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result lines investigate some massive scandal that's wrong. the united states scoutmaster part to on a just dealer to young women and morocco, staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling and shopping in morocco. al jazeera world photos that jeremy's of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera ah of course it was not the right decision was wrong. the city police and texas admit they waited more than an hour before confronting the gun man. during tuesday,
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school shooting prominent republicans led by donald trump project new gun restrictions at the lobby group in ari as conference. i'm john hender, an outside the national rifle association convention in houston in the same state were just 3 days ago when ladies school massacre occurred in the people here are animated ah, i'm how much of room this is, does it alive from door? ha. also coming up, it's time for the i c say to take action to send a clean message to these railey government and to all governments demanding justice for a journalist's life. as is either media network seeks, international criminal court action over the killing of shitty and i walked plus protests across brazil after police are filmed, suffocating a black man with tear gas.
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ah, police in texas have acknowledged, major failures in responding to the school shooting. and you've all day security officials have been criticized for waiting more than an hour in the school hallway before confronting the 18 year old killer. but about 4 hours drive away america's biggest gun lobby has gone ahead with a major convention, drawing criticism over the timing of the event. john hendrick has this report from houston or early. it was a stunning revelation. it might have caused children their lives. course not the right to say to the wrong guy. the texas director of public safety explained that while a gunman was shooting children inside, rob elementary school, police waited outside for 78 minutes. much longer than authorities had said earlier, saying police thought the gunman was barricaded alone and no longer a threat to children. he choked up. forget how to do it without the parents
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of children. governor greg abbott and local residents reacted with fury. i was misled. i am livid about what happens like this is in the wire on the back of the car to protect and serve. protect cool. why did, why did they protect keith? as those shocking revelations came out, the gunman mother made a humble plea that they could plan that i have no words. i have no words to say because i don't know what he was thinking across the state of texas in houston. the national rifle association held its 1st convention in 3 years, despite the deaths of 21 people in nevada. ah, the former president, donald trump, is keynote speaker, stew, an unapologetic supporter of gun rice. as always, in the wake of these tragedies, the various gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place absolutely nothing. ironically,
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due to his presence, no guns were allowed inside the gun convention. the crowd outside the convention intimated was the crowd inside. there were thousands of people out there and their messages the and already go away. the massive throng protested to groups, timing and goals. oh, the hard, high profile figures addressed the crowds inside and out. we had to feed you and we will overcome you and we will leave you behind. democratic congresswoman, sheila jackson lee says the n r a meeting is unwelcome in her district. we welcome them. 2 as human beings and visitors, enjoy the city, but cancel your meetings. amid the din of the crowd, perhaps the most sombre demonstration was a child sized coffin,
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a reminder of just how high the stakes are in the american gun debate. john henry al jazeera houston. there in puerto is a retired new york police department lieutenant and criminal justice professor. he says police protocol is very clear on how the shooting should have been handled. you send the 1st available officers in and their job is to enter a date and neutralize the assailant. as quickly as possible, this is not the time the wait. now there's been a level of ambiguity from the perspective of the public appraisal, or from a police department that echoed the sentiment that they put out a statement that there was a barricaded. suspect that is completely bad. you have to focus on getting those children out of there as quickly as possible with the barricaded suspect that's when you introduce passage in golgi asian things to that effect. however, when you had an active shooter,
