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tv   AJ Selects Journalism  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 4:30am-5:01am AST

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you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many correspondence in corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera witness. you should witness clarity, witness, family, witness, friends, witness the beginning. witness the end witness life. with miss an algebra. ah, i'm darn joe. i'm with the top stories here on al jazeera, texas. police are facing intense criticism for their inaction during the deadliest school shooting in the u. s. in nearly a decade, families are demanding answers offered, emerged,
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but officers waited. 78 minutes before storming the classroom. police intro lanka fight tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrators heading for the president's office. but just as a demand and the resignation of president go to buy a raja packet, they blame him for the economic crisis, the staff, the country without enough fuel food or medicine. voters in columbia, gearing up for sundays, presidential election, opinion polls, place gustavo petro, as the frontrunner. oh, good funds have been celebrating into the night and the french capital following that teams, one little victory. it's the spanish clubs, 14th champions, league success. 7 more than that, nearest rival ac milan, there was controversy of the pitch wood police carving tear gas at fans lining up to enter the stadium. hundreds of deer pool fans were stuck on the secure to gates of a stop to france. delaying kick off by more than half an hour. so those are the headlines and he's continues here on out to 0 after
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a j. fedex. thank you. thanks so much bye for now. me. oh no, no, no, no. what was going on. this is, i don't need to be with them on the mac, and i'm just gonna put them to me. i just need a list of the new home and the ya today. and we're going to view what we said that was sent to me. i got them a lot of them at the office when i don't mean i mean
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me shooting them off and just ah, neither does the margotto full blue with a beacon magdalana as you dilemma. you know how to alchemy, it other than what it was a little more that it was a look at it. i could think of, i don't know whether or not it, but if you did, i got like a lot of money and that's when the margin i
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ah ah, [000:00:00;00] a look on the other, the good, you know, i'm going to look at this one lacking on but then, and it hadn't been part of mildly, veronica, getting logs and addresses who are sort of in a sort of a mazda and, you know, because they're not with them,
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would be because they're behind a button then to have the button a long . hm. ah i love landing them on the bull and give out a lower neela that another good butter. nina jaeger lives in maryville, missouri, locum and other village the you know what that is all in the sort of vehicle is you know? yes,
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i love what i wanted to start with your loved one here. well, i'm not some liam. do come here. yeah, i know, you know, you're love shilo 5 with a server, honey learning a can do for gardening and getting put a yeah. i would i yeah, i mean if you give alina oh, let's do. i don't know whether one thing that had it. yeah, knew my van there in it. she nice turning them division of them on a sudden i had a game of division. my god of my mother dedication, we are will house unit, but as you know, one item the has it was, you know, when the next challenge, you know, well i had to figure out that and michelle hasn't muslim, he go into that. it doesn't go into there might be out of my hear you my view, telephone of communication much get any get
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ah more of them are no more than with them a little on a will live. i'm simply mean for huntington, mere muslim in when i was on my, my old the fell on the settlement love. you know, we have a hard enough in the ones to them. are there in didn't little islam. were there any other and out of your mother and i saw a ton of reveals learning and what you overcome. i would have been in a mind and how can we sort of his mind and a half within mil beth. i've been with them and can be either yeah, any mirrored money. no. begin on another day. then when he hanged on her window, nana yo has a linen that has no mother in your learning on this column. now, if a, you know, has a mom,
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dad into a room with her mom to contributed without tele gobs, these u. v. v mall team or all teach him in the country village with lakin and mosquito in the into double. you get a yellow from her tiny and as you give us, oh, where are we given? well yeah, like i did a yes
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you have to do a lot your household. no. the animal about of the one on, on the you come mom. what if he either, lindsay, so yeah, and i into a garage over here with the yard or you know, 50 valentino. good. under that it will be down to that amount. you know, little more modern martin would by then on and i'm going to how you're going to be by then cut them off with a i'm, she's a big it give me any game because that was only given. i don't want hear that one thing and another given i want these will we got one. how about a let go. oh my god. it wasn't, you know,
