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tv   101 East Chinas Hidden Children  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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abba will go around the world until 2026, and who knows, it may soon be possible to download your own hologram at home or go to a gig, the met averse, helping the music industry. this last williams to the pandemic, piracy at unlicensed streaming. we could big profits from live acts, leave boca, out to 0, london, archaeologists and peru have unearthed an old cemetery believe to hold the last 3 inca rulers, excavations at lima, san andreas hospital. the 1st to be built in the city began in 2020 as part of the areas restoration project. at least 50 sets of bones so far have been found. experts are searching for 3 income mummies of the last 3 rulers of the inca empire . their remains were thought to be brought to the city during the 16th century. ah, this is sandra 0 and these are the top stories,
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texas police have admitted they made the wrong decision by not immediately entering a classroom where a gunman had barricaded himself. security officials have been criticized for waiting before confronting the 18 year old killer. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. and tuesdays you've all day assault. the governor of texas greg abbot has expressed anger over the way the police handled the shooting. he says he was misled about their response. america's biggest gun lobby has held a major convention just hours away in houston, texas, despite criticism over gun violence in the u. s. former u. s. president donald trump was among those to address the convention grease, his accused iran of piracy, after it seized 2 greek oil tankers. iran says they were captured for violations. the move appears to be in retaliation after greek authorities detained the vessel carrying iranian oil last month. that oil was then confiscated by the united states
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. as the headlines, the news continued here on al jazeera after one. 0, one east. me the what. what do we need to know that on this? we don't need to be here with the book and i'm just gonna put them to me. i can also give you a list of can you open the home and yeah, today and we're going to be reset as well. they sent me a lot of them, a lot of people keeps going to see me when i know
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how i mean, i mean i shooting them off and on counting the cost vital launch as his plan for us economic engagement in asia. well, at pounds are china's and current in the region, western capital ledge, billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough? and will africa see a boom from the global scramble to methyl counting the costs out of it. and i live in china, tens of thousands of children are abducted every year in divorce cases, the culprits their own parent. i know sierra
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now, and i do that no matter what. back in the ga bar heights is on wabash or time also when chinese couple of separate abducting and hiding a child is a common tactic to win custody with little legal recourse, the other parent places in impossible situation with a hi, let me tell dr. hall powers you until you draw hetzel holloway, you've our chance you shall. what the giant it's in a drawn pat archer. look, we've had a series of room for 5 years. what your doctor do? you fall pulido for the lives of the auction. one or one east investigates child abductions in china and meet the parents desperately searching for their children.
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charles joan foley is the mother of a 5 year old boy. but the only signs of him in her begging apartment are these photos and a handful of toys. she only sees him on a video call once a week or the has a shes that are the are union that are you are heartbeat they thought. so he sends out what the leader, i tell you what you should, mitchell. i should then join a ship. you better what be would you have an alley? ah, ah, ah, ah, who tit ah, ah, ah,
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ah! on the morning of february 2nd 2021, john fung hugged her son and left him in the care of her mother in law. her husband had filed for divorce and they had a court hearing that day. but when chung fun returned home, her son and her mother in law were nowhere to be found. now strictly to fight on public tura what you're no go, you lot are a can only $1.00. she's younger. what dilation were use outlook. you had the linda with the one me was at the has a who'd be desert. yeah. she, she called the police, but she was told there was nothing they could do because it was a family matter there. after 5 months of searching, relatives told her that her son was with his grandparents, insures y'all more than 400 kilometers from beijing. she went there to confront my rug, along with
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the sun was driven away that day. it was the last time she saw in person close or general partial. she mailed back. what sean or what the missing told that devastated young fung returned to beijing alone. her father shall jim don't now lives with her. he's laugh on what you want her to what. what was she when you hook? projected on to the hook of america when she bought from one of your units when twitter. so we went to the fall semester don't don't watch chung tries calling her estranged husband again in the afternoon. this time she's
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able to talk to her son. oh. 6 w o w o. just as i see young coma wish local good man as well. sure. man, i clicked on bob. bob bobbo shatoya. gigi, me me jingle mama, his answering machine. ah, oh canadian is up new. 2 didn't funny, that's all you do for al facilities and k t. m b dido chunk. well, good. he's hung util either. john? one guy would you have the vin number triggered dorset? would you the 100 shoot die? why should interchangeable dental hygiene again? you. ready to the loo, casey's ha, ha, ha, danger one,
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do the toys on the ship? oh, wilcock leah with cindy. we mean the elegant episodes into the interstitial. oh, which was i, cbs, from food to woodson. what be me out about wish? what you could do without baja? bureau shall buy with a city to know who partially bizarre says that the a city, the chinese authorities have long considered a parent hiding a charm from their spouse. a family dispute so far, not a single case against a parent abducting a child has been accepted by a chinese court. chung phones only hope for reuniting with her son is to win custody rights by filing for divorce. however, as passed, cases show, the parent with the child is usually awarded custody with
