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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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cream peninsula fall monday, touch, cool, and west here, next week. ah, ah domain, the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolutions in india, her mission, to entertain, educates and provoke debates through satire, her weapon of choice, theater, an intimate look at what inspires one of tennessee, as most popular comedians to make people love, nights and is ja, hair on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah,
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hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news. our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. distraught families demand on says off to police in texas admit they waited more than an hour before entering the classroom. where a gunman was shooting that children. 31 people a dead after a stampede. a church in southern nigeria where food was being handed out. russian forces step up. there were so it's on several done yet in easton ukraine after saying they've captured a key railway town. also, this business will know and investigated for you and human rights chief michelle furshly defends her contentious trip to china and says she asked the government to rethink its week of policies. and in sports chaos to rob outside the stadium where the final, the champions league is being held money. ticket holders say they couldn't get into their venue and were even tear gassed by police. more on the situation in paris
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coming up later, the sour. ah hello, welcome to the news. our will have been more harrowing accounts from the young survivors of the of all day. school shooting in texas. police are facing heavy criticism for their slow response to the attack, which left 19 children and 2 teachers dead. officers waited 78 minutes before storming the classroom, where a heavily armed gunman carried out killing spree. children of describe making desperate whispered, please for help and 911 phone calls. while the police chief told offices to wait in a hallway, president joe biden is due to visit all day on sunday. at iran, he spoke about the shooting during a graduation ceremony in delaware. as i speak,
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those parents are literally preparing to bury their children in the united states, america to bury their children to which violence too much fear. too much grief. let's be clear. evil came that elementary school classroom in texas to the grocery store in new york. far to many places, innocence have died. in the face of such destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. we must stand strong. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america safer with texas senator ted cruz has been confronted about his views on guns at a restaurant in houston. a
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republican was challenged by a man who initially photos he just finished delivering a speech at the national rifle association. annual convention which is currently being held in the city pan gauged in the back and forth before the man it was removed by security. so let's get more and everything now from shebra can see in washington. and this admission from the police and details about kids inside the school pleading for help while police were waiting outside job, heartbreaking for the families who lost kids and for those who survived as well. what happens now there are several investigations underway. and yeah, because of the circumstances, not just into the motivations of the gunman, but into the response by law enforcement, the f b i is involved in those investigations our has the investigation. although already
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the director of state police have said it was the wrong decision period. so it does seem rather incontrovertible at the point or yeah, this point to, to officials on the scene and to many of those watching from the outside that, as you said, the question is, why did the school district chief decide that this was no longer an active shooter situation, but a barricaded shooter situation and as a result, not engage and instead, and these are the extra details always every day we get a few more details which make it all seem so much worse. instead of just was waiting for tactical gear to arrive, which it did immensely slowly. apparently, parents have described seeing one shield come in and then another one of several minutes later it was all very slowly. and you have to remember, by the way, this is a town, but it's 40 percent of the budget goes into the police. it's like, like many small towns around the country has been flooded with tactical gear. and, but you know, police training for all sorts of situations and yet when,
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when things that, when, when a situation actually occur, they clearly didn't really seem to know what, what, what was going on. and the school district police chief decided this was an active shooter situation. even as you mentioned, 911 calls were coming in from terrified children for now. thank you very much. jerry is shambria towns who reporting to us that from washington. so let's now bring in penny kumato. she's the executive director of survivors empowered an organization founded by a couple whose doors. jessica was killed in the or a theatre shooting in 2012. she joins me now from portland. you are in contact with survivors of gun violence, of course, as part of your work for this organization. what are people telling you about of all day? people are just completely devastated. the distraught the people i talked to interestingly enough, using the word nauseated. we've covered
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a lot of nash shootings from sandy hook to parkland and the one word that the new word that's popping up right now is, is nauseated and i, i think it's because people are so concerned that congress will do nothing after this shooting. it does feel like something that is replayed again and again, every few years there was so much anger, shock, grief, all these things off to sandy hook took place. did you or anyone else think that we would still be in this place 10 years on that's a great question. i think that we were hoping that we wouldn't, but it's one of the reasons why sandy and lonnie are actually on a tour right now across united states to honor the 10th anniversary of some of these horrific shootings from treyvon martin to the shooting that took the life of their daughter and aurora, colorado, to the sandy hook, shooting is 10th anniversary, will be coming up. and it's one of the reasons why we're on tour. it even will be
