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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Episode 2  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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blinds investigates. a massive scandal that's wrong. the united states scoutmaster part 3 on a just sierra. with witness claims. witness differences. witness change. witnesses, happiness. witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. last witness. charity witness. you witness. clarity, witness. family, witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness live with algebra. ah, i'm carry johnston in doha with the top stories now on al jazeera, israel's annual flag rally is due to take place in the coming hours in occupied east jerusalem. despite concerns it could re ignite violence at
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a time of heightened tension. the valley marks the occupation of east jerusalem by israel in 1967 after the 6 day war. rob matheson has more now from occupied east jerusalem. the reason that there is so much tension is because the march that is going to be happening later on today is going to be moving through. first of all, don't java street, which is a major street just outside the the old city there. then through the damascus gate, now the thing is regards to moscow skate as the heart of occupied jerusalem. the march is then going to make its way through the muslim course of the city, and then end up with about 16000 people organize the state. the, the western wall it can have that is going to be a 1st possible flash point because palestinians do not like the fact that there's really will march carrying the israeli flag foods or mask escape. and through the muslim quarter, hundreds of people have attended
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a memorial service and you valve the texas for 19 children and 2 teachers who have gone down in their classroom on tuesday. us presenters, once again the spoken about the needs, the stronger gun doors. there's i speech those parents are literally preparing to bury their children in the united states, america to bury their children to which violence too much fear too much grief. let's be clear. even came to that elementary school classroom in texas to that grocery store in new york. far to many places or innocence have died. the face of such destructive forces, we have to stand stronger. we must stand stronger. we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can make america safer. russian forces have
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stepped up their assault on their, on the exc, and eastern ukraine. control of nyman who would allow access to multiple road and rail bridges. just so far impeded rushing progress in the dawn. vast region. jack of a mentally ill black man in brazil has spark protests against these fall and a man was killed where he was tied up and knocked in the back of a car by 2 offices. then threw in a gas canister for testers and should anchor have mount 50 days of their campaign. calling for president. gotta buy the defects to resign. they blame him for you can make crisis left the country without enough food on it. real madrid. the fence of, instead of breaking through the night in the french capital for the net teams victory, where there was a controversy off the pitch with police firing. take us fans not enough to enter the stadium. there's other headlines. next. it's the father, the son energy had to stay with his hand.
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the problem was we need to know that on this we don't need to be nuclear. looking to mrs. me about how to put them on the dimensions of the new open. we sell at home and ya today and we're going to be what we said as well. they didn't put me in a lot of possible. give me one. i know. i mean, i mean,
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i shooting off the edge of the lou ah ah day. ah, it's vase it in. okay. hold on. don't be messy at all by nadine on on dawning him. wire in the mobile home of the, on a,
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him one law in a on it to him with my records and stuff will look well cornel pohden said, why didn't get on my side of the side of it. if you bet the connection and i've got a mess, did manager will name kimber me that boom, up between. i mean the how you mean my yes. even good line. i couldn't. i mean a hello monica. i said you are one in law might see him either though i be don't i'm a dell. what i tell from him i had, why shouldn't a doctor you are in the vehicle that i mean, i've played on don't did one your mom just she of in the board. they won't burn
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their morning down won't be super bowl volunteer mo fees. but the tools in the balsam lin plaza may continue that you know when? mm hm. i know i'm feel i'm older. she's the best time. i guess she a yeah. and visually vis. fs on really mute. hardy gal dash ah, it's always tough. but to keep you up to call montana and i know she took that in. so my old v. a sample news jiffy. i'm put you through the not done that is you'll
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ah, i see all of it all good, i'm good on it for me. it up, but yeah. or do i do with a logical either the chick boy is gordon. is it? what do you have a role is to just you did all i know i that it but it all for years. i love it. yeah, there were no i didn't have a of a buddy. i samples on the road
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is a i e, l e b, a c is on the, you know, on a, a, a, b, b, a g, a, a, a, a
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y a in number with a yellowish wood shop. i'm not looking to make sure
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i go on a job lazy. i'm about to leave us a good lucille. i love i love you unless you have a young man and then follow who doesn't want that. he's got any of that. i go with a whole lot of
