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all right, politics grows. the big picture, examines francis struggle to live up to with self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their spot for caught our 2022. june on al jazeera, every year in china, an estimated $80000.00 children are abducted by one of their perils. one 0, one east follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children on al jazeera. ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s his role in the world on al jazeera ah, distraught families demand on says after police and texas admit they waited more than an hour before entering the classroom. when
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a gunman was shooting that children, ah, no, i. mariam no mozy in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. so she won't, people are dead after a stampede, a church. and so the nigeria with food was being handed out russian forced to step on their results in savannah. don yet it's going to easton ukraine after saying they've captured a key railway towns. a anger spreads across brazil is protested, demand justice for a black man who was suffocated to death by police. ah, welcome to the program. well, more harrowing accounts of a much from the young survivors of the overall day school shooting and texas police
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are facing heavy criticism for their slow response to the attack. which left 19 children and 2 teachers dead. officers waited 78 minutes before storming the cross room, where heavily armed gunman carried out a killing spree. children have described making desperate whispered, please for help and 911 cold, while the police chief told offices to wait in a hallway or present, joe biden is due to visit. oh, val day on sunday. earlier. he spoke about the shooting during a graduation ceremony in delaware. as i speak, those parents are literally preparing to bury their children in the united states of america to bury their children. to watch violence. to watch fear, to watch grief. let's be clear. evil came to that elementary
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school classroom in texas to the grocery store in new york. to far too many places, innocence have died. in the face of source destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. we must stand strong. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america safer. so let's get more now from shebra, tansy and washington an issue about the issue that these details must be very difficult for the families in the community in o val day. and it seems that they can be nothing short of shocking. what further reaction has that been from the police about why they waited so long to help kids that were being killed inside a school. while the director of state police is already said, as far as he is concerned, it was the wrong decision on the list of there are investigations underway. the f
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b i know is involved not just in the investigation into the shooting itself, who this gun person was what was motivating them but, but in 2 baths, that police and security force reaction. a lot of focus now on the, the, the chief of the school district, police whose decision it was to make the decision that this was no longer an active shooter situation. this was a suspect who was barricaded, barricaded in despite the terrified 911 emergency calls to the police from children inside the classrooms. and actually now we have these yard or pulling eye witness reports of parents outside watching. once is, once that decision was made, the, the, the, the school district police, you said, all right, well that will get some tactical gear and, and parents were just talking about how the shields are coming in. one by one in one would come in then several minutes later, another one would come and it was
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a very, very slow process. and in fact, we understand now and we haven't heard from him since that since the day of the shooting that but that school district police chief is now himself under 24 armed guard and case what for his own protection. sham in we understand now that it will already obviously be a investigations and probes into how this took place and, and why they were so delayed in a gang fight to help kids that were cooling 9 on one and pleading for help. but is there enough trust or confidence that they will be able to deliver a fair investigation i'm, it's difficult to predicts. i think there is obviously so high profile an investigation and we already had the director of the state police saying it was the wrong decision period. i think we can expect certainly and i mean,
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i think it's fair to expect that may be that there will be criticism of, of the response in, in the investigation. but whether there will be any, a proper examination of the structure of policing. that meant that those who were at the scene decided it was more prudent to a handcuff wrestle to the grounds, potentially taser the parents outside the perimeter of the school. rather than actually tackle the gunman who was inside the school is, is kind of pretty unlikely. i think, but i think this is what's interesting about this case is i think it does actually, yes, you can feel the echoes of the black lives matter protest because it was then that many realize that actually, and this is, you know, from the supreme court downwards, the police are under no obligation to protect the communities in which they're in there. they're only legal obligation is to protect people who are in their custody . and in fact, now because of the militarization of the police force and the law is money that