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this year, the 10th anniversary of the shooting of malala. i realize them all is not, you know, in the united states or shut it in states, but it speaks to the matter of violence within the united states and then also worldwide. and the problem with guns. will he tell me about the couple that started the this survive is empower organization that you what for the adult to jessica was kill. can you just give us a little bit of background to this and why they kind of different, say, hoping to make with this initiative? sure. so right now they're just a message that they want to give to survivors is that you can live through this. it's going to be really hard, your life is never going to be the same, but you live through this and they have resources. we have resources on our website, a survivors toolkit that was actually co authored by gifford get the organization started my gabby, gabby gifford, you live through this, you will, and they're down there right now to hold hands and to whole hearts. so that's one
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of the messages that i really want to send from everyone. we know that there are things that we can do absolutely. and must do to reduce the miles it is possible. but sandy lani actually began this organization after the death of their daughter. jesse galway, when she was fatally shot, shot in the face in the aurora theatre shooting in aurora, colorado, in july of 2012. but after the shooting, they attempted to sue they, they lucky gunner, which is the organization, the business that sold $4000.00 rounds of ammunition to the shooter that shot their daughter. and because of the gun industry immunity laws on the federal laws as well as laws in colorado, sandy and lonnie's lawsuit was dismissed, and they were actually sued by lucky gutter. sandy lani phillips had to go bankrupt because of that lawsuit. and it's one of the reasons that they do what they're doing today because they've been there, they've been through all of it and they know how awful it is. and by the way,
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lucky gunner also sold the guns, excuse me. i also sold the bullets that were used in the santa fe high school shooting when you say they are trying to reassure all parents whose children have been killed, losing a child in any circumstances, something that is unimaginable to the minds of most people, but to lose a child in this way, and it's particularly horrific how. how do parents cope really just one moment. one breath at a time. that's. that's how the actual survivors that so that's all you can do. you know, you, you don't want to live through the day, but you will and you'll wake up the next day and you wake up the next day. and after, well, you will piece your life back together. it won't ever be the same. it can't ever be the same, but you will piece together a new life just like sandy and lonnie did. and one of the reasons why they do their work today because they want to help people now. you can peace your life back
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together after their daughter was fatally shot along with the love and other people . there was no one really there to kind of show them the ropes or to tell them what to expect or to let them know. you know what your feeling physically is a sign of trauma, it's trauma that you're going through it, it's not just re flown it's trauma because it can happen. and so they are letting the survivors know what's going on and what they can expect. anything from the, the physical feelings to how to reach out to trauma therapists, to how to deal with all the few roles to how to deal with the media. how to do hopes is how to deal with what people say so, so they're there to help them of all of that because they've been there, they know unique experience that no one should ever have to go through. thank you very much, penny a. come on joining, i think it thank you. so you with the news i live from london most to lead. oh,
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should i come please use war to cannon and tear gas on people mocking 50 days of protests with yet more calls for the president to resign. and i, angus spreading across brazil is protest is among justice for a black man who has suffocated to death by police and sport tennis action for the french open as the women's. well, number one wins yet again. ah, now at least 31 people have died in a stampede. a church charity event in nigeria. it was a large crowd gathered in the southern city of port harcourt, people pushing to receive donations of food, parcels, and clothing, which caused the stampede with alice and bazemore from a boucher the police have confirmed that at least 31 people were killed
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and 9 judge but witnesses say in number could be higher than the official see go even by the police. the crowd had gathered and the a waiting for a church that's hard the news to distribute food items, clothing, materials to the less privileged. and they had got out of an open as sporting events area. so while waiting for the church officials to officially commence the bank, that's an hour before i try to get into a smaller entry point to be. i mean, that's why people were trying to rush into the place. there was this deed and some of it will have turned up well cross. so the police is now investigating, trying to find the remote courses for these, what cost to do that, and also to go in has a code or investigation to find out where that security measures will actually be
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put in place to ensure that such incident doesn't happen. again i'll russian forces if stepped up, there are cell phones that are done yet can easton ukraine on the last major ukrainian health cities in the region of hands. this off to saying they've captured a nearby rail hub. there it's on the ask, is it a key russian targeting has already seen some of the heaviest fighting governance says 90 percent of its buildings have been damaged and ukrainian troops may have to retreat from it. russian artillery is also been sharing the less chance backlit road which moscow needs to take to encircle ukrainian forces. the criminals, latest major again, is the railroad town of layman. some 40 can on which has east of center 20 ask. ukraine says, fighting is ongoing near the city and control of li mom will allow, says to multiple road and rails, which is, which is so far impeded russian progress in the dumbass. the invading troops made
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several unsuccessful attempts to cross a key river near the town in the past weeks. at then they have sustained major human and equipment losses in the process out. there is a in basra, v as in ukraine's capital key of and has more on the, the russian offensive. and dumbass the russians of course, want to take over as much of done as possible to achieve the goal that the russian president vladimir putin has said he wants to achieve, which is to control the administrative boundaries of do not going to take over the entire don bus region now when it comes to lima, and in the last few hours we've heard from the ukranian deputy defense minister who has refuted claims that lima has fallen to the russian advance. they say that yes, leave on. the latest reports from the local government on the ground is that most of mine is currently under russian occupation, but the deputy defense minister confirming that it is still has not fallen. now the battle for lima is key because it is at a crossroads. it could mean
