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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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from the ruins of mosul, music as reemerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the what that orchestra in iraq 2nd largest city. despite being bound been mostly, was occupied by isolate. the middle east arrived. 3rd, been christian curd, arab so need and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i mean, the ruins of mussels, old city, feel strange, but it brings home. the resilience are presidents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah. you are and human rights schafer shall bachelor says that she was unable to fully assess how weak are muslims of being treated on her trip to china.
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ah, although i'm adrian for them. this is al jazeera life and go home. also coming up. russian forces say they've captured the strategic town of lee been in the east of ukraine, is ready security forces, stop dozens of rights activists trying to demolish of illegal settlement outposts in the occupied westbank plus on poll recent paris where funds are gathering and that tens of thousands of the champions league final between livable and rail madrid. ah, the un human rights commission, i was called on china, not to use legitimate concerns about terrorism to justify human rights abuses. michelle boshoway was talking at the end of a 6 day trip. she visited the sion, janet region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing week of people in
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detention camps. i have requested some concerns about the application of a measures a k. i think really the impact on the right believers and other than that must be minorities. while i'm unable to assess the scale of a b, c, i rest of the government a lot of independent shall organ faculty, abrasion program, been released by law enforcement official on fees indicators to determine tendencies towards via allegations of the horse and treatment institutions. and with a respect morning from ounces here was katrina you are in beijing. well, this is a very measured statement spoken by michelle ashley on the last over 6 day trip here to china. she started out by talking about the achievements of the chinese government, even before he mentioned she, john,
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she was at pains to emphasize that this was not an investigation that she simply did not have time in one single trip to investigate the scale of human rights concern in china, but she said that the main things she seemed to have achieved was to engage in dialogue with the chinese government. and in this engagement to raise concerns about some of the policies that she mentioned, especially it's counter terrorism. and then the separatism policies in she and john and she talked about how she was able to visit a prison in cash. and what he called a v c t of occasional training center or former vocational training center and speak with some of the staff members who ran that. and she said she was able to ask questions about this. and as a result of her visit, the best she could do it seems, was to raise the concerns and say, although these import, these are policy is what you say are important aside counter terrorism. it's important that in implementing these policies that there are no human rights abuses
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taking place. now she also mentioned that before her trip, she was in contact with the loved ones of week families who had not been in contact with relatives. so looking desperately for information and she said that when she was injured in john, she also raised those concerns with the young officials and encouraged them to be more transparent and to provide information to these families. the director of human rights watch is china division. sophie richardson says that the u. n is chief human chiefs. comments have not been tough enough and seem to think after that the high commissioner's goal was to make nice with the chinese government rather than to put it in the hot seat for committing some of the worst crimes under international human rights law. and he suggested that she was unable to assess the scope in the scale. the visit, i think, is a somewhat disingenuous way of ignoring the title wave of
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evidence that has been published, documenting chinese government atrocity crimes targeting leakers and other muslims on other right away with if she's even remotely serious about her mandate, she needs to urgently publish the report that her office has put together with regarding crimes against humanity and other serious violations against leaders and muslim communities. she needs to brief the human rights council and victims and survivors and chinese government violations about all of the facts of her trip. and she needs to commit towards a real investigation with a view towards actually holding perpetrators of atrocity crime responsible. otherwise, this will simply have been a propaganda exercise. the chinese government will rebel in a place $31.00 people have died after a stam paid in southern nigeria. it happened at a church charity event in port harcourt local media report so that a large crowd turned up ahead of the events. the crush occurred as the venue opened
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in ukraine president followed me as zalinski says, the situation on the eastern front line is extremely difficult. rational forces of advanced in that pushed to fully control the don bass region. the areas in red here held by russia at its separatist allies, the governor of lou, hans says that ukrainian forces may have to withdraw from their last pocket of defense in order to avoid being surrounded in the province. the city of 77. 0, don't ask. has put seen some of the heaviest fighting russian forces a close to fully and suckling it. rushes defense ministry says that it's force is now control lehman. ukraine says that fighting is ongoing near that city. let's go live to moscow. out through us dawson. jibari is the dosa. what's the latest from the russian defense ministry, about this operation and on bass?
