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missouri and from chad critical debate, could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days flip blade lines inside story on al jazeera, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with oh, the information that i was given turned out in part to be inadequate, but i'm absolutely livid. the texas governor says he was misled by the police on
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their response to the school shooting, as it admits serious failure in dealing with the gunman. donald trump leads prominent republicans in rejecting new gun restrictions at the end on a conference. ah, ally, money inside the sounds there a lie from day or so coming up. oh, i good mounds in brazil on to police. the film suffocating a black man to death with tear gas debasing columbia's future presidential candidates face off ahead of some days bite. and the un human rights g michelle bachelor's credit. but it is question near the end of a visit to china. ah,
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police in texas. have acknowledged, major failures in responding to the school shooting in val, day. security officials have been criticized or waiting more than an hour in a hallway before confronting the 18 year old killer. john hinton is the support from houston. for roy, it was a stunning revelation that might have caused children their lives, possibly not to right the wrongs. the texas director of public safety explained that while a gunman was shooting children inside, rob elementary school, police waited outside for 78 minutes. much longer than authorities had said earlier, saying police thought the gunman was barricaded alone and no longer a threat to children. he choked up. forget how to work with her. close children. governor greg abbott and local residents reacted with fury. i was miss lat. i am livid about what happens like this is in the wire on the back of the
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car to protect and serve, protect cool. why did, why did they protect keith? as those shocking revelations came out, the gun man's mother made a humble plea that they could plan. i have no words. i have no words to say because i don't know what he was thinking across the state of texas in houston. the national rifle association held its 1st convention in 3 years, despite the deaths of 21 people in nevada. ah, the former president, donald trump, is keynote speaker, stew, an unapologetic supporter of gun rice. as always in the wake of these tragedies, the various gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place. absolutely nothing. ironically, due to his presence, no guns were allowed inside the gun convention. the
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crowd outside the convention is animated. the crowd inside there are thousands of people out here in their messages. the inner reg, you'd go away. the massive throng protested the group's timing and goals. oh, the hard high profile figures addressed the crowds inside and out. we had to feed you and we will overcome you and we will leave you behind. democratic congresswoman, sheila jackson lee says the n r a meeting is unwelcome in her district. we welcome them. 2 as human beings and visitors, enjoy the city. but cancel your meetings. amid the din of the crowd, perhaps the most sombre demonstration was a child sized coffin, a reminder of just how high the stakes are in the american gun debate. john henry al jazeera houston outrage has spread across brazil off to mentally ill. blackman
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was suffocated to death by police on thursday. protests against police violence and racism have been held in the jeep and south poller. some views may find images in monica yanna keith's report. distressing demonstrators burn tires in the city of wilma, all by northeastern brazil. where jenny, val digests we saunters was brutally killed, was stopped by to federal highway patrol officers for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. the policeman tied up, santos threw him into the back of their car and released a tear gas can. before closing the boot everyday ain't brought. i've always will. i asked and begged the police to let my brother out. they said no, they're the video film by bystanders. was widely shared on social media, it shows some to shouting and thrashing his legs as smoke fills up the car. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. his coffin was accompanied by protesters . on friday, demonstrators took to the streets in brazil's largest city cell phone,
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which is a little bit of the federal highway police act like hitler's ss. this isn't an overstatement. this is the continuation of a police practice. we know well, they enter the communities for valence and black territories, killing people. earlier this week, more than 20 people were shot dead during the police raid on a criminal gang in a slum in rio de janeiro. what caused me phillotson, a black activist and slum dwellers says police violence will not solve drug related prize world picture looking of available when there's a shoot out in a slum. they are dis, but they are also serious consequences for innocent people living. yeah. schools and health care facilities are shut down my the whole community is terrorized. imagine what it's like for a child to find a body or a pool of blood on the way to close. the slum has been peaceful for many months now, but just take a look at the bullet holes here on this wall. there are
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a reminder to residents that a shoot out can happen at any time. last year, more than $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police, an average of 17 per day. most of them were black and poor. monica cannot give al jazeera rio de janeiro. greece has accused auron, of piracy on to it sees to greek registered will, tigers, iran says the account should for committing what it called violations. these all the last known locations of the 2 greek tankers tracked on the monitoring platform vessel fine to grease, as iranian helicopters, landed on the ships in international waters 22 nautical miles off the coast of iran will move appears to be in retaliation for an incident which took place last month, it's when greek authorities detained a vessel carrying iranian oil, saying the ship's owners have links to russia. well,
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that iranian oil was and confiscated by the united states. iran says it wants it back to policy is from the foreign policy. think tank the quincy institute, he says the u. s. as a history of confiscating iranian oil. we've seen this pattern in the past, in the past united states armed at by the industry's not talking about the truck with under the bios ration as confiscated to iranian factors. so the or, and kept the money. and this has been part of on the rubric of sanctions enforcement. but the problem of course, is these are you s u s. sanctions are not the same thing as international law and i was resolved, don't have anybody outside of us territory. so the warnings have responded to retaliate against. i really doubt that the volumes would be targeting, agree, best. so how did not that great, how big on the instructions and collaboration with the us justice department targeted the cargo. so i don't see the wrong is gaining anything from them.