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a cutting off ukrainian access if russia is indeed in control of it all between the east and west. and that could allow russia to cut off of forces that are fighting elsewhere in hoskins severed than at $8000.00 plus forces. there could potentially be in circled women being the 1st lily pad for them to move onwards towards surrounding forces. there now as far as that fight is concerned, we have heard of ukrainian forces planning on making some kind of tactical retreat to live and fight another day. it is a large number of forces that are potentially encircled there. but again, another, another contradiction by the deputy defense minister here saying that they've actually managed to push russian forces back to original positions. any gains that they made in several nets. since this new phase of the conflict since forces re mobilized in the east, they say they've pushed them back to those original positions. and russian forces pressed forward with their offensive to take eastern ukrainian cities. people who
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managed to flee have been describing intent shelling that lesson, confined to basement on shelters for weeks. oh, are you sure? well, what can i say now? the situation is very bad. it's been scary to go outside a while ago we could go outside to let the kids play out of the basement. but now we mostly have been confined underground, long was going to put, you know, we were just sitting there and the traffic place came and they told us we should evacuate as fast as possible on since it's dangerous to stay in here. now, i didn't agree with this for a long time. none of us wanted to leave our native city. but for the sake of the small children, we decided to leave and nearly newly released drone footage from mary paul is showing the extent of the damage at the as all style still works, are many ukrainian fighters in some civilians sheltered for more than 2 months. fenders were hold up in the facility without adequate food, water or medical supplies. last of them surrendered more than a week ago,
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getting russia full control of the southern port city. more than 2000 fighters, a believe to be in russian captivity. separate to say moscow eventually wants to turn mary pull into a resort city with some couples and families of finally reuniting as people begin to return to ukraine. second largest city har keith, i'm happy with that. i have you at the train station husbands and fathers have been anxiously waiting for the return of their loved ones. russian forces tried to capture harkey at the beginning of the invasion and subjected the city to heavy bombardment. but ukrainian forces managed to push them from the area more than 2 weeks ago. despite this, the city is still coming on, the russian attack through dangers and still showing what it is still dangerous, but i wanted to come home despite everything i wanted to go home. slovakian welcomed us and treated us very well, but it's not the same as being home. why not?
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the development branch of ukraine's orthodox church that remain loyal to moscow now says it'll break with the russian church over the countries. invasion of its neighbour church need is a friday and decided to declare full independence from russia and in a 2019 agreement. 3 years ago, ukraine was given permission by the spiritual leader of the orthodox christians, while wide to form a church independent moscow. but many parishes, especially those in the east of ukraine, chose to remain loyal to russia at the time. now un human rights commissioner is called on beijing, not to use anti terrorism, contends to justify human rights abuses, shall by slaves been visiting the jan young region. the chinese authorities are accused of abuses against weak muslims. katrina, you reports now from beijing. michelle bachelor's visit to china was the 1st by u. n. human rights commissioners since 2005 and many saw it as
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a chance to assess widespread allegations that aging is committing human rights abuses against muslim, weakest and shin challenge or what. but during a press conference, mockingbird end of her 6 day trip, she said that wasn't her goal. so i should stay on the outfit when visit was and what it was this, this was not an investigation. official visit by high commissioner are by nature high profile. as simply not conducive to the kind of detail methodology with a bullying. and because discrete, we're often investigative nature. instead natalie says the visit was an opportunity to engage with senior chinese leaders. she spoke with president, she's in pain by video, and that she young officials in the cities of cash car. and watching bashfully says, she urge them to review counter terrorism policies to ensure they comply with international human rights standards. but added a tour of a prison and former vacation educational training center. oh,
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i see feel to lead tiffany soon inclusions. i and even june, 1st the full scale of the b c's. i rest of the government the love in the pen and you shall all recycle the abrasion on the ground. there lies by law and for the hospital. on 15 indicators who the tenant tendencies towards via extra mr. allegations of the use of force level treatment in those and do you see a restriction on it really just was due to corona virus restrictions, no reporters were allowed to travel with herd meetings outside her official itinerary were limited to beth ashley has been criticized for failing to secure, unfettered access to shem chunk. several governments and rights groups a forced labor and attention sterilization and torture have taken place in the province. treatment amounting to genocide. analysts say the visit has placed
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a valuable spotlight on the region, but the credibility of the commissioner and her office has been called into question. there is a high cost to their credibility. if a strong and detailed report doesn't emerge from all of this, the ging has denied claims of mistreatment against the muslim league, a minority calling them the lie of the century. katrina, you out 0 aging all out. let's discuss s. m always. russian a bus. his executive director of the campaign for week as i sister go shine, was detained by the chinese government 4 years ago and is actually currently serving a 20 year prison sentence. i. i would like to ask you about your sister, what you can tell us about her case. but i wanted to start by getting your thoughts on the visit of michelle by chalet to china. what do you wish could have been different about her trip?
