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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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hello, i am sammy's. hey, dan, this is the news i live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. ah, a texas town grieves for it's murdered. children is more outrage amid police admissions. they waited more than an hour before intervening. brushes. president says he's ready to look for ways to ship brains stuck in ukraine's ports, but demands the west lift sanctions 1st. if this was not an investigation, the un human rights chief defense are controversial visit to china says she raised questions and concerns about badging. treatment of weavers plus thousands of women are buried in unmanned graves across iraq and activists say, many of them are victims of domestic violence. women in iraq say laws don't go far enough to protect them from abuse and domestic violence. allan sport,
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liverpool manager year again club has dedicated the champions league final to the people in new crime. it seemed a take on round madrid and paris later on saturday, looking to stop the spanish giants from claiming a record extending 14th title ah 78 minutes. that's how long police in texas waited in the hallway of you validate rob elementary school before entering the classroom where the 18 year old kilo was hold up. by the time offices broke in 19 children and 2 teachers had already been killed. authority say students and teachers repeatedly pleaded with 911 operators for help all the place chief told offices to wait. president joe biden is due to visit you all day on sunday. earlier,
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he spoke about the shooting at a graduation ceremony in delaware. as i speak, those parents are literally preparing to bury their children in the united states, america to bury their children to which violence too much fear too much grief. let's be clear. evil came to that elementary school classroom in texas to that grocery store in new york. to far too many places or innocence have died. the face of such destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. we must stand strong. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america safer. john
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henry joins us now from houston, texas. so john, how is that admission from police that they basically waited too long? how is that going down with people? well, it's not going well. the governor of texas greg gambit, a republican said that he was living, he said he was misled, and he had passed on that information. what we learned from the police was repeatedly proven to be wrong. originally they said it's been maybe 40 minutes when they, when they gunman went in and that he had encountered a public safety officer at one point they said that there was an exchange of gunfire. we learned that was not true at all times. the government actually blew right past him. then we were told it might have been as much in our as in our what we learned yesterday. and the news conference was that it was actually 70 a minutes well over an hour. and during that time, children were in that those classrooms, phoning in 2911 emergency call us begging for help saying that there were still
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people alive in the community. if you've all they, a number of people have expressed their anger that all of those children, 19 children and 2 teachers didn't have to die. that had police gone in at some point much earlier. they could have saved their lives. but it took over an hour for the, for the patrol officers, i'm sorry that these were border patrol officers to finally go when they found a key to unlock that door. and finally, shoot that gunman down. but in the meantime, 19 children and 2 adults had been shot. and there is outrage about that. congressman julian castro says he wants an f b i investigation. he's made a formal request to that organization to look into exactly why it took that long. and we know we have seen video taken by parents outside of that school. as the
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shootings were going on and the parents are begging the police to go in there. at 1 point, one parent says those are helpless children. they don't know how to defend themselves, and the police officer simply told them to get across the street if that was inappropriate. so yeah, there's a lot of anger about that. and it's compounded by the fact that the parents are just now beginning to vary their children. we do expect president biden to arrive and you've all day on sunday. and of course, he will address this so anger and out phrase, john, how is that bank clash going down politically? well, the problem here in the us is that we have anger and backlash every time. one of these incidents happen, and it happens often, this is the 2nd worst school shooting after new champ, connecticut were 26 people were killed. and what tends to happen is there's
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a lot of talk as there is now in congress about changing the laws, but it requires 60 votes in the senate to do anything 60 out of 100. they need a super majority to get anything done. and right now they don't have the votes or democrats are trying to cooperate with republicans to try to get something done. but what we have learned over 20 years since the newtown connecticut shooting in 1999. i'm sorry, the littleton, colorado shooting in 1999. is it ultimately? over the past 2 decades, congress has simply done nothing. and that's what we expect now. sammy. alright, thanks so much, john henry, their outrage is spreading across brazil after a mentally ill blank man was suffocated to death by police on 1st day protests against police violence and racism. been staged in search and sal. paolo from view, as may find the images in monica on
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a report to be distressing. demonstrators burn tires in the city of rome by all by northeastern brazil, where jenny valjean we saunters was brutally killed. was stopped by to federal highway patrol officers for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. the policeman tied up, santos threw him into the back of their car and released a tear gas can. before closing the boot, it will be da brought. i've always will. i asked and begged the police to let my brother out. they said no. then the video film by bystanders was widely shared on social media. it shows some to shouting and thrashing his legs as smoke fills up the car. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. his coffin was accompanied by protesters on friday, demonstrators took to the streets in brazil's largest city cell phone, which is a little bit of the federal highway police act like hitler's ss. this isn't to know