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goes in deb and the terminology, everything has changed, or these aren't public servants who are helping the community. these are sort of occupying, you know, occupying powers who are dealing with the community as potential competence, which might actually explain some of the behavior we saw on the day. so i mean, whether that's all going to be going to be examined, officially i am, i'm highly doubtful bought is interesting is it has draw attention to some of these issues. this is why there was a movement to defend the police or in that what that meant. was take some of these millions to put it back in the community for actual solutions to try and prevent violence, to interrupt violence and put them into community measures to monitor people help people. but articles fizzled out pretty pretty, pretty quickly. but i think what's interesting is, i mean, you look on social media now, for example, and on this, you know, people in los angeles are suddenly noticing that on the doors of police squad cars, it does say to protect and serve. but that's an inverted commas. it that actually legally, there is no legal obligation to the police to protect the local community. and,
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you know, people say, well, what does that inverter commerce mean? does that actually desire to reflect while the people inside those scored cars are feeling? i thank you very much. she had the cancer porting on washington in while texas senator ted cruz has been confronted about his views on guns at a restaurant in houston. oh, no one is on the republican was challenged by a man who initially asked for a photo. he just finished delivering a speech at the, at the national rifle association, annual convention in the city. the pair then engaged in a back and forth before the man was removed by security. ah, now at least 31 people have died in a stampede. a church charity event in nigeria, a large crowd had gathered in the southern city of port hall court. people were pushing to receive donations of food parcels and clothing. nat triggered the
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stampede. fidelis and bazemore on this now from a boucher the police have confirmed that at least 31 people were killed and 9 judge. but witnesses say number could be higher than the official see. go. you mean by the police? the crowd had gathered and the a waiting for a church that's hard, the news to distribute food items, clothing, materials to the less privileged. and they had got out of an open as sporting events area. so while waiting for the church officials to officially commence the bank, that's an hour before some persons tried to get into a smaller entry point to me. i mean that's why people were trying to rush into the place. there was this deed and some of it will have turned up with cross. so the
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police is now investigating, trying to find the remote cost, is what it costs to do, but, and also to go and has a code for investigations to find out where that security measures will actually be put in place to ensure that such incident doesn't happen. again, now, russian forces have stepped up their results in savannah don yet can east in ukraine . one of the last may she acquainted health cities in the hon, screeching this after saying they captured a nearby rail hub? was the better done yet? is it a key russian target and it's already seen some of the faces fighting in this part of the country. the governor is saying 90 percent of its buildings have been damaged. equating trips may have to retreat from it now. russian artillery is also been shelling the less chance backlit road, which moscow needs to take in order to encircle ukrainian forces. cremeans latest
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major gain is the relo town of lemon. some 40 kilometers east of savannah. danielle . your clients, as fighting is ongoing, near the city control of the man would allow access to multiple road and rail, frederick bridges, which is so far impeded brushing progress in the don't pass. the invading troops made several unsuccessful attempts to cross a key river near the town in the past few weeks, sustaining major human and equipment losses in the process will ukrainian force as a dog in at the front line in the eastern dorm bass region. and they say that russia is now deploying more troops to the area every day with the landscape blue sky in the dark, and especially love hands region, the enemy creasing. it's not always that means every day and night like the task of re defined areas. you further to insert she never you and just areas in basra. v as in your client's capital key brings us more now on what's happening in the don't
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last. the russians of course, want to take over as much of then as possible to achieve the goal that the russian president vladimir putin has said he wants to achieve, which is to control the administrative boundaries of do not going to take over the entire don bus region now, when it comes to lima, and in the last few hours we've heard from the ukranian deputy defense minister who has refuted claims that lima has fallen to the russian advance. they say that yes, leave on. the latest reports from the local government on the ground is that most of mine is currently under russian occupation, but the deputy defense minister confirming that it still has not fallen. now the battle for lehman is key because it is at a crossroads. it could mean cutting off ukrainian access if it, russia is indeed in control of it all between the east and west. and that could allow russia to cut off of forces that are fighting elsewhere in the hot skin separate than as $8000.00 plus forces. there could potentially be in circled women