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thank you for having me and i am completely disgust beyond disappointment. this is a dictation of duty, an insult to the families of those missing and the betrayal of the funding principles of the united nations and the values that michelle ashley charge was a pony. she basically, parrots, the chinese communist governments, narratives like and by terrorism and action today, legitimize the china genocide against her prism visit is a pumpkin style. sham. her comment seemed custom made for the p r. c began dot china's propaganda mission, and the are particularly egregious in the week of the world just saw images of bills, horrific conditions in the camps. courtesy of this junk list files were sitting, being himself demanded. you can't be bill because of the over crowded and it into
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and bought issue a should be killed order because of it. is she getting paid by the chinese government for repeating painting as well? i mean, yet, so obviously there is and then we just ask you about your sister for a moment because information, what happens in the camps is limited, but you quietly, you quite rightly point out that there has been this leak of thousands of files that has shed light on a brutal policy. what can you tell me about your sister's case because i understand she has been imprisoned for 20 years. she isn't currently serving. that sentence. has she, she spent time in one of these camps. i have no idea where she's being at her information was given to miss bash late to follow up in 2018. my sister, dr. bush on a bus was taken by the chinese government as hostage just 6 days after i spoke
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against china genocidal policies. outlining the faith of my in laws who are missing the entire family of my house. and then 6 days after my speech she was taken. and then when i raised her case, you know, you see her picture behind me here she is a retired medical doctor crying piece all mom political person. but when i raised her case, i was accused by the chinese media for stealing someone else's photo and the spreading lice about my missing relative. then in december 2020, the chinese government for a ministry acknowledged by name, by her name and confirmed a harsh sentence of 20 years on terrorism to lay the charge. no trial, no evidence, no proof of life, no information on her whereabouts. so today i'm talking to you at the cost of my own sisters freedom, understand,
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understand what you're saying. and actually the week of population had suffered persecution before these camps were established. and the report suggests that there are serious atrocities and human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, taking place for people around the world that might not know the background of the week of community in china. can you help us to understand what it is about their origins, that connections that routes, that religion that is threatening to the chinese government that is causing them to do this? chinese coming a street, jim occupied our homeland in 1949 and ever since then they have been trying to lead leslie to destroy our culture, our religion. but when they couldn't assimilate us fast enough. and now last several years, they had been conducting active genocide against us while outlining the entire,
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the religion itself. they are calling any kind of normal practice as an illegal islamic extremism, illegal the stomach activities. so basically china's waging war on islam. so we just had thousands of pictures showing how ridiculous china's faulty claims when they said it's about national secret. the issue there are faces of faces after faces of young teenagers, 1415 years old, and the 70 years old. grandma are being taken. so what kind of national threat is someone was beers on their faces or 70 years, or grandma brought to our country, which scared the united nations human rights shift to into lying today. i don't understand. we call for her need yet resign. actually. she needs to resign from her position if she cannot deliver her position her duty. beschler has an obligation to
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uphold her given duties, but she failed. failed all of us knowing that she was the political prisoner herself. we had some hope. we thought that she would be there, she would not be betray her conscience for securing her position as she would defend the oppressed. she would not be bought. but what she did today is far beyond the heart inactivity and her silence for the last 40 some months since her appointment. as a high commissioner, she made herself basically complicit with genocide and my people's blood will be on hers. yep. yep. and stand the some very strong emotions there, and of course it image of your sister behind you who has been imprisoned, who is still in prison in china. but thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experience with us or shanna boss joining us. thank you. my now the