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the statement. this is the continuation of the police practice. we know well, they enter the communities for vailable and black territories, killing people. earlier this week, more than 20 people were shot dead during the police raid on a criminal gang in a slum in rio de janeiro. what caused me phillotson, a black activist and slum dweller says, police violence will not solve drug related price. won't teacher athena prevailing when there's a shoot out in a slum. they are dis, but they are also serious consequences for innocent people living. yeah. because schools and healthcare facilities or shut down my the whole community is terrorized what i can imagine. what it's like for a child to find a body or a pool of blood on the way to close. the slum has been peaceful for many months now, but just take a look at the bullet holes here on this wall. there are a reminder to residents that a shoot out can happen at any time. last year, more than $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police,
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an average of 17 per day. most of them were black and poor. for like this on this with joined by mechanic. you have now live from rio de janeiro. looks like protest to gathering behind you plenty of, of outrage over this one, i guess. yes, that's right. we are here in rio de janeiro in a square calls and there's a statue behind me. i don't know if you can see it, but it's a stature to zoom b, but which fall marty. she was our leader in the slave against us slavery. when brazil was, was still a colony. so these people here, this is a spontaneous protest that was organized that last minute. and it was triggered by these are violent episodes last week. these people here have been saying that although brazil does not have the death fennel, g r, there are many, many,
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although doesn't have a death penalty. many people are being killed, executed the police go up into the 5 outlaws and they go and shoot out. and then they ask questions, so this is you must remember this as an electoral year, year in brazil and people year say that the blacks are majority and they were won't vote for somebody that will start defending their cause. monica has any action been taken against the offices involved in this incident? oh well yes. they're asking for an investigation. the 2 officers involved in the case of the man who was gas to in the trunk of the car. so those were suspended, but we were talking to people living enough avella and our one woman said, yes, i know he was suspended, but will anything else happen?
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will they be jailed for this? will they be tried? and they think that now they think that justice is very selective. here in brazil, it works her the rich, the high middle class, the white. right. thanks so much monica on a care of there now as the world, braces for a food crisis brought on by the war in ukraine. russia's president says he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain that is stuck in ukraine's ports. vladimir putin also says russia is ready to increase fertilizer exports, but only of sanctions are lifted. russia and ukraine account for nearly a 3rd of global weight supplies. ukraine is also a major exposure of cooking oil. our care has been unable to export those supplies due to russia's invasion, which has sent global food prices soaring and also jabari joins us
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now from moscow. and those understand this issue came up in talks between the russian leader and some of his european counterparts. what was said, well, the russian president vladimir putin and just finished the phone conversation with the german chancellor, olaf schultz, as well as the french president emanuel micron. the call lasted about 80 minutes and was initiated by the 2 european leaders who wanted to discuss a few things with the russian president as they talked about. of course, the state of the ongoing, a so called special military operation that is taking place in ukraine. and they also discussed the issue of food security as you mentioned. and they also talked about the ongoing negotiations between russia and ukraine, which have stopped over the past few weeks. the russian president told his
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counterparts, the status of the military operation in you talked about how and there are a number of issues with the ships that are carrying ukrainian wheat that have been stuck in the black sea. as a result of what the russians are saying are minds that are placed along the routes for them to leave in the black sea by the ukrainian military. now vladimir putin said that russia is willing to allow the passage of those ships are roughly around $300.00 of them and from the main port in odessa, in ukraine. and that is something that is up for discussion, but that is something of course, that has to be done through the russian military. the presidents that russian president also talked about how the negotiations have stalled between the 2 sides as a result of the key of government. not being serious and responding to at the offers that have been made by the russian negotiators, the last one being made on april 50. let me put and also stress that the
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weapons that are being poured into ukraine, especially by the united states, are really exasperating. the situation on the ground that they are further destabilizing, the ongoing conflict between the 2 sides. the 3 leaders agreed to keep the line of communication open and the french and the german leaders also were seemingly satisfied by the answers given by the russian president about the status of the prisoners, the crating and military personnel that are being held as prisoners of war. by the russian military. all right, we'll leave that thanks so much dosage of ari and on the ground in ukraine, president vladimir then ski says the situation on the eastern front line is extremely difficult. russian forces advanced in the push to fully control the dumbass region. look at the graphic now. the areas in red are those held by russia
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and it's separate system allies. governor of hunter says ukrainian forces may have to withdraw from their last pocket of defense to avoid being surrounded in the province. the city of sylvester don. yes. cuz seen some of the heaviest fighting russian forces are close to fully encircling it. rushes defense ministry says it's forces now control lehman. ukraine says fighting is ongoing near the city though. same bus probably joins us now from care of. so let's says we'll start with the config thing reports about what is happening in li, man, what do we know about that? well this small town that is normally just a population of $20000.00 people has taken on great significance in the last few days and weeks because it is strategically significant right now in context of the battle being fought to try to keep russia from gaining ground in the defense region and to try to push the russian forces back. the russians of course,