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well, according to the latest sam briefing by the defense ministry spokesperson, russian forces as of saturday morning now have full control of the town of leman, which is about 40 kilometers west of that. and city of severity only ask, which is the last main pocket of resistance by the ukrainians that are hanging on and continue fighting in the logan's region. according to officials here, this latest gained by the russian military provides an important step towards encircling the ukrainian military in the city of severity on the ask. and we had heard from the russian defense minister survey sure go last friday. that's about 90 percent of the logan's region was in russian control. this town area of severe donetta is the last sliver of resistance that remains in logan's can of course by gaining a control of lehman and gives the russian military is huge advantage in encircling
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the ukrainian military that are left fighting in silver donates. so what can we expect mixed all to these games by the russian military? it certainly provides and much more an opportunity an upper hand for the russian negotiators. as we understand, the russian president vladimir putin held an 80 minute phone conversation with the german chancellor, olaf sholtes, as well as the french president emanuel mac, ron earlier on saturday. the call was initiated by the german and the french leader to speak to vladimir putin to try and get some insight as to where things stand for the russians and where the president is thinking of going towards next according to the read out from the kremlin, as the discussions were mainly about the ongoing so called special military
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operation, as well as, as the willingness from the russian president to restart those negotiation process that have been really stalled since about 3 weeks ago at the russian saying it the ukrainians haven't responded to a proposal they put forth on april 15th, the russian president vladimir putin, also talked about food security. there are currently about roughly between 2 to 300 ships of loaded with wheat in the black sea ports at a of ukraine that have not been able to leave at their ports because of issues of security. the russians saying, of course, the ships cannot leave because the mines that have been put in place by the ukrainian military, the ukrainian side saying that it is the russians that are preventing the ships from leaving at the issue of food securities. certainly at the forefront of this conflict under a russian president saying that they are now willing to look at allowing those ships to leave the black sea area of 0 torso jibari reporting live from moscow door
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. so many facts is renisha white's group is demonstrating against the construction of a settlement outpost in the occupied westbank. the police trying to disperse the protest, us and confiscated to boulders is that have been brought in to demolish the outpost israeli government evacuated jewish settlers from the area in 2005, but a group of settlers lisa returned. i'll just leave me. the abraham is following developments from that bush, according to peace. now, activists we've been speaking to, as they were trying to gather within, is real to cross into the occupied westbank to protest the legal sentiments, outpost of how much they were bringing to both those. as with them, they were stopped by the israeli police that arrested 2 drivers all because those are as well as one activist and according to peace. now they say that under cover police actually arrested the activists as he was going from his home to the point
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where they were gathering now, even though some of them were arrested, they continued their journey into the occupied with the bank. now they are inside very close to maybe get a wish, but they have been prevented by another is maybe check point from accessing the area. we ourselves have also find trouble trying to get into the area because this is one entrance leading palestinian cars and palestinians towards naturalists in the north of the occupied with bank and leading us to with the outpost of thomas. but as you can see, there is a lot of traffic. these really police had been putting up an army have been putting up a lot of chuck points to try and prevent palestinians and also is ready cars from accessing their it's a saturday to weekends. usually the roads are empty, but we're seeing them to day filled with people now for palestinians. they will tell you that they are expecting the settlement outpost to be evicted. but the
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problem here is that even when it was evicted and 1005, they couldn't access it. they couldn't go to their lance because the israeli military order or seizing it, never stop to exist. so for palestinians, even though they're here, it is radio official saying, you know, we need to abide by the law. we're going to evict the settlement. they're not expecting to return to it any time soon. uh huh. at a funeral procession has been held for palestinian teenager who was shopped at my wedding forces on friday. dr. muhammed, the name was 15 years old. officials say that he was shot 3 times in the town of o cutter, south bethlehem police and texas of acknowledged major failures and responding to the school shooting in ovalo day. security officials have been criticized for waiting more than an hour in the school hallway before confronting the 18 year old
