problem. let's do it later on to let's do play with the school. it was a kid who, who sort ocoee po najia me, luggage on called police in me to proceed to receive that yet the only got while we are in a great you, if a by city see fair, if we're body still leg reserve to use all solid proposal ok of the $240.00 she to monopolies order. come so. so a lot of 1st korea we or we are to your costume, the law to siri. what would brazier cooper at? austin has put in a reasonable guess. shores of stock. tony called reba re
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a comment because i need to please only tell you more. there it is all about thought i guess in italy for the on basic a doctor decision palace. yeah. yeah. the decision tallow poolgan you're lucky with alan. ash a dish with apple. ne cache on my cam unit, you'll notice that you'll go to the body of any, any know that you photos back. yeah, be, should be me, glad or machine unplugged engine yet. electronical resident, the main job, the job on a combustible differentiates is with ecology. i mean that that's out all internal. there are quite enough level 3 policy. nancy, do see the new camera pulled out or find out any data? a lot of them in a shock italian, the girl news of all i had the new mil do. delta you down or hop. casket excel seemed like little you know, or share by samar, please, or have a cafe is all add that in your strongest libya. john morgan, v, who's authority,
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tell you at all. so we'll have to do is to pick the homes vitalia with quality tooth, demi hall, la city, or more? yeah. major food, keep us you for j bruno c, ha, ha, ha. broad. see about her city. but did you tell yankee who offer a 30000 newt, call this i saw that in mind with a water bill w. did you do it go for a year? you too man or he was if it comes with me on has is i don't her at back i've you shall lose a sick. i'm psych said that faith in we knew when i saw my children, you should met on the daily. yeah. coffee army. it may not do jose on please an elevator p. he more so decreased that back to me and so you don't always keep cook . i did that downtown hoss, let them play,
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hold on to what he say 1st. and then marcus shows the kitchen grandma, my grandma came avec idaho. when i did click on that if call and if i still able, how about on thursday, quick to dash off and that it be inefficient here. when else is in the press when i have to tailor the maximum limits? yeah, let you fiance fountain, clinical vascular latin dylan plot. no. okay. and you would also like a dog and i will. no, no, no, no more promotion about oh ha ha ha on even these are the origin. mm. i yackino. net i don't at least up at lexi mama shake. are you gonna say levy city on? and of course, they can see that the fellow, the body,
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a bed nearby leverage off of the 2nd month. it was going to the luck with everything. he's going that max and alex is all fair, past pleasant, new p. o. boy, you know, in your book guess and on said the 15 and on top of that he's on the list. sekoya, cheryl bass m c u i. louis, i think in the po, have i did it now just to laura donhauser is italian. soon with a de la here in
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la la is under. can count with her sister. so sure. any slammer may sound like when you get me know keyona calling alicia in case have been madame lulu in could have been madame social. let me check in, in an envelope. if you're on a semi or at the bomb body. if you zoom it down there we don't live is all the more daniel dudley got down. j a mega moment thought hipaa. but you know, cecil gutsy was you. we was, you know, he does show with louis advise you my bob bob
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with allied lehman. barbara, how your mom a dana wonder was he me get on with him again. it's a while when does he get up haunted? her mom, dad, did the van ponce. oh, my goodness. awesome. who's holding a guest will go more. oh sure, sure monsieur. she was home, most likely because she didn't feel a po feel lou do do do her crew to can you can she sure for the june, for his all we're usually to hardcore by the door. they caught or feel going for the been all do of your crew. no more. your tribute passions notorious for putting this all fish. it was all feasible. default device blue is also the shape of some
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even more you about latrecia. ah, there are through her all senior jihad camila saying, you know, my chair, her dentist, them they knew that was all the say. le, schwab may effect. you might immediately give up a bachelor, g adds up by the font or b. is it a preschool mean? guess john coleman to stay off it? cuz that happened casa ology, muslim occupation is remarkably the man that my lad in america. his, her last me hello. hello leslie. my, you'll get a this. yeah. you know me a will be a little bit more here for us to just me at to continue to get
