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tv   My Tunisia Wajiha Jendoubi Hair  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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the good that the jury prize is also shared between the gentle, filled exploring the world to the eyes of a donkey. our cousin has seen an 8 mountains in epic love, letters of friendship, nature set in the italian out this year can her celebrated doing. there are no car chases and special effects in these winning films. just doing well told that reminder of the power of independence, similar charlie and algebra. i thank you through the headlines here now, just israeli forces have this 1st athenians protesting against the incursion of
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ultra nationalist, religious, jewish groups in the along the most compound. it comes ahead of a flag march, marking israel's occupation of a serious. i'm in the 1967 war fears. it could lead to violence at a time of hyphen tension. some jewish worshippers prayed at the alarm for most compound, despite long standing ban. they're allowed to visit the area with a bod from performing religious rights. a memorial service is being held for 19 school children, and 2 teachers killed on tuesday in the us town of val day. president joe biden is due to meet the victims, families. colombians will begin voting for a new president in the coming hours. polls showing the rebel turned politician the staff. petro is the clear front runner. he's popular with younger voters and has pledged to make major changes have lies. the news continues after my 2 news. yes,
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stay with us here on al jazeera me. oh no, no, no, no, no. we need to know that on this we don't need to be here with the mac, and i'm just gonna put them on. you can also reach any of them you open the home and yeah, today and we're going to be what we said as well. they sent them put me in. i'm a lot of them at the hospital gave me when i know, i mean, i mean i
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should you know, opt in there and you on counseling, the cost bible launches his plan for us. economic engagement in asia. well, at pounds of china and from the region, western capital ledge, billions of dollars to ukraine's economy. but is it enough? and will africa see a room from the global scramble from metal? counting the costs out. oh, a a whole group.
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ah, a in that is, mia was years adobe was led to say a higher assist money. now with that number does that to the city my own i'm had that had you don't as little if snare have ada thomas from iraq. however, to his limit, are you talking with him tony lamara a fellow who will not let you get up to hey denise. ah
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ah ah daughters or what i had a little over there she had like i got one number with you after they're gonna learn what it is shovel, malley, me really? the mobile 8 people have left laughing mazacco half in for an i'll massey a more to for me, w humble, but sebastian n on schwab theory a at g. d, ma'am. have a knack. yeah. my with the early doors are really manage. most lobbied young. can you follow me? half what a la, what la may are for? she was through column anna manny lake and have a good idea that it got comedy and had the little go meet yourself. i see the more leasing money.
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walked the lease out of the south grandma and finish kutner a bunch of yeah. and she no, but a humbly dear the helena valid us. then they have a, not a, a, a, a, as in messina, a when international, when it's getting more national ab little. we're a busted bushes that are a clinician, national and i'm law me today. we're voted kaiser has a heavy ballina,
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money math. wish we could inch mosher with j. so with this and what's a good, a 100 percent going to matter or could it it didn't a semi hazardous i'm clear and a public virginia, a tablet fly, tablet trees to harbor public fly men publicly but a hazard. madeleine should din, we've got our will cut the new lab. we're done. why do you need to show you the e is damina? womanish public to manage. i'm snuck openness. maria and mr. howard lee bush. natasha via will not do when i'm laneer o'clock. ah
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lou, most your computer spectacular, but i'm just new. mozilla, darker. i need to send a video to view sample going on your my the projects you're saying we're going to solve protestant dana gosh, my liberal mama, washed model of the my model number model. good. wow. i need to have sustainable medical her sample flanagan is omar, how not know that any of our service will be connected with the bush. i mean my back though work. they're not by the enemy still. dea has sort of new planning. i haven't had the problem,