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being the 1st lily pad for them to move onwards towards surrounding forces. there now as far as that fight is concerned, we have heard of ukrainian forces planning on making some kind of tactical retreat to live and fight another day. it is a large number of forces that are potentially encircled there. but again, another, another contradiction by the deputy defense minister here saying that they've actually managed to push russian forces back to original positions. any gains that they made in several minutes since this new phase of the conflict since forces re mobilized in the east. they say they've pushed them back to those original positions. as russian forces price for their offensive to take eastern ukrainian cities, civilians who managed to flee than describing intense, showing that left them confined to the basement bomb shelters for weeks. oh, you can. well, what can i say now? the situation is very bad. it's been scary to go outside
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a while ago we could go outside and let the kids play out at the basement. but now we mostly have been confined underground. we're going to perform. we were just sitting there than the traffic police came and told us we should evacuated possible since it's dangerous to stay in here. now. i didn't agree with this for a long time. none of us wanted to live up to the 2nd place, small children we started lazy, rushes, president says he is willing to discuss ways to ship grain that is stuck in ukraine sports at the moment. now, russia and ukraine account for nearly a 3rd of global weight supplies decline is also a major exposure of cooking oil. in a telephone call with the leaders of france and germany, black fusions and russia is ready to increase fertilize the export. but only a sanction lifted. he has been unable to explore any supplies due to russia's invasion, which st. global food prices soaring. and other developments newly released drone
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footage from the city of mary po reveals the extent of damage at the is all still still works. when menu cranium fight is in. some civilians had sheltered for more than 2 months. the defenders were hold up in the facility without adequate food, water or medical supplies. lost of them surrendered more than a week ago, giving russia full control of this alan port city. more than 2000 fights, the police to be in russian captivity now sat portez, the saying that moscow eventually wants to turn mary paul into a resort. 50. well, a branch of ukraine's orthodox church that remain loyal to moscow is now saying it will break with the russian church over the countries invasion of its neighbour charged to mount on friday and decided to class full independence from russia, ending an agreement from 20193 years ago, ukraine was given permission by the spiritual leader of orthodox christians while wide to form a church independent of moscow. many parishes, especially in the east of ukraine,
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choice remained loyal at that time. watching al jazeera at life from london much wants to landfill program ah, in shanker, please have these water cannon into gas on people marking 50 days of protests with more calls for the president to resign. and this, this will not any mitigation plan. human rights chief michelle bachelor defends a contentious trip to china. and as he asked the government to rethink his policies, ah, how we got plenty of hate into southeastern parts of europe and that he got a squeeze down towards that eastern side of the mediterranean little area of low pressure swirling away here. so just breaking the heat, something of a thunder break down there. 4 parts of italy and balkans over the next couple days
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it good. they'll color somewhat disappointing on the temperatures farther north because we do have a, a normally when just rolling across small c, quite brisk. wincy rusty, rolling down into the low countries into germany 15 celsius. therefore berlin and it will be breezy, feeling a little raw at times, wanted to share was air into england, am whilst on as he shouted to scold him for the island, nevada. january dry, little cloudy. why did you try to win to get parts of france? we have got some showers cost more than pass of spain. 31 cell to submit with the temperature just picking back a little as we go on into work monday by monday, some wet weather coming out. so fur, romania, pushing across the crane, easing up towards the baltic states. it will be heavy at times one or 2 showers to just coming into the north west of africa over the next day or so, but essentially it is dry. this is pretty hot. 39 celsius. therefore kyra showers continue across the gulf again a little disappointing. but they are making the way further north, we'll see the wet weather, grassy pushing up toward sierra leone. ah,
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the 2 young women, morocco staying with local families. morocco really woke me up. it is definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa and getting better at haggling in shopping and morocco out there a world for those that journey of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on alger 0 blue ah. ah,
