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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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of master part 3 on as jesse era. ah and a frank assessment, what are the political risks of panic wash or the gas for western leaders? full sanctions on russian energy exports. that's a recipe for recession in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah at least $31.00 people are killed in a stampede or the church charity event in southern nigeria.
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ah simons, a dan. this is al jazeera live from dall hall. so coming up, ah, a town grieves for its murdered children and teachers in texas as police admit, they waited too long to intervene. brushes, fraser, and says he's ready to look for ways to shoot rain stuck in ukraine his towards, but demands the west to lift sanctions. first. this, this is not an investigation. the un human rights chief defense her visit to china says she raised concerns about beijing's treatment of wiggle muslims. ah, at least 31 people have been killed in a stampede at a church in southern nigeria. it happened at
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a charity event in port harcourt. local media report, a large crowd turn, damp, and people were crushed when the venue opened. fidelis and by his lie for us in a boot, just to watch triggered the stampede. yeah, the police have confirmed that absolute facts when people were killed and 9 judge, but witnesses say in number could be higher than the officials. he go even by the police. the crowd had gathered and the saturday morning waiting for a church that had the news to distribute food items, clothing, materials to the left finished. and they had got out on an open s fucking event area. so while waiting for the church officials to officially commence the bank, that's an hour before some persons tried to get entry into a smaller entry point to the to be very. and that's why people were trying to rush
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into the place. there was this time p and but some of the app it will have turned up where cross incident had happened also in december 2020. when and in business or organization had organized palliative for us is living in fort hackers in this id in the saw and it deducted incident of december 2020, about to be placed in tiered and well, that's the judge. so the police is now investigating, trying to find the remote courses offered is what cost to do the budget. and also the go and have them call investigations to find out where that security measures will actually be put in place to ensure that their such incident doesn't happen again in the future. thanks rob, thanking us to that of somebody who to la thanks is still a saw facing intense criticism for their inaction during the deadliest school shooting in the u. s. in nearly
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a decade. place waited for 78 minutes in the hallway of you val days, rob elementary school before entering the classroom, where the 18 year old killer was hold up. by the time officers broke in 19 children, and 2 teachers been killed authority say students and teachers repeatedly plated with 91. 1 operators for help president joe biden is due to visit your val day on sunday. earlier he spoke at a graduation ceremony in delaware about the shooting. as i speak, those parents are literally preparing to bury their children in the united states, america to bury their children to which violence too much fear. too much grief. let's be clear. evil came to that elementary school classroom in texas, that grocery store in new york. far to many places were innocence,
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have died. the face of such destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. we must stand strong. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america safer. john henry has more from houston, texas, across the state of texas, and throughout the united states, there is outraged police to 78 minutes to go inside the school and you have all day, texas, during that school shooting. we've learned that just recently through news conference in police, acknowledge that was the wrong decision. apparently, somebody on the scene decided that that was a barricade situation that, that gunman was no longer a threat to those children. when in fact, parents were outside videotaping themselves urging police to go when is that gunman continued to shoot children and those children were calling him in 911 emergency
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line risking their lives in order to whisper that they were still under threat. so a lot of concern governor greg abbott. here in texas said he was deceived. he said he is livid. president biden will be going to that scene on sunday and we will hear more from him. but this is the latest that number 2 school shooting in the united states. and we have found out that the police response was not everything that was suggested originally well as the world braces for a food crisis, worsened by the war and ukraine. russia president says he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain stuck in ukraine's ports in a phone call with the leaders of france, germany vitamin fruits, and said russia is ready to increase further lies exports. but any of sanctions are lifted. russia and ukraine account for nearly