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that's when you come in and with the attempt to introduce and neutralize the shooter. and in my mind, that's what went wrong. i think that it's important to be as forthright as possible at the onset because it avails investigators to assess this in a much more expedited manner and get the results of the public that they deserve. and it's just so unfortunate that history has repeated itself because we go back a couple of years ago, we had a shooting in a place for park land in florida with nicholas cruz went in and he began firing from the parking lot before he got into that school building and we had you re, similarities in this case where the shooter began firing outside and then entered that school building. so we don't want history to repeat itself. and so when we look at the investigation, we want to be sure, did we get that information out to additional schools? so they can erect the necessary fortification to prevent an event that says
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catastrophic is this from occurring in the future. the international criminal court has a clear mandate to investigate israel's killing of palestinian journalists as a war crime. that's according to journalists and lawyers who filed a case last month. they've now expanded it to include the shooting of edges. here is sharina barkley, who was killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank earlier this month. and the barber reports from london. surely since last emailed to her jazeera news room and got her in a minute while lead allow murray al jazeera is jerusalem bureau chief, talking about the moments before israeli forces shocked at his colleague on the 11th of may and jeanine. ah, this event brought together the people who lodged a complaint with the international criminal court in april on behalf of for palestinian journalists, killed or maimed by his ready fire, while clearly identifiable as price. now they're adding new names to the file. sharina barclays, one of the arab world's best known reporters and her colleagues earlier. so moody shot in the back, an injured moment before sharon was hit,
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one message came through loud and clear. at this event. there's no lack of evidence, but there's also new momentum behind calls for international action over israel's targeting of journalists. it is, i'm deliberately taught it, and it is a looking to cover of the war. it is system science objective reporting on the ground documentation of human life. that's why jennifer tanya and that's why we said, is casey says series. i mean i to see or to be looking at the target in general in particular, as opposed to being in death. the case is being brought by the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate, and the international center of justice for palestinians. what they say last year marked a turning point when the i c c road, it's jurisdiction extended to the occupied palestinian territory. according to reporters without borders, at least 30 journalists, mostly palestinians, had been killed by his ready fire in the west bank and gaza since 2000. these ready
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armies never acknowledge any responsibility. how hopefully you can down the line to achieve any kind of justice for shipping and other policy. and journalists given the fact it is right, not potty to the c c given it's track record of of non investigation. pre trial chamber ruling is very clear. the surest diction criminal jurisdiction extends over the territories that we're speaking about. and that means that the i, c, c, prosecutor can issue a warrant for the arrest of perpetrators. and then that has severe consequences for the individual perpetrator. whether that inside israel or not, the al jazeera is preparing its own dossier, which is all submit to the i. c. c, as well as sharina killing. it includes the radio striking garza that destroyed the offices of al jazeera and associated press a year ago on thursday. the palestinian authority says its own investigation
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established that is ready forces deliberately short sharing eichler hitting her in the head while she was trying to escape. the israeli medias reported that the military has no plans to launch a criminal investigation. the baba al jazeera london, greece is accused iran of piracy. after it sees 2 greek oil tankers. iran says they were captured for violations. these were the last locations of to greek flag tankers. tracked on the marine monitoring platform vessel finder. grease says iranian helicopters landed on the ships and international waters 22 nautical miles off the coast of iran. the move appears to be in retaliation for an incident last month. that's when greek authorities detained a vessel carrying iranian oil, saying the ship's owners had rushing links. that iranian oil was in confiscated by the u. s. iran once the oil to be returned. treat a party of the executive vice president of quincy institute, a foreign policy. think tank, he explains how the u. s. has
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a history of confiscating iranian oil rig status pattern in the past. in the past, the united states under the 5 industries, i'm not talking about the trump administration under the bi restriction as confiscated to iranian factors. so the oil in kept the money and this isn't part of the rubric of sanctions enforcement. but the problem of course is these are the us sent us sanctions are not the same thing as international law. and as a result, don't have any outside of us territory. so the barn was i've responded with tommy and i really doubt that the volumes would be targeting agree vessel. how did not reach how they under the instruction and collaboration with the us justice department targeted the cargo. so i don't see the wagner gaining anything from them . certainly they're not getting any leverage visa, the europe terms of trusting the europeans on the nuclear issue on the country. this is just adding more attention again. i think this is going to be the new future. if there isn't a nuclear deal, which is going to be