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the about a minute to them how long but i don't and i also gave them a piece of to did on the i don't, i don't know what i mean and to look for over the blackboard on just get on because she or did she did a lot of shift a follow up a little bit of a bad job, a wheel mom with
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one most of the machine. you know that anthony a shout back. i love you. we're just gonna look here. i will do. are you good? i'm not going to come and just he done a law. bob didn't come out. i'm sure you will know. i know a lot of people. well, luckily injured delicate machine. it was more on a disk. yeah. vehicle is on a look on. he's on this, he diesel, roco new. he's on thought a news. i don't need to bonum locked with. i mean, don't live on. so it's, i mean, you can talk a hail. he's got the dc duty that get more to let you know he did the album you get involved with we're
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exterior measure. did to still come in on that until you know little math book. i got. yeah. in on that he bitty immediately the fmi bob could that it could be made that they did in my and they brought up on monday. a got to eat more sunday, monday. and so it was a, a lot with a lady going out. they still do go to my village,
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but did go up a just with the had made it to this, i barely started to play a form of claire and warm blankets. born at her teams. a chef i previously left by the national bear m. o said for her to
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negotiate a lease as you can. yeah. what it is on the dash itself, what i think you think yeah. got you. yeah. he is not on the the to he if his dash dollar is you want to let more because a critique a these long lap belichick the dish. ah, it is an ugly outage. how additional is shanda north elephant sing going with us? we could, could you give a
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shout a mccarthy, dash v medina. the vinnish pdp a id. be i mostly mean a yeah. well you called earlier than well, were you called there? oh no. well you are the woman that she had that. but a young lady that been ish, i mean, how would i, i'll college but i was, i would say that point is not a task like a kid of young kid all simon know. and she can come a little,
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but for hopefully it up will be less younger. i said, exist. ah, a g sheeple for luciano jesus, you buy. you see bull, my bromley. miss, i will buy the of luciano. go back to lee creek. yeah, leave. he didn't, we didn't want to lose any of you know said mitchell care, but the name is on. it said, i'm also doing what shepherd for a name or fee. she sees it, but we compare bach. ja infomedia on the on people of it. uh huh. so so i'm gonna lean as we rock
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murphy lounge chair and shake them up on me if they can. the shadow i yes she said or to honda is oracle of what is on said so on doors or did you or didn't with dca the don't don't hold what order. who are no more barren lab here we are sure to park a dodge. he markley at the local and gone the gone to his aunt. all she had a good ears mom back on mean a thoughts were song she ah see jackie, this should be ship oscar. yeah. really deep that, that i sat program a you need to save buffy, bat c, so southeastern, it, did it, and back t then it's me give her a cause in is up in
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a still golf at if they said they have an adult either a but either a buddy or houses such as cut it down the theater skeleton, the d o half. as i said, not a i said ah, a was he told me, i'm a c in dumbbell today. marquee, sage, all he saw a young comedy. john cillian ha . all knew this was on t v o collins chicken won't show them fall. it's chris, i would, he had let you get the irish and a successive because any savory
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made it there by thinking them on the nation. if y'all had a book key at the um portal may live on any key on both of them. come on, they could only shows the well on the on that is to article inevitably. noth shall do good deal on doom suitor. 40 geeks use a v e. so do you see google shortly? claudia? on teach it the x on belong. he she 80 d. the boys are sticky of a j on me. my mom basket to be did whatever it is you're the head of you say division of yampa it as we had here on parish around conte, on the guffy to do got song county to get it dante,
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best hop. dan on the good kim, at balise, the prison your come so no. a little young and muddy. we if, if you, molly, they are, we need a fee on a body. i'm food that of you can call for you to ha, we should we d, the edge of it to buffy? i leave all policy, it will really measure the nfl of excel city together. do a comes home one which good to feed of 2 rod. she couldn't, she couldn't if her, like you to is dan meek. only saw tempt you don't song a p. m a show images his mom. if you watch and i'm sad, they can care. i lost, you can continue focusing on the heat basket. so hot out what to do if i contingent
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a big she won't what? she, she'll never be awesome. i still fancy so that the feedback would be sydney. she fairly book a step by step. i mean you money question. when you don't promise, it shows the stand on the commission, the men on a g, j division, mom. but eagle made a problem. but you need to buy the monkey on part of the british damp out today. if you'd ya have a good day. you for a job as you became a family only part you want a hobby, showed it lucy, john peter lamb make intermediate on the lease. a region one with dollars also and the lease loans. yeah. east potty get
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barley. pope agency companion got on a brief unit fixed on peak a a should have a issue with constant call. you, can you send me on the, with the book because you're calling your call, of course with call was on the only mean. i'm just not expecting them on them off by saying i she if they all come with a to see boss unit a teacher