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killer. john had run reports from houston, or really, it was a stunning revelation. it might have caused children their lives. course not the right to say the wrong, as the texas director of public safety explained that while a gunman was shooting children inside, rob elementary school, police waited outside for 78 minutes, much longer than authorities had said earlier, saying police thought the gunman was barricaded alone and no longer a threat to children. he choked up. forget how to do it without the parent was children. governor greg abbott and local residents reacted with fury. i was misled. i am livid about what happened like this is in the wire on the back of the car to protect and serve for tech cool. why did, why did they protect keith? as those shocking revelations came out, the gun man's mother made a humble plea that they could politeness. i have no words. i have no words to say
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because i don't know what he was thinking across the state of texas. in houston, the national rifle association held its 1st convention in 3 years, despite the deaths of 21 people in nevada. ah, the former president, donald trump, is keynote speaker, still an unapologetic supporter of gun rice. as always, in the wake of these tragedies, the various gun control policies being pushed by the left would have done nothing to prevent the horror that took place absolutely nothing. ironically, due to his presence, no guns were allowed inside. the gun convention would crowd outside the convention, intimating the crowd inside. there are thousands of people out here in their messages. the and already go away. the massive throng protested to groups, timing and goals. oh, the hard,
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high profile figures addressed the crowds inside and out. we had to feed you and we will overcome you and we will leave you behind. democratic congresswoman, sheila jackson lee says the inner a meeting is unwelcome in her district. we welcome them. 2 as human beings and visitors, enjoy the city, but cancel your meetings. amid the din of the crowd, perhaps the most sombre demonstration was a child sized coffin, a reminder of just how high the stakes are in the american gun debate. john henry al jazeera houston. still to come here on al jazeera columbia's future in the balance, a final debate ahead of a highly contested presidential vote. and food prices saw in afghanistan, how that's being made worse by the war in ukraine. ah
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hey, there, thanks for joining air. we're tracking the advanced men south, the southwest monsoon. so by early next week it's gonna cut across corolla and hamil. now do states in india. so ahead of this, we are starting to see that rain intensify in this south. wind off the bay, a bank all is going to fuel. some of these thunderstorms have got bubbling up across west and golf bangladesh into myanmar, some of which could be severe. so the biggest threats will be powerful, wins, and hail. next stop are going to southeast asia, got to tell you, dry spells across sumatra, but around west java, we could see some pretty intense bursts of rain over the course of the weekend for the philippines. central areas, flight advisory is back in play here. the rain filling in top to bottom from lose on rate, through to mindy. now, now for china, our season rains are plum rains are lifting further toward the north, falling across the yangtze river valley. and we could see some flooding here. now
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that the rain has made a clean sweep of japan, that was, temperatures are coming up. so 32 degrees in tokyo into the front, sliding across beijing that could bring in some sand and dust from mongolia and look at this temperature in young joe 39 degrees. so if you get there on sunday, that's going to be a new record temperature for the month of may stay cool, that's it. that's all season. ah, oh lou. ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to
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go. ah ah, again, this is 0 that's from last year. the main news, the south, the year and human rights commissioner says that child, i was not used legitimate, empty terrorism concerns to justify human rights abuses. michelle bachelor visited the chin jang region where the chinese authorities are accused of abusing week of people in the camps. russian forces say they've advanced to that push to fully control don bye region of eastern ukraine. the defense ministry of moscow says that its forces now control leaving ukraine. those as fighting is ongoing. near the city . as it is ready rights group is demonstrating against the construction of a settlement outpost to be occupied. westbank,
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the police tried to dispose protested confiscated to bulldozers that have been brought in to demolish. the outrage is spread across brazil offer a mentally ill, black man was suffocated to death by police on thursday, protest against police violence and racism have been held in sir d. pay unsolved, palo another i should, jewelled in the coming hours in rio. just a warning that you may find images in monica yaki, of support, distressing demonstrators burn tires in the city of rome by all by northeastern brazil where jenny valjean, we santa's was brutally killed who was stopped by to federal highway patrol officers for riding a motorcycle without a helmet, the policeman tied up, santos threw him into the back of their car and released a tear gas can. before closing the boot every day brought i've always will. i asked and begged the police to let my brother out. they said no. then the video film by