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a highly battelle doctor. ha, ha ha. until you draw hazel holly where you found chancey shot when the giant is in a drunken article with alison with waterhope. i fear what your doctor. d fall clearly to hor, delilah. fountain. no sir, we are true. geology. got phone. see your fatty or what? yars as our st. john panel one shows it. took it. and you, john, i should you bring jobs hides job, or my al sadi or my should your thought new dot opium, julia social dance. how long this is for when the new super could hear them. gene is chung funk lawyer and an expert, a marital law. she regularly, she has video as on social media to help women learn about their legal rights for the number of children being a doctor to buy their own father or mother has arisen in recent years based on chinese court records, ging estimates 80000 were abducted in custody disputes in 2019
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trying. honda jogging caea gall. ah shirts. home food you the new scene, sir? 0 down. nice. yeah. the it's acting down. rhonda beatrice hazel aliana shield. osha, nice in that jacket. oriental. the sway thou to hi ali. when i said hard your shirt, you be shall gwyle, and he is on your hala hazel national, warm as yadda. we're down, there you go. this, her corners you're gone, we're the wheel her to go try and what the gwinnett or grand child wants, how new new the jiggle then he and that she didn't, that is in yet the devilish were fancy. when i was actually down in session, we're down to your la global fight. you at cindy's, on the to lee, how are you seem hacked? you should say use of ami a yoga which will young 3 it's i the, when the sure hall, if we don't you had your was home when you go and the how do you get your well ah
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well chung at least get to video call her son another mother zang, the me, isn't so fortunate. it's been more than 4 years since her life was torn apart after then you separated from her husband, his relatives snatched her son off the street near her home in song joe said said i should be insured. i see no answer though because she's back as i can. the easiness of these cctv 40 shows the moment the 2 year old was abducted or by that a hide that they saw she lo sat sample time and you know sierra now niger down there a matter or back not in a judge about heights is home or bash on bouts of the houses or tallow shout, hollins, you shall have voice on has a beta bio damsel lung up over the next 4 years. the new never got to spend time with the sun. as her father continued moving him round,
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sinise husband finally agreed to a divorce in 2020. the court awarded him custody rights on the grounds that the boy had lived with his father for a long time. since he finally discovered her son was in shanghai, when she saw a photo taken on his birthday, she immediately moved to the city and track down where he was and where he went to school. senior waste outside to some school gate every morning and afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of him from a distance now and now he number shows and you got my and i bill show you a crazy ha ha ha ha ha. why? the above i ended up giving a wanting to not change and then don't wait a thought or the grandmother wish or the what was it about is to wait on. this was
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something mail. so maybe a day now you have my money and i go in what it, how do i cannot? and i had on my for was handed and how that was this of the old with males with ha, ha, ha ha. once when senior trying to approach his son after school, her mother in law and sister in law intervene a fight broke out in front of the school. day. i met with him. he's angel now. when was he? has a business manager come hide, they they had thoughts, he had me had them put social with bank of america. after witnessing the scuffle,
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many other parents become sympathetic, dizzy about when they drop off their own children. they keep track of with on last come to school in a buffalo, you and your team down. i need to know who is that i have a pinball with what's out, what i was on the voice of who was i was and had to go with. we are just not gonna use it in 60 percent of cases. it's fathers who have dock children, and usually those taken a boys under the age of 6 sons are traditionally favored in china because they carry on the family bloodline down. so i was in one hi a tom, translators. it, those sons as high as a teen, tentative candle to the hides, it was issued. so until she did
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a back li out you book any gdc on? did you do the hi. this is your hotel or pin to wait. i saw a job was abn. it isn't that far for now, john had to has his usual order, religious judah, the lat heights, that i have powerful. now just as you can judge, tubal, now im with now what can you do? sure, sure. whiteside some larger. unable to see your son at school, the contacts, the all china, women's federation, a government organization that supports women's rights a
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doug hodges id or any some kind of answer those. hello hey, that was answered on hand. sorry johanna, in the middle of about marla will now with they don't know. i don't know what you're allen. i called are. they still have their cell because her husband refuses to communicate. it seems the women's federation, the school and the neighborhood committee are all unable to help cindy re unite with her son. and so she decides to take matters into her own hands. she's come to a husband's home to try to talk to her son anthony, the down that you gave him the banner tommy's i have your your, your door. here's a godaddy putting of our weights in our booking that you say that in depth or
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fuller was that the management of what he does well? so that'd be for him. my put her in a dangerous and unpredictable situation. earlier attempts by phony to visit her son at home in the dim violence and assault but it's no use. there's no response and senior is left with little choice but to leave without seeing a thumb. back in beijing chung funds, husband withdrew his divorce filing in october, 2021. chung fung has now decided to far for divorce herself to try and get custody of her son. she they knew for sure with our has a bit desert sand. we sure don't care much as as alley trying really so. sure. you have one. yeah. la liens. oh it's yeah, mikaela shall pleasure. challenge the a she is a was easier back. how funds that what the talent talk our sins ours you look