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a 3rd of global wheat supplies. ukraine is also a major export of cooking oil, but kit has been unable to expose those supplies. she rushes invasion that's help fan global food prices soaring. phil said, your bar is in moscow and has more on putins cool with my new micron and all off schultz, the russian president told his counterparts, the status of the military operation need talked about how and there are a number of issues with the ships that are carrying ukrainian wheat that have been stuck on in the black sea as a result of what the russians are saying are minds that are placed along the routes for them to leave in the black sea by the ukrainian military. now vladimir putin said that russia is willing to allow the passage of those ships are roughly around $300.00 of them and from the main port in odessa, in ukraine. and that is something that is up for discussion. but as that is
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something, of course that has to be done through the russian military. they president, the russian president also talked about how the negotiations have stalled between the 2 sides as a result of the key of government. not being serious and responding to at the offers that have been made by the russian negotiators, the last one being and made on april 15th vladimir putin also stress that the air weapons that are being poured into ukraine, especially by the united states, are really exasperating. the situation on the ground than they are further destabilizing. the ongoing conflict between the 2 sides. their 3 leaders agreed to keep the line of communications open and the french and the german as leaders also were at seemingly satisfied by the answers given by the russian president about the status of the prisoners, the ukrainian military personnel that are being held as prisoners of war by the russian military on the ground,
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the ukraine president vladimir lansky says the situation on the some frontline is extremely difficult. russian forces have advanced in their push to fully control the dumbass region. take a look at this graphic, the areas in red, helped by russia and it's separate this allies. the governor levant says ukrainian forces may have to withdraw from their loss, pocket of defense, to avoid being surrounded in the province of the city of savannah. don. yes. has seen some of the heaviest fighting russian forces are close to fully encircling it . rushes defense smith 3 says its forces now control and the man ukraine says fighting is still ongoing near the city the same, but probably isn't. kevin has more on the russian defensive in don bass. the russians of course, want to take over as much of done as possible to achieve the goal that the russian president vladimir putin has said he wants to achieve, which is to control the administrative boundaries of do not gonna have to take over the entire don bus region now, when it comes to leman in the last few hours,
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we've heard from the ukranian deputy defense minister who has refuted claims that lima has fallen to the russian advance. they say that yes leave on. the latest report from the local government on the ground is that most of mine is currently under russian occupation, but the deputy defense minister confirming that it still has not fallen. now the battle for leman is key because it is at a crossroads. it could mean cutting off ukrainian access if it, russia is indeed in control of it all between the east and west. and that could allow russia to cut off of forces that are fighting elsewhere in the hot skin severed than, as $8000.00 plus forces. there could potentially be in circled lima and being the 1st lily pad for them to move onwards towards surrounding forces. there. now as far as that fight is concerned, we have heard of ukrainian forces planning on making some kind of tactical retreat to live and fight another day. it is
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a large number of forces that are potentially encircled there. but again, another, another contradiction by the deputy defense minister here saying that they've actually managed to push russian forces back to original positions. any gains that they made in several minutes since this new phase of the conflict since forces re mobilized in the east. they say they've pushed them back to those original positions. the un human rights commission has called on beijing not to use the gist of it, concerns about terrorism to justify human rights abuses. michelle bachelor was speaking at the end of a 6 day trip across china. she visited the shins yang region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing wigan muslims in detention camps. i have a question about the application of content and the efficient measures and the case . i think impact on the right the, we put them in n 3 must be minority. why am i unable to assess the scale of the b,
