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tv   Fault Lines The Scoutmaster P2  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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there made some clowns held signs honoring their fellow performers who died. clown day started in 2006 to celebrate jose are lot of sailors who set up a circus and loom of course neighbourhood. now the world's oldest man is celebrated his $100.00 and 13th birthday reynolds whalen, one of his and deborah's. busy model says, his secret to long life is working hard going to bed early and loving god. he has 11 children, 41 grandchildren, 18 great grand children, and 12. yes, great, great grandchildren. oh boy. mutable your say, your mercy, and i am very proud. i feel very happy with a joy that one does not know how to explain well and very blessed by god. for this honor that we have today for my father's 113 years and for being the longest living
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man in the world, it is truly a blessing from god. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here al jazeera, now president joe biden is due to visit you val day on sunday. earlier he spoke about the shooting at a graduation ceremony in delaware. he said americans need to come together, make the country safer. on the un human rights commission than michelle bachelor says china must not use legitimate concerns about terrorism to justify human rights abuses. she was speaking at the end of a 6 day trip to china. she visited these and jang region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing wig a muslims in camps. at least 31 people have died in this dam paid in southern nigeria. it happened that church charity event and poor harcourt. local media report say a large crowd turned up ahead of the event. the crush occurred when the venue
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opened. those the headlines. the news continues here now just 0 after the fault lines. the walk was so good to know that on the fish i don't need to them. when you look at me, when you put them to me, i think i missed you open at the home and ya today and i was going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of them at the book. if you're the one i know,
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i mean, i mean i shooting them off and i previously on thought once i had problems with always, jack always said that he could go to my left, your house and i'll hold them to standing young me. how did you give me brought up?
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so we had this camp out to get to know everyone. and we went out there that night. he came and lay down with his feet at my head. he reached from a bell, started trying to unbuckle my pants. i'm just holding no. so i'm not into that is not my thing. my dad went to the chief police. we wanted a public admission of guilt. he was acquitted of all towards the boy scouts became response more than a minute. i knew what and who jack was. he shouldn't have been involved in scouting at all. he won that drought and went back to same away a father had made a stand for me like dogs, auto was making a stand for him. i was always just
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asking for something that i had done wrong or fail to do. like if i asked until he was charming beating need was it was that make any better? because the, the equation, the attention that my father did a nationally well, he always always told that he loved one before he became a jo, late wednesday or had happened as a well, it was over a year and it was a different
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house, a, a sold lunch for you, you don't appreciate that anybody does for you. let me allow you to so there you. so jack was have a super say you do whatever you chose a amy, thanks to me, i can hear my dad say you do what he killed judy do you should appreciate what he's feeling good. looking. just don't want to be proud of where you go with he started in lesson
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hayes when he was 10 years old. and i think that he had that kind of influence over him. police detective charles packet moved to moon oak in the late ninety's. it wasn't long before jack walls came to his attention, 3 weeks after being there in law and all you know, us end up with this case of this, this, the sexual abuses. it's hard to say that that i've had a case come up like this one in my career. how many boys do you think walls in it up abusing? some were in the neighbourhood of 50. how many boys kelsey think you interviewed? i said over 50, my victim witness coordinator said it was closer to the 100 that we knew about how could that stay secret for so long and such a small place. and then the children,
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the young man told me they were afraid of the family because of their power, wealth and influence. i think that's the key word influence that he had on kids. i think that that is the key word of this whole thing. i said whole my father gladly saw or did you know, i had a not me down a cold where you may be a jack and he became a sexual abuse. and so there was no winning situation. mm. you know, in
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a town of 4000 people, 50 boys as a lot of boys houses not know if something happened to me would i tell somebody else about it? probably not. not at 10 years old or 15 years old, am i gonna say something? probably not and do you think the boy scouts as an organization? well, how would you describe their level of, of interest in that of transparency and dealing with the jack walls case. the boy scouts gave me nothing. ah, i had requested the information from the voice scouts myself. they never got back with me. i left a message on their phone, telling them what, who i was, what i was doing. and they still didn't call me back.