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want to take over as much of the network as possible to achieve the goal that the russian president vladimir putin has said he wants to achieve, which is to control the administrative boundaries of do not going to hans to take over the entire don bus region now when it comes to leman in the last few hours we've heard from the ukranian deputy defense minister who has refuted claims that lima has fallen to the russian advance. they say that yes, on the latest reports of the local government on the ground is that most of mine is currently under russian occupation. but the deputy defense minister confirming that it is still has not fallen. she admit that there are a heavy it is heavily contested. there are fierce battles, fierce fighting going on on the ground now. but lehman still remains partially, at least in ukrainian hands. and that is what we're hearing from the government here in keys. now the battle for lehman is key because it is at
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a crossroads. it could mean cutting off ukrainian access if it russia is indeed in control of it all between the east and west. and that could allow russia to cut off of forces that are fighting elsewhere in the hoskins severed. then ask, as you said, a 1000 plus forces there could potentially be encircled lima being the 1st lily pad for them to move onwards towards surrounding forces. there. now as far as that fight is concerned, we have heard of ukrainian forces planning on making some kind of tactical retreat to live and fight another day. it is a large number of forces that are potentially in circle there. but again, another, another kind prediction by the deputy defense minister here saying that they've actually managed to push russian forces back to original positions, any gains that they made and severed. and that's since this new phase of the conflict since forces re mobilized in the east, they say they've pushed them back to those original positions. and the ukranian say
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that the russians are actually losing ground, not gaining it in that battle over 17 ask. so certainly conflicting narratives continue as this war progresses, and it's difficult to know exactly which way the tide is turning and talking about strategic towns. what about the standoff headphone? yes, the son is, is a key battleground. we've spoken to experts in the past weeks. you said that the war in ukraine is being fought in the south, but the battle is being fought in the east rather. but the battles in the south could determine the final outcome of this conflict care son. also, primarily most of it is currently in russian hands. it is under russian occupation, but there are some hold out towns and villages on the edges of that region and they are pushing back and the ukrainians. you confirm that they are planning to mount a counter offensive to retake the cares on region. and the reason that that location is important is that it could allow russian forces if they manage to
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control all of it, to then move further south. and critically, for the russians, connect the don boss region with the crimea in peninsula, which would offer them a very strategic and strong footing to be able to then possibly analysts say move on to odessa and perhaps even re launch an assault on the capital key. certainly a key battle to try to make sure that the russians aren't able to take advantage of how much ground they've gained in care on and the ukrainians desperately trying to take that region back. all right, thanks so much. we'll leave it as in basra. v slightly more still ahead on the news hour, including food prices, sore enough gamma. stan, how that's being made worse by the war in ukraine. 50 days of protests, much rank as president is still holding on 9 and small 10 a sanction from the french open? is the women's well, number one wins yet again. ah,
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now the un human rights commission is called on begging, not to use legitimate anti terrorism concerns to justify human rights abuses. michelle, a bachelor, was speaking at the end of a 6 day trip across china. she visited the jin chang region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing weak people in detention camps. i have raised questions and concerns about the application of counter and the are the session measures and the role. i think really that impact on the right a mass in minority while i'm unable to assess the full scale of the seas and the lack of independent initial oversight of the program there last long on face indicators to determine tendencies towards via
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allegations of the use of force a restriction on it really is katrina, you has more from beijing. well, this is a very measured statement spoken by michelle ashley on the last over 6 day trip here to china. she started out by talking about the achievements of the chinese government, even before he mentioned she's young. and she was that pains to emphasize that this was not an investigation that she simply did not have time in one single trip to investigate the scale of human rights concern in china. but she said that the main thing she seemed to have achieved was to engage in dialogue with the chinese government. and in this engagement to raise concerns about some of the policies that she mentioned, especially in counter terrorism and then the separatism policies in she and john. and she talked about how she was able to visit a prison in cash. and what he called a v c t,
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a vocational training center or former vocational training center, and speak with some of the staff members who run that. she said she was able to ask questions about this. and as a result of her visit, the best she could do it seems, was to raise the concerns and say, although these important, these are policy is what you say are important to fight counter terrorism. it's important that in implementing these policies that there are no human rights abuses taking place. now she also mentioned that before her trip, she was in contact with the loved ones of legal families who had not been in contact with relatives. so a looking desperately for information and she said that when she was injured in junk, she also raised those concerns with the sheer young officials and encouraged them to be more transparent and to provide information to these families. a lot of set on diet is program manager of the campaign for week is organization joins us by skype from sydney. good to have you with us. so has the visit by the you and human
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rights chief? has it at least drawn a spotlight on the suffering of the week? most of them well, this visit was actually very important to us. many who have been suffering under the chinese regime had been waiting for decades for such a visit for such an investigation. it wasn't investigation, but for such a visit to happen. unfortunately, she was using china's terminology like anti terrorism. indeed radicalization to legitimize the genocide being perpetrated against the we get people. it's very clear from the questioning that has that they were provided to michelle bachelor in advance and she was reading from a script, especially from the questions by the p r. c. state media questions. so during the visit, which is which was which was, it wasn't an unfettered does it, which will, which we wanted to have. and pretty much china was that they dictated the whole visit or the way it was the couldn't. today's message was the equivalent of nazis.
