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melissa formation, we have the agencies to create the vibe with alternative generation changed on al jazeera use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app. is that the, this is where we dissect online to find a bill from out there is a mobile app available in your favorite app still just set for it and tapped made a new app from audi 0 need at your fingertips. ah ah, a town grieves for its merger children s u. s. president joe biden renews coals for ty to gun control of his visit to you val in texas
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ah, on terry johnston, you're watching al jazeera alive from also coming up. russia's president says he's willing to look for ways to ship grain stuck in ukraine's ports, but only if sanctions on lifted. his thesis was not an investigation. un human rights chief defense her visits to china, saying she asked the government to rethink its legal policies. plus, you're probably going to take well, the trip. i real madrid when the champions league, but there was controversy off the pitch and roll recent the european champions league final in paris. why kick off was the light for more than half an hour with farm was unable to get into the ground and being purpose bright by the police. ah,
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we started to move out of the texas where community has gathered in mourning. the hundreds of people joined a memorial service for the 19 children and 2 teachers done down in the classroom on tuesday. alongside the grief there's anger, the slow response of police to the shooting and the killers easy access to guns. the u. s. preston says once again, it's spoken fourthly, about the need of a stronger laws. as she had returns the report, victims, advocates of skeptical united states of america, president biden, his head of the graduation ceremony out of our master, the university of delaware on saturday. he attempted to frame the schoolmaster and your valdez, texas a cap list for the students to make a different educate agenda. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america
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safer. we can finally do. we have to pick the lives of the people and of our children. however, members of mass shooting survivors, groups are expressing their skepticism. so often change has been promised each time it hasn't materialized, nothing has changed. actually, we are moving backwards. there are more going out there. gone into 3 has been able to promote more theirselves, made people feel afraid. renewed attention is being paid to the marketing of guns to young people. a tweet from the manufacturer of the weapon used in tuesday's attack is drawing strictly. a small child has shown cradling a rifle. biblical scripture above train up a child and the way he should go. and when he is old, he will not depart from us. it reads, now the company's website displays a pop up window, offering its thoughts and prayers to the bereaved. so many other companies, explicitly market by weapons for the young. and what we released here as the j
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r 15. it's lighter. it's a, this is a version of the assault rifle, b a r 15, but design for children j off if d, right, well, junior, 1520 percent small level operates just like mom and dad's gun the, the marketing the traverse at only in the absence of congressional action once again, there is talk of suing the gun industry that over law passed in 2005 gives weapons manufacturers and dealers abroad immunization crimes. committed with the weapons, they make a cell. in fact, the parents of a child shot in the 2012, aurora, colorado theater shooting themselves, had to pay damages to an ammunition retailer after they took legal action. and because of the gun industry immunity laws, the federal laws as well as lawson, colorado jabian line, is lost, it was dismissed, and they were actually sued by lucky gutter. sandy, lonnie phillips had to go bankrupt because of that lawsuit. if the past is any god we're likely to see a spike and gum sales has got them things. yes, we're the,
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perhaps this time congress will act. in addition, be bulged response to this mass shooting has anecdotally, at least been some to buy gun survey can protect their families themselves. she every time see al jazeera washington, the russian forces have stepped up their assault on their, on the can eastern ukraine. one of the last major ukrainian health, fitness in hand, screeching, severe done yet is a key russian target has already seen some of the heaviest fighting. the governor says 90 percent of its buildings have been damaged, and ukrainian troops may have to retreat from it. russian artillery has also been showing that the c chancellor wound road which moscow needs to take to encircled ukrainian forces. the cremeans latest major again is a railroad town of nyman. ukraine says fighting is ongoing near the city. a control