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a lot of to pass from both sides, trying to pressure each other. if there is ever any, will give the whole going to reduction attentions. and then there isn't any utility at all. any incentives on either side pro russian forces in ukraine say they've taken control of the strategic town of leman, ukrainian, or russian forces had been fighting for control of the town, and danielle can eastern ukraine for several days. officials, they are repeated their appeals from more sophisticated western supplied weaponry. they say that without it, they can't stop russia's offences. a massive de mining operation is underway elsewhere in ukraine. russian forces have left the mind behind after retreating from towns near keith, the embers, rob reports from boucher, the united nations estimates that ukraine is now one of the most heavily mind countries in the world. and not just because of the most recent russian invasion that's been going on for months now, but from a conflict that's been raging in the east of the country since 2014. since the
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invasion began, russia has left so much an exploded ordinance, and so many land mines all over the country. experts here in ukraine estimates that it could take as much as 5 years to clear the areas that have been re taken by the ukrainian government. the mining teams like these ones are carrying out regular sweeps on land in farming communities in residential areas, as well as bodies of water, all around the key region, as well as all around the country mines, unexploded ordnance, all these things remain a serious and imminent threat people have set them off as well as tractors and fields, cars on the roads, even after russia has retreated from a lot of these areas, there continue to be losses of life and property from the things that they've left behind. in fact, every single national park and forest area in cuba is currently off limits because of the threat of mines that might be there as well as us. so one exploded ordinance
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. the government says they have $500.00 d mining experts that are currently operating and that's for the whole country. a country that is one of the largest in europe, and they need to train up 500 more. still a drop in the bucket for what needs to be done. they need more experts that can be mine areas and deal with unexploded ordnance. they need more vehicles as well. that can then carry those mines and explosives away 2 areas where they can carry out controlled explosions and, and get rid of the threat. the slow pace of this work means that it is taking longer for people to return to their homes and towns and cities that have been retaken by the ukrainian government. this, as russian forces that have re mobilized from areas like this one to the east and the south continue to gain ground and population centers. other towns and cities continue to fall to the russian advance. still ahead on al jazeera,
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a rebel group takes control of a town in the democratic republic of congo, displacing 70000 people in just 8 days. ah. and albert goes digital, the group is back on stage, giving fans a virtual voyage. ah, he has begun the the full world camp is on its way to cattle. your travel package to day this is your weather report for the middle east and africa. hi, ron, thanks for joining in. lot of sun, lot of heat freight across the middle east, but still those winds in some sand and dust been spun around once again. an issue in our forecast on saturday. there's those winds down the golf. so specifically are for doha. gus, 4045 kilometers per hour that should saturday, but that will carry through on sunday as well. so hazy and dusty
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a skyline to be expected. here we do have a lower temperature is across. so some of this stands we've had those showers there at things are picking up once again, temperature wise across pakistan. a seabreeze that's given us some cloud cover in karachi in it's actually generated a few showers over the last few days. let's talk about turkey. those temperatures are starting to hot up. that includes for is stan boy, i think you'll see your 1st 30 degree day of the year over the weekend on sunday with the high of 33 degrees. central africa bursts of rain to be expected. western portions, eastern portions of the democratic republic of congo, and as we go further toward the south, it's going to be a rainy and i think at times windy weekend for cape town, 18 degrees on saturday. but that suns out in puzzle luna, tall durbin look good with the high of 25 degrees on saturday. enjoy. that's it. that's all season. hot saw air with visual airline of the journey. talk to alger, cyril, we. what is the time table in your mind?