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c. i rest of the government, the last the oversight of the appreciation of the program there live on the decatur to the tennis tennis. yeah. so what's my obligation to be used for the treatment in a report on really just katrina, you wholesale from beijing? well, this is a very measured statement spoken by michelle beschler on the last over 60 trip here to china. she started out by talking about the achievements of the chinese government, even before he mentioned she's young. and she was at pains to emphasize that this was not an investigation that she simply did not have time in one single trip to investigate the scale of human rights concern in china. but she said that the main thing she seemed to have achieved was to engage in dialogue with the chinese government. and in this engagement to raise concerns about some of the policies
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that she mentioned, especially it's counter terrorism, and then the separatism policies in she and john. and she talked about how she was able to visit a prison in cash. and what he called a v c t, a vocational training center or former vocational training center, and speak with some of the staff members who run that. and she said she was able to ask questions about this. and as a result of her visit, the best she could do it seems, was to raise the concerns and say, although these import, these are policy is what you say are important applied counter terrorism. it's important that in implementing these policies that there are no human rights abuses taking place. now she also mentioned that before her trip, she was in contact with the loved ones of week families who had not been in contact with relative to a looking desperately for information. and she said that when she was injured in junk, she also raised those concerns with the young officials and encouraged them to be
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more transparent and to provide information to these families. well, still ahead on al jazeera food prices saw an afghan. stan, how that's being made was by the war in ukraine. 50 days of protest such blanket president is still holding on. ah. those winds are still within around the sand in dust across the gulf. however, one thanks for joining in. so here's a snapshot on sunday, we do have high temperatures as well, so pock dead, 43 q weights, 43 degrees in here in doha, getting up to a high of 42. let's go in for a closer look. again, seen that sand in does so wind gusts in doha, on sunday. the forecast is calling for about 50 kilometers per hour. let's go into monday. it becomes a concern for q. wait,
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see the orange on our map. that is the sand in dust and incubate city. we'll look for a gust of about 55 kilometers per our temperatures have been below average through bish kick tashkent and sean bay. but over the next little bit, we're going to see those temperatures climb. i'll show you that in one second, but you know, after that he wave in pockets time north of islam of bog. we've got forest fires burning there, but some rain so that should help provide some relief. ok promised we would look at the forecasts for a task and we're getting up to $32.00 degrees by wednesday, so that's above average. also, temperature is above average in turkey, including for is stumble on sunday with the high 32 degrees. and our weather will be centered across central and eastern portions in central africa. and all that rain and wind from the western cape starts to pivot to the eastern cape on sunday season. ah, the gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world won the cato needed
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to oakland and development school to attract international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and money skilfully mcdonald, 3 key areas of development, filling a promise of connecting the world connecting the future won the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade. oh, the me. watching out, is there a time to recap? i have lines now. at least 31 people have been killed in a stamp to the church in southern nigeria. it happened that
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a charity event in full talker. local media report, the large crowd turned up and some people are crushed when the venue brushes president says he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain stuck in ukraine's or that may oppose. and also says russia is ready to increase fertilizer export, sanction lifted. president joe biden is due to visit deval day on sunday. 21. people were killed as an elementary school shooting this week. speaking in delaware, buys and said americans lead to come together to make the country safe. outrages spreading across brazil officer a mentally ill blank man was suffocated to death by the police on 1st day protests against police violence and racism. been staged in sir g p. and south, paolo, some viewers may find the images in monica's report to be disturbing.