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a commodity because it's usually me hit with do sir. john kid they are, they can read the diesel news on his own phone. no. don't refer the other man. i will i just don't j o v a. this on the end of the right man committee, the them insured on the news on this order. it says on phone. of course it is on to build you ah,
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michigan you desantis ah ah, i'm a tom will save my bed up the law if yourself was song blood so to the fun, she kissed it off either in the most bare, bare ha. related to ship. i can exclude your ear on clinic bustling that thought. did a clear shelf on jump approval. go to the funds. imagine should have been if she hipaa the top to bottom engineer edition. did you get to proceed with kathy engineer. spec about in your local. she's the
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design will get charged. you bossa come up with you, santibanez will, could you been they do mile as you build you more broad to what it was that don't did it on been multi of the belong ball. who was only going to, i said, you just your body or a deal. is it still amused, given, and you don't want to use your theory? a is on the policy in a bond. what to euro? no matter. canton are cleaner. what year is it? here? i'll talk to me will sell to be sure that he more doin or 3 v r v. they live on wonder. it is all up we say years are exploiting. this was out there was
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amalia and home. but please feel free to leave shock. she knows herself all morsel a day as an amendment me porno movies. abdur rahman or la bill a ball. how job the agricultural design gonna lead really london waffle? will it be a multi from shower lodge if you leave for soft here is use it until the non dissimilar here. the marquis from a continental 1000000000 under the sheer
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through v q n telephone. decided that i sent you a quick look all the abdullah, ma'am, a live call the to seek or van. oh hello job. she's going to block going hello. literally they are a in a we're lisa index. alcoa mini. i'm been doing it. he own up. he did a deity on as you disorder, go this a little also became oliver. if you needed to like what did he, he, it, and we live in, you did a,
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a super peak home. so do they. but you monkeys will never paid it on business to them. it will be here to she 40 hush with about if i lie in it was like now man and i do not have actual sheila, i thought they piano would she say more? who it is a hotel on noah or 2. so it's good to saw over up in hailey hailey move law nevi. let
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it sit there. it towed here that they didn't was on sit on a comp with to be or not to be a shit from a shakespeare. not a g a. could you swap dwaa a be daddy? i'm about to head out money with peak about some of your chevy liquidity. if we do something late,
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i don't know. do them is with ah, the blue and vicious blue artistry adventure short documentary,
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spry african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. billy allan minium village throttle queens. this is when really good to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera the let's go with your weather report for the americas. this fun feature is a lot of rain, in fact rainfall warnings for candidates. quebec province extending into new brunswick and i think we may also see some rainfall warnings for nova scotia and newfoundland. a lot of rain coming your way. now further toward the south, also for southern florida may see some bursts of intense rain here. but otherwise, things are pretty dry and temperatures are on their way up. that includes for the desert southwest, but another push of some pacific rain is moving in. we see that in northern california. and we may see some flooding somewhere between washington state and
4:59 am
oregon. with this next system, moving in temperatures are below average, including a candidate, vancouver at 16 degrees. we may have a hurricane on our hands over the weekend, off mexico specific coasts. it's throwing a lot of rain into acapulco on saturday with a high 34 degrees top end of south america. we've got our seasonal rains here, but some intense stuff for that northeast coast of brazil and for the pacific coast of both columbia and ecuador. also line of thunderstorms rolling through paraguay into the southeast to brazil, chilly air around the river plate region. months of the dale, 14 may even cease. i'm single digit temperatures as highs over the next few days. 1000000000 shilling indeed. ah, any v o p and ours to grat tend communist rebel only to be disappeared. her family's tragedy entwined with
5:00 am
a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood you see is that going to be my blood on? that was a lifelong search for answers and closure. finding salaam, witness on al jazeera teaching. now you can watch out to say we're english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah . of course it was not the right decisions around the city. police and taxes admit


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