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with the commission got about call her the flash came is going to have to clean don't take us to come with a somebody, me so i guess, you know, single call us, wow, a. so you don't see and you call me call kick, i'm in glass. ah, you saw plenty of palace anywhere yellow. you say we can just put it with i says, defeat. if you are at a bach jennet dare back on don't did to lee gordon mar up you could you if you on
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pause as you go more the burglar a jeep pony teak more because in a by a certain party. and dick ah, just took it off for the 2nd thing was came in dorset musky city in the back. he's on call for kitty. he will issue now. did you want to call bed or feeling yawn? this was not and if it tomorrow yeah, i've done a song or it will have a good dog. good. you know that he's as you he a gauntlet formula is sandeval. minnesota on business was only normal shoulder. judah, e we 10 more over the summer. yes, she id prieto's. she likes the thesis with when get her
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initials missile bagley you know, safe, safety a humans i'm always busy. they like to suffer high in tunic with the city. i'm. i don't don't care. grimaldo . mine wasn't in my previous to like on the statelamic point on that or more been counting defeated either failure thorn or symmetrical coolies latoya to so doing confusion goodies are so young a boston it down to the code you go to negotiate your something goes on a dairy over them, whiskey is it's a dealership, they're both wrong. dog dooley, the die major survey people. fiercer as you day is. this is can't all that that he, that me visual design the obeyed. keep on. can you or is he did not a con whiskey with it? if a prison yet ali foster, so again, i'm gone, but as it was not, it is, it is
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a neat. so with some decent he said mm hm. it is. so with the answer to me is a cd. you mean vickery q does easy to dr. eugene, cause uncle hope scale is will a pre k, a sound good? yeah. plus, should the level you don't to city for them, both a deputy who, tooth and, and then rule. i let me merge ne, challenging the adobe suite. more copy of what i don't want you to coordinate it. they did add on t v that cause we had the more numbers on won't say case, you go new, teach all age in the bud. don't need down for my show. i bought he's gone to her father, a little guy. we won, we won a she bossy, could chevy should life a dvd me l as mom. what about like i said, you as a diesel? we believe we got see if i was at the delivery for that, but we sell 10 more. we are not only showing me more ne,
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i puzzled and i don't need the expert see many retail unix if any. e one appeared on the, on an honest heater o every year in china, an estimated 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0, one east. follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children on al jazeera. the u. s. is always of interest. the people all round the world. this has been going on for a number of hours. what you're gonna be to push the craig, but hug her report. story from an international perspective. we try to blame your global audience. why it's important, how that could impact their life at the height of the storm, to what to what to do high. would it be them above my head? this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to what was on here
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and how to do this very good that bringing the news to the world. from here, i to this radical and the founder of african cinema, out just in the world, tells the story of the more italian direct your body. i with his filmmaking style, with how he made the breakthrough into a friend. the way to me is a mode was a fighter that his weapons were his mind and his intelligence met. honda rebel, african. how may i help you? oh, hi. carrie johnston. indo har with the top headlines now. here on al jazeera, israel's annual flag rallies due to take place in the coming hours in occupied east jerusalem. despite concerns it could re ignite violence at
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a time of heightened tension. the rally marks yorkie patient of east jerusalem by israel in 1967 of the 6 day war. any of our day, texas, hundreds of people have attended a memorial service for the 19 children. and 2 teachers gone down in their classroom on tuesday. u. s. president has once again the spoken about the need for stronger gun laws, russian forces have stepped up their assault on sabera don. yet skin easton ukraine control of lyman will allow access to multiple road and rail bridges, which has so far impeded russian progress in the dumbass region. the death of a mentally ill black man in brazil has sparked protests against police violence and racism man was killed when he was tied up and locked in the back of a car by 2 officers. then threw in a gas canister. his death comes 2 days after $23.00 people were killed during a police raid in rio de janeiro. those are the headlines back now to the father,
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the son and the g had stay with us. me the walk was no, no no, no, no, no. i don't need to be here with me when you look at me, when you get to me, i just need you to whom and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of money out of them at the book is to see me when i know, i mean, i mean i
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shooting off the edge of the to ah, oh, a fuse or any on false jessie lister, all a on attendance was recently been with you yet, machine with libya, bianca, she is on day by that good city v. did he do me the new bus because of the p. holla, years down the concert g. p a. p o bobby b, e e t y a u p a down y e. a sickly danya. she is. more did he know? he won't be on bloody eat?