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of lyman will allow access to multiple road and rail bridges, which has so far impeded russian progress in the dawn. vast region invading troops made several unsuccessful attempts to cross a key river near the town in the past week sustaining me to human end equipment losses in the process. st was robert is in k of and has more on the russian offensive in dumbass. the russians of course, want to take over as much of done as soon as possible to achieve the goal that the russian president vladimir putin has said he wants to achieve, which is to control the administrative boundaries of do not gonna have to take over the entire don bus region. now when it comes to the man in the last few hours, we've heard from the ukranian deputy defense minister who has refuted claims that man has fallen to the russian advance. they say that yesterday me on the latest report from the local government on the ground is that most of mine is currently under russian occupation. but the deputy defense minister confirming that it still
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has not fallen. now the battle for leman is key because it is at a crossroads. it could mean cutting off ukrainian access if russia is indeed in control of it all between the east and west. and that could allow russia to cut off of forces that are fighting elsewhere in the hot skin severed than, as $8000.00 plus forces. there could potentially be in circled lima and being the 1st lily pad for them to move onwards towards surrounding forces. there. now as far as that fight is concerned, we have heard of ukrainian forces planning on making some kind of tactical retreat to live and fight another day. it is a large number of forces that are potentially encircled there. but again, another, another contradiction by the deputy defense minister here saying that they've actually managed to push russian forces back to original positions. any gains that they made in several minutes since this new phase of the conflict since forces re
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mobilized in the east. they say they've pushed them back to those original positions or russia, as president says, he's willing to discuss ways to ship grain that stuck in ukraine's ports for them. if functions are lifted by them. at 13, said, russia made the comments in an 18 minute phone call. the leaders of france, germany, russia, and ukraine account finance, a 3rd level supplies, dosage of miami has more now from moscow the russian president told his counterparts, the as status of the military operation need talked about how and there are a number of issues with the ships that are carrying ukrainian wheat that have been stuck on in the black sea as a result of what the russians are saying are minds that are placed along the routes for them to leave in the black sea by the ukrainian military. now vladimir putin said that russia is willing to allow the passage of those ships are roughly around
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$300.00 of them and from the main port in odessa, in ukraine. and that is something that is up for discussion. but as that is something, of course that has to be done through the russian military. they president, the russian president also talked about how the negotiations have stalled between the 2 sides as a result of the key of government. not being serious and responding to at the offers that have been made by the russian negotiators, the last one being and made on april 15th vladimir putin also stressed that the weapons that are being poured into ukraine, especially by the united states, are really exasperating. the situation on the ground than they are further destabilizing. the ongoing conflict between the 2 sides. the 3 leaders agreed to keep the line of communications open and the french and the german as leaders also were at seemingly satisfied by the answers given by the russian president about the
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status of the prisoners, the ukrainian military personnel that are being held as prisoners of war by the russian military, un, human rights commission has called on china, not to use anti terrorism concerns to justify human rights abuses and show passion a husband visiting the things young region where authorities are accused of abuses against wigan, muslims, katrina, you reports from finishing. well, you michelle bachelor's visit to china was the 1st by un human rights commissioners since 2005 and many saw it as a chance to assess widespread allegations that aging is committing human rights abuses against muslim, weakest and shin challenge hurt. but during a press conference, mockingbird end of his 6 day trip, she said that wasn't her goal, so i shall stay on the outfit where this visit was and what it was this, this was not an investigation. official visit by a high commissioner are by law major high profile,
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as simply not conducive to the kind of detail methodology with a bullying and, and what vehicle discrete were often investigative nature. instead natalie says the visit was an opportunity to engage with senior chinese leaders. she spoke with president and she's in pain by video and that she jung officials in the cities of cash car and watching nationally says she urged them to review counter terrorism policies to ensure they comply with international human rights standards. but added a tour of a prison and former the keisha educational training center o t. c. feel to lead to 3rd, inclusions online and even june. first, the forms gail of the b c's. i rest of the government the law of independent newly shall oversight of the abrasion of the brown. their alliance by law enforcement official on 15 indicators who determine tendencies towards violence extra mr. allegations of the use of force and treatment institutions. i'm also an goofy,