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essentially, conducting their own urine bill trials. mismatch. i says the trip has given the ability to speak openly, to the chinese authorities about human rights issues and concerns was fat and achievement. do you think? no that did not happen. covered was used as an excuse beings, anti terrorism narrative was used. clearly she even said it herself. the whole thing was stage, you know, palm taken a lot like to us and there was no engagement with the recent. she's young police files. so it's very hard to see, you know, that that wasn't achieved. and with this visit it's become more critical than ever . that this was not fully transparent, but that wasn't the case. and the high commissioner must release the, the report on the week of genocide which they had been sitting on for the past 6 months. yeah. oh, do you think this visit might set back the treatment of we got most of them in
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china? i do think so. i do cause chuck china do have sort of a sample of approval now from the u. n. because she's actually gone and visited the propaganda museum. she's essentially justified the genocide that's been happening. but the high commissioner should not have agreed to this visit without securing full access to the region. and she bears who responsibility for any manipulation of the visit by the chinese regime based on her actions, or shall i say, the lack of actions me michel, bachelor, has not fulfilled her duty as human rights commissioner. and it's clear to see that she has been in my, in my eyes, bought and sold by china. i understand you have a personal connection with this suffering. tell us, you know, what life is like when you're trying to get information about relatives of your own . yes sir, my mother in law, my father in law and my 2 brothers in law,
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they are currently in the camps. we haven't heard them for for 5 years. we understand that they have been sentenced anywhere between 7 to 17 years and our 4 foot for crimes other than you know them being weak as almost them. we know that we get our persecuted for their religion for their identity, and many 1000000 millions of weakest are in my situation. in fact, are all week is living in the dice for had at least one family member who are currently suffering in china's concentration camps. and that's exactly what they are, but unfortunately the u. n. has not done its job in securing an investigation. and we asked china if there is no genocide if they have nothing to hide, why it wasn't unfettered access given. all right, thank you very much for coming and sharing your experience. thank you very much.
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now for the 50th day in a row, protest isn't for anchor calling for president. gotta buy out your pike said to resign. people are also demonstrating against the new prime minister renoux. we're kind of messing gay. he was sworn in by the president earlier this month. protesters blame the government for an economic crisis. those left the country without enough fuel food or medicine. let's go now to female men, now fernandez rather in colombo. john's us line from there. so they did seem to be, i guess you could say a period of law. the protests are they picking up again now? absolutely. marking the sort of 50th day to day, i mean where i'm standing now just over an hour ago was completely chaotic. we had water cannons being fired, and t, a guest being fired as protested, who were charging against that barricade, which has now opened up the road. a just behind me is one of the access roads to
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the president's house. and that's where the protest is. we're going in this major us demonstration to mock the 50th day of the protest. so as much as the last few days took a bit of a, a sort of a quiet period after we saw the new prime minister being sworn in after we saw the cabin had been brought in. and lots of people thought that the sort of key part of the demonstrations were over. but protested, assured me as, as the lots that i was talking to, that it was just a little bit of a breather. they were taking and they are sort of keen to press ahead with their demands and that is go to go home and m l y, are people not satisfied with the new prime minister this entire campaign, which as we said, mark's a 50, a day to day was about moving the system that the protestors had had enough
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of. they felt that the raja boxes were at the helm of the system, both in the presidency of the prime minister ship right across cabinet and in government war partly responsible for the sad state of affairs in the country. now, the president, after many attempts to kind of switch around faces, the names and seats of the cabinet brought in, draw new vicar missing her. a form of 5 time prime minister, quite frankly, was one of the only few that was willing to take the job given shall anchors, doldrums in terms of economics. but people say this is all the same. they call them the same set of thieves. just switching chairs or switching faces that ultimately what is wrong in government in administration is continuing and that's what they're calling for change. they say sri lanka, entry lumpkins or all that they want their futures back. all right, thanks so much for reporting them now. fernandez sola had on al jazeera