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when do you think that you are, can be also russian gas. we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers and talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching a da 0 reminder of our top stories this our texas police say they made the wrong decision by not immediately entering a classroom where a gunman had barricaded himself. they've been criticized for waiting more than an
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hour before confronting the 18 year old killer. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed and tuesday's massacre. the governor of texas, greg abbott, his expressed anger over the way the police handled the shooting. he says he was misled about their response. it was said initially that a school resource officer engaged. the gunman outside the building. greece has accused iran of piracy. after it ceased to greek coil tankers. iran says they were captured for violations. the move appears to be in retaliation after greek authorities detained a vessel carrying iranian oil last month. outrage has spread across brazil. after a mentally ill black man was as fixated by the police on thursday. there were protests against police, violence and racism in the states of sir depot and supp hollow, another as scheduled for saturday and rio de janeiro. some viewers may find images and monica in ocoee of report distressing. demonstrators burn tires in the city of wilma, all by northeastern brazil. where jenny vall, dodge, is we saunters,
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was brutally killed, was stopped by to federal highway patrol officers for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. the policeman tied up, santos threw him into the back of their car and released a tear gas can before closing the boot every day a broad i've always will. i asked and begged the police to let my brother out. they said no. then the video film by bystanders was widely shared on social media. it shows some to shouting and thrashing his legs as smoke fills up the car. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. his coffin was accompanied by protesters on friday, demonstrators took to the streets in brazil's largest city. so bowman croy, occlusal guard of the federal highway. police act like hitler's ss. this isn't an overstatement. this is the continuation of a police practice. we know well, they entered the communities for valence and black territories,
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killing people. earlier this week, more than 20 people were shot dead during the police raid on a criminal gang in a slum in rio de janeiro. what caused me phillips in a black activist and slum dwellers says police violence will not solve drug related price. won't teacher athena prevailing when there's a shoot out in a slum. they are dis, but they are also serious consequences for innocent people living. yeah. will schools and health care facilities or shut down my the whole community is terrorized what i can imagine. what it's like for a child to find a body or a pool of blood on the way to close. my slum has been peaceful for many months now, but just take a look at the bullet holes here on this wall. there are a reminder to residents that a shoot out can happen at any time. last year, more than $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police, an average of 17 per day. most of them were black and poor monarchy. unoccupied al
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jazeera, rio de janeiro, columbia will hold its 1st round of voting on sunday to elect a new president. 3 of the 4 candidates are taking part in a final debate in a last effort to try to win undecided voters a left when candidate is the favorite to win for the 1st time in the country's history. but that prospect is dividing opinion. alexander on pierre to reports from bogota. he then shall candidate in former rebels, gustavo beatrice governors. millions, especially young voters by promising to change this deeply unequal country. gonna be under the 1st 20 year old is stephanie lamb. you decided to volunteer for petra's campaign after she was unable to pay for her college. during the pandemic and her parents struggled to keep their small shop open boy norama to come home. it's been very difficult as a young columbian to live in such precarious conditions. when it comes to work and access to health and education, and i believe that petro is betting on changing all of this. ah,
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last year she joined tens of thousands of other young colombians to protest against living conditions. they were some of the most violent demonstrations columbia seen in decades. the police crackdown only slaying the discontented, those outraged by the country. widening inequality before the protests had been very inactive, politically. but with all the injustices and killings, i could not remain indifferent. it was the desire pings to be different for us. the symbol was that it is backed by many poor and working class colombians, but viewed with alarm by business men and some middle class photos. they fear his plans to fall oil development, already tribute pension funds, to put economic stability at risk. this letter sent by the manager of one of the biggest mail companies in the country, urging suppliers not to vote for petro went viral last week. it says pedro with put
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that risk private property and the freedom of enterprise in the country. a federal clause has also been added to a number of contracts this year, allowing the parties to scrap the deal. if the former get comes to power, you'll get the mighty of this who runs one of the best known colombian fashion houses is not hiding a support for patron mean rival for that he could have seen as a continuation of business friendly policies of president even do care for your press, i prefer the devil. i know i've said many times in south america, the left has never been successful from cuba downward. that's the example. but with more than 20000000 people living in poverty and rising violence, bolts show that 70 percent of colombians once change, not all of them believe fit, those proposals are the right ones. but enough people could decide to give him and the left a chance. allison that m p a t t l t v and i will look that nearly a year after a condominium collapse in florida, the families of the victims have reached a settlement worth more than