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with a bunch of them. then i flew land. nina. you nicely animal planing. i'm up to you. she doesn't, you know, going to love love, he may good love. what that is. so love you think it was a love with lane or level corta. one of the mississippi no live is to live with, i live, but in life lubarski the so we get a live in color, i think it was i can do with on of if you all on about the video. that given clue. now get out of eat out of all the media with those have davis version get on
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a holiday in on us. another 51 will stop lacking on african. mm mm. oh i, i'm just within the same from the, the smuggler and when he tell us okay, alert curves. so we were on like so 1st with . 7 0, my name is ultimate deep. i am up to lunch, john on the call. nina sunflower. i became
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a photographer the 1st time. my uncle sports me if small come at the beginning i was filming near term. the sea and gaza. did buy him a time to teach myself and to learn by myself in 2008 the 1st floor and gather. i was working in the pals and following the bombs on my side. i was very way is my friends and my family and any moment i was thinking of all that. okay. my family with a little boy blend. they bought the house of my uncles so they killed 11 members of my family. my uncles and their sons and daughters and children as well. it
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was horrible. for the death of my family meal division. to me, photojournalist a thing may go to cover the conflict. a lot of them just like with as a bit, as opposed to the knowledge of the sofa and the white glove. the all over
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a one time i was there and there told me all the a bombed a blessed and the old sit off a little. so we went there and the 1st thing i saw it's an old man. he was under our bill, his face, it was covered by does and by blood, i didn't imagine that he will be alive. then i realized that he's still paid him. ah, i can feel even dying any minute because of the bomb bank. i have you on i i go to the front lines with a feel they are a lot of similarities between guys,
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ask tuition and see and tuition. most of the majority of the be able there are a few season. garza, my family. the are and fifty's. no, i can feel the suffering of the people who are 50 as well. ah, i feel like the same eyes i see in garza dad, this him eyes who are in syria a one time a give a bond. i said. it's a k. it's the last minutes of my life. my uncle, a most for saddam. not unless another small don. okay. you know, i assume avoided
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a member of me. this was ineligible. the photos there took me there. there was a sniper, but we didn't notice. he started shooting toward us a talk with them on the top, you know, what can we do, belinda? i'm a global in. i'm a bar. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, i oh,
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i love a a. there are not being well, they're dealing with me as i are photographer, as the local journalist, like international journals, i feel that is lucy speak for you and i was but we are the one who is suffering my family, my friends are suffering because we are from the same frontier, or at least we are from the community a if there is anything i am,
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the one who will witness may be when the i will be the news itself. honestly, i knew though, like all my family that i am filming in syria. like i don't want them to be very worried about me, a hell of a lot with what i gag by a law a if i was a, with a i went to to send the message to the word that these to live in. easy in see, and all the conflict zones and see i now when i go there like i can feel to be more than like
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a lot of life. you can feel it on the ball. so it's not timber lation. i am in touch with them all the time, even if i'm not in syria, we live together. we slipped together. we had one ways together. we have been in the front plans together the fight as they were carrying there we went and they was k. my. we have been which is the camera ah, look at port, they lost general golden solos. i'm going into a little semi levy, sand commode, amiga, if you like, india kill. we'll look at the way. yeah. came up that a lot again,
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winning for income income. now let's get put there. will that be into mchale in the yellow support? it won't remains. maybe she normally she'll only do one will community our total that will be on the wall. yet if a potato in those set up a like a plane crash on them. other for media step actually yeah,
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we want to see me say care. okay. almost counselor. can you give me a 2nd? okay. i'm actually a broker. hm. but it. oh oh. oh oh, i was
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with me that you know well yeah, but yeah. i've learned what, oh yeah, the only gabriella had the n w dot k 40 k mandel stuff me boost. it sounds good to know with just a little loud for getting a fancy get stuck with what we are not playing in on that because you come on a little fan and offer us a text while internet tv like that for them. i can tell them who