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columbia's future in the balance, a final debate, the head of a highly contested election. and it's for buffalo turns up the heat from miami, in the india payoff corporate, jo, greater blue, those winds are still whipping around the sand in dust across the golf. hey everyone, thanks for joining in. so here's a snapshot on sunday, we do have high temperatures as well. so buck did 43 q weights, 43 degrees in here, and doha, getting up to a high of 42. let's go in for a closer look again, seen that sand in dust. so wind gusts in doha, on sunday. the forecast is calling for about 50 kilometers per let's go into monday becomes a concern for kuwait to the orange on our map. that is the sand and dust and incubate
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city will look for gusts of about 55 kilometers per our temperatures have been below average through bish kick tashkent and sean bay. but over the next little bit, we're going to see those temperatures climb. i'll show you that in one second, but you know, after that he wave in pockets time north of islam of bog. we've got forest fires burning there, but some rain so that should help provide some relief. ok promised we would look at the forecast for a task and we're getting up to $32.00 degrees by wednesday, so that's above average. also, temperature is above average in turkey, including for is stumble on sunday with the high 32 degrees. and our weather will be centered across central and eastern portions in central africa. and all that rain in wind from the western cape starts to pivot to the eastern cape on sunday season. ah, how do you states control information in china is local go?
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if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they had liar died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how assist us in journalism. we framing the story. i am here to duck you man, the war crimes committed by what did and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera ah domain, the intersection of reality and comedy and host revolution tenea. her mission to entertain, educates and provoke debate through satire, her weapon of choice, theater, an intimate look at what inspires one of tennessee as most popular comedians to make people love my to nicea hair on al jazeera. lou.
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ah, welcome back to watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. president joe biden is due to visit you val day on sunday white 21. people were killed as an elementary school shooting earlier this week. speaking in delaware bible said americans need to come together, make the country safer. the un human rights commissioner says china must not use legitimate concerns about terrorism to justify human rights abuses. michelle bachelor visited these huge yang region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing wiggle muslims in camps, rushes fraser, and says he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain that is stuck in ukraine's
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ports. laramie poking also says russia is ready to increase fertilizer exports. if sanctions are lifted, the war in ukraine is making life harder for afghans. people are struggling with soaring food prices. cateel arianne explains the noise. traffic and bars of afghanistan's capital has long been fueled by its local markets, but that is changing. russia's invasion of ukraine is making an existing food crisis even worse, but price is rising and resources becoming increasingly scores or grandkids. sir john with the warren ukraine. european countries turn to markets in kazakhstan for us, that means the price of wheat flour and oil have sword. a united nations reports as many people have built up enormous stead to buy food over the past few months and acts to seats. fertilizer and water for irrigation is limited. we'll document the
6:36 pm
the so we've seen an increase of up to $9.00 for every sack of flour. it was the, were very much affected by the war between russia and ukraine. poverty has been rife in afghanistan for years with nearly 20000000 people facing acute hunger. but political instability, low harvest violence, and shipping delays are adding pressure on the country's wheat supply and fuel prices. and that's being made worse as inflation affects goods and markets across the world. much deeper hovers yet though, at the prices are skyrocketing, people have limited income sources and they have to reduce their purchases. international aid is restricted as western governments remain weary of the taliban . and a decree ordering women to wear clothing that covers them from head to toe in public, as well as recent school closures have intensified criticism abroad. afghanistan, the world is trying to show that it's dedicated to philanthropy and humanitarian causes. by distributing a sack of flour and 5 kilograms of eatable oil,
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but this has no positive impact on the people with afghanistan already facing political and economic struggles. soaring food prices are now another challenge for its people. can't see a little bit of a young al jazeera or breaking news out of self nigerian, our at least 31 people have been killed in a stampede. it happened at the charity event at a church in polt hawk holt. local media report say a large crowd turned off and people were crushed when the venue opened to dallas and bar is leih from us in the buddha. so what caused the standby? yes. a local church was organizing an outreach program, mostly for decor, by giving out. they had planned to give out, gives items to both be a church member, and also member of the public. saturday morning. so when the crowd have got some