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but i'll try that out now i'm a little danty. let me sh. but the problem has been fixed. isa should have been another question. what is it fails in what progress will not be a bright? yes ma'am. my name is douglas, you're seeing it for dees her fifteem. it's not a vacant lot of money. if it came with the le ledger, not a they could not except an id, atrophied a student who knew from a bus from a bus a shadow from a bus or it was just turned out of his chest, hurting her. yeah. a nips on bus, on a lot home butter and when well, leave such a fool by the look. ha, i say that them in my absence, you fool limit how heavy fella let her husband feed her. so she are
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on the bus and have the home button. if a move in a, somebody that a having making it would mildly have ms. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ms. you need a drop the phone with us to go to the pub. a had to rush out of the deal help and believe it man was the amendment that was about it. you know, when you walk up nija, we feel i should have been with you. i wish royal the god of the image
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of the real we should 2nd wanna talk with the girl. thought that no because of the move had moved quickly with good with the microphone was as lead to fidel my. let them for the out. you need the suit, the limit i latoya yamaha a is a money at the switch, them around to see them and have a show for to have the vision to the madison. how come to hollywood? don't let them here, shall i call a and he had
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a did. it was time to say, oh mcgee had come ali have got ma'am, i'm sure has it for that is immune. i'm a low mind you would g wish to shine g button? well, i see to show you a to hush me. oh, cool, quick quick offer that has went on us from the laser center who's me, who you could give me a quick look over with talk that had an ad that with that of the, with the family. oh, good with them in the why don't
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you mom is immune is unity, amy jeeps, nominee amy shaw or 450 south or mental? naturally. mr. hi, don't good will here and how wouldn't fuck what he men photo? what will not she and live as soon as live or live someone a more. we'll visit the at the snack you had your whole life. live with now as he has done. doby, ha, ha, ha vehicle godaddy al osa, i love when he comes to the bus. there was yet. i'm sitting there with me that a little locked me. i'm a lieutenant said demon no. i live mac smith, m f a d h g. a lot of the and to let ro. hm. the old dog, a lot of the we just did a martha mon writers, more manifest daniel method model had, will method now deter from number?
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sure. 3, because look actually couldn't in michigan customer, a 100 men. yeah. and i was just told me that a ha ha to miss all alley. i sample. so molly, how much was estimated? is that the co hoc for this? you just a and my name and you lady our sank on and how would norfolk money on the been nursing doctors name sheila bad, debbie mitchell? mm hm. she did case a shitty to what to like a been come on down with
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a with with a washer when it had been pulling hello one. okay. customer number under zill. dear hm, definitely. with a committee. he didn't mind. you had to say if ammonia d, my book, if you from that are possible, you know that book, but show the money from better
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thought before live demo visual my how can anything with me just them all in america here. well, and one love a schwann, my lucian, have that wish when it oh, and the end of the one you must lower loves method budget or i could i t o had a good thumbs. his jaw has amanda, had their, i lack of belie manage sheet behalf, love or has africa, or either meet, meet, luckily, or failure creed focus aliyah la has her kids on, but don't worry. i can but it's a kind of passion lit who mom? bush, joe bestardo,
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joe bestardo do between the allowed to be that quello whole, but yes huck or bishop makita. allah, allah, her ways to be like you are there, had a higher to the out of the did the, did this in the leon. mm with he will go with it with with and that was yeah. any not her for dement to seek in years in prison physique in his offer. this please. they don't want that. of course i you my not that hadn't, is it a min minimum and 50? if enough to look very in them. ha, ha, ha, the work day in polluted as a deal a lot. then you can give him, you should have been celia, and he,
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dr. as long enough as her, when you found more casual believe behind in urged keith india on back does to to the man in a kind of stable if you, but she has it don't garden, how hadn't, how heavy and then you know where the dinner on and you do v this is an issue with a kicker, which it may been any muslim, has him? there must have been time to connect with her less than what was it? again the positive shad i'm last seen and i left only the healthy the end of the day yet. then that's easy. the legal to look the black of the day when he did not go to the buffy hadley keeper blush. millerio men that a him name and no cock thing. maxine mac, the mac, the mac simple gazelle didn't center the air flow. huh.