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champions league final between liverpool and real madrid is drawing to a close in paris. aaliyah police fire tag asked at football fans lining up to enter the stadium. ah, hundreds of liverpool fans were stuck at the security gates of the stud, the france, delaying kick off by 36 minutes. when he supposes managed to break through barriers and pass police officers safeguarding the event. the game was originally supposed to be played in st. petersburg, but was moved, falling rushes, invasion of ukraine, so poorest joins us now from the stand to francis in paris and pull the game was delayed by over half an hour, wasn't it what, what's happening now? did those with those funds and just stuck outside the whole time? well, even since the march has been underway, and it's just about to finish now, it's been quite tugs outside the stud the from so they've been hundreds of,
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of local people kind of under also a breach, one of the outer perimeter fences over to our left. we now can actually see hundreds of them running across a bridge across the canal. but the, the main problem seems to have been on france or where the liverpool funds were coming in a couple of hours before kick off the since we bottlenecks as police were making checks of tickets. police have now said that they believe a lot of those local funds had bought fake tickets and that was what was causing the problem. a lot of those funds trapped out outside the gates and as we saw and those videos and pepper spray being used. so that's what led to this 36 minute delay, really unprecedented. for the final of europeans. biggest football competition. they'll be a lot to sorta by what's happened here. big embarrassment view
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a for the police. my out there work at our with in tens of thousands of fans here in paris, not just the stadia, but it fun fun zones across the city as well. and why would they not better prepared to deal with this? well, i cannot. i think that will take some that threshing out afterwards, but as you mentioned earlier, you know, this final was moved from st. petersburg and so policies that bit of a technical glitch that pull. reese there in paris outside the stand the front stadium aware ticket holding liverpool fans. it was stuck outside in the gates closer than the game between liverpool and round. the tread was over delayed by over half an hour though it is just reaching its conclusion. hash will sat for you
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and his knees out. oh, is another palestinian teenager is killed by israeli forces is laid to rest israeli activists try to demolish as that'll outpost in the west bank. butler turns out the heat for miami in the n b a playoffs. we'll have that story in a hell i. we got plenty of hate into southeastern parts of europe and that he got a squeeze down towards that eastern side of the mediterranean little area of low pressure swirling away here. so just breaking the heat, something of a thunder right down there for parts of italy and the balkans over the next couple days it get they'll cola somewhat disappointing on the temperatures farther north because we do have a, a north we wait and just rolling across small secret brisk winds here actually
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rolling down into the low countries into germany 15 celsius. therefore berlin and it will be breezy, feeling a little raw at times, wanted to share was their into england. and whilst on, as he shouted discussion. but for the added about a general dry little cloudy lot, you try to win to get parts of france. we handle some shares cost more than pass of spain. 31 celsius image with the temperature just picking back a little as we go on into monday by monday, some wet weather coming out. so fer romania pushing across the crane easing up towards the baltic states, it will be heavy at times one or 2 showers to just coming into the north west of africa. i will, the next day i'll say, but essentially it is dry. this is pretty hot. 39 celsius, therefore, kyra showers continue across the gulf again a little disappointing, but they are making the way further north. we'll see the wet weather, grassy pushing up towards sierra leone ah,
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across the world, young activists and organizers, rhonda move, motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting. here in beta, we were the ones who had lights on what was going on in a way that most means the media didn't. there's looking start, think about liberal lebanon is always in the my number for us formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation trade on al jazeera. oh, i i rather you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go.