6:38 pm
people i believe, to have broken into the venue off the event and try to stay in front of be those will be able to receive the items before that. so in that process, there was a time pete and more at least 51 people have been confound bed by the local police . and then they said main people agents wouldn't say that the number in just could be higher. and also that those who have died in the front, right, the number would be also higher. so the police is saying that the investigations that are on the local government authority also saying that they're going to investigate what actually cost the the stampede and to find out what they can do to prevent for the be in the future. all right, thank you very much for updating our an israeli rights group has demonstrated against the construction of
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a settlement outpost in the occupied west bank. the place tried to disperse the protesters and confiscated to bulldoze is brought to demolish the outpost. he's right, the government evacuated jewish sexes from the area in 2005, put a group of settlers to return. it brought him is following developments from novice, according to peace. now, activists we've been speaking to, as they were trying to gather within his real, to cross into the occupied westbank to protest the legal settlement, outpost of co much they were bringing to but there was a with them there were stopped by the way, the police that arrested 2 drivers all because those are as well as one activist and according to piece. now they said that under cover police, actually i read the activists as he was going from his home to the point where they were gathering now, even though some of them were arrested, they continued their journey into the occupies west bank. now they are inside very
6:40 pm
close to the biggest outpost, but they have been prevented by another is maybe check point from accessing the area. we ourselves have also find trouble trying to get into the area because this is one entrance leading palestinian cars and palestinian towards naturalists in the north of the occupied west bank and leading us towards the outpost of television. but as you can see, there is a lot of traffic these really police had to dig up and we have been putting up a lot of checkpoints to try and prevent palestinian and also is ready cars from accessing their it's a saturday to weekends. usually the roads are empty, but we're seeing them today filled with people now for palestinians, they would tell you that they are expecting the settlement. i was supposed to be evicted. but the problem here is that even when it was evicted into the 5, they couldn't access it. they couldn't go to their land because the is really
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melissa the order of the thing. it never stop take less. so for palestinians, even though they're here, israeli officials saying, you know, we need to abide by the law. we're gonna evict the settlement. they're not expecting to return to it any time soon. now a funeral procession was held for a palestinian teenager. ha, ha. we was shot dead, binds, ready for me. on friday, the $800.00. my name is 15. lisa officials say he was struck 3 times on the pound of a hug south of bethlehem. now, greece is accusing iran of piracy, after it sees to greek registered oil tankers. iran says they were captured for committing what it called violations. these are the last known locations of the 2 greek flag tankers tracked on the monitoring platform vessel finder. grease says iranian helicopters landed on the ships in international waters $22.00 north co
6:42 pm
miles off the coast of iran. the move appears to be in retaliation for an incident last month that to a greek authorities detained the vessel, carrying arabian oil, saying the ship's owners had links to russia. that iranian all was then confiscated by the u. s. ron, once it returned police in iran, of use tear gas and fired warning shots to disperse. protest isn't the southwestern city of arbor. dan? demonstrators were rallying in the area where a 12 story building collapsed on monday and killed 28 people. protests demanding justice for the victims have been held for 3 consecutive nights. now, women activists in iraq say a lack of legislation preventing domestic violence is giving perpetrates is immunity. in february, a federal court rejected an appeal to amend the law. thousands of women are estimated to suffer abuse in the country with at least one being killed every week
6:43 pm
salvage vapours. social media helped to escape from the abuse at home for safety reasons where there is name and identity have been changed to the her. the worst abuse was from my father. it was sexual and physical. he touched my body, he kept me at hein did not want me to go out to school and 19 years old now. and when he started the abuse, i was only 12. my mother and sisters escaped to the shelter and network of independently run shelters. had provided help to 1200 iraqi women since 2003, china will the collision limby as a domestic abuse victim herself. do not too busy who runs the organization says government failure to pass laws to protect women gives immunity to perpetrators, but learning sure. all the government shelters put impossible terms for a woman who's sick, refuge. there is no strategy to offer help. it took a here to take the larger parliament, but the fails to approve it. there is
6:44 pm