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bystanders was widely shared on social media. it shows some to shouting and thrashing his legs as smoke fills up the car. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. his coffin was accompanied by protesters on friday, demonstrators took to the streets in brazil's largest city cell phone, which is a little bit of the federal highway police act like hitler's ss. this isn't to know the statement. this is the continuation of the police practice. we know well, they enter the communities for valence and black territories, killing people. earlier this week, more than 20 people were shot dead during the police raid on a criminal gang in a slum in rio de janeiro. what caused me phillotson, a black activist and slum dweller says, police violence will not solve drug related. price won't feature athena prevailing when there's a shoot out in a slum. they are dis, but they are also serious consequences for innocent people living. yeah,
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because schools and healthcare facilities or shut down my the whole community is terrorized what i can imagine what it's like for a child to find a body or a pool of blood on the way to close. the slum has been peaceful for many months now, but just take a look at the bullet holes here on this wall. there are a reminder to residents that a shoot out can happen at any time. last year, more than $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police, an average of 17 per day. most of them were black and poor. monica cannot give al jazeera, rio de janeiro, 3 of the 4 main candidates running for president in columbia face to offer the final debate. opinion polls place gustavo petro, as the front runner had of elections on sunday. i was out of pnc report stuff from boca time. one is so, so with only hours left before pulls open in columbia, the leading presidential candidates met for a televised debate with
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a new company. was the last chance to sway undecided voters in one of the most highly contested elections in years. poles placed gustavo paper as the clear front runner, he could become columbia. the 1st left is president for his 1000000 challenger center. right, federico gutierrez attacked what he described as his radical proposals among them, public patience reform that he says could put the country's economic stability at risk. how can you let the might be? and as you know, he's out of luck. he's proposing taking in nationalizing people's savings in pension funds, as if this was public money when it is private savings. and they want to tell the 800000000 pension savers that those funds will be safe with me. what he's proposing is bread for today and hunger for to morrow pay through responded saying gutierrez, pretend being independent when in reality supported by the corrupt and traditional politicians, colombians are tired of federal law to local media. la,
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who stole schools, food in like a hero, even killing people. so they part of the radical change party allied with the chocolate that suppose you haven't, you received all the political machinery and matthews, if this country the allied with the current president. the candidates clashed and issues close to this effected colombian, voters from an equality to rising hunger, poverty, and unemployment. following the pandemic to the implementation of the p steel, rising violence, corruption and drug trafficking. i think that that didn't get 20 centuries candidate said if i had to do who has been trailing in the polls, said, is the candidate best place to corruption on all sides or killers? bali began, those are conspicuous by his absence. was the campaigns wildcard, 77 year old, right? leaning independent populists were, those were men. this was made a surprising jump in popularity. in the last few weeks for him, for money, he held what he called at the bait with columbia and answering questions from
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supporters on his facebook page. better has been a head in the falls for months, and his popularity shows how much the left has grown lately, both here in columbia and across latin america. but he will likely face run off against either gutierrez or done this. and his success remains uncertain. allison, that i'm just, the african leaders holding a summit to discuss terrorism, unconstitutional changes to governments. the meeting and equitorial guineas capital follows a series of crews on the continent. african unions, chairperson says the military takeovers of displacing people and creating insecurity military leaders in 5 african countries of toppled governments. during the last 2 years, people in afghanistan are struggling with soaring food prices. it's a challenge that they've faced for years. but the war in ukraine is making it worse . county lopez hold on reports. the noise traffic and bars of afghan sands