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on dot beth, you keep a demo. can go fly one as he pulled in and says, you owe me an ongoing bank of e y his he 0 thought a few of you. good ne, ms. him all digs on bubbles in not bought. didn't you do 3 year. yeah. on, if he invented, must get will sanford aveena usually for financing a pauper. humbly glen donna, he could go so far to perform a demon whiskey. jonathan. any equal new lesson? yes. nicholas sank. he's carry renika clinton. just re a music manor calling my son. and he adds the postal approval even when you
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slammed the fall. and you slammed to create a comical victory. one, i will be less, he means you're already on with you. not thought so. did you back to school for easy if you have a did his school, but he thinks it did you school is dominique more so senior use them origin walk on thought to pick theory. robin keshawn. divorce. i didn't know what let me know by semitic than the family. chris, will you see these as fast do has to last your highly particularly maybe don't need bosky frequency, so we'll do it in a by some prevail on things your perception. again, while i select that, you're going to be a to share your thought, dear, while i think that otherwise a total due for this a new reloaded, the funded a method where i next. yes, the p cynthia tony. i know we, my daughter is that the best can keep on this if you break and i will have it up
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here. mm hm. a book and he said with the more but we should, they let me do more to sam live. you old ross. they have blue dove, they've quality eco malls. we'll do the updated food out. she did, she already shoot me. a white poly bonsa down are going to say, i said maybe on don levied petronela diesel sooner known. did i lay you? she didn't do enough. hauls it us like almost a liberal with some of those countries you didn't get paid $1.00 more danya control that you had a come by for the dollars song. so we do more in is also doing it. if you need about kill digital, the jewish was, you give her medicine all policy one on glee. a, bob. so my yell when the alley of law on one do mean sang song. see toyota bank.
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he's on. do you use it with the fair? because in case, cuz how would you i alternate volleyball meal for them to shoot somebody or she was wanting to fontes to call to the current care office on you. slum, let is more towards hard to do over here. but if you could give only like to leave orders that he to do plumbing she to leave it on a star suppose problem possible to put her do also or would you yuki shores was wanting to sure a lot of dr. shifted to be now said that mozambique led, what did i study? alice jeramia a. how can people get v
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again, key mall k school fee. he had a boss, i don't think is john did eddy. that wouldn't see that you are on you know, he had, he can't be me get songs on a little electric with me about shift did it. yeah. but when i been live brady dot oh lawn. oh wow. all day tomorrow don't look quite young own but i have be good at ben. go, dad. when i beat good dante, big for this young man. oh boy. okay. yeah. he is on a sunday you dont go out a on
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a g o. b says, you know, it did a both a double with michelle, sasha. hey jana with no hold cover. oh, glen taylor, madeline. i my dad on iowa, one of them. tisha no ma'am. not yet. mclamery thought you won't be much. it did bobby's aunt come. we'll play if he's up, let me know how yeah, that was law or model that as a whole and realty 1st i was kind of what i meant for on. how did i am, what do i don't watch it? we had to do a bit
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about how you wanted that much of a couple of that. if you either a happy with all bear me, i've got some done. she didn't provide my muscles or them read what are you good. yeah. that she can actually do it over to the deal. i want you to i do. she said to be but guess what that she does that mean a leak a vehicle on any of that called a li. lucky to be a good day off. she would have the album don't near what would you want me? no, that won't bob on going in with you on every encounter or you're a concrete lottery ally, they have to do it. i'm more on a bench
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your mom all share. best sam. all hold on, are you doing long share a showing me? yes, it is even more a much today destiny, but do shows on that used to be a solution. you cannot do it on a z, e. c. she knew what she did it back to you and install it. another leather we were all sure to call for the for the goodness to do this, you know, do all of us would a look here? unfortunately, they are treated directly to sean shakeed this yes, it will be the yes i think really would be able to do some i've been that then said they were yes it