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ah ah, ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. a been more hiring accounts from the young survivors of the of all day school shoot taken, texas families are demanding ok says after emerged that offices waited 78 minutes before storming the classroom. right. heavily armed gunman carried out a killing spree east $41.00. people have died at nist on peter a church charity event in southern nigeria, where food puzzle and clothing were being given out in the and russian forces have stepped up their cell phones that are done. yes, can eastern ukraine,
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which is one of the last major ukrainian health cities in the region of the hands is off to think they've captured the nearby town of the month, which is a strategic railway. will rush as president is saying that he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain that is stuck in ukraine's port. russia and ukraine account for nearly a 3rd of global we supplies. crane is also a major exposure of cooking oil in a telephone call with the leaders of france and germany. a demon fusions at russia is ready to increase fertilizer exports. but only of sanctions. lifted cave has been unable to exports supplies due to russia's invasion, which has fueled a rise in global food prices. dosage of bar is in moscow and has more on present patients, coal with present and not conn and chancellor shelf. the russian president told his counterparts, the status of the military operation need talked about how and there are
12:37 am
a number of issues with the ships that are carrying ukrainian wheat that have been stuck in the black sea. as a result of what the russians are saying are minds that are placed along the routes for them to leave in the black sea by the ukrainian military. now vladimir putin said that russia is willing to allow the passage of those ships are roughly around $300.00 of them and from the main port in odessa, in ukraine. and that is something that is up for discussion, but that is something of course, that has to be done through the russian military. the presidents that russian president also talks about how the negotiations have stalled between the 2 sides as a result of the key of government. not being serious and responding to at the offers that have been made by the russian negotiators. the last one being made on april 15th vladimir putin also stressed that the weapons that are being poured into
12:38 am
ukraine, especially by the united states, are really exasperating the situation on the ground than they are further destabilizing. the ongoing conflict between the 2 sides, the 3 leaders agreed to keep the line of communications open and the french and the german and leaders also were at seemingly satisfied by the answers given by the russian president about the status of the prisoners. the ukrainian military personnel that are being held as prisoners of war by the russian military. now for the 50th dana ro, protest is and shall i incur have been out cooling for present, got by raja pack, said to resign. o, people also demonstrating against the new prime minister run away from a singer who was sworn in by the president earlier this month. protest is blame the government for an economic crisis that left the country without enough few food or medicine. police fire tear gas and more to cannon, to disperse the crowds in columbus and al fernandez has more from the protest in
12:39 am
columbia. and 50 days after the campaign go home. gotten started. this is what we're seeing. hundreds of people gathering in colombo to mark that miles stored at their don't show any signs of giving up their struggle. they said that despite the fact that the president has brought in some changes, he's swept the boards of cabinet. there's a new government in place. and very effectively what the roger foxes have done, what observers said, they're great at doing is to cost the attention of them. so right now, the attention egon prime minister serrano vicar, missing her, and the argent dismal state. the country's economy is in. but for these protest is here today, as you can see, one banner that says, nor deal. what basically that alludes to is the fact that the roger proctors are
12:40 am
still pulling the strings from behind the scenes. or they say it's just a sort of a new set of faces, but the same all and that these protesters are not willing to put up with that one . the young protest i spoke to said they have basically managed to bring out the general public of shalanda for the 1st time that people are ready to speak up about the injustice about the mismanagement and all of that rather than sit in their comfort zones. and this is a fundamental change in sri lanka, day to day life. so what people say 50 days on is that they will continue the struggle. it's not going to stop here. a funeral procession has been held for a palestinian teenager shot dead by israeli forces on friday. ah, they'd mohammed when name was 15 years old, official say he was shot 3 times in the town of hod herself of bethlehem. the 13th
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palestinian teenager kill by his ready forces this year according to a palestinian child writes organization. and israeli rides group has been demonstrating against the construction of a settlement outpost in the occupied west bank. but he is right to disperse the protest this and confiscated to bulldoze as they fought with them to demolish the outpost israeli government evacuated. you settlers from the area in 2005, but a group of settlers later returned in the out. is there a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied west bank. sharina black la was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment. janine, with dave of funeral is ready forces storm the procession and started beating in warners, causing the pull barriers to nearly drop a casket, members of the national community of condemned her killing. and they continue to call for an investigation and work that was without 0 for 25 years,
12:42 am
covering the story of israeli occupation. she was known in the region as the voice of palestine. what, what does this have a hobby, i outrage is spreading across brazil after a mentally ill black man was suffocated to death by police on thursday. his death, a sponsor protest against police violence and racism. and sir g. p and sao paolo man was killed when he was tied up and locked in the back of a car by 2 offices, who then threw in a gas canister on him. the killing took place and days after 23 people were killed in a police raid in rio de janeiro on account of care was at one protest in rio. this protest here in rio de janeiro was organized that the last minute it was triggered by the violent events this week. the police raid in up our veil up here in rio, but also the guessing of a man says the northeastern brazil. right now we are here in front of the statue of zoom, b, a dish ball marty's he was the leader of resistance against slavery. when brazil