a law which prevent hash punishment for killings based on or another legislation gives the husband the right to beat his wife and the pretext of discipline statistics are impossible to get more cases happen in rural areas. some are buried quite li, some pressure women to commit suicide or just burn her unclaimed. she committed suicide, some report women missing and after some time we discover she was killed. thousands of women are buried in unmarked graves across iraq and activists say, many of them are victims of domestic violence with no official numbers. rights were cause estimate at least one woman is killed every week because of domestic issues. across iraq, tribal traditions, societal pressures and families, prestige, all contribute to making it difficult to talk about violence against women. mohammed has to conceal his identity for these reasons. his sister was murdered in front of her children by her husband model,
6:45 pm
martin castlewood. lemme maddox for months there were problems, she broke her leg once another time, her arm once tried to burn her. my sister didn't listen and wanting to stay for her kids. then one day he shot her and it's, it's a pity that the case is still in the court. and 3 years later, no one can explain why the children witnessed it, and the neighbors testified as well. show noises like sure, han see having laws is of no use unless they are implemented. would you would the mac, m a half law? there should be a special criminal court. and this is, it takes a long time to soft cases of women killed. related to honor, my suggestion is to disarm people and create awareness about the security. officials in iraq's good regency. they're taking initiatives like this hotline for domestic violence victims. and especially female police unit. he has arrow last year, recorded 2200 complaints and some were off domestic violence. 5 out of 10 women who were killed were due to family problems. and unless the 2 with lifted from violence
6:46 pm
emanating from those so called family problems, more women will continue to be buried hair, some of java under the era sally money and northern iraq. now the founder of the left, this group, japanese red army, has been released from prison for psycho shaken to serve the 20th sentence for an embassy, cg, 1974 members of the group storm. the french embassy in the netherlands and held staff hostage for a 100 hours. she get who is also believe to have mastermind an attack on television that $4972.00 in support of the palestinian cause. 26 people were killed in back incident. 3 of the 4 main candidates running for president in columbia faced up in the final debate, opinion polls place gustavo petro as the front run up the head of elections on sunday. sandra, yes, the reports from but with the one with only hours left before pulls open in
6:47 pm
columbia. the leading presidential candidates met for a televised debate. i knew the was the last chance to sway undecided voters in one of the most highly contested elections in years. polls place gustavo paper as the clear front runner, he could become columbia, the 1st left his president for his 1000000 challenger center. right. physical gutierrez attacked what he described as his radical proposals among them. public patience reform that he says could put the country's economic stability at risk. oh yeah. yeah. you can, you have to be and as you know, he's out of luck. he's proposing taking in nationalizing people savings in pension funds, as if this was public money when it is private savings. and they want to tell the 800000000 pension savers that those funds will be safe with me. what he's proposing is bread for today and hunger for to morrow, petro responded, saying gutierrez, pretend being independent when in reality,
6:48 pm
supported by the corrupt and traditional politicians, colombians are tired of several large local media, la who stole schools, food and like a hero, even killing people. so they part of the radical change party allied with the chocolate that supports you. haven't you received all the political machinery and matthews, if this country the allied with the current president, do the candidates clashed and issues close to this affected colombian, voters from an equality to rising hunger, poverty, and unemployment. following the pandemic to the implementation of the p. steel rising violence, corruption and drug trafficking. i think that that didn't get 20 centuries candidate said if i had to do who has been trailing in the polls? said is the candidate best place to fight corruption on all sides or killers? bullied beginners are conspicuous by his absence. was the campaigns wildcard 77 year old, right? leaning independent populous word. those were man. this was made
6:49 pm
a surprising jump in popularity. in the last few weeks for money, he held what he called at the bait with columbia and answering questions from supporters on his facebook page. better has been a head in the falls for months, and his popularity shows how much the left has grown lately, both here in columbia and across latin america. but he will likely face run off against either gutierrez or done this. and his success remains uncertain. allison that i'm just with that all still had an al jazeera on pole recent paris where phong's gathering and that tens of thousands for the champions league final, between liverpool and rail madrid. ah, every year in china. and it's to make it 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0 one east fuller. some mothers desperately trying to re unite
6:50 pm
with their children. oh, now j sierra. ah. the answer was an arabic. my name is helen. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia with handcuffs. them led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an ines deal mastery case on al jazeera. ah, oh, alger sierra, with no news.