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certainly they're not getting that right. you're pressing the europeans on the nuclear issue on the country. this is just adding more tensions again, i think this is going to be a new future. if there isn't a new deal and which is going to be a lot of us on both sides trying to pressure each other. if there is a renewal of the new year, the whole going to see a reduction of touches. and there isn't any utility at all the incentives on either side do these kind of a funeral procession is being held for a palestinian teenage is shot dead by israeli forces on friday. a. they'd have been kaneen is 15 years old. ok. so say he was shot 3 times in the town of south bethlehem. he's the 13th palestinian teen killed by israeli forces since the beginning of the year, according to local palestinian child rights organization. the in south come the
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course has a clear mandate investigate israel's killing as palestinian journalist as a war crime. and according to jonathan lawyers, he filed a case last month of now expanded to include the shooting of out his ears, sharing a black lay who was killed, ice rally forces in the occupied west bank earlier this month. and the mother has this report from london. she since last emailed to her jazeera news room and got her in a minute while lead allow murray al jazeera jerusalem bureau chief, talking about the moments before his ready forces. shocked at his colleague on the 11th of may. and janine, ah, this event brought together the people who lodged a complaint with the international criminal court in april on behalf of for palestinian journalists, killed or maimed by his ready fire, while clearly identifiable as price. now they're adding new names to the file. sharina barclays, one of the arab world's best known reporters and her colleagues earlier. so moody shot in the back and injured moments before sharon was hit, one message came through loud and clear. at this event,
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there's no lack of evidence, but there's also new momentum behind coals for international action over israel's targeting of journalists and deliberately taught it. and it is a looking to cover of the war. it is to stop into solid objective reporting on the ground documentation of human life. that's why jennifer time. and that's why we say this case is a serious, i mean i see ought to be looking at the target in general in particular, as opposed to other civilian death. the case is being brought by the international federation of journalists, the palestinian journalist syndicate and the international center of justice for palestinians. while they say last year marked a turning point. when the i c c road, it's jurisdiction extended to the occupied palestinian territory. according to reporters without borders, at least 30 journalists, mostly palestinians, had been killed by his ready fire in the west bank and gaza. since 2000. these ready armies never acknowledge any responsibility. how hopefully you,
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that the licensee can down the line to achieve any kind of justice for shipping and other policy. and journalists, given the fact that israel does not party to the c c, given it's track record of, of non investigation. pre trial chamber ruling is very clear. the surest diction criminal jurisdiction extends over the territories that we're speaking about. and that means that the i, c, c, prosecutor can issue a warrant for the arrest of perpetrators. and then that has severe consequences for the individual perpetrator. whether that inside israel or not, ah, al jazeera is preparing its own dossier, which it will submit to the i c. c, as well as sharina killing. it includes these radio, so i can garza that destroyed the offices of al jazeera and the associated price a year ago. on thursday, the palestinian authority says its own investigation had established that his ready
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forces deliberately shot sharina outlet hitting her in the head while she was trying to escape. ah, he's ready. medias reported that the military has no plans to launch a criminal investigation that he baba al jazeera london. still ahead on al jazeera destruction in not a poll newly released, but it shows the extent of damage of the steel plan that held out against russia's army. on poll reese in paris where funds are gathering and that tens of thousands of the champions league final, between livable and rail madrid. ah, it's a turbulent weather pattern for australia. hello everyone. let's break down those details right now to systems. we're watching one winding up in the bite,
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the other off toward the west. first, let's focus on the by, we'll put this a day forward as we head toward monday, really unsettled conditions towards the se. rain check when check and i think we're also going to see some hail and those snow levels. well, lower off to the west right now, and we've got this batch of rain moving into the kimberly region here we are on tuesday. i suspect we'll see some flooding here back to the here. now let's go to new zealand and it's not too bad, but we're starting to see rain dance into the northland bridge. and both islands will be dealing with rain as we head toward next week. se asia looks like this, some dry spells are cross sumatra, but could see some rain start to fill in across west java still lot of rain and indo china and douse with frame for areas of that philippines. and in fact says central areas. we do have some flood advisories in place. our sees old plumb rains to shift him further toward the north, fallen cross seeing to river valley. there may be some flooding there. and look at some of these temperatures. we've got junk, jo,