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demonstrators burn tires in the city of rome by all by northeastern brazil. where jenny, val dodge, is we saunters, was brutally killed to was stop by to federal highway patrol officers for riding a motorcycle without a helmet. the policeman tied up santos threw him into the back of their car and released a tear gas can. before closing the boot everyday ain't brought. i've always will. i asked and begged the police to let my brother out. they said no, they're. the video film by bystanders was widely shared on social media. it shows some to shouting and thrashing his legs as smoke fills up the car. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. his coffin was accompanied by protesters. on friday, demonstrators took to the streets in brazil's largest city, some foam coin, occlusal guard of the federal highway, police act like hitler's ss. this isn't an overstatement. this is the continuation of a police practice. we know well,
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they enter the communities for valence and black territories. killing people. earlier this week, more than 20 people were shot dead during the police raid on a criminal gang in a slum in rio de janeiro. what caused me phillips in a black activist and slum dwellers says police violence will not solve drug related crimes. won't teacher looking of available when there's a shoot out in a slum. they are dis, but they are also serious consequences for innocent people living. yeah, schools and health care facilities are shut down my the whole community is terrorized but i can imagine what it's like for a child to find a body or a pool of blood on the way to close. the slum has been peaceful for many months now, but just take a look at the bullet holes here on this wall. there are a reminder to residents that a shoot out can happen at any time. last year, more than $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police, an average of 17 per day. most of them who are black and poor monarchy and i give
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all jazeera rio de janeiro now is really right. the group is demonstrating against the construction of a settlement outpost in the occupied westbank. police trying to disperse protesters and confiscated to both of those is brought to demolish the outpost israeli government evacuated jewish settlers from the area in 2005. the roof of los laser return that abraham is falling developments from natalie. according to peace. now, activists we've been speaking to, as they were trying to gather within israel, to cross into the occupied left bank to the growth of the legal settlement out of home as they were, bringing cooper those, those with them, they were stopped by the israeli police arrested 2 drivers, all those are as well as one activists and i would like to piece now they said that under cover police activity or rather than the activists,
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as he was going from his home to the point where they were gathering now, even though some of them were arrested, they continued their journey into the occupies was back. now they are insides very close to the biggest l o much. but they have been prevented by another radio checkpoint from accessing the area we ourselves have also find trouble trying to get into the area. because this is one entrance leaving palestinian car than palestinians towards naturalists in the north of the occupied with bank and leading us with the outpost wish. but as you can see, there is a lot of traffic. the israeli police heads up and we have been putting up a lot of checkpoints to try and prevent palestinian and also is ready cars from accessing their saturdays. so weekends, usually the roads around but we're seeing them today filled with people. now we're kind of sydney and they would tell you they are expecting the settlement outpost to
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be evicted. but the problem here is that even when it was evicted in 2005, they couldn't access it. they couldn't go to their lance because the is really melissa the order of seizing it. never stop to exist. so for palestinians, even though they're here is radio officials saying, you know, we need to abide by the law. we're gonna evict the settlement. they're not expecting to return to it any time soon. police in iran of used to gas and find warning shots to disperse protesters in the southwestern city of up a don demonstrates his were rallying in the area where a 10 story building collapsed on monday and killed 28 people. protest bonding justice for the victims of be held for 3 consecutive nights for the 50th day in a row, protest isn't shoreline cra calling for president? go to biology pox the to resign. people are also demonstrating against the new prime minister rando with chrome, a single he was sworn in by the president of this month. protesters blamed the
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government for an economic crisis that has been the country without even a few food old medicine. and l fernandez was out of protest held earlier on saturday in columba and 50 days after the campaign go home. gotten started, this is what we're seeing. hundreds of people gathering in colombo to mark that milestone. and they don't show any signs of giving up their struggle. they said that despite the fact that the president has brought in some changes, he's swept the boards of cabinet. there's a new government in place and very effectively what the roger foxes have done. what observer said, they're great at doing is to cost the attention of them. so right now, the attention egon prime into serrano vicar missing her and the argent dismal state . the country's economy is in. but for these protest here to des. 1 as you can see,
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one banner that says no deal. what basically that alludes do is the fact that the roger boxes are still pulling the strings from behind the scenes. but they say it's just a sort of a new set of faces, but the same oh and that these protestors are not willing to put up with that one. the young protest i spoke to said they have basically managed to bring out the general public of sherlock over the 1st time that people are ready to speak up about the injustice about the mismanagement and all of that rather than sit in their comfort zones. and this is a fundamental change ensure long as day to day lives. so what people say a 50 days on is that they will continue their struggle. it's not going to stop here . warren, ukraine is making life harder for afghans. people are struggling with soaring food