6:51 pm
ah, i football fans is a match. the cat shall fall in his father. yeah. big match. coming out of liverpool manager juergen club, his dedicated saturdays champions, league final, against around the dread the people of ukraine. the game was supposed to be played in saint petersburg, but was new to the sad to france falling rushes decision to invade its neighbor. back in february, liverpool are aiming for their 3rd trophy of the season. the clock says the game has an even greater significance outside of football that the game still happens and is not in st. petersburg maybe is exactly the right message, or the russia should get a life goes on even when you try to destroy it. so and be played as final fall to people,
6:52 pm
not only but as well for the people in the ukraine. i'm pretty sure and there are some who have who can watch it and we do it for you as well. 100 percent. well, go up as i began carro and to lottie in the fine. i'll, let's go alive now to paul reeses, not to far from the stand to france, supposed to great teams point, and i barrel has the better record in this competition. he's looking stronger. d. thank yeah, absolutely far. you know, liverpool are one of the the, the leaders in terms of winning european cups, champions league with 6 of them. but round madrid's record is just phenomenal far and away better than any other team. 13 european cup titles in their history. 3 of them back to back up to 2018 when they, when they beat liverpool in the final their success in this competition spans 60 years. they won the 1st 5. so they are really the, the kings of the,
6:53 pm
of the european cup. on top of that, you mentioned color on slots. that coach, one of the all time greats. one of a few coaches, 2 of one, the champions league 3 times twice with ac, milan for him once with rail madrid. and if he can win this final again, he will be the 1st coach to win for champions lake titles. only there is a main star is green. ben zima and what is season? he's had tell us more. yeah, it's a, it's almost hard to compute. was a great season carrying benjamin's hot for rel, madrid. you know, he's been at ral, since 2009. he's already got full champions, league titles, but what he's done in the past few months has just been phenomenal. rail should really have been going to be knocked out by p. s g and the round of 16. he's got a hat trick that he doesn't go against chelsea in the quarter finals school,
6:54 pm
the winner against manchester city and the semi finals in a much again rail looks like that. we're going to lose. he's just, he's been the, the rapier thrust at the end of madrid's excellent counselor, talking football in this competition. and he's been really terrifying defenses. i don't know, i have little pools defense will be terrified, but we've done that homework is he's a big problem for them. liverpool have wanted to trophies, but how much has the season taken out of them? paul yandy does he say they were on the league up in the f. i coke in england this season, but they have, have just come off the back of that, primarily title, race, the fates manchester city lose by one point. so that's a bit of a psychological blow. but on the other hand, i think yoga quote, has really created one of the, one of the finest teams in modern football. they won this competition in, in 2019 the year after losing to royal. and on top of a,
6:55 pm
they've got this desire for revenge. for that last to royal mohammed sala, in that game, in 2018, was injured and hoped to be brought off the pitch. after a class with says you're ramos, of rail madrid. he has stated that he wants revenge, that even though, says your ramos is no longer at rio, it's clearly burning for sala and liverpool will. very, very much want to take this title of ro, madrid. okay, we'll catch up with you later. paul rees reporting live for us from paris. thanks for that. now, across town, at the french open the women's world. number one, e gosh, why is hak isn't around for the 20 year old polish player beat, danco covey. nick in straight sat sick. 3752 i attached is amy to win her 2nd french open title. have to claim her 1st back in 2020 men. so i can see daniel medford m sales and around for he beat me on mary matter back easily and reset and his fellow russian under your blood is also through after force that went over
6:56 pm
christian garden, italy's yeah, my center is into route for as well. oh, driver shars laclare has sealed pull position for sunday's monaco grand prix. the ferrari driver is 2nd in the championship standing, so we hoping for a better outcome than last weekend, spanish rom, pre which he retired from due to an engine failure of clerics teammate carlo sands will start in 2nd ahead of red bulls do o sergio perez and 3rd and world champion match for stopping in 4th. in the, on the mime, he delivered a masterpiece game to tie there, playoff series 3, all again to boston, celtics, and set up a winner. takes all showdown. jimmy butler was a sorry the night he delivered one best performances of his career with 47 points and added 9 rebounds. 80 says, says he helped his team to an impressive 111 to 1033. this is the way it should be built with these 2 teams. it, it should have gone 7 games on the margin for error on both sides is so
6:57 pm
small and there's no 2 better words in pro sports game 7. i'm just really thrilled that our, our group gets an opportunity to, to compete in the game 7 and in front of our own home crowd. okay, and that is all your sport for now back to you. sammy, thanks so much for. that's it. for this news, i am back in a moment with another full show, so stay with us. me the what. what do we need to know that on this is i don't need to be with them when you look at them is when you put them to me, i just need to i need a new home and ya today. and we're going to be what we said as well, they didn't put,
6:58 pm
put this for the other guy and i'm a lot of them at the book. if you're the one i know, i mean, i mean i shooting them off and just ah and a for over
6:59 pm
a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just data across the world, young activists and organizers around them, motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and beta we were the ones who had life on what was going on. and the way that the most me cynita didn't. there's nothing start, think about the lebanon is always in the my number formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of those kind of generation changed on al jazeera. this one's
7:00 pm
feared. war lord, during lay barriers, decade long, civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done at west street children has attracted their help, like senator b as protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendation is made by picture and reconciliation, permission for this former warlord liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. oh i a texas town grieves for its.


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