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39 degrees. if you hit that on sunday, that will be a new record temperature for the month of may see you soon. ah. on counting the cost biden launches his plan, the u. s. economic engagement in asia. well, it pounds at china's in the region, western capital, ledger billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will advocate the a boom from the global scramble to methyl counting the cough and out of it. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home, we'll put you can use in current affairs that matter to you lou ah
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ah welcome back. a watching out as a reminder of our top stories this our belief in texas say they made the wrong decision and not immediately entering a classroom to stop my shooting. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed on tuesday . campuses waited over an hour before confronting the killer public outrageous spread across brazil. off the mentally ill, black man was suffocated to death by police protests against penny's moderns. and racism have been held in the states of the g pay and sal powder. iran says it sees to greek oil tank as for what a cool vonne nation's offense accuses terror on the piracy. it happened off to greek officials, helping us seize a vessel carrying iranian oil in the mediterranean. the un human rights chief michelle bachelor's. credibility has been question as she neared the end of her 6 day trip to china. few details have been released of her visits
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within the country that were made on the tight government control. katrina, you reports from beijing. boy, it's the 1st trip to china by a u. n. human rights commissioner since 2005. but the details of michelle bachelor's visit had been hard to come by. or a 6 days she spent time in gong jo in china's south, as well as the cities of room woochie and cache gar in shin young province. due to strict corona virus regulations of you know, reporters were allowed to travel with her. and many of her meetings, including with president she didnt king have taken place on the line. oh, it is a good day with her to see her on lucius dorsey, blue fuller, he's in sustainable locals or
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activists say government controls have prevented nationally from clearly assessing alleged atrocities taking place against the riga people. her visit was 1st planned in 2018, following widespread allegations that china was subjected legal to forced labor, sterilization and torture. and several governments and rights groups say beijing, his duty of carrying out genocide. i doubt she would have unfettered access to the region. i doubt if she wouldn't be able to talk to the victims of the gunners abuses i saw. you know, i don't have high hopes it. attention on she's young has intensified this week. falling an unprecedented leak of police files purporting to reveal bleak conditions inside one of the province is notorious internment camps. thousands of mug shots and documents, including a speed, ordering gods to shoot and kill those who try to flee. challenge china's description of the count as voluntary vocational training centers,
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there is nothing to do with poverty elevation and nothing to do with helping people to get job. it's about brutal, brainwashing. it's about putting them in prison like prison camps. god, it by heavily on police. beijing has denied accusations of mistreatment calling them the lie of the century. it says its policies in the region are designed to stamp out terrorism. she didn't pin defended china's human rights record on wednesday, saying it would not be patronized by other countries. club was michelle natalie says her trip is not an investigation, but a mission to promote human rights. but critics fear this little it will achieve. katrina, you out a 0, beijing. taiwan. the military has conducted 4 days of military exercises. it's released videos, anti an anti ship massage being launch from its warships. may be official, say the annual drills were conducted to test its combat readiness to safeguard the
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taiwan strait. asian considers taiwan to be a province of china and taiwan views as a threat to its sovereignty. and 3 of the 4 main candidates running for president in columbia have faced off in a final debate. polls place gustavo petro as the clear front ahead of sunday's elections as under i'm petty reports from book at one or so. so with only hours left before polls opening columbia, the leading presidential candidate smith for a televised debate. i knew the was the last chance to sway undecided voters in one of the most highly contested elections in years polls. place gustavo paper as the clear front runner, he could become columbia, the 1st left his president for his 1000000 challenger center. right. federico gutierrez attacked. what he described as his radical proposals among them public patience reform that he says could put the country's economic stability at risk.