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aaliyah to shall your should goldfish no. john john vallario cow shipping the sho. get in there. john. paula john gala. so to get them l a bag, a hot su on them go hood disney junior union. mayo den north palo to help and i some i see its a lot better. shes asher vac. don't tell you what i see as the marshal. so he says, do savannah, that will energy holds him the better to mat taskbar. yeah, i suppose that's which hook, there's a camera move, libby, and cindy to reduce whoa, whoa, shamia me, dental of dental work at the kaiser. when you leave my son, samuel joe bishop, mamma, come up with danson. she will one 0 one her fighting a mule wall from the okay. to commence with her until recently stability was a key factor. the court considered when granting custody this made abducting a child. a common tactic. a legal amendment in june 2021 band parents from snatching children in custody dispute shell chunk phone and her lawyer gene. a
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hopeful that she may now have a better chance of being reunited with her son. had say toys, the use of all what are you all those she said basil. it's all on the 20 tricia. if i, if on the day that iraq, that's how you to high the lights were tricia, you will to at least on the you go tricia, so you got, she'll hi fi doing that. whoever you go to hoodie adoptee and john lied to me. i bought one of the tree lead. now what match was ideally even uses him had shoot 20 elliptical empty, coupled that's your father at home. what i. yeah, you have the day before the hearing chung fung visits jean's office to prepare. i do so on the t, nancy, on the me take that video, nancy and alma ha ha ha ha may joel trula. we see a should he drew. i handle so fast. angle read empowers are found as b,
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g a. since i had that logic, i'm charged with the allies, isn't one mission as yet, and the lady and she follow on that. so which one kind of valued or 25 years? i'm a power with yes. sure. sure. so they aren't humana by little cool, them and i show harsh them now peggy, one that what may ye or jones should pun, gabrielle? one that one the young hides of the pallet? sure. social one, the daughter they are the highs of the eagle shooting hush. on january 6th, 2022. the court hood chung's divorced case she confronted a husband during an emotional hour. long hearing. don't i love her for? no later than i have been del guar. i want the pounds of it. oh well if i'm here though you were on the phone with your father. she said he louisiana the blue here the silver was her daughter. that is
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a granddaughter the to the machine. i think i have a shot that he would really or for your single color home if i way or is it we are a laser horses, i should soon turn off with chung holes on to hope and her memories of when she and her son were together this video was taken days before he was taken away. i got back. ah hi. ah ah, do you what
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is your husband or sure hope my sandra did our ours monday with powdered. how valid? with soon the ladder to the show goes with how come out with that you submitted julio layer on point intruder ha from ashley you will come over your general fashion. like halfway down to south ham. me albany. how what yeah ah ah ah. after an anxious 2 month wait, the court reaches a verdict. oh, oh. oh oh, yes, yeah. so yeah. okay, well i go you. oh,
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in luna that you you we all you issue walk you through exactly the you you that your immune john. what's your and simula with john gashodi there? sure. what you what the law, what nation the value of i don't was i have hydrogen should soon long would you go jewish resumes or wish out see to it? yeah. out or having been given custody of his son chung phone, contact the husband. she hugs the verdict will make him bring their child back to beijing. but she finds he has no such plans. way. oh wow. i'm a nurse when you can. you can dollars mat patricia, pan, joshua ah, so mcgraw were so much, all nonsense, our shatoya amazons out. there we go
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away you go down, hang on. how sounds like professionals. odds al, which opens down when a high that quit major. ah you do one ye that are sions? yeah, yeah. hi, sure. you doing wrong. tidal brown with dehas was july positions out sal way. okay . deal with high the oil shall eat. what do you my, my you tell eat? chung is devastated that despite winning custody, she can't see her child until husband's appeal is heard. but she refuses to stop fighting for her son. to day she makes another video pool with him. he had the other 2 money collapse. oh john and yeah. now look a soon yeah. wow
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. way and yeah, near san her. oh no, she mean you stand by wires, council law mom. i think you live in of his sample. i have blue, 2 samples. i should say bonita allen and daughter darla ha man. oh and to say it's a young, i'm adding his own bozeman sonya how to do that will play law. anybody in law oh, mel. when he needs, i also want to know what the short one. that's one i brochure one every day when i was, when i me against are those aguilar share? good. ah, well chung phones husband appeals. the custody really is she can do is wait back in shanghai see mean is also waiting on
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a court hearing. she hopes she will finally see her son next summer, holidays. even though the recent legal amendment, clearly bands abducting and hiding children. critics argue the law is an empty threat because it lacks effective enforcement methods. now the chung noisy knees husband received any punishment for abducting the child. the 2 men did not respond to our request for an interview. in china, there were thousands appearance, forcibly separated from the children. many give up for those like chung fung and see me. i'll determined to keep on fighting. no matter how long it takes. both mothers is still waiting for the day. they can hold it sons again.
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i mean, ah, hundreds of thousands, fuller visits they think have supernatural healing and fortune towing powers one a 18th inch is the magical world of the buddhist who called on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you count his arrow. oh, for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates,
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a massive scandal that raw the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just either 2 young women and morocco staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco, algebra world fullness that jeremy's of cultural emotion. leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera ah of course it was, i'm not the right decision was wrong. the city police and texas admit they waited more than an hour.


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