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oh, i joined the scouts as a child. i was asked like millions of others across america to commit to the scout law. a series of character traits said to define the good scout among them. trustworthiness, loyalty, obedience. these paintings, my artist norman rockwell, came to to find that ideal image of the american boy scout an image. i grew up with an image of the boy scout as incorruptible, synonymous, and american culture with unimpeachable honesty and innocence. the boy scouts are in the business of selling a, an image of wholesomeness safety, trustworthiness. the scout code attorney, tim caused not this representing men who claimed to been abused as children by jack
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walls together the taking the boy scouts of america, the court for what they say is its responsibility and that abuse in many of our files. we see these perpetrators had a history that was known to the boy scouts. for decades. walls was one of them. but we see this over and over and over again. for more than a century, the boy scouts of america have kept a growing list of files with the names of thousands of scouting volunteers. and staff accused a child sexual abuse including jack walls. but that information is not always been shared with authorities. if it were to be publicly revealed, that they had this dirty little secret that wasn't actually little at all, but was massive. what would that do to the faith and confidence of parents who are
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considering whether to entrust their boys to the care of this system because there's secrets that they have a washer and the name of the boy scouts of america. so michael johnson was the director of youth protection at the boy scouts of america for more than a decade. if you look at it, the national headquarters professional talking about the very top, their interest, a line war with perpetrator scoutmasters, than they do with the victims and survivors on the lawsuit. the boy scouts have said that when they keep the information in their files confidential, it is to protect the privacy of victims. witnesses and the falsely accused. the problem when any institution has that power or ability to investigate its own and maintain records on its own, tell me the institution where the has worked up to help victims of sexual use.
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secrecy surrounding the and eligible volunteer falls benefits, no one except for the perpetrator. and those like the boy scouts of america that has interests, probably financial interest, civil interests, and that information not getting out. it was a machine that reinforced the code of secrecy, the code of silence. and that was absolutely not to protect the children. it was to protect the organization. the boy scouts is in fact a perfect petri dish for pet ophelia. the child is in a place where there are not other adults that they can call out to i and they're intimidated by the fact that this organization is so important. it's so valuable to the creation of character that nobody would believe them if they spoke out against the scoutmaster that sexually assaulting them.
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ah, the depth of his depravity was hard to imagine. he was in the military, where i think he honed some of his skills that he tried to teach scouts. ah, he had ammunition and took that, taught him to shoot, taught him to evade light sensors outside so they could start stalking people. they didn't lie, or people did. did jack told them to me he did ask me to do want to recall return. what was the recording to people who hadn't been paying their route
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when he would come and pick me 2 o'clock in the morning. take me. we'll drop me off down the wall and scroll out to see this man who chose to remain anonymous when he was sexually abused by his scout master. jack was a decade before the duck, oak and trial rears to grow. words grew to be sure to re shirts, nor beaver dams will go in the morning that was over for 2 years, expansion or what have you, booked on the georgia plate, head gangs with the kids with a young man. you know, i'm going to give you
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a call. i'm gonna give you porno, graphic literature. i'm your friend. i'm on teach you to hot a. you know, i wanna teach you about sex. and then i'm gonna teach you to kill what, what did you hear about the bonnie cut my brake lines fight me, kill my dad. anything to silence us and like us go away. and he encouraged them to come after you. i'm sure. have stocks? pretty much admitted it. the check put a bounty on you. yeah. yeah, he wanted us to follow up cletus hogan, which is dogs, father, and he all he had was playing oak knee away now. oh,
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he wanted us to carry cletus out here just knowing, going to call gasoline. and when he wanted to light a fire washing bogged down, they were told to kill dog and is dead by jack walls. but they never did. and but they were supposed to do it. did you ever feel threatened? oh yes. oh, i got threatened. oh yes, but who? i didn't, i don't know the send letter. were letters with something about my office was sitting right by a window. something about sitting by that window. i wouldn't sit by that window so much. charles peck who received these threats as he was investigating the scope of the abuse committed by check walls. i imagine that must been a shocking moment when your look in these cases you find out one of the boys is heath
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stocks. are you like what does that name sound familiar where you are expecting him to be involved in this? yes, but i had, i waited till at the end to go down to the interview. he, because i knew that whatever he said is going to be tainted by the fact of the 3 murders. the night in january. you guys had been to dinner. i think we went to a buffet in jacksonville and had a lovely tom heath was the person that he had been when he was at his best. he was the ideal young man to be a was personable. he laughed he that but he came in he, there's did,
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he said i got to go back to class or got to do something and he, when he left and was just the nicest. most players it in. if you had a final memory, that's what you want to have with him. a relative. and then 2 o'clock in the morning they came and banged on the door, woke me up and said, joe barber and heather have been shot. 3 of them have been shot worse news. i think he might have told us he was going back to argued elsewhere that night. and so i didn't, i may, we may have even said, well does he's know. the next thing i remember is being at the court house and them for tell us that they hear the rest. he's pretty sorry,
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this is a free call from an inmate at national security unit. hey, can you tell me about what happened in january 1997? i did all the college. i had been home for several months. at that point. i been looking for a job. i had been able to fire war. so mom dad told jack to come over, i need to talk, certainly encouraged me. and of course a long time after that. my sister and i didn't die and then they started share that i can add them all. can paul,
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how did you tell your mom and sister, do you remember the actual words you use after the intercession listing? and i don't know what a you and i think it was really sharing them and nothing happening. a realization that i might lose him. the only source of affection acclamation and attention the hours of getting annual is so shameful to, to make that admission was rolled me to his house and made sure that i had hold my mom. and how did he react to that?