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how can you let the mighty and as your knowledge had a lot, he's proposing taking in nationalizing people's savings in pension funds, as if this was public money when it is private savings. and they want to tell the 800000000 pension savers that those funds will be safe with me. what he's proposing is bread for today and hunger for to morrow. petro responded, saying gutierrez pretends being independent when in reality, supported by the corrupt and traditional politicians. colombians are tired of several large local media who stole schools, food and local hero, even killing people. so on a part of the radical change party, allied with the chocolate that supports you, haven't you received all the political machinery to my fears? if this country, the allied with the current president, do the candidates clashed and issues close to this affected colombian, voters from an equality to rising hunger, poverty, and unemployment. following the pandemic to the implementation of the p steel
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rising violence, corruption and drug trafficking that didn't get 23rd century candidate said you for how to do who has been trailing in the polls, said is the candidate place to fight corruption on all sides because killers folly begins our la back, conspicuous by his absence was the campaigns wild card 7, the 7 year old, right? leaning independent populist word. those were man, this was made a surprising jump in popularity in the last few weeks. what hampton, my, he, he held what he called at the bait with colombians, answering questions from supporters. on his facebook page. fritz has been a head in the falls for months, and his popularity shows how much the left has grown lately, both here in columbia and across latin america. but he will likely face a run off against either gutierrez or it done this. and his success remains uncertain. allison that i'm get it, i'll just see it. i will go thigh. in
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ukraine, president vladimir zalinski says the situation on the eastern front line is extremely difficult. russian forces have advanced in their post to fully control the dumbass region. the areas in red are held by russia and its separatist allies. the govern of lohan says ukrainian forces may have to withdraw from their last pocket of defense in the province. as to avoid being surrounded. the city of savanna donetta has seen some of the heaviest fighting russian forces. i'll close now to fully and sucking it on russian backs, rebels claim. they now control the town of lee man, ukraine's as fighting is ongoing near the city. meanwhile, president zalinski says russia is concentrating all its fire power in the dumbass. yes, tulsa, as expected. the situation in the dung boss is extremely difficult. the occupiers are trying to achieve the goals they hoped to achieve in the 1st days of the war.