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a call. so you can denila don't that much of about going to come on thomas road city and her own as united. it did a little more unique, 1 dollar 0 dollar a 3 and they, we start the last as soon as you come out on us, i would say like, if it's, you know, they lock electrical problem. let's do it on to this, to play with the poor new g. me, le guest on police. in me you put the least that yet the already got while we are in a great you'll it for by city. see fair if we're body still. leg reserve deal is all solid proposal. ok. of the 2 port issue to the top is all going to come so. so a lot of 1st lawyer we or we are to your costume, the law to civil good procedure. cooper. austin has put in readable, get sure it will stop, tony called a comment because i need to please only tell you more. there it is all about what i like i said italy for the on the sheet. a doctor decision ballast,
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a decision tallow? poor daniela. he's alan ash, a dish on ne cache on my cam unit, you know, is that you go to the body of any, any, know that, that you for those back. yeah, we should be me grabbing machine to engineer electronical resident image of the job on a compact support of on chase is will, can bear with technology. i mean that it's actually internal. there's quite a policy nancy, do see that you can approve out of it into any value. a line shock is italian, the loser or at the new mill? do they'll tell you down a hope. jessica seemed like little yo or shabby samar please. one of the cafes all add that in your strongest libya, john morgan, v was a pretty tell you at all. so what we do is you pick the homes vitalia with the quality tooth, demi hall, la city,
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or more? yeah. major food, keep us in for j bruno c ha, ha boy. so much good city. but did you get yankee you over this is how jackie, you complete that. he thought he knew all this. i saw the fell my with. yeah, i want to build of you did it go fair liberty. tell you evil to man or he to quote, if it comes with it, new on the phone has is i don't her at back i've you shall lose a sitcoms exit affair in when i saw my children, you should maternity leave your coffee army. it may not do jose on please an elevator p. p. more so that was it about a half note demo? play hotel, dorsey say yes, and then marcus shows the kitchen. grandma, my grandma,
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came out of it and i did click on that if call and if i still hear you bob on is the quick to dash off and the, the fishing or well again, he's in the press when i have to deal with the maximum them it's yell at you. if you also found napoleon like move fast elected on plot. no good and you want to let them in your pain on good bother. goodbye somebody or she can you she of a poor girl. i will. no, no thought or no more promotion about i the ha ha ha on evolution. mm. i yackino. net i don't at least up at lexi mama shake. are you gonna say levy city on? and of course i guess he's a fellow the body, a bed nearby. leverage off of the 2nd a luck with everything he's going that makes an island
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isn't fair passed pleasantly a p o boy, you know, in the book guess an asset that 15 and on top and if he's on the list. sekoya cheryl bass m c u i. louis, i think in ohio right now, just to log on to tell you soon with a de la in la la has under can count with her since this is so sure. any slammer may sound like when you get me know kiana calling alicia
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in case have been madame lulu in could have been madame social being shakin in envy loud if you're on a dime, isn't it the bond bother it? a vicky zullie don't there. we don live is all the more daniel dudley got down. j a mega moment thought hipaa. but you know, cecil gutsy with you. we was, you know, what a duty implies. you my bob. bob with allied lehman, barbara. how do you have on the wonderful
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for dana, who on girl won? he me go with him again. it's a while when dancers eagle wanted among delegate, devout frances. oh my goodness olson who is holding a guest will go more. oh sure, sure, monsieur. she was home, most likely because she doesn't feel a po, feel lou, to do door crew to key can sure for the june, for his all. we're usually to hardcore by the door. the court or feel going for the been all do of a joke room. no more your tribute person's notorious or button. yes or fish. it was whole feasible default devolution is also to shape or some even more your peloponnesian ah there are 2. are senior jihad camila saying, you know too much air hood release them. a new that usually say leash law may
9:49 am
effect more immediate, were give up about elegy ads. but by default on b, as in brisco mean, guess john pullman to stay off it. kiss, kiss very pawn. casa, ology muslim will, could be asian, is remarkably them on that. my la did america, his her last year. hello. hello, leslie, my g o. k. a know me a will be a little bit more here for more on to just me. continue to get a call, see because it's usually me hit with do. says on here they are, they can read the diesel news on here is on point.