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it was the most angry at ever saving. very angry, very racial, very amusing, verbally. i told me that i betrayed him, that i had violated the sacred that he loved like a phone and you know, with all that i would ever be. someone will do something like that. so he told me it was. so was the problem was cause this problem, i need to fix the problem. and i was like, it always told us all new case, all the killer. now you know, he used that logic was see, wasn't a logic with my family. and so i left and i didn't do what he told me to do. and so he showed up and he made me
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i came home after going out to eat with my grandparents and houses that do, maintains jack walls was at his house and it staged it to look like a robbery. combat. i can either participate and be a part of it, or i can die. a what happened next? a house, a beggar leave to go to get out of the line. i was thinking i was going to help him get alum jackson, the living room sitting on the couch. the car pull up the vehicle was mom and dad. how long do you see her go to the kitchen?
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i'm in the living room. the lights out in a my dad turns around a get charter calling to make a shot. again. i don't understand of that. i'll see daddy play down. there's law. there's mom joe, barbara and other were all killed that night. who was? hello there that that is what is feel the baby baby feel good. i was there
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a good the neil the next day, an interview with police. he never mentions to present to jack walls or the abuse in dirt. when he confesses to having ransacked the house himself and shooting his father 8th, did you shoot your dad did? what happened with mom? heather? i don't. i do so he'll literally just shy visit with they get he why you're shooting her a take you to lose. oh sure. oh wow. g stocks was 20 years old at the time of the murders. he serving
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a sentence of life without parole for killing us parents and a sister. but he now maintains that he killed only his father that another firmer scout abused by jack walls, pulled the trigger on heather and barbara. ah, when you took the job, were you aware of the stocks family murders? yes. you. i knew about the joe in his wife and his dinner and heather, anna. but when i found out about all of that, i knew that there was more to it and nobody ever really said why he did it. nobody ever gave a mode of why he did this and i would ask that why did that? and nobody would ever tell me at the time of the stocks murders jack walls as abuse of the scouts alone. oak was still
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a secret because while he was in jail in long oak, i called jack and said, you know, i know. yeah, we're really close. would you go down and talk, dave? you thought you're take care of you? yeah. yeah, i did. i and i think he told him that he would help take care of it. so he really trusted jack in all situations and obviously was allowed to start with. he did so brainwash heath that he believed that jack loved him and that his father didn't. did jack would do anything for him? he thought, when jack told him to kill his parents and his sister became involved and was also killed, the jack would get him out of jail. i was living in a well that was with mold in
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made. it was in my place without a shot. sure. the organization of the scouts to do it for as long as you did a set of this filtering system, this group. so this hospitalization system was assault. he could do it with us having all those local so withdrawn, we want people to do whatever we have to do and that is the biggest kind of thing. what that tells us to do. and for me,
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i can't help with the boy's house because jackie done this for decades about something that happened a few years. he was able to use it as a title to groom, associate these people for decades, bmw ah, for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by creditors within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part 3 on
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a. jesse eda ah long with frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic rush or the gas for western leaders? full sanctions on russian energy exports. that's a recipe for social in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah at least $31.00 people are killed in a stampede or the church shower the event in southern nigeria.


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