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after february, the 24th, at least before the 100 day of the war, that's why they're concentrated. maximum artillery preserves, they're using both miss island air strikes. newly released drones such as shows the extent of damage at the as are styles, steel plants and matter poll ukrainian fight as will hold up in the facility for more than 2 months. a loss of them surrendered a week ago, giving russia full control of the port city more than 2000 fighters. i believe, to be in russian captivity. the champions league fine on between real madrid and liverpool will take place in paris on saturday. the match was moved from st. petersburg because of the war ukraine. that meant the stud defrances now hosting europe's biggest club game for the 1st time in 16. yes. always is that. oh, in the champions league it doesn't get much better than being a farm of rail madrid. by saturday nights the supporters could be celebrating title
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number 14 choices. money is any of a club. i think we've gone believable. we are not published by week 1310 business liverpool contingent, a praying for may 7th trophy and revenge for defeat to madrid in the 2018 final. oh, i think this is our year. madrid, 17, about 7 bought the last time the loss was in paris. i went to bodies in 1981 when we lost to liverpool. why neil, i remember that the history matters, but it's the present that has people tipping this final to be a classic. these teams aren't just the best on the european stage. the season are also the most exciting. liverpool have a beautiful chemistry in attack. while madrid have mounted some of the most dramatic comebacks, this competition has ever seen. france strike carrying benjamin is the player who has made the difference to madrid's fortunes scoring 10 goals in the knockout stages. and all, all, are we what will not really that familiar, but we're not,
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i'm treating the final naturally getting into the final is a big success for us. we know how demanding this club is and all about the clubs history. we think we have had a very good season in reaching the final has been very important for us. now we are very close to achieving something huge the season. and we will give our all to achieve with a girl can parallel liverpool have more than one special striker as they ng to stop rails run of 7 winds in a row in the european final of course, as geometry. and of course people bring up but which is focused on trying to win this game. we want to win the trophy we, you know, when you get to the fair, you know, you're so close. but it's the hardest hard though to go over than, you know, hopefully we can, hopefully we can be the one celebrating with many more fans traveling than the seats. available. tickets are being exchanged on the black market for up to $5000.00 and counting that several times. the monthly earnings of those who live next to the stud difference in sand. any one of the poorest areas in the country on
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this bridge. this is the separation between the normal suddenly i shall say with such for neighbourhood such as this one of whom was on and on the other side was that the false where there is there are many major it's natural events such as the final of the year for chapters they, for example, one thing can be to make tickets more affordable for people of suddenly because we are locals. here we welcome the world, but we can't go inside the said, the hot not staying locally could make getting to the stadium difficult rail work as a planning a strike to coincide with saturdays final. on the pitch derailing madrid's french striker could be the only way to win 41 years of rail dominance. pull rece out, his air at paris has been 40 years since one of the biggest selling bands of all time last performed. but now abba is back, ground breaking technology used and hollywood blockbusters has recreated the swedish superstars as they were at the height of their fame. from london. ne bucket
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has more back on the red carpet, one of the most successful bands of all time. all now in their seventies the swedish pulp legends dissolved 40 years ago with their back on stage, sort of re materialized digital full. ah, they hard to describe what it is because nobody has ever done that before. it's just strange, wonderful thing. when those voices come out of those lips and those faces something very special happen, the 1000 strong special effects team behind star wars use motion capture technology of the real life artist to turn back the clock. transforming ignitor beyond benny and frieda into digital avatars of the youngest cells or as they're being cold avatars. to perform alongside live musicians and it all feels
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a little uncanny. really, really magical what they, what they've achieved. ah, yeah, it's like witchcraft the fact that you can be on stage at the same time as you're out home walking the dog. you know, that was it. that was intriguing. the producers of the event a so confident of its success. it's taken up residency in this purpose built abba arena. the event raises a whole load of questions about whether or not people would be prepared to pay up to $200.00 as they are here to see a less legendary band in holographic form. and whether or not people are actually here seeing abba, or merely an alber apparition, smoke and mirrors sound and light. either way, reincarnating dead celebrities and bringing aging bands back from the brink is clearly a money spinner. how long is it just a gimmick and how and when is it the canceling that we recognize is in part of the
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lives in the world. and frank sinatra virtually performed in 20032007, celine dion and elvis reform together on american idol. i don't want it kind of funny to see some virtual auditors so i think it'll get to see what happens in 2012, a holographic version of rap start to pack soccer stunned audiences around the world. he'd been dead for 16 years. killed in a drive by shooting, not your thing. then how about buddy holly killed in a plane crash at the height of his fame or deceased opera star? maria callas. digital versions of the you very much alive abba will go around the world until 2026. and who knows, it may soon be possible to download your own hologram at home or go to a gig in the met averse, helping the music industry. there's lost millions to the pandemic, piracy and unlicensed streaming. we could big profits from live acts leave bark out to sera, london.


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