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a restriction on and you can really just was due to corona virus restrictions. no reporters were allowed to travel with her meetings outside. her official itinerary were limited to go to bed. bachelor has been criticized for failing to secure, unfettered access to shem chung. several governments in right groups, a forced labor and attention sterilization and torture have taken place in the province. treatment amounting to genocide. analysts say the visit has placed a valuable spotlight on the region, but the credibility of the commissioner and her office has been called into question. there is a high cost to their credibility. if a strong and detailed report doesn't emerge from all of this, the gene has denied claims and st. been against the move from reagan minority calling them the lie of the century. caterine out is era aging. still ahead
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on the al jazeera outrage in that brazil as people protest and police brutality against the poor and black people under viciously sharp satire about close conflict winds the top prize at a can film festival. ah hello plenty of hate cross eastern parts of north america at the moment, so we got some lie. the storms just easing away from the eastern seaboard east than heiress of canada as well. the next system that's rolling out of the pacific northwest western canada, coming down across see the prairies through the plains. and that will produce some very heavy rain here. as we go on through our sunday, some live you down pause, lot hell, possibility of your tornado. mixed in there as well. so it will be rather stormy.
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is that he continuing across the eastern side of the u. s. sir 29 celsius. d. c. new york, a 24 and not. we're still hanging on to a 20 for this state and rising that where to weather will come into central parts of canada. more storms rolling up across sea dakotas pushing up towards the lakes as we go on. and we are going to see some water cooler and windier wintry weather making as wrapped would see the mountain states over the next couple of days farther south of course could do with bright from the heat. no sign of that now into the caribbean. got the usual sunshine and showers. but anita, focus your attention on this system just out of the coast of mexico. this is double storm, i guess that's gonna make its way towards mexico strength thing and hearken by monday afternoon. ah, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world news bonnie casa needed to
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oakland and develop it into national shipping companies to become a key middle east and trade and money skilfully met down $3.00 key areas of development who filling up from it, connecting the world connecting the future. won the cost cutters. gateway to whoa trade. lou. oh, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this. oh oh. and you validate texas. hundreds of people have attended
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a memorial service for 19 children, and 2 teachers gun down in their classroom on tuesday. the u. s. president has once again spoken about need, the stronger gum those russian forces have stepped up. their assault on severity done the eastern ukraine, one of the last major ukrainian cities in the defense region control the lyman would allow access to multiple rodent rail bridges, which is so far impeded russian progress in a dumbass region. un human rights chief says china must not use legitimate concerns about terrorism to justify human rights abuses. show boucher, i visited the jin chang region where authorities are accused of abuses against the weaker ethnic minority group. israeli police have arrested 3 people joining a protest against a settlement outpost in the occupied west bank. the israeli group of peace now had brought to bull doses to demolish the outpost israeli government evacuated jewish
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settlers from the air in 2005. but a group of settlers later returned and have been preventing palestinian farmers from reaching their lands. neither abraham is following the departments from novice, according to peace. now, activists we've been speaking to, as they were trying to gather within israel to cross in to be occupied with bank to prove that the legal sentiment outpost told me they were bringing to both those with them. they were stopped by the israeli police that arrested to dr. resolve that was there, as well as one act of it would take to peace. now they said that under cover please actually a right to the activists as he was going from his home to the point where they were gathering. now we ourselves have also find trouble trying to get into the area because this is one entrance leaving palestinian cars and palestinian were
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naturalists in the north of the occupied us bank and leading us with the outposts much. but as you can see, there is a lot of traffic, the israeli police heads up and we have been putting up a lot of checkpoints to try and prevent palestinian and also is ready cars from accessing where it's a saturday. so we can usually the rosa ramsey, but we're seeing them today filled with people. now we're color sunni and they will tell you that they are expecting the settlement how supposed to be evicted. but the problem here is that even when it was evicted in 2005, they couldn't access it. they couldn't go to their lamps because the israeli military or they're using, it never stops. so for palestinians, even though they're hearing is radio officials saying, you know, we need to abide by the law. we're going to evict the settlement. they're not expecting to return to it anytime soon. i'll just 0 media network continues to