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i meant this one not to have it. yes. i love that but i didn't get that. absolutely. and it just like i'm fine. yeah. we can watch. okay. you are. i thought it was time. would you like to look at your girl? this was a booking to muslims. this is k r o paula, paula. okay, latrice, total beecher oil. we're going to happen not studying the now your a little noise. fatal care? no, no, no. can you guys go
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to a hotel or combine listing on them on, on a call. i seen a simple been sandal in couple. not according to what i was told on, not all pistols, the woman that'll come with us. oh. but the total will be with settled to pieces, canteen little boy, kin star says he nando ah, ah, i love that song. as in the k u. d industry, william leather, olga kin mandan tickled thesis, dean it into photo. they will be gone with rock in doses is important. they the net dorothy, one of muslim presented came, i will not point you so little game, the west nauseous demo. say in for kendall more jenkins. better
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look what year. so should i go to the new meadows? you'll put a video your put villa, so let go and do the best ones that are best on that for me. i don't look at us both both and publish l. e r. migalia, ladonna, federal laws our latest easily. iran, comalla z a z us in guantanamo koya book is a global stella. both elements for sally. not the near look is called roseville through through this that's will. yeah. la la la la dunbar was here. my lawyer, my last a younger than america where you said that was like one of the even incredible what me what the new knob they normally hold ronada if anyone else around back in august, if balder he and i will give you, i love you. the young dinner was not by me and i used to live enough what it is
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that it will not let any of them popular. adequate to players and a boy. yeah. hello. yeah. yeah. give me day though because you're really good book in latoya. i see i can read a book and don't says i, your last name. i mean must therefore, if that one from york and then they are in medical by yamini medical move, nothing. go as a hold on. i mean, while at the door may, what is it me that this isn't going to pull? this will usually buy them again. i don't tell on my and i'm a be mental bass. i'm a medically needy. i'm going as an m o t as in tomato bisque, w m a c. this is debbie one ah, a sale can i get back to jack is vivian one of that and he can let am i able, viola, policy lawson, cleo, his initial medical for lindsey lou amplewood,
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don't even know she can, but then i send it and thought of him in the content, it is a dataset. castle photo mass in a lot of at least the equipment is with a lot, plus will already gone. i don't have it. and i got finished colorful to like one cardinals. elegant dutch symbols good is quite garden. of course, one breeze, or christie, humor soho, get. but it's in a person. these things will family, dad is killing him. can oregon? is that your end? ah, portable regrettable can to communicate with souls produce doesn't, would have what that was the level one of those almost done with the little skeptical fact innocent. debated the venue to a whole that is equivalent the mac guy, but he had a fully come up on the middle of
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a lot. lot or the was is one of us. i'm not sure. okay. ah ah hallo. plenty of hates cross eastern parts of north america. at the moment, say we got some lively storms, just easing away from the eastern seaboard, eastern areas of canada as well. the next system that's rolling out of the pacific northwest west and canada,
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coming down across c at the prairies through the plains. and that will produce some very heavy rain here, as we go on through west sunday, some live you down post lot. how possibility of the alternate i mixed in there as well say will be rather stormy. is that he continuing across the eastern side of the u. s. sat 29 celsius dc. new york, a 24 and not. we're still hanging on to a $24.00. they state and rising, that wet a weather will come into central parts of canada. more storms rolling up across sea dakota is pushing up towards the lakes as we go on and we are going to see some wet, a cooler and windy wintry weather making a swept, we'll see the mountain states over the next couple of days by the south coast could do with bright from the heat. no sign of that now into the caribbean. make up the usual sunshine and showers. but anita, focus your attention on this system just out of the coast of mexico. this is from a storm agatha that's gonna make its way towards mexico strength thing and hearken
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by monday afternoon. ah, there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places state. is there a really invest in that? and that's a privilege, as a journalist on counting the cost by launches his plans, us economic engagement in asia. well, it pounds of china is in the region, western capital ledge, billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough and will africa see a broom from the global scramble from methyl counting the costs on algebra? ah ah, a texas tom grieves where it's murdered school children. as police admit they waited


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