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prices. catalog has already on explains the noise. traffic and buzz of afghanistan's capital has long been fueled by its local markets. but that is changing. russia's invasion of ukraine is making an existing food crisis even worse, but prices rising and resources becoming increasingly scores or could i encourage his job with the war in ukraine? european countries turn to markets in kazakhstan for us, that means the price of wheat, flour and oil have sword. united nations reports, as many people have built up enormous stud to buy food over the past few months and access to seats. fertilizer and water for irrigation is limited. well, dr. matthew, this is, we've seen an increase of up to $9.00 for every sack of flour. so we're very much affected by the war between russia and ukraine. poverty has been rife in afghanistan for years with nearly 20000000 people facing acute hunger. but
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political instability, low harvest violence, and shipping delays, or adding pressure on the country's wheat supply and fuel prices. and that's being made worse as inflation effects, goods and markets across the world. multiple hovers, yet though i believe prices are skyrocketing, people have limited income sources and they have to reduce their purchases. international aid is restricted as western governments remain weary of the taliban and a decree ordering women to wear clothing the covers them from head to toe in public as well as recent school closures have intensified criticism abroad. i found it on the world is trying to show that it's dedicated to philanthropy and humanitarian causes. by distributing a sack of flour and 5 kilograms of eatable oil. but this has no positive impact on the people with afghan as dan, already facing political and economic struggles. soaring food prices are now another challenge for its people. katie, a little bit of
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a young al jazeera liver vol manager yoga clop, as did dedicated saturdays champions. league final, against real madrid to the people of ukraine. the game was supposed to be played in saint petersburg, but was moved to the stand there false in paris following russia's invasion in february. liverpool, i mean, for their 3rd trophy of the season, but flop, says the game has an even greater significance outside of football. like that the game still happens and is not in st. petersburg maybe is exactly the right message or the russia should get em. life goes on even when you try to destroy it, so, and be played as final fall to people, not only but as well for the people in the ukraine. i'm pretty sure i'm there are some who have who can watch it and we do it for you as well. 100 percent pull research reports now from paris. oh,
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in the champions league it doesn't get much better and being a fan of rail madrid. by saturday nights the supporters could be celebrating title number 14 twice as many as any other club. i think we can bid livable. we are not satisfy with 1310 business liverpool contingent, a praying for may 7th trophy and revenge for defeat to madrid in the 2018 final. oh, i think this is our year. madrid, 170 last 7 bought the last time the loss was in paris. i went to bodies in 1981 when we lost to liverpool. why neil, i remember that the history matters, but it's the present that has people tipping this final to be a classic. these teams aren't just the best on the european stage. the season are also the most exciting. liverpool have a beautiful chemistry in attack. while madrid have mounted some of the most
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dramatic comebacks. this competition has ever seen. france strike carrying benjamin is the player who has made the difference to madrid's fortunes scoring 10 goals in the knockout stages and all, all are we what we're not allowed to come over here, but we're not, i'm treating the final naturally getting into the final is a big success for us. we know how demanding this club is and all about the clubs history. we think we have had a very good season in reaching the final has been very important for us. now we are very close to achieving something huge the season. and we will give our all to achieve with bucket them parallel. liverpool have more than one special striker as they ng to stop rails run of 7 winds in a row in the european final of course, as geometry than of course people bring up. but which is focused on trying to win this game, we want to win the trophy we, you know, when you get to the fair, you know, you're so close. but it's the hardest part though to go over than, you know, hopefully we can, hopefully we can be the one celebrating with many more fans traveling than the
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seats. available. tickets are being exchanged on the black market for up to $5000.00 and counting several times a monthly earnings of those. he lived next to the stud deferrals in sand, any one of the poorest areas in the country on this bridge. this is the separation between the normal felony i should say with such poor neighborhood such as this one of whom was on and on the other side. the said the false, where there is, there are many major international events, such as the final of the youth attempt as a, for example, one thing can be to make tickets more affordable. people have so many because we are locals. here we welcome the world. but you can't go inside the said, the font not staying locally, could make getting to the stadium difficult railway as a planning a strike to coincide with saturdays final. on the pitch derailing madrid's french strike could be the only way to when 41 years of rail dominance pull race out his era at paris.


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