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demand. rapid independence ends at transparent investigation. into the killing of its journalist in the occupied westbank, sri and i was shot in the head by a very forces while she was on assignments in janine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing poor bearers to almost drop her casket, but didn't stop a thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. of clay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the very occupation she was known as the voice of palestine. at least 31 people have died after stampede in southern nigeria. it happened at a church charity event in ot harcourt local media report say a large crowd turned out ahead of the event when the crush occurred, when the venue opened. outrage is spreading across brazil as people protested
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deadly police violence. i say it's directed mostly against that people in the poor . monica inaccurate reports from a black lives matter protest in rio de janeiro view as may find some images in this report. distress. brown holding posters of jenny wilder santas blaming police violence for his death and demanding justice in his knee. a video showing policeman through santas, a mentally ill black men into the trunk of their car and releasing a tear gas canister sparked outrage across brazil. it was black, white matter. luke cannot breathe, sang the crowd, a sample of quantity. this sort of balance against blacks has always been common. but in the posley, there were no cell phones. testers are also demanding a thorough investigation of the police raid in a slum of leadership nero the shoot out earlier this week resulted in the death of
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more than 20 people. right. watch. now. we cannot wait around for the next mass, murder to happen next time it will be $34060.00 dead. we have to unite to defend our lives. last year, police killed more than 6000 people in brazil. most victims are poor and black. more than half of brazil's population is black brazilians will vote for president in october, and people here say they will pick someone who will defend their cause, protest her say violence against blacks and minorities has increased during president j bill, so not as administration. he campaigned on security and gun right bullshit, and he's running for reelection. what that the extreme right, like president diable scenario induced governor closure castro know that they have the support of a significant number of brazilians who applauds police killings in the slums and
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poor neighbor. policemen involved in the death of santos, have been suspended. and the raid in we'll start, vela is being investigated, monica, and i give al jazeera, we had a generic a clean up operation is underway in northeast in brazil offer at least 35 people, died in heavy flooding. many of the fatalities occurred in seaford, the capital of an glucose state. some of the city's neighborhoods were built in air is vulnerable to land signs for them. because governor has asked the own forces to send personnel and equipment to help recovery efforts. it's brazil is a 4th major flooding event. in 5 months. colombians are heading to the pose on sunday to vote for a new president. the 1st permanent history left this could become president, oppose. a showing rebel turned politician gustavo petro. as the clear front runner, i sandra ron pierre, to report from the capital one auto mall army of police officers follow
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presidential candidate gustavo, paper wherever he goes. and stage men with large bullet proof shields stand on either side of him. a reminder of what he means to run for office in columbia, especially when promising a drastic rebuke of the status quo. we are on the cusp of changing history and columbia, changing over his she saw full of violence or finish justice of social exclusion to the possibility of building a country at peace of columbia's head to the polls. the climate is less than peaceful, patron rise from to invest in rebel to the threshold and become the country 1st left the president has meant an uptick in death threats which you blame on the countries deletes it. progressive force has never govern columbia. i call what we had here, hereditary democracy, which is not democracy. 40 families have kept the control of the country for 200 years. they have concentrated the political and economic power. excluding the
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majority, the candidates promise of radical changes pushed him to the top of the pulse was 40 percent of the vote. probably not enough to avoid the run off in june. some other rated as during that campaign going as far as making up very humbly and legally binding not to expropriate any private assets among other action. but those haven't been enough to overcome many people's fear. give it his mean rival, say that eco gutierrez, backed by most of columbia, the traditional parties is running on a pro business platform. he says he understands colombian social demands, but cautions against embracing policies. that would put the country stability at risk. you know, in a way to look at venezuela could nicaragua, it's a social and economic model very different from the one we propose. we will offer change to colombia, but change that will not put the country at risk and we don't need anymore hate speech and class warfare as well. they're concerned about that. some political