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a $1000000000.00. the bulk of the settlement fund will be paid out by insurance and engineering companies. 98 people died when the 12 story tower in surfside partially collapsed in the middle of the night. the investigation into what caused the building to fall is still ongoing. on wednesday, florida lawmakers approved a bill that would require a condominium association board to set aside money for maintenance and repairs. the costs of petrol and pakistan has increased by 20 percent after the government ended subsidies. fuel prices have been a major issue in talks with the international monetary fund, the i m. f once pakistan to reduce its fiscal deficit before resuming 8 payments. as part of a 2019 deal, about half of the $6000000000.00 package is yet to be released. the u. n says 72000 people have fled fighting and democratic republic of congo in recent days. government forces are battling rebels from the m 23 group. many congolese have sought refuge in neighboring uganda. malcolm web reports
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ah, tens of thousands of people in the east of the democratic republic of congo have fled their homes in fear of their lives. environment that was m 23 rebels that were chasing us. the n 23 rebel group is taken several small town. some of the residents have fled to neighboring uganda, others towards the regional capital goma churches in schools like this one. over run with people seeking shelter. luna merger. we saw people being killed by stray bullets and those who could save themselves or hear the congress ami a launch to counter offensive and be taken some of the territories. congress government says neighboring veranda is behind them. 23, supporting it with weapons and soldiers. rwanda denies it new post, so we have the government don't believe that the m $23.00 rebels themselves have the military equipment which they claim to have on the ground, according to the reports from our soldiers. this is why our suspicion of foreign
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support is confirmed. 10 years ago and 23 took control of swathes of east in congo . un investigators said it was backed by rwanda. congress ami eventually defeated them with military support from the un and other african countries. this time congos army has struggled to contain the attacks launched by n 23 over the last 6 months. those uganda and rwanda have been accused of fueling congo conflicts and looting mineral edison. they invaded in the 1990 a recent attempt to get the 3 president's together for talks and kenya's capital. my baby failed to produce results. the violence in humanitarian crisis is growing, and the un says it's deeply concerned. malcolm web al jazeera taiwanda military has conducted 4 days of exercises as part of its annual missile drills. the military has released video of anti air and anti ship missiles,
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launching from warships. navy officials say the drills were conducted to test combat to safeguard the security of the taiwan strait. pigeon considers taiwan to be a province of china, which taiwan views as a threat to its sovereignty. it's been 40 years since one of the biggest selling bands of all time last performed. now abba, our back ground breaking technology used in hollywood blockbusters, has recreated the swedish superstars as they were at the height of their fame from london. they've walker has more back on the red carpet, one of the most successful bands of old time all now in their seventies. the swedish pulp legends dissolved 40 years ago with their back on stage, sort of re materialized digital full. ah, they have to describe what it is, because nobody has ever done that before. a certain strange,
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wonderful thing. when those voices come out of those lips and those faces something very special happen. the 1000 strong special effects team behind star wars use motion capture technology of the real life artists to turn back the clock. transforming agnes beyond benny and frieda into digital avatars of the youngest cells or as they're being cold avatars. at the form, alongside live musicians and it all feels a little uncanny. it's really, really magical what they, what they've achieved. ah, yeah. it's like witchcraft the fact that you can be on stage at the same time as you're out home walking the dog. you know, that was it, that was intriguing the producers of the event a so confident of its success. it's taken up residency in this purpose built abba arena. the event raises a whole load of questions about whether or not people would be prepared to pay up to $200.00 as they are here to see
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a less lead dri band in holographic form. and whether or not people are actually here seeing abba, or merely an abba apparition, smoke and mirrors sound and light. either way, reincarnating dead celebrities and bringing aging bands back from the brink is clearly a money spinner. how long is it just a gimmick and how and when is it the counseling that we recognize is in an article i've known in the world news, frank sinatra ritual leave performed in 20032007 celine dion and elvis. perform together on american idol. i don't want it kind of funny to see some, some virtual avatars. so i think it'll be interesting. in 2012, a holographic version of rap start to pack shocker, stunned audiences around the world. he'd been dead for 16 years. killed in a drive by shooting, not your thing. then how about buddy holly killed in a plane crash at the height of his fame or deceased opera star maria callas.
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digital versions of the you very much alive abba will go around the world until 2026. and who knows, it may soon be possible to download your own hologram at home or go to a gig the met averse, helping the music industry. those lost millions to the pandemic, piracy and unlicensed streaming. we could big profits from live acts, leave barca out to 0, london. archaeologists in peru have an earnest an old cemetery, believed to hold the last 3 incur rulers, excavations at lima, san andreas hospital. the 1st to be built in the city began in 2020 as part of the areas restoration project, at least 50 sets of bone. so far have been found. experts are searching for 3 incom mommies of the last 3 rulers of the inca empire. their remains were thought to be brought to the city during the 16th century. ah.


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