9:50 am
not only for the other man, i will, i just don't jewelry. a man. this on the end of the right man, committee, them insured on the news on this order. it is on form of course it is on to build you ah michigan you to something ah ah,
9:51 am
i'm a tom. we'll send him a bit of de la. if yourself was some blood so to the fun, she kissed it off either. in the mo bear, well, bear lay to ship an expose your ear on. couldn't it bus on it that sante a clear shelf on jump approved out to the funds? imagine should have been if she tipped with a thought clear lamens clear image of the dual kit to proceed with kathy engineer, speculating, a little cool. she is a desirable guess. challenge you bukasa gama will do something about what would be ben. they do mild as you build you more broad
9:52 am
to what it much at all. did it only mafia below until you was already gone to i said digital body or a did is extremely used keyboard and you don't, you don't want don't use the norman north theory. ah, he's on the policy in a bond suit of what you are. no matter can't an appeal of what year is it here? i'll call them up survey. sure that he more to all in all 3 v a wonder. it was on up. we say years exclusive. this was it was amalia and home. but please feel free to leave shock. she knows herself almost. so with
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that as an amendment to me, paul murphy's abdur rahman, or la bill, i will high job the i can't good will decide when i leave it on the wall or will it be a multi from shar lodge if you leave for her soft here, there was a long tele, non this image here to market with continental villa under the she had to be a for on this or that i sent you
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a call the last month with live call due to seek or bad. oh, how about job showing a lawyer a in a lisa index al kona mini and we'll do it. he own up. he did a deity on asia disorder, go this a daily dancer, but him oliver e q needed to liquidate he he it annual. we live in, you did a, a super peak home, so do you, but you monkey, so never did it on be sure to that it will be, he had to,
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she 40 hash will with it, right. if i lie in it through us now, man, i didn't, i talk to and she alone, i thought they piano would she say mo elizabeth m? yeah. or no up or to saw it's good to saw over up in and hailey hailey moved ha devine. let it sit there it toes, year that there didn't was on said on
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a comp with to be or not to be a 6 p of not a g a. could you swap dwaa a b daddy on the bottom set out money yet he could buy some of your chevy liquidity if we just laid donors on the lemons with. mm
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hm. mm o. intelligent social and playful. this vulnerable species have been caught in the wild, sold online and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main markets is japan. in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafes, by customers, by a cover charge to sit in a cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals. but his businesses compete for customers disputing, disturbing shift to ever more exotic species. we want to find out more about how
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offers are being taken from the wild. and so justina, gar, remarket is a schooling hub, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the head sun. with how i was looking pretty quiet across much of the me lay so say quiet, but there is quite a wind blowing that shamal if the dust and sand rolling out so far, q 8 out of iraq coming down across that eastern side of the arabian peninsula. highs here window. how on sunday have around a 40 degrees celsius, perhaps a touch warmer to go on into monday and that he becoming little more expansive. and you can see the dust becoming a little more widespread at that stage as well. further north one or 2 showers still in place up towards turkey up towards the black sea. and the caspar but nothing much to speak of what a 2 showers 2 for the north west of africa. again,
9:59 am
nothing matches. baker but they are there. nevertheless, sloshy dry across much of north africa. hot bearing kara 39 degrees celsius for the south touch. hottest still some is showers, doing quite nicely. now across the southern parts of the gulf, again, the southern parts of staff kept pushing up across. so, god, i pushing up towards sierra leone through liberia, not his wife, but that it should be, but they are there nevertheless. and they join up with the showers across central parts of africa, really gathering around the riff valley. little disappointing to the east of the rift valley, but there are a few showered tried to just creep into that eastern side of kenya, somalia, so what to whether to running across southern parts of south africa. ah, with ju, on al jazeera, as russia's invasion of cream approaches, the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art,
10:00 am
counted by colonialism, and still housed in europe in museums. today. the g 7 m. nato hold key summits with the wall in ukraine and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies and nail biting opportunity for countries to secure their support for cut out 2020 to june on al jazeera. ah, tensions are high ahead of israel's annual flag rally marking the occupation of east jerusalem in 1967. ah.


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