12:43 am
was still a portuguese colony and our people here have been saying that although there is no death penalty in brazil, there have been many executions on that. so police are rating the slums and shooting and then asking questions. now violence in rio heads all and much of brazil has always been a problem. $6000.00 brazilians were killed by the police last year. but this is an electoral year. the majority of the of brazilians are black. and they're saying here that a lot of racism and violence has increased during the current government led by it also not, or who has made it, who was elected promising more security and defending the policeman and the military. and here they say that they will vote for somebody that will represent
12:44 am
them in october. so this is a protest that is so gaining force because it is an electoral year to columbia. now candidates for president of made a final page devoted had of sunday's election. the front runner left his candidate, gustavo petro is a former gorilla fighter. and former mayor of boca tom, i was under him, yet he is live for us in the capital. so we just hours away from polls opening and we could see the 1st leftist elected in colombian, history. why is because of a petro proving so popular with people there? well, ma'am, this can truly prove to be a watershed moment for the lasting columbia. and that's because the left truly never had an opportunity here because for many decades and left these politicians
12:45 am
left, the parties have been silenced. they have been accused of being alive, often with armed rebel groups and so on, by the columbia and establishment. but in this case, in particular, the several pits has been working out for decades to reach at this point, as you said, he has been mayor of that he has been a very successful congressman in the ninety's and the early 2000 the and what has changed i think is essentially 2 things. first of all, the fact that people are very angry with the status quo in the country. the progress that especially the middle class has seen in the past decade. those or so has been lost during the pan dami committee. more people have fallen back into poverty and went to see a change in the country. the other issue is that this country signed a piece deal with the fog rebels back in 2016 essentially opening the door for
12:46 am
a left these candidates to finally get a chance to govern the country. as you were saying, we're just hours away from the polls opening for this very significant elections and last night just 36 hours before columbia. busy be able to vote the candidates face off in a final debate. one with only hours left before pulls open in columbia. the leading presidential candidates met for a televised debate. a new company was the last chance to sway undecided voters in one of the most highly contested elections in years polls. place gustavo paper as the clear front runner, he could become columbia 1st left the president just for his meeting challenger center. right. federico gutierrez attacked. what he described as his radical proposals among them, public patience reform that he says could put the country's economic stability at risk. oh, yeah, yeah. you can you, what though mighty and as you know,
12:47 am
he's out of love. he's proposing taking in nationalizing people's savings in pension funds, as if this was public money when it is private savings. and they want to tell the 800000000 pension savers that those funds will be safe with me. what he's proposing is bread for today and hunger for to morrow, responded saying gutierrez pretends being independent when in reality supported by the corrupt and traditional politicians. colombians are tired of several large local media, lower who stole schools, food and local hero, even killing people. so they part of the radical change party allied with the chocolate that supports you. haven't you received all the political machinery to my fears if this country the allied with the current president, do the candidates clashed and issues close to this affected colombian, voters from an equality to rising hunger, poverty, and unemployment. following the pandemic to the implementation of the p steel
12:48 am
rising violence, corruption and drug trafficking. seated that they must get 20 centuries candidate said you for how to do who has been trailing in the polls, said is the candidate best place to fight corruption on all sides. or killers, poly begin, those are conspicuous by absence. was the campaigns wildcard, 77 year old, right? leaning independent populists were, those were nam, this was made a surprising jump in popularity. in the last few weeks for him, he held what he called the bait with colombians. answering questions from supporters on his facebook page. better has been a head in the polls for months in his popularity shows how much the left has grown lately, both here in columbia and across latin america. but he will likely face run off against either good work done. and his success remains uncertain. and so how could a victory for gustavo petro and the left effect the special relationship between
12:49 am
columbia and the united states? well, there's a lot of uncertainty there. if you speak to us officials here, the u. s. embassy, they'll tell you that there is war is in particular in 2 areas. one trade and the 2nd one security on trade. that's because petra said many times that he would like to renegotiate the free trade agreement that has been in place for 10 years now. and that has been quite favorable to the us use of creating a benefit here in columbia, among other problems for the countries agriculture and, and, and industry on the issues of security, the u. s. and columbia that are very close to ally, have a special relationship when it comes to fighting mass guys, when it comes to citizenship security not only here in columbia, but across much of the caribbean region in central america. it's unclear of pay
12:50 am
through will maintain those agreements in place if you become president of columbia . all right, thank you humbug atalla sandra. be at your reporting to us down the election and much will spill to tell you about wellness news. our been have all the latest sports news as well. there's been some drama had of sundays, monaco grand prix, and a jerry and can give a swedish direct to one of my superstitious prizes in cinema for the 2nd time. ah short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds
12:51 am