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welcome back. look at night stories that we're following now, and there's been more harrowing accounts and details coming out from young survivors of the, of all day school shooting and texas families at him wanting on to his after image that offices waited. 78 minutes before storming the past room, where a heavily armed gunman carried out a killing spree. in our other headlines at least 31 people have died in a stampede. a church charity event in silva, nigeria, where food parcels and clothing were being distributed on russian forces of stepped up. there were sultans that are done yet in east and ukraine. one of the last made you crying health cities in the la hon screeching is off to sighing. they've captured the nearby town of lemon, which is a strategic railway help. well, the war in ukraine is making life even more difficult for many afghans, poverty was widespread. even before the taliban takeover last year. now people are struggling with soaring fruit prices as well. catch you lopez,
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diane explains the noise traffic and buzz of afghan sands capital has long been fueled by its local markets. but that is changing. russia's invasion of ukraine is making an existing food crisis, even worse with prices rising and resources becoming increasingly worse then with the war in ukraine. european countries turn to markets in kazakhstan for us, that means the price of wheat, flour and oil have soared. a united nations report says many people have built up enormous dead device food over the past few months and access to seeds. fertilizer and water for irrigation is limited to the we've seen an increase of up to $9.00 for every sack of flour. so we're very much affected by the war between russia and ukraine. poverty has been rife enough can a stand for years with nearly 20000000 people facing acute hunger. but political
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instability, low harvest violence, and shipping delays, or adding pressure on the country's wheat supply and fuel prices. and that's being made worse as inflation effects, goods and markets across the world. looking for how does yet though a 1000000000 prices are skyrocketing, people have limited income sources and they have to reduce their purchases. international aid is restricted as western governments remain weary of the taliban . and a decree ordering women to wear clothing the covers them from head to toe and public, as well as recent school closures have intensified criticism abroad focused on the world is trying to show that it's dedicated to philanthropy and humanitarian causes . by distributing a sack of flour and 5 kilograms of eatable oil, but this has no positive impact on the peoples with afghanistan already facing political and economic struggles. soaring food prices are now another challenge for its people. cartier, locus of the young. i'll just here. for the 50th day in
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a row protest, his end shall anchor, have been calling for. present, got to buy right. you're packs are to resign. oh, but people are also now demonstrating gets a new prime minister. ronald massena was sworn in by the president earlier this month. protested, bang the government for an economic crisis has left the country without enough few food or medicine. police fire, take gas and water cannon to disperse. krause in columbus when al fernandez has more from the protesting kalama. and 50 days after the campaign go home, gotten started, this is what we're seeing. hundreds of people gathering in colombo to mark that milestone. and they don't show any signs of giving up their struggle. they said that despite the fact that the president has brought in some changes, he's swept the boards of cabinet. there's
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a new government in place and very effectively what the roger foxes have done. or what observer said, they're great at doing is to cast the attention of themselves right now. the attention egon prime is serrano vicar missing her, and the argent dismal state. the country's economy is in. but for these protesters here today, as you can see, one banner that says, nor deal, what basically that alludes to is the fact that the roger proctors are still pulling the strings from behind the scenes. or they say it's just a sort of a new set of faces, but the same old and that these protesters are not willing to put up with that one . the young protest i spoke to said they have basically managed to bring out the general public of sherlock over the 1st time that people are ready to speak up about the injustice about the mismanagement and all of that rather
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than sit in their comfort zones. and this is a fundamental change in sri lanka is day to day life. so what people say 50 days on is that they will continue the struggle. it's not going to stop here. our the, you and human rights commissioner is called on beijing, not to use anti terrorism concerns to justify human rights abuses. shall barclay's been visiting each and young region where chinese authorities are accused of abusing weak up muslims. katrina, you report from beijing while you michelle bachelor's visit to china, was the 1st by un filane rights commissioners since 2005. and many saw it as a chance to assess widespread allegations that aging is committing human rights abuses against muslim, weakest and shin challenge or hurt that during a press conference mark and end of his 6 day trip, she said that wasn't her goal. so i just stay on the outfit where this visit was