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analysts say the growing calls for reforms come from the signing of a piece deal with 5 rebels 5 years ago. and the elimination of at least that main source of war has led to rising social demands. and rising social protests that has been under tended, and that is now giving way to popular opinion favoring a leftist candidate who is speaking directly to many of the social concerns being expressed by very many different sectors of colombian society. but as this rattled, country looks left for the 1st time, many wonder if indeed a majority is ready for such an historic leap. ellison, what i'm the, i'll just, you know, with the braille madrid to have won a reco, extending of 14th champions league title the spanish society beat english primarily team. liverpool, one mill mcfarland harris ago,
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coming in the 2nd half. there was controversy off the pitch these firing here. guess at fans running up to enter the stadium. have called from investigation. police reports from texas with liverpool funds with tickets pleads to be let into the study, the friends with the clock ticking down the champions league final against rail madrid. police held the gates closed after parents, security breaches by people without tickets. as play is warmed up inside the ground, outside police use tear gas on fans and hundreds of local youths roaming the perimeter. whether they had seats or not. some did get 3 regardless. others behind the gates, what pepper sprite this mattress meant to kick off at 9 p. m local time. but the biggest game in european club football was delayed by more than half an hour. with liverpool funds, unable to take the seats and chaos on the streets outside the stadium. right,
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police entered the stadium itself to try and remove intruders authorities struggling to keep control after this game was moved from st. petersburg with just a few months notice. but tensions continued afterwards. as local youngsters goaded the defeated liverpool fans. absolutely. chaos has retired grad. there's all the guide supplies. i don't get out with a shambolic really not really fun for you. i for to have such a big event. low stewing, my it seems a bit of bottles were thrown up right. police as tear gas was deployed an ugly end to a match that will be remembered mainly for the wrong reasons. poll reese al jazeera paris, the curtains have closed on this years. 75th film festival in can 21 films are competing for the palm door and a board that can propeller relatively obscure film into the mainstream. charlotte
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angela has more on the witness. when they tell send the triangle of sudden swedish director reuben austin shocks can gressick 15 minute vomiting, seen films triangle of sadness that picked up his palm to apprise with a message of how we must question in equality the keep up. and i'm happy that the yury acknowledge to feel him and then it's, it's a committed slash tire. so it's kind of feeling that maybe not out of tradition means that olsen income and i wanted to do a few last in the audience is engaged and laughing and participating at the same time as to how the content that the thought provoking and that you need to discuss afterwards, trying to sadness the satirical film about capitalism, set on a luxury cruise ship. the latest thing with a dark comedy about hierarchy and how it can be flipped. freedom in capitalist
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society always remains about the same as it was in ancient greece. freedom for slave owners. i don't bloody me leaning audiences and can gave it a standing ovation a minute when in the pond or twice, which is so rare, will establish ruben austin, as perhaps with many people, the rate is living direct to work in today. his films really touches on something that we talk about a lot and we see especially on social media, white, liberal, gill and his films that exactly happened in that sense of billy and our community to the girl free with a would a joint me to friends, direct declared any stars at noon romantic thriller set nicaragua and close by belgium, director lucas sensitive coming of age film, about the friendship of to 13 year old boys. his bond is later torn apart.
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a the jury prize is also shared between ear gentle filled exploring the world through the eyes of a donkey. and so into mondanca, solomon lloyd, trotting harassing and 8 mountains and epic love letter to friendship and nature. set the italian alps this year can, has celebrated story telling. there are no car chases with special effects, and he's winning films destroys, well. told that remind us of the power of independent cinema charlie angela out there. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories in evolve. texas. hundreds of people have been.


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