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love center would have to do the bit. we'll see car with on did senate we'll let the did is him and i from why they will cover oh somebody in a way and then it will at that. did he then more not over, but i did the way. yes. do a minute good. there was didn't my son was not good and i had a move though i had them never going to visit with the good. when in the near, with an internet that got us, your show, my kid comes and the professor. i can the in house on that to be up. nice job. i had the facility do day. i know if it's a d and dana luck. luck. i get a full day. i know what it is. how can i help you don't?
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because none of had the flu for the house, you could say, but there was much to manage it. there's no back to come to talk to a new we don't know the money they go. i had to do is i can help. i'm deanna. yes, that is that molly high a little bit. i don't want a yes, but i know your me back that they want a middle man. i think they have a bus or how that don't to sir. you have to look on the how on the. busy busy on the see, it was a little behind like with the, with a budget with
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i a little bit my with enough in a shade. monahan, woman hello mean i can tell them as a as to how they haven't. so how the hoodie with na, bonnie both never had that with me. i have little bobo in ha ha la business
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owner honda livable so i had the 34 day. well i saw what i mean so much better luck . i have it a oh oh, i have been on i'm was has had been shallow shop. i'm actually known who says live to pollution room librium should that could more sense the limb as to book a new t. n a and the way imagination clear the shell. i need them as to when i flip only ask them elma lay is they need to let her go. shane, i'm on her end. shane, i'm a lawyer and kima low lit game. i hate, i keep keith give keith. they got us. my husband knocks in a moth. highlander de la
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a money suit. i leave him shows. madame koya, man, i hope won't happen. folk who had gone over from a dr. the galley. so the idea she for korea a to mom was coming up again that the is the best solution another my elite does now how was she had that that lives there? well, let us know how for run to yes. well, about the pallet, what i can pick fernanda mab good is send me just some day and then well, end up in that kind of stuff and then, and then for the new media list i'm here. so you're out of the class a i'm a c as in shape. uh huh. and i've been with us.
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ringback ringback ah, ah, a noun . he off the c and i this is a financial heath. a hush too. high b. b shop with a with
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them on our head, men with a garage and i washed it. and what i'm nick is where he could have been in a good for a bought a, had made a lot of that i'm and i need to have them done with has with the other one of you is a nike in your hot out. if you ha, oak knew you through, i jackie had been doing it on
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a tv. she started with you, but i believe he's authorization in the dub, the softer. sort of have a great. ah, what magicians did i did and power in the still homer? beyond what i saw last night or the funny this is vanessa with her just from america. i think the we live that's a lesson. those you not sure what, what is it? not the subject. ah
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no, not at all. and my husband have lived there. they already math, but i live in the corner to get a black. yes, the, the toners fee miss aguilar must have enough in a meta don't say either via was in the, not the been has are having with local. she will data, given the colors to her, look at those milan, it's calavera knob, but we'll see a fair elliptical fair, evan show tallness, la fuck girl, up there now, harley shaw, who got arma thought car for a did. how that i have been sure they believe me, you know, melissa sherman, a year to help would be 0. no,
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no battalion with with why do medical me not locker lucia. how when she had a, was to end up soon as when she had finished via and mr. we'll have local fed up with i have with hum them. yes. well we, how will use him? tional, when he thought a new i speak with no one will hate to who i feed. how will not be much in about the allen soonest. and we had better bid the the become available huck christine m. e mana, how we're fishing, as in the money, have you seen the one the hasn't been yet. men. halley's mendoza's been the field on there's ups stores and
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the answer was an arabic. my name is paulette. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with handcuffs led me into interrogation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera with 2 young women in morocco, staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and it definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa. i'm getting better at haggling in shopping and morocco. al jazeera world photos that journeys of cultural emotion leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera,
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examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was turned off . this is paul alive, setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to garner from europe, been never called an immigrant, the always known as an x path, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera lou. this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is what is our live from day.


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