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and what it was this, this was not an investigation. official visit by a high commissioner are by the nature of high profile, are simply not conducive to that kind of detail methodology methodology. and because discrete were often investigative nature, instead, ashley says the visit was an opportunity to engage with senior chinese leaders. she spoke with president, she's in pain by video and met jung officials in the cities of cash car and watching nationally says she urged them to review counter terrorism policies to ensure they comply with international human rights standards. but added a tour of a prison and former the kitchen educational training center o t t feel to lead to soon conclusions. i'm unable to assess the full scale of the b. c. i. rest of the government allowing the pen,
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the initial oversight of the abrasion on the ground, their alliance by law enforcement official on 50 indicators who the chairman 10. this is norwood's violence, extra mr. allegation of the usual force and treatment in those. and do you see a restriction on and you can really just was due to corona virus restrictions, no reporters were allowed to travel with her meetings outside. her official itinerary were limited. that bachelor has been criticized for failing to secure, unfettered access to shim junk. several governments in right groups, a forced labor and attention sterilization and torture have taken place in the province. treatment amounting to genocide. analysts say the visit has placed a valuable spotlight on the region, but the credibility of the commissioner and her office has been called into question. there is a high cost to their credibility. if a strong and detailed report doesn't emerge from all of this,
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they ging has denied claims of mistreatment against the muslim weak minority calling them the lie of the century. katrina you out as era aging now outreach has been spreading across brazil after a mentally ill black man was suffocated to death by police on thursday. is death, a spot protest against police violence and racism and searching p and sal paolo a man was killed when he was tied up and locked in the back of a car by 2 officers. then threw in a gas canister, killing took place, days after $23.00 people were killed during the police right. rio de janeiro want to key on a kid was at one of the protests in rio. this protest here in rio de janeiro was organized at the last minute it was triggered by the violent events this week. the police raid in up our veil up here in rio, but also the guessing of a man says the northeastern brazil. right now we are here in front of the statue of
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zoom, b, a dish ball marty's he was the leader of resistance against slavery. when brazil was still a portuguese colony and our people here have been saying that although there is no death penalty in brazil, there have been many executions on that. so police are rating the slums and shooting and then asking questions. now violence in rio heads all and much of brazil has always been a problem. all 6000 brazilians were killed by the police last year. but this is an electoral year. the majority of the of resilience are black and they're saying year that a lot of racism and violence has increased during the current government led by j a both or not. or who has made it, who was elected promising more security and defending the policeman. and the
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military and here they say that they will vote for somebody that will represent them in october. so this is a protest that is so gaining force because it is an electoral year. now a funeral procession has been held for a palestinian teenager shot dead by israeli forces on friday. ah zaid mohammed? her name was 15 years old. official say was shot 3 times in the town of our hodder south of bethlehem. he is the 13th palestinian teenager killed by israeli forces this year according to a palestinian child writes organization. and israeli writes group has been demonstrating against the construction of a settlement outpost in the occupied west bank. but he's tried to disperse, the protest is and confiscated, to bulldoze as they fought with them to demolish the outpost is really government evacuated. your settlers from the area in 2005. a group of settlers later returned
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and al jazeera continues to demand a rapid, independent and transport investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied west bank. sharina blackwell was shot in the head, buys, ready forces while she was on assignment. and janine, on the day of a funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing, pulled barrister, nearly drop. her casket, members of the international community of condemned are killing and content continue to call for an investigation. i worked late was with al jazeera for 25 years covering the story of these railey occupation was known in the region as the voice of palestine. probably out there reports that police in the french capital, paris f i. t gas at football fans were the champions league final. between liverpool and we are, madrid has been delayed. many livable fans have still not made it into the ground and the match was due to start around half an hour ago. it was really supposed to be played in st. petersburg but.


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