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capital has long been fueled by its local markets. but that is changing. rushes invasion of ukraine is making an existing food crisis, even worse with prices rising and resources becoming increasingly course junk with the war in ukraine. european countries turn to markets in kazakhstan for us, that means the price of wheat, flour and oil have soared. a united nations report says many people have built up enormous dead device food over the past few months and access to seats. fertilizer and water for irrigation is limited to the, to we've seen an increase of up to $9.00 for every sack of flour. so we're very much affected by the war between russia and ukraine. poverty has been rife enough can a stand for years with nearly 20000000 people facing acute hunger. but political instability,
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low harvest violence, and shipping delays, or adding pressure on the country's wheat supply and fuel prices. and that's being made worse as inflation affects goods and markets across the world. looking for how does yet, though affiliate prices are skyrocketing, people have limited income sources and they have to reduce their purchases. international aid is restricted as western governments remain weary of the taliban . and a decree ordering women to wear clothing the covers them from head to toe and public, as well as recent school closures have intensified criticism abroad focused on the world is trying to show that it's dedicated to philanthropy and humanitarian causes . by distributing a sack of flour and 5 kilograms of eatable oil, but this has no positive impact on the people. with afghanistan, all ready sees in political and economic struggles. soaring food prices are now another challenge for its people. katie, a little bit of a young judges here. liverpool manager yoke and club has dedicated saturday's
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champions, league final, against rail madrid, to the people of ukraine. the game was supposed to be played in saint petersburg, but was moved to the start of the france in paris following russia's invasion in february. liverpool are aiming for the 3rd trophy of the season, but crops as the game has an even greater significance outside of football. that a game still happens and is not in st. petersburg maybe is exactly the right message or the russia should get a life goes on even when you try to destroy it. so, and be played his final thought to people not only but as well for the people in the ukraine. i'm pretty sure there are some who have who can watch it and we do it for you as well. 100 percent for race reports from paris. oh, in the champions league it doesn't get much better and being
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a fan of rail madrid. by saturday nights these supporters could be celebrating at title number 14, twice as many as any other club. i think we can bid livable. we are not satisfy with 1310 business liverpool contingent, a praying for a may 7th trophy and revenge for defeat to madrid in the 2018 final. oh, i think this is our year medina, 170 last 7 bought the last time the loss was in paris. i went to bodies in 1981 when we lost to liverpool. why neil, i remember that the history matters, but it's the present that has people tipping this final to be a classic. these teams aren't just the best on the european stage. the season are also the most exciting. liverpool have a beautiful chemistry in attack. while madrid have mounted some of the most dramatic comebacks, this competition has ever seen. fringe strike a carrying benjamin is the play who has made the difference to madrid's fortunes
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scoring 10 goals in the knockout stages. and all, all, are we what we're not gonna leave that memorial or not, but i'm treating the final naturally getting into the final is a big success for us. we know how demanding this club is and all about the clubs history. we think we have had a very good season in reaching the final has been very important for us. now we are very close to achieving something huge the season and we will give our all to achieve with or girl and put all liverpool have more than one special striker as they going to stop. rails run of 7 winds in a row in the european final, of course is geometry and of course people bring up but which is focused on trying to win this game. we want to win the trophy, we, you know, when you get to the fair, you know, you're so close. but it's the hardest part though to go over than, you know, hopefully we can, hopefully we can be the one celebrating with many more funds travelling than the seats available. tickets are being exchanged on the black market for up to $5000.00 and counting. that's several times the monthly earnings of those. he lived next to
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the stud difference in sound, any one of the poorest areas in the country on this bridge. this is the separation between the normal felony i should say with such poor neighborhoods such as this one of whom was on and on the other side. the said the false where barry there are many major international events, such as the final of the youth which empties they, for example, one thing can be to make tickets more affordable for people of something because we are locals. here we welcome the world, but don't count go inside the said, the fall. not staying locally could make getting to the stadium difficult railway because a planning a strike to coincide with south. today's final on the pitch derailing madrid's french troika could be the only way to n 41 years of rail dominance poll, rece out his air at paris. ah.


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