al jazeera select. now the answer was an arabic. my name is howard, i was abducted by the cia in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the sea. the chamber with handcuffs lead me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent deal mastery case on al jazeera. ah ah ah
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power is and now here with all a sport. thank you so much mary. i'm around the dread have want to record expanding fourteen's champions least huddle the spanish site english primarily teen liverpool . one. know in the final, in paris, tennessee, as junior, getting the goal and the 2nd half european crown caps, what's been a great season for reale, they also won league? well, how did the match chaos are opted outside the stadium? 14 take off to be delayed by 36 minutes. thousands of ticketed spectators could not get into that venue. many say they were tear gassed by police. are also instances of fans breaking through security an attempt to get to get into the stadium. it's been reported that some of them didn't have tickets. you a for blame to the delay on the late arrival of fans to one option, we will remove a we always on. it's just curious because we're here to come around
12:53 am
to the grades. all of you enrolled in a one grade, maybe 5 people in the time come through with all the calls with a bunch of shopping. i've obviously come to the now a gosh, i'm in the lots of incident with kids with children in the i'm with the possibility relate to those who have been with why these culture something else. because people call with across town at the french open the women's world. number one, ego schwein tag, isn't of the 4th round. the 20 year old polish player beat danco coven egg in straight shafts, extending her wings street to 31 mattress. shine tech is amy to win her 2nd french
12:54 am
open title and to play the 1st back in 2020 years. i mean, from my point of view, i don't really mind the street. i'm to sing or playing maintenance on a pay again. so much points to susan already though, tried to look at it from both perspectives. i actually have nothing to lose here. one of the home favorites is our to leo lee. a. john john got all the way to the 3rd round playing in the tournament for the 1st time that she was well beaten by romanian player ring. camila, de gue, it was lucky not to be kicked out of the tournament in her last match when she accidentally hit a child after bouncing her racket into the crowd. on the man to her for a seed, sefner said suppose marched his way into the 4th round at rolling garrath. the 23 old greek at star barely broke as sweat on his way to a streets that victory over sweden with macau younger. last year's final is took just 90 minutes to wrap up the 62626 wine. when
12:55 am
added to my job i had to play my dentist. i wasn't really thinking of their ease that i could maybe creates in terms of her a result. but her with my good efforts, the way i, i committed myself to every single point individually. arbion was good man and 2nd, c. danielle medford ever sailed and around for he beat me all nearer markovich in 3 says and his fellow russian andre rhubarb is also through after a 4 set that went over kristen and goran. italy's young center is into round 4 as well. home driver, charles clare has feel position for sundays. monaco grand prix of raleigh started seconds in the champs chips standing will be hoping for a better outcome been last week in spanish, from pre which he retired from do an engine failure cleric he made carla sands was
12:56 am
involved in a crash with a red bull. sergio perez, for the incident, they qualified in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. well ringing champion mattress stop and start from 4th. it was amazing. obviously the 1st app was, was good was really good. i mean, i started pushing a bit more in the, in q 3. but the 2nd not being 23 was i think one of the best laps i've, i've done the qualifying and unfortunately i couldn't finish it. but it was, it was really, really good. yeah, it was good. i was up on my lap and was feeling good. but then of course i, i saw to the rose blocking to an aide. so it's, it's a lucky, it's monaco, we just have to deal with it except it and from there and the n b a, the mind, the heat delivered a masterpiece game to tie their playoff series to 3 all against the boston celtics . and set up a winner take all showdown. jimmy butler was the star of the right. he delivered
12:57 am
one of the best performances of his career with 47.9 rebounds and 80. this is the help that seem to an impressive 111 to 100 and victory. game 7 is on sunday in my and this is the way it should be. you know, with these 2 teams, it, it, it should have gone 7 games. the margin for error on both sides is so small. there's no 2 better words in pro sports game 7. i'm just really thrilled that our group gets an opportunity to, to compete in the game 7 in front of our home home crowd. and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marry him in london. oh, thanks very much for a so triangle of sadness. this is a social satire film by the swedish director reuben osland. and it's one the palm door for best picture at the cannes film festival. the when hans osland,
12:58 am
one of cinema's most prestigious prizes for a 2nd time, a film centers on to mortals who are invited to a luxury cruise, only to end up stranded on a deserted island with a handful of staff and biddy and i guess saturday is closing ceremony and the festival which was cancelled in 2020 because the pandemic. and so modest crowns last year. that's it. that he's our policy and a couple of minutes with another full bulletin. ah ah. a on counting cost by
12:59 am
launches his land, us economic engagement in asia. well, it pounds of china is in the region, western capital ledge, billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will africa see a broom from the global scramble from methyl counting the costs out of the jew on al jazeera, as watches, invasion of ukraine approaches the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global in black and new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in europe in museums. today, the g 7, i'm nato, hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies
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a middle blazing opportunity for countries to secure their spot. for katara 2022, june on al jazeera stories of determination. enjoy a 1000 kito, gena. do you mean a listing v? i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from miley wanda and cameron desert libraries. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah, distraught families demand answers after police in texas admit they waited more than an hour.


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